My daughter and my daughter were crystallized by my aunt. When she was born, I was 18 years old. My aunt was thirty-four years old. My name is Chen Jun. This year is 30 years old. It is a company work. It is aunt. Give me a company, my daughter Chen Xueer is twelve years old this year. I mean that she is coming to me to accompany me, but she is as good as her mother, saying that it is better to go outside, now a private school go to school.

In the past few years, I have been with my daughter, she has been in love with my aunt, just like the pearl in the hand, her mother is like a young mother, because After she was born, she took her to the company every day. Fortunately, her company, her mother’s care is not much.

Until, her mother had a car accident. She took me as reliance from the heart. Therefore, there was no “mother” in her mind. Only my father, I have been with my daughter.

Time is like water, twelve years of shooting, the swing, as the saying goes: “The female is 18 changing, the more it is, the more you look, the more you look”, the little girl who has been a little and beautiful is now a slim little girl. The appearance is never inferior to any so-called beauty, and the unit’s colleagues always use the doubtful gaze to examine us, ask me that this girl is not my child.

As the pace of the market economy is getting faster, I have become a securities analyst with my own experience and deep economic theory, often planning, financing and other plans for some major companies.

The family’s economic income has also been greatly changed, so I bought a house for three rooms and two halls to the daughter.

On the day of moving into the new home, my daughter looked at me: “Dad, our lives have improved.”

Looking at the expectations of her daughter, I got some nodded, firmly said: “Daughter, you can rest assured, I will definitely let you live.”

The daughter was excited to have tears, and I hugged me said: “Good Dad, you are really my good father.”

I was tightly snuggled to my daughter, and my hands also grabbed the waist of my daughter.

We have nothing to do for many years, I don’t know what, this time I put my daughter in your pregnant and her childhood, I felt that my daughter’s soft soft soft, there is a intoxicating fragrance , There is an inexplicable impulse in my heart, and the lower body is also quiet.

Maybe my daughter has a discourse, gently pushed me, I am not embarrassed, but I am eager to have another time in my heart.

Since this day, I found that I have a subtle change to my daughter, I always like to get close to my daughter.

I didn’t understand, and later I found that my feelings of my daughter were more than just father’s family, but also a kind of love, it is a man’s feelings, but I have never admitted.

The daughter is getting more and more charming in my eyes, and I don’t consciously pay attention to the daughter’s chest, legs, and the most sacred place for women.

I always control myself, knowing that the movement of my daughter is wrong.

Until one day, when I was masturbating, my daughter’s shadow appeared in my mind. I know that I love my daughter, let’s tell me that I can’t do this, but the emotions are like this, the more it is, the more it is, the more difficult to suppress it. .

In recent days, I always hide the daughter. My daughter saw my feelings, I thought I was sick, ask me: “How is Dad, these two days are not ill, uncomfortable?”

I said: “Nothing … okay.”

Looking at the eyes of my daughter concerned, my heart is drunk, but I think of my bad idea, I feel sorry for my daughter.

In this contradiction in this and love, I really don’t know why for my daughter.

“Snow you can rest assured, I am just a bit tired.”

“Is it too tight?”

“Maybe, oh, I am going to rest.”

I escaped my daughter’s question, I drilled into my room, lying in bed, see the photo of the bed of bed, and it is difficult to suppress the lust.

Although I am embarrassed by myself, my hands open the pants chain, starting to make the already erection penis, and the daughter’s sexy body is in front of the eye.

At this moment, I only want to be in my heart, and everything is ethical.

After venting, I judge myself.

In the case of suppression and anti-suppression, I found that I can’t be self-made. I started to be interested in my daughter. I know that I can’t touch her directly, so I pay special attention to her close clothes. Once, I saw her little bra in the bathroom (that is, the girl is usually wearing the kind of dress after development) and underwear, and a thought is in the heart.

I can’t control myself, so I extended the trembling hand, picked up the bra in the nose, a fraece of a snoring almost made me fainted, the sophirates on the cream made my penis.

I picked up the underwear, I was a bit slightly sour and sour, I deeply sucked a bite, the following penis has been going to break through the pants, I forgot to put the undergares close to the daughter private place on the lips, as if I kissed my daughter’s genitals, a great satisfaction, I can’t control it, the following is a tale, I didn’t expect to be a daughter’s taste, it is enough to make me ejaculate.

“Dad, what is done in the bathroom? Is there something? How did you go so long?”

I am more embarrassed: “Nothing, my stomach is a bit uncomfortable, now much more.”

“Is it eating unclean?”


“You, you are so big, you still eat snacks, what do you want to eat, I will do it.”

I really want to say: “I want to eat your genitals.”

Since then, I often use the daughter’s underwear to come from comfort, sometimes in the paper, the sanitary pad used by the daughter, as long as it is a daughter’s personal, there is a great excitement.

Once, I picked up my daughter just took off my socks, I also had a intoxicist, I didn’t expect my daughter’s feet.

The daughter’s underwear has become an indispensable necessities in my life, and the inner depth is an eager desire to get my daughter’s body.

More and more strong desires and emotions of feelings make the ethical defense line of the deduction in your heart.

In the subtlety, the daughter has already regarded her daughter as a woman, and his own is gradually served as a big man’s role, always grabs some strength.

In the heart of the daughter, I started to go home early, because the daughter’s learning is very nervous, I always do a good job at home, I seem to have a thoughtful husband, my daughter is more different than it. NS.

