Happy weekend, I finally came, Nana’s college, because of learning nervous, she wants to take two days, and the opportunity we meet will be less, and my love of Nana is getting more and more increasingly. Even, the two are only relatively relatively smile, I feel that Nana seems to be hiding from me, and from her eyes, it has also been a look forward to coming to the moment.

One evening, I was dragging the tired body just came out from the classroom, and I saw Na and her Mom Aqin came back from the outside. Aqin pushed the bicycle, Nana holds the big school bag on the back of the car. .

“What is Na Na comes back?”

“How do you forget, is the National Day? Whatelisted five days? Our school put it for 3 days.” Aqin said with me, saying a few words, I didn’t listen, I didn’t listen, my mouth The vague promised, the eyes secretly aimed at Nanaa slim body, beautiful and moving face.

“Come back, good, good, this is good! I have no chance to meet.” I said, while I walked to Nana, I gently patted her soft shoulders. Nana seems to have heard what, low is red, calling: “Uncle is good!” I looked at Nana Qiao’s back, Ideal: How to find a chance, put Nana?

After dinner, I watched TV in boring, Nana called me to her home, saying something to help. After I came to her home, Nana first told me that her mother went out. I saw that the teaching of TV is to tie the dance step, asking her that she is a little embarrassing noddion.

I said: “Tango dance step is more complicated, no dance part is not good!”

She asked me: “Will you jump?”

I have understood her thoughts: “Will! Will I want to be a partner?”

She is happy: “I don’t jump well, don’t laugh at me!”

“No, no more, what are you afraid?”

So I returned to the living room, naturally took her walk, as TV came out with her music, I understood why I was so fascinating when I opened the door, and I still worn with high heels at home. It turned out that she is a person who is dancing, it is really a lot of waves!

Naa is approximately 163 cm, stepped on high heels, more than 168, dancing with me, and the two people are very matched.

Tango is more difficult and romantic dance steps. If you jump well, there are many movements of the limbs cross shifts, it will not be able to see it.

In addition to admiring my skilled fancy dance step, I even showed a very shy, especially her beautiful eyes, hooks my heart, I stared at my heart. Holding her faint waist, from time to time, the thighs of the two people, picking the mask under my arm.

So I got some flowers, put Nana to the chest, her breast’s milk tip touched with my strong chest, the lower body passed, the legs were smashed, it seems to be bunker, I just started to start her a bit Pushing, refused to touched the lower pussy part of the lower body to my hi-hard, but with the rhythm of the music, inxicated in a romantic atmosphere, she began to react.

The first thing I felt was hard to tighten with my chest tips (her bra is very thin, very clear!), The thighs of the two thighs also make her excitement, relax.

When my thick-hot mask sticked to Nana raised, she first avoided, maybe the excitement, aroused her original instinct, and finally shy, the pussy was closely related to my mask, she I can’t help but start gently.

I don’t have traces to change the dance of Tango to the slow dance of the lover, she still don’t know, just mixed with my soft, I looked at the soft lips of her vast and blue. Seduction, eyebrow Close, I can’t help but kiss it.

When the two lips were touched, Larina had a whole body, and then gently opened his mouth, let my tongue stretch into her mouth, but her tender tongue is shy to avoid my tongue tip, I Siping in the mouth of the mouth, put it on her waist to her abundance, the beautiful buttocks, put her down the body to me, let my hot mask are closely rubbed with her micro-convexized pussy. I felt that her pinear was fever. At this time, she moved her soft lips and gasped.

Nana said: “We don’t like this … Hey!”

I don’t wait until she finished, the tongue has blocked her mouth, and his hand fell on her low-collar clothes, holding her breast, and the fingertips knead her have a hard lauble. She couldn’t help him, finally spit out of the soft tongue, I sucked, and I also reached my hand back to my waist. The lower body is still moving, and I hard to top my hiang. I declined the button on her top, and the shirt has been pulled out. It has a wonderful body body to reveal it, and the bumps and signs are stretched, the snow white arm and the long legs are so casual. But I can’t find a more suitable ingredient. I can’t say a feeling. I feel that anyone can’t blasphemy such a perfect body. I don’t turn my eyes, I’m looking at Nana Napi’s face, but Seeing the eyebrows, the champion, the nose, the nose greasy peel, the cherry, the scuba, the thin decoction The bristles, is generally pure and elegant temperament. My hand holds the petite and full of jade milk, kneading the Qing Qian Yufeng, feeling the towering virgin milk in his hands, urgent, and the profit, soft and fragrant, let people love it. . One pair of big hands, caressing her pair of soft jade milk, my hand is light and not urgently kneading … The palm of the palm is very strong, soft and unparalleled and flexible, order Human bloody. I saw the beautiful beauty of Luna, I couldn’t help but be colorful, my fingers gradually gathered, gently use two fingers to lighten the peaks of Yufeng, playing a circle , Find that a little exquisite is very outstanding – nipple. Two fingers gently greeted La Na’s delicate bud, gentle and skillful, licking. Na Na was made with the strange feelings from the scorpion from the sensitive zone, and the heart was not ashamed and shameful.

