In the past few years, there have been people in all walks of life, and the age hierarchies can be said to have no experience from young girls to middle-aged women. The most impressed is the most impressive that nurses and teachers. Today, I will talk about female teachers. There are 17 female teachers who have already taken the relationship. There are 2 people who have been striving to maintain long-term relationships. Most of them are one night, and they choose to have a representative 3 women. The teacher introduced to the majority of wolf friends. Don’t doubt the authenticity, in order to increase readability, details may be processed, but the basic storyline is completely true!

Teacher Huang, female, 25 years old, unmarried, Yangzhou people, Nanjing Normal University’s foreign language department, Wuxi a middle school English teacher. I have a rainy night in the fall, I am in Netease 0510 ☆☆, then I am very bored at night. I am very bored every day. . I got a name attracting a woman, she took the initiative to find me, I was only half an hour, I can see that she is very satisfied with me, she agreed to meet my family. I want her phone, first hit the past, don’t be deceived. It’s right after confirming, giving an agreement on the door of Yaohan. In the rain, I saw a girl, the long middle level, 80 points, the one is not high, 160 or so, but it is very full, is the type I like. I didn’t say anything after I met, she hit me to my house.

When I arrived at my house, let’s talk on the living room, watching TV, I saw a while, asked my family, I said there is. She told me that she hasn’t seen the mask yet, very curious, I always want to see it. So I put a film of Europe and America. I saw a while, I reached out to help her shoulder, her bird relied in my arms, let’s kiss together, I can’t help start the breasts of her full. Her face is red, eye wave is like water, let people feel this, and we are hugging, and for a long time. After the film was finished, I said that we slept, she said to take a shower. So let her take a shower, I have already washed it. After washing, she is covered with a bath towel, shy to drill on the bed, wrapped the quilt, I can’t wait to diamond. When I started to touch her body, she didn’t refuse, I knead her breasts, turned around, sometimes I made a little bit, I knead her nipple, I found that she was hard. I looked up her, she was closed, caressing her double milk, the pink little grapes in the light red tissue were trembled, and she touched the girl under the abdomen. She was a little trembling, dialing the thick hairy, I feel that the lips are closely closed. I can’t help but open the two labips with my fingers, reach the forefinger into the vagina, and rub it in the jet nucleus. Her belly is non-stop, the body is not distorted, Taoyuan’s Qingquan has flowed a lot, at this time she reached out, I touched my little brother, with her stroke, my baby below became thick, hard ! I hold her body! My penis quietly returned to her lower abdomen, she twisted the waist to catering me … I used the penis to rub between her labia, the penis became harder, and it has become more harder. . My penis slipped into her vagina step by step, suddenly, a warm, tightened feeling surrounded my penis, her body was touched, hugged my neck, tightly, my hoop, I turned When I came, I started to push, an unsolicable pleasure spread from the penis, I began to be crazy, she continued to twist the body, catering my impact, and issued a madness, ” Ah …, ah …, “, I asked her comfortable? She nodded, the mouth is constantly called: “Fast, fast, hard, hard, good”, hands with my head, the body began to madly catering my twice, after my hard work, she reached The first climax of life. Looking at her feeling, I realized that as a man’s pride, I stopped pulling, stopping gently rubbing her whole body, and licking her nipple, she continued to be quiet in the long rhyme, very fast She was aroused again, she reached out my little brother and said charming, “I want it again, come.” Grasping my penis, go to her vagina, walking along her lascivious water, my little brother is easy to enter her body, so another crazy buffet starts, this time, we have changed several A posture, after more than 30 minutes of joint efforts, we have reached a climax, and I rolled the hot semen into her long-lasting spinner, she met in my arms. We cracked his words and slowly entered a sweet dream. The next morning, she told me that I was her second man. She had a boyfriend in school. I have done more than a dozen times before and boyfriend, but I have never experienced a climax. I gave her to experience a woman. Happy first man, willing to be friends with me later, but also warned that I don’t want to find another woman, don’t infect morbid disease. I also like her very much. Of course, I am vowed to say that in addition to my wife and her, I will not find other women anymore. Ha, of course it is lie to her. We still keep this relationship, often meet, and she told me that even she is married, I don’t want to leave me.