On this day, I came back to get off work, I saw my daughter at home, so I asked: “Daughter, how come today, come back so early, have you eaten? I went to cook.”

The daughter smiled: “No, today we go outside.”

I asked questions: “Why, have there?”

The daughter smiled: “What happened to Dad, even forget your birthday!”

I suddenly remember May 2 is my birthday.

So we came to a western restaurant, very elegant, and we chose a seat of a corner to sit down.

We have a package and have a bottle of red wine.

I have never been drinking wine, I have a little drink, we don’t know your own alcohol, and the taste of red wine is very good. I don’t know that we put a bottle of red wine and light.

I don’t think it is, but I feel a little dizzy later.

At this time, I thought of music, my daughter’s face was very fascinating.

I heard the music, I saw the people in the dance pool dancing, I also had a heart and blood, and I extended my hand in front of my daughter and said, “Miss Chen, can you enjoy a song?”

Perhaps the role of alcohol, the daughter glanced after my eyes, actually stood up and agreed, and we danced in the melodious music.

Affected by the daughter, my dance also jumped.

Under the dark lights, I saw the dancers around the face were all the faces, obviously a couple, and said softly in the daughter’s ear: “Daughter, do you think is like a couple?”

The daughter took a look at the light, suddenly screwed with me, quietly said: “I hate my father, how can you open your daughter joke.”

The daughter’s uncomfortable look made me difficult to control. I put my daughter in his arms, my daughter struggled, but under my strong and powerful arms, I gradually gave up struggle, soft stickers on my body.

My daughter wear a tight dress today, so I could clear her breasts in her chest, but my daughter’s breast is not big, but it is a bit full, especially the tights to fix her little cherry. With the dance step, the daughter’s crisp is gently rubbed in my chest, sniffing with the skin spilled on the daughter, I am difficult to control the lust in my heart, and the role of alcohol also makes my courage. Alcohol and gentle intoxication.

“Daughter, do you know? How is Dad who loves you?”

I am ourselood in her ear.

Snow did not speak, sliding with the dance step, I feel that her face is very hot.

I didn’t know unconsciously kissed her earlobe.

The body of Xueger was tight, and I held my neck. I once kissed her face again. She all the people seem to slip into the arms, like there is no bones, soft.

The face of the snow became rosy, and his mouth was saying: “Dad, I love you too!”

I tried to kiss the lips of the snow, and the snow was sorry, turned to the side, I stubbornly turned her face to me, the snow is a little panic: “Dad, I, don’t …”

My mood, continue to challenge the daughter’s lips, this snow did not escape, let me kiss her lips.

The lips of the snow are very rustic, wet, I lick the lips of the snow, the snow closes the eyes, it seems to be intoxicated in the warmth of the kiss, I am more tight, the chest of the snow is tightly pressed. I can feel that her heartbeat is usually doubled.

I extended his tongue and lick the center of the lips, trying to attack the defense line and enter the interior of the snow.

The lips of the snow began to loosen, my tongue has inserted into the mouth of the snow and slowly in depth.

The snow is crazy, and the hair is scattered on both sides, the eyes are closed, and I will meet my entry.

My tongue hits in the oral cavity of the snow, searched inside the oral cavity, and put it into the small tongue of the snow, turn it on, turn it down, straight.

The sound of the Xueler port.

The lights in the dance field are gradually bright, and there is a song.

I am still unfained to separate the hands of the snow, I recovered my tongue from the mouth of the snow.

Snow’s powder face has risen red, and I have earned my embrace. I watched me. “Dad, you are drunk, let’s go home.”

But on the way back, I still landed on the waist of the snow, like a relationship, perhaps because of alcohol, maybe she was teased by my pick, now I am now a mystery.

Holding each other and hugged each other.

“After the snow go home, we take a bath! Let Dad hurt you !!!”

“Dad, you are bad, bad, necrosis!”

Snow children use the powder box, I hug her with my hands through the sake of the snow, and the snow does not agree.

I took the house, I took the snow into the bathroom, closing the bathroom door, the snow came to the mirror alone, I came from behind, hugged the chest from the back ring.

The little bit of spring feels, from the daughter, a fragrance came out from the hair of the snow, and the hand of the snow, the hand of the snow, swaying in the daughter’s double peaks, how many Father dare to do anything!

I looked at the beautiful face of the snow, which is flourished because of alcohol, more attractive, sexy red lips, I can’t wait, in the hands of the snow, the hands of the snow, in After the shirt is unwrapped, the belly is pulled off, and the snow becomes bare, naked in front of his father.

The belt of the short skirt has been released by me. With the drop in the ground, the snow’s underwear is bare, I don’t waste time, pick up the snow, put her in the bath, take off the last Daughter’s naked! Smooth skin, snow, white thigh, rare and slightly yellow small yin hair gathered in the center of the pussy, small and firm double peak top, including the tip to be placed, but in my mouth, Tightly in my mouth, suppress my breath.

My heart is jumping.

I can’t be excited, I am bent over the bottom of the snow, the two legs of the snow are closed, I try to separate them on both sides, fork, and then open, gradually divide into V-shaped, snow’s legs and smooth Grease, I am kissing the legs of the snow, and it is a crazy pinch.

The snorked between the snow children issued “, …”.

