After I graduated, I entered Shanghai’s foreign trading company, the company’s office environment is very good, every two have an independent office, and the female staff of our room is Xiao Cai, aged one year old, 26 years old, height 167, the skin is very white and delicate, and the body belongs to the devil.

Her husband is selling, often traveling, and she is married for two years, it seems that the couple lives well, I am single, there is a girlfriend. I originally touched her, but I had a job, but I talked about things in life. After half a year, we can say that it is not talking.

Start, when you live in your hand, I will browse some healthy health sites. After she saw, I also talk to me some similar topics. Once, I was working overtoc to 9 o’clock in the evening. I made it, waiting for her to get off work, I browsed to Sanjiu Health Network, I asked her weight and three, she said she is 50kg, waist circumference Is a feet, other don’t know.

I said: “I can understand the hip around, how can I not know why? What if I buy a bra? She said: “It is the waiter to give her, she has been using ancient and modern cards. I said: “How many cups? She said: “35C! I said: “I can’t see it!” Because she usually wear relaxed clothing, she never seen her through tight.

I gave her on the webpage, and the body criteria gave her, causing her interest, I said: “How much is it, how much is it? “She shook his head, I don’t know how, I found a tape measure from the drawer:” I will help you. She has a white geese face, suddenly turns red, shook his head, I said: “What is the relationship, it is so familiar. She said: “I am afraid that someone has seen it. “I said:” The whole company has no relationships. “I am trying to make her feel free to go out, I will lock the company’s door, return, she doesn’t talk, just look at the computer.

I am listed on the size of the webpage, let her stand straight, then start with the skin, shoulders, arms, upper body to the navel, the lower body to the foot, the size of the upper body, the hip circumference 76cm, these are nothing, her body is really Very standard.

The final quantity is in the bust, I first quoted her underrush is 77cm, when I got her breathing and heartbeat, I feel that she tried to suppress the rolling chest, she wore a pink short this day. Sleeve loose t-shirt, white casual pants, I hold the skin’s hand, gently swear her double milk, feel the soft and chest flexibility of her bra. Her breathing is more urgent, the big eyes have always stared at other places.

I told her: “The big bust is 90cm. “She whispered” Well “, I said,” Do you deliberately wear a small bra’s bra? She said: “Because it is embarrassed. Once the age, there is still such a woman, Xiao Cai Pei gives people a more introverted.

I said: “The upper and lower chest circumferences are 13cm, that is, the cup is 35B. In order to be true, I said to let her bra, she stayed, before she reinforced, I have unsearched the button from the clothes behind her, and she immediately consciously carefully conscious. Chest, I use a relatively peaceful tone, let her not nervously, she also knows me to know, put down my hands.

I pushed her bra, and then taught her to support, I started using a skin, my fingers, fully felt her full, round, extremely elastic double milk, and it was a small one by her. Bra, hidden visual. I pinched the tip with my breast, and I made a shock in my heart, and I was so shocked. I actually had 94cm on the chest. When I told her, she did not expressed surprises and said: “My sister is as full of me, Both 35D bra. She is embarrassed.

I said: “This is full, and my husband must like it. She said: “Her husband has always said that she is good here. Every time I see her change the bra, she will don’t help her, she began to develop from the age of 16, which is like 20 years old. I gave her to see the network written, with a small bra harm. Didn’t think of it, my elaboration, actually let her bring a 35D bra, and began to wear a touch of clothes.

I put a piece of tip, tell her: “The chest is very flexible. She actually replied: “What do I mean?” “I hold her whiterry and lubricated little hand, then press on her left chest:” Is it feeling? Pinch has strong rebound power. She still shook his head, I whispered: “Hey is stupid! “Naturally, my hands surrounded by her, holding her double breast.

It’s really like advertising words. It is a woman who can’t master one hand. I gently knead her breasts, nipples, and tell her about my feelings, she said that her nipple is very sensitive, each time she My husband just stroked for a while, and I will flow into the river below, and it is at any time.

I asked her that she was now touching. She said she wants to have no distraction, and she can communicate this privacy with me, otherwise I will not control my feelings. I know that I have always been a boy who likes girls, I let her only speak physiologically, throw an emotion. She said that there is a comfortable manner that is unable to speak, and there is a desire to be stroked and vaginal. I have been fully erection, I have been on top of her hips, rubbing it for a while. I asked her: “Is there a climax in the usual oversees? She actually said: “Almost every time, it is only the same after marriage, when my husband is on, I often vent it when I just have a pleasure, so I didn’t I know what is climax, and later, my husband tried to let me sit on and mutually sitting, I can quickly reach the climax. “

I exchanged her experience with my girlfriend, she belongs to that kind of tampire, I touched her hills, which means she is a woman who is relatively prosperous. I said: “If you just touch the breast, you also Will reach the climax. She said: “I haven’t tried it. “

I took out a piece of A film to her, I deliberately let her sit, I stand on her, is a black and white woman in the United States, Xiao Cai said: “I haven’t seen a film. I used to have seen it once before. “I saw her look at each other, and the breathing was large, I knew that she didn’t lie.

