On a rugged mountain road, a young man dressed in white in Rushan gallop, his back still carrying a little girl of five or six years, around his back feet have five people armed with sword in black catch up, the young man seemed wounded, some staggering pace gradually, ah, his legs and large chest oozing blood.

Gradually black people came closer and closer.

Suddenly, the young man stopped, turned to face the man in black is gradually catching up, I thought: the father and daughter the day I die! It turned out that after the young man injured Huangbuzelu, never went on the road, in front of him there is a bottomless cliff ravine.

“Ha ha! Yumian scholar, see you where to run!” A grinning black man, “and we do the right Nishikawa Fab Five, there is no good end, ha ha !!!”

“Bah! Nishikawa Fab Five! Rivers and lakes all you scum! Cichou sorrow, I was turned into devils also find you afterwards!”

“Brothers! Before he made big plus!” Nishikawa Fab Five five people crowding the front, each held the sword, to attack the Yumian scholar, scholar Yumian greeted sword, playing together.

Two years ago, a scholar Li Yunlong Yumian to work Nishikawa, Nishikawa happened to meet a robbery tigers grow old and clean government, robbed of money, but also murdered, Yumian scholar does not see the past, the record straight on his sword, hurt Fab Five, He saved the honest and upright official, fled the Fab Five, the Silver scholar did not catch up, escorted back to the country that grow old and clean government, after finishing things went back home, forget this thing, only a few days ago, in the middle of the night, Nishikawa tigers suddenly broke into his home, set fire to his courtyard, his wife and family killed more than thirty people in, carrying his year-old daughter desperately close fight, and took out a way to survive, the own courtyard, Huangbuzelu escape. Nishikawa Fab Five after killing one is perfect, not found Yumian scholar and his daughter out of the hospital Zhuang left along The Silver scholar hot pursuit of blood, scholar Yumian due to go on injured leg and chest hit , to catch up Nishikawa five.

That is the Fab Five injured in flagrante delicto Yumian scholar record straight, minds very jealousy, ran back to the master – odd Lvpao there crying above, is Lvpao odd meal scold, and re-teach them off in the hole Kung Fu, a full training hard for two years, Nishikawa Fab Five great effort into, no longer the original Fab Five, and have entered the ranks of second-rate master class master, and, Lvpaolaozu also teach them according to their characteristics excel together a five-FIGHTING – Fab five Lethal array, once launched, five people echo each other, keep active there, power surge, quite powerful. The Silver scholar that although xiu train hard, great progress, two years ago, although he was wounded tigers, but that is also a surprise, but did not excel Fab Five Fab Five Lethal array of joint effort, and now, he was Fab Five raid killed his wife and family, the hearts of rage, made a taboo of martial arts, but he also carrying six years old daughter Li Yuner action more than a inconvenience, unfortunately, in the chest and legs with a knife, they have to kill to escape the tight encirclement, but unexpectedly Huangbuzelu, enclosed in the cliff edge.

Five Tigers lift up sword headed towards Yumian scholar, scholar Yumian scenes greeted Li Yunlong, playing together, due to the previously wounded, and carrying a child, an inattentive, left arm and cut a knife, bloody, the Silver scholar was forced to close to the edge of the cliff, the girl behind him has been too scared to making a sound, he had no energy in the sword, and called loudly, stop! Fab Five subconsciously stop the attack, saw the hands of the sword scholar Yumian dropped off a cliff, looking back frightened daughter said: “The cloud, which take you to find Mom and Dad,” he turned his head to on-five tiger Nu Sheng said, “I just turned into devils revenge will find you!” then, turning jumped off the cliff.

Five Tigers see The Silver scholar father and daughter jumped off the cliff, they all went to the edge of the cliff looking down, I saw the mist-shrouded cliff, bottomless, is not afraid of a few little knowledge, Five Tigers boss said fiercely, “too cheap to him, it seems he is going to die, we go!” Five tigers turned and walked down the hill.


“Dad Dad …… ah …… you wake up, I am afraid, …… woo ……” a little girl crying and kneeling on the ground with a small hand to promote a scholar dressed man, “Dad …… ah … you wake up … I’m afraid. “

Suddenly, the man moving a bit, “Dad, are you awake?” The little girl saw her father move, she forgot about the crying, the scholar slowly broke away eyes, looked at his daughter, struggling to climb up, ……

Ten years later ……

In the midst of the ground covered with flowers and herbs, a fairy-like girl in swordplay, she wore a white dress, with her dress kept flying maneuvers, it’s beautiful.

