Small, you see your home, how is it so messy? I went to my daughter’s home, I saw something everywhere, I wrinkled.

Dad, you are coming, great, help me clean up. Xiao Si said with her only a month old son smiled.

Do you take me a babysitter? I joked it.

Dad, you help people, is it good? Xiao Ke will ask.

Small, my only daughter, just had a child for a month. Her mother is in a small hour, I will break up with me. I and my daughter are long-lived together. In order to be afraid that my daughter is wronged, I have never married.

I can’t shake your head, this child is spoiled from me, I have to help her pack it, I would be happy to be around me. People often say that women have changed after their children, and the small body is now a little change. The butt and waist become more featured. The biggest change is her breast, because there is no breasts, can see two breast milk when she walks on the road. But the little waist is not bloated, still very tangible, but still so soft, walking, the butt is twisted, and it is tempting.

Small can be famous. It is not too light to be beautiful, especially the people like her 170mm sexy and slender body, with elegant and waist long hair, every time I go to the street, it has become a man’s gaze. The little butt is very full, and the hip is slightly thaw, giving people a feeling of circling meat drums. Was waist and soft, so the twist of the buttocks will be big, which is more likely to go out of her buttocks, naturally leaked a seductive rush. Look at the little walking, you will take the man’s desire. Little can not belong to the slim sick and beautiful, the face is not the petite, very beautiful, and a taste of Li Jiaxin.

I don’t know, why only one meter sixty, how can I have such a high daughter?

Small can have a strong and handsome, and it is also quite as well. Zhiqiang’s company is responsible for one of the projects in the construction of the Three Gorges Reservoir, or is the person in charge of the project, so soon after the construction of the Three Gorges, Zhiqiang will live on the site. Even if you want to produce, Zhiqiang is just a trend of treatment for ten days.

I’m not taken care of, I will call me, let me look at it.

I didn’t expect that I came to see, the little home is really dirty, no way, I have to temporarily become a babysitter. Under my big dried, the small home is restored to clean ordered.

Xiao You can see the change of the earth, and I am happy to go to me, hugged my neck, I got it on my face, said: Dad, you are so good! The small lips are soft, wet, sticker is very comfortable on the face, my heart is a lot, rushing up a different feeling, I am busy pushing a little, saying: Go, go, go Like a child. In fact, Hou Xiaodi can often do this, but today feels different.

Xiao Ke, a small mouth, said: People are grateful! I said: I don’t dare to use you, as long as you no longer make me do housework. We are talking, the little child is crying, Xiao Ke will go in and put it out. Although the little son is just full of moon, it is very fat, this may be with little milk, and the child is very cute.

I can’t take a dress, pull up a breast, and put the bright red nipple into the mouth of the child. The little breast is very large, and it is a dazzling white light. Xiao Ke also noticed that my eyes stared at her breasts, and she squallyed his mouth: Dad …

I also have a little inseparable, the eyes leave the dazzling breast milk: you, do you feed your child is quite a line! Small can make a face of me.

After dinner, I can see me to go, say to me: Dad, you are very difficult to live alone, it is better to move around, we have a photo. I am busy: that can’t, Dad still have to do it!

The small flat flat tissue said: Your job I still don’t know, I am sitting at home to go online, write writing articles!

I am actually a freelance writer of a new science and technology class, write technology comments at home every day. I was still alone in my 50 year old.

I am a person who is a sense of sex, but I don’t like the lady who is rotten (of course I have also played a few good lady), I have a good partner, as a partner. Ame is a wife of my friend, and people have a full taste. She is definitely a woman who is being hosted, except that she is nothing else.

