Excited Wang Xue is taken off, and the jade is angry in the warm big bed, a relatively smooth black cloud scattered on the white pillow. The face is red, the star is inexplicably, and a arm is elegantly pillow, and the other is slightly shy and a bit of a bit of teasing means, gently hide the grass of the umbilician hill, The waist is slightly toward the bow, so that the pair of jade hemisphere, the pointed breasts are proud of the cool air, and the curve is beautiful, the tempting pelvic is slightly meticulous to make yourself And have your own man.

Bed header light soft and light scatters on Wang Xue’s body, Wang Hao magnetic voice is whispering in the ear: “Daughter, Dad miss, your whole body is not a place, there is no father to be fascinated, there is another woman There is no style and taste. Dad wants you good! “

Wang Hao mooded a breeze and gently smashed Wang Xue, a pink sensitive flower bud on the crisp chest, just like a small stone put a flat lake in the lake, making Wang Xue, a warm expectation, and her meat couldn’t help but have a slight trembling. The thrill of incest stimulates Wang Xuejiao’s flesh to exude the tempting breath, quietly placed in front of Wang Hao, his eyes were slightly, quietly waiting for his appreciation and taste.

At this time, Wang Hao is like an artist, and slowly admire Wang Xue’s wonderful body, from the head to foot, even some small places are refused to let go. Finally, Wang Hao’s line of sight stayed in Wang Xue, is relatively sparse, emitting a fragrant jungle.

Wang Hao greedy looked at Wang Xue’s snow, whitening, the meat stick was hard like the root iron stick, Wang Hao hurriedly and didn’t lose the passive hand put a hand in her hand that only hiddled the hole. Wang Xue immediately moved his hand to his breast and tacitally took the initiative to separate your legs! Wang Hao, and then uses another hand to gently introduce his thick and hot meat stick into Wang Xue and slideware, and start gentle and firmly.

The love liquid in Wang Xueyin has long been flooded. Under Wang Hao, I immediately issued a “咕!! 咕!!” Very beautiful, exciting sound. When Wang Hao was gently sent, Wang Hao kissed Wang Xue’s cherry, with his own tongue, Wang Xue Xuexiang tongue, one side with hands to touch Wang Xue, to the tower and beautiful breast milk.

This three-pronged warfare made a very comfortable in the “Drought Spring”, the whole body is short, a burst of pleasure with the meat stick in their own body, from the lower abdomen wave one wave I got it up, so that Wang Xue couldn’t help but couldn’t help it: “Ah … Dad … Oh!” With his dearest people, the hard big dicks entered their own rhythm, Wang Xuejiao, I have a sound excited and happy, and they are embarrassed and unclear.

The sweetness of the sweetness in the mouth came out, Wang Xue took it into Wang Haoyou into the mouth and encouraged him, and nourished him, and the loving liquid in the small hole was smashed, and the belly of them was contaminated and wet. ……

Because Wang Xue father did not make love for a long time, each other met the climax of pleasure in a short period of time, leaking fine at the same time, but the flesh of two people still pressed together, although stopping Sports, but Wang Hao’s meat stick is still tightly connected with Wang Xue’s jade, hugging together, and sleeps. Before sleeping, they clearly read the information that they also needed again from the other sight.

Not long after, Wang Xue woke up first, slowly opened the show, when she saw the physical strength of Wang Hao, who was stunned, I remembered that he had just struggled to struggle with himself on the peak scene, face The smile of satisfying, gently kissing a hot kiss in the king of Wang Haoqiang.

Wang Hao woke up and saw Wang Xue’s pear flower with rain’s shy charming, gently scolding Wang Xue’s snake sample full of vitality, with his own hand and gently touching the smooth jade of Wang Xue I show an infinite gentle body sticker, laugh and walk: “Dear daughter, Dad love you!”

The passion has just passed the scene of the scene, and I feel that my face is burning. I have a “Dad, I also love you” from the chest, twisted the soft and tender body. The shyness is embarrassed to burn the head in Wang Hao’s chest. But under Wang Hao’s enthusiastic kiss and strokes, Wang Xue’s body quickly burned, he kissed him, and used his own pair of soft, put the meat, gently set up, room or return Put it intimately on the cheeks, gently squat, or glimpse it with an encouragement and reward, and plenty of lips in the mushroom.