It’s a critical juncture, suddenly “plot”, shampoo is lost on the ground, I am awaken from the panic, pull down the skirt cover the lower body, buckle the clothes for the snow, and the snow is sitting on the tub, no Hey, the hair is slightly scattered, the clothes button is not buckled, and it is upside down. My mind is somewhat awake, I secretly blame myself, almost … Is it in this bathroom? The first time I face my daughter is so rough, so that this is so messy to take the daughter’s chastity ? I have a slight regret.

I looked at the shoulders of the snow, let the head are obliquely said in my arms: “Snow, just feel comfortable?

“Sorry people are embarrassed, dad! You are so bad …” Xueer is more shy, head straight to my arms.

“Snow, take a shower first, Dad will give you a pajamas.”

I let the snow mediate the water temperature, I will leave the bathroom.

In the room, I turned out the wife’s pajamas, picking a sexy pajamas, when I returned to the bathroom, the snow was ready to take a shower, “When the snow, when I came out, I can wear this, Dad is in your room, etc. you!”

I put pajamas to the snow, close the bathroom door, first came to the boudoir of Xue.

I thought, I went back to my room to take off my clothes, I only wore a long pajamas, I went back to the snow of the snow, I was waiting for her in the bed of the snow. After a few minutes, the snow of the bath came in. .

That is the pajamas I bought to her mother, and now my daughter can wear.

Snow white needle pajamas, just a little below the hips.

The transparent clothing is at all, it can’t hurt the daughter’s tempting skin. The most sexy place in pajamas is the low haugue. It has formed a small depression in the chest, and a large half breast of the snow is bare in front of me. I think there is any father. Watching such a sexy daughter standing in front of me?

My thigh center, there is something that is already congested slowly, but fortunately, the big pajamas can occlude.

我: “Guan Ying!”

Xueer is close to the door and locked it from inside.

“Come, go to bed, come to Dad.”

The snow is slightly shy, biting the lips, some are sorry.

Slowly walk to the mirror, pick up the comb card.

I climbed up, behind the back of the snow, the taste of the snow in Xueger was a little wet. It is the taste of the special taste, drifting into my nose, the taste of the Snow. It is the body of the girl, is the taste of being a father’s dream, it is to let the father of the soul, let all my father want to kneel down the taste of the daughter’s thigh.

I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, and I will take the waist of the snow.

The wide pajamas of Xuecai could not cover the half-naked chest, my hand slowly slowly from the waist of the snow, entered the chest of the snow, the snow’s breast was got outside, the double peak is soft The milk tip slightly shakes, my hand is pinched in the snow’s milk tip,, 搓, sometimes it, sometimes it is heavy, the work is hard, the milk tip of the snow is harmless, swelling, swelling, small and exquisite The breast is more attractive at this time.

At this time, the snow is alive in my arms. I love it, my lips are fine, but I want to make a sound but seem to be a bit swallowed, and the snow becomes weak.

I know that Xueer can’t control himself, and it has been deeply caught in my love. Xueer is gentle, and it is very excited.

Thinking of this, I reached out to the knee of the snow, and pose the snow to put her in bed.

The snow lying on the bed is a little, the double is closed, the lips are fine, the breathing is heavy, and the legs are tight.

I turned over to bed and sat in the side of the snow.

The snow has completely chaotic, leaning on the people who have changed in my arms, and the snow has entered excited state.

I looked at her beautiful face, flourishing because of alcohol, more delicate and seductive, sexy red lips, the face is like telling “kiss me” expressions, my heart can’t help but began to turn into the sea.

This is the first time I have a feeling of my heart after playing my wife.

At this time, alcohol power makes the desire from my heart, hugging my neck enthusiastically responding my kiss, keeping the tongue in her mouth.

At this time, I have forgotten our identity, and now they are just a simple men and women. We just want to have each other, accounting for each other’s love. What ethical morality, incest taboo, have been thrown behind the brain.

I took the snow to the bed, and the two of us kissed in bed until I stopped in the body of the snow.

Our lips are like sticking to it, and the top of the two is still entangled together.

When my mouth leaves the lips of the snow, the tongue of the snow is not from the autonomous reach out to chase my mouth.

After I saw, I opened the tongue stretched out of the snow, and finally followed the tongue of the tongue and the snow in the air.

I reached out to take off the pajamas on the snow, and the snow twisted the body so that I took off her clothes smoothly.

I looked at the snow whitening the skin, slightly red, and the white body had a wonderful curve, let me feel that the flesh of the snow is like a statue, and there is no.

I can’t help but swallow the water, reach out in the snow-filled breasts.

When my hand touched her breast, the snow was gently shaking.

She closed my eyes tolerate this rare gentle.

How many fathers in the world have seen the naked half of the daughter?

My finger is gently, slowly inserted into the yin of the snow, the fingers are gently rotated, slightly plugged, lightly.


I asked.

“Ah … so comfortable … Dad … Dad focus … ah …” Snow whispered.

My fingers lick in the vaginal mouth of the daughter, labia, clitoris, and gradually accelerated.

The snow is excited, and there is a low breath from time to time.

I sat on the side of the snow, pulled the hand of the snow, guiding the daughter’s hand to my thigh, I put the snow of the snow in pajamas on my glans.

Today I didn’t wear underwear, only a pajamas on my body, the snow’s hand was told, and there was no movement.

I know that my daughter has not been personally, I don’t understand how to serve my father, so I took the snow of the snow to enter me, and I took it on the mask.

Snow gently held my hot glans. I don’t know how it is good. I taught her, guide her, let her hands up and down on my glans.