Ame is the most fascinated or she close to 170cm height and sexy slender body. Although she has been married for 10 years, but the maintenance is very good, it is like 27, 8, the woman is full! Because the husband’s reasons, there is no birth. This also became a heart disease of their husband and wife, but this maintained her sexy tempting body. She is still very trusting and respect for me. After a wine, I will borrow it to me. I am also alcohol, bring her home after Amei drunk, then climbed to her body, I am in her body whole night, I will rest, I will rest, I will have it in her. Foot addiction. You know, it is a thing that is more exciting and exciting. Although Ame has been getting drunk, the body still has a reaction, otherwise she will not be interested in her. Of course, I will not really let her get pregnant, it is easy to do something. Fortunately, I didn’t blame me, but I didn’t have to be pregnant, but I often hosted that her husband did not date with me. I and Ame will do love every other minute and two weeks. Or in my home or in other places, according to her words is to make love with me, I don’t like his husband, people are high, but a small thing, people wax guns. This is also a reason I don’t want to move to a small family – Contact Amei is not convenient, and I am not a person who can don’t have a woman.

Xiao You can see that I don’t want, some are anxious, hold my arm spoiled: Dad, do you say it is good? My arm was hugged in his arms, Xiao Ke, the two full breasts were pressed on my arm, and her body temperature and the soft feeling came from the arm, and I got my body. I am busy: I will consider it again. I quickly escaped the small home.

I finally decided to move to a small home, who told me to pet her! I first took Ame. Originally her husband is at home, she is a little hesitant, but he listens to me to go out, it may be a long time, I have been hurry. This evening, I wrapped around Amei, I didn’t let her go back, and I did a half-hour.

The next day, I simply packed some things, bringing my most important laptop, came to Xiaojia. Small can of course be happy with me. Xiao Kejia is the structure of the second room, I lived in another room.

I can be responsible for the meals on a day, I am responsible for packing the health of the room. Living in a daughter, it is unlicensed.

One night, I am lying in bed reading book, I can wear a pajama to walk in, with a cup of milk in hand, tell me: Dad, you drink it. I ask Xiao You: Is it milk? Xiao Keyong shakes his head, saying: What milk is a milk. I glance: Is your milk? Xiao Wei nodded: Of course, the milk is too much, the baby can’t drink again, it is very painful every night, before going to bed, I have to use the breast pump to draw it out, I used to throw away Today, I suddenly thought of you, throwing away more waste, not as good as letting you drink, the book is not saying, advocating breastfeeding, showing the most nutritious.

I refer to myself, but also refer to the cup of milk, some buses: You say, you say let me, let me drink you, your milk? I am your father! Xiao can say: Is it a drink? What is the relationship with Dad? Said to put the cup of milk on the table: put it here, drink, and you. Said back to her own room.

I looked at the cup of milk, I have eaten my mother’s breast milk when I was young, but it was too small, there is no impression. I also think that I throw this cup of milk, I am a bit, and people say that the big landlord Liu Wencai is growing up, but let me drink my daughter’s milk, I think this is quite absurd.

I hesitated for a while, I still got the cup of milk, and I smelled it under the nose, and a milk flavored. I licked my tongue, although it is as sweet as the milk, but there is a special sweet taste. Anyway, I don’t drink it, I will throw it away. If I say it, I know, I know that others will not joke, just drink it. So Zhang opened his mouth, drank the whole cup of milk.

Lying in bed, thinking about it, I feel ridiculous, how old, actually drinking my daughter’s milk.

The next day, Xiao Yi didn’t ask me if I drank the glass of milk, just at night, I sent a cup of milk, I still took the cup with a small body temperature.

Since I have a small milk, I always have an impulse to see the impulse of the small breast, but I will tell me that it is a daughter.

However, when I fed my baby, I still couldn’t help but stare at her breast. I can also see my thoughts. Every time I feed it, I will show the whole breast. Sometimes Even another breastless breast is also revealed, knead with hands, as if I am like me.

One night, I can send a cup of milk again, but I didn’t go immediately. I used to send milk, I will go, but I didn’t go this time. Little can look at me in the eyes, you can wear a half-transparent pajamas today, you may clearly see that she does not have a bra, the following small triangle underwear is also vividly visible, and the wonderful mature flesh is almost clearly visible. cough! I am sighing in my heart: such a seductive body, it is really cheap, this kid! I haven’t gone, I am also embarrassed to eat her milk. Xiao You can see that I didn’t drink it, I said to me: Dad, you drink, it will be cold for a while. I am sorry to say: You are here, I … I can’t drink. Xiao Ke haha ​​laughed: Dad is still shy? Talking about the milk, send it to my mouth, I have to open your mouth and drink it.