Nana can’t help but hurt, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful, the beautiful, the beauty of the snow, is invincible. Her gentle eyes suddenly became flustered, she felt very embarrassing for her own shy people, she hurriedly turned the first to the side.

My hand began to move down, slipping into the underwear to extend her mysterious zone. This time I encountered Naña slight resistance, but it didn’t work. I can’t help it, reached out, pick up Nana’s skirt, when my hand spent her unwinding stockings smooth and delicate thighs, she was confused, my hand was smooth, and my hand explored her. Next, touch the small tricks that she has been penetrated by the prostitute honey. The chastity of the flutter is dial by me, and the entrance to the center will be exposed. My pornographic finger is lightly stroked in the mucosa of Lina, and her body is jitter in small. Pure Glen has begun to muddy, I have smoked her yin, and put her hamma. Na’s two snow-white snow whitening thighs closed together, blocked under the dark forest, the inlet of the lovely mystery, the only passage in her body It is also my happiness source. Her murder continued, formed a narrow triangle area on the roots of the thighs on both sides, the two sides were the full grandeather lips, like two Yumen tightly closed, leaving only a small deep deep The red gap, the upper edge of the gap is the clitoris, the black woolen hair is distributed around the clitoris and the upper edge of the big labia, the lower edge of the big labia will become a detailed lace, which has been continuous to the same closed The door of the japanese, here is a dangerous canyon, the color of the skin recovers the crystal white, the two sides are the same hips, and the white is soft, and the curd is general.

My finger is carefully put on her two shy big labips, and the thin rejuvenation is blown, and she is playing her yin and yin, the finger is constantly ignant.

Nana Snow white glamorous carcass wiped the layer of red plow, the body could not be trembled with autonomy, the chest is highly solid breast, the waves are unwind, illusion, soft and innocent lag, the body Sweat and a little bit of rain, mixed in the middle, the love of the soul, the love of the soul, such as the squat, listening to it, heard people, she is tightly, she Mei-eyed, fragrant sweat, fragrant, drunk, enjoy the stimulation of giving her pleasure, so that she felt like burning in the flame, the whole body limbs are melts in a section, really comfortable She only knows that she is desperately high, my spring is like a tide, charming is beautiful, I am like the sea otter, so that the fortune is high, hugging her beautiful body, my fingers have passed her pearl, Nana’s hands I also grasp my waist, she is biting, she is tangered, and she is like cramps as tightness, and there is a flexible gentle leg muscle non-convulsion. A heat flow is from her vagina, slightly. Yinjing sesily sesame the soft tapping pants flow to my glans, her climax came, her petals opened. At this time, I have been very excited. If you don’t have to help me with her vagina, my hot and hard big mask is only afraid to explode.

I ignored her struggle, tightened her head, let our four lips are more confident, open her hand to force my hand to force into her underwear, fingers have been filled with prostitution The incomparably lip is rubbed on the lips, when Nana is shaking, the head twisted the waist to break away from my hug, the two stood on the marble land of the living room, I stretched her calf, she told her back In the excitement, I have helped her back gently on the ground. I pressed her down, she twisted the waist and continuous struggle, the body of the limbs, but let me be more excited, hard to take her small underwear to the feet, only the underwear is still on the calf, In her excitement, the finger has been inserted into her gliped vagina, the tight hole, my fingers are kept tight by the tender meat in her vagina, the fingertips touch her yukuclear, immediately wrapped her expansion The hard jet core is turning the circle. She vigorously squats, she is taking advantage of my mouth, and the lip is finally got rid of my mouth, and the lower body clamps the thigh.

She called: “We can’t do this, please come up!”

“Do you don’t want it? I am the first time.”

When I said, the middle finger continued to keep her swollen jerki, and the prostitution of her share is constantly moving. I quietly pulled down the jeans and the hard big dicks have already stretched out.

