My wife has died for many years, I have been gotting with my woman, just quietly alone.

As a lonely person, the happiest, of course, is a time to reunite with his family.

Today, Helen-my daughter’s home visit, she is going to visit me from the school today.

My daughter’s home is a big happiness, so I want to welcome her warmly, preparing a sumptuous dinner for her home.

When she opened her red small Subaru car back home, the main course is ready to be on the table.


When I saw it when I came to the door, she was pleased to spend it over.

Just at the door, our father and the daughter hugs together.

“Welcome to go home, Helen.” I said.

When I walked in the house, my daughter gave me a surprise!

Although she left me, it was just a few months, but I found that she changed, a lot of change!

Before leaving home, she stabulated her black hair, then the flowery waterfall is soft, ups and downs, and tipped in her shoulders.

Now, the hair of the flowery is not seen, short!

It’s just a short hairstyle now, but it feels much better than before, but it is much more mature than before; before, she always wore glasses, now, her glasses are gone, change It became invisible, there is no glasses, her pair of charming tume added more charming and crystal; when she entered the school, it was only a pretty little girl, but today she came back, she He is growing, it is grateful, and it has become a big beauty.

I can’t help but, I can’t help but read her eyes.

“You cut the hair short hair, why not tell me?” I said.

“Yes, do you noticed? I changed the hair style, how do you think it is good?”

In front of me, she rotates her body.

When she turned, I found out that my daughter’s thin clothes did not wear a bra!

I am shocked, standing with her.

The meat stick in the crotch is actually awkward!

In order to cover my disturbance, I quickly said: “The new hairstyle is very good, it is very lined. Hey, come, I have already prepared dinner. But I still think that before eating, you have to get it. Let’s go. “

When I walked into the room, I turned into the kitchen and said that I would prepare meals, but I am in the kitchen, my mind is chaotic, what is can’t do, I have to turn around, slowly, slowly Sudden sexual desire.

When I have dinner, we have been talking about her school. Now, I can control my sudden surge in hormones, the whole person has become a water.

After the meal, we cleaned the table together, she packed the dishes on the desktop, I was busy cleaning.

After all, she came in and told me that she opened a long time, it was too tired, I really took a little break.

I kissed her forehead and said good as her.

I took into the living room, I sat down, turned on the TV and saw evening news.

As usual, there is no special thing in TV, but I just like it, I hope that I can follow the development of the times, and I will enter the times.

After reading a few minutes, I heard Helen called me.

I stood up, along her voice, walked toward the bathroom.

Behind the door, she is calling me: “Dad, I forgot to take a towel, please find one for me, can you?”

I let her wait for a while, open the wardrobe and find a piece for her.

When I turned around, the two eyes immediately, my head was bang …

my daughter…

My daughter actually stood at the door of the bathroom, and naked legs were slightly opened.

In her chest, the two groups of powder, white meat balls, like a ball that was cut into two happened, buckled in her naked chest, on her snow white breast, faint, Just on the touch of faint, each showing a light red, a few transparent small nipples. She waist is a slim, she is flat, the small abdomen is flat, slightly puts on her mully, a group of blurred, and the shame of the black is closely covered, and it is rolled out. Extend.

She has long, round, snow, full of youthful breath, also makes people feel that wildness is spread out from there; I completely clearly see her peach peach. Spring!

The strange thing is that her two legs seem to be a shameful ban, and the shame of the secret, there is no extends to the inside, and her is smooth, the color is slightly deep, like a small baked bread!

She is like that naked, she is wet, and she stands there, waiting for me to take a towel.

In an instant, I am in the body, the two legs are standing there, and they can’t move. It is like a root. Only two eyes are rounded, and I am smashed on her red strip. , My eyes, even if I don’t have much greed.

The wolf is extreme, but I can’t restrain myself!

Looking at my embarrassing appearance, she was happy, haha ​​laughed: “What happened? Look at you, there is a big surprise, did you have seen a woman’s naked? I haven’t seen me. Daughter’s naked? “

As I said, she didn’t look naked with her album. I came over to me, I was natural, and I took a towel from my slight shaking hand. .

