I have a female classmate in the time of the high school. She called Asil, although she can’t say it is a beautiful person, but she looks good.

She is 160 cm, it is not fat, but her chest is big and quite quite, it is really attractive.

Our school’s summer school is a white dress, very thin, but she never wears shirt, so she wears what styles of bras and bra patter can be seen very clear, sometimes she wears some thinner When you have a bra, you can also see the two kinds of hidden nipples!

Because my seat is in her injection, it can often be very clear, so my little brother is very powerful when I am in class. Because of this, I often have to borrow my hand to the toilet! However, because Ai has already had a very good boyfriend, we have no pursuit of her.

I remember to have a holiday, we went to the street together, and Ali wear a white T-shirt. The neckline is very big. The students are walking in front. Only I am going with her, because of her shoes. With the loose, so I crouched my body to finish, I saw the scene at the time, I stayed immediately!

Because I saw the wonderful things in her blouse! It may be because of the braousness of the day wearing the sky, or the strap on both sides of the bra is not tightened, so she will release it when she kneels, and I can clearly see her deep cleans. And the pair of pink nipples, more destined, her nipples were raised.

That case, only more than ten twenty seconds, but I think she should not know what I saw. Of course, I will take my hand to the toilet to make a hand! Going home and playing several times!

Soon, because I have to be responsible for the wall of the classroom, I only have the two people in the classroom. We chatted in the classroom, and somehow topic pulled the problem (although I am not very handsome, but My girl is talking about it. I have a lot of private things. They will talk to me). She told me that she finally made love with her boyfriend, so she is no longer a woman.

She also asked if I am male? I replied him: “I am still a man.”

(I was indeed a man at the time, but my sexual knowledge is very rich.)

After that, she asked me: “You have no girlfriend now, then what should I do when I need it?”

I said to her: “I will hit the pistol when I need it.”

In the conversation, I didn’t consciously speaking, I often fantavely imagine her love when I hit her hand, and I said half jokes: “Can you let me touch the breast?”

She stayed at the time, I know that I am really too much, so I am quickly apologizing.

She stayed for a while, suddenly dragging my hand (her hand is very slippery), brought me to the most secluded female locker room.

That dressing room may be far away from the playground, only people will go in get out of class, so almost no one is in the class, somehow, after the get out of class, the school people are particularly small, only to see a few people playing on the playground.

We sat on the long chair of the locker room, she said to me: “You usually take me so good, let you touch it!”

Then she put my hand on her breast, ah … her breast is very flexible! I just stroked her breast and play her nipple. She wore the bra was not very thick, so she could not see her nipples obviously.

When I saw this situation, I couldn’t help but suck her nipple, although I was separated, but I still succeeded very much.

After a while, I heard Ayi whispered, followed me to kiss her, and she was a little resistant, but she closed her eyes and enjoy my kiss.

At this time, I tried to take back her clothes. When I was going to her, I was pulling the zipper of her skirt, she caught my hand whispered in my ear: “Don’t!”

I am afraid that I will anger Ayi, she will run away immediately, so I don’t dare to come.

I will continue to kiss her, sucking her nipple, she is still whispering, then I try to touch her yin, oh ~ ~ her underwear is full of wet! But when I touched her Yin, she pushed me softly, “” There is absolutely can’t touch it! “

I have already wanted to burn, I really had a hard to force, but I can insert her little hole, but she is likely to hate me, so I didn’t have hard coming (fortunately, because I later knew that she was very hard to gain.).

At this time, I said to her: “Asili, come so bad?” She said: “No!”

I followed and said: “My little brother is now hard, very fortunate!”

She thought for a while, “” I don’t help you with a pistol? “

No choice, I certainly say it! Then she unlocked my trousers and took my little brother.

She saw my penis: “Hey … I can’t think of that you are so big!”

At this time, I said: “Asili, pay hard for me?”

She said: “I don’t understand the blowjob!”

Then I kissed my little brother, I immediately became more hard.

Following her with her very soft jade hand to keep up with my little brother, I am not stupid, immediately reach out to touch her chest and play with her nipple.

The first time I was first touched, but it was still a beloved Ayi, it’s too exciting! And the skills of her pistol seem to be very simple! I was so unblocked to don’t stop, I finally couldn’t help but launch. Afterwards, she was cleaned with the paper towel carefully.

She helped me clean with her, but soon, she quickly opened me: “Five five o’clock, the school is going to close!”

So I will return to the classroom to pack up, and then send her home.

On the way to Huiyi home, I know that her small hole is taken by her boyfriend last week. His boyfriend is often asking her, but she is not willing every time, most will only help Her boyfriend pistol (no wonder she hit the hand of the hand is so simple), until the home of her boyfriend, her boyfriend used her boyfriend, and she was very painful, so she now I started a little hate her boyfriend.

I asked her why she would be with me? She didn’t know, follow her, this is the secret of our two people, I can’t tell others, otherwise, she will immediately pay for me.

At this time, I also arrived at her home, I will say goodbye to her.

Looking at her back, I remembered everything in the locker room, but this time I can’t insert her is a bit a bit, but I actually tried her! After a month after playing my hand, I learned that Ayi and her boyfriend were turned over from the mouth of other female classmates. I just went home very much. I know it very late. This is my great opportunity I am.

After I was studying in that day, I said to Ali, I rented a very romantic love movie (in fact, I didn’t have any), I want to invite her to come to my house, she said that she said that she was very wanted, so she Go home with me.

When I came home, I said that I couldn’t find the set, and my family had returned, and I took the opportunity to say: “It’s better to tell my heart?”

