The first chapter is the dragon nose mouth. The dragon nose is a poor hometown on the edge of the railway line, and the township police station has only three police officers (including me). There are also several joint defense players. Because of the poor, it is often possible for a few months. The task of the police station is very simple, and the proof of various documents is to assist the railway police officer to prevent theft of theft of theft. But the most important work is to follow the leadership fee of the hometown government.

After being sent to this small place, my mood is very bad, and the Summer has lost contact. Here the newspaper letter is sent for a month, the phone is a vintage shake phone. It is not necessarily to be turned on when you call it for half an hour. I was suddenly sent by the police car in the bureau. Fundamental is not too late to notify you.

The head of the director, I told me to pay special charges with the township leaders. I am very mood, so I am very fierce. In a few days, the old people in the township know that the new young people in the police station are a “scorpion”. Local Division, meaning that people who don’t talk about love. The township leaders pay special attention to my temper, there are many tricky things to name the name to do.

At that time, the biggest problem in rural areas is to family planning, and the super-life farmers are all. The peasants are poor, and they will not get a fine. So, the morning, painful pig, disassemble the house, and the rice. What means it makes it out. Occasionally, farmers rebellious, I became cramps, and I was honest in the country.

Rural people are turning their relatives, and our head is busy running in the city whole day, rarely in the place, another policeman is also a five0-year-old sick number, basically do not go to work. So, talking, walking the back door, people who don’t know, don’t know, I am looking for me, eat and drink the mountains. Rural drinking does not have a cup, all is a big bowl. My alcohol is also practiced in the soil wine, which is burn.

In winter, the weather is particularly cold, just arrived in December, floating snow. The township caught more than a dozen farmers who did not pay the family planning fines in the police station. My name is the joint defense team, and I am sleeping in my own single dormitory in the office. Because I took a few more people to knocked down the roses in the hometown and his two hands. The joint defense team is not admired to me. I have something? Everything makes them do it, and some don’t do things.

At dusk, I was awake. Going to the yard, I saw a woman wearing a green cotton jacket standing in front of the house, in the past question, only known to be the relatives of the peasants who were detained. I asked two sentences, no money fines. Surprisingly, I will return to the office to burn the charcoal fire. The woman came over again. Standing at the door and dare not come in.

I took two cigarettes, I saw the woman still standing at the door, and her face was freezed. Could not help but feel soft. Just as she came in to roast fire. She is sitting in the Basini and telling me. It turns out that her is Wu Xiu, the staff of the township supply and marketing society. The arrested is her brother, and their family has only this man. I have two daughters, and the old man said that the single pass cannot be, so be sure to have a handle.

Now I have a son, but the brother is caught. If you don’t pay for a fine, let Wu Xiusu people say love, cadres in the township say that I am a “scorpion”, not talking. She can’t just come to me. I hope that I can put her first, wait until a few of them have enough money to pay for a fine.

I looked at Wu Xiu, I was crying, my heart sighed, no money, no right, there is no relationship, it is this? Poor. Relatives and friends like the secretary of the country will not say that it will not be able to catch it, even if you caught it, it is a thing.

Wu Xiu looked at my face, but also afraid, I looked at her chu poorly appearance, suddenly found that she is actually a beautiful and full young woman, an evil idea is raw. The heart is dramatic.

I put a very difficult look. But the eyes are colored and stare at her full chest and beautiful face. Wu Xiu is a mature and sensitive woman, soon, I have seen my attempt, and the face is like a fire. I appreciate it in my heart, and this kind of poor hometown of this bird will have such a beauty.

Wu Xiu’s skin is very white, in this mountainous area like all poverty-stricken areas, the skin of the skin is more. But it is still very small in Wu Xiu. Her hair is black and bright, combing the whole, abundant breastfeeding raises the cotton jacket, and the whole person gives a clean and refreshing feeling.

I am filled with cold, put the door to lock the door. With the sound of closing, Wu Xiu’s body is lightweight. I sat next to her, deliberately with her body *. Two hands extended to the brazier to warm, Wu Xiu’s face is like blood, and the body has a faint fragrance, and my heart is itchy. I boldly hold her hand and slide and tender.

Wu Xiu did not refuse my infringement, but it was like a loss of support. I naturally grabby her waist, and my fingers can’t wait to rub her chest of her high tall. I can only feel her breasts in a thick cotton jacket. This is the first time with my girlfriend, there is a physical contact, my heart is dramatic, there is a kind of feeling that I feel like a thief, but there is a special stimulus. My intimate is limited to kissing and strokes. I am holding Wu Xiu, but I don’t dare to have something. Aiming, I am afraid that she will call it. Try to kiss her cheeks, just like the heart is intimate. It is gentle in her cheeks and earlings.

Wu Xiu did not move in my arms, just tightly grabbed the bench. I tried to reach the hand into her cotton jacket, the cotton jacket is a thin small dress, my palm can feel the warmth of her skin.

My hands quickly held her breast. Wu Xiu’s body trembled, and the whole body was soft in my embrace. I feel Wu Xiu’s body and my intimate contact, and the palm is slightly smashed with her firm breast. Wu Xiu’s hand gently touched on my thigh, my penis immediately touched, top on her waist.

Wu Xiu felt my erection, looked up, and the eyes walked at me? “I am a bit cold!” Said that I will buried my head in my chest.

I have reacted for a long time, a blood of the blood, hugging Wu Xiu, walking into the bed, open the quilt to put her on the bed.

Wu Xiu pulled it on the body, closed his eyes and trembled to me? “You ?? You turn over, don’t look at me.” Looking at her delicate and shamefulness, my want fire is even more violent.

I turned to the body, and I opened the window to the window. I went out. No one in the dark yard, the opposite house is very quiet, the duty room door of the joint guards is close, cold night The court of the police station quietly.

Going back, Wu Xiujing lying in bed, a bunch of clothing on the chair in front of the bed, I realized that I am doing. Using power stress to insult women, strong * ?? A string of horror idea is tumbling in the mind, and restless penis is also soft. Standing standing in front of the window.

Wu Xiu may feel that I haven’t moved in half a day, and I have seen half of the body in the nest, looking at me, white skin and vague chest. I am in my heart, I want to get rid of the fire, go to the bed, quickly take off my trousers, drill into the bed.

When the peace is cold, the feeling of cold is different, and it is hot in the bed. I drilled in, I felt that Wu Xiuguang slippered warm body. The plump breasts are crowded in my chest, I played her back and pressed her whole body and I pressed. At this moment, I deeply realized what it was? It was called soft jade. That kind of soft and comfortable taste is simply unable to use language.

Our body is entangled in the quilt, my penis is uncontrolled to jump between the two thighs of Wu Xiu, her hair is going to my small belly, let me feel itchy.

My hand touched from her full hips, brushing her slender waist, and finally stopped on her breast. I have heard that the wedding woman’s breast will become soft and there is no stretch. But Wu Xiu’s breasts are strong, and it feels good to stroke. The nipples in my caress have become hard.

I turned over in Wu Xiu, rubbing her white and abundant breast with a chest, and her body brings me the air. Through the red fire in the house, I can see Wu Xiusong’s eyes, slightly, open the lips in a lightweight. I went down and accurately found her lips, and the tongue flexibly explored her mouth, rolling her tongue sucking.

Wu Xiu’s nose issued a burst of blood boiling sound. The body is like a snake. It is generally twisted under me. The skin friction makes me unrecognizable. Wu Xiu hugged me tightly, two hands stroked on my back. After a while, her hand stretched into my lower body. Hold my penis firmly. Gently up and down.

I am like an electric shock to release her mouth, day! It is much more powerful than a woman who loves the penis than his masturbation. I seem to lose weight, soft soft, in Wu Xiu, only ass to be tall, so convenient Wu Xiu brings me the pleasure. She holds my penis’s hand and slowly slowly, and the other is gently kneading in my scrotum.

Mature young women and girls are different, and Yan Ling has been masturbation for me, because she insisted that she had sex before marriage, so every time I want to fire, she will use her hand to solve my hand. But with Wu Xiu body is attached to micro? The familiar skill is too far away.

I feel that the penis is even more harder, and ** is even more blocked. I’m more and more urgent. The young and energetic body was blown up by Wu Xiu’s gentleness. Wu Xiu felt my changes from my penis, she released my penis. Adjust your own posture, knees lift it slightly, open your legs, whispered? “You come in!”

Wu Xiu is my first woman. After many years, her appearance is indifferent in my memory, but her this sentence “You come in” has been clearly visible in my mind. Since I am going to bed, I will think of her sentence, and the winter night with this flare.

I raised my body, kneeling in her crowd, tall the penis collision in her genitals, then I didn’t know three guidelines at all, and I couldn’t find it. Wu Xiu looked at the feelings I didn’t know, I can’t help but smile, my blush, Wu Xiu grabbed my penis slowly to her body *.

I feel that the penis brushes a haired zone, then exposed to a soft and hot meat, followed, the penis has a moist and smooth small hole. Wu Xiu put his hand, closed his eyes and gently gasped. I still understand it again. When the waist is forward, most of the penis has pierced a warm cavity that never enters. A thrilling of a burst of ecstasy is full of fullness.

Hey, Wu Xiu and I also screamed, I slowly exited it later, and then put it in the penis again. Wu Xiu’s cavity is like a strong robber that tightly put my penis. I have plugged a few times and gradually understood how to pursue greater happiness. Half journey over the body and starting to exercise quickly. The thrill is also like a tide in my body, a wave of waves.

Wu Xiurong’s body with my impact, two hands grabbed the sheets, frowning, and the look can be happy or painful. The firm smooth breast is dramatic. I was inhapped in her wet and hot cavity, the hard penis was more deeper than a deeper in her body.

It may be a man’s nature. I have a strong conquest and destroying for the first time. I want Wu Xiu to completely collapse under my attack. I held the ballast shoulder of Wu Xiu, and the penis was more violent in depth her body. The sound of the two people hit the hit the sound covered her whispering my breath.

Wu Xiu’s cavity has a burst of tightening, from her body, the heat of the heat, let my intersection are more convenient, every time I feel soaked in her warm love, and her cavity Every tightening of the meat is also a more exciting pleasure. Let the first time I enjoy the happiness between the men and women, I seem to stroll in the happy ocean.

Wu Xiu’s snoring? Slimming my nerves, I like to be embarrassed to this sound, it gives me the satisfaction of my psychology is so strong, and her body tremble is like a frightened little deer, with my impact As is being sentenced to the penalty. But her face is fascinated by the happy look, but she is also enjoying the happiness of the flesh.

After a long time, maybe just a few points? Wu Xiu suddenly tightened my ass, the lower abdomen also hired up, with my thrust, the tightening of the cavity, a tightening. The snoring also got bigger, followed by, a hot hot flow was sprayed deep from her cavity, and I hotted my **. She has long sighed, and the beautiful face is extremely happy.

Wu Xiu rolled the body and gradually cooled, and the whole person is like a soft in my body. Ren, I am getting involved in her body.

I am getting stronger and strong in my lower abdomen, and ** also went deep into her deepest place. Long-term sports, my body is full of sweat, our hair is also tangled by too much moisture. I will reach the hand into her, hold her full of hips, so that my penis is deeper, feel a more intense pleasure.

The penis is array, it is fast, I am coming. I am a cold breathing.

Wu Xiu suddenly opened his eyes, his legs twisted, flustered on my chest, hurriedly said? “Don’t, don’t, don’t shoot it in me ??.” Her struggle could not resist my violent power. And her joined just brings me a stronger pleasure.