Na Na twisted: “You can’t get it! Oh ~” When she said, suddenly slammed her thigh, took out me in the middle finger in her vagina, only heard “Hey!” As, my big talent has been tall into her vaginal, she hurts two eyes, and I immediately blocked her mouth with his mouth and prevent her from calling again. At the same time, I will burn big ass Up to one, fierce down, the whole root is long and hard, run through Lina’s delicate vagina.

Nana will move, give up struggle, lying quietly in the cool marble ground in the living room, I pressed on her, the lower body of the two is naked, my masher has been inserted into her The vagina, the talent top is in her joy and core, and there is no slight gap. I feel that she is very tight with the thigh muscles that I close together. Instead, it will drive my vaginal tightening, the cervix will be my The turtle is tight, so that I’m refreshed.

I bowed my head kissed Nana’s soft lips. She didn’t respond, and her eyes were full of tears. I didn’t come by a burst of jealousy, and my mouth left her soft lips.

I apologize: “I am too beautiful, too attractive, I can’t help but …”

Her tears flowed down, said that I am angry: “You are equal to me!”

I have to blink and say anything: “I am really sorry! I haven’t been doing for a month, and I am so fascinating, I can’t help but …”

I saw her not sound, I put the big glans in her heart, she was excited.

She frowns: “You don’t move, it is very painful!”

She said a little shy: “I am the first time with you, you … it’s so big, it’s a sudden, it hurts again …”

This scene, you can tell these, and she is also a wonderful woman. I have to say: “What should I do? Our genitals are now together …”

She didn’t say goodness: “That is you forced!”

When she talked, I told her neck. She closed her eyes helplessly. I started to move my noodles again, she frowned.

“You lightly …”

I kissed her lips: “I am relieved, I will be very gentle, I will let you feel comfortable …”

“My first time, except for pain, I have never been comfortable …”

“Think about the first time, in your small bed, how comfortable you can get! You sieve and swim,”

Said that I kissed her soft lips, she closed her eyes, soft tongue made me sucking, I started to gently moved, and the mask was soft in her vagina, she started gently stand up. The mouth contains her nipple sucking, and the tip of the tongue wrapped around her beads from time to time. Her mampes became harder, her tight body began to relax, and they came.

I put the hips, put the big glans on her flowers to swim, clearly feel that she swollen yukuclear is trembled, and a secret of her secret is soaked. The hot fur is soaked. I am so comfortable. .

Her hand couldn’t help but grasp my waist, gently moving the pussy, catering my throduction, although the movements were sparse, but she took the initiative, aroused my excitement.

I was excited to speed up the tangly mask. Her prostitute has a shares, and she didn’t expect her prostitute than the average woman. I gave us the lower body wet, and the wet mask added vaginal. Lubrication, also alleviating her pain in the first time. Na Na is softly called: “You don’t like this, I can’t stand it … I am so swelled … I am so thick, I have a little pain … um … slow a little … oh …” I started vigorous Inserted, every time I hit her flowers, I only heard “Hey!” “Hey!” “Hey!”

Strong thrust, making her 呻吟 more and more loud, passion, hugging me in her breast, lazy, my legs, my legs and her two legs snow white round smooth and soft legs Together.

That kind of warmth, making me a bigger in her uterus, and the glamor should not stop her vaginal soft mince wall, so that she is mixed with her body, finally wearing her high heels. I wrapped up my waist.

She breathed and said: “I itching inside, you are almost a little …”

I also breathed angry: “No problem! I must let the caggeles continue …”

My hand helped her a beautiful buttock, the marble ground was very hard, but let me hit her pussy shame in each of the masculins, if I don’t worry, I’m not I have to hold back. I am afraid that this is to shoot.

I think she also feels the same strong excitement with my, I can’t help but hold my hips. The two legs are more tighter, and the close vagina is like a small mouth. Profile, so that I am very vigorously moving the masquerade, when she is tightly slippery, she will drive her lower body with my waist rod.

She suddenly squatted: “Kiss me … kiss me …”

My mouth immediately left her nipple to cover her soft lips, she opened his mouth, soft lips closed against my lips, our tip of the tongue is entangled together, Jin Liquan exchanges, two people are greedy swallowed The honey juice in the mouth, then she suddenly rapidly rapidly, then tightly took my shame.

He called: “Don’t move, don’t move, just like this … I am soft …”

She wrapped in my waist, like cramps, I caught up.