Small, so close to me, through pajamas, you can clearly see the little pink nipple, smell the body of the cooked woman, is really dizzy. Little can be seen me to drink milk, tell me to me: Dad, can you drink?

I said: It’s good to drink, you don’t know if you taste it yourself? Xiao Ke said: How can you eat your own milk? Suddenly, I have been to my face, say: I am going to sleep, I don’t go back, I don’t want to go back. I have been sitting there for a long time.

After a few days, I suddenly came to my room at night, and I was a bit anxious. I said to me: Dad, my breast pump is broken. I said: I don’t have to buy one tomorrow. Small high: What should I do this evening? I said: I will take it, I will buy it early tomorrow morning. Xiao Ke, you can’t do it: No, you don’t know, it’s hard to get it in the night!

I said: What should I do? Xiao Ke is red, I want to say that I don’t dare to say, I have a long time in half a day, I said: You, have you n’t helped your mother before? Zhi Qiang is helping me to use my mouth, anyway, you have to drink!

I jumped up and said, what? You said … Do you say let me suck your milk with your mouth? Xiaobi started, watching me nodded. I said: How does Dad eat daughter’s tits? no!

Xiao You can see my look, some is anxious, say: What is the relationship with suction, then others don’t know. I said: That can’t. Xiao You can hurry, say to me: What can’t, you often pee about people’s milk, you think I don’t know, I will take enough people to see enough, and then drink people’s milk every night, now people Something makes you help, I can’t say it!

I have listened to this, I’m a little losing: you …! Then the small tone is turned into a soft Que: Good Dad, you help others!

When I said, I opened my clothes, revealing the big breast, when I haven’t returned to God, put the pink nipple on my lips, I am dizzy, I will open the mouth. Her nipples are sucking in their mouths.

The little nipple is very soft, and a gust of sucking is poured into his mouth. I am sitting on the bed, I can stand in front of me, my hands are on my shoulder. I feel that the smaller breast sticks on my face, very soft, very comfortable. Soon the breast sweat of the breasts was dried by me, and it turned to the other side.

The little breast is very white, I have a feeling of dazzling. The hands are inadvertently grabbed on the bed. The nasal is full of scent of small flesh. Soon two breasts were so soft, when I spit out a small tap, I found a small face, like me, red. I can kiss my face, please say, thank you Dad! I quickly turned back to my room.

I am so silly sitting in bed. It seems that I still have a soft breast, I am really dreaming, I have only eaten her tits, but I feel clearly. Different, and there is no big milk old, actually a young woman’s tits, but also your own daughter’s tits, cough! I actually ate my daughter’s tits.

The next day, I didn’t remind me to buy what kind of breast pump, I actually decorate I don’t know. When you are going to sleep at night, you can come to my room. Today, we have to express some people with natural, when I contain small nipples into my mouth, I’m smashed. The little hand begins to slowly stroked my head, just like the mother gently stroked his child.

For a while, I didn’t have the beginning of the beginning. The coming is excited and ashamed. I can see my hand, I always grasp my hands on the sheets, grabbing my hands and placed in my waist. This is my hand, my hand, my hand, my hand, my hand, my hand, my body! My hand is a little trembling, and the small waist is soft and sexy. It feels very comfortable. I really want to touch it, but she is my own biological daughter, I have to hold this desire. It’s good to stand in a little, and her waist is surprisingly soft. Her upper body does not move, but the ass is often coming back and forth, so my hand is equivalent to the body of her body, I am not responsible for my heart. : The little body is really tempting! Even my father, I can’t help but I can’t help myself! Zhiqiang This child is really good! I don’t know how long it is, I still spit out the nipples that I have no milk, I don’t put my clothes, and I have a big tits, I’m going to bend my wife. Thank you Dad. ! After turning around, he took the clothes while walking. My eyes are almost greedily staring at Xiao Ke, the tempting big ass ….