Uh! I called a low, with the explosion of the thrill, the semen is not suppressed, and rushing to the depths of Wu Xiu cavity after the rush, Wu Xiu stopped struggling. Hold the back of the ridge in Khanjin. The legs hook my body, let my penis out of her cavity in her cavity. Let more semen enter her body’s deepest place??

On this night, I shot three times in Wu Xiu’s body, accumulated me for more than twenty years of semen full of semen to her. Until I went to sleep. The next day I woke up, Wu Xiu had already disappeared, I put her brother. I remembered the absurdity of last night, and my heart is fear and comfortable. I am afraid that she will tell me, and I will remember the soul of last night.

Later I only knew that she was a military, her husband was in a part of the Lanzhou Military Region. After a month, her husband rushed back to visit relatives. In the second year, Wu Xiu was a fat child. I have been suspect that Wu Xiuheng is my son. Because she didn’t give birth for two years, she hurriedly called her husband after a night. However, I don’t plan to solve this question. [Table = 98%] The second chapter of the villagers’ lover Since the relationship with Wu Xiu, I have a lot of depressed mood. It seems that men still need to properly send their desires. I started to look at this poor hionship in myself with new eyes. It is very poor, but the woman here has a rare white skin, and a well-known health is more envious.

I have nothing to life? It’s too distant or distant, and it seems to live in another world. I started to pursue the flesh and sensory enjoyment of exciting. I think I started falling, and I am different from most people. I am not in the bustling city but in poverty. Perhaps my bones like fallen life, in the long-term orthodox education, the introspective nature is finally exposed after a suitable timing.

There is no in the township. In addition to drinking, you will play cards. I used to play before. But now I want to open, people are not alive? One thing. There is no need to restraint yourself. So I often gamble with the township cadres, because there is no place to spend in the township, I am single life, so there is some money in my pocket. So the brand is good. Those townships also like to play with me.

If you have a long time, everyone is also casual. I said. I also learned about the situation in many towns. For example, township and secretary are dead, to Vice Legal, the son-in-law of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee. It is to come to the country to get the capital is ready to promote. But the man is talking to a woman together. Who is the most in the township, who has one leg. Which woman wants to do it. Although there are different angles of each other, there are also a well-known “four beautiful people” in the township. The wife of the country’s wife Qin Xiangyun, the outer number “Qin Xianglian”; the hometown center is a small music teacher Long Yan Yan, the outer number “smallui”. Liao Xiaodong, the announcer of the township broadcasting station, “Fairy”; also has the technical staff of the County Agricultural Bureau, the technical station of the Agricultural Technology Station, and “Li Jiaxin”. The men talk about women, especially beautiful, people who want to enter non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-wrong women.

At the end of the year, all kinds of teams, exam groups and socially teachings teams returned, and the towns took a big drink every day. In the evening, the cadres in the East a bunch of play cards. Several bosses of a few restaurants feed the food box to the township cadres who gave the night-night battle.

I lost the fun of their desk with their table. With a few joint defense teams walking the patrol patrols, while writing a slogan of various fire-fighting anti-theft crimes on the walls of the streets, working hard to defend the broad masses of the Spring Festival. Also let our township cadres can gamble or steady.

The township police station and the radio are standing on the same street, all of which are vintage bricks. I know that the broadcaster Liao Xiaodong lives alone living in the broadcast station, so paying attention. At the end of the year, the thief also eventually became frequent, and they also earned the year. In addition to hoping that she should not be taken by the thief in the township, I am also very natural expectation to happen to her.

Men, especially men who try men and women, no need to have a relationship with beautiful women. Especially after I have passed Wu Xiu’s baptism. It seems that there is always a raging burning to the fire in jumping. Want to hug your naked beauty, explore their mystery with your own penis, to conquer their soul.

Since I know the so-called four beautiful people, I deliberately watched them. Liao Xiaodong is the beautiful woman with Xiaoling, and the body is particularly well. The plump breasts always put the tall tall of her clothes, and her dress appeared very fashionable in this mountain. And her outer number “Fairy” I think it is because of her pair of eyes, inadvertently, it will always let the people who look around and red. And her impression is “charming”. Very flat. There is a fantasy that makes people can’t help. I have also fantasy to spend a few tight nights.

It is also the night of snowflakes. Today, the weather is getting more and more strange, and the sky in the south often floats in the north. I patrol it back and let the joint guards go back to rest. Self-unknown walking to the broadcast station. That charming “精” is doing at this moment? Whether naked her beautiful body lying in the warm bed, is it looking forward to a man with a young man embrace kiss. I am in my heart. A string is obviously a man’s footprints in the snow, I am particularly conspicuous, I stopped thinking. Follow the foot printed, the footprint extends to the gate of the broadcast station disappeared. My heartbeat accelerated. Is there a thief? Quickly go to the broadcast gate, pay attention to the footprints, is the footprint of the leather shoes. Will not be a thief. There are very few people wearing shoes in the township. In addition to several township leaders, I occasionally wear shoes. Do you really like a lover in the legend of the legend? I can’t help but excite.

There is also a slight sour taste, man, especially self-feeling, is like this, seeing that he has not received a beautiful woman who is being got by another man, always very uncomfortable. Thinking that he is in the cold dormitory, it is difficult to sleep. I can’t help but have some resentment.

Hey! I used to knock on the gate of the broadcast station. After a while, I heard someone in it, who is it? This? Known late? Liao Xiaodong’s sweet voice seems to be a little trembling. I was separated from the gate, I told her that I was a police station, just saw someone climbed in the wall from the broadcast station. I want to come in and see.

Liao Xiaodong opened the door to let me come in, and a tempting aroma came. By the light from the house, Liao Xiaodong’s beautiful face is somewhat nervous. She is covered with thin little small jacket, fluffy hair, it seems to come up from the bed. The full breasts and slender waist are equally attracted in the micro-light in the snow. I have answered the temptation to remove the eyes from her body, and the mold is looking at the yard. I deliberately make the sound very much. Mister intently in the house in the house panic.

After a while, I returned to Liao Xiaodong’s body, and I suddenly discovered it, pointed to the ground before the house. “Footprint, men’s footprints.” I said loudly, Liao Xiaodong looked at my gesture, the face suddenly had a snow, and the body swayed fell. I took the opportunity to hold her fine waist, and the tentacles warmly warm and greasy.

“You are fine, Liao?” I asked with care. “Don’t be afraid, I am called people to help you to take a break, and let people carefully search the whole yard. I must cut out the thief.”

I am filled with indignation, but I have been happy. At this moment, Liao Xiaodong’s mind is absolutely imagined with the joints and the joint guards to capture her lover from the house. Ha ha.

Sure enough, Liao Xiaodong listened to my body trembled? “Zhang said, I am afraid, you will send me to the police station.”

“Nothing,” I deliberately let her, I pat. “I took a gun, caught the thief, I didn’t want to be afraid.”

Liao Xiaodong is more fearful, and the whole body has snuggled over, the solid breasts still makes me feel that it is warm and attractive.

“I am afraid, I have to be soft, Zhang said, you helped me to the police station, I beg you.” Liao Xiaodong chu pitifully looked at me, the charming eye wave on weekdays flicked. I can’t say moving. I am not a hero, I can’t get a beautiful person.

So, Liao Xiaodong’s moving body left the radio station institute in half helped down. I feel that she brings her numerous men to think about the body of the body, deliberately rub with her most sensitive part, she took a few tens of meters. The boiling desire fire makes the penis either, in the top of the police? The top of the top, inevitably contacts Liao Xiaodong’s waist buttocks. Every contact makes me a kind of impulse that I have to take her into the arms.

Liao Xiaodong does not seem to feel the strangeness of my body, and it is still attached to my body. When I went to the police station, there were also dozens of meters, the shadow of the architecture blocked the light near, the darkness gave me a great courage, I took Liao Xiaodong into his arms, and hooked her breast. Pressure in the chest, the lower body is shocked in her small abdomen. The lips are free to kiss her pink neck.

Liao Xiaodong was smashed by my sudden attack. When I was awake, I was pressed on the wall. She pushed my chest, like I went away, and the delicate body struggled, her weak strength How can I feel more pleasant compared to a professional-trained man, it can only make me feel more pleasure with her closely sticky.

However, I am also afraid that she will call, whisper in her ear? “Do you want me to catch your men in your room?” Liao Xiaodong looked at me, I thought about my look. It must be embarrassed. “Do you want me to say her name?” I continued to put pressure on her. Every time I face a woman, my thinking and feelings are particularly sensitive. I feel that if I don’t have a woman’s case, I will become a probe like Wolm.

I continued to stare at Liao Xiaodong, my mind in my mind, and the township government leaders wear. Wang Township has a beautiful wife, and is a famous “wife and tube”. Zhou Shuji is 50 years old. The children are working in the township. The old-fashioned people are especially facing; Li Vanthan Congress will work in the county city, and they will run in the city; to the deputy township, yes, wife is Miss Qian Jin I heard that it is ugly and fierce. And to the vice governor thirty years old, looks like a Tang Tang, can speak. I often stay in the township and don’t go home. I miss this, I can’t help but laugh.

“To the ceremony, to the vice governor. I said right?”

Liao Xiaodong lost blood color pale face proved my speculation. She stopped struggling, and her eyes looked at me, and her eyes were full of panic.

“It’s far from the depths of the vice guelles. I heard that I will take it to the county soon. If the mother tiger in his family knows, what will you say?” I said that I said not slowly.

“You are a local person, seduce a woman’s husband, will you have a reputation?”

Liao Xiaodong’s spirit completely collapsed, tremble with me? “” You? What do you want? “

I am maliciously with the penis topped her lower abdomen. “What do you say?”

Liao Xiaodong pale cheeks stained a layer of flush. Long out of breath, the breast is also softer in my chest.

After five points? After we looked at the clothes from the vice-township, we hurried out from the broadcast station gate, waiting until he disappeared in the darkness of the distance. I walked into the broadcast station in the warm and elastic body of Liao Xiaodong.

Broadcasting station is a few minorities in the country to ensure power supply. First, the mean and warmth of the Liao Xiaodong and the enthusiasm of bright lights and electric furnaces make me feel refreshed and comfortable.

Taking Liao Xiaodong to hit hot water, I quickly patrolled a round in the room, the cigarette buttons in the bed, the smoke in the air, and there was a commonly used notepad on the side of the bed. I took it. A few pages quickly turned out, and it left to the ceremony. I have no time to look, put the notepad into the pocket. Choose a comfortable posture lying on the bed.

Liao Xiaodong is walk in with hot water, watching me said? “Do you want to wash a foot?”

I am too lazy to say? “You are washed with me.” My tone temperature is determined.

Liao Xiaodian, I arrived, I was smiling, put my face on the bed, and suddenly took my body for me.

The custom of the dragon nose is before going to bed every day, women have to clean the foot water for their husband. But I want Liao Xiaodong to wash your feet is not for this, just I want to enjoy the pleasure of the kind of lover for your own service. (Hey, is there some metamorphosis? Haha!)

Liao Xiaodong removes my shoes and socks, holding my cold feet into hot water basin, my moderate water temperature is hot, I closed my eyes and enjoy this kind of junior. The nose is smelling the unique aroma of the young girl in the room, thinking that he will enjoy the beautiful body of the room hostess, and this body is a special pet. An aspiration of breaking taboo boil in the blood. The penis is also tall, and the ocean is jumped.

