1 Xiaoshi in the bed, pull the sleeping pants near the thigh roots, and the underwear is also taken off.

Six days after the surgery of the campus, the stitch is in good condition.

Mei is panicked, because it is in the slit, and she is barely still hidden in the underwear, and the underwear is quickly erection, and the underwear is high.

Surgery is responsible, so the penis of Xiaoshi has already seen it. Remember that the appearance of the idol singer is not matching, the penis is slightly fake, not only very long, and there are many curly covered hair, which looks very brave look.

Of course, Mumei has not seen the state of filial pensions.

Filial piety is the second grade of high school, growing in the rich family, has been protected by too many protection, as if there is a tendency to love the childhood. Live in a single ward, the mother takes care every day.

Maybe still a virgin …

Think about it, watching the underwear and showing a slight hammer, Mumei feels panicked, finding that it is not only moist, but also slightly, it has been impulsive.

“Why is this?”

Mumei said with an excited tone and gently rushed into some of the hand.

Xiaoshi issued a tight sound.

A hard touch, making Mumei completely lost self-cultivation.

“It’s a boy who is not embarrassed, and it will be erected when checking.”

Said, when pulling underpants, the penis bomb jumps out.

I saw the erect’s greater penis, and the sacchable tapped.

“Filial piety, you are still a child.”

In this way, the filial piety is nodded.

Mei smoked his breath, then squeezed out like a hand: “Doctor make you graduated?”

Xiaoshi exposed an amazing expression that is difficult to believe.


Xiaoshi exposed excitement.

Ma Yimei nodded with a nervous expression, she was excited.

Mumei takes off the white and skirt.

Physicians and patients, and do this shameless thing with minor boy …

Assembrances think of it, it is difficult to describe a crime. But the extension is far more than that.

Mei’s lower body naked bed, riding on the waist of filial piety, holding the meat stick with hands, and rubbing slowly on the snug.

Send a snoring skin.

Strong pleasure makes Mumei can’t help but put down the ass, the meat stick is inserted into the meat hole, causing a hidden pleasure.

Just in this moment, wake up.

Ma Yimei is a rest room bed next to the M Hospital physician office.

This day is a sacchable wheel value, so resting in bed.

It turned out to be a dream … so strange dreams …

Ma Yimei is dripping in his heart, and it is urgent, and it also feels moist in the bottom of the ganglion. In this case, the beauty is panicked.

This day, in the daytime, Mumei’s wounds of the filial piety, although not to reach the extent of the dream, but the filial piety’s underwear is indeed.

At that time, Miya was not panic, and there was no heartbeat. Shortly after the road, there is a 27-year-old single female physician. If you are shaking for this situation, it is unable to work.

Ma Yimei looked at the lower body of filial piety.

“It can be discharged after tomorrow.”

After finishing, pulling up filial pants and sleeping pants.

As a result, the dream is that it may be because of this M Hospital from the University Affiliated Hospital. It is completely investment in this work in a year.

Ma Yimei often listened to men to say “you are beautiful” or “you are very sexy”.

For your own face, I feel better than others, but I have enough confidence in my body.

There is no abnormal heterosexual relationship, but there are many men around you.

In the university hospital, there is a lover that is also a physician. Before going to M Hospital, break up for some reason. That is because Ma Yimei first arrived in his room, it was accidentally found in the big carton in the cabinet.

Since then, there is no one with men, it has been a year and a half. Is it the relationship between the backrest of dissatisfaction …?

Mei Mei’s mouth is read, get up and watch the watch. Has been overnight in midnight.

There is no sleep, the body feels hot, I feel that I can’t sleep anymore. I want to blow a blow on the autumn night wind, put on white out of the room.

After care center, the value of the nurse of the night class is gone, is it going to the toilet …?

Ma Yimei went to the end of the corridor, walked from the stairs to the top floor and saw the luminous night light.

At the same time as a deep laundry, after the laundry room, Mimei suddenly stopped the footsteps because he heard the voice of the woman.

“Ah … ah! Health … you want!”

This time it is very clear.

Mumei felt that the whole body was hot.

The wall of the small laundry room has a wooden frame, and there is a gap around the five centimeters. The beauty is quietly seen from the gap.

In an instant, it is a breather. Seeing a nurse sitting on a chair, his legs put on the front of the man in front, and he kept breathing.

The nurse is the value of night shifts, around twenty, very cute girls.

From Ma Yumei standing, it is five or six meters, and it is seen from the side of the two people, and the man who is called Jaguzi is a place.

The stockings of the nurse have been taken off, and the white is settled and the lower body is exposed.

The man’s face is blocked by the thigh, and it should be young people from wearing a judgment. It may be the same age with the nurse.

Two people may be a couple, with value nights, let the boyfriend sneak into the hospital.

Lose the work of the night shift, and the boyman has this kind of thing, I really can’t …

Mi Hospital does not accept emergency clinics at night, and if the nurse is not in the nurse, it is likely to form a serious consequence.

On the one side, the behavior of two people, when I feel angry, my hands grabbed the man’s head or shoulder, and the nurse who exposed a depressed expression made an urgent weeping voice.

“No … you have to!”

Nurse holds hands tight the man’s head, stretching the legs.

