1, pick the water spirit straight, watch itself wearing underwear, lying on the bed. God! Suddenly, I remembered the car, and I was rapid to fly toward my mother and daughter. The water is scared, and the sweat is unsettled.

“Linger, you are awake!” A strong man in the age of 50 rushed over to put her tightly, “You can’t leave Dad, your mother is gone, now this home is only Our father is! “The voice is abnormal, so that the original frightened water is quietly squatting in his father’s arms.

Waterling is the smallest in the home. It is the baby’s baby. Now the mother is in another world. Only the father is reliance, only the father’s moisture, her fragile tender seedlings can thrive.

At this time, the people outside the house heard the sound and came in. One of the Hai Niang pulled the water and persuaded: “Xiaoli, the people in the village know you and your mother, but you should pay attention to yourself. Body, even if you don’t think yourself, I should think about your dad, your brother, your sister is already in the house, you can take care of him around your dad, you only have you, you have a good, you can call it. How do you live your dad! “

“Hey! Poor baby, just sixteen years old, no mother, no wonder, the low voice outside the window passed into the ear of the water.

The water is flowing with tears. In this way, the Shui Ling spent a week with infinite pain and sorrow.

The water spirit came out from the mamma, helping the father’s housework. Strong He Kang also began to be a branch of old farmers. His dark skin and strong muscles are everywhere in a strong strength, a firm, hardworking man, is moving out of the dark, and an exterior, the father and the father have been a month.

“Dad, I will go with you.” The hydraulin pulpted the throat water and said to He Kang. Dow up and work, I heard the sweet voice of your own little daughter. The movement couldn’t help but suddenly, my heart was hurting, “” There is a woman you can’t help you. Dad can walk. “Original her mother.” When he is alive, he will not let this little daughter is involved, so it is very little to take her to the field.

Water spirit went to the father, and the soft hands climbed to He Kang Guang naked arm. “No, people stay in the family are panicked. Dad take me!” Subcommitteed with a woman’s unique enchanting.

He Kang couldn’t help but, how did the little daughter of the shame this week will sprinkle himself. When her mother is dead, she never has been so hot, but she is just with her mother. Today, he found a family from his daughter’s soft voice.

Shui Ling saw that Dad only glanced at himself, but he didn’t answer, so his wrist was shocked, the body was also twisted, and the father was shaking his father. “It’s good!”

He Kang only felt that it was shot, and the current spread from the wrist. What did you have in my heart in my heart, I don’t conscious, I don’t conscious, I am stupid: “Ok, good!” The sound is unexpected. “That’s going.” The water is satisfied with the reflection of Dad, and it is a sweet smile to him. The arms are naturally circulated, let it close their chest, double milk does not look for traces Friction, he has to say that the development of this body is still very satisfied, the girl’s style, the chest is already in size, and it is estimated that the future development prospect is very big!

He Kang did not dare to bow, he could only pick up the tool to go to the ground. But the less dare, the more clear, the more clear, the soft touch, full of strong, that is the breast of his wife, the breasts that are still quite a mother, at this moment they are crowding their arms, he only feels a share Personally pass the back of the back, the sky! He hard, it was hard to be hard by the breasts of their own born women! Damn, the old gun with bullets hinders her own, only feeling difficult.

“Dad, drink bowl of water.” The water is walking towards the father, He Kang looked at the people who carefully wandered to himself, and the movements were very charming with the girl, plus the pure small face, He Kang In the pharyngon, how did he find that his ordered a woman is so attractive!

He Kang only felt that it was so volatile, and unconsciously took a step near his daughter, dragged the white jade little hand holding the water bowl, gently touched. Water spirit is charming, Bai Meijun is in a soft, causing the more thirst in He Kang.

“What are you doing, pick it up!

“Ah? Oh!” Hearing the complaints of the little daughter, He Kang’s heart palpitations, like not equally, with a slight stimulation, I feel that my breathing is getting more and more urgent, I have never been comforted. I am now ready to move.

Water spirit is satisfied with the father’s eyes and stays, I feel funny, “Oh!” The body did not stand firm, and the body will fall on the ground. He Kang reflexive reached out, the strong arm of the soft jade in arrained circles. Water spirit is attached to the broad arms of his father, and his body is close to him. Does not leave a slice, her left hand is inadvertently pressing the meat stick he has already hard, the powder is close to the strong chest, hot blowing father’s Heart. The fascinating He Kang bowed his head smell the girl’s breath, and he couldn’t help but kiss the daughter’s cheek. Shui Ling also looked up with his father, reached out to his father’s neck, Zhangkou stretched the tongue waiting for his father’s moisture. Sure enough, Dad’s tongue chased soft and thin tongue, in her mouth, mixed with her, insisted on her Thinwlings. The smart tongue is like hiding, wants to refuse to welcome, and it is more eager to do it.

