Due to the mobilization of the work, the wolf turned to a new company in Guangdong. Go to the new company with me. There is also a mm, which is the heroine of this article. My colleague – Xiaofei. Don’t say nonsense, start now. I am born, I like the skin and have a mm of legs. Although Xiao Pei is not a big beauty. But there is two points above. It has been more highlighting the outstanding bio-contrast in our company. As a cloud: flowers are a lining of green leaves. This sentence is really right. Unconsciously, I have been working in the company. I have been a new person who is a company. Of course, I will communicate more, I’m going to be, remember, her feet are accidentally brush, I am The first found, I certainly won’t let this opportunity, that is my first time to enjoy her attractive long legs. Of course, how slowly, when you have a blood sticker, there is, of course, how slowly. The heart is even more refreshing. Every meeting, I am the most happy thing is to sit next to Xiaoyei, because you can focus on her, her foot finger, everything is like a virus, so beautiful. I am cool, it’s hard. I really want to shoot immediately. From that moment, I always want to find her opportunity. I have always thought that can I get to her? Her bubble? impossible! I have my girlfriend, and she also has a boyfriend, his boyfriend is more handsome than me, more money than me. She will be very troublesome, in order to go to her? not worth it. Someone may ask me, why do you want to have the girlfriend? I tell you, my girlfriend is much more beautiful than the little Pei, but I don’t know if it is God, my girlfriend is not my favorite two points. In order to pay two girls I like, why? The so-called: home, state affairs, the world, off my ass? ! Timely a happy life is life. Have a dangerous talent! Dear wolf friends, all brothers! Looking for a chance? This is unhappy, the wolf is not a flow, the disappointment, what is the difference between the corpse? This problem, I thought for a long time, I finally had a chance to come, because the company’s advertiser needs a digital camera, just a little. I went to my photography with her. After coming back, when I extracted the customer information just taken in the memory card, I found a encrypted compressed file in the memory card. I thought, I won’t be reasonable, copy it again. After that, I took the file home and I wanted to decrypt it. I still couldn’t solve it. At that time, I suddenly turned out, I would try to try the phone number of Xiaofei. (The password that the woman thinks is … Khan!) After the decryption, I opened it, my heart is cool, all the naked photos, the upper body, the lower body, the most important thing is to see almost every piece can be clear At that, the protagonide inside is that I think I don’t want to think about her Xiaofei. (Both is the fault of Chen Guan A! Self-filing!) Is really emperor who does not pay people! That night, I paired three pistols for those pictures, or I was still unfinished. It’s hard to fall asleep all night! The next day, I have sent an email in the past, I sent a email to the past, the content is: “Little Pepe, do you like a selfie? My brother, I have your latest complete work! Now A few! If you want to go, you will wait for me to the XX Hotel at 9:00 to the XX. I will be alone! Remember myself! Otherwise, the consequences are at your own risk! “For the people who want to be crazy,” It is a clerk, and the first thing to work every day is the opening box. I am like usually going to work, but I specially pay attention to Xiaofei’s open box! She opened, I feel like she seems to stay, I don’t say it, I will turn off! I also deliberately walked over and asked her, what? Usually, you will say what new day is really tired. Why is it so quiet today? It’s hard to look! She said: Nothing! Just a little uncomfortable! I certainly don’t know how to work. I finally waited to get off work! I am in a hurry to go to the place where I will wait for my little. 9 o’clock, in the glass window of the hotel, I saw that Xiao Yuzhen was a person who came slowly. At that moment, it is the most exciting moment in my life! Soon, the door sounded, I immediately opened the door. Xia Yuyi saw it as me, shocked right away! Pei: Is it you? ! why are you! Of course, slowly said: Why can’t it be me? Pei: How do those photos get it! Me: God gives me! Don’t ask! If you want to return, you listen to me tonight! I can consider it! Pei: … I: If you don’t speak, it is promised! I don’t say two words, I grasp her chest, just like it, it is really soft! She called it, don’t! do not want? Why don’t you? Did you agree? I have not agreed! Do you want to change the second Zhangyi C tomorrow? She is quiet, I certainly won’t stop, she began to struggle! Her move is exactly what I want! This is called stimulation! I said: If these photos go to your parents, what do they think? She finally stopped, including tears, said to me: What do you think, but you have to return photos! There is still no matter how you can’t touch me (Yin Department)!

