This time and my daughter Xin Rong went back to the south to sweep the tomb. In order to avoid the suffering of the festival, the special train, the ticket did not bought it in advance, I had to hide the train with Xin Rong.

My wife has passed the world a few years ago. I am with my daughter, and my father’s feelings are very deep. With the past year, my daughter is also slim, and more beautiful.

In fact, the 18-year-old Xin Rong was originally a beautiful woman, and the body was well slept, and the short skirt that was fitted. He added her good figure to modify more perfect, and the tight narrow skirt was equipped with a pair of legs, and the magic of the beauty was gave to the highest point.

This day, I saw the fresh-red skirt of Xinrong, and the thin cotton narrow skirt caches a touch of lush pants symbolized. She tied the long hair to the back and showed the beauty of beauty. White silk shirt I can’t see the white shoulder strap of her lace bra, ruthlessly constrained her own and strong twins.

Today, the coincidence is the Ching Ming Festival and the weekly vacation. One night before the spring holiday, the train station in the evening, and all the travers of the travelers are raging. With the tide of the tide, it is hard to squeeze on the train, but there is almost the room for almost turning around. After the car passed C city, the compartment was more squeezed, but it was between the people, and I had been crowded with Hin Rong. I didn’t feel anything yet, but as the train shakes, Xin Rong’s crisp is rubbed between my thoracic and abdomen, and my little brother is stuck in her belly (I have a head than my daughter). Although we all wanted to move a seat, avoid this embarrassing scene, but we can’t move in the car, then, the more embarrassing situation happened, my little brother actually a column on this time.

I stayed, and time seems to be stagnant. Seriously, at that time I didn’t have any evil ideas for Hinong, which was purely a physiologically response. Of course, she will know what happened. And I am full of sweating, the more I want the little brother, the more it is hard. I feel that my daughter’s hard breast is light. I will touch my body for a while, the time to take the bus, I only remember my little brother has been on the daughter, and her crisp is close to me.

Although it is very embarrassing, she didn’t speak, there have been a chance to transform the posture, but she has no action. And just between this grinding, it is.

When we returned to my car, my thoughts were only in the legs of the daughter’s legs, and her snow’s legs had most half of the short skirt.

On the way home, we have not spoken, I have been thinking, what is my daughter thinking? Will she think I am a big color wolf? Is she angry? But I didn’t dare to ask her.

However, when we want to go to the highway, encounter a large-scale national road, like a parking lot, and because of the sudden heavy rain in the old sky, the rain is constantly, there is, I have to decide to exchange the channel and change the provincial road.

When the car opened to L city, it was already 7 o’clock in the evening, the rain is too big, the black paint ink, the visibility may probably only five or ten meters, I have to temporarily stop in the roadside, just wait In the journey, she feels that some different loves are quietly looked at each other quietly, and there is no one for a long time, and the other side is half a sentence, the silent atmosphere flows in the car.

I have been deeply looked at her eyes. She didn’t say anything again. It didn’t seem to panic because of my accidental move. I extended out the right hand of the original driver’s drive, slowly but firm and powerful Divided Xin Rong took over and took a bite on her left her cheek. Xin Rong did not have a fierce resistance, I sure and gently touched her thigh, and I can know her with her action. I can know her. I didn’t refuse, I kissed her Xiangli, and my hands began to become uneasy.

I have no more thanks, I started to go upstream in her carcass, moved from behind the crisp, I gently rubbed the Hin Rong’s breast, acorn, and I can feel the gradual hardening of the two nipples. . When I fell to her lower abdomen, I went up and down, I kept in the Arbor’s thigh, and the right hand heavier in her breasts. It is not polite, and the clothes and bra are smashed; Hips, extrusion and rub! The teeth changed to the bite, bite Xin Rong whispered, and the aroma had a deep snippet.