The temperature in the room is very high, it is a paradise than the snow outside the house. Liao Xiaodong is very patient and careful to wash the feet, the feet, the gap between the feet, and even the gap between her toes is washed by her. In the warm boudoir in the winter night, the beautiful woman is gentle for you, this pleasure is the power that modern urban men have long lost.

Liao Xiaodong is very careful and very proficient. I can’t help but guess how many of the middle-aged men who have seen this to the civilized middle-aged man doing this service. I hate it in my heart.

Wait until Liao Xiaodong uses a towel to dry all the water stains on my feet. I hurriedly put the foot into the bed. Start subrinders. She looked at me soon, and smiled. “You wait for me.”

I take it off the underwear and vest. Drilling is wrapped in the bed. The bedding is full of faint fragrances. I can’t help but breathe.

Not long, Liao Xiaodian came in, and there was still a pot of water in his hand. I am a little surprised to look at her, she smiled and said, I will wash it again. I don’t know how? I have a smile in my eyes, there is always a kind of charming. I haven’t respond yet, she has unveiled the quilt, watching the body of the shorts I take off, and I smiled again. “You also take it off.”

I understand. Looking at her smile, I tickled it in my heart? “You trip to me.”

She sat on the bed, looked at my eyes like fire, low heads for my underwear, then worked with my scrotum with hand, and took a hot towel to my penis, itchy warmly stimulated My blood? Zhang, the penis is bigger.

The penis is more swollen and painful, and the blood vessels on the penis are in a rushing pulse. Liao Xiaodong put hot towels into my thin wipe under my scrotum. I want to fire the body, reach out, holding her breast, isolated on the sweater with finger with her nipple. Want to say? “Faster you can’t stand it.”

Liao Xiaodong put the towel in the basin and stood up. “I go off the lights.”

“Don’t turn off the light!” I just want to call it. “I want to look at you, I want to see you inch you touch you. Quick clothes.” Listening to my low-vulgar words. Liao Xiaodong’s face is full, and his eyes waters the penis that I kept shaking. Start the clothing on the body.

Under the bright light, Liao Xiaodong’s skin pink is like a white snow falling down in the sky. The breasts that lost the wings are not sagged, proud is over the chest, the two bulld nipples are like a red breeze. Psychic and lovely. I was the first time I saw a woman’s naked naked, and my eyes were obsessed with her criminal body.

She took off her underwear, and she was shy to cover the mysterious source of the two legs. However, through the gap of the finger, the slit of the finger was still vague, and the straight-long legs closed tightly. It is necessary to guard the fascination of the fascinating soul. And the smile on the face is that? Charming is proud.

“Especially for Essence, Essence”. I am crazy in my heart, I can’t find any other words to describe it, I jump out of bed, a beautiful body that picked up her arrogant body, in her petoid, the penis is looking for it. That wet and smooth aromat is struggling to put all the penis into the penis. At that moment, I just thought that all people can drill in and sprint in the charming cavity.

Too tight, too excited, this is my first feeling, although there is a lot of love in the cavity of Liao Xiaodong, but my penis is still prone. The squirrels in her cavity have a strong thrill of meat.

“It’s so comfortable.” I am excited to breathe.

Almost when I entered the cavity, Liao Xiaobian under my body didn’t know whether my weight is still, and my penis is also called, I am so happy that I am sprint in her body, I feel like I am like it. The generals of the horse rushed were invincible on the battlefield. The panacea of ​​the penis is like a wave of all the sensation cells.

Liao Xiaodong hugged my waist, the eyelashes were gently trembled, and the delicate lips appeared. Two slender legs are in my hips, like babvid, hugging me, as I strongly urgently impacts the breasts before and after the breasts, and the bursts sent by the nose It is so ecstasy.

I bury my head on her crisp, a mouth with her hard nipple suction, the penis is desperately sprint in her cavity, thinking that she is someone else, but in my body so beautiful. The penis is getting more and more powerful in her body.

Her cavity kept poured a hot and hot love, with my sprint outflows, and stick our hamma. I feel unprecedented, and the penis is on the throduction of the big decline. After a while, the whole root is inserted to twist around her cavity, and every movement makes her full body tremble, and they are constantly. And I was more crazy and more desperately crazy by her trembling and snoring.

My sweat rushed out from the pores, with the intense exercise and the sweat on her, so that our skin’s contact is greasy and more stimulated. I looked up, I saw Liao Xiaodong’s beautiful body covered with fine sweat, and the charming face was full of fascinating happy look, and the throne of conquering suddenly swim all over the whole body.

With my strong sprint, Liao Xiaowong tray in my waist is like a part of my body, follow my movement, every sprint makes her 呻吟 more touching. Her ass is a circular rotation, and it is horing with my entrance. Bring me once a strong stimulus.

Our breath snoring is like a reverberation in the room, and the air is full of smell of our body fluid. I have to break the body to insert the penis into the deepest place of her body. The delicate meat wall in the deep road is a door to open with my penis. I scraped my penis. Perhaps it is too strong, maybe I am too excited, the super feat of the penis and the ears of the ears are synthesized in my mind, hit every body of my body, happy cells, The penis can not inhibit the pulp, the penis is also flourishing, and the speed of my thrust is getting faster.

Liao Xiaodian felt my strange, and hurting the ass, the sweat extracted, the breasts were also very moving, rubbing my chest muscles. After a while, I will have a long walking, and my body will move my body. The hot fluids in large stocks in the cavity are sprayed, and the comfort of my penis is hot. I can’t help it, continue to springer dozens, when the penis has once again entered the departure of her cavity, all the semen is all incident in her body.

Every sputum feels the incomparable pleasure of climax. And my semen impact makes Liao Xiaodong’s body from being trembled with autonomous.

After ejaculation, I was weak in Liao Xiaodong, I feel that the gradually softened penis is slowly withdrawn from her ecstasy, while her soft and warm cavity is still a position, gentle. Soothing my penis.

Although it is tired, we have not sleepled. I went down from Liao Xiaodong, laying on her side, she looked at my waist, warm and strong breasts were placed on me, and the eye wave looked at me. Forbidden to vice governors, the four beautiful women in the Dragon Nose Township, I was derived by the small “lepors” that was conquered by me. I will never have to endure the loneliness of the night, I want to suffer when I am burppiness. I can always hold the beauty of the woman, and I will send my energy in her ecstasy.

I remembered the vice governor, I publicly grabbed his lover, how would he? Do it?

The soldiers will stop. I am not his item, let alone, haha, notepad in the pocket. Hey, let’s walk. [Table = 98%] Chapter 3 June floods “Leprechaun” Liao Xiaodong is really a fascinating, I have tasted her soul, and I am reluctant. I often flash my smooth body in my head, I have a chance to ran to her radio station dormitory. Every time she is a beginning, she is unable to attacked under my wild attack. Let me launch my desire in her charming body again and again.

Liao Xiaodong’s lover has never moved to the deputy director, and it seems that I ignore my ban on him. It seems that he can endure any of the kind of insult to endure. His silence is even more unscrupulous in Liao Xiaodong’s eyes.

I know the reasons for silence to the vicegeeper, he forgotten the notepad of Liao Xiaodian’s room made me master his death. The inside records too many dirty and official privacy. Including the faction of the township cadres, the personnel changes of the county party committee, and when and where did you have a gift, when and where did the county leader, but most interesting is that he records himself in detail. Woman’s hobby.

Don’t look at the woods, there are three lover in the private, in addition to Liao Xiaodong, one of the four beautiful people’s agricultural bureaus to the Township Agricultural Technology Station is also his lover, and the two are in the county. Hook up. Li Jiajia was forced to apply for him to apply to the township agricultural technology station; there is a staff member of the county government. From the notebook, it can be seen that the wife is deeply evil, just in order to follow the power of the father-in-law. Bistens to maintain marriage.

And his detailed records of love for yourself and a few lover do me see the blood? For example, Liao Xiaodong, in his eyes, a small beauty of a huge soul, I like to see that she died in love, and his evaluation of Liao Xiaodong is – the natural lover can only be a lover for men. This is similar to my feelings.

For another lover – “Li Jiaxin”, Li Jiajia, is full of praise, praising Li Jiajia is a beauty in a beautiful man, and can get the biggest pleasure of men to get in her. If you can divorce your wife, you must marry Li Jiajia. These records to the vice governor let me have an endless fantasy to Li Jiajia.

There is this notebook in the hand, I will not fear the deputy township, but I will wait for him to take action, see what he is willing to be the price of the stone, in exchange for the notepad of his future.

I have chosen the content of the notepad to let Liao Xiaodong, and she is familiar with the allegation of her words. She always thought that she was the only love for the ceremony, and even expecting a day to become a wife. I didn’t expect to have that a lot of lovers, and they were so low in his heart. She felt that her true feelings were completely touched. So, she finished my embrace and let me enjoy her gentleness. Just 叮? I must find a chance to take a whole whole letter. Since then, the police station, the broadcasting room of the radio station, the mountains near the township, have become the place where I live and Liao Xiaoyong forgetting, and my favorite is to broadcast news and documents in her naked body. When she is mentally, she is inserting the penis into her cavity. She stimulates her with a slow sudden movement. Look at her strongly calm broadcast, and the full-scale ass is desperately combined with my entry, pursuing me. Deep puncture of penis. The days of the country have become spring.

While enjoying the body of Liao Xiaodong, I didn’t relax my heart to pay attention to the vice guild. He didn’t dare to find Liao Xiaodong, because the people in the country knew that Liao Xiaodong had followed me. And my “scorpion” temper and waist gun can stop any men who want to move against Liao Xiaodong. I am waiting for the opportunity, and the notepad is the description and extreme praise of Li Jiajia to the ceremony to let me look forward to the “the biggest fun” that men can get. “

In the eyes of a few months, the summer is coming, the women in the township have been put on a light summer dress. Summer is the golden season of their fascinating body. I received a few good news in this beautiful season. The Lord is severely punished, and the old director retired, the leadership of the Municipal Public Security Bureau has been significantly adjusted with the government. A comrades in my father went to the Public Security Bureau as a deputy among government committee, and my destiny was about to change.

Summer is not only beautiful in the beautiful season, in the mountain township of the dragon nose, but also means the rainy season, while occasional heavy rain often forms flood, destroying farmland, housing. Therefore, it is also the season of flooding floods under the grassroots leadership. Every year, some people will die in floods.

The peasants here are really too hard. Hard work is less than a year, and the agricultural tax, slaughter tax, hometown of agricultural tax, slaughter tax, township, village reform, education, and fundraising, etc. are high. They silently underneath this, and their hometown in her ancestors lived in a faint life with meager income. Every time I see their frost, I will always think of the words that Lu Xun said. “Do not die in silence, in silence.”

The rainy season is coming, and it is a rainy rain. The township mobilized all cadres and workers fragmented flood control, I also expected it in the area of ​​the vice governor, which is the vice of the vice, which is a few mountain villages near the Railway Four Douvan Tunnel.

A small flat valley surrounded by a few undulating hills lived in a hundred households, they followed the terraces living in the mountains. It is said that it is flood control. It is actually impossible to prevent, the mudslides and floods caused by heavy rain in the valley are sufficient to destroy any dike dam. What we can do is to mobilize the people to transfer materials, always monitor the situation, once a critical, immediately organize the people withdraw from the village. The fields here are basically suffering from floods in the past year. * The government’s relief can live, and the migrants after the disaster continue to open the land of the land, vegetation is destroyed, and more floods are induced. The only solution is immigration. A large funding is a problem that the township or even counties can also solve. So the vicious circle year has a year.