Occue every cell of my body, I low down, kiss the red lips of the snow.

I low below the snow, such as cherry nipples, and the other side with fingers, the nipples that have been highlighted due to stimulation, the entire palm pressure on the table tennis type breasts.

Affected by this stimulation, the snow feels the cerebral paralysis, and the whole body is hot, there is a dream, although the other party is her father, but the pleasure comes from each cell of the whole body, let her not think.

Tiger mouse! “Ah … um … What happened? … 喔 …………” My sucking and caressing her, making her body from being twisted up and down, and the tender meat and uterus in the vagina began to flow out moist. Obscene.

My mouth is absorbed, contains, and use the tongue to go up and down on the nipple, and the left right is constantly being turned.

On the other side, the breasts are vigorously pressed, and they are constantly caught on the white tender drums. The fingers are more in her nipples, and knead pinch.

After a while, my hand reluctantly left, through the smooth lower abdomen, extends to the snow, the finger is touched in the yin.

His fingers reached into the snow, the two fat fat, the labi of the snow has long been hard, the shallow meat is also flooding, touched in my hand is so warm, wet sticky Sticky.

“Ah! ……….” Xueger’s hairy is not too rare, but it is quite neat, just like it is lying in the yin.

The labia of the snow showed a tempting pink, and the lascivious leaves left, it looks quite sexy.

I put it softly with my hand, it is the vaginal mouth of Xuener, and the entire pink tones are present.

I don’t have hesitially extend the tongue, start to get the yuki of the snow, sometimes fierce and enthusiastic, bite, and use the teeth to gently bite the yukuclear, still in the vagina Stir in the inside.

“Oh … 喔 … dad … Don’t be 舐 … I … itch … itch … I can’t stand it … ah … don’t bite … Sour …” Snow cause My tongue is subtle, which is more exciting.

I called a set in her mouth, but the hips desperately fierce my mouth.

I am boiling, I grabbed the snow, turned over the body of the snow, put her on the bed, I sent the thigh of the snow, try to go to the two sides, to show a broader daughter’s pussy.

The flesh of the snow did not retain the exposure to me. I turned over into the middle of the two legs, and the standing glans gradually approached the virgin of the snow, and I wanted to irrigate the place that has not been developed.

My glans has been in the banyan of the snow. I reached out and hold the glans. I gently knocked on the pussy of the snow. The glans rid of the laboy of the snow. The labia of the snow has already become moist, and the lubricating fluid is constantly excreted. It seems to be greeted me.

The glans searched in the honesty of the snow, and finally positioned in that piece of depression. I stared tall, slightly, broke through the surface of the snow, the glans have begun to fall into the vagina, in the moment, I seem to fall into the swamp It is a compact compact sense like a sponge but similar to spring, which is the vagina of Xue, clamping my mask.

I will continue to move forward, the glans are grouped, I know that it is the women’s film of Xuener. At this time, I am excited, excited, and the insertion, “Hey,” all roots have not been in the snow body.


… “Xueer can’t stand the pain of the moment, the face muscles are distorted, painful, tears, twunning the face.

The hands of the snow, the whole body is like cramps, that is, the girl is broken, I can feel the shrink of the snow, caught my glans, I can feel the snow pain. That kind of pussy wants to be closed, but is filled with the full vagina that is filled with my glans, and I can’t shrink the shadow wall. I can only clamp my mask. I have never been excited. At this time, I am hitting me. Heart.

Dad, pain, beg you, take it out, ask for you … 呜呜 … “Snow cried.

“Hey, the snow father stopped, take a break first.”

I overwhelmed in the body of the snow, the skin of the muscles and the snow, and the snow’s breast was pressed under, soft like water.

Snow’s breath is heavy, delicate, and the thigh of the snow wants to close together, helpless me in the middle, the snow can only bend my legs, reduce some pain.

I am pressing on the snow, I am constantly kissing the face of the snow, occasionally kiss the lips of the snow.

After the daughter of the painful state, she was still recovering. She began to actively catering me, her lips greeted it up, closed on my lips, four-piece closed.

The glans in the vagina depth began to force, I pulled out, the glans move, the vagina’s vagina is too small, just inserted into it, leading to now, the snow is dead.

I forgot my wonderful feelings, passion and pleasure, let me tremble.

The pleasure of the lower body, quickly drowned my rationality, at this time, I just pursued the way to the waves in this happiness, then I can’t care about my daughter, and I suddenly pull out the whole glans.

Then I put a glamor, greeted the flesh of the snow, the place where the prostitution, slowly put the glans into, slowly entered, this snow responded to me, but the ass will meet my insert, so The glans are again immersed in the pussy in the snow.

I have seen it, I have been completely combined with the snow, I can’t see the glans. I have entered the body of the snow. Only two of the respective noiors are tightly leaning together, it is two pieces with blood relationships. Haired!

Snow began to consciously raise the hips, which is convenient for my deepening. I am inserted in the hole of the snow, twitch twice, and then implicitly improving.


Snow waver is called.

The glans is coming back and forth between daughter in the daughter, and the cinnabar is filled with mucus. How wonderful feelings are full!

The genitals of the snow becomes more and more lubricated, and the overflowed lascivious water will be smashed with the thighs. Some are sticky in our hammer. I am blended at this time. I can’t miss them. What is her? NS.