What else can be more than this, more clearly passed the wonderful information? So they gave birth to a big meal with a tenderness and honey. If they have just been hunger, they are hunger, they are not going to go straight to the top peak, this time is the spring in March. No more anxious and urgent, only the birds like the birds, the birds and peace. Holding this attitude, they really entered the supremacy of human love activities – game status. In this kindraring, they pay more attention to the experience of the process, and they are very pleasant to enjoy the other party. In playing and teasing, they will give each other’s minds and fleshy. At the same time, in diligent service and exploration, let I have also gratifying and happiness. Wang Hao’s meat stick gradually woke up in the gentle caress of Wang Xue, from the thick Wa-liang’s yin, showed a red-purple meat stick, the meat stick is not only long, but it is thick, but from the middle, And did not reveal the gluten, especially the glans, like the ball, big, red crystal color, the edge has a high erect, from the just in the just, it is slightly, lined with Wang Hao strong body Brown skin, like such a naked naked body, looks at the heart of the Spring heart, full of Yan Si, how can she not make her heart?

Wang Xue, the horror of the huddle, and the youthful red plow is covered. Before the crisp chest, it is almost a lot of hands, developing mature milk, under the stimulation, looks more It is full of expansion, taps taps, crystal clear, blushing the pole is like a bud that is inseparable, with the body’s movement, and a plump hip together, it is more likely to see the person People love little waist tempting curve. It is like such a moving picture, and how can I not teach Wang Yushen jumping, wants to fire, the soul is soft, 意 神 神迷 哩!

Wang Hao sat up and put Wang Xue light into his arms, low-headed to kid the cute breast. Wang Xue immediately grabbed his hair with his hand, and he wanted to hear the “attempt” to block. She knew that he would only make more persistent, but it is not asked, what is it called?

Wang Hao made a man earned, and he broke Wang Xue ‘s defensed line with the unbearable line, and put them all. I saw it more jealous than the buns, but it is not like the hoe, it is tight, but it is tight, but also with a soft ball, just hurt in the huge heart. Wang Haozhen glanced with his hands and gently smiled with the two groups of big steamed soft meat. It’s a good thing, it’s hard! Hey, people still go back to their rooms. “Said, gently twisted Liu waist, I want to earn Wang Hao’s hug, but this is the true meaning of Wang Xue How can Wang Xue take out?

Suddenly, Wang Xue felt that his full grapes were clamped by Wang Hao’s finger, and touched him and kept twisting, and the body was in the case, from the crispy crisp, The feeling of acid is it, making Wang Xue’s body more soft and weak, and Wang Xue Nayuan Spring Cave, seems to be a honeycomb in the inside, and the insects take it-like. This is a few feelings that make Wang Xue’s hearts of the sweet sugar coat, and people are also more relieved.

I saw Wang Xue’s body turned, I went to Wang Hao Hua, the pair of spring love gazing Wang Hao, said: “Hey … seek … you … good father, don’t pinch!” I buried my head, a cherry of the cherry, the glans of Wang Hao’s bright crystal frog, the whole turtle of the frog contained the red lips, swallow up, and the retrieval of the stunned tongue was smashed in the eyes of the horse.

This will attack Wang Hao to attack, and one of the sour, hemp, hot, itch is straight through the small belly, and makes Wang Hao shudder, haha ​​laugh, there is no mouth in laughter. beg for mercy!

After Wang Xue saw it, the eyes were bright, and the face was red, proudly forwarded his chest, squatted with a small mouth, and made a good time: “See you still dare!” When I got Wang Xue, I knew that she was moving, and she is needed! At the same time, I saw Wang Xue’s own pretty eyes, fans became a slice, delicate goose egg face full of red, and it was a beautiful, can’t help but kiss the kisses of Wang Xue chest.搓, is like a jade carved, round white tender. Also from the soft, it is stunning, and true is greasy and tender.