Why is Ali Yi quarrel with her boyfriend? She said that her boyfriend hardly worked hard, she was very annoying, the second time her boyfriend asked her to love, she refused, her boyfriend would ignore her refusal, take off his pants, wear On the condom, she hardally dried her, she felt very annoying, so fell to her boyfriend.

After I heard, I said to Ai, in fact, I have already fell in love with her, but I didn’t dare to tell her.

She said that I usually stayed so good, I have already a bit good feeling for me, so I will give me a pistol last time.

I thought, this time I didn’t do her.

After I listened, I said a lot of sweet words to Ali, asked her to be my girlfriend, then see the opportunity, and kissed her, and kissed her, she did not resist.

I used her tongue to lick her earlobe, kissed her neck, and then kissed her a little emotion, I used her hand to touch her breast, she didn’t resist, just hit my hand with her hand. .

Follow me to take a school uniform and bra to lick the nipples, she closed her eyes, I took a large piece of clothes in her chest.

Later, I kissed her with her, the lip sticker, the tongue is in paging, I stroked her back, I have been going down, touch her waist, my hand continues to decline, touch her rich buttocks.

I won’t touch the body of Yiyi, followed her into my bedroom, and I gently put her in bed, and then started to take her uniform, I saw it only A very ordinary bra, but it covers her own and very flexible breast.

Because the part of her breasts has been wet, I can see her raised nipple, it is really attractive. I stroked her breast over the bra, oh … how much flexible! Ai wearing a white underwear, and this underwear is already wet, and you can see her inclusion and bright red small hole.

I am really exciting, my little brother is already very hard, I hug her tightly, then press her in bed and kissed her, I will lick her earlobe, kiss her neck Her reaction is very strong, holding me tightly, constantly touching my back.

My left hand strokes Ai’s breasts. Although I have a bra, I also feel the fullness of her chest, my right hand starts to move down, reach into her underwear, gently touch her hair, Her hairy is very soft.

My hand moves back to her, I feel that there is already wet.

My hand finally arrived on her small hole. Her hole kept flowing in the prostitute. I learned a plane of the male protagonist to make her big labipings with my fingers. It’s constant “咿咿 …

Yeah … “The loud sound.

At this time, I took off her bra, and she jumped out to a plump breast and constantly swaying, shaking.

I used her hands to keep Abai’s big tits, my fingers kept kneading her nipple, I saw her nipples had already raised, couldn’t help but lower her big tits, she lick her. The nipples, and hit her milk head while talking with the tongue.

At this time, I really can’t help it. I quickly took off my clothes. My little brother was once again played. At that time, I had already wanted to burn, the little brother was hard, and the whole branch became popular, and the greenness became popular. .

Following me, she was a bit shy, and she touched the thigh, but I was forcibly separated, and she was half-pushed.

I saw that Ali’s hairy, followed by a bright red, big labipings, and two closed small labs, her prostitutes were many, they were all around.

When I saw this situation, I was more blood, I can’t endure, so I would like to put her (I didn’t expect to wear a condom that, fortunately she didn’t be pregnant), but I saw her very When I wanted, I changed my idea and decided to play more than a while.

I took the little brother to the jeap-core, I smiled in her little hole, but never inserted into her vagina. At this time, she has already wanted to burn, saying: “Please come in.” ……do not do that……”

After I heard it, I immediately put the little brother in, I was only inserted into a glans, she had loudly.

Follow my little brother, I can’t move again, because her vagina is very narrow (Ayi has only done two love, so there is still very narrow), but I have entered her prostitute. Many, I have to enter that I haven’t been so difficult.

Every time I entered a little, Ayi’s body twitch, I also accelerated the rhythm, and put it down.

When I wanted to launch, I immediately smoke it, I causing her little hole with my hand. When I wanted to launch, I will insert it again (these skills are on the book), I don’t know How many times have you repeated until she said to me: “I can’t do it, ask you to take it!”

After I heard, I immediately accelerated quickly, she called very loudly.

After tens of ten, I finally launched, but I didn’t pick up the younger brother. I still put it in her small point. I volve in Ayi, I kept kissing her and said something to give her. After a while, she said that I was very heavy, I pushed me softly, but I still kissed her and said something sweet.

Ayi praised that I was very good, not like her boyfriend very quickly, and said that my flirting and preceding work is very happy, she is very cool, not as her boyfriend takes off the pants, wearing a condom Hard, make her very painful.

We took a break in the bathroom to take a shower, I will help her clean her body. Later, she also helped me clean my body. When A Yi cleared my little brother, my penis was erected, she was set. My little brother, said while laughing: “You are so powerful! It’s okay!”

I said: “Is it good again?”

She said: “No! You are so powerful, now I have some pain below.”

I said: “Do you have a good time?”

She said she didn’t understand, I said: “It’s very simple, it’s like eating ice!” Following her like a popsicle, I also use my little brother, I also teach her A fillet’s protagonist, She also learned well, so soon, she learned to use the tongue to circle my glans and shoot my horses with my tongue. She also learned how to use my little brother, oh … really Cool! However, she took a while and said: “My mouth is very tired! It is good to give you a pistol?”

After I nod, she was gently gently with my little brother with my hand, and my hands, of course, I went to touch her chest! Maybe I play her nipples, I am very excited, so Ai Jie’s hand has quickly accelerated the speed, so I finally launched the second time.

After we took a shower, she said: “When I am not early, I have to go home!”

It turned out that it was more than six more afternoon. She came to my home for more than two hours, and the sky has begun to turn, I have only sent her home.

Followed in the days of high school, I became an Yi’s boyfriend, and often loved her! But later I found a little strange, I did it many times, her vagina is still very narrow, it is quite! These are my good experiences in high school.

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