One night, we started the same thing. Today’s small can wear a T-shirt, wear a miniskirt below. I still sit on the bed, Komiki standing in front of me. I took the child to pull the small T-shirt, revealing a plump breast, a small breast drummed, very quite quite quite, the uli is not big, the small nipple is pink, like a cooked grape.

I pulled the little T-shirt, and the little two big milk was completely exposed. Small can use his hand to pull clothes, roll up in the upper edge of the breast, rush me, how can you eat two pieces? I didn’t talk, I didn’t talk, and I opened my right breast. My right hand is up, and I naturally climb her other breasts. Xiao Ke shake, did not refuse, my hand boldly kneadly knead on her breast, see Xiao Yi still didn’t say, I am more bold, the left hand is around the small back in her The waist is gently touched, and I touched her hips down with her waist, I bounced it on her round, although I can feel the soft and richness of the small buttocks. Pinch is particularly enjoyable.

Small breathing becomes more and more coarse, the mouth is gently emitted. When I bare her milk in her two breasts, I can stand unstable.

I stood up, I was reliable in my arms, the thigh was squeezed in my lower body, and I can feel the firmness of my guy, and her little hand took my back, and the other down, I caught my hard meat stick in the pants and gently rubbed it. My body is also shaking: small, small, no, line, you can’t touch it … Xiao You can still pinch my dick: Why can’t it? Just touched me! Small smiles badly. My heart suddenly defeated ingredients. From the child’s lower skirt, my hand put it in, I touched the little drum-drumd butt egg, although there was a small underwear, but most hip meat were caught in his hand, I started to pin hard stand up.

We love each other for a long time until we are separated. The little face is still red, with a bit shy.

Xiao You can finish the clothes, seeing my meat stick put a big tent in front of the pants, and smiled and said: Dad, you see you, don’t help you with me again?

I said: How can I help? Small smiling: How do you want me to help? . I laughed and said: We are a father and daughter, can only be here, today has been outside the scope of the father and daughter, cannot be more than this line.

Small stretchable stretches, made a face of me. Say: Ok, older, how do you solve there? Otherwise, do you want me to help you fight the plane … I said: This doesn’t have to worry. Tonight, I am playing a plane tomorrow, I will find Ame’s solution tomorrow.

I am not happy to say: Dad, you still have a small Saima goods with Ame? I said: I don’t want you to say your aunt! The small flat flat tone said: That small saga is not my aunt, from your first day, I will see her not pleasing, a mother who can’t have a closure, knows to seduce men! . I said: Go, go, go to sleep.

The next morning, I took Ame to my home. Of course, I can’t turn a big battle. I have retraoped all the desires in my heart all ventilated. Surprisingly, when I trapped in the Ammy, I always imagined her fantasy from time to time, cough, really sin! This day, I am particularly excited. I always don’t have enough. I have a total of Amei five, six times, I have a total of Mei Amei, and she is still so big, she is still so much. ! Where did she know my psychology! Cough, small, it is small, this girl!

Original Amei is going to sleep with me at night, but I have to go back to Xiao Ke, so I have to send some unhappy Ame. After dinner, I stood in front of the scene to look at the scenery. Since the savings in the body have been accumulated in the body during the day, they are venting in the Ame, so the body is particularly refreshing. It seems that it is in a small family. It will inevitably be burn it frequently by this tempting little girl. It is good to have the body of Baby Ame. Although she is not small, but she is not small, but Her body is absolutely attractive, and the experience of making love is also full.

I am looking at, a warm body is sticked to my back, don’t say, I will know that it is a small. I have not moved, I’m not moving, I am so labeled it. But the little hand is not idle, one hand strokes in my chest, and the other is looking for my legs. After finding my little brother, it was a burst. My little brother is soon standing.

I pressed the little hand with my hand, saying: Small, not allowed this. Xiao You is unhappy: Is it in that rush? It’s not rare. She can eat, I can’t touch it!

My head is hot, turned it, hug Xiaoke that bitter body, one side of it, said: Different, I am your father. Xiaobo said: What is Dad? Not a big thing! I said: If you can’t do this, if you do it, you are incest, you are now, Dad is already very contentment, then you will be extravagant.