Most life to Wang Hao, the baby is bare, slippery slide hand, also slightly arched a two bright red meat chicken head straight to Wang Hao of Haman in the bustling heart desires head torment , could not help but rub their hands together. As a result, Wang Xue again intoxicated Kuanbai waist, a pair of rounded knees, Xianzu children cross with each other and with greasy light rub. Xue Hao and taking advantage lie side by side, with the mouth to suck Xue containing delicate bud on the left. I saw Wang Hao tongue subvolume suck a moment, he felt a sub-Xue unspeakable taste of children, in mind darting in and out, even the bones would be happy to, two long curved eyebrows would be happy to sparsely , a pair of feminine eyes closed cover became a seam, the mouth breathing again and again, a catkin groping holding a pestle warm between their waist-hip jade stick. Jiaochuan listening to her daughter, watching her body reaction, Wang Hao in the heart of male pride wells, Wang Hao continued stroking, sucking Xue flexible breast, Wang Xue Wang Hao upper body involuntarily with each generating a wobbling kiss, bud swell up involuntarily. Xue slightly opened his beautiful eyes and saw his lips and out in under his full areola Wang Hao in men sucking strength, body and emerging a hot flashes, can not help one’s face flush.

Wang Haoxian serve cooked tender love, so Xue feel like a queen supreme, deemed a fine book, Ren Wanghao enjoy browsing read. Wang Hao Wang Xue breath to roam fever cheeks and nose, two hot lips finally fell on her parched lips.

Xue has been slowly felt unable to control his consciousness. His kiss was so gentle, it seems superficial and general, Ruoyouruowu.

Wang Hao very big hands back and forth gently kneading Xue breasts, nipples Jiuqi fingers gently from time to time, action is very gentle. Wang Xue Wang Hao’s hand on the breast play touch for a while, then slowly move down, touching the inside of the thigh Xue. Wang Hao wet warm tongue flexibility to Xue who walk Xue felt his chest was almost mixed with a strong sense of happiness sensual fullness, and her breath rhythms and sounds have increased somewhat.

Wang Hao’s lips moved slowly down, a deep kiss on Xue mons. Xue thought we should enter, but Wang Hao has slipped foot of the bed, put Xue legs in his arms, holding one pair Xue carefully Xianzu enjoy playing, then put her left foot to his lips, kiss over and over, also the way of the sole heat light Oh, and by the way of the sole tongue licked. Wang Hao Wang Xue was licked slightest itch, thighs could not help but tremble slightly, comfortable that his legs are a dumb.

Although Wang Xue Wang Hao kissed the feet, has produced in her vagina indescribable emptiness, Wang Xue Wang Hao took him some anxious to Flanagan thick insert your own baby’s body to enrich it, but only slowly, Wang Hao Wang Xue trembling clenched feet, tongue licking up along the calf to thigh, and finally mouth Tian Wen posted on her honey spout.

Hao kiss hand side edge toward the navel of Xue, mocked friction with that bundle of shiny black pubic hair, then go to touch the mysterious hillocks Hao Xue overeating. Wang Hao Wang Xue Na Liangpian tongue methodically put a little swelling, rose petal labia minora to gently poke both sides, tentatively tongue softly into his blossoming flower diameter that go reconnaissance; then lips again with that two parallel meat tenderizer, and sip them together, swept Roufeng in hot tongue; also with the tongue at the upper end of the petal fold that is extremely delicate and sensitive, already fully erect small buttons children captured, and very gently suck and titillate Xue ……

Although Xue has not been the beginning of this road, but it is a fantastic feeling, this feeling makes her show closed eye, nose slightly open, whole body trembled wildly as chills, and chest suffused with rosy Fenjia small lump, paradise mouth suddenly spring Creek flood, round white legs reflexively to Wang Hao’s head tightly clamped mouth child in a flurry of “ah ah …… …… …… dad dad involuntarily …… Well …… not …… to …… Well …… “vague Swallows whisper.

Seeing his daughter in his conditioning has such a response, Wang Hao proud and so excited to be added, can not help but hugged her curvy body kissed them. Xue was this sudden kiss rain made Chunxindangyang stroke, high spirits, a turning head toward the feet Wang Hao, Wang Hao head to foot towards straddling his body, while the white king in Minato abundant buttocks enchanting this creates her letting her die happy baby – near Hao mouth, while the physique leisurely playing with a pair Wang Hao scepter.