The flood control headquarters took a dozens of straw sheds on a high land, and prepared to transfer people. More than a dozen armed militia boarded the highly dangerous highlands monitoring situation with signal guns. Temporarily nothing, the township cadres are scattered in all grass sheds.

Our group is brought to the text, except for me, there are more than a dozen cadres of the township fiscal, Justice, and the township Agricultural Technology Station, and the most petty of the veteran, Li Jiajia, also in this group. But they have obviously maintain a distance. Can you see it occasionally exchanged under my careful observation? Shows unusual relationships between them.

I sat in the grass, looked at the rain, not slowly, and there was a slogan with the township cadre. The eyes have been paying attention to Li Jiajia sitting in the exit of the straw exit.

The people who gave Li Jiajia have a good look. She really somewhat like Li Jiaxin, tall, such as a waterfall, and the skin of the clothes. While I don’t know where to borrow the neckline of the neckline, I don’t know where the neckline of the big military clothing. The long rain shoes on the feet are also unable to cover her well-known beautiful legs. I can’t see that she is a young woman who has been married for several years.

Li Jiajia’s occasionally looked at me, and it took a touch in cold eyes. It seems that it is very close to her relationship with her relationship, and I have told me that I may get the record of their privacy. To the ceremony, I took Notepad to Liao Xiaodong, but I was unobstructed by Liao Xiaodong and told him that Notepad was in my hand. I have a matter to find me. I don’t know why? But I haven’t been looking for me. I looked at Li Jiajia’s curve. The smell of her towering chest? Tour, I remembered that I had a small red scorpion under the left breasts, and I can’t help but itch. I can’t help but think about her beautiful white breasts.

When I thought about it, I walked in the outside, loudly, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, don’t take a break, go to each warning point to patrol. Zhang Zhang, a police station, left a latent straw and materials, and the merchant is temporarily not moving. Comrade Finance is walking with me. It is said that the cadres have gone out to the ceremony, and there are only two people and Li Jiajia in the grass shed.

It seems that the empty grass shed is quiet. Only rainy hit the sound of the grass, it seems that in order to take back the notepad, it is ready to use the beauty. I laughed coldly in my heart and I was working together. I have to enjoy the beauty of my eyes, let the wife have compensated the lady to compete.

Not long, Li Jiajia came over, standing in front of me, looking at me coldly? “” Is it in your hands to your country? “

I looked up at her cold and disgusted expression. He looked with a bluff in his heart?

Li Jiajia’s expression is still that? Cough? “You said? How much do you want to give him a child?”

I looked at her with some arrogance and disdain, I remembered that Li Jiajia recorded in Ben was in less than two months and sneaked in the hotel in the hotel, and the sensuality was taken with the camera. The naked body. I can’t help but impulse, I want to crush her proud mask. Deliberately cold and cold? “Money, I am useless, you don’t want you and the ugly thing to the ceremony is discovered by others?”

Li Jiajia’s beautiful face is a white time, the body is slightly shaking, and it is tightly bites the lips.

“I want to be easy, how? How do you wait for the ceremony, how do you? Serve me. Let me feel comfortable, I will naturally return to you, just this? Simple.” Said that I stand up and nothing. To her chest.

It seems that she is ready to be prepared, I haven’t hesitated at all? “Okay, you want me, I will accompany you once. After you finish, you must return to me.”

I smiled cold in my heart? “Ok, I just want to be comfortable to you, I want to have the original child?”

The rain outside the grass gradually became bigger, I stood around the grass shed, I went around, and there was a feeling in the world, and I was difficult to see the scenery outside of dozens.

Li Jiajia pulled my hand? “You come with me.” After the end, he hurried into the rain.

I followed her to go to the hill. I didn’t have rain in my body, and I was very difficult to stick to my body. Li Jiajia is also all wet, and the trousers are sticky to the body. Put her fertile ass, slender waist, naked, naked. My penis immediately had a reaction, tall tightening, but immediately sailed in a strong rain.

After a while, we came to the village under the mountain. Li Jiajia’s familiar road took me to turn into a family. This is a two-story bamboo building, below is a piglet, and it is a place where people live. Going along the wooden stairs, I saw two beds in the room, one is a wooden bed, the top is complete, and the other is bamboo bed.

Li Jiajia took off his moist military clothing, turned back to see my doubtful eyes, coldly said? “Don’t worry, this is my poverty alleviation link, two sons are going to work, only two elderly people, It has been transferred to the hill, no one will come to bother. “After the beginning of the clothing that started quickly, quickly removed, then twisted out the water in the clothes, simply rubbed the body, lying Take the wooden bed.

I went to the bed, and I watched her naked body. Li Jiajia closed her eyes. The two hands were naturally placed on the side. The two breasts were rushing, and there was a small red scorpion under the breast. The skin is like a white satin with a moving curve, two beautiful beautiful legs, together with a few crystal water beads in the lush hair of the two legs.

It is really beautiful, no wonder that I like her, I like her, I secretly think, but now I am still lying in front of me waiting for me. I feel the happiness before the meal, take off my trousers. Sitting on the bed, grabbing her hand and puts her penis.

Li Jiajia opened his eyes and struggled to turn back, some said? “You still grind?, Come on.” I have come out, “I want you to wait for me, this is this? I want to have something to do, do you think I am a stupid?” I am fierce. “You still want to have to remember this.”

I heard the notepad, Li Jiajia no longer struggled, obeying my meaning and touching my penis, two slim fingers? Open my foreskin on my **, palm sticks my penis. I will bring me a burst of pleasure in the cold hand.

I let go of her breast, go up with her hands upstream, feel the charm of her moving, I will stroke from her calf, and I will go down from her shoulder, in her Seporamic pepper is slightly stayed, slide over the slim waist, flat lower abdomen, and dig in the black hair cluster. From time to time with your fingers, it gently kneaded her powder. Free teasing to play with this cold ice.

Li Jiajia’s lips are closed, still the cold expression, just as my teasing, frowned tightly, and the cheeks have gradually pophed. I saw that she is trying to endure my teasing, I don’t want to be emotional in front of me. But holding my hand of my penis is unknown to accelerate the speed of acceleration.

I have a good resistance to continue to caress her, and the left hand holds her breasts and suddenly touch, the right hand is covered in her body, rubbing her body with the poor part of her body.

See how long you can endure, I am hateful in my heart. This set is that I have summed up after countless attempts on Liao Xiaodong. Every time, Liao Xiaodong will live in the spring love and cannot be self-made.

Sure enough, how long, Li Jiajia began to have a reaction, the body could not be twisted, two legs handed over? At tried to clamp my hand, my face was blushing? The skin of white tenderness is also in the skin. The closed lips are also slightly angry. I am satisfied with her look and accelerate the action.

Li Jiajie was strong, and the body was turned to the body. The other applause also stretched into my husband. Holding my scrotum gently touched, slender fingers rospent from the spike of my anus, delicate finger Gently poked it seems to want to drill in. A strong stimulus spreads all over your body. I can’t help but play it. This weird but strong stimulus has increased my penis to the peak.

I can’t control my own desire, and I also put into her down with my finger. Her delicate portal is dry, but in my strong drilling is still open to me, my finger passes through the door to immediately enter. A warm and narrow cavity road, the layer of meat is closely scraped with my fingers, and the filling of the filling of the cavity has flowed out as my fingers, and wets the dried meat wall at the entrance.

Terrible, I secretly surprised, Li Jiajia is not a few years that have been done to the vectors? How? The cavity feels that it is narrower than the young Liao Xiaodong. I can wrap my fingers so tight, I am excited to bury my head hot kiss in her chest, the tip of the tongue is turned on her nipple. The finger has also accelerated the movement in the cavity.

Li Jiajia also couldn’t help but stimulate the body. The sensation of this energy destroyed her and indifferent, loudly? “Come, I want”, her voice has become warm and sweet, she arrested I will make up my penis to my lower body. The ass also begins to move your fingers.

My whaleless bears burned, I pulled her legs, I used to send my stomach, huge ** immediately broke through her small aperture, my body is full, the whole penis is completely Up to her vagina.

Li Jiajia called out, and the sound was full of happiness. I immediately understood that “the biggest fun” that men can get to the ceremony is what it means.

Li Jiajia’s vaginal is relatively short. Most of my ** has entered the most peeking mouth of her cavity, and her vagina is tight and narrow. I seamlessly contain my penis, and the vivo-secreted love is only a little. Role of lubrication. More destined is that the mince wall in her cavity seems to be more intensive than Liao Xiaodong, and will automatically creeze, it is difficult to scrape my penis. You can feel the extreme pleasure without making a piston action.

With her breathing fluctuations, her body’s cervix is ​​like meat, and the meat wall in the cavity is fierce, I am tits, I almost shot it on the spot.

I have answered the desire of ejaculation, and I can’t move in Li Jiajia. It is desperate to calm down his emotions, and both hands hold her round breasts, just like drowning people, they don’t dare to relax.

Li Jiajia also rapid panting, looks very enjoy I brought her a sense of fulfillment, weekdays proud pretty face at the moment are all flush, full of charming wavefront obsequiousness, smooth pale forehead has been competing with a layer of fine sweat, Jing Si unbearable than I would like to strongly stimulate the body’s intercourse with each other. This charming Jiaotai worth a thousand words of confession, getting on my nerves more excited. I sip the nipple sucking Li Jiajia, lower body began to move tentatively, every slight friction has bursts of intense pleasure came within cavity Roubi heavy ?? like a Road portal, make my penis in a Choucha You will be able to feel the thrill as dozens of thrusts intersection. And she gave me the cervix is ​​caused by a minor ** ejaculation-like impulse, I feel that she has magic-like body conquered. (Of course, this is only the beginning of inexperienced feeling of lack of experience)

The rain outside the bamboo house more anxious, and accompanied by the roar bursts of lightning, the sky getting dark. I pressed on Li Jiajia ecstasy beautiful body, after the initial accustomed to strong stimulation unbearable, she began to speed up the movement of the penis, a man looking for the greatest pleasure from her squirming tight cavity.

Li Jiajia more charming face, her slender thighs hook in my thigh, his hands tightly clutching the sheets, body sweating, such as pulp, a Yuxianyusi cute, great to meet me in vanity but also makes me extremely sensitive to her physical love. She moans full of temptation intoxicating, like a dying lamb, and her wonderful body trembling violently and displayed an incomparable vitality.

While I desperately doing this beautiful body side of the cranky, hateful to Boon Lay, even to enjoy such a wonderful woman this? Years. But think also like to thank him, not him. How could I? Liao Xiaodong and Li Jiajia will be destined to enjoy these two beautiful women.

Li Jiajia vaginal contraction me under strong bursts of sprint, she moans also growing, my ears have to hear the wind and rain outside, all her ecstasy Jiaoyin.

I saw her pretty face in front of the incomparable enjoy Jiaotai. Aiye cavity within her like a flood of flood pouring, sticky wet my scrotum, we went down to the sheets under the body. Roubi peristalsis have become stronger, I will again send the edge of orgasm. I feel the greatest joy in the flesh can enjoy that wonderful illusion.