He Kang put the big mask around his mouth, do not leave a slit slit, greedy sucking in Xiangjin in the mouth, not letting any drop, will be included in his mouth, and the two lips are emitted The sound of obscene “,!”, But also stimulates his desire, hurting his waist, slowly decline, and smashing the two sexy hips.

“Well, um!” The sensitive body of the water is smashed by He Kang.

He Kang was obsessed with the obscenity silver silk between the two people. He did not help but kiss on the reddish cherry.

“Dad, are you thirsty? To grab the mouth with Linger.” The sound of the sound is soft, and the water spirit will return the reality.

“Damn, what are I doing?” He Kang looked at his own hands, God! When the child fuck, he almost got their girlfriend! He Kang’s heart has a self-blaming.

“Dad, you eat my mouth is good!” Water Spirit continued to teas, but the face is a purple world. He Kang listened to this, almost lined up by his saliva, breathing is very urgent, just a little soft penis is hard again, “Then, is the woman who likes Dad to eat your mouth?” Sound moves The intersteration of your own daughter and hoarse.

“I hate it! I don’t tell you.” The water spirit is slightly red, the little fist is blamed, and the father’s chest is very polite.

He Kang was smashed by her daughter, and the brain constantly returned the tempting and talented, the desire to ask him to do anything, and the eyes were slightly sweeping, the big hand After leaving the crotch, I fantasically imagined that the little daughter was able to die. I was so moving my own penis. The hips quickly moved quickly. I had a bloating on the penis that was blocked, and the moment was shot. Its essence.

He Kang organizes good pants, looking at the direction of the little daughter to disappear, how to face her in the future, how can I dispose? I don’t know what I don’t know.

2. After entering the feelings, I ran back home and prepared to wash your hands. I have to admit that she is a love of Sad, and she not only has the desire of prey, but also gets his heart. She is in touch with her man, the most admired man is my father, and I have passed the sex of my parents. I especially like the father’s black and black, and the green richest rose.

The water spirit fee, the nine cow, the force, finally did three dishes and one soup, filled with a small table. Looking back, look at the sky, an estimate of Dad is coming back, hurry to wash your face on the water basin, so that her child is more beautiful. I heard the sound of the closing, she took the tableware from the stove room, just hit the face with He Kang who just entered the door.

“Dad!” The water is soft, the sound is very light, like a breeze to sweep the ear of He Kang. He Kang saw his daughter, his face was shy, as saffron is beautiful, the stars flashed in the light, and his heart itchy, I forgot the answer, and the eyes of the greed have followed her. Damena.

The water spirit put the dishes in the table at the table, took the wet towel that had already prepared it early, and smashed his father, handed him to wipe it, and the move is gentle, such as a good wife and sweet. He Kang looked at his little daughter, the warmth of the heart made him tremble, and his wife never had a gentle body sticker.

“Dad, eat it.” The water spirit pulled his father down the table and turned and picked up the bowl to give him a meal. He Kang took the tableware, looked at the top three dishes and one soup on the table, “These are all you do?” The tone is full of unbelievable. This has a petty little daughter actually made me cook, so that he can not be surprised!

“Well, Dad, you will try it.” The little deer is filled with light full of light. On the bright, he couldn’t bear the reverse. The stretch chopsticks pushed a slightly bright red thing. In the mouth, the taste was actually unexpected, chewing, meat sour and sweet taste spread in the mouth It makes people feel endless, “Well, very delicious!” Shui Ling got the father and sure, the smirk mouth hooked two tipped little pear turns, which made people look extra delicate and cute. He warm in He Kang’s heart, bowing down, helps to eat, tell the water, telling the dish, how delicious.

Dinner is carried out in a warm atmosphere, the air is filled with the taste of the family.

After finishing the meal, I packed up a tableware. There is no other thing in the countryside to go to bed. It is normal to sleep. Today, He Kang is very good. He doesn’t want someone to sleep, and he raises his foot to Dongwu to the daughter who is giving him.: “Linger, today Go to Dad. “If he exported, he found what is a donkey, can’t help but think of the intimate afternoon in the field, can not help but swallow the swallowing water, and lift your eyes.

“Well!” The sound of the water is, in fact, she has been stealing, and she sleeps more than a loneliness, I really want to get close to my father.

There is no entertainment in the rural people in the evening. I usually go to sleep at night. Bai Ling is awkward, and the two are ready to sleep. She deliberately put the two people’s bedding very close, two pillows and rushed together, make it sleep You can’t just feel her sweet breath.

