Xiao Yan is our company’s female colleague has been married for twenty-three years old, and the body is still chasing the trend. The office worker dress up with the beautiful face of the company, many male colleagues are attentive, I think this It is a beautiful patent, but she never looks at them. In fact, I also like her very much. I like to fantasize her and my wife, but I am not like the class, I am very good for her, so we have become a very good friend.

Just on Friday, she suddenly told me that I would like to follow her to track her husband. She felt that her husband had a new year to get married for a year. I asked her husband to be cold … Her face is red and whispered: [We haven’t been long for a long time .. That .. One, I’m smiled, but I deliberately ask: [What is it? Her face is more red and said: [You this person …. is going to bed] Looking at her delicious look, I can’t help but stay.

So we went to her husband on get off work, and she was deliberately called him on the road to ask him whether it would be a few days. Waiting … We waited outside her husband’s company, and the result saw his husband carrying a woman. Should be a female home on the roadside of a building? When we saw her husband, I also took the woman’s hand into the building. I told her: [I want to let go, don’t do it with my husband, I will do it.].

She seems to understand that I will no longer board the face but not very nice, so I put it on the place where she was lively, letting her slowly calm the angrical mood. When I was shopping, I was very bold to hold her waist and Xiao Yu seems to be a little retalian. I also hug in my waist. I have died in the evening, I still drink some wine. I told Xiao Yan to send her home. Xiao Hui, said: [My husband is in love, I don’t want to go home for a few days, where can I go to you? ] I asked her: [Do you … Do you want to play for a few days, is not afraid of my husband? Her airway: [He never looking for me], I said: [Since we will go to Tainan].

So we immediately went to the highway to the Tainan direction. It seems that I have forgotten the unpleasant in the car and talk to me is still very happy. At the evening, I have to stay in the hotel because of the guests. After entering the room, I found that only one bed everyone didn’t know what it was. I borrowed that I had to take a bath into the bathroom. This time, I didn’t have pajamas. I had to wear a towel to go out to see me. Sorry, my face rushed up a drunk, I smiled and said: [We have no pajamas, I have to take this, I’m going to take a shower. Everyone is tired].

When I took a shower, I turned it in a shower. I was not embarrassed when she came out. Then I took off my underwear. I was waiting for a small red face. She saw the lights and went to the darkness. She went to the bed to see, I called, I pretended to sleep with her; I saw her take off her towel only to wear underwear. Convex, so that I can’t help but don’t help but I don’t want to play this little girl tonight. Ok, I can be sorry.

Xiao Yan pulled the quilt and went to bed and slept only. She “ah”, I believe it is to see my naked. I waited for her to sleep. After I was sleeping, I wake up and asked her: [It seems to hear you Is there a problem? She hurriedly said: Nothing … No … I didn’t dare to move in both sidewalk, I was close to her until the lower body was lightly leaning on her hand. She slightly led, but did not move. I deliberately asked her to know why her husband did not know why her “cold her”, she really fell, very angry: [He always said that I feel cold, no reaction].

I said: [Maybe you can’t flirt enough, do you have a pleasure with other men?] She said that she only has to go through the bed with my husband, I don’t want this, I don’t want this. I laugh. : [Not as good as we play friendship, let me teach you], she said that this is sorry, my husband, I laughed and said that her husband is now holding the woman.

She really fell, and she said: [Good … let me return to him once] then touch my mask, but I am a little shy: [You are bad .. This guy has risen. ], I hugged her soft and smooth body and she kissed her, and she also sailed her with soft jade milk and turned to her. She also shouted. … It seems that the reaction is still very good, I slowly put her away from a shore, I don’t hang, I started to appreciate her shy expression that came out because of embarrassment.

She is like a lummy lamb corps horizontal mortar and delicious snow white pepper, and the profit is unbearable, and the black aroma is covered with mysterious Glen. She sees that I can’t see a pair. The color fan is embarrassed to hide the breast and lower body, close to the two-shy red cloud floating on the cheek: [ashaim … You don’t look at people like this].

I took her hand to her chest, using the tongue in her double breasts, and slipped the nipple hand and slipped over her lower abdomen. I touched her in her yin. I carefully, and her prostitute gradually But I know that her hole is tight and her husband will be hurt. I don’t rush to move the head to her, put her legs and open her delicate little hole. She will not endure. Ho’s 娇: “Um … Itch .. Don’t .. ah .. Come in. Ok. .. .. Well ..” I saw the time that I had inserted the thick fire-backed glans into her small hole. She The little hole is really tight. I don’t want to fully advance. I will hang her, I can’t move on her face. I will kiss for a while. She seems to enjoy the expression of the show, I saw it in her small hole. Lightly inserting, slowing more and more, I have a whole root. She finally felt the thrill of love and itching, and the eyebrows were smashed. When she entered the situation, I began to speed up, Xiao Yu, the petite and narrow slightly vaginal is very good, her husband is really wasting this baby, let me enjoy his wife. At this time, the body of the two is already obstructed, and the love liquid rolling our incapacity has been completely wet. The rough hiang, in her body into and out, and the convulsions are not stopped. It’s high to open and hurt.

The 呻吟 娇 娇 娇 娇; 把 把 把 把 把 把 道 抽 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道I like this kind of sucking.

Her snow white naked softeous body is also in my body slight, and I am so urgently, I asked her: [What, will it hurt?], She said: [No …. you It is so good to make love, it is so cool]! I laughed: [Then we have time to play, let’s play], she is said: […. You think about it … Don’t], I hug her soft body knows this youthful beauty It’s my play.

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