Xiao You can say: People are so big, still use you? Old husband, old feudal! Said that he fierce, hugged my neck, print the small mouth on my lips, Xiaobang is like a little snake, and I worched me with my tongue.

My mouth suddenly reached in a fragrant little tongue, I was somewhat awkward, the tongue didn’t listen to the tongue, and the other’s lips were sucking each other, and the little tabs were arbitrary in my mouth. This is still my first kiss, I excitedly kissed a little tits and ass. The little thigh is smashed in my lower body. After a while, Xiao Gui smiled and smiled to me: Is this not a incest?

I scraped with my fingers on a small nose, laughed: Little ghost.

snort! I can’t get up with you. Use you to teach me, you said: What is the statement of incest? I want to have a long time!

Helpless, I had to sit down and gave it to her: I have been in ancient times. For a long time, human beings are in groups. Most of the same residential group is close relatives. At that time their sexual relationship It is very loose, people only think that sexual intercourse is for fertility, so they can be freely intended in the group’s tribe mother and son, sister brother, father, etc. But a long time, people discover: children, body and intelligence, children, bodies and intelligence, are not as good as the children of different tribe sex. Slowly, people have begun to pay attention to this problem, because it is very backward, so people think that God does not allow close relatives, otherwise it will be retribution: a unhealthy child. In this way, the close relatives are defined as: incest – strictly forbidden!

After the little can listen, I asked: Is the incest really punished the day? I laughed: Of course, I will not affect the next generation of health. Will be punished by God only people in order to prevent the words of the incest! Ah, I understand that Xiao You can say that it is also possible to love your love. As long as you don’t have children! . I have a glimpse, I haven’t thought about it, I really don’t have a reason to refute her. I have to say: You should only belong to your husband, others should not! snort! Xiao Ke suddenly sneered, he didn’t think so! For him to climbed up, he even got out! I am shocked: What happened? Xiao Ke smiled: Nothing, it is to see me in the mouth, so I will accompany him twice. what! I am really anxious, I’m standing up to the ground, I actually let you and other men, go to bed? Xiao Ke quickly put me down: Oh, Dad, you have such a big breath, it is not a big deal, as long as I don’t have a baby for him! Let me say that Lian Zhiqiang doesn’t care! Yes, but … my heart still feels a kind of no pain, I actually let other men enjoy, really mad at me! Jealous? Xiao Yi smiled to my face to my eyes, I didn’t lose anything! Besides, men can use his sexual organs to find happiness, what is the woman not can? Don’t look so serious, don’t just do things, really there is no one! I really have nothing to say by little opinion.

In the evening, I am sitting in the living room, watching TV, I can come out from her room, I look at it, wow! It’s so embarrassing, you can only wear a white T-small underwear. The front is only wrapped in a full pussy, and there is only a fine strap to fall into two rooms, the two groups full of fits Run, it is tempting. The upper body has only brought a bra. Xiaoke saw that I stared straight to her, turned my body, smiled and said: Dad, I look good? I swallowed the water and said, my daughter is really a natural thing, it’s so beautiful! Said that I suddenly had fun: Xiao Ke, I know what it is shame now! Haha … The little face is red, Yan Ruo peach flower is general: Hey, Dad laughs me, good, then I don’t cover up the little pants, I will panic, I panic, only Survey, I have prompted me to grab a small hand: don’t, don’t, Xiao Ke … Xiao Ke smiled: I am afraid of what, you have never seen it when you are young. Good dad, don’t say this first, let’s start ‘work’! Xiao You can look at me, very embarrassing the works, saying, unlocking bra, one 1049; when a pair of snow white breasts are presented in front of me, it is really glamorous! At this time, there is a small piece of shame except for the yin, it has not been hung.