“Although I said,” I can’t think of me stupid, I am in front of her to protest, “But when I finally saw it, I believe it is not such a picture!”

She laughed again, wrapped her snow white carcass with a towel, said: “I think, will not become so powerful. However, if I will make you uneasy, I will give you Apologize, Dad. “

She did not enter the bathroom, but she picked up the feet, kissed it on my cheek.

Obviously, her eyes have a mysterious, mysterious eyes, but also with a silky sly, a cumbersome charm flows in her eyes.

Kiss me, she turned to her bedroom.

Just in that moment, I couldn’t help but be a fullness. The two eyes did not help but look at her in a short bath towel again. It seems that they have been sucking with the magnet. I have been glaring in her. Part, from it, I guess it’s thick, fat!

Unconsciously, my husband began to react again.

I walked into my sleeping room, my heart is straightforward, I have been firmly contained in the sexual desire to live, and again.

Although I looked at TV in both eyes, I only know what I saw!

Naked, it is naked!

Is my biological daughter’s naked!

Obviously, her daughter has been a mature!

She has become a rich and kind woman from a little girl who is not more.

But how is it, in the end, she is my daughter!

I desperately scold myself, I dare not look again, and I still don’t let myself want yourself, lying on the bed alone.

However, in an instance of an instance, its attractiveness is really too great.

I have been calmly calmly calming the heart of the water. I couldn’t help but remember her snow-white body. I remembered her snow, the white breast, the rose is generally beautiful, and the wonderful and soft shameful shame. Her solid, thick, tightly flattened butt, I can’t stand it again, and the little guy who is unknown.

My hand did not know the following, holding the erectile meat stick, while adding the wonderful fantasy of the daughter’s physical flesh, sidelines in masturbation.

Many wonderful!

The more excited, the more excited, the more I have, and my hand is moving up and down.


I really can’t stand it!

Fast, the climax is coming! Just when my hand continues to speed up the speed, suddenly, the door is ringing, “Ye” is pushed open, at the door, there is a daughter’s figure, she is wearing pajamas, standing there Half of the small mouth, the feelings are surprised, I am watching me quietly, and I still don’t move.

Air, immediately solidified me, my hand still holds the meat stick, the meat stick is still very hard, the head is riding, and I don’t dare to draw again.

It’s just a “”, a turbid liquid, it is not suitable for spraying from my stiffer meat stick!

At once, I don’t know what to do!

In an instant, Helen’s expression must constantly change: shocking, do not believe, and finally it is a strong understanding.

She actually smiled slightly!

Shame, restless, after shocking, I confused for my daughter’s smile, because I saw it, it is a compliant smile and a smile.

More unexpectedly, she made a completely unexpected action. She turned to put the lights of the bed into a softness, and both hands slowly cut down, which was thin on her. Pajamas, with her hands, slowly slipped from her body, slowly slipped down.

She took off her clothes while walking along my bed.

Now, the turn is surprised.

Hand still holds the meat stick, but the mouth is bossard!

She regardless of my surprise, both eyes took me tightly, continuously taking off the clothes, constantly went to me.

Look at her appearance is like a lioness, a lioness that is estrus, a lioness that is going to hunt his prey.

God, she slowly walked, constantly twisted her fat and round butt, with her walking, the beautiful breasts in her chest were also moving forward.

Looking at everything in front of me, I am fascinated, just like being hypnotized, watching her swaying, I will move around, I can’t move anyone.

She went to bed and said quietly: “How good, Dad, for many years, every time, I will not help you think of Dad, even, I used to fantasize, finally one day, Dad When you take advantage of me, I quietly walk into my room, and I will admire me all night. How do I think, Dad, you will think of me? “

She exposed the instant smile on her face, slowly lame it, she lie down, she lie on me, just put her two white-raised legs, pressed on my legs, Then, she hugged me in both hands and stretched her with my sweet tongue, and slowly kissed my lips.

I felt that her pair of breasts were pressed in my chest, my head was “bang”, never wanting, and both hands were extremely naturally touched her smooth back, and looked down and down. .

Then, I slimged with my fingertips on her two hip flashes and smashed.

Look, she is emotional, she quickly moved down, touch my meat stick, tightly holding my hard meat stick, the other hand, put my head, pressing her breast .