Teacher Zhou, female, 31 years old, married, Wuxi people, a kindergarten teacher. Short hair, 165 high, weight 52 kg, appearance in the middle, chest towering. She is also I am ☆☆ I know, in fact, my chat is very old, all formula, “Hello, can you talk?” First explore the purpose of my Internet, of course, when a woman will not admit to find a lover or a night, try to have a skill, just talk about her without avoiding such a problem, you have succeeded half, try to understand her Emotional life, view to marriage, relationship between husband and wife, if she is dissatisfied with her husband, then you are basically successful. After I showed the “Bubble Dafa”, I finally attacked the beach head position. She told me that she and her husband had a bad feelings, her husband is a worker, does not understand warmth, life is not romantic, no passion. Oh, it is a grievance. I said that we can do a lover, I will care for you. She promised to meet me, start with ordinary friends. Ha, she thought that I was in love, my principle is the speed of speed, and the target is immediately transferred. There are very few women to arouse my desire multiple times. The other principle is that the girl is limited to 3 times, if the third time I can’t give up, I will give up immediately. Even if you are Xi Shi, I will not ask you the fourth, for sale, money, energy, feelings . We interrocate the phone, under my repeated entanglement, she promised and I met. For the first time, we are about a small coffee house, there are not many people, and the sentiment is good. We talked very speculative. She said that there was a feeling of changing the evening, saying that I am very sincere, understand people, and a man taste, ha, Xiao Nizi is moving. She said that I am willing to be confidant with me, but I don’t want to be sorry for my husband. I desperately instill how she is generally common in society now, how is it popular for one night, and people want to learn what. She seems to have a heart, but it is very late, she said that she must go back, she has time to contact me.