My movement is growing. Every time all out, leaving only a little bit ** in her Nenxue, then all fiercely piercing, pubic hair until she also firmly attached to the slippery soft tired of Roubi. The frequency of rolling faster and faster, hit each other in the lower abdomen as the voice of dense rain tapping bamboo house in general.

Ah -, called Li Jiajia heard a long, hard limbs, hold fast to my body, I continue to stop the movement. Her vagina tightening suddenly, like a strong meat hoop my penis could not move the folder, and creeping vagina Roubi in all parts of the intense rubbing my penis mill. Deep in the cavity of the cervix is ​​also a strong contraction waves, like a sucking my mouth like a **, I feel a strong stimulus indescribable.

Only a few seconds? Time, I feel in front of a blank, involuntary penis in her vagina spasm, ** surge to open the top of her cervix, then sperm injection as all fired into her uterus. I accompanied her body quivering bursts of intense ejaculation, for a moment, I just like to shoot all the essence of the body like an empty flaccid paralysis in her body.

I do not know how long, a series of lightning before the thunder will regain my consciousness. Darkness outside the house, the house is only faintly visible. I just felt my penis still inserted in the body of Li Jiajia, her inclusion cavity remains tightly, Roubi slowly crawling around the vagina, continue to squeeze my semen remains in the penis, the kind of lazy I feel very comfortable the whole body.

Li Jiajia yet? Rhyme recover from orgasm, pretty face still die happy ecstasy appearance, beautiful skin cool jade, and capsules of the flow of sweat on her body, tell my or her.

I quietly bent over her body, and my heart just pondering extreme pleasure. Random thoughts floating in my mind. Wonderful pleasure between men and women can escape this predicament.

Late at night, the rain has not stopped. We have been unable to return to the mountains. A faint oil lamp barely lit up the bamboo house. Li Jiajia naked body just dressed in police uniforms to find my meter in the house, wearing only a pair of shorts and I light a fire in the stove side, the cold consumes a lot of energy we feel hungry harder and harder. From time to time I looked at Li Jiajia beautiful rounded ass, can not withstand the desire to cry unborn. Just want to quickly find the rice to cook. So I will have plenty of energy to get through a very wonderful night of.

The fire of the bamboo building is reflected in our face, and the air is filled with the scent of rice. Although there is only a can of sour food. But I have already hungry? I feel better than delicious food, and the wolf swallows the white flowers of the white flowers. That kind of practical comfort is really comfortable. It is very good, no longer feels irritability of the rain outside the window, but can hear a natural wonderful melody from the raining of the bamboo building. Perhaps because I have just been intimate to absorb me a lot of semen moisturizing, Li Jiajia’s white tenderly cheeks faintly moving the colorful color, and it is even more delicious in the fire, and there is no one in the first arrogant. Dark night’s bamboo building, occasionally breaking the night sky lightning from time to time, charming the skin into a snow-like crystal clear. At a point, I can’t see her young woman in a small county city. From time to time, I have an “eyebrow, such as the painting,”, and other memories. “

Although the time is full of summer, but there is still a chill in the night of the wind, not to know how the water is outside, whether it has become mudslide floods, and the mood has deepened the feeling of cold.

I looked at Li Jiajia’s sliding cold body on the wooden bench in front of the stove, and our clothes were wet, so they were naked. Cover the body with a thin piece of bed, through the body temperature of each other. I have gripped her full double milk lightly, her little hand is also low in my mouth, holding my scrotum, let me feel the warmth of the silk.

I think about the extreme joy of the advice to think about the records in the notepad. To the ceremony, he and Li Jiajia met in the work, or the new married Deli Li Jiao Tao also helped mobilize the work at the Organization Department of the County Party Committee. At that time, it was very strange to the ceremony, because Li Jiajia and her husband were in the county animal husbandry and afforestation Bureau, Why? Also left the husband. However, he coveted Li Jiajia’s beauty, still wants to transfer her to the Agriculture Bureau, and then hook the Li Jiajia, I didn’t expect to easily hug this eye-catching newly married young woman. In the bed, Li Jiajia’s wonderful flesh made him taste great joy, it is difficult to cut. Later, I heard that Li Jiajia’s husband was a “rabbit” (meaning homosexual).

I looked at the beauty of Mei Chamei, I didn’t feel a little pity. The beauty is thin, the ancients are not bullied, such a beautiful beauty, but marry a rabbit, find a lover, but she uses her physical and beautiful to exchange her privacy. And she is willing to sacrifice himself for the valentine, this is great or stupid.

“When you return to the township, you must also give me a notebook.” Li Jiajia said in his arbitrary, tone is soft. She lowered his head and couldn’t see the expression on his face. I have some sour in my heart, I will also take the sale of my own lover, and I am happy to the literary ceremony.

“You can rest assured”, I don’t know much about it. “Go back, I will give you a note.” Li Jiajia looked up at me, with a deep obstacles and sadness.

I didn’t dare to look at her eyes, took out the cigarette case from the underground wet police uniform, explored to find a dry smoke to ignite, hard to breathe, feel the stimulation of nicotine. Slowly spit out, look at the smoke slowly, in the air? Around, the mood can’t say empty lonely.

Warmish. I feel energetic, I feel that the speed of blood is beginning to speed, the temperature of the body is also rising, the penis is slowly erect, ** Dazza is in the arm of Li Jiajia stroked my scrotum. I lost the cigarette butt, holding her waist, and started to touch the tender breasts that were happily lost by me. Li Jiajia smashed with my teasing slightly, fluffy hair messing in the chest, half-eyed eyes gently trembled, I stared in her ear whisper? “We will come again.”

She didn’t make a sound, just rapidly in my penis. I greedily kiss her earlobe, the tongue slowly licking down her neck, and finally stayed on her full breast, and the tip of the tongue pitted her sensitive nipple.

Li Jiajia’s body gradually hot, grabbing my penis’s gloves more fast, another applet kneading my scrotum, gentle turning the two pussy in the inside. This strong stimulus makes my penis increasingly larger in her tender little.

Woman, especially mature woman is like this, whether she is what is the view and feeling of you, as long as there is a physical contact with the body, and arrived at a climax. Then, it will look special tenderness and initiative when it is intimate.

My hand slides over her flat and striking belly, looking for the wonderful magical hole in her lush hair. Soon my fingers touched the mouth that had been enthusiastic to me, it was still close, but the love of 爱 液 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了 了heat.

Through the closed meat, my fingers entered her warm and hot cavity, accompanied by the moisturizing of the rich, her wonderful cavity, tightly put my fingers, let me feel her again. The flesh flavor, her two legs will take my hand for a while, and it is like the invasion of my finger, but I hope that I want to invade more. The source of love fluid is constantly out of the 液 爱 爱 源.. It is not known to cover your body. When you have arrived on the ground, the fire reflected in her skin, her body shines with the seductive blush. She finally couldn’t stand the pretty face of Li Jiajia’s spring, pulling her legs on my thigh, her lower body immediately was separated by my legs, showing the wonderful cavity mouth, fire Seeing that the closed portal is slightly opened, the bright red mince wall is slightly shi, like my entry, and my hard penis is obliquely erection, to a majestic artillery, angle is aligned The entrance of her body.

Li Jiajia did not have the defense of the defense, and I won the posture of such a leuko, and the shame of the shame was closely hugged with my neck. The side of the side did not dare to see, from the ear to the white neck. A layer of mood is ashamed. This kind of shy is more difficult, and this has become more crude.

I kissed her hot face in her ear. “This time you go to me, I have to watch you happily in me.” On the other side, I put her butt and gently pushed forward, let my ** and the tender meat of her cavity.

Li Jiajia is weak, in my body, breathing in my ear, warm breath, is itchy, her breast is twisted by my chest, I can feel her vigorous heartbeat. And her soft cavity entrance is slightly tensioned. It seems that I want to inhale my **, I have brought the ** to the small half-cut feeling, then quickly quit, she is unbearable Move your butt to pond forward, the love droplets flowing out in the cavity road on my **. Sweet little mouth is also biting on my shoulders.

I looked at the charming of her to burn, I couldn’t stand the desire to explode in the body. Holding her stretch enough powder, the penis slammed up.

That strong pleasure made us simultaneously. Because of the posture, my penis is particularly deep, and ** broke through the uterus neck in her depths, completely entered her uterus. Li Jiajia smashed, like a climax, hugged me like a climax, bent behind my legs, tightly on my back. The wonderful meat wall in the cavity road has given me a strong stimulus. Let me feel the wonderful pleasure without labor.

Just when we were free to love, the close alert, the drums and people’s shouts woke up our spring dreams, we were forced to separately touch the body, flustered clothes and rushed out of the bamboo building .

I still enjoyed the thrill of my flesh in front of the warm stove. At this moment, I will work hard in the endless darkness, and people’s encounters are really funny. We strive to identify the direction and go to the hill.

So long, a little bit? Time I have arrived at my knee, and Li Jiajia grabbed my hand, and fell into the run of the dead behind me. Not long, she sprained the foot and didn’t move. In the face of death, she cried in the wind and rain. I don’t think about her. The turbid water has not arrived at her waist. I don’t have any hesitation, don’t say that my identity is a policeman, just let me taste the extreme joy of men and women, I will never leave her.

I hugged her legs in a higher-high water. There are all kinds of debris from time to time. I have been scratched in the body of Li Jiajia. When I felt that I couldn’t support it, we finally came to a higher potential corn under the foot of the mountain. Although the flood is still rising, it is no longer to stop us from being transferred to a higher place, in short We are insured.

No one pays attention to me and Li Jiajia’s wolf, like us, the mountain floods that suddenly broke out have changed. I have an effort to worry about the pain and get into the work of the victims with other township cadres. But I saw a grasshouse that Li Jiajia resting. Mom, this time I still have something to don’t forget my own, I don’t know if your lover is almost dead in the flood. I secretly curse. To the ceremony, our things are not finished.

Caresses, her hands holding hugged my shoulder, warm and tender milk Ni Hua firmly attached to my chest, watery eyes full of hard homemade desires, Ni Sheng said? “We go to bed it. “Chapter IV of the water spirit from that flood is over half a month, Li Jiajia is surprisingly did not come to ask for my notebook, but the grounds of physical discomfort leave the village to go back to town to recuperate, Liao Xiaodong quietly Li Jiajia told me before I left and had a big fight to Boon Lay, many township cadres have heard their bitter quarrel, they also guess? ignorant of relations. However, it appears that there is no impact to Boon Lay’s career, because they received not long before the City Party School Boon to inform township cadres classes, which often is a harbinger of cadres promoted. I would like also to the Boon Lay and the final showdown of the time, he would not forthcoming promotion at this critical moment will remain their privacy in my hands. Township government issued mid-year bonus, unprecedented police station picking up seven thousand yuan subsidy. Even the often invisible shadow of Pharaoh (perennial sick leave old police) also appear happy bobbing in the inside. Director also come back from the county cents, Doukua I was young and capable, to earn the inside face. Then the township government assessed on an annual advanced individual, but also to the county reported my name. I know all this is the role of the Boon. Clearly he will soon notepad with me to solve the problem.

Finally, he called me about ten at night I met in a small river near the township government, looking to talk to me. I feel very excited. I can plan things for a long time, not for me, but for Liao Xiaodong, she cheated a full two years to Boon Lay. She in any case to make a fool of Boon Lay, let him regret why? Play with their feelings.

