The first chapter Dad’s first time and daughter did love 1 I personally experienced a marriage, and later I knew that the lover had done her dad. From, I had a strong interest in incest.

I have had a lover before, and I have no intention to know her with her dad.

That is in the summer of 94 years, her husband went to Yantai tour, at night, she told me to stay in the back door. After I went, I found that she was drunk, full of mouth, always ignored himself.

I advise her to pay attention to the body, but she said that I don’t think about her, I said no, if you dislike her, you won’t come, no matter what I will disappear.

She cried and said that she was born in two, and did his family with his dad. I have been shocked, my heart has a strong sexual impulse, I did 3 times with her, while I asked, she also intermittently explained the entire process, from there, I fell in love with father, public, novel.

She told me that the first time was holding two small back to her family after being ignored with her husband. Her mother waited for her.

His dad did a small hotel in the city. There was no guest, 10 o’clock after closing, two small troubles, she saved the child, his dad looked, the child was crying. His dad took out a hundred yuan to fight children, and the child smiled. He said, talking about the divorce, her dad is very supportive, she is crying in my dad.

His dad hugged her to talk about the future, saying that I didn’t play my wife after divorce. At this time, her tits have risen, giving her dad to sanitary paper milking, her dad took out the paper and looked at her and hit it.

Her Dad said that her tits were so good, her husband didn’t cherish my blessing. Her Dad said that she would like to see her tits, she said that Dad is not good, his dad said that there is no way to look at it and take her left milk, wipe out the milk.

His dad said that Ni Your mother is waiting for you, I will see you below, she can’t do it. His dad hit her and said that I gave me money to let me see. (In our age, Dad is called big)

She said, big, women’s bottom is the same, nothing is good, her dad said, let me see it, always stand with you.

When she said, she said that she can’t really do it, big, you will look at it. And picked up a small shirt and a bra, and his dad buried his head into a deep smell, left and right, two hands were posted on both sides of the two breasts.

A heavy truck outside the door, a whistle, the two were separated at the same time, and after the opposition, his dad said that his grandmother’s half-hockey is not pulling the night.

She laughed and said, his dad hugged her and said that Xiao Er wouldn’t wake up. She said that I went to see, I went to the room to see the child’s sleep, just sit down on the bed, seeing the child, I will come in and see the child to sleep.

His dad said to her, Ni, you came out with me to scratch it. After his dad, he sat in the sofa, his dad, lined up the clothes bow, let her scratch, next to the side below. His dad said that I also scratched you, she said, big, don’t put it, my dad picks up her bloody shirt to solve her breasts, and she has a black sputum in the middle of her back. Dad said, “Nichere, Nicole is so big.”

She said, “I am not awkward, I’m not so big!”

The big says, “Your spine is so white, I’m so good”, “said stretching arms pressed on the double breast. His dad grabbed the breast, refers to the nipple with the eaten, “Nie, let you let it go, you have a big wave”, she said, “Don’t don’t do it, others know it!”

His dad said “No one knows, the Tiandu is late, I lock the door, your mother is not at home, the second is also sleeping, and the old fat home in Zhuang Li is also like this.”

Slowly, her body has a reaction, recalling her husband to hit her, and the psychological line began to loosen. Anyway, I have to divorce my husband, but I do my father, I will give my father to support the waist. Do it.

She said to Dad, “Big, you really want it?” Well, she should be in great loud sound.

“You can’t let others know! I don’t stand if I can stand.”

“Reassure, let me know if this is killed, let me get together, do you look at the big chickens?”

Said that her dad took her left hand pressed in her crotch, she felt a thick and long-growing thing in her trousers, and grabbed it with her hand. He looked at Nie.

Her dad turned her face to face, holding her hands tightly. Said, “Nie, you are really a good or big woman, walk, go to the bed,” said that it is standing up and pulls her to go to the master bedroom to overwhelmed her.

His dad was like crazy to solve her belt, she closed her eyes and closed her father and took off her pants and trousers.

I saw the daughter’s snow white carcass, slender white tender thighs, fine waist, rushing breasts from rolling, cracks under the incapacity closed. She is not hung in bed, shy and holding thighs, I am embarrassed, because that is her dad, I used to make her love to love her, but she is very nervous tonight, it is very famished, so I can’t move. Maintaining the status quo.

The second chapter Dad’s first time with her daughter to make love 2 her father separated her thigh, and the pin was completely exposed to her daughter’s private parts, and the big open thigh root covered the moon. The thick and soft coil can’t hold the micro-labia, the vaginal mouth is slightly closed, and the red clitoris is protected.

Seeing the genitals of the biological daughter, her dad directly took her mouth to her, using his tongue to lick her labipings, and back and down.

Slowly, she reacted has water, shy saying “big, you don’t lick people itchy,” His dad looked up, “Nie, you are so powerful, you are so good, you are big. Can’t stand it, I want you to day. “

It’s rushing to take off your clothes.

Her Dad said, “Ni, you will see the big chick!” She closed her eyes, “I don’t want to see.”

Her dad picked up her hand on her big dick.

(I am sorry, I can’t say it, just listen to me that the lover gives me, I also express my good expression, anyway, I have written it, give you a reference, this story is absolutely true, I am eager Arrived)

Then, she closed her mind to grab her big chicken, I feel so hot, I want to see it and I am embarrassed, I used to take myself, I’m going to pull it a few times, he said, “Hey slow slow Point, Ni gives me really awkward, can’t do it, how can I force your forced. “

After talking about her whitening legs, the waist rod will go to the yin, but it is not in the vagina, but she felt that she felt couldn’t help but smile.

She said, “Big, you didn’t get it, his dad said that you gave a big shot, and the price of the day.” She closed his eyes and didn’t talk. I nodded.

She exposed her hands with her own lips and said “It’s big, you slow down,” said Dad said, “Good Ni, you can rest assured, your big to Chairman” guarantees gentle to you. “

In the moment of his dad, he and her dad were at the same time, but his dad daddy, her pointed.

Her dad is unhappy, every time I go, I will do it in the way, I can’t hate the whole person. She turned blocked her big arms, as I joked out.

Over time, she feels that her feelings are more and more strong. The squats are not compliment with their own rhythm. She feels that her big chick is getting faster and faster, and the experience tells her to know that it is fast, and she opened her eyes. “Big, paper?” The eyes of the eyes were sweating in her, and his dad said, “I forgotten, on the bed of bed, I will say it!”

Take a rush, suddenly, she suddenly moved to the top.

She felt a hot flow in the lower body, knowing it. (Note; We have implemented family planning, her two boys, in the two bodies in 4 months, the female dress)

She felt that she said, “Big, you slowly pull out, no paper, I have a hand, I’ll blocked, I can’t get it on the list.” Her Dalian should be, “Ni you are blocked? I pulled it. “

Slowly pulling out, she immediately grabbed the lower body with her hand, turned over to the bed to squat down, let the father’s semen in the pool, the brain feels like dreaming.

In the bathroom feelings, I came to the bedroom to see him to take the paper. I was wiping my penis. She gave birth to her, and I took a piece of paper. She said to rub it. She shy took a piece of paper. Half half Wipe, throw it into the trash, with the other half, in the genus, quickly put on the trousers, use the hand to germit your messy hair, put the small-eyed shirt, say: “Big, I I’m going to bed!”

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