In the spring of four years ago, LP was waiting for her to wait at the old man in his hometown, I stayed with an empty house alone, and I didn’t mention more lonely.

She is an undergraduate student of our company, a high taller, the devil’s general figure, and the skin is not very white but it is extremely delicate. At that time she became a shallow free movie’s windbreaker, a gorgeous silk scarf put her more attractive. The voice of her speech is soft and crisp, so he is so good. In order to expand the development, the seminar company promotes the business, she is designed, but the company’s boss’s agitation, it is also coming out. But it is a newbie, it is too far away from the business, and the old general will let her find a suitable older salesman to make a master. Because after she came, I just had a pen service to need the design department to give the customer to the renderings. On weekdays, although the main business, but the design still likes yourself. So I saw her every day in the design department, but I greeted and simply chatted. I didn’t expect it that she didn’t even have me to make her master.

(Here, he is temporarily talked here! Take her run too far. The feeling of the little soup is very cold, a look of a thousand miles, but really getting along, you will find that she is actually very enthusiastic and gentle, and it is very strong, there is a uncomfortable Son. When she knew that she couldn’t tell me when she decreased to visit the vote, she said that she didn’t matter. So I resumed the second day, I have to see the number of customers, and I have a plan in advance.

There is a beautiful woman on the road, and the distance is not tired. The next day I went to the meron’s accompanying customer to sign a contract, and I was happy, I will see a quasi-customer in the afternoon. Two days of accompanying, let the Monon have more understandings. But most of me tells her to listen, she is very interested in the experience of me in the South. When I talked about the egrets of flying in Hunan, I used the words that I didn’t help but missed the color of the sky. At this time, she looked at my eyes significantly more complicated things. Although I was noticeable, I didn’t care too much. Later, I only knew that her grandmother’s family was in Hunan, and her is the most happy thing is a white hall.

Because in the morning, I have greeted very much, plus a person in the evening, one person is lonely. I asked her to eat at night (there was no idea at that time, I would like to ask her to have a meal, finished each home), she was happy: “Good, good!”. So the topic on the road naturally turned to the top of the eating. I said that I am homework, I don’t have something like to make a fish to eat, and the fish I have made is still quite good. After listening to it, she said with the mouth: “If there is a chance to taste it!” I have a look at the time, say: “Go to my house in the evening! I have a fish to eat.” I didn’t expect it. ” She promised her very cool.

Because the beauty is currently, my craftsmanship is extremely extraordinary, and several small dishes do it make her praise. It is very pleasant to eat at dinner, the time is very long, when is the meal, no one pays attention. When chatting on the sofa is too speculative, when you realize that it is to send her back to school, I have found that time has been more than 10 o’clock. She is anxious that I can’t enter the campus at 10:30. From my home to her school to get more than 40 minutes or more, I am very polite to stay in my house, she thinks after the agreement.

No need to go back to school, we will chat. I don’t know what she did, anyway, after the next, I had some fluctuations in my heart. And chat is not as happy as before, and the old feelings are a bit like, an inexplicable impulse and the inexplicable excitement brought more and more strong and impact my nerves. Talking about talking, there is less, but it is even more telling. When I saw me, she lowered her head. The room was static in addition to the heavy breathing of the two people. I don’t know how long, I took courage, trembled with my right hand, and gently took her, and said with the same trembling voice and she said: “I like it very much, I like you very much. ! “She suddenly became soft in my arms.

I hugged her gently kissed her face her lips, her shy closed her eyes, her face was hot hot. When I use my tongue to open her teeth, she is holding, refused to let my tongue continue to go deep. I didn’t dare to be too strong, closing my eyes, sniffing her body, while continuing to kiss, exteen his hand to her chest. I gently put it in her full’s chest, she is like being pumped out of the bones, soft and tightly attached me, no longer implied my tongue, let me Her mouth is driving straight. After a less resistant, my brain is also “”, the blood is rampant, and the adrenaline is increasingly improved by a hazy speed. I touched her with another hand, this hand drilled into her clothes, but when my hand wanted to push her bloating, she pushed me. After a while, I calm down each other. I left my bed to her, I want to sleep in the small bed of the room. After washing, she did not take off her clothes to lying on the bed, and the door of the room was not closed. And I didn’t completely calm down the fire in my heart, I still sat in the living room, my heart was not awkward. She has been lying so, a leg is pulling outside the bed. After a while, she told me to go in, saying that I can’t sleep, ask if I can talk to her anymore. I gently lying next to her, but I don’t know what to say, watching her more petty, bounce, can’t stand it again … When I remember her belt, she refused. , Can’t stop my other hand and the powerful offensive of the tongue, and I will not move after a few times. And I met the most embarrassing things since birth – can’t open the belt.