Suddenly, there was a gasp in the woods thirty Zhangwai, the girl hastily admitted to the sword, cast dodge migrating to the woods, I saw a man sitting in the thirties of the woods on the ground, clutching his hand leg.

“Dad, what is you?” Girl asked. “I bite it by the snake,” the man said.

“Snake? Where?”

“There, I am killed by me.”

The girl looked at her father’s fingers. When her eyes saw the two entangled snakes, they couldn’t help but exclaimed. “Heaven, is a snake!”

At this time, the man has begun some coma, and the girl hurriedly took the man in his arms, and the other hand Linqi’s body of the two snakes flew down.

At the end of the lady’s dance sword, it is a cave. There is a stone door in the cave mouth.

The girl put his father down, pushed the hole, and took her father into the hole, put it on the bed, then torn the two snakes, remove the snake, then pinch her father’s lips, put the snake The troise is squeezed with his father’s mouth, and then looks at her father.

I saw that man lying on the bed, breathing urgently, and blocked.

The girl is frowning, saying that he said, “” It will be Teng Snake, and it is a mating Teng “.

When she said “mating” two words, she can’t help her fever on her face, red cloud floating. She is in “Zi Xia Xianfu”

In the collection, I saw the introduction of the Teng snake, the snake, the ancient relics, sexual sacrifices, all over, not three days and three nights, and at this time, if someone or other animals are bitten by Teng snake, if not After maid, yin and yang tuning, it is dead.

Although the girl used Teng Snake to solve the snake toxic, but the lattice in his father didn’t solve it. He saw that his father’s face became more and more red, and his breathing became more and more urgent. Broken.

“Mom …, what should I do? In addition to me, there is no other woman, who will save my father … Only I can save my father … but … this is … incest …” Girl喃 自..

“Mother’s hatred … I can’t do it, but I can’t lose my father again. Dad is my only loved ones, I … I have to save my father.” The girl finally made a decision.

She turned her face and looked at his father. When she saw her father, her face was more red, and the trembling reached out unveiled her father’s clothes, revealing her father and robust chest, the solid muscles made her heart. I can’t help but jump, ah, this is a man’s mind, Dad’s mind.

She bites his teeth, took a breath of his father’s clothing, I saw the father’s hood tall, and there was an 8 inch long, and the red haired purple shouted glans was like eggs, ah, good Yeah, I …, the girl is somewhat smashing, her father’s penis is too big, she can’t put down my father’s mask?

Oops, no matter how you can save your father, no matter what, the girl finally decided, she slowly took off her white dress, revealing her body, on the hole, beautiful body, The girl not only had a Tianxian’s face, but also an impeccable body, it is really a bit of fertilizer, minus one, no one, the snow is not a slice, so beautiful.

Due to the naked naked in front of Dad, I couldn’t help but gave birth to the girl. She gently rubbed her own double milk. The heart didn’t seem to have a bunny in the endless jump, the nipple was erect, becomes big, becomes strong, Two red cherries were dotted on two snow-white hoes. The girl’s lower body is also humid because of excitement, out of some honey juice, honey juice is on the girl, not too much incapacity, just like a small pearl, bright crystal.

The girl is separated from the legs, crossing the father’s body, holding his father’s penis, separate your own ladle, slowly sit down, ah, Dad’s penis finally touched the mysterious virgin of the girl. She slowly pressed down, her father’s glans squeezed the girl’s labie slowly squeezing into the girl’s vagina, finally, Dad’s glans swallowed by the girl’s vagina.

The girl is slightly hesitant, just biting the teeth, sinking the body, ah, good pain, girl can’t help but jump, because of the intrusion of Dad’s penis, and the pain is unbearable, she can’t help but look to her hole. I saw that the pockets left a travelery, oh, her first night finally gave Dad.

Dad’s urgent breathing makes the girl no longer hesitated. She once again swallows her father’s penis, she frowned, biting her teeth, I can’t live, I feel that my small hole is like an inserted red. The iron bar, tearing pain, a burst of girl, the girl’s eyes flowed out of tears, she didn’t move on her father, waiting for a painful past. After a while, the girl felt that it was not so painful in the vagina, but there was a feeling that I can’t say, itchy, swelled, and it was uncomfortable. She could not help but slowly. “Oh, it’s so uncomfortable, Dad’s penis is too thick, long, oh …” More and more itchy, she is also more exciting, the magnitude is also gradually increased, and finally, she has made a snoring voice with her father’s sexual device, and the girl’s snow hip does not stop, shake Her eyes are slightly closed, full of spring, and there is no charming embarrassment in their mouths.