No longer polite, I opened my mouth, picked up her, I have already made hard, and I tall it, almost transparent red nipples, force the lips to squeeze, suck it, the tongue tongue, the tongue .

She couldn’t stand it, and a slight snoring occurred in the mouth.

She finally knew that I am so powerful, she is embarrassed, but I didn’t let her, I will continue to use my lips to kill her nipple, but gradually aggravate.

Skating, twisting, she rubbed my meat with her hand, pulling me the big meat stick to her the most pressing place, putting her door to the hole.

I have already wet into a group!

I have no counted!

Gently, my big meat stick is easily slipped into her a small hole. Obviously, she is not a woman, but she has not given birth, her small hole is still quite tight, I can’t. The child plugged my meat stick in the end, and I can only get it at a point and go deep into it.

Her nipples have been hard, and they are standing on her and firm meat balls. My mouth left, slowly swim, I have just kissed her mouth, posted on her lips, deep Deep, kissed for a long time. Her breathing is anxious, her constant breathing, I spit out my tip of my tongue, gently reaching into her ears, gently riding her soft earlobe, the teeth are also gently shaping her. Pink neck.

From beginning to end, her hands are in my back, constantly touching, sliding, sometimes hard to press me, put me on her, urgently, I urge you to do her.

“Oh, how good! Do more beautiful! How comfortable.”

In the breath, the daughter screamed, “I used to, I have been in the fantasy, fantasy, my dear dad is like now, inserting his dick into the small hole of your own biological daughter, keep doing, Oh … oh … “

My daughter is constantly in the place where my pump is squatting.

Her snoring became a more powerful driving force.



The room is full of odor.

“Hey”, “Hey,” my penis was sleeved in a small hole of her daughter. It was wrapped in warm muscles tightly, grinding, bubble, I was dipped in her prostitution, constantly spying, meat stick Insert the sound of prostitution, specially listened to the soft room, especially harsh!

“Hey”, “Hey,” prostitute is ringing, “啪”, my lower abdomen, my pelvic bones hit her soft private place, issued a burst of rhythm.

In the “」 “,” 吱 “issued a wonderful shaking, Helen worked hard, she held my back, and the two legs were greatly opened, sometimes tightly Holding my hips, put me hard, pressing me in her private parts, and let me insert her deeply.

“Oh, Dad, my father, you finally do your daughter!”

She continually twisted her beautiful buttocks, I am in the mouth, “Oh, beautiful, beautiful, my father, how will you do it, my daughter will die.”

“Is it comfortable, dear?”

While plugging, I asked warmly.

“Comfortable, I am very comfortable.”

The daughter is in the embarrassment: “Dry, hard, right, deep, and then deep. I … oh, I …”

She screamed.

I slowly smoke my thick and long big meat stick, then suddenly, I suddenly put all my daughter’s small hole, with my deep inserted, Helen must tightly One is a stretch, I have a “”, then, the two legs twitched hard, tightly licking my ass, for a long time.

It is necessary to top her twice, my butt is tightly convulsted, inserted in the cavity of the meat stick, the smooth glans passed softly through her spin, her finger is slightly fiddling, and Shaking, it is softly loosened her legs.

I pulled the meat stick, then, the lower body was inserted and deeply inserted into her warm, wetted small hole …

The light is secluded, and the sound of men and women in the dark lights, and wheezing.

For a time, the bed shake, hip twin, the meat and the meat hit each other, the meat stick was twisted in the small hole, and the “” of the obscenity was more heavy, it was obscene odor, the odor of the incest Under the father’s body, the father’s meat stick in the little hole of the daughter, that is the experience of my father, I have never tried it, excitement makes me feel uncomfortable, and the thrill of the incest is another speed to meet unprecedented. Quick, creep, like a naughty child, pull it hard, lick, grind, clamp, like spoiled, like teasing, tightly wrapped me, I don’t know how tired meat stick!

I also know that the climax of my daughter is coming.

I know, my climax is coming!

“Hey, Dad, I have to vent it.”

The daughter screamed and screamed long.

“Oh, look, wait for Dad, Dad will also vent it, let our father and daughter vent it together.”