In the season there is no flooding of the river next to the township government is beautiful, clean waves with no any pollution, the summer sun, clear you can see the bottom of pebbles and water plants, large or small fish in freedom swimming. Temptation tropical climate little pieces of dirt and sweat of the people Cong gas washing in its arms. Body immersion in the cool river, lush mountains afar, looking up to the sky cloudless blue sky. People’s emotions are unconsciously relaxed a lot of fun.

During the day, the river is a man’s world, adults and children are like nothing in the water, not even in rural areas? Taboo, are naked, from afar like a river in a shining white fish swimming. Regardless of their elders younger cadres or farmers enjoy equal gift of nature; to night, the township government and the nearby village of big girl small daughter who flock to the East and West together in a pile of river, releasing his clothes shackles, washing their own youthful skin delicate with cool water, the river became a woman at night Spring boundless river.

Accompanied by fields of frogs cicadas, I arrived early dating sites, it is a pile of rocks in the river twists and turns a corner edge. Boon Lay did not expect to come even earlier than me, the night his view is not like a village leader, but like extreme irritability of the hedge, crouched on a rock next to the littered cigarette butts. It seems that he had waited for me for a long time.

No false disguise, to Boon Lay said naked? “Sally, you also have benefits, Liao Xiaodong, Li Jiajia these two beauties you can also taste the taste of you say, but also what? You before they agree to the conditions Notepad back to me? “his blood-red eyes in the night like a beast. Ferocious stare at me.

I laugh? “The deputy mayor, you are a long nose mouth to Boon Lay people, like a hoodlum, like why? You think you do, I’ll give you a look at the statistics, you receive thirty-seven four thousand dollars, to send top 250,000. you have three fixed lover, and you had the dew of love not to forget it. you say, what you do like which point the leading cadres, which point like a Communist? “

I like the words of the knife into his chest in general, his body curled rapid panting? “You, you think in the end how? Like? I tell you, if I do that, I promise you.”

I coldly smile? “Liao Xiaodong, Li Jiajia and your county that lover, be sure to choose a wife for you choose?”

To Boon Lay whole body tremors, looked at me puzzled.

“The question you have to answer.” My face and my smile as cold.

I do not see any intent on my face towards Boon Lay, head down thought. “I chose Li Jiajia.”

I laugh? “Okay, now I tell you my condition, notepad I’ll pay you back, you have to promise me to Liao Xiaodong transferred to the County Broadcasting Bureau, it must be run before the end of the year.”

To Boon Lay eyes wide, it seems I can not believe the conditions were so simple. I threw him the notebook? “You see, is not this book.”

Boon Lay vicious dog to pick up food off like Notepad, immediately turning looks. I am a little disgusted at him ugly face.

“You don’t want to play the pattern. I know that you are smart, how do you know? Do you best to you.” Some people who are somewhat stunned towards me to a deep expression, tribute? “You rest assured, I will definitely Turn Liao Xiaodong to the County Broadcasting Bureau as soon as possible.

“Not as soon as possible”, I interrupt her, “is the end of the year”.

I nod to the ceremony.

Looking at the back of the vectors disappeared in the farm, I took the recorder from the pocket, pressed the start button, I just thought of clearing the dialogue, I laughed ??

The air floated in the air, I was lying quietly on the stone and looked at the stars in the sky, the mood was peaceful, and the thoughts were free to float freely. I finally completed the wish of Liao Xiaodong, giving you the enjoyment of her.

The news came in the city, and I will come back at the end of the year. I have always believed that my father’s comrades will bring me turning, but I am, my heart is hidden. I have known her situation in the cousin of the municipal armed police detachment, and her brother’s sister is going abroad. She also worked out of school because of falling in love, leaving the city, no news. Sour, feelings.

Maybe I am a very blame, in the remote towns and several women in the dragon nose, but I don’t think this is a betrayal, when I think of her, my heart is really Deep feelings, there is no love, love to me, no matter what kind of crazy obsession, there will be no matter after the time, the pure belongs are the flesh. As long as there is no betrayal, it doesn’t matter.

The thoughts are flying in the free, the bright stars in the night sky seem to ill vibrate into the innocent cheek, the stars of the stars seem to be her beautiful and moving smile, where are you? My 灵, I murmured.

The sound of the water interrupted my thoughts, someone nearby, I am too lazy to stand up, the migraine is looking forward, the stars, a white flower figure is the wizard under the night in the river in the distance. Shake, vaguely, it is a woman. The woman here is a group of squats in the evening. How? How can there be a single person alone? In the fog, her body is hidden. It seems that it is like this to have a legendary water ghost. I don’t believe in ghosts, but at this moment, I don’t help but hold the waist with guns.

The figure slowly came over to my direction, and the sound of the water was so horrible in this quiet night, and the dog-bidding dogs in my ear is also full of smell. I feel that my sweat will slowly flow on the skin.

She is getting closer and closer, although she still can’t see the face, but the body is gradually clear, she does not have any clothes, white skin, black long hair, naked body, a pair of full and firm breasts in the starlight Full of mysterious temptation, round slender thighs black hair gently floats on the water. Two applets should bend on the chest. The entire picture has a monster atmosphere. It is completely like a legendary ghost.

I am flat, the body seems to be stiff, my eyes are dead, my mind is full of gentle ghosts. She is?? If it is a person, how can it? Will be a little, naked in the river in the middle of the night. She is a water ghost or something? Other monsters, I want to be more afraid, the body can’t help but shake.

The woman went to the shore and straightened his body. It is afraid that it is found to be discovered.

The fog from the river seems to give her naked body on a layer of light yarn, her body is like white jade sculpture-like smooth clean.

I can’t help but I can’t stand the fear of my heart. I took out the pistol. I opened the flashlight in one hand to take the flashlight to her. “” You are? ” What is the demon, and there is no revealing face, but it is like a scared rabbit, turned and rushed to the river. Belt the entire body into the water, only exposed the head on the water.

Seeing her so fear, my courage is also big, while using the flashlight with her, drink it? “Who are you? You didn’t wait for her to answer. I have recognized her from the aperture of the flashlight. It turned out to be a hometown of the township center of “Xiao Gui”, and how are she? I will appear naked in the border of the late night, my head is at a time. But it is.

Long Yan Yan did not recognize me, rolling in the river, said? “Who don’t come over, don’t come over. The sound is full of fear.

I am afraid that the ghost is not afraid, and I can’t understand that the demon ghosts are a beautiful woman, but a living beautiful woman, the mood is completely relaxed. The light of the flashlight is not very strong, but you can also see the poor look on Long Yan Yan’s beautiful face, and her tender milk is also visible in the clear water. The heart of the fear is going, the man’s desire will naturally rise in the face of naked and helpless women. I deliberately put it, I don’t know her, use the flashlight to sway in her head? “Who are you? How? Light is here?”

Long Yan Yan trembled his body? “I am a small teacher, just taking a bath, I don’t know who I have stole my clothes. I beg you to borrow clothes for me.”

I see.

“Oh, you are a teacher, how are you? Will alone take a shower here, take off the light?” I deliberately tease her.

Long Yan Yan’s beautiful cheek is as shameless self-contrary look. “I, I don’t like to take a bath with others, who knows someone will stole my clothes.”

She shy the feelings and trembling voice made my heart. The penis immediately has a reaction? “Then you come up.”

Long Yan Yan just wants to stand in the water and retract it back, say, “You, you first turn the electric split”. I should be aware of the flashlight. The darkness shrouded us immediately.

Long Yanyan naked body revealed from the river, and it was quickly squatted behind a stone when my eyes did not adapt to the dark.

“Big Brother, you, who you are?” She didn’t recognize me yet, “Can you wear clothes for me?”

“Clothes”, I laughed? “Okay!”

I quickly took off my clothes and took off your pants and made high penis bare in the air. Then I walked off the clothes, Long Yan Yan heard my footsteps, explored the head, my robust naked body and Yaowu Yangwei’s penis immediately appeared in front of her eyes.

“Ah”, Long Yan Yan was scared to immediately retreat, trowel? “You want to do it ?? Don’t come over.”

I laughed and walked to her, she squatted at my feet, two hands did not dare to look, watching her is so horror, I can’t help but get rid of it, the mind has risen the evil idea.

“Don’t be afraid”, I try to make my tone mild. “Dragon teacher, I am a police station.”

“Ah”, Long Yan Yan heard that I was a policeman, looked up, and immediately hit my high-rise penis and immediately shouted. “How are you? This? You put on your clothes.”

My penis continues to be jumped on her head? “Dragon teacher, I put on clothes, you should wear it ?? You do this, let the bad guys see it.” I said. Long Yan Yan hugs, I don’t know how it is good. I will say, “If I go back to find the clothes, I will come to a while, don’t say something else, the bad guys steaming your clothes. Is it followed by you? I will go, he will come over, what do you say? Do you? “

Long Yan Yan was scared by the situation I described. ? 嚅 嚅? “What should I do??

I saw her began to hook, my heart is darkly said? “I only go back to my clothes first, then take clothes to give me”.

Long Yan Yan heard the praise. Busy? “That’s too much you, Zhang said. Then you give me your clothes.” She still didn’t dare to look up, just stretch the delicate hand to me.

I grasp her white tender little hand, pulled her, and her naked body immediately stuck together, and my towering penis was also posted on her smooth belly. She is shameful and afraid, struggling in my arms, saying? “Zhang said, do you want to do it?”

I hit her cold and beautiful body, holding her shoulder in one hand, holding her ass, talking about it, “Dragon teacher, don’t be afraid, I will not hurt you.”

I grabbed her hand to bow my penis, let her feel my hot and big. “You see, your body is this? Movie, I have exploded here. If you meet other bad people, then you will be imagined. You make me feel comfortable, I will put clothes to you. Good luck. ? “

Long Yanyan naked body could not move in my hug, she was quiet, no longer struggling. It seems to consider my proposal. I am hot and iron. “Otherwise, even if I am waiting for you here, after the dawn, there will be more people to see your light, then you will finish this life.” I gave her to analyze the consequences.

Long Yan Yan overwhelmed by leaning on my arms, I was close to the breast of strong dramatic ups and downs, quite a while, she looked up at me and said weak? “You want me how? Use hand make you comfortable? “by the faint starlight can see her beautiful eyes sparkling with tears in his mouth. I could not help rejoicing.

“It’s very simple, you just hand hold it,” I again put her hands in the penis, “I touch your sleeve while moving back and forth, very simple, it will be the ejaculation of semen on the line.”

Long Yan Yan gentle hand holding my penis, pathetic say? “You have to mean what they say!”

I said that? “It must, I must mean what they say.” But my mind was secretly could not help but laugh.

I found a pile of rocks in a relatively flat stone, holding Long Yan Yan sat on it. Long Yan Yan delicate skin like a warm satin attached to my body, delicate little hands with some cowardly fear of stroking on my penis. I did not think she could be so unfamiliar with the technology, she usually see people doing things also still lively and generous, but also listen to several township officials said was cheating, Do, Do those rumors are false, she was a virgin.

Long Yan Yan thought may still be a virgin, my heart more fiery up penis Yichanyichan ** distended greater. Long Yan Yanming seem to feel my swollen, face up against the shame side to side did not look at me. I caressed her round breasts, her body in a gently stroked my tremor, fine meat chestnut like the waves emerged in the breast and cleavage side.

I tease her sensitive flesh, enjoying the slight twist of her unbearable and caress my body. She endured teasing me while holding my efforts to move condoms, and she began to approach them skillfully. Gradually pleasure conveyed by the body’s blood to the penis. I hugged Shenpan comfortable naked beauties, wanton children walk hand in her charming smooth body. Her soft white skin under my meticulous caress thrown a layer of pale pink.

