I am Xiao Ying, 18 years old, because of the previous year, now is still a “pure” female high school student.

Speaking of pureness … actually a little guilty, although I have not been inserted by men (even my fingers are not, because I am afraid of pain> <), but in my mind, I have had no love. Scene, classroom, cinema, wild, bus … um, it's just thinking, I have wet it below … People say that the appearance is pure and pure, the smashing is in the bones.

I only have 150 cm, the weight is 40 kilograms, and I have a doll face, but the 34C’s chest makes me often become the object of everyone.

Not only on the road, someone will blow a whistle, and often suffer from sexual harassment during a bus.

I am afraid of being discovered, I don’t dare to speak, I can only bite the lips while I do my best to block the skirt with my hand, and I will not let Lu Mountain claws.

However, in such a process, I also got a pleasant pleasure. I have a few times, my blocking is just soft, but also aroused a man’s conquest and high lust.

In fact, they don’t know, in the inner heart, it is crazy, it is crazy: “Nasty wild wolf, put the great stick into the small hole of the family ~” I think, I should be a M.

> ///// <As a good colorful technical virgin, masturbation and A book are definitely necessary.

I am an easy wet body. As long as the romance novel is a sentence, “I have a desire to die, the little and tender,” I will make my vagina unconscious contract, and I’m essain.

After the high school, I have my own room. When I go home, I will go into the room, lock the door, and I have a hard to endure my little peas all day.

Of course, the sound of the room is very poor, I have to take my mouth without calling.

This feeling is like being raped, my body can’t help but be more excited.

I imagine that I have been put on the wall, my legs are separated by the right foot behind the man behind, but the butt is high, so that the man is thick and long, the finger is from the bottom, to pick up my sensitive soybeans. Beans and two labips.

My body is very comfortable and empty, and what urgently needs to be full of me.

The thrill and the empty sense of emulsion stimulate me, so I unconsciously whisper, while crazy twisting my fine waist.

The man’s finger is just a shortness of rubbing, and from time to time I am sensitive clitoris, whispered in my ear: “Oh, I want to let the world know that I am doing?”

Magnetic sounds stimulated me, the lower body that has been wet is secreted out of more love, flows from the open legs.

The man didn’t let any play my way. He blowing me in my ear, biting my earlobe, I have already touched my body, I understand that it is one of my sensitive belts.

Ah ~~ The legs have been soft, just relying on him to surround my arms can stand up.

But men are not so kind, this posture is convenient for his big hand to play with my snow-white breast.

34C’s chest can make him master, he said that such a size is just right, double breasts rock with his kneading, “enough, I like”.

Just when I am fascinated, the man suddenly released me, and I lost my relying on the ground, and the flushing face and the body seem to be attractive.

Unfortunately, a man is not a gentle man who is pity.

He is like the overlord of my world, ordered the clothes I climbed to the other end of the room, “Let’s see if I have been with you.”

The man is standing, looking at me as soon as I got up, my fingers evoke my next jaw, forced me to look at him, “I also like it, um?” I have no way to refute, just bit the lower lips, helpless瞟.

How to do it? Do you want to climb, still don’t climb? As a woman’s horses, the wild, the wild, can not stop.

Finally, I want to be alive to treat everything, I strongly play my spirit, and climbed with myself slowly.

I climbed, I felt that the man was staring at my chest, waist, hips, and the mysterious zone, like me, like me.

Well ~~ I feel that the congestion of the small clitoris has been can’t stand it.

I miss him ah ~ Come and dry before finally climbed to the full-length mirror, the exhaustion of the last effort looked up, only to find I now look how lewd, worse than those AV Actress. My body still in uniform jacket, a semi slipped out of the way, most of Xiangjian are clearly visible.

Buttons is also full tear, showing a pair of restless breast, due to deformation of the left shoulder strap loose pink underwear still hanging in your hand.

Underwear also do not know when a man pulled up to the thigh, pinning my actions.

Gray Plaid skirt, although still well dressed, but the skirt because of wet and stained with sexual secretion.