Start a man and a woman, and then two men do a woman, there are blowjob, breasts, anal sex, hand plus, she said: “I used to know the Lord before. “Also said:” Two men do a woman is sick! ” I know that she is more simple in terms of housing, I will start touching her double breast, I feel that her breast has risen much because of exciting, and the heartbeat can feel.

I think, maybe my good control, as well as her trust in me, makes I can go smoothly, I asked her: “How do you feel? “She shy said:” I don’t want to go to work. “I bowed her, I want to go home to do my homework, her face is red.

The film has an hour, I stroke her double milk, sneak out my trousers, pulled out the penis, I also explored her with her, her husband’s size and time, she said: “My husband is fully erection It is just enough to hold my hands! I quantified her hands, highly just 12cm, she said: “My husband’s hardness is good, but not thick, and I like fur black and more men because I feel sexy. “I feel good, just ask her not to look back, let her feel my penis.

Her eyes have been staring at the computer screen, I fade pants, the penis has already rushed to the sky, I took her a little hand, took it to my husband, her little hand is a bit cold, I met my fire If you want to pick it up, I firmly pulled her.

After ten seconds, she didn’t move, I let her close her eyes, then stand in her front, put her other hand, holding my penis, holding my hands, holding me When the penis, there is also a whole glans and a part outside.

Her red lotus, all over the powder neck, I asked her: “How do you feel and your husband? “She twisted for a long time, she whispered:” Your penis is so thick, and the hardness is also strong, the black hair is also connected to the navel, and the goodness is very stimulated. “I told her:” The length of the penis is 16cm, the diameter is 4 cm, and the particles on the coronary groove are particularly large, which is very effective for friction of female vaginal. “

She said: “On the physiological feeling of women, my size of my penis can make women like it. “

The reason is that visual stimulation, as well as women to climax, need a deeper impact of penis, I pull her one hand, to touch my scrotum, tell her: “This is the most exciting part of men. “

Later, I stood back to her, let her hold my penis, continue to see a film, she is surprised to ask me: “Why is it so big? I smiled and didn’t answer. This is born, how to explain? In the last twentieth minute, I told her that it was uncomfortable. Please help me, didn’t answer, the hand moves before and after.

I was sitting around her, and my hands were still gently kneading her double milk, but it had been inserted into the clothes and was directly in contact. Her skin, very smooth and delicate, I quietly picked up her clothes, a pair of perfect breasts, jumped into the eyes, the shape is very good, like a drip water, light red nipple up, no bra binding double milk, Still moving together in the middle, not a common distance between Asian women.

One of my hands, quietly slipped into her two legs, she silently separated their legs, my fingertips felt the flood of the lace, the middle finger tried to explore the peach source, lubricate and grasp, hot feelings Very good, I stroked her nipple in one hand, touched her yukuclear, and she also accelerated the speed of the small hand. Finally, when the film was over, we arrived at the climax. When I was hot, I was shot between her double breasts. When I wiped her chest, she was still very shy, she said: “This feeling is better than me. And your husband is more exciting. I just reached a climax three times.

I said: “If you are not self-control, I will let you taste it, my brother is amazing. I have such a beginning, we will not talk about nothing, and often exchange the experience. Her husband is a month, more than 20 days, and she is a very happy woman, so I became her masturbation tool, but we didn’t have direct sexual intercourse for a long time.

Since I have no words, I don’t talk about it, but I will naturally masturbate, I naturally, the real gun is also in the stream. Her husband’s frequent business trip, so that her sexual life is not ruled, I can’t stand it, I will let me help masturbation.

This day, it’s all the class, it is a five-day holiday, the weather is very good, she wore a tight V-collar low-cut dress skirt, the devil’s body exposed. The whole office building, only a few companies have some people overtime, I have been eating lunch with Xiao Cai, in the office, I am locked the door before eating.

We have started to communicate experience, I said: “My favorite posture is back, and hands can stimulate the female breasts and yuki. “And Xiao Cai said:” My favorite is to face the face, you can directly rub directly to my yin, and my husband, you can touch my most sensitive double milk. “I said that I opened the webpage, I found some sexy photos to show her, then I asked Xiao Cai:” Do you want to see a film? She hangs, and she flies out of the cheeks.

I took out a comprehensive version of the A film, there were more people such as Europe, America, South Korea, Japan and the battle of the beast. Xiao Cai automatically sat in front of the computer, I took the chair to sit on her side. Just put it for a while, she was very full of double chest, she started to undighten, low-breasted collar, revealing deep cleans, let my eyes unplugged.

