Wang Shuyuan is the big sister of our office in Changde, Hunan, very beautiful, 30 years old, divorced for more than a year, the body is full, often wearing a hot clothes, usually often don’t have a little joking with me.

I often stay in her back, I don’t consciously imagine her round big butt packaged my penis feel.

On that day, we have been 11 o’clock in the opening. She will take her home to accompany her. When she arrives, she asks me not to go upstairs, I certainly say good!

I came to her room. She said she would want to take a bath first. I want to make a coffee and wait for her. I don’t have her, take a shower, when she opened the bathroom door, let me scare a jump, God! She turned out to light up, she didn’t harm! !

I am embarrassed to say: “Wang Jie, you ~~ 妳 的 身!! She said: “Strap, your kister is going to do the spa on the gym every day? She smiled and saw me: “Do you want to touch it? “

She helped her two huge breasts “ㄉㄨ ㄞ ~~ ㄉㄨ ㄞ ~~”, grabbed my hand.

I touched, watching her below, I didn’t wear it, so awkward hamma big mane brush, do it! It seems that this slowdown has long prepared to let me do her. I don’t say it. I will open her thigh, and I startally fighting, and the brown fertilizer is covered with brown fertilizer. Fertilizer labians.

At this time, she didn’t push me at all. I started closing my eyes. I used the chin to rub her with her label, while taking her clitoris with the tip of the tongue, “ah. . what. . She grabbed me, I was loud, and I didn’t do it. I thought about it while thinking about her teat.

I am very hard, she suddenly said: “Don’t lick, come up. . hurry up. . “I looked up:” What happened? She grabbed my arm to dragging me: “” Come, itchy in the vaginal. . No! I was still intended to take her a while, I thought that I didn’t think about it. I didn’t expect that she took off my pants and took out my coarse penis.

She took the gas to remind me: “” hurry up. . Insert. . Plug in. . I can’t stand it. . “I just smashed my penis with her hand, holding the glans to a good position, I’m going to put my glazes in her vagina, she yelled! “Good cock. . Her vagina is hot as a volcano, I started to pump.

“what. . what. . Ah. . Stinky boy. . You will do it. . I kissed her: “Wang Jie, you are so tight!” “It’s actually really not, I am in the good day! She smiled and said: “Claw your big cock. I laughed and said, “That’s, put it hard. I ended the penis, I felt that her vagina suddenly contracted, and it was more than just a lot.

I will happen again: “” Wang Jie, I will clip, ah. ” . The little brother is going to break. . It’s just a little just right. “Who told you dare to bully your sister. . what. . She proudly said that I immediately increased the ups and downs of the piston and fierce, she exclaimed: “Small bad guys. . what. . “The old hand is the older, I will take a look at it ~~.

I know that I don’t do it, hug her, say: “Sister, get up! I let her sit on me, she comes obeying: “Small things, you have long, I thought it for a day. I said: “Yes ~~

I have a generic fantasy, I’m giving me a gap today! ! “

She gently hit me, the mature woman also puts a mouthful: “I know. . You are not good. . “I didn’t wait until she finished, I started holding her ass. “Sister, because I have seen you every day, I can’t stand it ~~” I said while holding her big butt.

“what. . what. . sister. . and also. . like you. . She said while following my rhythm, shaking up and down, two big breasts vibrated, I took my head to bite her nipple, “ah. . what. . She called a while every time she sat down, and the voice was very excited.

“what. . what. . Um. . Um. . Oh. . “We mutually shaken each other, she continued to make a breath, suddenly, she began to shake, as if the child was ghosted, she was so strong, I feel that she was scattered quickly, straight:” Wang sister. . I. . It seems that it is coming out. . “

“come out faster. . Shoot to my body. . quick. . I. . I also. . It is also available. . “I can feel that her small hole suddenly contracted tightly! ! “what. . what. . what. . She was twitching, shaking in my body, then smoking the inflatable doll, slowly squatted on me, I was full of concentrate, and I also pushed into the prince of King.

That night, we did five times in a row, I was completely empty! !

Later, I asked her whiccussion ~~? ?

She got a way to smoke, slowly told me that her for a few years ago, she has been hungry for many years before divorce, so she will be so hungry! !

I will automatically become a tool for her brickly in the next two years, and she is dry every day! Later, the company came to a young man, and the body has just graduated, and she replaced my status!

Ugh! But this is ok, after all, I am often so distantly of her, I am afraid that I will never get old. ~~~

Hahaha ~~~

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