Xiao You can go to me, generous put her nipple in my mouth. In the process of sucking the small breast, my hand won’t honest, and keeps walking on the little butt breast and belly. When I think that I was so tempting her daughter, I was so angry, I was angry, and my hands were more and more powerful, and I touched a little cockroaches. I made a little breathwish, and I sent it from time to time. Well. Since the relationship with the daughter, I will not be idle every time, I haven’t touched the little perimeter, and I have been touched by me. A few times, my hand touched the little cinea, I can take the initiative to open the legs, open her pussy to me, but I still have to hold back the desire to touch Xiao Yin, because I always feel that as long as I don’t have When you come into contact with a small orientation, you may not be incest, after all, I still have some kind.

I have eaten a small milk, I can sit on my legs, my body is in my arms, one hand holds my neck, and I have a small mouth and I kiss me.

I saw that I kissed my face was blushing, and I had a lot of breathing, I left her. I ask Xiao Ke: What is the difference between me and the baby? Xiao Ke said with a red rhyme: When the baby eats milk, it is a milk, and there is no feeling. When you eat, I always think of something between men and women.

I ask Xiao Ke: Are you with your husband for a long time? Small, some Ni Ni, but still replied: Since I am pregnant 6 months, we will not live together, and it is almost half a year. I pinched the little nipple with my fingers: I don’t want it? Xiaobo is ashamed low: Why don’t you want! I can’t see other men at home.

I can put it up with my mouth. I know that you would rather give me someone! I am already astishing, I still don’t still have it: anyway, Zhiqiang often lets me go to the man, it is better to give Dad! In the eyes of women, men are nothing difference, I don’t believe Dad doesn’t want me! I am afraid that I can’t stand the tempura, do things that let myself regret life, and quickly press the desire fork fork the heart: Small, do you have a trichick or a table? God, I can’t believe it, I am going to my daughter, is this? Xiao Ke suddenly opened his eyes: How did Dad also look at this? In fact, see those who are not as good as crushing the bus, I can touch the girl’s ass! Besides, I am not strong than a piece! Said, small buttocks twisted in my hand. I quickly pushed the little: I just, just want to keep up. Ok, I can stand up to stand up, but I have to find it. Say, I will kneel before I look at the cabinet under the TV. Xiao Ke, or half of it is there, the fat of the fat, the pussy between the little legs is, and the smock is in front of me. The narrow neckline has not been Her full of pussy is completely covered, and the two sides have a part of the faint-haired meat flap. I can see the gap in the middle of the fat, it is already a wet stain. My mind is hot, and the blood is coming up, and it is straight.

I may have already expected that I will look at her paters, but I deliberately put the snow white butt, and I will slowly twist down, but I still have a tempting breath. I’m hard to resist. If you are not my daughter, I will definitely put down her trousers, holding her big butt dry!

It is a long to take a small movie from the cabinet, I’m looking at it, I am really disappointed, and her posture is really tempting! I found that Xiao Yi also seems to be a little disappointed. It is not allowed that this little Nizi really hopes that I am going to squat her trousers. I will take the way to open the VCD, then sit by me and I will look at me. Get up, the start of the screen is the picture of men and women, you think, I have already wanted to fire. Now I look at the stimulus, I still have a beautiful, seductive beauty, more harmful people. It is, she is still a sexy beauty that is very tall, almost light! My heart is still can’t stand it, I don’t live to twist the body, and my breathing is rushing. Xiao Ke smiles to make it over: Dad, is it difficult? Why is it so hard to be yours? Telling, talked to my bottom, scaled my dick in pants. I want to refuse, but I feel very useful for the bloom of the lower body. Anyway, I have already touched it, now I can’t enjoy it! So I simply rely on the sofa enjoying. Gradually, I feel that I have been smashed by Xiaobai, I have been scratching, and I reached out to grab a small talent, Xiao Yi Mi smiles, she is very chest, let me catch, the following hands can not stop I have unpacked my front door and put it in, I haven’t waited for me to react. I have already smashed my thick dick. Xiao Ke, wow, my dad, your cock is really good. Big Yea! The chicken was first caught in his hand for the first time. I was excited to be shielded, and the waist was very up.