Suddenly, the girl’s movements were more sharp, she violently, swing, twisting, “Oh … ah …

… I want … I want … I have lost … Ah … Dad … “Finally, the girl squatted in the big chest of Dad, constant, vaginal contraction, the uterus flooded out a stock The hot flow of the stock, keeping the daddy in her body in her body.

The woman’s deep man is so thick because of the female yin, the penis has become more thick, and he also woke up in a coma, his body’s sexual injury is not released because there is no fine, his brain is full of lust, fierce One turned over, pressed my daughter under, holding up a daughter’s legs, and the mashed miles in the daughter’s pocket, mad.

The girl woke up from the climax because of his fierce moves. She saw that Dad was holding her legs, and she didn’t help but she once again slammed her passion. Her arms were tightly Dad’s neck, I sent a charming embarrassment in my mouth, “Dad … so comfortable …, ah … oh … cool … Dad … Your daughter … so comfortable … ah …”

“Beauty … ah … comfortable … It’s so comfortable … Dad … so fierce …, ah … Dad, daughter … Daughter is yours … Oh … ah … Dad … Daughter … … daughter … I have to lose …

Also lost … “

Finally, when the girl’s fourth time reached the climax, the father and the daughter had tightly hugged together, and the doubles entered a wonderful realm.

After a few hours, the man woke up, he saw his naked pressed in his daughter, his big dick is also inserted in the vagina of his daughter, yelled, “God! What do I do?! “

He can jump out the bed, reach out, grab the daughter’s sword, and fiercely wipe it.

The girl woke up at this time. She watched her father to commit suicide, and fierce it. I won the sword in my father. “Dad is not yet, you have to live, your daughter can live Ah?”

“Dad, we have to give mother to honor, give family people,”

The girl snuggled in his father’s arms, the snow-white breasts closed in the chest of Dad, because of crying, the girl’s body kept twisting, the man couldn’t help but stroke, the penis was not strong.

The girl felt the daddy, the red cloud once again poured her powder face, Dad, she gently called, the voice is almost unaffected, but it has deeply entered the man’s mind, his double The arm is tightly hugged, and the hands began to touch the end of the daughter. Suddenly, he fierce his daughter, “No! We can’t help it again,”

“Dad, don’t you like daughter?”

“No, Dad is too much like you too much, just don’t want to go on, children, this is incest, it is a secular unsuccessful”, “Dad, can we go out, here are more than 10 weeks, how do we Go out? “

“Yun children, as long as we practice the heaven and earth in the world, we can push the tens of thousands of boulders and go outside.”

“Dad, ten years, we practice my work every day, but we now … my Kunyin God is only practicing the second, and Dad’s dry yang does not break through the third floor. When do we want to practice it? Ah?”

“Yun children, Dad is for you, you are still small, you will marry later,”

“Dad, we can’t go, how do I marry? It’s going out, I am not married.”

“Yun children, the girl is not married, it is a child.”

“Dad, the cloud does not marry others, you have to marry, and Yun will marry Dad.” “Your child, Dad really doesn’t have a way.”

“Dad, you promise? You promised to marry your daughter to be your wife?” The girl asked.

“Well … Ok, such a beautiful daughter is a wife, Dad wants.”

“You are a good father.” The girl kissed the father’s face, “Good Dad, good husband, Yunn is your”

“Daughter, good wife, Dad also like you.”


This is the young father, Li Yunlong and his daughter Li Yunlong. They were killed by Xichuan five-tigers. They were forced to jump down the cliff, but they didn’t fall, and they didn’t fall in a hurry. On a pine tree on a high cliff, the dense branch relieves the vast majority of fall, and the tree is accumulated for hundreds of years of rot leaves, thick and a few feet, resolve the force, so that they just fall I was hurt, but I didn’t die. After the cloud woke up, she wokefully Li Yunlong, struggling to climb up, helping each other, and found countless giurnawa before the “Zi Xia Dongfu”. Grass, and many don’t know, after eating a different look, I feel that I can’t say comfortably, the pain is gone, and I am full of strength.