He Kang is unfair to open his eyes, letting him unpleasantly sleep, the face of the culprit, immediately reflects his eyes, and only see the white little face, with a faint ruddy, mozzarellar eyelashes because of the irradiation of moonlight The face is blocked, and the round nose is can’t help but touch, then the micro-lips, the water is moist, and the little mouth spit is angry, and the sweet breath is on his The face is difficult to suppress its desire. The sight is declining, and it is white neck, and the beautiful radians make him have a macrophage impulse. He Kang throat water, the line of sight continues to decline, the beautiful scenery of the eye is can’t help but let him breathe, the silent side waist, the tights have hooked the tempting curve, the big neck can’t cover the two white soft meat Make his hands more stupid.

He Kang still has no resistance to the temptation, and the soft meat bag does not move, feel the comfort of your hand. He Kang saw his daughter did not wake up, the bigger the courage, the finger gently squatted, the soft milk tip was hard, only like current to pass from the hand to the lower abdomen. Touch can’t meet his desires, with the hand from the neckline, grasp the delicate dough, so that his reason is gradually floating, the strength under the hand is bigger.

Shui Ling was smoked in his body, almost couldn’t help but couldn’t help, and the hunger of my heart is a hunger that she felt still not enough, so she turned into He Kang. Under the big palm. The reaction of the hydraulic reaction provoke He Kang, and the delicate milk tip is all placed in his palm. He is tight, and the hand is even more embarrassing, so that the breast is more deformation.

“Well! Dad!” Water Spirit woken up, there was a fascination confusion in the eyes, the sound was soft and the sound was extremely, and people couldn’t hit her into the bones. She looked at her dad. He Kang looked at the pair of eyes, the throat tight. His hand came with her breasts, and his look was somewhat embarrassed, and his eyes were still looking forward, looked at her ignorance. “Dad, Dad is cold!” Water Spirit opened his father’s quilt, put himself in, so that the body was launched by He Kang.

He Kang’s movement of her daughter is excited to move the soft jade warmth in his arms. The big hand is in her lower abdomen, then slowly move, stay in the daughter’s strong and soft breast, start slowly, big The mouth is constantly kissing her ear and back neck, and the sensitive water is trembled.

“Well! Dad!” The water is excited to scream, and the voice of the hook makes He Kang’s meat sticks a bit. He Kang attacked his earlobe, “Dad, Dad wants to eat your mouth.”

“Dad is thirsty!” The sound of the soft soft voice came, and He Kang was more difficult. He directly crossed his daughter’s body. Skater bite. The tongue passes through the gap between the mouth, constantly hooks the daughter’s little tongue, and finally dongs with the tab.

The water spirit is also obedient, the jade arm is ringing his father’s neck, reaching out of the tongue and tick each other, provailing the father more fierce sucking, do not give her a chance to give her a chance, the saliva is slow, and the mouth is slow The downstream until the neck.

He Kang kissed down his daughter’s carcass, from a sensitive neck, to a white breast, big hands and rubbed another milky house, and said: “The woman, your breast is so good!”

“Well, Dad, itchy!” The water is a neck, so that the father can even kiss her carcass more convenient. “Where is itchy, here?” He Kang used his hand to his daughter’s lower body, provoke the water and trembled.

He Kang saw the daughter’s lascivious response, and the daughter is full of innocent faces, he once again completed the lips of the red and dripping, and kissed it, leaving immediately, and said: “Small things, let Dad Take a look! “

He Kang’s hand did not stop, and continued to screw the nipple of this water spirit. “Hey! Dad!” Water Spirit is seized, and the white nose is infiltrated by thin sweat. He Kang can no longer be able to endure it, it is low to bite a red plum, bite with teeth, like a breast of his daughter like a breast, “true fragrance, Linger’s breasts also give Dad.”

The hand is more unhappy, and the waist is slid down, climbed to the sexy hips, putting the two-pointed hip meat, and vigorously smashed her daughter’s leggings, put himself on her legs. between. The water is confused, and forgets to cater to Dad’s blink and obscene.

3, the ventilation, He Kang wants to be hot, regardless of ethics to go to his trousers, to bring your own weapon to the private soft meat, rubbed back. Lift the legs of the water, “Come, let Dad look at your small hole.”

He Kang shifted, lending the gods of the gods in the moonlight, I saw that the private place had already been prostitutes, so that the original powder is more similar, the hill is white and tender, there is no yin, the sky. ! His daughter is actually a white tiger.

