During the work, I met a girl. She is very beautiful, our relationship is also very good. At that time, I often went out to eat together. One day we went out to eat, I still drink some wine when I was eating. After I finished eating, she wants me to go to her home to play, she is not locally, so she rents a house alone. After home, she turned out to open my clothes in my face. She left under my face, then carrying me, facing the mirror: Don’t you understand? I was very surprised at the time, I didn’t think she would be like this to me, my mind, fuck, I can’t get it. I reached out from the back ring hugged her, then reached into her top, holding her double milk, fingers gradually pinching the tip. Gradually I felt hard, then I moved down, moved into her lace underwear, I found that her lower body was full of hair, I stopped exploring, using my index finger to accompeline her labiary. She is slightly opened, and she is constantly “ah”. I took the opportunity to kiss her, use my tongue to pick her tongue, then suck it with your lips, soon, my right hand to tear my clothes, revealing her front chest, her waist is very thin, the skin is very white, plus slightly Plenty of breasts, I don’t have a bit awkward. I gradually can’t hold it, I picked her to put her on the bed, making her flat. The snowy body towering two hills, put two pink nipples. My hand moved to her lower body, separated by a silk skirt, and put it into your hand. Pull down the skirt, pull the lace underwear, smooth and strong thighs, including the shade of black, half-covered, the opening of her happy, my hand cares all over the body, and finally stopped in her lower body, curl hair Play with her yin, my penis does not want to be in the pants. It wants to insert her vagina, and rubbed her body wall. I faded her clothes and touched her face with hands. I whispered in her ear: “I want to make love with you crazy.” After listening to it, she suddenly swells her face, but also show her beautiful. She said slightly, “I am so afraid of pain, I heard that I am very painful for the first time.”

※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum I dated her nose, turn it on the bed, she supported it for me. After taking it, I have already been straightforward. The pillar is standing in front of her. Her front chest is stuck, quickly stroking my chest up and down: “You are strong, I want you ….” I feel that there are two meat to live in my back, the meat is hard Milk tip. I turned my head and kissed her. I lied down in the potential. I put my hands into her legs, slowly supported the legs, change the posture in it, the cross legs have a black velvet, along with the angle Big, I even saw her vast film. She trembled: “Today I am the first time, you can’t rude …” The penis does not let hesitate, I pierce it into her private parts. She smoldered … I intuitively feel the hymen Block, but for another time, I wore it. The vaginal mouth is a bit narrow. After entering, I don’t have to teach rubbing. I just feel that the penis is warm, then, I started to have a sliding stiffness. I tightly adjusted a bit, and I grabbed her two. The thigh, the lower body is superior to it. I looked at her, she was put on the front chest, closed their eyes, from my hand, and the penis in her body, I can feel that she is hitting, I look at it, and I have a dark red in my hair. Blood beads. It was the hymen that had a mistake from the vaginal mouth. She is still a virgin. I went to the front of the penis. After she was guilty, my hands were talented, and Zhang Da had doubled, and I made a scream. I quit, then insert, then exit, and then go deep into … repeatedly, my glans feel a burst of pleasure, climb the mountain, the more it is higher. Her mouth is more exaggerated than once, and the sound is more exaggerated. I stretched her hands forward, holding her double milk, lost the controlled legs, then like a clip, tightening my waist, I am fighting hard, making it hard, go down, in a chaos Kiss her lips, she also gave up, and lick my tongue. I am shaking, the bed is shaking very, I have countless: “Hai … 234, 235, 236 … Oh …” Not a few, she called me in the okay: “Don’t … I pain … Pain … we don’t do … love … love … good … “I didn’t respond her, push it more hard, launching ten times, in her mad snorkeling , I slowked the potential and put the penis from her body. We breathed in the chest, and the chest is up and down. Lick. Zhang Dakou, I want to swallow the entire lotion. I put the right knee, against her yin. For a long time, I got up, smile and looked at her. She also looked at me, a bit of anger, said: “I don’t want to make love, you get angry …” I have went to go, say: ” This is your take-off. “She is shameless, I still have time to reply, my lips have completed her lips, and the tip of the tongue is going to explore. I once again opened her legs, lower my lower body, and the tip of the tongue was opened by my eyes, and she did not have the protest, but she didn’t breathe. I lick the love liquid secreted from her vagina, some is somewhat. I am circularly lip, absorb her love, I know so she is very short, but she still will only breathe, my mouth moves out of the yin, the lips are switched to the inside of the left thigh, then move to the vaginal mouth, move to the movable She inside the left thigh, just as eating watermelon, move left right movement, then bite her labipings, and the mouth contains a few clusters. She said: “How do you? I am so embarrassed.” Said that I have to retract, I moved to the triangle of the clouds, kiss the abdomen, chest, I carefully bite her carefully. Skin, containing right milk, left hand, left-handed left milk, and finally stopped in her cleans, head pillows in left milk, and heard her body 95. We hit each other, sometimes extend the tongue and flexed each other, it seems like stopping. I snuggled in her arms, the erect’s penis did not hang down, I still dried hot. After I stopped about ten minutes later, she took a deep breath: “I am pregnant, then you are my father.” She smiled in the land, she grew a bit of beautiful, but more cute, I looked up and saw her, so that I am very high. So I referred to a straight-straight penis saying: “I am strange! I haven’t ejaculated yet …” I have to put her, she seems to protest, but I don’t let her have a chance, I use a hot kiss Her lips were sealed. On the side of the floor, I put the right leg in her second leg. I took a little, I pushed the hips before, the penis was again entered her body, I pushed her to her, pressed on her, I left Her lips, she slowly opened her eyes, I looked at her. She sighed, and her head was slightly said: “You have to take a good … Parley me, don’t be too hard …” After you finish closing her impected eyes. I put it on both sides of her, my hips made a way to her, my penis was unimpeded in her □ lubricated vagina, my glans were rubbed with her wall, in a strain, I The body is like galloping in the plain. I gradually increase the strength, getting more and more faster, her head is biased to one side, with her hands to deduct my neck. Every time I advance it, her body double milk is trembled, like tofu, I am excited, sweating is flowing from the shoulder, just at this time, she is pressed on the floor and tune me.

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