The little hand hit my dick, and the eyes were excited to look at my glans by her. My big chicken is hard to jump, Xiaoye, her charming face: Dad, you think of a woman, is it? When I talk about my dick, I will take my sleeping pants along with my trousers. Dad, you think women will fuck me! The daughter will make you satisfied. Xiao can say that I grabbed my thigh and put her face on my cock. No! Do not! I can’t talk … I don’t talk, continue to use my face to post my dick, my reason is to be shaken under the burning of the fire, I have to find a way of venting my heart, otherwise I will finish, I am Put the little push on the ground, pull down her small trousers, then take it up, I can comply with the man, I pressed on her back, I put the cock on the small butthamina, then I started to force the butt, because I know, the woman didn’t put the butt, and the ass will first lubs well, the man’s cock is difficult to insert, I will have to have a trick here, you can Paste desire, will not be small and realistic. I made a lot of action, and the little butt is full, pressed over the top, and the big cock flipped between her buttocks. It is really like a force. My movement is getting more and more fierce. After all, this is also a small body is doing her! So I am very excited. The following little can just think I want to do her behind her, the extremely smooth, causing me, can’t stand it in a while, and I will start it. Dad, ah! Dad, hurt! Ah, hurt, don’t,, don’t farther your eyes … ah! Or still, I am, I am, I am, my dad, hurt … I don’t care about her, continue to do her, and suddenly I feel that the front of the glans is pine, and my glans actually inserted. In the asshole, the little pain kiln is ticking. Although because it is too tight inside, I also stimulate me.

After a long time, I slipped down from a small body as a diarrhea, and I lied in the carpet. In the past half, I can listen to the child’s cry, I will climb it from the ground. I looked at Xiaoguang to go to the hut. The footsteps have been somewhat unstable. There are some lanceles of the legs, which is obvious because the ass is very painful. .

In the evening, I took a shower in the bathroom. I thought that Xiaoke was pressed by myself in the body. I couldn’t help but be erected from autonomous. At this time, I heard it outside: Dad, when do you can wash? End? I said: More than ten minutes. Can be small in the outside: Dad, no, people can’t help! You can open the door soon, let me have a lot of life, it seems that women can’t help urine because of the physiological reasons.

No way, I have to cover the door with the towel, and I will hurry to hurry in, and I will not pay attention to me. One butt is sitting on the place, just listen to a sloppy water. I found out that I didn’t worry about it. It is a light running. I will consciously tell her down to her, Xiao Ke, the two legs, with a piece of meat, with a layer of faint hairs. Although it has been very familiar with the body of the daughter, after all, her yin has not seen it, I don’t consciously peek at the little thigh. After Xiao Ye, I was sitting there without moving. I saw that I stared at her pills. I actually separated my legs. I’m going to be big, my head is big, I am still looking for the first time. Going to the daughter’s mature pussy, the small people are abnormal, just like the half a slightly long white steamed buddh, the pink is round, the middle is trapped, the fat is tender, it is like a familiarity. The peach passed, is the kind of fertilizer that my favorite, which is tempting! I am really fainting, even the towel used to cover up the body is not feeling in the ground, just staring at the lower body. Small, I was also looking at my meat stick. My meat stick has already become thick and big, hard as iron, I can’t hate it immediately, I will put into the meat in front of you.

Due to the smaller space in the bathroom, my body is almost and small, my dad, your things are so big, you can lick your lips whisper, can I touch it? I don’t wait for me to answer, I use her little hand to grab my dick, touch it two, suddenly a low head, I actually contain my dick into my mouth.

! I spend the whole body, I only feel that a pleasure will flock from the cock to the whole body, my heart knows that this kind of thing is not, but I don’t want to refuse. The little mouth is very good, and the hint is coming back in my glans, and I swallow my meat stick from time to time.

After a while, I still stand up and hugged me, in my ear, my ear: Dad, do you really want to see me? I let you touched it? When I said, I kissed my mouth and took my hand to her two legs until my finger touched her pussy.