I continued to pick my glans, from the snow’s Taoyuan hole until the bottom of the hole, I feel too excited, I feel that I am so fast, in order to delay, I was forced to stop picking, the glans stopped in the heart of the heart move. “Dad … I am itchy … Come … Hey … Swissing, listening to her voices, really makes it unbearable, I am like replying to the energetic mad pressure on the full carcass, holding a big meat stick, first rubbing the lips, lips also kiss Her fresh red mouth.

“Oh … dad … I can’t do it … I want …” Xueer hugged my generous bear back, and then used the breasts and patted my chest, the double powder is high Higher, completely prepare my attack, a pair of eyes and semi-opened half closed, the incense tongue into my mouth, kissing each other, smashed with each other: “Dad … I can’t stand it! … … I … “Xueer’s lascivious expression, the sound of the swing, I stimulated that I enjoys the original wild desire fire, and the shampoo, and they will not be gentle, and the pity is full of jade. On the carcass, my waist force is!

“Oh! …” Pain made the snow tightly, she felt that she was just like being entered between her legs.

“Snow, is too big? I will habit immediately.”

My meat stick, sprint in her tightened meat.

She began irregular breathing, my meat stick hit the uterus, strongly stimulated from a wave of lower abdomen.

“Oh … … so cool … …” Whenever I deeply inserted, the snow wrinkled beautiful brows and sent a sensuality.

Every time I am inserted to twisted the snow white buttocks around the snow.

The blunt white breasts are also fluctuated up and down with the movement of the thrust.

The reactive reaction of Snow children has stimulated my libido.

“Ah … um, um … … 喔 … 死 死 我 我 … Dad … Fast … faster …

I raised the feet of the snow over the head and do more insertion.

The meat stick began again, and the cutting side kept touched the uterine wall so that I felt almost her internal organs, but also brought her awareness.

In the eyes of the snow, there is a sudden spark, all have the feeling of electric shock.

I can’t stop the nipples that have already collapsed the snow and flexible breast milk.

The snow is almost lost, open the mouth, the mandible slightly shake, and there is no lustful snoring.

“Ah, no … I can’t … Oh … cool dead …” Snowman has stiffly, it is the symptom of the climax, and the pink face looks up behind. The sweat is kept shaking.

“Oh … cool me … ah …” The snow is soft in bed.

But the body seems to have a strong long rhyme, and the whole body is still slightly shaking.

When I took the meat stick out, such emotions made the snow could not help but hehe.

“Ah … no …” I turned into the snow and let her limbs take the same posture like a dog.

The small labipings just compiled have been convinced, and the white thighs are strongly contrast.

Frame the red labilish, a flowing lascapped, due to changes in the posture, and flowing through the blurred on the bed.

When the snow did not breathe, my meat stick inserted in again.

I was rotated to turn the angle of the meat stick after I inserted.

“Ah … fast … I have to …” I helped the hips of the snow kept inserting, and the other hand rubbed the yuki.

The original illuminant of the snow woman has emerged.

She pursued the stimulus I gave, but the butt kept twisted, and the mouth was constantly making a sweet snoring.

“Ah … so cool … Dad … I am cool … 喔 … 喔 …” Look at the daughter’s loan, the powder face is blush, the fragrant sweat is dripping, the black hair is scattered on the neck side, sticking in sweating. On the neck, more choice, Chu Chu, Mingyan.

I look like my heart, the lust is increased, and a pleasure of the lower body began to be generated.

The hips of the snow continue to stimulate my lower body, and the thrill can no longer be able to hold back, the glans are all sprayed from the inside, all shot in the body of the snow. God! I combined with my daughter. The dreams of dreaming were finally successful. I finally got the first night of my daughter. The chastity of Xueger was already mine. The snow dedicated to his father.

I pulled out that I was lying on me, and the naked daughter was sweating at this time, and the whole body was wet.

I love is infinite, holding the shoulders of the snow, let her rely on me: “Snow do you hate Dad?”

“Dad, is I am not a woman?”

The snow asked in the snow.

“You are already a father, have you regret it?”

Snow didn’t answer, shy and unlimited.

It seems very tired and wants to sleep.

I hugged each other, pulled the quilt to cover the pure body of my daughter: “Let’s sleep well!”

I slept for a long time, when I opened my eyes, it was already a hazy morning sun.

At this time, there is no other sound in addition to the sound of the birds.

The soft glans, the snow seems to be exhausted, turning over and sleeps on the bed.

Snow is still sleeping in my arms.

She is like a small white sheep, I keep watching her beautiful carcass, this is my daughter, a beautiful woman who makes me think about it, I am tightly The body of the daughter, kissed her daughter’s hair, the feeling of love could not help but show it, I think my daughter is really the best gift to my daughter.

I thought that I pushed it gently.

I want to touch her soft breast.

Who knows this pushing a snow, her arms, naturally spread on her chest.

The two arms were slightly separated, which was a tempting body, and the chest was still constantly undulating.

I only watched her, and I couldn’t help but a little tremble.

At this point, I am alarmed that I am awake from the sleep. When she batched her eyes, she found himself lying in my arms, her beautiful pretty face immediately fate red, shameless face straight Diamond to my arms, both hands are closely tightly holding me, her two soft little rabbits before her chest, closely sticking in my chest, and I am so comfortable.

But then the snow is a little embarrassing, pushed me, “Dad, I … I will give you a meal …”

I saw this kind of desire to refuse to hold, immediately, my male is big, and I pulled her to my arms and said: “Fool, eat breakfast is also early, as the saying goes, is there a moment of jumps in the spring This doesn’t mean how to say it is our newly married night, don’t worry. “

At this time, the snow is flush, and the eye is like a silk, the small mouth is shaking, and the tongue is his belonging.