One day after more than ten days, I was buying things in the mall. I suddenly received her call and asked me if I had a time. Ha, the mermaid is hooked, this time she must be a spring heart. I immediately went to the Fortune Hotel to eat together, and I met it after ten minutes. At the dinner table, Teacher Zhou said that there is a sense of nurn, and the face is red, like the feeling of being a bad thing, and our two quickly solved the warmth. I rubbed into her legs with my feet, “I … let’s go.” She obviously can’t bear the shrinkage, “Oh, where are we going?” “On the side of the room.” “I am afraid.” , … is safe? “” It doesn’t matter, I have me, you can rest assured. “I have to cover up now, I am laughing in my heart, I took her out of the restaurant. Let her wait on the side, I quickly opened the room. She followed me to go to the elevator and entered our room. When I entered the door, I hugged her, then a deep kiss, her lips didn’t have to persist, our tongue was wrapped together, my hand also violated her chest, “Ah …, um …, no … “The full feeling makes my blood immediately boil, and her depressed 呻吟 also makes this moment of obscenity … she seems to be eager to do this, immediately close the eyes, bring the eyes Holding the expectation of her lips, neck, chest, my hand is holding her, then I can’t help but slip enough to have a soft buttock, I force it, she is emotionally suppressed from the body喊 喊, “Ah, you are bad!” She immediately turned his body, go to the bed, we sat together in the bed, I got her deeply kissed. Our tongue began to entangled, I hungry sucking her soft tongue, and put her down her. We are tightly hugging, kissed, but this is not enough for us. I slowly kissed her neck, my hand walked around her full chest, really soft. She is uneasy, I know what she is eager, and immediately covers the moving peak, I have a lot of breasts, and I admire her body. I lift my head and kissed her mouth. With her own striking body, she slipped into her body, and she slipped into her underwear, there was a warm and humid ocean, my hand was smashed in her leg, and my fingers were unintentionally crossed. between. She tightly grabbed my hand and wanted to resist the desire of her surrender, but unconsciously put my hand in my pussy, and I used my hand. There was a liquid, slippery, I took my thumb and pinned her clitoris, and I didn’t slip in. “Fast, hurry up?” She finally could not restrain himself, I laughed with her, station I got up, she was eager to watch me, I quickly took off my trousers, and the mashed gun tached, and the green can broke the lips. I can’t help but pick up her clothes. She is very cooperated. brush! At this moment, she has been completely exposed to my eyes, the snow white skin, the arms raised the head, and therefore showed a plump breast, the dark red nipple was tall, a pair of jade legs were slightly towering, and the black and faintly visible She is charming, I am full of temptation, I am not willing to wait, I immediately attached my body on her body. “Well …” The 呻 吟 in this moment is I sent, I like two physical naked hugs together, the warm and soft feeling makes me fascinating! Her tall raised his leg hook in my waist, sparkling in his eyes, seems to be full of water, I know that is desire. I am holding my cock, gently on her vagina, and from time to time in her labi and clitoris. “Hey …” She bit her own lips, prostitutes have flowed to bed, and the itching of the lower body makes her extremely eager to be rubbed, enrich! She told me with her eyes, she can’t wait! I gently kissed her lips, suddenly the waist was sinking, and the cock was deeply in the past. It immediately felt that the warm and humid meat wall wrapped up, the lower body came from a huge pleasure, it was really comfortable! “Ah! It’s so comfortable!” This heavy plug, let her feel the heart to jump out, feel that he is conquered by this strong pleasure, and a strong thrill makes us no heart to use, and the two people are crazy. . Her face is full of satisfaction, the frequency is getting faster and faster, and I tighten me again, I know she is coming. I put it gently, I pulled out, and I gently pumped it. I was very shallow. She obviously could not stand this feeling. Work hard, kiss me, absorb me. Tongue. I was ingenious, and the number came to nine. Suddenly, I used to rotate it, and even felt deeply soft cervix, trembling her body. “Tian Na!” Extreme expectations and desires, plus this sudden strong pleasure made her collapse. “Ah! Fast … Well …” Every deep insert, I will feel the trembling of her neutrients, bringing me a big pleasure! “Ah!” She can’t restrain himself, ushered in the first climax, the body is dramatically shaking, hugging me tightly, kissing me, I also use strength to suck her jade liquid, but I don’t stop my own Actions. She felt that she was already inserted, but she still caused up again and again. “Don’t … I can’t … Ask you … Well … Well … can’t!” She felt that she was completely surrounded, and her body could not control trembling, and I feel that I have climbed the peak. I don’t want to restrain myself, accelerate speed and strength.

, 啪,! I am deeply inserted again and again, quickly twitch! Into the top of her body, I’m inserting dozens, I feel that I am so sad that it is extremely strong. “Ah!” “Ah!” I finally sprayed in the depths of her body. The kind of pleasure made me a blank my mind … Only a wheezing is delivered at each other. For a long time, our body is relaxing. She is satisfied with me, but I am unable to say anything, I take her in his arms, and the two quietly experience the heartbeat after the climax. Afterwards, she smiled gently, “You are awesome, if you meet you, you will be happy.” I laughed, didn’t answer, no matter whether it is really true, her words make me very satisfied, conquering women make men very A sense of accomplishment. When you see a woman who meets the climax under you, you will be proud, I am a real man! In the future, we have maintained more than half a year, and now no longer contact.

Teacher, female, 45 years old, married, Northeast Shenyang, Jiangsu a college associate professor. One night in 3 days ago, I encountered on QQ. I started to talk a lot, my skills chat, making her open my heart. She told me that my husband often travels often. It is a few months, and his husband used to be a soldier, often separated from two places, so the two are very small, and the feelings are very light. The daughter is at home in Beijing, often alone at home, and it is difficult to be lonely at night. At this time, I know that there is a play tonight, so I have compiled a story, saying that I have the same disease, and finally, I will meet her tea, and she will agree. So I met at 10 o’clock in the evening of the water town. She gives a fertilistic, meat, mature taste, the skin is white, not 45 years old, is a bit like 38 years old, 165, the tits are drums. Wow! Operation is sure to have first class. The face is very beautiful, the face is large, the high-hearted nose, the meat is ruddy lips, is a thick red lipstick, it is really sexy! The eyes are also big, and the eyes of a lot of love make people want to go. We want a box, take a good tea, while drinking. I chatted with her, we all seem to return to the student era and talk is very speculative. Time is very fast to 12 o’clock, I started to test whether she can go to her tonight, I wanted to be bold, the two sideways sat down, so the hand stretched out of her hand from the table, the hand temperature temperature Soft, she didn’t refuse, but I held my hand, it is really a woman. I have proposed that time is not early, let’s change a place, she asked me where I went? I said that you can sit at your home? She is blushing, saying it is good. So I paid to her home.

