I am from the mainland. When I am very small, I will leave my parents to reach Darwin. It is a small city in northern Australia. The grandfather has a bigger and bitter. A year ago, it was two months before the grandfather to die. I was governed by a Vietnamese woman in the city. She was smuggled with her parents from Vietnam. The mother was killed by pirates. She was by her father. Hidden under the deck and escaped the piracy.

Now I have lived with my wife and her father, my wife is only 19 years old. The natural and delicate figure of Vietnamese makes her look like a fifteen, six-year-old little girl, usually stay at home for my housework, because no The passport does not dare to go out, and the Australian authorities have found very tight, once they are found to be repatriated or honest, her father speaks English, helping local Vietnamese smugglers learn English, earn little money.

Finally, talk about me, natural incest, maybe inherited my parents’ genetics, I dream of a day with my mother or diamond into my daughter’s legs, these two days old is a fantasy wife and her father .

“Eat!” The wife Hui is calling me. “Hui” is the Chinese name I got for her.

On the table, a family is eating, looking at Hui and her father, a plan is already in my mind ………

**************************************************************** no problem. The father and women are coming in Vietnam, and I have never heard of this new technology.

I chose a rest day, with “Hui” out of the amusement, let her father look at our house, I put a stack of photos “Forgotten” under the pillow, it is the nude photo of me.

************ After playing a day, the father-in-law is not at home, maybe go to Vietnamese friends, I will let Hui first take a bath, wait for her to take a bath, I immediately Before I came to the computer, I opened the video that I was shooting in my bedroom. I first had a blank, and his father came in to organize our room, which has become used to it. I saw that he stacked the quilt and placed it, and immediately shakes the pillow, revealing the corner of the photo. He stayed, and then smoked the superimposed photo.

The first is the naked naked, his father’s place has already supported it, and he immediately put down the photo. He came to the door, died in the door, and then continued to see, in front of a Huiyin, he actually The shot is hit by himself. Hold! This old-color, usually a pair of things, not colorful! I am self-speaking, but I am too excited.

At this time, the old high-color ghost is shot, and the nude photo of Hui is also licking. My heart is thinking: I have a good show.

When I was eating, her father came back. When I entered the door, I felt that his eyes were old to the Hui’s chest, 嘻嘻, should create some opportunities! After dinner, I went to my friends to play poker.

When I went home, it was already late in the night. Hui had already slept, I turned on the computer and transferred the video of the living room. I saw that Hui wanted to comb your hair against the mirror, his father sat on the sofa and looked at her: “Hui, this pajamas is new to buy?”

“Well, dad, look good?” Hui shouted and smiled.

“True charming, my little angel, come, come here to let Dad well!”

Hui turned to her father, deliberately quite chest, her father wishes, his wife is sitting on her father’s leg. I fuck! It is quasi-in-law tonight, I can’t think of my wife, I am very popular with her father.

“Xiaohui, you are getting more and more sexual, fast, dad!”

“Dad, you are so bad!” Hui said, but still kissed on her father’s face.

Her father lick her waist, she squatted on her smooth thigh, Xiao Hui didn’t mind, the two bracelets have hooked her father’s head and neck, and the breasts naturally posted on her father’s chest.

Her father has some hands, and slowly rejupes from below. It is like to touch my wife’s breast. Hui quickly pushed her father’s hand: “Dad, what are you doing, I have to go to sleep.” Leave her father colorimi Look at her back into the bedroom.

I think the following is a bit hard, through this matter, I think her father can’t flush, but Xiao Hui seems to be just a little bit a little with his father, and there is no psychological preparation for further things. To give them more opportunities … …


Her father knows some medical deals. I took my wife to the park on the weekend. I survived her skirt ride, the thigh and the body of the horse directly in contact. Sure enough, the wife said with me, itchy, my thigh, I got a small red point of a grain, I said: “This thing seems to be discharged, the treatment is not good, it may be spread all over the body She was frightened, asked me what to do, I said: “You have no passport, you can’t go to the hospital to see a doctor, your father’s medical skill is very good, don’t tell him to see it.” Although the wife is sinking, but Still agreed. So we came to her father’s room and said to her father. Her father said: “That is to hurry, time long may leave scars.”

Her father let the Hui lie on the bed and open the leg fork. Hui is going to dress a sleeping skirt, there is only one underwear, her father put her skirt to the waist, gently compooted on her smooth thigh: “Well, the flavor of erythema is like, it seems to be a little spread here. “Her father’s hand is getting more and more roots, I look at it, pretending not to understand:” What is the spread? “

“It’s hard to say, if spread to the genitals, it may evolve into ulceration.”

“What should I do? Dad, you must cure her!”

“I have to check it carefully!” Her father took a magnifying glass, and his hand has moved to Huiyin, and lighted her underwear lightly, reveal Hui’s hairy and labians. With the magnifying glass, the fingers, the fingers, the fingers, seems to be inadvertently pressed, I heard a low snoring voice, which is the sound of the ingestion.

Her father continued to flush the labians, and said to me: “You see, there is some red track, but it is early, the problem is not big, I give some Chinese herbal ointments, see the situation will not be better ? “

“Yes, yes, you can’t let the red dot spread!” I was derived from the mouth. Looking at his hand, I won’t be in the daughter’s yin, I noticed that the lips of Hui have been wet.

He turned to tumbling it from the medicine box, took out a can of plaster, squeezed some ointments, and gently rub the finger to Hui’s vaginal mouth, Hui’s hips some twisted. Her father’s middle finger has broke through the humid pussy and slowly slide into the vagina. At this time, I pretended to go to the toilet, walked out of the door, the door was closed, and I went in to wait to retrieve the door.

I immediately returned to my own room, turned on the computer, turned to her father’s room, the camera passed back: her father’s middle finger has slipped into Xiaohui’s pussy, can be said to be all impultered. Hui’s head is swinging back and forth, and the mouth is unheneited to issue “咿咿 咿咿”. The pussy has been completely wet, the sticky liquid is taken out with her father’s finger, her father also asked: “Comfortable? I will help you apply it, you will be more faster.” Plug, every time it is deeply immersed.

Hui has fallen into the edge of the collapse, and the sound of “ah” is issued in the mouth. My lower body is already hard, just think that her father will insert her.

Her father got a while, maybe I said that I was still at home, so I didn’t look like this, so I took my fingers. “Xiao Hui, I will see it today, see if it will disappear.” And put it. ” Her skirt has been organized and helped her.

See this scene, I have only turned off the computer, pretend to go back to her father, knocking on the door, knocking on the door, Hui came to open the door, her clothes have been organized, but the face is reddish, slightly Shy …

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