Why do He Kang play the daughter, the water is also a private place of Dad. It is a large-scale meat. The purple penis has a baby’s calf. It is so thick. The big umbrella glans are distinct, and the horses are infiltrated. The green gluten pills on the penis make it look so horror, the hydrocentery is swallowed, she is crying and curious, and it is gently touching it.

He Kang, which has already been burned and burned, will hit her thoughts, he opened the unspervers, opened the pink and tender labipings, revealing the deep-hidden small core, the left hand index finger is constantly twisted, Then, insert her tremble into her point.

“Ah!” Linger’s pain and the legs, hosted the father’s waist, but made He Kang to nest deeper, the small hole contraction, hoping to crush the invasive foreign body.

He Kang’s back was circled by her daughter. The inside of the two thighs was ruthless. The fingers have been caught in her small points. Multi-stimulation makes him always in a state of excitement, almost shot it, “God! You this small Fairy, let Dad fly. “

He Kang quickly pressed the way, leaving the hand inserted into the small hole, let his own firm meat sticks up, not he is not pity, the little hole of the daughter is flooding, and it is necessary to take a time. He helped the iron rod, the penis was awkward in the spring points, “ah” snorted, a rod into the cave, the thick meat stick was tightly bitten by the hole, and it was not necessary. He Kang only thinks that her small hole is wet and hot. The soft meat of the layer is constantly swallowing his meat stick, almost succumbing to him. Water spirit tears, hands and hands.

How the apology is comfortable to comfort the daughter say: “Women will be a little bit of pain, Dad will come slowly.” The hands of her hands were swaying on the water spirit, let her relax, continue to kiss her, feel a blow in the hole Successful, He Kang began to thrive with the rain. The water spirit also slowly adapts his sport of his big meat stick, from the pain – crisp – comfortable.

The water spirit will alleviate the pain, a very refreshing, a refreshing, a parametric, a burst, feels full, expanded, crisp, and finally gave up the resistance, catering to Dad The cultivation of the thing.

He Kang is a rural tough guy. It is generally he doing, and he has long practiced good endurance, especially in this hole, in general, don’t get a few hundred, he is not shot, but Today, he feels special excitement, a few times to shoot, or if he puts it in time, I am afraid that I will have a joke today!

The water spirit has already been gave birth to the father’s big meat stick, although it is a virgin, but this happening of this body is coming, when He Kang did her ten, she already had a feeling, pain, The water is smashed, gently shrinks the small belly, so that the hole is more firmer, forced him to be a little bit of meat sticks.

He Kang’s mask was so hard to be so cool, and he was so cool to go to Xishi. The two meat eggs hit her whip to the white hips, and they were in the lascivious water. The top of the top of the water followed him up and down.

The hydraulic body was hit by his high strength, and his face was red and said with his father’s perfect body. He Kang’s meat stick became more crazy, hugged her daughter’s waist button, who was hit by the most sensitive soft meat in her body. I can’t make a sentence, shaking and embarrassing: “Ah … don’t … I am dead …”

“Small saga, do you dare to be energy?” He Kang Xinou Yu Huang Hu language, withdrawing the meat stick, once again diverged, “Ah!” The original soft meat actually generated meat thorn, It is hitting the horse’s eyes on the big meat stick, the cool He Kang is trembled, and it is almost lost.

“Ah, you are really my little baby, it’s too cool.” He Kang is unscrupulous, and the water is only weak in He Kang, you can 呻吟: “Don’t … Dad … bloating NS………”

“Hey! It’s good.” He Kang, who was awake, loved his daughter’s naked, the violent contraction of the small hole made him know that she is going to be climax. Sure enough, the young cavity of the initial personnel couldn’t live in such a dramatic plug-in slap, and she shot the first shadow of life.

He Kang’s glans in the small hole, the wet feminine irrigation, a smooth current urns the whole body, the big meat stick finally shot all the essence after a strong deep plug, the thrilling of the top, let him ignore Sound.

Exquisite two people fell on, He Kang thoughtfully held a girl in his own body, and the penis was still reluctant to stay in the daughter’s small hole, and a few haired haired in her ear After that, the big hand is on the back and down, the thick lips kiss the daughter’s rich earrings, apologizes, I am distressed: “Is it hurt?”

“Well, it hurts!” Water Spirit put his head in his father’s chest, and his mouth complained: “Bad father, just take care of yourself, deal with your mother’s daughter.”

“Sorry, who told my daughter so waves, let Dad will be too comfortable, I will pay attention to it next time.” He Kang said that there was a child’s daughter.

The water spirit horing him, “” There must be swollen you have been swollen. “Shine lusts, once again hooked He Kangxin, he just released the old root hard. “Where? I have a look.” Said, I have to open the thigh of the water.