At this time, I can’t take care of it. My finger strokes on her laborary, there is not much hairy, but the labia is very fat, very soft, which has already been bonded to sticky liquid. The small clitoris of the front of the ladle is hard, standing. I touched, the little body was trembled, and finally my finger was inserted into a small wet fever vagina, and I couldn’t sing, just on me. I used my fingers to play with my daughter’s pussy, I couldn’t comfort myself: This is not incest, I have no relationship with my daughter!

My hand touched it in a small vagina that I was reluctant to smoke it, and I was tightly hugged together, I can grab my cock, while pinching, while I am going to myself Plip: Dad, I know you think, just fight the plane. My dick is sandwiched in her two legs, with her hamma and fat, wet, yin, I can obviously feel that my glans is on the top of the tender meat, tightly Hold the little, experience the throne of the lower body. What’s wrong, Dad? Xiao Ke, the wet, soft, the mouth, you usually fly in my ear, do you usually do this? Little can eat and eat well, don’t be embarrassed, Dad, you can move it, you can also say some crude words, I know that your man likes to say crutter when playing women, it doesn’t matter! How are you happy?

Encouraged by her daughter, my courage is big, start trying to put the dick in the small thigh, rub, friction, do my movement, every time my dick is inserted, I can I feel that my own glans slipped through the little flesh, and the wet warmth, I breathe, and the extreme desire had already burned my head. I hit it hard: Xiao Ke, I, I think, I want … I can meet my butt, when I tease me: What is it? talk? I gasped and gas: I want to fuck, fuck you … ah! I finally said that the desire to keep back in my heart, fuck, my daughter, what makes other men play? Today, I am going out! Anyway, I didn’t really fuck her. So I increased the action.

Little can be eaten, you are smiling: Are you not fucking now? Exercise me! I can’t stand it more, increase the increase in fencing: treasure, baby, I am very moving the butt, you will breathe baby, your real fat, touch the meat may be because of her prostitute too much, my meat stick In her flesh, there is not a few, suddenly picking up, rushing into her pussy, I can scream at the same time, and I can’t obviously clamped in a small voice. Excited and embarrassed. My reason tells me that I should hurry out, but I will not let me go out. She stood me, twisted a few butt, making my dicks more deeply, Xiao Ke, my ear, my ear whisper: Anyway, I have already come in, let’s put it for a while, ok? You don’t come in someone else, but you have to come in! .

The two of us so tightly hold together, pussy small can about what to crawling around, suck my penis in Guo. I can not stand, I thought somebody had come in, I simply did not want to! It has very small increments moving from the bottom, the small can of dick thrusting in the vagina, though not into the deep, but also very enjoyable, small can of Roudong in the water a lot, Rou Dong is also very tight, I big dick thrusting inside very comfortable. Small can also very excited, two breasts on my chest hard to squeeze rubbing, he lowered his voice groaned. Because it is possible incest father and daughter’s sake, I soon reached a climax, nothing gave up, I growl, his hands Douzhu small can plump ass, the cock mercilessly into her vagina plug, hit pops ringing in the body of the small can.

Small can also fit astride her bulging pants make me do, listening to small or breathlessness accompanied by seductive moan prettily, with my big dick in her vagina and out of Puchi, Puchi sound, straight up the Bay to stimulate my blood, I could not restrain himself, Hu Hou heard, suddenly forced, small can top what put against the wall, ah small can a yelp of delight, my whole body was top up, feet on the ground only toes point, small can also potential around my neck, two separate faded greatly, my dick has run deeply into her vagina, stirring to the small can of this seductive body shot all the semen. Slowly, my dick softly childhood may slip out of the pussy, so we still hold together quite a while I was in the ear Hsiao Ke said: baby, really fun, thank you, good baby ! . Little time to talk, just hold me tight, ages, small can gently pushed my head down and turned back to his room. I reluctantly looked at that small can not live quiver sexy tempting butt cheeks, in the thigh at the small can, is flowing with a lot of my semen yet. Although it seems small can look very open to sex, but really and dad make love, or feel a bit embarrassed too! Contrary me, rushed to open this bridge after but relaxed.

The next morning, I got up late, I suddenly feel in a daze has a warm uvula in my face and licking. I looked outside, a small can. I see small can positively smiled at me.

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