I do not know what? When the stars have gradually thinning crescent moon hung in the night sky vastness of the earth lavished its generous moonlight. Around the scene in the moonlight gradually clear. Quiet night only to hear the sound of the river water. Long Yan Yan lovely Jiaoqu is beautiful and moving in the moonlight. We cling tightly together, through the charming moonlight, I stared carefully admiring her beautiful figure.

Long nose and mouth is indeed one of the four beauties Township, Long Yan Yan with beauty should have all the qualifications. Xiumei hair, eyes bright and clean Flow. Joan nose straight, smooth, ruddy Yingtaoxiaokou charming, soft white smooth skin, firm breasts abundance, thin soft waist. Curvy legs, although the two soft white thighs tightly closed, mysterious masked TV drama triangle, but just under the stars while she was walking in the river, floating on the water thick black hair that group have shown her He is a mature passionate beauty. Just think of the scene, my itching up, looking downstream hand children can not help but to try to explore the charming drenched land.

Long Yan Yan tight hold of my hand, “Do not, do not touch here.” Her eyes water Pori full of panic, I know that can not be rushed, let go, but grabbed her hands in under my scrotum.

“Here, too, gently stroked.” I taught her how to caress with my body, in the moonlight, her cheeks very attractive bright red, her eyes closed groping my scrotum, gently pinch touch.

“You want to look at me,” I was in her ear Nan gentle voice, “you have to pay attention to my face my reaction, so as to know how to make me happier and more comfortable.” I like a teacher teaching students in general education teacher with this beautiful woman. And a hand on her Alice Johnson of Yuru strong and smooth belly gently caressing. Her shy expression you want to cry out like a beautiful expression of one’s face is extremely complex. Like indecision. I ignored her, continued to caress her body.

Long Yan Yan opened his eyes and looked at my erect penis in her hands claws beating, huge penis with her sleeve like moving nod like Yichanyichan, even the neck flushed. She quickly glanced at me, see I did not notice her, a slight bow carefully watching my lower body, like a dedicated student.

I soon began to admire her progress, I began to feel old when waves of intense pleasure than the beginning, with her more and more skilled and flexible operation. From the perineum to the penis, I groaned out gently comfortable. I hear moans, Long Yan Yan although one’s face more red. Also head down lower, but the hand movements is growing fast, it is clear she has learned how to make me happy, I stopped caressing her body, micro-squint, * on the cliff behind in, wholeheartedly enjoying the beautiful female teacher gave me a gentle service and strong stimulation. My mind could not help think that to see her to the students in the school scene.

In the wide neat classroom, Dragon Yan Yan, who is wearing Duanzhuang, is singing the children with a very standard Mandarin, with the singing, her proud breasts, moving. And her wonderful songs seem to be recalling on my ear. “In the middle of the night garden, quiet quietly, only the wind will sing. My heart, sitting next to me, silently looked at me.” My hand can’t help but pinch her thigh, my heart is rippling, like the girl who is loved by my beloved.

A strong sputum of the penis will call me back from the psychedelic, not good, can not be this? I grab the Longyan’s fast set of hands.

“What?” Long Yan Yan looked up and looked at me. My heart is moving, “Don’t move”, I whispered, “it seems to have someone.” I deliberately frighten her, she scared, I took the opportunity to put her body flat on the mat on the panel. The body also pressed up, combined with her full and delicate body.

She is shameful and afraid, but she dare not struggle. At this time, I really came far from a speech. Let me feel lucky.

I whispered in Longyanyan’s ear? “Don’t move, don’t make a sound, let people find it.” Longyan Yan is afraid of the end, a pair of beautiful big eyes are full of horror.

I told her that I didn’t move, but I took the opportunity to touch her body, my lips were also dedicated on her delicate skin. Long Yan Yan will take my infringement, but she is the most horrified, but I am shocked by my two legs, and I will touch the most hidden meat in her hair. She didn’t dare to say, desperately twisted, but I can’t stop my flexible penis unscrupulously, she was forced to hold my penis with a plump thigh, I feel that her thigh is more comfortable. . very comfortable.

The voice and footsteps of the distant are getting closer and closer, I don’t dare to have a big move. Long Yan Yan felt that I stopped the evil, I couldn’t help but breathe, we maintained this intimate and uninterrupted posture. Static pressure.

From the sound listening, two people come over. Although I am still kissing Long Yanyan’s beet, I didn’t let their voice, I sound like a nearby farmer.

A throat says more thick? “True fuck saw the ghost, she didn’t have a dress on her body. Where can I ran? Hazause we waited for this?” Another sound is slightly hoarse? “The duck to the mouth is this? Fly, I heard that the teacher is a teacher? Unfortunately.”

Listening to their dialogue, our body trembled while they were the people who stole Long Yanyan clothes.

The thick scorpion said, “Mom, the old man is not a place for a belly”. Another person says? “This woman also sang, the lower river is taken off, and don’t say that these clothes are rare, just like women in the city in the movie. Touching slippery Just like touching her body. The smile is smile, “Mom, take her” first out of fire. ” The two men stopped at a pile of stone from our hiding, and then heard the sound of clothing and flesh friction, and their rushing breath.

Long Yanyan’s look is shameful and angry. It seems that she is also clear that the two are doing her personal clothing in doing, I posted her ear, saying with extremely subtle voice? “Don’t be angry, I Remember their voice, I will catch them tomorrow, give you the air.

Long Yan Yan stood slightly, and the eyes were full of gratitude. We are moving together, listening to them, wheezing, the two guys are intoxicated in the pleasure of masturbation, and there is no finding of our two naked bodies near them. I know that they must be in the mind in the mind in the fantasy, and they can only use Long Yanyan’s breast underwear to satisfy their own lust, they absolutely don’t think Long Yan Yan naked After the fush is less than the rocks that are less than ten meters, they are being pressed toward the same naked man. The pepper in their fantasy is tightly posted on my chest, and the ecstasy in the dreams of men is close to me.

Long Yan Yan seems to bear some of my weight, my legs tucked slightly loosen the penis, which was then tightly closed. But just a moment, enough of my penis and to move forward some, ** more directly on top of any door she did not shield the meat tenderizer. I could feel her mysterious portal came slightest heat, surrounded by her pubic hair on my penis circumference measured, while crossing the cavity closed slightly sweet like Zhang gently kissed my mouth like **. This strong extreme of stimulus I could not help moving forward quite a little ass. Long Yan Yan of hand pressure on my step onto everything possible to prevent my attempt. We are trying to control himself, not making any sound, for fear alerted that two men indulge in lust, not far from fantasy. After about a little?, Two men has issued a series of heavy groan. They seem to have a climax, then they will idle their semen-stained clothing thrown out, happens to throw us far away from the rocks, immediately an intense smell of semen in the air, Long Yan Yan can not help but dislike Pianguo Tou face Xiunu Jiaotai as people both love and pity. The two men lit a cigarette, humming a ditty vulgar rickety away.

After a few minutes?, Estimated that they had gone. I just straightened himself, looked probe, to determine that they have to go very far and then not see here. This left me has been the weight of Long Yan Yan said, out of breath? “You see, good insurance, if I go first or do you just wear my clothes away, will certainly run into these two guys, that is dangerous.” .

Long Yan Yan delicate Fenjia because of extreme tension and a bit pale. She was grateful looked at me and saw my penis is still in the drawing of curled out pink little hand holding my penis gently cover moving.

I looked at her brightly charming face, homemade heart desires can not spewing out, and fell in her body, between her buttocks tilted neck heavy kissing, with my kiss, her body gently quivering, her hands in my crotch while soothing on my penis and scrotum, penis sleeve move swift and strong hands, caress the scrotum hand was soft and delicate.

The severity of two different intense pleasure flood came to my mind. I’m comfortable moan out, this time I tried to stand her irritation, struggling to suppress her pleasure too early to reach the limit, Long Yan Yan’s hard for me Taonong with, I had not seen for a long time still have to go to the climax of the situation , who had her face because strenuous exercise and glow with a layer of fine sweat.

She could not help blushing shame looked hot in her hands like a penis as hard with an iron bar, with a low voice barely audible asking me? “Just the two men did not take long, would be finished, you, how can you ? it? also long, or is it? it? big? “

Her words made me shy secretly proud, I pretended helpless say? “I am in good health, so the penis before this? Hard, it? Great. The two rogue how? I can and compared to what?”

While our naked bodies have been put together for a long time, but Long Yan Yan hear me say the word penis still can not help but bowed his head, afraid to look at me.

I looked at Long Yan Yan attractive obsequiousness, the hearts of a swing, the blood seems to have swarmed the head. Alice took her hand and very tender milk solid, pro-mouth to her other breast, Long Yan Yan in this strong stimulus can not help panting slightly, and her body shook, I will be with her pink nipples get sucked mouth with his tongue chewing, her moans more flirtatious, and sets of moving the hand of the penis getting hard up.

Slowly, she could feel the cool skin gradually heat up. I choked back Fenxin as fire-like desire, with all my skills flirting with her beautiful sensitive body, lips, tongue, hands, legs, every part in close contact with her. The pale moonlight, on her pretty face full of intoxicated confused look, fiery body also cater to caress me, forget that the original commitment by hand only just agreed to serve me.

My hand quietly toward her thigh, the soft parts of her high uplift of the massage, the fingers flexible stretch that two tightly closed door meat, Long Yan Yan like an electric shock-like trembling, his legs desperately I want to grip my fingers, but only just caught my arm, my fingers threw on her delicate Roubi lovingly stroked, Long Yan Yan as I stroked sound Jiaochuan, little hands held my penis and hold tightly, like a drowning man clutching sticks survival in general, the moonlight xingmou half closed, Fenjia red, heaving breasts intense pride, naked in the quiet Jiaoqu the small river is like a general mermaid mythology.

“Do not,” Long Yan Yan Jiaochuan attempt to stop me, “Do not touch there, my hand.”

I kissed her delicate earlap, like a lover’s literary language whisper in her ear? “Yan Yan, I like you, you are so beautiful.” At the same time, the hands were not relaxed to her cavity, and the warm and flexible cavity was slightly opened by my fingers, and some wet and hot loving loves came out. Feeling the beautiful woman in your own teasing, I couldn’t help but be more excited. Quiet late night, flowing small river, clear moonlight, naked beauty. The picture of these scenes is better than the best spring medicine in the world. No normal healthy man can endure this temptation, I feel that my body is getting hotter, I can’t control my impulse, I grabbed Long Yanyan greasy breast, squatting in her legs In the knee, the knee is separated from her thigh, and the penis of the hard pain is on the top of her cavity.

“Ah!” Long Yan Yan low called, dramatically struggling to resist, but I strong hands tightly pressed her breast, her thigh was separated by I could not close. I want to resist it. She only has to close their own cavity, and she is expected to block my money. The slightly contracted portal is full of endless temptation in my eyes, and this last line is in front of my **. My penis is easily passed through her meat into the warm and lubricated cavity, a feeling of comfortable happiness? The whole body is full of body, so comfortable. With my feelings, Long Yan Yan’s eyes have flowed two rows of crystal tears.

As my penis went deep into her body, she closed her eyes and tightly bit her lips silently. Silly woman, I am smiling in my heart. I thought that there would be a man to control my desire before her beautiful naked body, thinking that I can use her hand to eliminate the men’s desire. After enjoying her tender service, I began to stride her charming meat hole and taste her body to bring me the soul feel.