The Shuiling will escape, and he is blamed, “I hate, you!”

“I hate me ?!” As early as addictive, He Kang can make her easily escape, and the big hand stretched away the legs, “that can’t, I have to let you fall in love with me.” Go in.

Water spirit felt an inexplicable wonderful taste. When Dad’s big turtle moves into and out rubbed her vaginal wall, he only felt that it had been completely paralyzed, and there was a dizziness in the mind. There was a hot gas in the vagina that rushed to the whole body. The water is soft and soft. It’s just a small mouth whisper: “Ah … ah … … ah …” The feeling really can’t say comfortable, only one thought – I hope that Dad doesn’t stop, use the big meat stick. This is inserted with her. He Kang is also very overbearing today, lifting the Shuiling’s buttocks toward the up and down.

Finally, the feeling of the water is the limit. I only feel that the pleasure on the vagina is impacted once in the big penis. It seems like a drunk, and the suggestion of the backlog has come out with her shouts. The climax.

He Kang actually continued to do her very well. He didn’t have time to kiss me and knead her chest, put all the energy on the penis, struggling with the pinking point of the water. Soon the Water Spirit once again reached a climax, holding his hands tightly, letting his little breasts close to his father’s chest, two legs are entangled in his waist, then the water is really wanting to make themselves This is all in the body of Dad.

He Kang in the passion, the active daughter catering down, excited to reach the limit, after the big call, have not come to the penis, just put the semen in the sputum of the water spirit, plus a few times, after plugging a few times Soft is on Shui Ling is lying on his dad, and it is a good thing to make such a good thing between men and women. Recall that the expression of the mother is dry by her father is now with her own experience.

He Kang two-degree spring breeze, especially the moisturizing of the young in the youth, makes him more satisfied, the old companion is no longer lonely, after the time is intimacy, I will hit the daughter soon entered the dream.

Night, still growing! They are intoxicated in happiness and warm dreams.

4, love “Linger, get started to eat!” Xing Zebu’s He Kang patted her daughter, he was distressed and satisfied. After taking the wonderful taste of his daughter last night, he tanded her for one night, and she didn’t let her rest well. But this can’t blame him, who makes her so delicious? Let him stop.

“Well!” The water is a little mouth, and the frown is sitting. Because the cold battle was hit by a cold battle, this remembered that the raft of his own clothes. He Kang saw the naked soul of the baby daughter and couldn’t help but touched her breast. The water spirit was like a cat, and a comfortable snoring was sent. He Kang looked at the woman’s puzzle of her daughter, and her heart was itself, and she pressed her back. The water is on the ring, like a bird, like a bird, “Dad, I am hungry!” He Kang hugged the water spirit next to the table, let her sit on his leg next to the table, left hand, with her fine waist, right hand In the face of the porridge on the table, “Go eat, eat more.”

Water Ling looked at the hot white rice porridge, the father’s neck child was sprinkled, “Hey!” “Good, Dad feed you!” Reach the porridge bowl on the table The spoon is pushed into the heart of the porcelain, and then sent the porcelain spoon to her mouth.

He Kang took the pancakes on the onions and handed the daughter’s lips and was rejected. “I don’t like to eat onions, because Dad eats the mouth, I feel that the spirit is smell!” “Haha! Little fool!” He Kang’s sweet kissed the daughter’s mouth, “The little mouth is really sweet, not stinking.”


“Okay! I dare to discover my father!” He Kangzhi’s dodge, once again tangled her red lips, tits the hook “Dad, do you not go next place today?” Water Spirit was kissed I have to breathe up and down, and it is more flexible.

“Don’t go today, accompany my baby.” He Kang’s big hand explores the daughter’s lower body, “Dad is going to be here.” Don’t, people have not eaten! ” After the finish, let’s put your pants, revealing the penis that he has already had a hard. Holding the left hand on her waist to slide the flower point, the right hand is lifted with her waist, and the two fingers cover her flower, let the penis to the small hole, one get into.

“Nasty!” Watercellewow, the head is on He Kang’s shoulder, the shello slightly lower lips, the dry small hole is smashed by sudden violations, tensions. “Hey, relax.” He Kang distressed kiss kiss daughter’s white face, and his hands constantly stroked her sensitive place.

“Dad is bad … will bully people!” The breathing of the water spirit gradually urgently, and the snack of the itch gradually spread from the two people.

He Kang was surprised to feel the daughter slowly wet the ramp, and the thick pleats made him feel the pleasure of the peak. Biting his lips, under the lower abdomen, listen to the father’s low, charming, “Dad’s penis is so hard, the daughter’s small hole is so cool!”