I am also yelling.

Jitter, a burst of fun from the horse’s eyes, my semen is mad, collide with the depths of the daughter’s uterus.

With the jitter, we have discharged together! The man who vented his body was exhausted on the bed, quietly listening to the daughter in my ear.

She told me that she used to make love with the school boy, when she made love, she always imagined, in her phantom, cross her, tried to give her happiness, not someone else But it is her father, her father of birth.

At the beginning, she felt that her morality, she felt shameful, I hope that the feeling disappears.

But she can’t do it, the feeling of feelings, the more frequent, the more strong.

She has never given up, and she has never stopped!

Only imagine that she can be satisfied in her father.

When I listened to her, I don’t know what to say, I just feel that I have been comforting for many years. I have been comforted today. It is a wonderful feeling.

I didn’t chaos my daughter’s topic, I just listened quietly, enjoy it.

However, excitement, I always be afraid, in the end, Helen is my daughter, is my daughter who is born with his wife!

Helen didn’t care what I thought. After she muttered, he heard it, and like a snake, he was in the swim, swim in my body, holding my meat stick with his hand, put the head down.

The meat stick, it is weak, and it is not angry.

But she doesn’t mind, open his mouth, swallow the meat stick in the mouth.

Her legs across my face, the girl’s pussy is in front of my eyes, it is completely for taking me, her buttocks keep moving on my face, the sexy twist other I am excited.

She was holding my meat with his hand, and he continued to push up. After a while, he opened her sexy little mouth, spitting out her red little fragrance tongue, constantly picked up on my smoothness, Her tongue tongged my horse, cool my hand tightly, let’s release it again, tightly hold the sheets, I don’t know how to vent, just keep the head, smashing the neck The mouth is constantly open, but it is O-type, but it is not called.

She turned her head, looked at me, laughed, the tongue was laminated on my glans, and I used the tip of the tongue and picked it with the tip of the tongue. I don’t know how to learn from there.

I am dead!

I am dying!

She smiled and smiled, and slowly leaned down, my hard meat stick, bit, didn’t get into her cherry in small mouth, then, her soft lips clamped it tightly, hardly One brunt, quickly contained, in the 舐, her early mouth filled with a mouthful of mouth is still muttered, I don’t know what to say.

I don’t care, I have no comment on her opinion, with my fingers, and slowly insert it with her grain chrysanthemum.

When the finger entered her little chrysanthemum, she first looked in the mouth, turned back and looked at me, then her chrysanthemum was tightly tightened, holding my finger, tight, refused to relax.

However, that is hard to fall, I am getting strength, I’m going to go in.

Her head, the butt was lifted, the little mouth was stuffy, in my finger, under my eyelids, her ass, one, the scene, moving, teasing My finger brings her anusal muscle, pressing hard, with my hardship, her asshole has formed a small vortex; then, my finger slowly pulled out, with my finger Take it, her gray muscles are also tightly stuck in my fingers, truly!

The daughter’s butt, white, round, shaking on my face, from her separate two legs, I clearly saw her color deep petals, her Qiong meat The hill is separated, the bright red beef sews is full of turbid skin, the brown small buds spit, with the ostrich of the climax, especially attractive, I can’t stand, the tongue spit it out, Start to taste the hypothesis of my semen and my daughter.

My tongue found the red small clitoris, the tip of the tongue, she seems to have no strength, but the buttocks sit down on my face, I use the tongue to sweep her soft meat, Stickled on her cough hard, sliding up and down, she sat down, tightly stuck my face, ahead of constantly, my nose is deeply pressed In her small hole, I have to find the gap to pick up and breathe deeply.

On the side of the kinky tags, her little mouth is always in my big meat stick, the tongue is tongue, the tongue is rubbed, the lips are clamped, it is so good, see her So serious, then fans, she has completely forgot who she is, she can’t remember that she is my daughter, and I can’t remember that I am her father. She is just a woman, one and men are happy. Woman, enthusiasm, persistent, thin woman! The tip of the tongue picked her little bud, my hands were tightly held with her flexible hip meat, separated by force, and the fingers inserted into her anus. She loudly, hard Twisted, as if encouraging me to do her.