Long Yan Yan’s cavity is very short. My ** is very easy to open her cervix into her body. There is not much love in her body, not only does not affect my move, but let me be more Feel the rubbing of her vaginal meat. Pleasant like a tide, Long Yan Yan does not help but sprint, I can’t distinguish this is painful or happy, but this snoring is like a stimulant, I am stimulating my conquest desire . I account for this beautiful woman, I have to use my penis to conquer her.

I kissed my chest breasts and biting, but the butt was violently impacted her soft body than a more violent body. Her body was trembled in my crazy collision, she didn’t work with my movements, but the tightly cavity of the clip made my penis feel very comfortable.

My penis is rotating in her uterus, she is particularly sensitive to this movement, whenever they are particularly fierce, and the lower abdomen is not helpful, it seems hope to be more strong. My stimulation.

After all, a woman is a woman. Under the male violations, her body will always betray their will, discover her weakness, I am more enthusiastic about her meat, and a strong thrill shocks her, pursues happiness. Feeling cells have occupied her nerve center. Her body is like a wavy in my body, two delicate and beautiful arms are also tightly in my body, and there are more and more love in the cavity road, moisturizing my penis, let me be more Easy to cut her beautiful flesh. Make my thrill more intense more exciting.

Perhaps the atmosphere is too irritating; perhaps the lingering in front of the penis. How long does it take, I feel that the penis has a big sputum, and the waist is also getting acid. It’s going to reach the climax right away.

Long Yan Yan feels my abnormality from my penis irregular synonym, immediately push my waist with hands, “You, you come out, don’t shoot it inside.” She hurriedly called.

But I want to burn like an arrow, I will take the penis from her warm stenosis. I accelerated the movement, the weight of the whole body was pressed on her, and I was angry and inserted into her body. Her joined me and stimulated that I got the extremely exciting moment, my penis in her. The uterus expands, as the penis is strongly contracted, a semen sprayed, all hit all the hooded in her uterus like bullets. She is a tremble with her body, and there is no consciousness in the mouth, a burst of the cavity, a burst of the cavity, the could not move my penis clip, and a large amount of hot liquid is hot, I am very comfortable. I am so happy, I don’t know where to, continue to tear up a few, I am on her beautiful body.

When my ears heard the sound of the river water, only to find his penis Long Yan Yan is still warm cavity gentle parcel, and not because of the penis and ejaculation weakness, is still strong inserted in her body, it like not yet reached a climax like. Long Yan Yan whispered sobbing, on soft white charming pretty face full of tears. I can not help but feel bad, bow careful lick her tears.

“Do not cry, Yan Yan,” I said softly softly in her ear, “I’ve always liked you, you know? I really like you, you to be my girlfriend please?” I look women must not cry in front of my look, my tone I look like an innocent teenager to his beloved girl in courtship, but unfortunately there is no rose without music, and posture is not large Yes, I was kneeling in front of her , but the pressure on her, the hard penis also inserted inside her body.

Long Yan Yan in my gentle offensive stopped sobbing, no words, just quietly head down, I went on something I do not believe the sweet, and kept stroking her. I do not know how long, I do not know what some say?. Long Yan Yan’s face waxed warm up, she looked at me with a hidden bitterness wavefront, “you say is true?”

God, I even said to myself what? Are not very clear, but also a little hesitant at the moment is not of. I am very sincere and pure to say? “I said is true, I love you, I really love you.”

Her beautiful cheeks slightly red, swept his hand across his chest loose hair, whispering? “Now I’m your man, you can not hurt me, I want to assure you.”

I lovingly stroked her shoulders, the promise of a long list of mouth does not mind immediately released into the atmosphere in the air. Woman silly, but why these silly oath able to discuss their favor. Xiongru her ups and downs, apparently moved by my oath.

Her cheeks turned red again, she stretched out her soft white hands around my neck, active in my face printed on the kiss. I still we resist it, and pressure on her tender breast. Bow on her face, forehead warm kiss, her mouth Coushang, found the warmth of my lips flexible tongue handed in, my brain boom of a loss, then returning to the intimate feeling hit up. Once in contact with the tongue Xiao Ling happier times in my mind, unaware of their own at the moment and which is in a beautiful woman in love.

Before tonight, in addition to Xiao Ling and I have not had any woman kissing, kissing seems to me the deepest impression really Xiao Ling. At this moment, I like back to the past time. So quiet, beautiful campus. I embraced her beloved girl kiss in a romantic artificial lake. I warm sweet sucking with her tongue, stirring her mouth, so that body fluid with the advance and retreat of the tongue in the mouth of the flow of lingering close to each other. Boiling hot blood of our whole body burned. I let out indulge in this fascinating time. Long Yan Yan can not stand my crazy request, holding my shoulders, in my ear intense gasped. Her sweet smell made me fell in like in a dream afraid of waking.

Chan Mianfei? Among my penis in her tight narrow cavity unconsciously quiver. Long Yan Yan feel my desire, Jiao Chen looked at me, in the wavefront watery full of tenderness. I hugged her lithe body, under the light as gently twitched, the flame of desire my body burned hot, looking blissful paradise again.

She Weibi the eyes, body movements with my swing, gradually becomes smooth, flowing Aiye Miaomiao in the cavity, my action has gradually increased, heaving buttocks pumping in her crotch, her cool and beautiful arm on my psoas gentle touch, from time to time touching groan.

In her cooperation, I began to feel even more terrible than the last stimulus, she could not shrink the inner wall cavity, squeezing my penis, but like many of the womb-like intimate sucking mouth mine**. With the ups and downs of my penis back and forth, her flat belly is also a strong greet one of my depth.

My heart was filled with joy conquerors, perhaps because the reason just been shot once, and this time I am particularly durable, hard cock like a root-like iron rods rubbed her agitation cavity, make her moan increasingly Jiaochuan the more intense, the curve Ling? body like winds swept under the water, like the undulating wiggle her again and again in my whole body trembled violently sprint, like a helpless lamb, but provoked the animal lurking in my mind impulse, I want to trample? her, destroy her, tore her, my mouth on her pale skin cool biting my hand on her firm full of tender milk blasted kneading my penis in her Burnout warm delicate inner cavity. I like a wild beast his most brutal, the most savage of the most brutal passions glowing in her beautiful innocent body.

Sweat is like pulling out the flow, filled out every space between our body. She was spasm, and her body was tight and relaxed, and then tied again to relax again. If you cry, you are alone with my vigorous wheezing. When I was about to reach the climax again, she tightly hugged my ass, the nails were deeply infined into my muscles, the body stood tightly, the chest breasts were tightly passed, and her movements said she was How to expect my outbreak, look forward to my moisture. I am like a hurtful wolf, and the semen is shot. All hit in the flower bud of her bloom, she was excited by my hot fine fluid, and the face is very beautiful. Happy, I know what it wants to die.

After ejaculation, my weakness was unmoving on her, and she was still moving like a scaffold. Only the slight evening is gentle and soothing our exhausted naked body.

On the field of late night, I barely hug Long Yanyan, only one shirt, and a low feet in the dark. She looked at my neck, such as the eye of the water, the gentleness of the stars, the happy joyful looks on her beautiful face, let me deeply understand what it is. It is a beautiful grace. The taste of the love that had already been forgot and returned to me, and the feeling of happiness was at least at this moment.

The division is different, and the ability to learn is strong. She observed my body’s reaction, a pair of white greasy little hands stapped with different angles and strengths, determined my fast thrilling action according to my expression and body movement, constantly correcting themselves Penile pose. [Table = 98%] [TR] [TD] Chapter 5 Music Voice [/ TD] [/ Tr] [TR] [TD] has no food to the ceremony. Only half a month, Liao Xiaodong received the command. His efficiency is really fast. Liao Xiaodong was very happy, although I was reluctant to me on the surface, I received a baggage to go to the county the next day, and she was going to the city, I don’t want to go to the city. Feeling God wants if there is any new development. Happy and easy, don’t need to pay again to end the end of each other? You can face a new feelings wholeheartedly.

Love is so wonderful and so fragrant between me and Longyan, which seems to have returned to the feeling of love. The only difference is that this time we are a thorough combination with meat. Under my insistence, Long Yan Yan slammed our relationship, which in the countryside means Long Yanyan is basically my legal wife. No, people can say it again? Otherwise, there will be more than a revenge, and it will be condemned by public opinion. And I can eat the emperor to eat with her to the village government’s cafeteria, and occasionally can stay at the school’s young brick house teachers’ dormitory. Thoroughly bid farewell to the lives of bachelor.

Long Yan Yan is a city, parents are teachers, in another county city, she is the boss of the family, and a sister is reading a teacher, it seems that her parents want to let them come to a mass industry, The style of the book will be greatly promoted. Perhaps the long-lasting, it seems that Li Yan Yan Yan in the home is also a special soul, in addition to the elegant and clean house, in addition to the elegant and clean house, every other hometown (market) She will buy some dishes back. When I returned to her dormitory, I often have a hearty dish waiting for me. Unlike the greasy, very delicate, very delicate. Every time I have a big appetite, such as a clean net.

Dragon Yanyan is most surprised to surprise her guitar. I am very moving. I originally wanted to go to the township elementary school. I can’t help but I can’t help but I have been deep after he listened to the autumn whispering of guitar. Shocking, I didn’t expect the guitar to perform this song so perfect. I want to completely calmly calibrate the idea of ​​guitar.

Music is like water, this sentence doesn’t know who said, I think it is very reasonable. In the afternoon summer, the sun shines in the house, the mottled light is flowing on the floor. Longyanyan is a beautiful figure with ancient Greek sculpture. Wonderful music seems to be in my body, and the flow of blood, everything is so nature so harmonious. Let me feel that I am in the ocean of music, and Yangyang is so happy.

Occasionally, in the persistence of Longyan Yan, I will also be difficult to play the campus folk songs that have grown with me, dedicated to the Alice Red River Valley and the brothers who sleep in me, these styles of these styles The sound will respond to quiet campus. Some beautiful painful memories and feelings who have been abandoned by my rudely have stirred with music in my mind, and my heart is full of warmth. This is the most warm and quiet day in my life in the past 30 years.

If only from the perspective of life, the dragon nose is far from the city away from the city, and the ignorant soil is really known as the peach source. Pure air, blue sky, green mountain forest, flowing green water. It is sufficient to enhance any of the Yashi towards the country. It is a pity that people are desirable, the more young people are in the bustling urban life, ignore the precious, fantasy unknown. I am so. In particular, I have experienced the so-called modern civilization in the city, but I just put this beautiful country as a basis for the temporary rest, I always prepared to return to the city that symbolizes material civilization and enjoyment, I said to myself, I am being Excluding here, my future, the honor of the family, everything in the future needs me to fight in the distant city. In the face of a clear goal, although thousands of people have come.

Long Yan Yan is the kind of indifferent and quiet, the banner on her dormitory wall is simply her character’s portrayal, no desire to just. Every time I see it, I can’t help but laugh, there is no desire to be alive. She is easy to meet, whether it is physiologically still psychologically. This makes me very touched. After all, she will not let me pay too much energy and feelings, but I will inevitably be a little faint in my heart, and the young heart looks forward to more praise and encouragement, especially from my girlfriend. . Perhaps no longer care about other people’s views ※ | JKF Czech Forum

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