“Oh! You are a gap!” He Kang accelerates speed, let the soft meat embedded in his horse, twisted, a different pleasure. The colored cavity of the collar is not caught, as if the tens of thousands of small mouths are constantly sucking to bite his penis. “Oh, baby, Dad is going to shoot.” His hips quickly horp, the contraction of the horse’s eyes closed, so that the sensitive water pocket is dramatically, hot and hot sprouts On his glans.

“Oh, baby, Dad is coming!” He Kang smashed his own glans into the uterus of her daughter, reporting his essence to his baby’s small hole.

“Dad … Dad …” The water is very straight, reached out, grabbing He Kang’s hair, and shaking the body to undertake a given from his father.

He Kang enjoys the thrill of unable to speak, 呓 呓: “Baby, okay?”

“Not good, not good at all!” Water spirit said to his father.

“Baby, it is dad that Dad didn’t hold back, who told you so attacked. He Kang constantly apologizes in her ear. Water spirit looked at the father and worried.” Dad is hungry in the belly I only take care of myself … that … “The pneumatic naughty uses fingers to refer to He Kang’s penis.

He Kang was vivid and affectionate confession, embarrassing and distressed: “Baby, sorry, Dad will not, come, eat porridge.” Water spirit looked at him sincerely As long as you feel bad, Linger is very happy. “

“Baby, Dad’s good baby, if you go to school, Dad can pass this day!” He Kang touched the daughter to take her daughter, as long as I thought of my daughter into the city, I thought that my daughter will leave him, he The heart is hard!

“Dad, Linger also don’t want to leave Dad, no matter where Linger is, you will always be in my heart.” “Linger!” He Kiang kissed his daughter’s number, he could not describe the mood at this moment, he only felt that his heart was going to be touched and eager to overlook. The fresh air of the country is accompanied by the flow of emotional veins, and the breathing feels sweet between the two people.

5 情 房, 水 灵 is busy, is busy, preparing to eat, after two days, she is going to school, letting my father alone at home, she is very unreliable, although it is mostly my father, but the father is dry, but At that time, there was a mother at home, but now she is gone, leaving a father at home, he will inevitably hawward, so she prepares more salted meat, she doesn’t want to wait for her to come back, see this The original robust man turned into a bamboo pole.

“Linger, you are busy outside the outside, rest!” He Kang’s distressed look at the busy figure of her daughter, “I still have two days to go to school, I will do it again.” He sat on the heart of liver baby Next to you, Ci’s father does not want his daughter to be tired.

“Where is it, this kind of pickles are not just pickled, I have to deal with it in two days, otherwise I am afraid that you have long hairy when you think of it.” Water spirit turned, and he was busy. In a glance, if you are busy with this few days, you will not be so much wolf. Today’s things will not be so much!

He Kang, of course, understands the meaning of daughter, but he doesn’t know how, the color wants to be strong, and when he saw his daughter, his penis was hard. Just like now, his penis has been sent again.

“Baby!” He Kang’s dumb scorpion slowly grabbed his daughter’s body, the big hand automatically climbed her slight waist, “accompanying Dad.” Seeing her daughter ignored him, He Kang is tight her waist Let her round more close to his erection, very hip with the big meat stick, the little butt, “Baby, Dad wants your little sister!”

“How much thinking?” Shui Ling still didn’t move with a knife and cut vegetables, let his father’s big hand swimmed on her.

“I think that I have to spit it!” He Kang bite the daughter’s little earlip, put it in his mouth, satisfied with the woman’s daughter is trembled, the tongue is more like to pick her ear Contour.

“Then I will cut it down, let it go to school with my sister.” The water spirit grabbed his father’s big meat stick, holding a knife in one hand, quite a knife.

He Kang saw that the daughter is really angry, even if she is busy letting her put the pose of the vantage, “Baby, Dad is wrong, don’t be angry, I still get rid of the body.”

“Hey!” Water spirit put down the knife, looked at the father and poor, could not help but have some distressed, “come over!”

He Kang didn’t want to provoke a daughter, and he was so angry.

“Take your pants!”

“Baby, you really have to cut!” He Kang was afraid of his daughter. He quickly grabbed his life, he would not be as eunuch!

The water was glanced at the father. He wanted to think too much, if so, she didn’t scare him. “Tell you to take off you!”

He Kang is now really difficult, one is his own heart, one is his own life, which is not affordable!

Separation, I saw my father, I didn’t move, and I was skilled. I was skilled to unlock his trousers. After half-soft penis, she has been convenient for his father and his father. Panties.