I laughed and said: “I am tempting me today! She said red face: “I listen to your suggestion, so I wear it. I am very sincere to praise her body. She smiled shy. I hugged her double milk. I said: “My girlfriend cup has only b, if there is such a good, I have long helped her help I am making breasts. “

Xiao Cai said: “I used to help my husband to make milk, but I am very tired, my husband stands, I am squatting. “I said:” The posture is wrong, it should be lying lying, and the husband is in the chest, like this full breast, in order to clamp DD, and fully stimulate the male eye. “Then she said:” If she is handling, she is not comfortable, she wants to be comfortable. I said: “Different positions should be different, not all postures, can apply. “

Through the previous masturbation, I found Xiao Cai to stroke her breast in situations in the case, let her reach the climax of the middle level, high-level, still stimulate her yukin, and at this time, her The little hand is naturally opened to my trousers, and I will pick my penis. She said: “Since I have touched my penis and read a film, I knew that the man size varied. “She said:” If it is not your control, I have already been there. “

I am secretly appointed personal charm.

This time the A film is very irritating, very fast, Xiao Cai arrived at a climax, and then I used my fingers and let her reach the second climax. At this time, I have put her short skirt to the waist, and the upper body is also dropped to the waist, and the bra has taken away, and my shirts and trousers have also faded. This is the most released.

She has dare to look at my naked, but it is still a bit shy, I don’t dare to stare. My skin is the kind of malt, and it is more healthy and strong, so that she is prone to passion. She has a hand of my penis, and I rub my scrotum, and I have a low low squat. During the period, I also let her help me with my breasts, blowjob, she is silently accepted, the feeling of full breasts Ok, her little mouth, and a soft tongue, I am excited.

I started to kiss her nipple with my lips, and she slowly closed her eyes and enjoyed a wonderful feeling! I used to see the book, Asian fever woman, never believe in their real degree, now really believe, there will be such a full-time woman, I have a big mouth to take Xiao Cai’s breast milk, touch her smooth skin, I put her lightly, let her sit on my thigh, the penis is like a fire stick, making her feel comfortable.

I suddenly said in her ear: “I want to go in! She stunned, silently got down, I knew her sensitive body, I can’t resist my intrusion, I support her slight waist, she holds my meat stick with a small hand, slowly sat down, Her vagina is very hot, grip, lubricated, my penis is thick, but it also enters her body. She only sent a low 吟, then she started her up and down, I asked her: “The feelings of my husband are more cool, or feel refreshed with me? She shy whisper: “Of course, it is your big meat stick, let me feel more comfortable. Can you get to her homework, feeling different, before, her husband did not let her have this feel.

I am very happy to build her stimulus, plus the stimulation of the A film in the computer, plus the first time I first contact, let her have reached two climax before I am ejaculation, I have changed four, five mutual thinks It is easy to reach the posture of the climax. This afternoon, we did five times. She reached the climax in seven times. Finally, the two were tired of lying on the chair and did not want to move. I asked her: “What is it? She used a small hand to twisted my younger brother and said, “You are really bad. “

Since and Xiao Cai, there is this close relationship. When we have someone in work, use QQ chat, no one, sit in a chat, of course, this is not in the case of doing affecting the work, otherwise the rice bowl Not guaranteed, let’s talk about what is it? Have you said?

I don’t know if the feeling of stealing is more exciting, or because my penis is more than her husband’s thickness, long, hard, it is easier to make her many climax. About us, after eight times, Xiao Cai quietly said: “She is now with her husband, it is difficult to reach the climax, unless I think I am doing it in my mind. I am in my heart: “Let’s go, this way, my responsibility is too great.” “

But I am a person who has a drunk in this day, no matter how much it is. I and Xiao Cai are doing sales management. It can be said that there is often a reason to stay overtime. Her husband often travels, my girlfriend also went to Beijing for further development. For a year, I can say this time is our gold time. . We both think that in the office, you will have a happiness that cannot be imagined.

Our company all the rooms, I like to close the door. When I like to take anyone, I often tend to tend Xiao Cai, such as pinching her breast, because of the fullness, her bra is cotton, unlike some Airport type girl, like wearing a sponge pad, so touching more real, or taking her fat hips, smashing her little waist.

Once, I saw no one outside, and I quietly ran to her, took out the penis, and then pulled her little hand to make it, scared her blush. Every time I see her ashamed, I will be excited.

Since she began to wear a 35D bra and her own clothes, the men’s men’s men were used to see me in my eyes, there is something wrong, they have to go to our office to come to our office, I have almost gone during the day. .

All stories can only happen at night, this evening, things are nearly ten o’clock. After we drank a cup of coffee, we took a break and entered the theme. I have carefully closed the door, then returned to the office, Xiao Cai has been waiting for me, I quickly faded in the trousers, huge penis, already erected, I first explained her bra, let her help me By breast, Xiao Cai’s original personality, so that she took the initiative to take the breasts, to squeeze my penis, her excitement and shy expression, let me feel more majesty.

When I feel compared, I took off her pants, let her sit on my legs, she holds my penis with a small hand, to give her honey hole, slowly sit down, each time With this posture, she can reach the climax within ten minutes, and in the intra-tee, we will also communicate her with her husband, my and my girlfriend.

She said: “Your big penis, really brought me an unprecedented sex, I have really like you! I said: “You have a lot of breasts and hips, and give me a lot of excitement and encouragement. I don’t want to snack every time I pinch her, it feels too comfortable.

We enjoy a wonderful moment, one and a half hours, I shot twice, and Xiao Cai reached three climax!

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