I have seen this, I want to be hot, and the lips are not compromised with the red mouth.

One hand is like a smooth back of the jade, and the other hand gently stroked the strong and soft breast.

The breasts of the snow are also very flexible. It is really a lot, and it will feel hard in the nipple. I use two points to gently pinch.

Gradually, I felt that the snowfrey, breathing, nervous, the half-breasts were high and low, at this time, she is uncomfortable, the powder is red, the eyes are close, her chest is constantly upset, asthma The more and more thick, the small mouth is half a closed, soft and delicate: “Dad, do you really like me?”

“Daughter, you are so beautiful, I really love you, I love you, I am telling you today, I love you, I will always love you …”

One of my hands reached into the private parts of the snow, and stroked the small fat hole of the snow. Ah … ah … the snow feelings of the snow are caressing, she suddenly felt the whole body bursts, the small hole was I feel very hot, and I am excited to flow out of prostitution.

Snow was picked by this pod, and the small mouth frequently sent some slight snoring: “Um …

Well … “I used two fingers, with the snow that the snow did out of the prostitute,” ah … 喔 …

The vagina of the snow is so soft, my fingers are on the bottom of the vagina, and the vagina is constantly touched toward the vagina. “Oh … ah …” The blush of the blush of the blusted snow twisted, the sleepled legs clamped my hand tightly, the round hips also followed my fingers, “” Um … um … … 喔 …

… “From the swing of the waves from her cherry cherry.

After a while, the Snowman was smashed by me, my teasing, picked up her original lascivious desire fire, the double eyes of Xueger were full of spring love, I know that her sexual desire has risen to the extreme.

At this time, my big cock, like a horse, tall and tall, big husband is a relationship, the people of the enemy, less than 70 long, two inch, thick, red The glans is like a child’s fist, and green gluten is exposed.

The daughter’s ice muscles, the skin, I can’t resist it, I can’t resist, I immediately grab the horse, she hugged me with her hands, and then put it tightly put it in my chest hit, a pair of powder legs Lucky on both sides, completely paying the rack of my attack, a pair of eyes and half open, the incense is in my mouth, we kiss each other and lick each other.

My big glans, after I allocated a while, she had already felt more and more, my big talents have been wetted, knowing that I can act, so my hips are hard! The “Zi”, the big talents and dicks have been completely in the body of the 12-year-old daughter.

“Oh …” followed by a pettess: “Dad is dead … Dad … Your dick is too big … I can’t stand it … Yesterday … I haven’t been good last night!”

But at this time, I feel a warm, soft, slippery, tight … that can’t say comfortable to my brain.

“Zi” pulls out.

“Ah, Dad … dad … You don’t move first …” I haven’t waited for her because I am too excited, I will put it in.

“Ah … Dad … You have to have my life … I can’t stand it … ah, I ask … Ask you fast … Come out …”

I don’t want to make her too painful. I have to leave a post. When I have to play her, I can always, like this young and beautiful daughter, I must cherish her, or I am afraid in the first time. Forget it.

If you think of this, you can’t take the top, change the way to rotate, slowly twisted your ass, so that her cell is loose, and then put it again.

“Snow! My daughter, still hurt?”

“Well! One thing … Dad! To pity me … Don’t be too hard … Light … Plug … ok …”

“Hey! Dad will pity you, Dad is also reluctant to hurt you.

This is good, you told me to plug me, you will plug, you call me, stop, everything listening to you, ok? “

“Ok, you will plug in a little more!”

So I bowed to sucking her small nipple, the following butt was again, and the big dick fought in more than three inch.

“Ah! Dad … you stop … you have to die me … good pain …”

I heard a hurry stopped, busy comforting: “Little baby! Let all go in, you will not be painful, and it will be very happy!”

The snow hurts the whole body, and I heard my words: “No! Dad … You don’t say it, listen to me … how … You don’t listen to me so …” “” “” ” Baby! How do Dad hurt you? You touch it, there is still a short section!

Dad wants to make you happy after you go, know!

“Dad! I know! But you have now getting to my internal organs, how can I get it again …”

“Hey! Don’t be afraid! I have n’thing to do, you can’t get comfortable!”

“Dad! You are so worried … I … you really want my life …”

Her susceptible expression, stimulates that the original wilderness is full of fire, and the scorpion is not a gentle body, and the pity is pitiful, and it is pressed against her full carcass, holding her shoulders in one hand, one hand Solving her dairy big dick in the one-in-one small hole, it is more trouble, more integrated, fucking her astlow, like a silk, shaking whole body.

“Ah! Dad! I am so hurt! I … I … can’t … … ……”

Snow was worked by my big cock and wanted to die, and the prostitute in the small hole was spilled out, straight down, and the heart was smoked with my glans. I still worked hard, I felt that she was tender meat on her shades, and I poured my too cock tightly. The uterus licked my big glans, it is really a lot, cool in my heart!

“Dad … I am good … comfortable … I am beautiful … I … I am really beautiful … I … I am very much love you …” I heard her love, I am like wild horses, mad guest On the grassland, the hands of the snow, the snow, the white butt, the height of his lower body, with the strength, desperately thrust, the big talent is like a rain, hit on her flower heart.