The water is holding his father’s penis, and it is so hard. “It’s so much so hard, I don’t know if I cut it.”

He Kang closed his eyes and secretly prayed for his own little brother. There was some gas in his heart and it did not live.

Shuiling looked at the father’s closed eyes and smiled. She slowly squatted down, touched the head of “Dad” with her hand, then the fingers fell, and smashed the bumbles.

“Oh! Baby!” He Kang felt gentle trend, vigilant, the penis became harder, the horse’s eyes overflow.

“Is this Dad used to fuck my sister’s thing?” Shuiling badly asked, satisfied with the feeling of the penis in his hand. She stretched out of his tongue and licking off the turmatism of that, and suddenly, the father was more intense.

“Oh! Baby, including it, let it fuck your little mouth!” He Kang only couldn’t stand this kind of self-suffering, and the excitement of the blowjob shouted at the bottom of the heart.

Waterling is not adding more difficult, holding the father’s expectations, put the thick penis into the mouth, constantly swallowing out, easily sucking, thinking about the end of the glans and the green gluten, hands Quietly grab the father’s egg, twisted and pinched, I had a long-awaited moment, “Oh! Too comfortable baby, try hard!” The water spirit is slightly, the ghost idea is in the heart, Zhang mouth put his father’s penis With the deepest, the teeth are light, and of course, I should use my father’s request.

“Oh! Your little bad guy!” This bit bite He Kang again and comfortable, “See how I punish you.” He pressed his daughter’s small head, and his hip put his penis into the deepest place of his mouth. This is all this kind of fairy, he is originally preparing to gentle.

“Hey!” Water Spirit couldn’t say a word, she worked hard, but her mouth is small, her father’s penis is big, making her very hard. The daughter’s wolf make He Kang have a thrilling pleasure, and vigorously felt only her cheek is red, and the water is fog. At that, the penis in the exit is, bending his daughter down, and the big hand reached into her crotch, and the fingers were deeply inserted into the daughter’s hole, and the fierce entry and out, plus the daughter is now called.

“Dad … ah … Dad”, the water spirit grasps the father’s hand, “use … use force … ah!”

He Kang two fingers the sensitive soft meat, gently pull it, immediately put the daughter to the water, He Kang took the finger, put it in his mouth, “Well, it’s really delicious, baby wants Don’t taste it. “

“I hate!” The water is light, and “people are difficult to die, you still tease people.”

“Which is uncomfortable, Dad helps you to treat it.” Pick up the daughter’s clothes, a bite swallowed the daughter’s breast, sucking the big mouth. “Ah … Dad … Linger is uncomfortable …” Shui Linger was succeeded by his father, and the instinctive chest is eager to succeed.

He Kang did not let her wish, slightly lifted, put himself between her two legs, took off her leggings, gently finish this yurt, “baby, like Dad?”

“Well … don’t … ah … Linger like … Dad … Dad!” Water Spirit is unable to swear, just hope that his father will end this sweet torture.

“What to like, say.” He Kang’s penis has been very hard, but he likes to listen to the loud proud of the little mouth.

“Like … um … Dad suck … My breast … I like my father … Insert me …” Water spirit is very chest, catering his father’s erosion.

“Oh! You are in the waves, Dad this suck your breast!” He Kang bowed his daughter’s entire breasts in the entrance, vigorously swallowed, the penis hit the daughter’s small hole, and the rich prostitute The small hole “哧 哧” directly.

The big meat rod is constantly grinding in the water, looking for the soft thorn that can give it a fattening.

“Oh … Waves … Dry you … Dry you …” He Kang makes the penis hit the soft meat, about a few hundred, feel the tightening of the nearly climax in the daughter, “Oh … … Baby, you are really tight … I have to shoot my father. “

“Um … Dad … is too cool.” The water spirit is full of messenger, only feeling his glans constantly impact her heart.

“Oh … shot to you … My little waves … all shot to you …” He Kang stopped in the daughter’s point, spray the seeds in the body.

“Dad, can’t get up!”

“女, let Dad’s penis stay in the small hole!”

The water spirit is live in the father’s neck, “Dad, I have to go to school for two days, do you go to me?”

He Kang lifted his head kissed on his daughter’s lips, “Baby, for two days, your brother-in-law will pick you up.”

“Dad is not painful!”

“Baby, not Dad doesn’t want to send you, Dad is afraid to send you, and you will not be able to come back.”

“Dad, Linger doesn’t want to leave you!” Said the Water Spirit Committee.

“Don’t cry, I want to listen to your brother sister in the city. If you don’t work, you can’t help you, you can’t be as casual at home.”