They were looking for an outway in the bottom of the valley, and they found the “Zixia Xianfu”, but they did not find the way, and they lived in “Zi Xia Xianfu”. “Zi Xia Xianfu” is a thousand five hundred years ago. Zixia immortal and his wife Bi Yunxian proudly, there is a tertiary in the middle of the Tiandi, and many of the ancient martial arts and some of the ancient martial arts, and some of the ancient and female books. Based on, I took the sky, and Li Yunlong practiced the Ji Yunxiao’s Dry Yang Dynasty. Li Yuner was practiced by Bi Yunxian’s Kunyin Gong’s merits, and practiced those ancient martial arts cheats in leisure. Book, Li Yuner knows the tendon from the ancient book, but the father and daughter have no matter how it is used, but it is not a discouraged, but the father and the daughter are not discouraged, but more effort, in fact, don’t look at them Break through the third floor, but if they return to the martial arts, their father and women are already a limited top master. The heavens and the earth are Yinyang 诀 is that the Zixia immortal and Biyun Xian also have a way to fly, such as practicing Ten stations realm, that will hinder the earth, and become the body of Da Luolian.

One day, Li Yunlong went to the woods in the woods, and Li Yuner also practiced the sword on the lawn of the hole. However, Li Yunlong encountered the legendary Teng snake, and it was mating the tendon, accidentally biting a bite, there is a father A female incest scene.

Since the father and the daughter have a incest relationship, I will love it almost every day.

One day, Li Yunlong was sitting in the study. Suddenly, Li Yunlong only felt a black in front of him, a pair of soft little hands blindled his eyes.

“Yun children, don’t make trouble, Dad is reading book.”

“Dad, don’t look, spend with others.”

“How? I want it again? You, really feeding the ghost.”

“Dad, you joke again, then joke people, I will ignore you”

“I don’t care about me? Oh, okay, who can get it.”

Li Yuner’s body has been tired of Dad’s arms, and the white towering breasts are close to the wide chest of Li Yunlong. One twist, Li Yunlong’s arms have long graded Li Yuner’s slim, a big hand is gently Kneading Li Yuner’s snow, the jade buttocks, Li Yuner’s two jade arms were also holding a father’s neck, and his mouth kissed his father’s lips.

Because the father and the daughter have a relationship with ordinary people, there is no other person here, so the father and daughter are rarely wearing clothes, as long as a need can make love.

Li Yunlong picked up Li Yuner and let her sit on her leg. Li Yunner’s small hole was excited and wet, and dotted in her inclusion on her inclusion. She shouted, she contained the apricots of the spring, holding her father’s neck, and the lips were printed on his father’s lips. Soft, fragrant tongue twisted in the mouth of Dad, sucker. Li Yunlong’s hands up the daughter’s jade hip, put the penis to the little hole of the daughter, one hard, the penis did not enter the daughter’s vagina.

Dad’s thick penis entered the vagina of Yunner, so that the cloud felt embarrassing, she excitedly, let Dad’s penis in their own holes, the two people have a charming voice, blood rise.

With the daughter’s kit, Li Yunlong feels that his penis has become more rough, the daughter’s small hole is tightly set on his penis, just like a hoop.

I took a while, the cloud changed the way, her hips were not in the order, but tightly sat in Dad’s cross, let Dad’s penis entered the deeper, then twisted the jade buttocks, let the small hole depressed The mouth is very sucking my father’s glans. Li Yunlong is tightly holding his daughter’s waist, while the waist is hard, so that the penis is in and out of the daughter’s small hole, and the daughter’s small hole is drawn.

“Dad … ah … ah, so comfortable … daughter is so comfortable …, Dad … hard …… Do your hard … Dried daughters …”

“The daughter, … Dad didn’t work?”

“Well … Dad’s cock … big cock is really good … … Oh … Dad … Husband … I’m hard to fuck …”

“Daughter … Dad’s girl … good wife … Dad really like you … I like your little forced …”

“Ah … Yeah … Dad … Your dick is big … so thick … so long … ah … plug into the uterus of the daughter …”

“Daughter … What is Dad doing?”

“Dad … Dad … is doing … Daughter’s forced … Husband … is with his wife …”

“anything else?”

“Ah … Dad … hard … so cool …”

“Say … Sao Daughter … What is Dad doing?”

“Ah … Dad is … in … and daughter … hand … Mandan … daughter … and Dad …

Mating … “

“To … Dad is mating in … and daughter …, Dad wants to give her daughter … breeding …”

“Good Dad … Dad gives me … Give me a breed … put my belly … Let your daughter are pregnant …

“Daughter … Dad gives you … Dad wants you to give your father …”

On one side of the father, the waisty waves, finally Li Yunlong took the semen into the vagina of the daughter in the third time of her daughter, filled with her daughter’s uterus, and his doubles reached a climax.