At this time, my glans came with her joy and core, and a grained little meat ball kept blinking my glazing horse. Her vagina took a close contraction, cervix biting I got the gods of the glans, a thick and hot yin sprayed from the hard-swelled small meat balls, poured on my glans, her climax.

At this time, my big tale was hindered by her hot, and the cervix was strongly contracted. It was blocked to the highest point, and a thick hot rink was still unbounded. All fill it. Her heart.

After the climax, we have also tightened, and the two-person genital combination is strictly seamless, and the four lips are also honest, and they have achieved the unresino of water milk.

Nana suddenly said: “Worse! I am a physiological period, I don’t know if it will be pregnant …”

“I am relieved, I will buy it tomorrow, I will give it to eat, I’m nothing …”

She put down her heart, she looked down at the soft big mask slowly slipped out her vagina. Her face was shame, thinking, suddenly reminded me.

“Get up! My mother said that I have to come back …”

I should have, I want to know that I have done her daughter, I am afraid that it is hard to returned, and I will get up and put on the trousers. I will be covered with the mask income of the essence of water. I heard someone. The sound of the key unlocked, Naina is stupid.

, Said Cao Cao Cao, must be that Nana’s mother Aqin came back.

“Where do I hide?”

She returned to God: “Come with me!” She pushed me into her room. I didn’t expect that she also hid in the door. At this time, the door is also transmitted and closed.

“You don’t go to your mother, what to hide?”

She said that she said: “I am afraid! You see me like this, shame and dead …”

I looked at Nana’s hair and chaotic, the clothes were not entirely, Nana’s mother was an idiot, but also saw it just now.

A high-heeled footwear came to the door, and the door was knocked on the door.

Na’s mother called: “Nana! Nana! Have you slept?” She just opened by my daughter on me, lazy: “Well! Mom, I am coming back? “

At this time, the knockout sounded again, and the voice of Aqin: “Nana! Why don’t you open the door?”

Nana said: “I have been lying on the bed, I want to rest!”

The high heel shoe at the door is far away, Nana stretches the tongue.

Na Na looked at me: “Check! If you let your mother know that you are in my room! I didn’t expect to meet you today, just …”

Tell me in a glance, I am busy holding her kissed: “This is our fate! I am not playing, I like it first, I like it …”

Nana said: “I don’t want to hear you, you do it …” I took her and let her stay in my arms.

When I was whispering Nana, Aqin took the remote control off TV in the living room, high-heeled shoes accidentally stepped on the marble ground, Na Na, I didn’t want to dry my prostitute, I almost slipped. , Look down, see the thick honey, reach the finger, smell it, can’t help but frown.

I didn’t dare to turn on her room. Nana’s vagina was also filled with my yang, and I was also full of prostitution, sticky, wet answering, I am very uncomfortable, I The prostitutes on the mask in the crotch have been full, and it is not comfortable to stick to underwear.

After I stood in Nana, I was sneaked at the door, the front line of the door leaking in the door shussed through her skirt, faintly saw the naked two slender in her skirt, and her high heels under her feet took her. The rich buttocks are called well, and I just watched the mashed mask of fire and started to move, and they were standing.

I quietly came to her, gently picked up her knee skirt, she still focused on the mother who called in the living room, when I used his hand to hold the big glans touched her labipings When she was shocked, she turned back: “You have to do … Hey!”

Naa dialect did not finish, I have been strong, the mask has passed away from her prostitution, she is still slippery, she is squatting, and I want to take rid of me. I have entered her beauty. Live the heart of the big mask, twist the beautiful buttocks, so that my lust is higher.

I touched her waist and didn’t let her take off. I move my lower abdomen. The thick mask did not stop in the vagina in her tightly, the elder talents were constantly hit her uterus. Deep stamen. The binding of the body is stimulating her face red heart and not dare to make a sound, just hide his mouth with his mouth.

Naina was afraid that the mother was discovered in the living room, reached out to the door, I immediately empty one hand and pulled the door and didn’t let her completely closed, still staying about a three-inch gap, then she has been excited, I have to let me , The beauty has been inserted by me, is slippery, and the high heel shoes are not self-opened, and the snow white slender legs will be opened, and the rich buttocks will go to the top, catering the tangled movement of my mask.

Now, the mask in Naña is more and more strong. The soft Nana has been smashed by me, and the beautiful legs that have long slender, the prostitute is like flowing like flow. We both closely engage in the ground ….

