I am a married woman, 30 years old, there is a child, a year ago, her husband went abroad, I brought my father to my father’s home, and I can take care of each other. The father has not retired, the body is very good. From this summer, he continued to make a declaration requirement, because my mother is not yet, so from physiology, there is a hard time, he has no marriage, part of the reason is for me. So in the truth, I should repay his raising and sacrifice. But after all, it is a fathers and feels very strange. Father and I have a book, this should be very changing, but it is because there is a master, and the secularity is not too much. Theoretically belongs to incest, but in fact, I have given a loop after giving birth, so there is no confusion of blood to endanger the society. From a certain angle to meet physiological needs, just like eating. I have no hindrance to my husband, and I have no distinct to my mother. If my father is outside, I have an error outside, and there is a social harm to myself.

But the psychological pair is wrong, the father also has this feeling, we are discussing a question. I am still afraid that it is difficult to live after the loss or accidental accused of colleagues around them.

The father took me from a small, and the menstruation was in his cuisine. It is not easy. I am very smart in this kind of thing, I will protect my father. When the father is young, it often exposes genitals in front of me. For example, don’t wear clothes after bathing, such as taking a bath or taking a bath together, taking a shower for me. I have no complaints, and even there is a pleasure. When he is difficult, let me use soap to wash the tissue for him, let him masturbate until ejaculation. So I have a little less known to the male ejaculation process, and it is also a kind of knowledge. But he never hurt me. We have naturally harmonious in front of outsiders.

So I am like many other girls, before marry, or before you have a child, there is no desire for desire. After birth, it gradually felt the entertainment of sexual life. Now that the child has been 3 years old, the most powerful stage is in the past, and I want to taste the fun of women, otherwise it has passed in the past. After the husband left, it feels uncomfortable. I don’t know how to solve it, live in my father’s home, summer hot, the dress is very small, plus the heart is sexy, often in front of the father, meet your own exposure. Said that I attracted my father, and I also make sense, in fact, there is not much his business, of course, his body is very good. The father is also very cultivated, although it is incest. He chats with me, the details of the fake, the process, psychology, physiological feelings, because we are all coming, chatting with visual addiction, very fast, my underwear is wet, he is uncomfortable because of the erection, will reproduce the genital On the short of shorts, let me see me, pull it down, I will be happy, I accept the last reason why I accept my tongue, this is what I have never experienced, my stimulus is strong. Let me forget everything asking him to adultery me.

So the first incest hand is that I took the initiative to do it, but it would not be received. Because the father’s genitals are more powerful than my husband, it is very rough, and the friction of my vagina is far from her husband, and the posture is more fresh, the time is long, and when he said, he said, it has never been there. Happy entertainment. I only know that my father will play with a woman’s body and feel. Other men raped women, with a woman’s pain for their satisfaction. And Dad is very smart, he is satisfied, with his tongue, finger, foot finger, there are other things such as ropes, chairs make me feel comfortable, then rape me, he said that his biggest final satisfaction is The genitals raised back to the daughter’s vagina until the ejaculation, calling my little name when shooting.

We are all mental abnormalities. The more consciously feel that the other party is his father or daughter. The more excited, feel that it feels different from others, such as my husband’s sex life is stintile.

We have seen many criticism condemned the articles of incest. But we can’t stop. We know that it is wrong, but how do we pull it out? My husband is going back, what should I do? Abandon strong father? Back to soft cotton hooded husband? I am very grateful if you have your busy schedule.

Expert A: You can see that you have a lot of sexual psychological development from a small family environment. Your father is as a little bit of morality, shame feeling is relatively weak, there are many mistakes, ridiculous sex concepts, especially Incest understanding.

The love of father and daughter is valuable, but should not have sexual content, this is a moral norm that human social evolution, civilized development has long formed, that is, incest is the taboo of society. It will be punished accordingly, such as the condemnation of public opinion. You can say that it is voluntary, there is no harm society, it seems very reasonable, but you have never considered the hurt for you, causing the child to your child, is you willing to grow up, you will become a psychological unhealthy, just know Self-satisfied person? What is this not the harm to others?

Sexual desire is beautiful, but the desire of out-control will only destroy people. Father has physiological needs difficult to meet, your husband is lacking skills, which makes you unsatisfactory, these can have other methods to solve, it is not an excuse of incest. Since you have realized that this behavior may cause the impact, it will stop in time, correct it, you will be afraid of the east window, and regret it is late.

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