Like most men I dressed in the uniform of T-shirt One piecemeal, not wearing a bra breasts almost to the tops racking; miniskirt underwear under vain, at any time convenient for him to enjoy Zhenxiu probe into skirts, black fishnet stockings and then catch High heel.

He said that this dress make him cock harder, hard to dry out and die I want to direct.

“Ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ good comfortable …… a little slower, I can not stand …… ah ah ~ ~”

Man cock directly inserted into my pussy full of honey, the posture of intercourse behind a screen in the mirror even more Yinmi, shame on me to imagine that he is only a strong dry little bitch, shaking ass begging for more lovingly owner .

“Ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~ to be!” Finger pumping strongly, coupled with previous fantasies, I easily reached the climax, but ultimately not as warm fingers cock ah! Want a good man.

—– The next morning, I woke up on the floor, body aches, weakness, body, get rid of the clothes are sexual secretion taste.

I had quickly rushed into the bathroom toilet, the way to tidy up the room.

In case the mother saw on the bad> <finally finished their day, but found the going to keep up with the bus.

My home located in the suburbs about an hour’s drive from the school, the bus to come to a group of thirty minutes, in case you missed a headache.

I quickly put on the uniform, refused to eat breakfast have not hurry to go out.

Fortunately, the bus has not been driven away, but the top was full of people, and it seems all men.

This is at least near the family will buy a car easy commute, so in theory it is unlikely there will be time workers to take the bus.

I hesitated not to go up, fantasize bus GEEK plot in my mind innumerable twists and turns, so I am a little worried (there are very few slightest look forward to ……).

The bus was going to drive away slowly stopped, the doors opened, a white-collar workers out of the car.

No time to think, I quickly ran up the bus.

All the boys saw a woman on a car, Lengle Leng, automatically have to make room, so that I can have seat station.

Although the seats are full, but at least you can grab rings.

I was a little relieved, calm down because of the rapid sprint and disordered breathing.

“Yeah!” I exclaimed in surprise, everyone around him turned to see what had happened.

I blink reddish cheeks, he said the sound “Excuse me.”

Oops, I only care about changing uniforms, but forgot to wear underwear can not be found …… ah …… And after last night’s fantasies, my body is still in a very sensitive state, respond to the slightest touch.

But the situation on the bus is so crowded, I was in addition to avoid emptied, but also the fear of being hit body, hardly taken into account.

I put a calm hand and pulling the rings, on the other hand protect the chest, skirt should be relatively safe part …… some of it …… comfort of their own heart, but the bus of a sudden emergency brake, because the law of inertia, all people are forward tossed away, and I do not accidentally hit a tall man’s back.

Perhaps I’m too sensitive, but around me seemed to become more crowded, the back, sides almost no space activities.

From all directions squeeze my sensitive skin is kind of torture, I almost limp, just relying pull rings hands barely supporting.

And so on, why does it feel something wavering back and forth? Thigh, waist, back and even the inner thigh ……!

A hand? Whose hand caressing my wanton? Originally unable to patrol the chest hand hanging down, almost immediately, I felt chest has also been violated.

But to be stroked limp body had not resist.

A lot of big palms on my hand, “Um ~”, a shy wave, my little mouth, I was shocked, and I bite the lower lips. How can I make such a shameful voice in front of a stranger ~ they must find out anything under my uniform, silently classify me for the prostitute! The big palm began to reach into my top and skirt, there is a two fingers who have a thick scream, and then pull it up with force; the left breast is even more pinch.

The temptation of the triangular zone is more inserted with your fingers, and it is free to touch.

“Ah, don’t …” The clitoris is very sensitive to me, can’t help him play, and I will meet, but the attack of the palm is not reduced.

“Um … um … ah … ah … Well, I finally resist the offense of men, I only saved the line, let myself send a pleasant.

“Play enough.”

A extremely magnetic low sink came, like the sound of fantasy.

But I am tired, I can’t open my eyes to confirm who is.

As soon as I heard this sound, I still lost my big hands in my body. At this moment, I lost my traces, and I only left the hands in my skirt.

