I am a person who is not only colorful and metamorphosis. When I am high school, I am a mathematical class representative. Our mathematics teacher is Chen Hao, the one is not high, is thin, and it has a little bit of color. It is a small bird. Don’t look at her small and exquisite, gentle and soft, tube, it is really a mother, it is very sorry.

She usually loves to wear jeans, this makes her book more dazzling, especially when she turned to the blackboard, I appreciate her beautiful mulled like a small ball. The hip is time. At this time, my look is awkward, my brain is a wooden, yes, she attracts me, I really want to occupy her.

In order to satisfy my lust, I almost unsatisfactively unscrupulous means.

Sometimes I go to her office to take the volume, there is no one in the office, I will be happy and be careful to turn down her drawers or books, sometimes I can turn it out of her sanitary napkin or pad, I took out me. Cock, then wrap the sanitary napkin in the cock, you have a few times; sometimes she lesically, let me go to her office to help her take the cup, I will take her cup to the male toilet, then put the dick in the glass Stirring, the kind of metamorphosis is simply stimulating me, let me extremely excited.

Especially when she saw her drinking, I thought about this, but when I washed a chicken, I didn’t mention it! Looking at her fragrance, I didn’t have to drink it in the stomach, and I still didn’t do anything, I would like to have a day to drink my sweet semen like this.

At the time, I found the store of selling spring medicine from the Internet, which made me a move, this way maybe I can make me a circle of Chen Wei. So I bought a spring medicine from the online store. Although the aphrodisiac is in the hands, but the time of good medicine is useless, it is only let me spend.

Until that on Friday, after school …

After school, since the time after Friday, there are not many people in the corridors of our grades, regardless of the family or the students. I was catching up with my value that day, so I have to go home almost. I have swept a lot of garbage in the class, ready to go downstairs into the garbage station.

When I was walking downstairs, I saw that Mr. Chen was walking in front of me. I am very polite to say hello from the back: “Teacher Chen! “

Teacher Chen slammed, seeing me, let’s take a smile and ask: “How can I not go home? “

“Ah, I am doing a value day, go back for a while, have you going home? “

“Oh, no, I went to the Academic Affairs Office to take a roll, oh, yes, after a while, you will finish the garbage to help me hold the roll, the roll is too much too sinking. “

I smile.

Although I replied veryably, after all, my family is very disgraceful.

Suddenly, my heart flashed, Mr. Chen is not in the office, it is, I will get a good time. I quickly ran up the building, took out the aphrodisiac from the bag, and then litted her office, I shouted a few reports to see no one responded, carefully push the door, and I didn’t have a person. It is real, then my heart has gone to the eyes, that is tension, I can’t use words!

My hand picked up her cup, actually a little bit, torn open the bag, a brain poured in, where, carefully see the instructions, the amount of drug. I saw that the tea was smashed in the tea, and after about dozen seconds, it was restored to the calm, everything seems to be innocent. Let go down the cup, turn it out, I have to go to the Academic Affairs Office to help Mr. Chen hugged.

To be honest, when I was too nervous, I really had to go back, and my lips were a bit white. The eyes were a bit awkward. But fortunately, Teacher Chen did not find anything abnormality. He hugged the roll with me. Teacher Chen’s original body is small. It is enough for her. It is enough for her. It is also a rough gas, and rushed up the water cup and drunk. I saw this scene, I am really happy, I am a gathering, I am afraid that this is in a crime, my heart is ity.

“Thank you, this is not your business, you will go home for a while. Teacher Chen said to me.

“Well, then I am gone. “

I turned and went out. Suddenly think of at least ten minutes in the epistemology, I try to drag her for a while, I turned back to go back, push the door, said: “Oh, yes, Chen Teacher, I have a few ways to ask you …”

I am looking at her packed her hand, I am afraid it is going to go home, she looks at me, and there is a problem to ask, it is not good, say: “Ok, then I will wait for you. “

Back in the classroom, I quickly took out math book, just turn a example, simple to do to prepare, and then calmly went to get her office, opened the door: “Chen, I ask you a question here. “Chen is a look at me, let me sit next to her desk too. She looked at the problem, he explained to me up my mind what exercise that also spare some time, hastened the onset of efficacy only hope.

After about 1 minute, I saw some of Chen’s face flushed, his legs inward a rope a rope too, and have become increasingly frequent. Scarred my heart skip a stop, I thought the key moment came.

Chen suddenly from his mouth “Well,” a cry, face red like hot coals block, do not pull pull clothes, I think she probably felt a little hot, impulsive sexual desire.

My dick already hard as steel bars was like, but I try to exercise restraint, I hypocritically asked Chen: “Chen, how do you? “

Chen breathing heavily, his eyes were a little trance, legs together is more powerful, perhaps she really barely, on a press that hard and then I could not be more hard dick, call the asthma rough road: “ah, oh, I want to make love …… …… I want to give me, give me! “

I was really barely, hugged Chen Tong, with her kissing up. Ah, Chen Tong, ah, you are my dream was a woman, this woman, and now finally is mine! At this moment I waited too long, I do not want to take such a dreadful time, there is not much foreplay, you do not need any foreplay, which is intertwined with the Heat two groups! Removing each other’s clothes, because I have underwear secluded, I took Chen’s underwear straining to hear the sucking with, incense, cute underwear in my mouth, and her owner, is giving off my panties Chen Tong, had himself, when my dick pop out from underwear moment, Chen Tongxing Fen groaned, then knelt in front of me, his hands holding my ass, and her face buried in my mouth pussy like a hungry bitch was as hard to lick my dick and testicular hypertrophy, his mouth whining was issued: “Fuck me fast exercise …… …… …… fuck me.”

I lost a mouth Chen Tong underwear, Chen Tong put down on the ground. The most exciting moment is coming! When I put the glans could not touch that has long been wet in wet vagina Chen, my back and waist crossbow, then stabbed fiercely intend to go, but who thought this hungry young woman is also ready to continue the upward force one, it was invariably a stab one, ah! Combined!

Moment, we are selfless called out, it is extremely pleasant voice, my mind went blank, as if time never lived in that one second of stagnation, but instinctively thrusting does make me feel a higher level of hapiness.

Chen and I would like to sprint speed thrusting forward, dry enthusiastically, but I still enjoyable. I’m tall and mighty, she was exquisite light, I let her hooked my neck with both hands, and I am holding her thighs, dick and vagina still have checks, I hold her up, I was standing on the ground, so she drew her legs forced ring hook in my waist, in order to make my dick, buried in the depths of her vagina, but not easy to slide out. I stopped twitching, she may know want to change the pattern, the legs also forced Gouzhuo, a tight vagina a tight, as if to make my dick soothing massage.

I held her tightly, jump a few times, let us plug the jump even more force, almost the strength of her body are used in the vagina, she cried loudly: “ah! what! Comfortable is dead! what! “

To tell the truth, the voice and voice calling for help quite big enough to, I really worry about what others hear. I hugged her and jumped about 30 times, although the number of small, but each insert is very full, very there is strength, this is no ordinary gestures can be compared. But the frustration is intended to last a little tired, and had another position. I let her lie on the floor, I used to dry her dog post. I stuck her every plug on her fiercely called out, “Ah! “The sound waves.

There are about done over 20 minutes, finishing off my wide open, like a hot semen fierce snake prey speed launched into Chen’s vagina, uterus was perhaps about to arrive when Chen also “ah! “I was shouted, sex fluid has the same speed collision with my semen in the womb, sex fluid is always difficult to contend with fast semen, so sperm will have to fall into scoring burst forth several times was shot in the womb It was the deepest …… really comfortable!

She was conquered me.

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