Because I love my boyfriend, I can’t do anything to him! I thought: Anyway, she can’t escape tonight, I promised her! She called too much, I will have trouble! I promised her request. I told her to take it all my clothes, I sat in bed in bed and see her undressing process! The breast is just not very small! The nipple can’t think of pink, charming! She is stripping, that is, death is not willing to take off her underwear! I am not cool in my heart. I told her to come over. I bite her pink nipple. I felt that she trembled in the whole body, yelled: ※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum Pain! do not want! I certainly won’t pay attention! Continue to openly invade her breasts! At this time, I found that her nipple is hard, indicating that she feels, I also sell more! From time to time to invade her underwear! Helpless, her hands have been dead, not! it is good! You are not benevolent, I am not afraid! I can caress her little girl in my panties! I slowly swept in the middle finger! The underwear is slowly started to be a little wet! I said: Is it necessary? She said: The dog said! I returned to a sentence: then you are bitten by the dog! Also use the middle finger to sweep your little hole, then are you not even a dog? So I pushed her and called her to kJ with me. She said: she won’t! I said: Are you doing with your boyfriend? I will not be the same! She didn’t say anything! Use your mouth my old second, don’t use your teeth! Take me hurt me, have your good! You have to listen to me, I started to kiss my old second, I have exposed it early in the second morning! I taught her while she kissed her! Det! Not long after, I will go back again, I am full of wet, and the surface is all her saliva! I told her to start with me! Because I like the legs! I grabbed her two legs to rub it up in my second, and my glans was slowly grinded in the foot finger! After that, she called her! I am lying on the bed! That feel! Gold for a while, I can’t help it again, caught her, hard pressure she went to bed! She hasn’t responded yet, I have caught her two hands! Her ass is just right to live! Like only puppies! I caught her two hands, and the other quickly took off her underwear! Her most mysterious Taoyuan appeared in front of me! There are not many hairs! The labia is closed! It’s really unlike a woman who has been developed. She called: You are not promised me? Don’t touch me! I said: I said! But I didn’t say it! And I didn’t say not to do your chrysanthemum! do not want! ! ! ! She cried! I do not care! Start with your genitals with your tongue! OH! damn it! All is water! Don’t say it, the following Xiao Tsui is so powerful! I used my fingers to divide my water water to her chrysanthemum, and I didn’t say it. I cried the second to the chrysanthemum door. She said to me: You want to come! As long as I don’t touch me! After the event, you must return the photo! I said: ok ~! I am doing people! You are willing to pay! I will not let you down! After that, the whole old two, squeezed in, Xiao Yu yang called: pain! ! I won’t care about her, while smashing, I feel theirs in the inner wall of her rectum! I will be inserted, I want to change a posture! So I pulled the old two! Called Xiao Pei to turn, come to a normal position, Xiaofei, tears have flowed to the two sides like a river! The expression is angry and embarrassed! I will open her little hole with my hand, think about the dried chrysanthemum, while watching the small hole in water! Also a kind of enjoyment! But just at this moment! I am shocked! It may have the original reason for her chrysanthemum, the small acupoints have just been able to make more, I saw a small meat on her vaginal! Worn! It is her female film! I will ask her right: Do you have a boyfriend? Didn’t you have to do with him? Are you a virgin? She didn’t answer! Just don’t dare to make a sound, don’t dare to face me!

I think: no wonder, she is not willing to give me a touch of her, and just jeopardize in pants. The neutron is so close! God is too good to me! I can’t think of a woman to give me! So I said, if you don’t answer, I will do your little girl! She was shocked, whispered: I beg you, other things you want, just can’t … dry there! I promised my boyfriend to give him the first time! I love him! I usually go up to it just to help him play your pistol! So … ask you not! I did not say anything! It’s just that you can’t dark! Originally wants to eat in her chrysanthemum! But now I have changed my idea! why! Because I am a man, I can’t do this! I am not as good as the animals! So I picked up my old two, the glans topped on the vagina Xiaofei! She stunned: What are you doing? do not want! please! I ignore her! She cried more! Ask me to struggle! pity! Useless! She has already been firmly compressed! Where else can’t escape! She also understands that this moment is the last moment of her virgin. She is destined to give her boyfriend a big green hat! I slowly power, the glans will slowly move forward, then I feel that there is a ring-shaped blocked in front of the glans, and there is no doubt that Xiaofei’s women’s film! I used to force it again, I feel that the hymen will slowly expand, like the feeling of unpacking the package! Two words “burst”! I said it is time! Say goodbye! I saw that Xiao Pei, who had been tearing into the river, waiting for the destiny, then she will regret it, why should she take those photos! Herd her life! At this time, the glans came a paralysis, I thought Xiao Pei’s vast film can’t resist the external force of the glans. At the same time, Xiao Pei also called, tears, there is a meteor shower, it is not stopped in her. Bed. I also started at the same time, Xiaofei’s vagina and her chrysanthemum, it feels completely different. There is a tight chrysanthemum, not, it should be more tight than chrysanthemum. Wrinkles in the vagina, grinding my old two dying! It didn’t have long been dried. In addition to the water of Xia Pei’s old girl, I also appeared in the bright red blood! It’s a big scene of the world. At that moment, I am still afraid! I accelerated my twitching, I know that I am going to shoot, Xiao Yu also knows, immediately tell me: I have given you broken, please don’t be inside, today is a dangerous period, there will be pregnant! I can’t give my boyfriend for the first time. I beg you! ! ! I am excited! Say: I am going to your life, I have to remember that I am the first man, you will have my gene in your body! I saw Xiao Yu yan yes: don’t! ! ! ! At the same time, I also sent all the semen that I rolled into her uterus. I pulled out my old two. I looked at Xiaofei’s vaginal mouth. The blood was mixed with my semen slowly flowing out. I took out the camera that I was prepared early and took this view. Subsequently, I paid back to her, she asked me: And what did you just take? I said: I just promised to give you a selfie, but I didn’t say to give you a shot! After you listen to me later, I will be good to you! Do you have a wolf friend? ※ www.jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum

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