Tina is a small, 160 cm, but the proportion is moderate, white and clean melodies face and cherry dozen, there are Chinese classical tastes, white legs and well, willow waist and double peaks. Any man will not help but take a look at her.

Familiar with Tina is because there are several projects, in fact, it is the earliest to contact her boss. The tacit understanding of the external communication coordination is quickly integrated into their team. I have been very good for me.

The age of Tina is similar to me. After graduation, the University is here, I will be digging after a while in this industry, and the gender factor plus foreign monk will make me with her workplace. The achievement has a gap, I am sitting flat with her boss, and she is still a senior manager. The relationship of work makes us have a lot of contact, coupled with the background of intellectual culture, and my door has become a friend who has nothing to talk.

She has a social experience, and it is advisable to talk to her, and chat with her is like a pleasant.

Knowing Tina for a long time, I want to take advantage of her want to be more and more high, talking about the fantasy in the brain when talking about there is a picture of her.

This year’s June is the birthday of her twenty-six years old. It is just a weekend. She is wearing a white shirt, a purple skirt, a pair of black velvet pointed high heels, and there is no stockings, which looks very characterful.

Some of her departments have not married little girls to help her celebrate their birthday. She has to call him husband in the case of being. Her husband is also very open, put it up with children’s responsibility, let her play Heights.

After dinner, everyone ran to K, I first heard her singing, I think it is better to listen to her, and she probably has some self-knowledge, so the microphone is circulating between us, and the rose red and the water make everyone. Temporarily throw the image, look at her wine is very good.

Later, I didn’t know who had a bottle of XO. Some people didn’t dare to drink, and there were a few boys, I was solved with her. She is a birthday star, I am the only supervisor at the scene, and constantly toasting makes me can’t stand it.

When it is about 9 o’clock, there is a girl has spit. I want to send the girl home and will be the company. I didn’t expect that she also chased it. “I can’t do it, you also send me home!” She is a bit unstable.

“These guys are really crazy, it is hard to get out.” She sat on the front seat, already on the back of the chair, the girl behind the seat was lying flat. “Do you want to pay back to the company?” “I am so dizzy, you will send me directly.”

It seems that I have to send her home.

The girl’s home, I left Tina in the car, holding the girl into the door, her roommate came out quickly. After placing, I returned to the car. Seeing Tina is already asleep, she did not sit well, the skirt did not pull it, I saw her white thighs in the shake, and the shirt can be seen in her white bra. I have been hard, driving while driving, but the eyes are constantly infringing her body.

“Parking! Stop!” After a while, she suddenly woke up, I know she wants to vomit. I hurriedly stopped, she opened the door, then he had vomiting, she was very sad. I got it off at the other side to wipe her mouth and collar and put her.

“I will flatten the chair, you lie for a while.” She nodded, and there were more than twenty minutes to her home. The back of the chair suddenly, her legs naturally forward, I never read her inside of her thighs, which made me unusually excited. Open, a signboard of a motel in front is very eye-catching.

My reason is tugging with my lust. Finally, alcohol is victorious, the moral law is slightly fleeting, I will directly enter the car, and if you pay the money, reverse the garage. I opened the door to help her: “Tina, take a break first.”

“This is where?”

I didn’t answer, the right hand took her waist, and her left hand held her left shoulder. After entering the door, I can’t help but assault her double milk, and I took my hard. “What are you doing! Hey … don’t!” She continued to struggle, I believe she has awake.

“Can a male and a woman do it in a motel?” I laughed and said in her ear. I lost her to the bed, she squatted to leave, I grabbed her feet and pulled and pulled and separated, and her legs were close to the outside of my thigh, and the skin feels cold and delicate.

Her hands are supported, I hugged her waist left hand, and the right hand stretched into the purple short skirt and pulled the underwear. She instinct it with the left hand to block the right leg and shrink forward, I relax her waist to make her went forward Then, both hands grabbed the underwear to pull to the knee, and her left leg was anxious to detach, but the last line of row, the black lace material formed strong contrast with her white right calf. I didn’t rush to control her, watching her swaying, but there is a pleasure. Her wine is not allowed to make her too much move, I have to take her, taught her, let her taste the thrill of violent.

She slowly climbed to a small round table. At this time, I took it on the top, and hugged her waist like a cheetah, and turned her petite body like toys, put it on the round table, two hands Legs, the body is getting up with a high school. Her hands were desperately pushed in my chest and constantly breathed, which was very excited. I didn’t suffer from how much resistance to unwind the white shirt. Her breasts were very round, I will slowly enjoy this touch on the bra.

Her original bundled ponytail has been completely spread. I finally felt that her tender hole was already wet, I took off my trousers and panties, I took the glans into the front end of the flower, and she no longer struggled. She fell to the tears and couldn’t ask me, I looked at her eyes, The mask slowly took out, stopped for two seconds to close the eyes, then the hands took a long waist, and the masher was topped to her tenderness. She was spurred, and her body was ferrous.

“Ah … ah … don’t … ah …” I continued to attack her continuously. Her legs clamped my waist and kept shaking, left and foot naked, the high root of the right foot was still in the right calf.

“Tina, all of this point, what else is there?” After I was inserted, I stopped and stopped, staring at her.