“… um …”

I don’t satisfy the hands, I’m stroking my daughter skating, she is wearing a light purge underwear, and I have already smashed Xin Rong’s kindness, rose. Colored tissue is particularly attractive under the street lamp. With my hand, I rubbed this for the beautiful and strong double milk. Xin Rong’s breast was stroked. It’s very touched. Hin Rong enactively wants to break free, but it’s just in vain, I use my fingers to touch my daughter. Silk is delicate and delicate skin, from the sore throat, the happiness, Xin Rong’s whole body is capable of moving the carcass, and the lower body is a constant lascivious water. It is already wet. I can see that she has been emotional, starting sucking and squeezing, knowing that Xin Rong has desirable, I can why I have a good fortune, so I hold Xin Rong’s soft and lower limbs, gentle and gently move my mouth to Xinrong. The fragrant ivory is like a delicate and smooth neck, kissed in the neck of Xin Rong as jade, Hin Rongyi licks his neck.

I put the tongue into Xin Rong’s ear and bite her tempting earlobe. The daughter comfortably breathed, and the breath was sweet. At a glance, I wanted to push me away, but I didn’t have a half point forces. My tongue hurriedly wanted to reach Xin Rong’s Tanlou, my mouth opened Hinong’s lips With the tongue, I lick her neat, white teeth, as I kept invading, Xin Rong did not consciously Zhang Shanxi, giving up his tight tooth re-opened, I took the tongue and immediately spit out the tongue, the tip of the tongue The gums of Rong have picked up, she had to come up with the lips, and our two lips are closely attached; I am stealing in my mouth, excitedly teasing Xin Rong, she can’t restrain myself The incense tongue, tangled with my tongue, let me breathe the sputum of the spray, and my daughter finds that I am inherited that I am warmly responding to my entangle, my lips leave Xin Rong’s lips, her daughter reach out The sliding tongue is intertwined with my tongue in the air. Xin Rong has never experienced it, and the kiss can actually produce such a big pleasure.

A few minutes, Xin Rong kissed her face, neck kissed and smashed with the breast, and the body burst into a burst, could not help but tremble and whispered, and the hands did not consciously. I didn’t know the two buttons in my hands and unknown. In the daughter, I inserted into her lavender bra, and pinched Xin Rong’s breasts. The delicate feeling makes me feel unbearable, and the pleasure of Xin Rong is kneading. From time to time, I will make her hard-old red nipple, let the daughter make a sound suppression.

I looked up at the charming red lips of Xin Rong’s good flushing, and I made a smile. I know that I can put the beautiful and colorful escape today. I took the head and put her breasts. I looked at the entrance. I got up to pick up Xinrong’s skirt. I looked at her lavender tightny pants. I was a little wet. Under the pants package, fat and beautiful genital contour make me original The high desire has become unpacking, I want to take off my thong’s dip pants, I have alert to the Xin Rong, who is not lost, solemn, and I want to be placed in the back row since I just put it. Climb up on the seat.

Seeing my daughter against and remembered, I quickly crushed the body, pressed the body of Xin Rong, one hand played with her beauty, and another hand was separated by her underwear, slow Xinrong’s desire to be The teasing is getting striped, and the heart is getting more and more bold to me. She wants to be ignored by her whisker, it is not being inserted by his penis.

Finally, the daughter also tolerated my hand to the underwear to play with her sleek beauty, but whenever I wanted her thong to take off her dip pants, a little ingredients who would remain in burning, let her immediately Underwear is pulled.

I only replace the penis in the penis in the Xin Rong, the soft and smooth vagina. I can’t hold the Xin Rong. I can’t hold anything, my hands hugged my head, Tan Capitalless waves, the snoring is getting bigger and bigger, and the sound of the car, the rain is mixed, and more intense.

I want to fire in Xin Rong and the cockroaches, I can’t control it again, I am privacy, I am afraid that I can’t hurt Xin Rong. Looking at the daughter is relatively determined, I know that today is very means of use, otherwise I am afraid that there is no chance in the future.

Xin Rong enjoys the incapacitated pleasure of my finger, I feel that I am too absurd today, although I haven’t lost myself, just now, now make her want to stop, use a hand to close the underwear, and use double The legs are tightly entangled in my hips to prevent me from taking off her thong.