Xue first hands alternately veins exposed flesh that stick to the child from the root stroke head, then glowing red glans containing feed Yingkou hit by Xiangshe circle above, further with a small hand gently kneading the root pair cute little balls ……

Wang Hao was taken into Tongtai, and his breathing couldn’t help but also. In order to thank and put the pleasure to Wang Xue in time, Wang Haoyou slowly, and very gentlely in Wang Xue’s underdery, Xiaoyin Lips, gently rushing in the wetted meat with tongue. Slide, it will be lightweight from time to time into a blood red clitoris. Wang Xue was very comfortable to be touched by Wang Hao. Whenever the tongue turns a fresh clitoris, Wang Xue’s body will not be shaken by autonomous. Wang Hao’s other hand is in the cloud of Wang Xue, Wang Xue feels that it is a shot from there. As your own meat stick is like a pleasure of passing, Wang Hao also stretched his fingers softly into the honey road of Wang Xueyuot, and the flourishing flooded love liquid is more and more, Wang Hao put his mouth Go, drink those crystal rain that overflows the peach flower. Wang Xue felt that the whole body can’t say, the flower path was touched by Dad’s fingers.

Wang Xuefeng looted down, score the two jade legs highly, glance with the charming show, glanced at the Queen Queen Wang Hao, indicating that he will carry out the second charge.

Wang Hao did still want to burn in the fire. I only felt that the hot glans took a few 揉 揉 in Wang Xuehua, the top of the ladle, and he sent it to the wet shot and sticky parrot screw. It took a while in the inside, swumped there, trembled, Wang Xue could not help but hold his father and robbers.

Wang Hao began to slowly, but did not plug in, but repeatedly pumped, every time, a little more, finally the whole penis was placed in Wang Xue’s vagina. Wang Haowen soft mushroom-shaped meat buds in Wang Xue Wen Run, tight and greasy vagina, a strange rhythm is flooding inside, swelling, Wang Xue thinks that the waves are getting bigger and bigger, and the clitoris has breeding a shares. Warm flow, gradually spread to the whole body, warm. Wang Xue felt that Dad was like a wish, he would dissolve in this flame, and everything is launched for him.

Wang Xue’s legs have been spanned, and the love liquid is constantly flowing out. Wang Xue tightly slammed Wang Hao’s neck with his own snowy jade arm, and the eyes were half-open and half closed.

Wang Hao saw himself from the bedweller mirror, and only saw her lamb fat white, delicate and smooth, and exquisite incense, making him more prostitution. Wang Hao’s meat stick is deeper, and Wang Xue’s reaction is, the more dramatically. Whenever Wang Hao’s meat stick inserts Wang Xue’s vagina, she shakes his fairy, tall his own fat round pink hips Come up, and use the wall of the vagina to hold the glans, the powder is constantly twisted, the love liquid is constantly moving, and the mouth is not stopped “喔 … Love Dad … 喔 … good Dad … … “The shallow is called, only Wang Hao heard the heart!

At this time, Wang Hao only felt sweet in his heart. He opened his own use. He gradually was pushed up by the top to the root. He didn’t have the brain. Looking at Wang Xue’s two petals is as red, warm, and soft, the little labi is tightly contained with meat sticks, and I can’t happen. The juice also flows.

After got a while, I saw the power of Wang Xue’s waist and confidently put the abdomen to the top, greeted the big meat stick inserted, and the mouth and more comforted: “Good … Dad, fast … don’t … … stop! Power … 点 … 喔 … 唉呦! I am fine … um … I can’t … “

Wang Haozhi Wang Xue at this time, I have to have a sweetness, but I really put it into the extraction. In this way, both sides have to have a temporary. This meal, I saw the bed account vibration, Gege dripping, whispering, always Shasha, Wang Xue also twisted the waist, dancing, moving the arm, ushered in the top .

Wang Hao, said Wang Xue and Jiao Xue again and again: “Well … um … ah … ah … good! Itch … Yeah … even in the bones … Dry … Yeah … You … My little father … I really want to live! That cap … Grain … Oh … Oh … Ah … come! “

Wang Hao also gave Wang Xue’s warm splashing meat, the hoop clamped the meat stick in the past, straight to the two people to be comfortable, bone soft bulls, itchy, the whole body is melting In general, the fluttering is faster, only to hear a piece of “Take a drop”, “唧 吱”, such as the breath, laugh, and then rang, Wang Xue flows out Even the snow white bed is also dyed.