After a long time, Li Yunlong woke up from excitement. He pushed his daughter, “Yun children, come down, let Dad get up.” “No, I want to stay in my father in my life, let Dad’s big meat stick for a lifetime In the little hole of the daughter. “” Silly children, how can Dad’s big meat stick in your small hole? We still have to sleep, you have to eat. “” I am going, I have to eat when I eat, sleep Also, I will want my father’s big meat stick in my little point in my life. “” Silly children, we still have to practice, Dad’s big meat stick in your small hole, how do you practice? “

“You can practice! I have to practice with my father, while practicing.” Li Yunna said, it took the gas in accordance with the heart of the day practice, and the lips were printed on the lips of Dad, and the tongue arrived at Dad’s tongue. superior.

With the operation of the daughter in the body, Li Yunlong feels a true gas in the womb, so that he is very strange from his own glans. He is very strange. Once the Danyang God was launched, he felt that Kun Yinzhen in the daughter infused into his body, entered his own Dantian, in Dantian and his own dry and Yang’s real gas, combined, and then overcast After the ridge, go out of the large vertebra, enter the hundred sessions, the gas from the Baihui, through his tongue interspersed with his daughter, enter the daughter’s body, then from the daughter’s body to his own meat sticks back to your own Dantian, began to circulate, so uncomfortable, his own big meat stick has been in the heart of the daughter, the erection, and the daughter also seems to experience this, concentration, with the freight of the true, gradually, father and daughter The two entered the state of forgetting me.

“Dad, just so beautiful, comfortable and cool, my skills seem to be in a lot of refined.” Father and Daughter woke up from practice, after the success, Li Yunnia said to Dad. “Yeah, Yunn, Dad’s Dry Yang Shen Gong seems to have broken through the third floor realm.” “Really? Dad, let’s try.” Li Yunnian came down from Dad, sitting in bed, practicing Common, after a while, she entered me. Li Yunlong saw his daughter began to practice, and he also began to practice Dry Yang Dynasties.

When the father and the daughter got up, Yun said, “Dad, really, my skill has broken through the third floor realm.” “Yes, it is true.” “Dad, how is this Waiting? “” Dad didn’t know, come, let’s take a look at the heavens and earth, Yinyang 诀, “

Father and daughter out secret membership, careful look, “Dad, you see, says here, yin and yang, heaven and earth heaven and earth tactics, co-nationals alike, yin and yang, the Freemasons, the world cross Thailand, magic is into, Dad, what do you mean? Is let us just did not like the practice of it? “” it should be, you see, we do not have a few years to break through the realm, but in just a little too much to overcome, and it should be like this. “Li Yunlong listen to other people previously thought the said mining yin yang, yin and yang mining thing, thought, and cloud seems I inadvertently touched on the real world of practice it yin and yang, heaven and earth tactics, so the only skill into. “Dad, after we just practice it, but also happy, but also enhance the skill, more than okay.” “Yes, such a force that is able to speak, able to practice there, why not do it.”

Since then, the father and daughter to practice in accordance with this method.

Since the father and daughter who accidentally discovered the secret of co-nationals alike, forced exercise every day practice, skill leaps and bounds, gone over two years, and the two of yin and yang, heaven and earth heaven and earth tactics have got to the eighth floor.

One day, the father and daughter had finished work, Li Yuner the sword to fall asleep outside.

At this point her sword and naturally different from two years ago, her creamy Yu-yi, like a butterfly-like light, sometimes dancing on the grass child flower child, but when the flyby to play on the tip of the tree sword, but when floated hovering in the air, filled Jianguang, looming Li Yuner jade-like body is shrouded in Jianguang, a towering white breasts, decorated with two purple nipples like agate, black grass between the point across Dan Tu and closing hours of the time slender legs, truly beautiful.

Li Yuner positive turn out happily, suddenly, on the other side came the thunder of the waves of the woods, Li Yuner hurried canonical signed, sent to this place sound snatched.

I saw the woods at the end of the cliff, I do not know when it has collapsed out of a hole, looked to the inside, very deep, dark, also braved the smoke of a plume. Li Yuner overwhelmed, hurried back to Daisy immortals find my father, she was a hole, he cried, shouting, “Daddy, Daddy, you Come behold!” “How?

