I just said that my real story is dead when I am 30 years old. It is a story that I don’t want to talk about. If I say the only lucky, she gave me a daughter, at my 26 years old, She gave me happiness, until now.

The wife after the wife is so difficult, there is no woman’s body, depressed with me, I often tears to my 33 years old, just in the middle of the year, that is, my daughter gives me a happy happiness. .

That is an evening, I am in the room, honestly say that I have already hit my daughter’s idea. So she hit the tears when she was doing homework. She heard my cry and asked me: Dad, what happened to you:. I said, think about your mother, my daughter is crying. Come and hold me.

Dad, don’t cry. My daughter said, I hugged her, I haven’t been loved to love for a long time, the cock is hard. “Mom is not with you,” said the true daughter said. “But some things you can’t be the same as your mother.” I began to attract my daughter. Brutal, she is only 7 years old. I know this, but her angel makes me want to go, there is no way, I also have a joy.

“I can do my father, I will help you do things, wash your daughter” daughter. “There is still something, good children”

“I also work hard, Dad”

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum I started to move, squatting in his daughter’s chest. In fact, she is nothing in her chest, flat, but I will get bigger, I know. “What are you doing, Dad. “*** Here you can touch it, you can’t do it, I deliberately stop, and start crying. The daughter is getting awkward. “Oh, then you will touch it, take me as a mother.” I have to succeed. Hold the daughter again. But start to take back her top, only open a button, the daughter is screaming, “Dad, don’t, ok”. “Will n’t, good boy, a lot of moms are the same,” ~~~ daughter is no longer said, and the upper clothes are solved. Wow, a white child, a young woman, flat chest, two nipples like a small mung bean, red, small navel eye, the belly is a bit big, probably a little girl is like this. I am looking at this tempting young body. Cock is hard to be extremely.

The daughter may not be willing to struggle. I am from her, my mouth has a new nipple in her little mung beans. The daughter struggled even more. “Good scorpion, mother can make me eat this, poor father, good daughter”. The daughter listened to crying “Dad, so you won’t cry again.” “Yes, good daughter, I will be so happy, give you a good time, laugh every day.” The miracle happened, the daughter no longer struggled. She became my prisoner. ! ! !

The daughter wears a skirt, I have daughter’s small nipple, no longer satisfied, “You are willing to do it if you can do it, good daughter.” “Um ~~~~~” daughter closed his eyes. That time my blood rose the brain. I immediately put my daughter in bed, my daughter opened her eyes and closed again, she has become my little slave. I started to peel the daughter’s skirt, so fast, I will pull down. That small trip is presented in front of me, I force it, ~~~~~~~ Human room is full, the white little hoe ~~~ That seam, is me, of course There is still her mother, I have to go in, don’t let others pretty. I have to look at the bodes of my daughter from her little B. I have to look at her pain ~~~ I gasped, looking at my daughter’s little B, for a long time, I swallowed a boy, Finally, I went up, so fragrant, that is uroce, also fragrant, but also B fragrance. I have a little B. of my daughter. Unlimited, wife, thank you for giving me this unparalleled gift.

I lick my tongue on my daughter’s little small B mouth, for me to put the dick in and prepared. The daughter’s little b is wet, not she will flow B water now, but my saliva wet her, I took off my pants, my daughter opened his eyes and looked at my cock. “Dad, what do you want to do?” “Good boy, you will be poor, Dad will thank you, very good for you” ~~~ I press the daughter’s young body, how is it a kind of experience, She was half high, I helped my dick, first separated her daughter’s seam, seeing her little hole, then, slowly squeezing, squeeze. squeeze. That is a very difficult thing. I spent a long time, my daughter is called “Mom ~~ Mom ~~”, is it used, she grabs the pillow with a small hand. The face flows in fine small sweat.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum is tired, really tired, although this is extremely stimulating. For a long time, I went in a little bit. And I dare not dial out, I am afraid that I can’t go in. I can’t help it, I harden my daughter, my daughter screams, my dick finally entered half, I entered, I entered my affinity b. The woman is painful with my hand. “Dad, good pain, good pain, ~~ I am too small, Dad, wait for me a little better ~~” ​​”I have to bear it, I have a good child, I have passed, I will not hurt, I will not hurt. Mom and Dad have been painful for the first time. “The daughter no longer hit me, the small hand grabbed the sheets, in the mouth ~~ Ah ~ painful, face the facial faculty. The little feet are shaking. I am so happy, this is the struggle of a young girl, or the struggle of the daughter, finally saw it. It’s so cool. I was smashing, my daughter shakes, and the blood flows out from the slit of the little b. I should say it is squeezed out. I have smoked, my daughter’s small B meat turned out, and I won’t describe anything. Along with the daughter’s pain, the daughter struggles, the daughter’s trembling, so cool. It’s hard to get all my cocks, I can only go in 2/3. Maybe my daughter’s small vagina is so long, I don’t want my daughter to be too uncomfortable, I will not give me a cute little b, I will give me the cute little b. That is mine, is my father’s favorite ~~~ I have been in one out, my pleasure is getting closer, one hand presses her daughter’s chest, pulling her tender skin, butt, daughter The hand has not grabbed the sheets, so cool, the daughter’s tears, you should have a daddy, I gave you a small nipple, give you a small butt, small seam, small Vaginal, let Dad do it. Your B is better than you, tight, it will bleed, there will be meat to turn out, I love you, daughter! ! !

One, I can’t stand it, don’t cry, my daughter, my father makes your water come in, your B will be as long as you ***, the same, give you Give you, daughter, good boy, Dad’s essence, my semen sprayed into a 7-year-old young girl ,– nipple like a young girl in green peas —- Small B like a small white bread of small white buns – — My daughter ——– The little little b bi of the daughter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I am down, my daughter is still crying, I hold her, muttered, “good daughter, thank you, don’t want my mother, will you play with Dad in the future?

“Good pain, Dad, you will be happy, I will play with you”, my daughter is gently weeping “Don’t still be so painful today, I am afraid, Dad”

“I will not have it later, I believe my father.” I comforted her ~~~~~~~~~ I am 40 years old, my daughter has been with me, her happiness, tears, pain, I have tasted. She is also willing to accompany her father, Xiao B has always been my patented, long hair, I am coming to me.

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