“I don’t want to help, I just want to give my father!” Water spirit duded his lips, sprinkled with his father’s ear, and deliberately pulled his voice. Feel the big meat stick in the body, the tongue is erotic, and the father’s earlobe is licking.

“Oh, small bad guys!”

He Kang hugged his daughter to go to the house, re-starting a new round of melery war. It seems that today’s things are unable to do anything. 6 I have been in love “Dad, I put the marinated pickles in the cellar. When you eat, you will go to the moment, don’t be afraid, and the other outside the fish don’t forget to pick up the afternoon.” Water Ling While arranging the life of the future.

“I will come back, you can’t give me the weight, wait back, I have to check it up!” After that, I also screwed up my father’s waist.

“Hey! Dad has remembered.” He Kang will take our hands to climb the daughter’s waist and slowly care, nostalgic love.

“Well, dad, I am leaving, you can take care of yourself.” Shui Ling put down his clothes back to the waist of his father, and gently grinded his head in his generous chest.

“Well.” He Kang gently should be sound, and the big hand placed on the breast of the daughter. I went once again, “Baby will think about my father?”

“Will, then will that father want a Linger?” Shui Ling looked with his finger with his finger with his father’s hard meat, listening to his father and powerful heartbeat.

“Dad is now thinking about you again.” I grabbed my daughter’s tacit, and took her underwear.

“That … Dad is really not obedient, the little girl is going to go!” The water is standing up, and the naughty stickers said in his father’s ear.

“Dad really wants baby little sister.” He Kang kissed his daughter’s cheeks and reached out to touch her lower body.

“That hurry, the brother-in-law is coming soon.” Water spirit looked at the eyes of his father, took the initiative to take off pants.

He Kang three times, in addition to the long pants, holding the water, squatting, squatting, squatting, hardcuring her closed labipings, showing bright red tender meat, he uses the thick and hard penis Holding her tender. The Snow White Snow White Skin and He Kang-black meat stick are extremely disconnected. He Kang’s meat is like a pile driver, and it is constantly moving, and the twist does not stop. The unique charm of her daughter is more excited, and the sexual desire of He Kang has tounded the fukile meat, and the meat hole of the life of the cultivation. A striped is spread through the whole body, and the hot and exciting He Kang hacked in the hydraulic vaginal. Water spirit can’t help with the tide pleasure, the lower body instinctive reaction is like a snake, and the vagina is like a child like a child.

“Baby … You will be clipped … I am so comfortable! You … don’t succeed again … I … I am … I can’t help.”

In recent days, overhaul life, less than one hundred, He Kangqi does not cover the semen into the vagina of the water, and he will breathe in her body.

Water spirit does not care about He Kang immediately, and finally put it out of dress, and wear our own father. If you are in love, you can’t help but die. He Kang looked at the beloved little daughter, and he was touched again and is distressed.

Just after the father and female grass, the sound of the bicycle was parked outside the door, and a male voice came, “Dad, I will take the water!”

Water Spirit quickly walked out of the room and turned his tears.

“Hey! What happened?! How to cry nose?” The sister’s tone is more teasing.

“Who, who cries the nose!” The water spirit turned, and his mouth was arguing, and the water of the water was red.

“It’s good, you didn’t cry, my brother-in-law didn’t do it!” Run your hand and surrendered, tangible funny, teased Bai Linger sketch.

Different from He Kang’s son-in-law, skin white meat tender, strong body, handsome face, he is now on the water spirit.

“Cough, cough!” The heart is not a taste of the two, and looks at the son-in-law.

Waterling will move from the sister’s sister. Falling on the father who is eating vinegar, there is a little fun in my heart, but the face is not moving, but I don’t worry, “Dad, I just said, you have remembered. ?! “

He Kang saw his daughter or remembered his own, and immediately lost my heart, sweetly showed a smile, “Remember, it is you, don’t be more than at home, everything is more, if you dare to bully you …… Let’s tell Dad, Dad gives you a master! “

The son-in-law was somewhat inexplicable by the old man. He didn’t know the sin. The old ancestors.

“Well, don’t forget, come back to check!” Shuimin said that there is some delicate, but it is a cute sweet.

“Don’t worry, Dad, come, Dad sent you out.”

“Road far, go out early!” He Kang’s mind is not reasonable. “Well.” Water Spirit put the package in his father and turned to the door.

The son-in-law is somewhat stupid, however, however, does the old man do not provide him to leave, it seems that he is an unwelcome person. In fact, He Kang is inseparable from his daughter who can’t open his baby. His Yan Fu does not know when?

He Kang stared looked at the daughter from his sight. Although the daughter left soon, he has begun to miss the daughter.

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