My darling children? “” Dad, there is a hole in the side of the cliff, which braved the smoke, and the sound of thunder yet. “” Cloud, with my father to see. “

Li Yunlong Li Yuner along with her daughter came to the piece of stone walls, “Yeah, Dad, and thick smoke, and more than a just and thick.” “Oh, let Dad take a look.” Li Yunlong looked carefully at the hole, overjoyed to say, “the cloud, our father and daughter in his early days coming.” “Dad, you said we have to go out?” “Yes, but also you’ve worked hard.” “Dad, you said I do not understand it ! “” good daughter, we go back, I’ll go back and you say. “

Li Yuner and Dad back to Daisy immortals, Li Yunlong remove a book from the shelf, opened “cloud, you see, Zijin fairy here remember very clearly, this is a million years ago, a unicorn eggs hatch , and it will hatch a. “

Li Yuner took a look at the book, can not help but face covered with red clouds, the original book was written in this cliff, the deep underground, there is an ancient unicorn eggs left, While Kirin Kirin and eggs are ancient kinky Kau mate born, odd kinky sex, once the incubator will mate with females, although this unicorn kinky sex, but there is little advantage, if mated with females if it is a woman, then they practiced really unfair, skill is high enough, it can suck Yuanyang do it, and then pay with men, the implementation of yin and yang alike, then both will reach the realm of Sin, and then practice Taoism law, it is not difficult to reach the point where a large Luo Jin Sin, but, if this woman is not practiced supreme the really unfair, not only can not exhaust its Yuanyang, it will be overcast yuan exhaustion and died. Next, the book explains in detail the training method really unfair, and how to draw it Yuanyang.

“The cloud, you understand yet?” “Understand, Dad.” “Cloud, but if we get this unicorn of Yuanyang, we can go out, go back to the human world.” “Dad, Do you mean to let the cloud and pay only unicorn post …… …… mate? “Li Yuner sound more and more light. “The cloud, we are looking to date back to the earth, it is a great need for this Yuanyang unicorn, it can help us achieve our aspirations.” “Dad, I’ll try.” “Cloud, you have to efforts Yeah, you have only three days, but, depending on your skill, it should be no problem. “” Dad, I will work hard. “

Li Yuner began practicing really unfair According to the introduction to the book.

Three days later, when Li Yuner practiced the last layer of work, she felt that there was a powerful suction in the uterus. It seems like to take the atmosphere in the universe to her small hole, and her codes of the meat can be free. Creep, you can make a strong hoop, as if you can take the iron rod, “Oh, Dad, Dad, I practiced Yeah, I am practicing Yin Gong!” Li Yuner excitedly shouted. “Really? Yun children?” “Really, Dad, I am practicing, don’t believe, Dad can try.” “Well, Dad will try your 阴 阴 ‘s power.” Li Yuner ride in Dad On the body, one hand guards the pound stems of Dad, to the small hole, sit in the next, swallow the dad’s penis into the small hole, Dad’s penis has entered the hole, Li Yunnue starts up and down.

Li Yunlong felt that his penis was like a warm little mouth, a mouthful of sucking his own glans, his daughter’s tightly hoist hoop across his own penis, a circle of creeps, more powerful, It is also stronger and stronger, as if you have to take all things in your own body, Li Yunlong hurriedly raised the dryness to the highest, to resist the suction of the daughter’s uterus, but with his skills, The suction is getting stronger and stronger, and the pleasure is also a wave of waves, and that pleasure is hard to resist, it is really comfortable. Li Yunlong resists the suction in the daughter’s womb, can’t help but ganquan jet into the small hole of the daughter.

“How? Dad, is my yin?” “It’s amazing, it’s amazing, my father is cool.”

“Dad, I think I will be able to suck the Qilin’s Yuanyang.” Dad believes you! “

This is the sound of the hole, and the smoke is getting more and more concentrated. Li Yunner father came to the hole, Li Yunlong said to her daughter, “Yun children, look at you.” “Dad, I can do it.”