The daughter’s ass is in the same time, holding my fingers tightly, the clitoris expands, the small hole is open, the muscle in the small hole is slowly moved, her two lips tightly, hardcover The meat stick, the meat stick is in her no mouth, the speed is getting faster, my finger is faster and faster.

The peristalsis of the muscles is intensified!

The frequency of the rich is accelerated!

That is the frequency that the man can’t bear, I think, I am going to vent it.

However, I can’t vent it, I can’t discourage so easily!

I pushed her to the bed, she kneelted on the bed, tall highly, and greeted her round, greet me, the mouth is constantly embarrassing: “Come, Dad, come to dry Let me. “

I slammed in bed, and my hand continued to move with meat sticks. The eyes were only moving slightly, and a group of wolf.

“Come on, Dad, come on, oh, I can’t stand it!”

The daughter’s butt is constantly twisted, in the twist, her little mouth is singing the voice of the hook.

After the mentality is adjusted, the numbness of the spine disappears, I can continue to control the little wild horse in front of you.

I support me that is still full of saliva’s saliva, facing her slightly open small hole, the lower body is very straight, and gently, the meat stick is “”, There is no root.

“Yeah! How good! How wonderful!”

The daughter is full of stretches, and the mouth is in the mouth.

The sound is the best encouragement!

I forgot, in both hands holding her daughter’s ankle, “” my lower body constantly hit Helen’s fat hips and issued a crisp impact.

“Well, um, um.”

In the constant impact, Helen’s small mouth is constantly attached.

“Hey, oh, oh.”

The meat stick has continually drawn out, keeps inserting, the daughter’s small hole is always using it warm, slippery, and grinds the flipping of his father’s meat stick.

“Hey, Dad, my good father …”

In the daughter’s snoring, the glittering prostitutes continually with the meat rod, the stagnation of her small hole, slowly, sliding down, the small river is full, flooding, then moisturizing her thick Fangcao, as prostitution continues to increase, and slowly drip towards the bed.

“Hey” daughter’s body is constantly moving, like a small wild horse, I don’t know how tired in the boundless wilderness.

Take it, insert, then take it, then insert, I seem to be a strong rider, it is desperately trying to rush, go to the distance, go to the boundless world, galloping.

“Fast, oh, too beautiful!”

The daughter is called, “” Fast, Dad, fast, deep, right, and then deepen. “

In the daughter’s snoring, my meat stick took out at full speed, when the smooth glans still stayed in her plenty of water, I immediately put it on the depths of her body.

“Fast, do it, do it, do my father, do it. I am so comfortable!”

In my room, the lights were faint, softly illuminated on the daughter, the daughter’s clenish flesh, already covered with sweat, and the sweat flashed in the soft light.

Bed shaking!


My lower body is constantly horing.

In each of my horses, my daughter’s body moved forward again and again, her pair of solid, abundant breasts, continuously swinging …

Sound, muscles hit the sound, the shaking of the bed is full of this small room. Everything is such a sensuality, sensual incest, happening under this secluded light, happening in this quiet night …


In Helen’s embarrassment, her ass succeeded in a position, her hole began to gradually squeezing, tightly resisting, resisting the invasion of the meat stick.

I am like a brave warrior, waving Jin Ge once again breaking through her defense, straight down the Huanglong, and gently touched her fingers.

Helen trembles, in her constant trembling, the gravity of a burst of creep, tightly sucking my meat stick, took it into her body deeply.


Yet another …

The creepy creeps of the small hole is more urgent, like the child’s sucking, tightly clipped with my meat stick, a burst of suction straight into my heart …

Just at the time, my spine was aae, I was difficult to pull myself, and the meat rod was played in her small hole. With each elastic, a group of semen was incentive, straight to her body Place.

I am ejaculation again!

When I was ejaculation, my daughter’s mouth “Ye” is straight and straight, first is moving, then slowly falling in bed …

I am out of my whole person.

She is tired of her whole person.

Night is so warm.

On your father’s bed, lying two people: one is a father, the other is his daughter.

Under the secluded light, the father and two jealousy jade legs were added, and they didn’t sleep in the sinking …

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