I saw Xin Rong closed a pair of eyes, completely indulge in the pleasure of the carcass, quietly pulling his trousers chain, gently pulling the underwear, and fell out of the penis that was already hard as iron. I secretly open her panties next to it, continue to flush with your fingers in the vagina, and another hand put the penis to the vaginal mouth of the daughter, and the body showerped forward, hands with the hip of Hutong , The body is moving forward, putting a daughter’s legs on the shoulders, and the penis is quickly inserted into the finger, and it is very comfortable. Hin Rong has not yet yet yet, I have tight my penis, but because the prostitutes in the vagina are more inserted, I am inserting and not difficult, and I started to hurt, the penis is constantly entering and out, and the venting has been tolerated A long time to fire.

“Ah … you …” Xin Rong suddenly lifted her with her attractive legs on the shoulder, and the feeling from the vagina became more fulfilling, deep and comfortable, let her call out of the self .

At this time, Xin Rong knew that he lost his belt, suddenly felt that his heart fell into the abyss, the so-called bottom line was completely finished, she was adulted by her father, and I wanted to push me, but she is my opponent, only I can let me have a beautiful macro gang rap to her, my penis Hin Rong is a strong impact, which has a strong impact, so that her wants to rose, the feeling of the carcass does not lose because her reluctance is not willing. More strong.

Slowly Xin Rong gives up the resistance, under the driving of the carcass, she can’t help my bloody soy sang, while the carcass is completely betrayed, and the active catering my strength. Insert, the daughter is completely lost in this sex.

I saw that Huan Rong has accepted the fact that was adultery, and they were proud of pumping the penis. It calmly took his pants and Xin Rong’s skirts, underwear, and the daughter took the initiative to separate the thigh. , Pay your own beauty to my trapeting.

“Baby, is it comfortable?”

“Shu … service … 唔 ….” In my three questions, Xin Rong, who was full of red, was answered.

I am grouped with the Hin Rong’s climax, and I will teach her to increase her body and psychological pleasure. Xin Rong’s honey godged honey pockets tightly clamped my meat stick, I felt that the warm body temperature in her point, slippery, I was really cool, I held Xin Rong, I couldn’t help but Pump. Xin Rong “… …”

I know that Xin Rong is covered by obscenity. She defaults to her adultery to her, so I vigorously pushed. The daughter’s full carcass is extremely soft, not comparative, pressed above, like hurting the damask, the silk, that kind of fine, slippery feeling simply makes me fascinated. Ah, Xin Rong’s body is completely me. Everything in Xinrong is owned by me. I seem to be a conquerous conqueror, enjoy the wonderful carcass of Xinrong exquisite. I sucked her Tan sanxia, ​​I kissed Xin Rongqi’s fine breast. When I was very excited, I’m more powerful, and I walked me more and more, she reached out to touch my hair Tan.娇 连 连: “Oh, oh, oh, …” I have picked up Xin Rong every time, oh, oh, 呻 吟, 叫 喊 喊 那 那 性 性 性 性 性 性 性

I looked up, kneeling in Xin Rong, I enjoyed the plug. Under the plug of my daughter, my daughter’s breath hurriedly, my face flooded with hot and red, I smashed her daughter and kissed her daughter affectionately, and I was a sexy softness of the daughter. tongue. As I picked up the speed, my meat stick only took the glans in the flesh of Hin Rong, so that the next time inserted more deep, every plugged down, daughter’s cervix, Make her vagina contraction. I am more comfortable, and I move the big meat stick in my daughter’s body.

Under the continuous fierce, Hin Rong hugged me, the voice of 呻 吟 is also more strong, I feel that the daughter’s vagina is closer, give me a strong pleasure, I know Xin Rong wants The climax, and I am also refined, the penis is a strong last sprint in the daughter’s honey.

Finally, a strong pleasure hit, I and Xin Rong, “Ah ………”, I also reached the climax at the same time and my daughter, the penis arrived at Hinong’s honey, Sperm strongly rushed into the daughter’s uterus and binds to the egg of the daughter. We hug each other, I looked up for a long time, full of love, I looked at my daughter. Xin Rong also looked at me with affectionate love. Everything is inhere.

I low-headed and Hin Rong’s deep-eyed, hug each other, from today, we are no longer a father, but a love.

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