Suddenly, a screaming came from the hole, Li Yunlong hurriedly jumped into the woods, hiding in a big tree, stealing eyes, only seeing a monster size from the hole, faucet, fish scales, tiger, Lion tail, cow hoof, very prestigious. Li Yuner came out, he hurriedly rushed to the ground, like a bitch to get on the ground, put the small hole toward the unicorn, the unicorn, I was excited, the lower body reached a thick and long, red hair purple Dick, hard to be a steel gun, straight forward, standing, Li Yuner, a long and long thick penis, a sharp penis, hurriedly, is in a hurry, expand the small hole, she just prepared Ok, the unicorn has already come to her side. The big mouth that is sprayed and has reached into her lower body. The slender tongue began to lick her little hole, the itching feeling, so that Li Yunmen felt a soft, unicorn’s tongue Sometimes sucking her small labia, sometimes her clitoris, for a while, the tip of the tongue drilled her meat, exploring her honey, she only felt the spring heart, she wants to fire, she can’t curb, she started looking forward to With the insertion of Kirin, I saw Li Yuner’s wonderful place. The two thin lips were separated, revealing the fresh cherry red, the small hole opened, the meat was slowly moved, so like to say, fast … Quick recently, The unicorn is also very excited to have a very extreme, and the fierce is solemn, and the body is standing, and then rides on Li Yuner. The two front legs are tightly licking the waist of Li Yuner, back, the thick penis On the small hole in Li Yuner, Li Yunmen feel excited and some fear. Excited is that the animal’s beasts must be very exciting, and it is fear that although I practice is full of merits, I can’t bear the big cock of Kirin. It is hard to say. The unicorn has been in contact with Li Yuner in the penis, and the waist shocks, the penis is inserted into Li Yuner’s vagina, then flying quickly.

The unicorn’s penis was inserted into the vagina of Li Yun. I hurt my tears, the love liquid in the vagina also seems to be dry, she had to transfer the Yin Gong once again, and the waist is straight, and the picture is adapted to the penis of the unicorn.

Kirin did not detect the pain of the people under the birth. It still fierce, the big chickens flew in Li Yuner’s vagina, after a while, Li Yuner’s vaginal love has gradually increased, she feels not so painful I have gradually hit it, gradually, gradually, Li Yuner’s passion, charming, crazy swing stretched, fierce sports, so that Li Yuner’s powder, the breast, and around The shackles; she is awkward, and gradually changed to if there is no more intensive, the snow whiten skin also exfromes the grain of sweat.

Kirin also seems to be more excited, the two front legs will not be more tight, the top of the waist is more powerful, while plugging, one side is low, every time inserting, it is deep in the end.

Li Yuner feels that the penis of Kirin has become more and more thick, and the more it is, the plus, the unicorn’s penis is deeply inserted into her uterus. Li Yunner’s beautiful sorrowful, Qilin’s low, a voice into Li Yunlong’s ear, his penis is not from independent erection, winning a steel gun, he can’t help but look at the daughter and Kirin mating, while Hand holds his penis, masturbation.

After a long time, Kirin’s inserted faster, after more than 30 times of fast attack, fiercely put the penis deeply into the vagina of Li Yuner, and the front leg was tightly holding Li Yuner’s waist. Drag away, its lower body tightly holds Li Yuner’s hips, a depth of low, and a concentrated essence of the shells into the vagina of Li Yuner.

Li Yuner’s storm in Qilin, and the seventh time to the climax, the hot semen was injected, the hot Li Yuner was soft, and he felt that it was like Teng Yun, fluttering.

“Yun children, use Yin Gong, suck it Yuanyang!”

Li Yuner was awakened from the climax by Li Yunlong, rushing to show the yin, the vagina firmly locked the unicorn’s penis, the uterus made a strong suction, and the vagina’s tender meat is also exacerbated, with the hysters of the uterus, is The Qilin’s semen is dim to note, mad spray, the unicorn discovers the abortion, waiting to be up from Li Yuner, but the penis is firmly locked by Li Yuner’s vagina, and then not open.

Li Yunner raised his skill to the limit. The unicorn’s Yuanyang is more than, gradually unicorn no longer struggles, the body is gradually narrowing, Li Yuner’s lower abdomen is gradually boring, just have a seven or eight months of pregnancy.

Only an hour, the body of Qilin became dry, leaving only a skin blade skeleton, the small penis lost from Li Yuner’s small hole, Li Yuner flocked, sitting in the legs, “Yun, you succeeded Is it ?! “” Yes, Dad, I succeed! I have to go to the first time to resume the restoration of the Yuanqi. I just told me. “” Hey, is it cool? “” Dad! People are tired This way, you still joke people, I don’t care about you. “” Okay, Yun, you will work first, let’s take a while. “

Li Yunnia closed his eyes and started to work, and the graph recovered with the Yuanqi consumed.