I went to her home for a while, we got on the building, I entered the door, we hugged together in the dark, kissing hard, my hard tops under her below. After a dozen minutes, I opened the light, I entered the room. When I pressed her in bed, I had the opportunity to look at her, white and beautiful mature middle-aged woman, and the corner of the eye is not too obvious. The other is really enough. I hurriedly took her clothes, this kind of queue actually faded my pants, and the two were taken off. I hugged her in the arms, playing her big meat ball, the two meat balls are really big, hanging in the chest, the clevergitch is deep. At this time, I took the line to the way, I saw the “Black Forest” of the “Inverted Triangle”, and all presented in front of me, although it is dense, but it is not unrest, I suspect this “black Forest “is often modified by people, otherwise it will never be so neat, and later she told me that she was home at home, often masturbation. My hands kept swimming in her, her skin was very smooth, and “Black Forest” is thick, but it is never done, and it feels soft. At this time, my little brother was protesting, so I was very energetic to “Yumen”, and she made a “…” The voice of “…” is really a thing. Let’s take the body of the male in the male, I can get into her deepest place every time, I feel that “guy” has been to her cervix, she is “oh”, her hips The undulation is not stopped. I have been about five or six minutes, proposing for a posture, she quickly rides on me, come to a trick, “Sitting to swallow”, holding my “guy” up and down, constantly swinging, as if I want to put me ” Guys,,,, After more than ten minutes, she stopped again, let my “little brother” breathe, I got some smoke, she began to kneel in me, lick my penis, wow, her blowjob is first-class technology, more than prostitute More skilled, even the scrotum, the groin, the ass, I can’t stand it five minutes, throw the cigarette butler, let her kneel in the bed, come to recruit “hunger hunch,”, crazy, ” Ah ……………………………………………………………………………….. “Fast ……..

Just feel that she is tight, “Ah, I am dead … I know that she goes to the climax, I still don’t make it, continue to insert her. Just feel that there is a tight hinge of my big two, I will not take off at all, “I want you … I want … I will come together ..” She shouted below. Under her lascivious scream, I finally couldn’t help but put it inserted .. Along with a Joan injection into her body, she called “ah …….” A shot of pleasure makes us more satisfied. We were lying in bed, while breathing, she cuddled in my arms, constantly using the tongue to kiss my chest. “Hello, I haven’t done it for three months .. I just tacted my arm, with one hand on my back, my hair, my face. Ask me if I can stay tonight? Ha, of course I have to do it again, just do it is not my style. So I took a bath and went to bed, three times a night, she was so lassed, let me get out, I have a rest for two days, it seems that I started old, it is really not forgive. By the way, the wolf is 33 years old this year. Afterwards, she gave me free to play, but I thought I didn’t know who played who, and made love than my own aged woman. I had a feeling of suffering. Wolf friends, what do you say?

The teacher used to be a sacred career in my heart, but now the world is now, it may be the liberation of the ideological, and the humanity has been fully revealed. Confucius said “Eating, sex.” Teacher’s old ancestors advocated liberation, No wonder the female teacher likes the red apricot. In fact, the teacher as a knowledgeable woman, more requires emotional moisture, know how to enjoy sex. Wolf friends, if you can do a night with a female teacher, I believe you will be unforgettable! If you have such a sex friends, cherish her, enjoy her.

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