“Little baby! Hold … Dad wants … shoot … ejaculation …”

The snow is also comfortable to fly, enter the fairyland, and the hands are tightly wrapped in me, and she is desperately swinging with my legs, quite a high yin, to meet my hidden sprint.

“Oh … parents … Pear husband … I am dead … I am so comfortable … I am so hurt … I …

Beautiful … I have to go to the sky … I have to … leaking … 喔 … “Snow was tied by me, has made her a climax, no shake, small mouth strikes atmosphere , The lower abdomen is contracted, the uterus is put, open, the fierce sucking the big talents, fiercely felt that she was shaking, a hot rolling, straight spray, poured on my glans … …

I also reached an exciting high point, the whole body is span, a big talence, a lot of essence, full of incident, the daughter, never being exploited in the uterus.

The snow was hot, and the whole body was screaming. “Ah! Dad … so comfortable …

Two prostitutes and yang, in the small hole, impact.

That kind of beauty is really difficult to describe, anyway, all of our two meet the peak of sexual desire!

After I was ejaculation, I didn’t hurry out the big mask, and continue to let it bubble in the small hole of the snow, covering her body and sleeping.

When the window outside the window, I woke up in the sleep, it is more than ten o’clock in the morning; I look at it, the snow people are not in the room, I wore shorts to go out of the room, see Snow, Wear one Pink small dress sleeves, busy in the kitchen.

Snow listened to my opening, turned to watch me, softly smiled: “Dad, you wake up, there is a bowl of soup on the table, you will drink it first! Good lunch.”

She finished, the face of no reason is red, the shy low is smiling, the look is really a newly married little wife, I can’t help but God …

“I am still not hungry, I …” I close her, reach out of her hands into his arms, her soft double breast is on my chest, my meat stick began to swell …

“You are too tired last night, so old age, I don’t know if you love your body; you first sit down and drink soup, I have something to tell you.

“Say, let me open me gently, my face is getting red, low, …

She pushed me to sit down, putting the soup in front of me, people also sat down, picking up chopsticks slowly eating.

When I finished eating, the snow has lowned, drilled on my arm, screw it with my hands on my thigh, her blush is more powerful, swallowing and swallowing and said: “Dad … Dad … I … I am now your person … will you take care of me! “

The portrait of the soft candy is sticky on me. Her look let me see it, I really want to reach out, I will hold her in my arms and eliminate fire.

“Fool, how can you say this, then your father doesn’t like your daughter.

“But … but we are … this is incest …”

“Fool, what kind of incest is not incest, as the saying goes, the boat is naturally straight to the bridge, and we will naturally have a way, you can rest assured.”

Seeing my eyes, the snow is temporarily the cheek and the low head: “Dad, you … 唉 … I …”

“Snow, I love you!”

I took the snow into her arms, she struggled slightly, and finally leaned against my chest.

“Snow, I want you! I showed you last night. You are mine, I have to be with you, I will give you a happiness … As long as you can be with me … let me do anything Tiger mouse!

Xueer’s pear broccoli, made me can’t help but hold her face, kissed the passion, she looked up in my arm, softly, my mouth, my mouth … final When I kissed her lips, she also held me tightly, enthusiastically responded … in front of acquaintances, the snow is my daughter, I don’t even take care of her.

Caring for her, let others touch it directly as she talks, she must be filial to me in the future.

When we were at night, we were a loving couple with spirit and meat.

When I was alone or when I got home from get off work, she was like a newly married little wife, and the softness was served.

In the night, sleeping in bed, she is more like a slut, don’t make new tricks, I will make love, get me every day, I just want to be tired with her …

After completing the class at night, I hurriedly returned home. The snow had already dinked, she wore a lavender red translucent V word without collar shirt, showing white slightly shallow small cleansing.

Under the light, her light makeup, the pink cherry, put the fine skin, teach me to see it, I can’t help but excite.

The two people have a good time to eat dinner, and the snow is gentle on my chest and watch TV with me.

In the bathroom, Xueer is really a thoughtful little wife. After she helped me, I took a soap from the neck, and the whole body was carefully applied …

In the next few days, my work is relatively busy. There are some files in the unit. I have to handle it. Because of the time, I am also good to eat in the unit, snow, because I am afraid, so she simply lives. In the collective dormitory of the unit.

I can’t help with my daughter. I am very difficult.

That afternoon, I handled the documents of my hand. I went down in the morning. I was ready to pick up my daughter. I came to the school where my daughter is located. The snow has not elected.

In the glass window, I saw that Snow sat in the back row, and there was a Heli group between her classmates.

She wore a set of white student suit today, a tight-fitting compassion and white short skirt, which brought her tender but in the unevenness of some sexy lines.

The bold miniskirt has just covered her just long slightly full hips, which makes her more than the legs of the stockings, and the feet are wearing a pair of most popular unbounded sandals, the whole wear and She has sleepless the fangs, the small waist, showing the tender breast, and the jade, white skin, and the glow is more charming, Ming Yanyu.

I saw this uncomfortable mask could not help but swell.

But when I saw her daughter, I couldn’t bear my heart.

So I got around the school building, the Ten floors of Xueger’s teaching building, the seven layers of the seven floors were for them, the top several layers mainly constructed by the office of each teacher and the library, usually Few people get to the top floor of the library.

Perhaps my walking voice is alarmed by them, and her daughter saw me in a glass window, and his face was immediately smiling.

She put down the homework, jumping out, “Dad, how come you?”

