I remember that I was 24 years old. I took care of me for a year, and a big sister in a department took care of me, and we also talk about it. Time I lost love, I didn’t have a mood every day, but careful I found this phenomenon. When I got off work, she came over and asked me what I have recently. I said that I didn’t have anything, but I was getting more and more unhappy. I told her everything. Comfort me, I also told me to find a good, young and beautiful; I am so grateful to my big sister, I didn’t expect my gratitude, but there should be anything behind. . . . .

Life still, slow work has lost passion, everything is going to work, go to work, get off work. . Just in this dull life, there are also a few colleagues to introduce me to my girlfriend, but I rejected it at the time, I don’t know why.

The happening occurs very chance, that day, it is also a week 5. When I get off work in the afternoon, the big sister came over and asked me: “You … don’t have time tomorrow ….” “” Then you will help me tomorrow, “I said,” Okay, what to do “, she told me something to buy, but she can’t do it, a person is not convenient, I also tell me that her husband is gone. (Her husband is a salesman). So I promised her. At 10 o’clock in the morning of the week, I received her call, called me to the door of Xinhua Bookstore, etc., the phone will go, because the big sister rarely finds me to help, so I must help this time I must help this time. she!

※ www.jkforum.net, I only knew that she would like to buy a refrigerator, so we went to the mall. She found the acquaintance of the mall. I went to buy a coupon, I went to buy, I saw it, it turned out She bought the kind of LG’s double-door, she is still not moving, but I will not move, I will ask her, the mall is not a package home? She told me that the refrigerator was taken inside, enjoy a lot of discount, so I didn’t send the goods. At this time, I went out to help her called a small truck, called a few poles, just sent the refrigerator. . Everything is done, there is 1 o’clock in the afternoon, so I said to her, big sister, then I will go back first, but the big sister insisted on I have to eat, and then I didn’t refuse to stay, waiting for her meal. I didn’t even bought any food. So we decided to eat, after eating things, the big sister bought a three-five smoke, I definitely can’t want, but the big sister said that you don’t want to give the big sister. . I can’t do it, or don’t refuse. Holding a smoke, we will go home.

After returning home, I am not bored at home and go out and rent a disc. I’m looking at it. When I happen to boring, when I finish reading, my call rang, I took a call, I turned out, I was a big sister, I Asked what she had, she told me to find me a little thing, at 8 o’clock in the evening, I met at the entrance of Xinhua Bookstore.

I didn’t think much at the time. Everyone is a unit. There is something to help. I went out later, I went out, I went out and took a while, I was slowly walked there. I saw that the big sister has arrived, wearing a dress, dressing is still beautiful, I went to call her, “big sister, how come so early?” “Yeah, I am very annoying today, find you talk, let’s go, let’s sing !!

※ Www.jkforum.net, I heard that I have to sing, I will agree, I still like to sing, I came to Karaoke, we found a small bag, I started singing, I slowly I feel that the big sister is getting closer and closer, almost is together, I sing there, the big sister is listening to it, suddenly the big sister said in my ear: “I want you”, I was scared at the time. I thought I was wrong. “What? I …. I didn’t listen to clear ….”, “I … I want you!” The big sister has repeated it, this time, I confirm! Slowly, the big sister’s hand touched my lower body. (Sure enough, it is boldly.) I have an endure that I have been with the penis, and the big sister looked at me. The penis, smile. Ask me “this … what?” I can’t stand it, in the face of such a teasing, it is a man who can’t stand it (first declaration, big sister has 169, the body is very good, the butt is good, the skin is white, the skin is The teeth are not good, this is me later!)

So I boldly grabbed her breast. The big sister closed his eyes and sent a slight snoring. I will impulse such a voice. . No matter how much, she took off her skirt, and took off her underwear. I saw her Mao’s kindness. For me, it is a place to attract me, but I will never give her blow. , I use my fingers with her clitoris, God, she too much water. . The big sister sent a thick gasp, whisper, “I want .. I want ..”, I took out the penis, the big sister grabbed him, and she was desperate with her mouth. In fact, her blowjob is not too Comfortable, the original big sister wear a tooth, I still have some pain.

I took out the penis from her mouth and called her to lie down, and I put it in the vagina. At that time, the sound of the big sister sent like a head of the dog. We will do this with music, repeat the piston movement, about half an hour, I can’t stand it, I said to my big sister, “I … I want to shoot ! “” She didn’t want me to come out and told me that she had already eaten contraceptives. (Oh, it was ready to prepare.) Insert a few minutes, I am shouting in her vagina, when her excited body is shaking. . I slowly smoked it out, and I had a sigh of breath. The big sister is still lying on the sofa, and keeps that posture, but also eyes. . I took a smoke and looked at everything in front of my eyes. I didn’t believe it. . I deeply sucked my smoke and had a feeling of playing. . . Hey. . (Later, the big sister sent me home, and we didn’t say a word). . Later, we have done it in the park, and it is also a hundred pieces of fake public security! I did another house in another house, I didn’t do it. Later, my big sister knew that I talked to a girlfriend, but also called me to rent her former old house, saying that rent is only half. Think about it, how do I live, sad. . . . After that, the big sister resigned. It is said that she is doing sales with her husband. . Now, I haven’t seen her for a year, sometimes I miss her, I miss her, her lascivious, her white breast, her 呻吟. . . . . . .

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