In the foot of the foot, I have to maintain the enthusiasm of the body without letting her feel enthusiastically, and I will give my heart to the dead belt. Finally, I don’t know where I have, my waistband is loose, followed by thoroughly smoking. (The kind of belt that was killed by me, I also bought a one, and a simple small machine has dilestred me.

She is not the first time, this makes me a little less sense. But from her life, she really did not really experience. She told me that in the classroom, she once made her boyfriend, but because of the pain and blood, I was afraid of being suddenly coming in, I didn’t dare to continue, and the breakup with my boyfriend was less than this time. Successful experience. It is still not half a year from breaking up until now, she has not come out from the pain of breaking up.

That day was the 7th day after I met her, then she had a sneak in my house. After 47 days, after tasting ML’s wonderful, she is doing with me every night, and sometimes it is more crazy than I. And I looked at her deeply fascinating, I am more fascinated!

She is a very good girl, very kind and very explained. She has also asked me if I know what we have between our lps? I said, I am going to die! She said: “I am not a good girl, but it is not a bad girl. I know this is not right, but I just like you! I won’t destroy your home, I won’t J …”

Know that we won’t have long, at day 48, she sat in the South under the south, and went to Xiamen to go. Her endless thoughts she left later were tortured me every day. This kind of endurance day hasn’t been in a few days, and she is also can’t let go, from Xiamen. In this way, we have to hit the phone porridge every day.

One day, the phone didn’t. Playing her call, prompt to shut down. My heart has become empty for a time. After two days of anxiety and expectation, he heard her voice when I took a local call.

She is back! The passion after reunation, let us stay in the bed in the next few days, dying! In this way, I and her is immersed in the joy and calm self-blame …

LP is back, the things between us have become more embarrassed, and the number of times meets less. A few times, I said that I have to break up, but I can’t help but go together for a few times. I am guilty, I feel very sorry, I am more sorry. I know that there is no result, continue, will only delay her, and I ruined myself. But I really cut her in my heart, I know that I left to give her the best ending, I took a few times and took the bus to her residence …

One or two meetings have gradually dilute the previous passion, and they can only embrace some love words after meeting. These also have greatly added determination we have to separate, although they are in the heart of each other. I encountered a LP not waiting for the night, I took her in the past. After dinner, it is heavy rain. If I say goodbye, I will go back to the night shuttle. When she went downstairs, she invited me to sit again!

In the room, I tightly put the long-lost body into his arms, and kissed the next day, I was tortured my face. But when I lying on the bed, she wants to take off her T-shirt, she is extremely resolutely refused. On the one hand, I want to respect her decision. On the one hand, I can’t suppress the fire in my heart, I have insisted with her half-screw. I don’t know when she’s time, she suddenly sat up, opened the light, put the bed with her hands, shouting my name and I said: “XX, you don’t want to get this! I am fine! It is easy to save yourself from that kind of obsession, don’t you forced me? I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it! “Looking at her approximately crazy pain, my heart is difficult. I put her gently, and I didn’t move my hands again, so I slept softly. Its daybreak! I looked at her quietly, and she woke up. I know that I have to go, she said softly: “It is early! This will go out to be cold.” I stared at her quietly, I saw it for a while, sighed, “I still have to go.” “I took my thumbs up, kissed in her delicate lips, and said the last sentence:” We, don’t say goodbye! “After I finished, I didn’t dare to see her again, I don’t What would she know after she? Is it sad or freed? I don’t dare to think, don’t look at it.

Downstairs, many small puddles under the rain below the rain. When I lost my soul, I went to the past, I didn’t dare to look back, I didn’t dare to see the window behind him. I didn’t dare to see if the window had a figure in it. I don’t dare, I can’t see, I can’t, can’t harm her anymore!

Later, she left the city, leaving this, a sad city with a man with a short happiness and more pain. She was south, and I didn’t give me a call. After a year, I contacted a few times on QQ, that is, I greet each other, then I couldn’t see her, even I saw it on QQ.

Separation is now four years, I often miss her, every time I think of it, I feel warm and joy, but I can only think about it in my heart.

Every year when she birthday, I still write a letter to her in the QQ mailbox. No matter what she remembered, I thought about it or hated, I blessed her in the distance!

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