“I haven’t seen you for a few days, I miss you, this doesn’t pick up something early, I will pick you up.”

“Dad, but this is too early, I still have a lot of homework.”

“Nothing, Dad is waiting for you.”

I tap my daughter shoulder: “But you should rest now, I have a long time to come to my father, come with my father.”

I pulled her hand.

“Where are you going to bring me!”

“Let’s go, don’t ask, you will know!”

I took my daughter to sit on the elevator straight to the top floor library, only the teacher who took the tube book is one person, because today is the weekend, most of the students have returned home.

We walked to the library’s last face, I walked in front of me, I hugged the snow from behind, my hands kept touching her breast, and the snow said: “Dad, no … don’t … don’t … … there will be someone. “

“Will n’t, today is the weekend, people go home, that is, some people will have sound.”

I screamed with the chest of the snow, and I looked with his little breasts across the clothes. My lower body is already like a high-ranking high-ranking high-ranking. Then I set off her top, pushing her cream up, two white tendons were caught in the hands: “Snow do you know how much I miss you two days? Your pair Small tits, every day in front of my eyes! “

I took the snow of the snow near my lower body, and the hand of the snow touched outside the trousers. I am more excited, reach out to unlock the trousers, pull out the hard-moving mask, and the clothes in the small genital part of the snow. Grinding rubbed.

Snow couldn’t stand: “Ah … … Dad is not … don’t … ah …”

I didn’t pay attention to her, my hand continued to go down, picking her skirt, my hand is straight into the roots, pulling the underwear of the snow, faded down, go to the knee, then the calf, the snow, I put the feet The underwear of the snow is off and put it into the pocket.

I stroked her breast, and stroked her little tender hole. I also stunned with my fingers into it. The lower body of the snow was smashed. Hand is it.

I put the waist of the snow to my own arms. The snow is automatically pressed on the wall. The upper body and the lower body are 45 degrees angle. The thigh is squatting. I try to separate the thighs of the snow. I picked her skirt. The snowy hips show in front of me, I hold the glans in one hand, hold the waist of the snow in one hand, the glans fights the bottom of Xueger, shaking on the ditch of the snow, then stay in the Taoyuan hole of Xuecier After inserted into the pussy of the snow, the pussy is lubricated, and the glans suddenly ended.

“Ah …” Xueer looked low.

I am also a shot of the whole nerve.

I hurry, when I have to pull a dress, I have to cover the butt, I hold the waist of the snow, the glans do not stop entering and exit, her lascivious water is overflowing, flowing on the ground with the stockings.

Suddenly heard the sound of “噔噔 …”, the snow suddenly woke up, stood straight: “Dad, don’t, pull it out, some people come.”

I reluptly pulled out the glans, quickly put him into the trousers, snow, and quickly finished his clothes, “underwear, my underwear.”


“Forget it, don’t wear it, wear a skirt can’t see it.”

The snow did not argue, and the skirt was pulled down, and the lower body was covered.

At this time, the people who look at the library came over, “Ah, classmates, how are you here.

“Ah, nothing, this is my father, I want him to come to find some extracurricular books with me, just not pay attention to see you.

“Which … I will find it!”

“Forget it, today is weekend, wait for Monday, come back!”

At this time, the snow is scattered, and the cheeks are blush.

In order not to cause him to suspect that I said: “Forget it, let’s go, first finished the following homeways!”

Said that we didn’t escape from our head.

In the elevator, the daughter screwed me and said: “I hate it, it is you, let me be so wolf!”

What can I say, just smile?

She is shy and white, I ran to her classroom.

“You go back soon, I am waiting for you in the following car!”

This bitter wait for this bitter wait for this bitter wait for it.

Oops, I finally saw it, a well-clever girl, with a student who had not returned home, was gone through the building, she had a long straight hair shared scattered in the shoulder, appeared to be extravagant, only The gerbells of the beauty embryos, the bright forehead, the skin is white, such as the spring mountain’s eyebrows is a pair of deep eyes, and the straight nose is full of confidence, radians. The beautiful and tender lips make people want to bite a bite, the scorpion is round, especially in the face of the sweet little dimples, let her share the young and tenderness to add infinitely. Charming.

Her sleeveless audition shirt can not live the double peak that is growing, there is a light blue exquisite bag, the lower body is white and knee, the ultra short skirt, ultra-thin and transparent white stockings and the sandals of Juanxiu, Make her slender legs more attractive, and 148 heights with sandals, walking in the people of the students, such as the cranes, the charming style makes the men and women around you. I am looking at the god, I heard the silent whisper next to him: “You said that Chen Xue is there. There is a problem in that way. If you don’t have much chasing her, there is no one, she is affirmed and cold …”

After I heard it, I secretly proud: “Fool, you are cold, you can’t eat grapes and say grapes …”

After my daughter took the car, I was even more likely, pulled my daughter to my side. I didn’t care about kiss on my daughter’s powder face.

I asked, I can die! “” Dad, you don’t do this, this is at the door of our school, you look at it now, will we go eat first? Wait until you eat, I will play it again? “So I drove to Jinma Hotel, I have some high-protein dishes, and the wind is over, I can’t wait to drive home after I finished the account.

After I returned home, the shoes were not coming, I pulled into my daughter, closing the door, hugged the snow straight to her lips, I madly inserted into the mouth of the snow, in her oral cavity Stir, and mix with the tongue of the snow.

I have given her away from the sexual desire I just.

My chicken is also ejaculation in her body.

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