I flicked in the honey greenery of Nana, and the righteous mask was deeply stunned into her flowers, and she was closely entangled by her virgin, her uterus, her uterine, tiered. The neck ditch, I am very hard, the big tapping strikes her fort. I am squatting by the passion of Nana, which is violently dried …

This is a passionate temptation, my heart is faster, the blood is rushing to the brain, the forehead sweating, the thick mask is like a hurricane, the rapid plug in Nana, is only inserted by me three times. Navy vagina. , Inserted Larina crazy, put the upper half on the wall, his face gasped, his hand, bulld, rushing, squatting.

“Hey!” “Hey!” “Hey!” I have accumulated a big beach drops of prostitute honey juice, Na Na’s beautiful buttocks kept back to the next, catering me to slammed the mask of her beauty …

In the living room, Aqin was lying on the sofa, and there may be no scruples in his own home, the mini skirt shrinks to the height of the leg roots, and the comfortable open snow white round glossy thigh. Wow! I clearly saw the raised purse of her thigh root transparent small pants, and there were a lot of thick broth showed a few small panties such as ropes. I saw blood angry. The odd is that her pussy is particularly drumming. It is better than that of the woman I have done. The book says that this kind of tone is called Bunzi, which is a rare acupoint in thousands. Prostitution, plugging, let people want to die. At this moment, Aqin is obliquely on the sofa, it seems that I am inserting my pump …

I am dry, the hot heart is already going to jump out of the mouth, my brain blight, this is already thick, the mask has a miracle-like expansion, and I am inserted. Dry is Na Na’s mother’s no-in-one.

Naa’s accelerated thrust, narrow vagina could not stand the shallow mask.

She couldn’t help but screamed: “Oh ~ um ~ Tap, you are too big, put me out of it … oh ~” At this time, I have been mad, my mind is physiologically It is inserting Aqin Needs. I have a fascinating buttocks in the eyes, and the hands are holding Lina’s smooth and delicate buttocks. It looks down that the shallow mask is like a piston, and she has been soaked in the tenderness of the prostitution. The vulvar lip flower flasks can be turned out.

At this time, Nana, who was in the imperial thing, was called, tightly, the wall is mixed, and the beautiful buttocks are in the top of me inserted to the 阳 磨, narrow vaginal is constantly Spasm, the tender meat on the vaginal wall clamping my mask.

The cervical contraction bite my big glamor’s corpled neck, a strong hot and hot, hit it on the hot tale, a wave of rolls, makes it volts on the wall. Larna’s non-stop screams, slender in the hard jitter, and the body also supported no longer slipping along the wall.

My rough mask was biting by her tightened beauty, and she took me with her close to her down to the ground, and the two were collided with the top and retrieving, and her strong stimulus The uterine cavity is more violently contracted.

I feel that the entire talents seem to be inhaled by the powerful suction, absorb my head, and I can’t help it, and I can’t help it. The finery is a loose, hot thick, Yangjian, rush, violent rush Into my heart, I was shaking.

Her two hands hugged my hips, screaming: “Hey ~ Ah ~ Bar … I have never been so comfortable … I used to take me, do my hard …”

Less removal, so that I launched hundreds of millions of sperm, holding Lina’s hips, let our genitals have a stacked, enjoying the tender meat of the creepy spasm in her vagina, the meat, In the depths of her last drop, it is deep in her heart.

When I was in the same way as Nana, I enjoyed the long rhyme of the climax, I only opened a stitching door was quietly pushed away by her mom, and the light is dim, and the Aqin saw two men and women. Together, her daughter is in the ground, I am in her daughter, the two naked lower body is tight.

Aqin consciously pressed the electric light switch, the room was bright, the appearance of her blush heartbeat, she clearly saw that my mask was still tightly tightly connected with her daughter.

Suddenly shining lights, I also woke up and was intoxicated in the intersection of the suggestion. Nana was shocked to turn over, but I pushed me that I didn’t press it. I saw a pair of black bright. High heels, the head saw a pair of snow white slender legs, showing a white and tender thigh root under the short skirt of the front.

Aqin face was extremely angry in shame, when she saw a man pressed on her daughter, when she was her male colleague, she was muffled, turned into the room, and closed the door.

In the shock, I apopardo with Naina.

Nana crying his face and said: “It’s over! My mother will not forgive me! She will kill me.”

I put it on the trousers, and comforted her side and said, “Don’t worry, I said that we are willing to understand, she can understand …”

Nana urgers dragged me to the gate: “Don’t say it, you are harm me, you will go …”

I said: “Nana, I am sorry! Let me talk …”

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