After Li Yunnia closed his eyes, he slowly opened his eyes. Her abdomen did not be as drummed, but it was still very big, Li Yunlong saw her daughter’s success, I walked over and put her daughter. ” Good cloud, is it better? “,” Dad, it’s better, go back in the hole. “

“Okay, Dad hugged you back.” Said, Li Yunlong hugged Li Yun returned to Zi Xia Xianfu.

When I arrived in the hole, Li Yunlong didn’t wait to take off the clothes, and Li Yuner is about to go, “Dad, you are colorful, so anxious!” “Yun, Dad miss you, then you and Qilin mating to watch Dad It’s so anxious, Dad’s daughter is hurt, I want to furtink you. “” Dad, see you, my daughter also want you, Dad, people just have finished, the people do hard, small points now It hurts. “” Daughter, Dad will come gently, then, the Qilin Yuanyang you have learned will be able to adjust and will be effective. “” Dad, then you can’t make it bad. “” “” ” Dad will hurt you. “Li Yunlong sat well on the chair they usually practice, the cock was very like a steel gun, rough and big, Li Yuner separated his legs, sitting on the father of Dad, holding Dad Big dicks, alignment of your small gates, sitting, swallowing the men’s men root into the small hole, and starting without stopping.

Li Yuner’s non-stop, the snow-white hips kept twisting, bursts, snoring, slut, obscenity, not stopped from the ground, and jade buttocks are more beautiful, clip , Sucking, creep, moving more intense, making Li Yunlong and excitedly enjoying the wonderful taste, only her jade hip is very sitting, the twist is getting more and more faster, and the body is getting more and more strong, array The thrill of the array is also increasingly fierce, so he is excited to say: “Good … cloud … I am fine … don’t stop, the more you get better …”, at this time, Li Yunlong will see two There is only a long penis, and the daughter is constantly sitting, and sometimes it is not too much. Therefore, even more exciting, the high-rise buttocks are catering, so that the penis will be entered every time, enjoy the most comfortable pleasure.

“Dad, start, work …” Li Yunlong wake up in the daughter’s urgency, hurriedly contracted the heart, the end of the body, started to follow the heart of the day practice, with Li Yuner’s twist, Li Yunlong began to think The daughter’s small hole walked, hot, he was so comfortable, and the daughter’s uterus also seems to have a true gas to diamond on his glans. He hurriedly guided the real gas to run in the body. The real gas followed his guidance after running a week in his body, he returned to the clouds, and the loop was endless, and the father and the daughter had entered the state. For a whole three days, the father and the daughter are in the sex of me. Their two of them have been covered with a white fog. The gradually white fog has become purple, and the purple becomes more and more strong. The golden, sent a golden light, finally became pure gold, over time, Jin Guang gradually faded, turned into white, then changed the purple change, come back to nine times change, and recovered to colorless State, Li Yuner’s lower abdomen returned to the previous smoothing, more delicate, white.

“Yun children, we are practicing, good daughter, we finally practice.” “Dad, practicing, Qilin’s Yuanyang finally was exhausted, we succeed, you can go out, you can revenge for your mother.” “Yes, daughter, Dad is so happy!”

“Father and Daughter have been taking the same, Li Yunnia snuggles with the arms of Dad, Li Yunlong is tightly smashed with her daughter, happy is also kissing and hug,” Dad, just, you are so bad, big cock The little hole of the people is inserted into the womb. “Hey, 乖 daughter, don’t you want Dad’s cock?” The father never fucks. “Dad, you! Just finished the daughter, still jokes, and then jokes, I will never care about you later. “Good daughter, how can Dad jokes?” Walk, we go to push the tens of thousands of boulders. “The father and the two came to the place where the giant boulder described in Zi Xia real people. I saw the end of the cave. One piece of the heavy stone with a heavy weight blocked,” Daughter, as long as we push the stone, we You can go out, “” Dad, we push, Dad, you will push. ” “

Li Yunlong listened to her daughter, just stood in front of the big stone, put on the stone, miles god, put the whole body’s skill in both hands, fierce, drink! I saw that there was a rock, and finally fell down, and made a strong lime soil.

After the dust is exhausted, the passage has been opened, and the father and daughter are happy to run past. I saw the stone that was pushed down. It was in a deep pit, and it was like a stone to dig it from the deep pit. Like, it is strictly seamless, the front is a long passage, I don’t know where there is.

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