Get the, get the, suddenly heard Xue called out: “Oh come on my father ah good people to die …… Ahhh …… ah!!!” Xue just feel like your body is put open to the general, also desires impulse that even bother to open, not to withstand, felt his body slightly dither a bit, there will be a mass of hot water rushes out from the depths of the child’s cock, can not help children forced to hand hugging Wang Hao, two thigh wound on his father’s waist to hip, his mouth just “Ahhh” repeatedly called low. Then Wang Hao also feel his cock deep experience Mihu daughter to a burst of hot suction, knew she wanted to spray, and put the cock hard taut vigorously rub the top, then lower abdomen live close to the clitoris. Wang Xue hand, foot and at once random chatter for a while, could not help but feel his body seems to hear of mud water, the whole solution scattered, Meimu closed, mouth slightly together child, vague lower throat spit called, only to hear is ” Oh come on! died, Lesi it! …… “the following will be vague, just close the holes punched, pondering the taste of children of this emergence immortality.

Xue feel like lying on a small boat, bathed in the warm summer sun, surf the waves gently holding the boat to go to the distant swing, covered with soft to make a little effort also does not come up, too I do not want to push hard and hope can keep on drifting down. Wang Xue knees still shaking, breathing seems to stop.

This is a whole new feel, is that Xue had never felt before, Xue think deep down there is a novelty, something thrilling, awoke in fluctuation, like a gentle flame of light flutter, as softly like hairiness-like, straight toward the glorious summit, the whole person dissolved.

Wang Hao stopped, but not out of his big dick, just hand gently caressing his forehead Wang Xue, eyes, neck, breasts and lower abdomen, Wang Hao is so tenderly caresses his gentle as if her drill every cell of the body among. So, after a few seconds, Wang Xue was satisfied, feeling relaxed and sighed loudly.

Wang Hao lost count of how long such a caress, Xue felt a surge of hot body there, opened his legs again. Wang Hao straightened up, caught her hands and feet, to separate the thighs, bulging penis valiant troops continue to move forward. Wang Hao deeper and fierce, Wang Xue just want my father Push plug, plug hurry, plug deep point, her discomfort that Wang Hao is also fast and fierce play under the smoke gradually increased, and more rapid breathing, on breasts that the rhythm of pigeons children merrily Tiaodang, the water inside the vagina as the flash floods as Zhixie out.

Xue’s body shaking as if an electric shock, really anxious to put his roots on the inside, never pull out. Gasp Wang Hao is also growing rapidly, more and more strength. Wang Xue Wang Hao in the men again red-hot breath, has never been happier, it is like drunk as wine, floating, and if in a dream, vague. Feel as if there is a sea full of some dark waves, the rise, with the expansion, the expansion into a huge wave, slowly separated Xue lower body inside, about waves, leisurely wave of a dissolute far to go. Goes to Sea were in the middle of gently explore the deep, deeper more exploration, more and touched the depths of her, the more turbulent waves of the swing to swing to the shore, the more swing farther to leave her.

Wang Hao deeper and vigorously, Wang Xue was inserted in the vagina every muscle in spasm trembling, Wang Hao also timely hit consecutive several shiver, the body hairs are beginning to be erected. He felt they were about to ejaculate, so they joined forces to work stud to the bottom up. I saw Wang Hao ejaculation head light, breathless, whole body exudes a strong need Xue this time, the original deep male stunning wild life light ……

Wang Xue busy bracing, dedication systemic last ounce of strength, Niuyaobaitun, violent contraction of that juicy mussel, for a life package relying father fiery lifeblood children! Internal organs burst of pleasure seems to want to bring out the sudden advent of his agitation was total loss of consciousness, rushing out of the mouth of a series of “ah …… ah ……” light shout, cry, he even carries sewage usually hard to say foul language! At the same time, a large share of thick sticky hot semen “hiss hiss …… ……” ejected ground.

Xue felt a scalding liquid filled Effort sprayed on their parched flower, a surge of the most pleasant warmth spread throughout the body from the depths of a sudden spasm, while contractions in the vagina, but also concentrated gushing hot sex fluid, followed by paralysis of limbs like like hanging down, people are like floating up, everything is so carefree.

Ten thousand kinds of stroke was made all the answers scenery enchanting Xue Hao limbs and dried to hold tight and filled with tenderness Hao gently rubbing the back, neck and hair.

Wang Hao peacefully with his eyes closed, his head buried deeply breasts Wang Xue, the meat becomes soft bud too slowly, the limbs are quietly enjoying his daughter’s gentle.

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