“Don’t you hear what I said? You are expelled, get off.”

“General Manager … This woman …” The man seems to have still want to just want to justify, but it has not heard unprecedented words – the bus door is slowly opened, he is throwing it.

“Is it ok? Standing?” The owner of the voice asked.

I slowly open my eyes, “Is this … Is the XXX bus?” “No, you are wrong, get the shuttle bus from our company.”

The man smiled slightly, the gentle smile made me instantly remove the heart.

His gentleman gave me a good clothes, pulled up my right hand around him, and his hand also stabilized on my waist, helping me to go to the seat.

If a man is or equal, and the people on the whole row is put on the seat.

The man let me sit in the most window, he sat next to my seat, let me rely on him.

“Sorry, let you suffer.

At that time, I was in front and didn’t find it earlier. “

He apologized to me, it is not his fault.

I am too tired, and I have given him a smile.

“I must be tired.”

Come, this is a contraceptive, eat it, so as not to happen. “

He took out a small white pill, I didn’t have him, and I swallowed it.

I have never thought that men carry contraceptives with themselves are not logical.

I know that I want to sleep. He hugged my princess into his arms. My head is in his left shoulder, “the bus seat is uncomfortable, so it will be better to sleep.”

Surprised in his intimate, I got a few, thank you for sleeping.

After a long time, it is like a fire in the body, so that I am hot, I can’t sleep.

I opened my eyes slightly, but I found that the men didn’t stake in my skirt and smoked.

I want to swear loud, but the sound sent is very weak, can’t afford to pay attention to others.

“The body is enough, the honey is sweet, it is no wonder that my next day’s calm and self-sustaining will be chaotic.”

The man whispered in my ear.

Any touch is more than a speech to my stimuli, I feel that the body source is inseparable from the juice.

At the same time, the more the body is hot, I don’t consciously close his body, so it seems that it can really reduce discomfort.

“Do you want it very much? Tell you, it is actually a pill that can make you happy.

It’s not a man’s meat stick to meet the desire of your body. “

The man also smiled slightly, but there were more evil.

“You …” Don’t let me continue to say, the man is bullying my lips, still staying in the small hole, also aggravating the power, trying to use the brute force to succumb, but also smartly, this overbearing I am more excited.

“I didn’t expect it to be such colors, I don’t need that small pill.

In fact, every day, I want to open it to the man every day. “Don’t say it … um … ah … a! Hurt!” Just when I don’t pay attention, the man’s meat stick is inserted into my vaginal force, sudden pain I can’t get up, I don’t want to go out. “It turned out or not -!” He put the surprise whisper, and did not continue to make it hard, but stop the action, so that I have enough time to adapt to the meat stick in my body.

“Ok … it seems that it is … I don’t hurt …” I intermittently, and the red and cheeks were embarrassed, and it was tempting.

The man struggled to sprint, and the hit of the hit went around the car, but no one dared to turn back.

“I like to be seen.”

The man will soon master my preference.

“I …” I was not embarrassed to admit it, I had to avoid my lower head.

“So many people know what we are doing.

Excited? “Tell me, what we are doing, um?” The man did not pumped, and there was no stimulation of speech.

“We are … do … love.”

I said that I am so obscenity, shameful to the ear, and the vaginal is not consciously contracted.

“No, I am doing, you.

And you are being, I, do. “

“Ah ~~ Don’t say … so shame … ah … a … a … so comfortable!” I didn’t expect to only dare to fantasize in my mind, actually appeared in reality.

Various speech humiliation and sinfulness, accompanied me to send me a climax.

The man behind him then then climax, shot the semen into my uterus.

“Hey is beautiful ~ Sure enough, it is the best.”

The man’s praise is more like a humiliation.

“Don’t think that this is over, since now, you are my exclusive slave, know?” Men’s word, slow and clearly passing my ears.

“Ah, yes, please leave, school.

I have a lot of school today. “

The man is deeply impressed by sex.

How to do? To become a sexual slave for men … a bit look forward to it.

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