After silent a few seconds, Tina closed his eyes, unlocked her her her her himself, and the snow broke out. It is not big, but it is light pink and very eye-catching. On the other hand, her legs clamps.

“Good! Spring is a moment of money.” I can’t help but admire her ability to collect, it is a mature urban woman, and continue to pump.

Then I turned her like a toy, let her pace on the table, take her white shirt and bra, now she has a purple short skirt.

I raised her left leg from behind, and I took the left leg of the desktop, and the hard weapon once again entered her territory. She is somewhat unstable, but naturally, she has used waist adjustment. I know this little action I know that I will be the enemy of the enemy tonight.

Her vaginal is humid and warm, after all, it is not a young girl, but the shrinkage makes up for everything, I haven’t been so wild for a long time. After pumping a while, I took her to bed, normal, old man cart, Guanyin sat, she appeared to be ripe, and I am also surprised today.

She twisted on the waist, still sent it, the rim of the blem is irregular, and the fragrance is like a rain like rain, and the rustle makes me unable to be able to join usually. I am probably the first found in the company. I was got to climb up, but she used her hands to live my chest. I was stimulated, my hands were moved down to the waist, and it was a violent trip.

“Oh … 喔 … …” She surely hooks his hands on the back and put his face on his face. I finally couldn’t stand it. I turned her down and lifted her right foot on my shoulder. I was the most violent and deepest attack in the last time.

“Ah … ah … don’t shoot it inside … Ah …” She also vigilantly.

“Oh … open your mouth … 喔 喔 …”

“Ah … don’t … ah … don’t …”

“Fast … I quickly shot … Fast …” I gradually accelerated, I can’t control it.

She didn’t help but opened his mouth. When I said it was fast, I quickly pulled out, and the right hand grabbed her mouth, followed by a burning milk white liquid, and filled the whole mouth.

“Well … um … um …” She can’t talk to my baby, the mouth flows out of white thick liquid, then I have dropped four, five times in it. She wanted to spit out, but I fought the essence of her mouth back to her, until she was all swallowed, I took it on her.

She has wet a large piece below, I am also surprised, I didn’t expect her to be so big. The purple skirt that is still wearing her body has also been stained with a lot of secretions. It has witnessed this passion from the head to the end. After a while, she pushed me up, I think it’s almost wine. I went to pull her, but I was opened by her.

“My husband didn’t dare to call me to swallow.” She smashed me.

“I am you are!” I smiled, but I regret it after I finished, should not be so rogue.

“Hey!” She no longer cares about me, stand up and take off the skirt and turn into the bathroom.

I will spread around the clothes, and then I also rinse it into the bathroom. She is tapping so soap, and I don’t think about my entry. Anyway, there is nothing to keep in this point. She is back to me, the hair has reached, revealing the white neck, then I will see that she is very beautiful, the exquisite body is so beautiful.

After the little solution, I slowly walked to her, there is a impulse to all occupy her. Suddenly hugged her from behind, holding the breasts, holding hard.

“Hey! Don’t!” She was in full belt, and then went hands to save. I caught her hand to turn her, bowing down her little mouth, the tongue forced breakthrough, she started a little ability to resist, but soon put it, very fast hands hooked me Neck, tongue is intertwined together. I took her to the wall, the two hands were constantly moving on the other side, and the mouth never separated. I know this moment, she is not just a betrayal of the body, but also the derailment of lust.

In the bathroom, we wipe the soap in the other side, kiss all the whole body all over each other, then she will give my little brother again and again, her technology is really first. In addition to incorporating my masks, I also stimulate my folk egg with hands, sometimes I use my tongue to lick my lower body.

I have never tried this feeling. When I was very excited by her, I pulled her up and put her back into the wall, then lifted her leg, which was inserted into her private parts.

Her private parts are not narrow, but there are a lot of honey, I am inserted to the deepest place, she can’t help but call out.

After that, I will continue to add force, try my best to take the mask into her body, and she is also very cooperated with a movement of my action. Her breathing began to urgently, the heavy breath made me know that she enjoyed and started excitement.

When I installed almost, she returned her body back to me. I used my excitement and unparalleled hi, I later inserted her moist vagina. The other hand touched her breast, then, I continued The lower body hits her, every time, she is “hu”.

Later, her legs became more and more tight, I know that she will vent, so they speed up the speed and strength, and she will become a continuous embarrassment.

Sometimes, she will look back to my lips, I am more deep and faster, my hand started her breast and stimulating the nipple, and I just heard her snoring and bigger, and the more heamed, and the more heamed. I don’t care so much, don’t stop, until my climax, shoot the semen into her vagina. She may be very excited, this time, I haven’t told me to shoot her body, only silently accept my billionaire.

I still have to take the mask after the launch, my hands continue to pick her breasts and nipples until my hi is changed back to the original state, and my semen also drops a drop slowly from her pussy. on the ground.

After the passion, we have finished organizing the instrument, watching her makeup in front of the dressing table, I can’t help but admire her calm, I have a little regret violation of her. Solitan Sorry, but she didn’t hear me.

Finally, I got the car key and saw her, and the four glances got her face, and immediately got out of the car, we no longer convers it along the way.

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