The man stands up, the black hair is behind the brain, jeans and underwear pulls up, showing the erect penis who just saw in the dream.

The man sent the meat stick to the nurses sitting on the chair, and the nurse bent down the upper body, and his hands held the meat stick.

Mei is nervous, it is hard to suck, this is the first time to see the sexual behavior of others. It may be a stealing, thinking that the mouth is dry, excited to shake, and forget an indignant thing.

There are probably a lot of sexual experience in the age of twenty, and the nurses’ blowjob movement is quite obscene.

Use your hand to rub the scrotum, the left or right side of the head, and the sound of prostitution is emitted, from the glans to the genitals.

After swallowing in your mouth, he sounded a snoring.

It may be that the nurse in the hot exit is still wearing white and white caps, so it looks more sensual.

At this time, the suddenly tense backwards in Mi, which turned into the filial piety of the jacket, and put the index finger before standing there.

Because filial piety suddenly puts his hand on the shoulders of Mumei, it is not only scared that the heart is almost jumped out, but also can’t say it.

————————— 2 “The two people are also getting here in the evening before the heavens.” Xiao Si whispered.

“Have you seen it?” Mumen this asked with hoarse voice.

“Well, because you can’t sleep, you will come on the roof. Just … I heard that the nurse is a night class, thinking that it will be … but I saw the doctor, I was also scared.”

“So is it better than me?”

“Well, I found someone, I am busy holding behind the door, do you know the two people?”

“I am the first time … Xiaoshi, you can’t be in this place, go back.”

The situation that is stealing is seen by filial piety. When I feel that the hand of the Wolf’s Ladia, I heard the surprising sound.

Xiaoshi looked at the shoulders of Mumei, so it formed a state of beauty and filial piety, so that the body was turned into the body, forming the gesture of the appearance. Seeing the nurse riding the buttocks on the legs sitting on the chair and also issued a puppy crying.

The man pulls the front of the white, and the hands are stroked with a full breast, and also suck the nipple.

This time, the beauty is different, because there is filial piety, so you can stay awake.

This look can not make high school students …

Assembrance, I am ready to turn to the filial piety, it is nervous. Because there is a hard thing to your ass.

“God … doctor can’t stand it.”

Xiaoshi said with an urgent tone, hugging from behind.

“Don’t … filial piety … can’t …”

Mumei felt panic, but it could stop it whispering, but it could not be fiercely refused, so that the peeking thing was found, and filial piety was just moving.

Just when you keep your body, you will panic, because your ass is more clear to feel the hard filial pants, and create an exciting toxion.

The hands of filial piety strokes the breasts in the chest of Mumei, and strokes the breasts with a bit hesitation and sparse movement.

The accident is excited, and the schus suction is also urgent. But I thought that filial piety may still be a virginity.

The schobic suction of filial piety is also urgent, and the sputum is in the ear, so that Mei has a touch of touch.

“do not want…”

If you say that you can’t say it, you will take the initiative to twist the ass to the erectile of filial piety.

This reaction of Mei, may be more inciting filial piety, this time, hand insert into the skirt, close the lower abdomen.

There are two young people in front of sexual intercourse, one side of the nurses who look at the sensual twisted buttocks, with filial piety erect’s penis on the ass. The breasts and lower abdomen are stroked, so that Mumei can never control themselves.

The actions of two young people are increasingly intense, and the male also begins to twist the ass with the nurse.

Mumei turned to filial piety.

“Filial piety, let’s go …”

After finishing, pull the filial body arm and go to the door of the top floor.

————————— Mumei Station in front of the filial piety sitting in bed, here is a single ward of filial piety.

“Do that kind of thing to the doctor, too should not.”

When Mei said with a blame, Xiaoshi is unattaining, but the mouth said: “But I can’t stand that kind of thing.”

There is no lighting in the room, but the moonlight that came in, but the expression of Xiaoshi can be seen.

From the top floor to the ward, and now, the heart of Mumei is fiercely.

“Xiaoshi, do you have a woman’s experience?”

Xiaoshi shook his head with low head.

“Do you want to have experience?”

“Of course …”

“Is the object also want?”

Xiaoshi started his head and spared some heads.

Mumei always feels still dreaming, even more exciting than just dreams.

The eyes are staring on the face of filial piety, take off the white.

Xiaoshi reveals the low expression of tension.

Mumei unspeakable button.

At this time, filial piety eyes stared at the movement of Mumei strip.

Expating as a nervous, uneasiness and exciting expression like a child. In this regard, the appearance of the appearance, maybe it is to think that he is more old and experienced, producing a sense of superiority.

Thinking of this is to get a child’s born in the high school boy, an excitement that has never been ever had.

The upper body is left in the white bra, take off the skirt, showing the skin tone, and also see the high-open gangster.

Look at the eyes of Xiaomei’s filial piety, like an abnormal gloss.

Feeling that kind of sight, beauty feels very exciting. At the same time, I have a surprised mood.

Remind the pantyhose with sexy movements, unlock the bra, put your hands around.

I heard the sound of filial piety. Mumei is open, otherwise it will feel difficult.

“Filial piety, you also take off.”

Mumei’s voice contained things in their mouth, some blurred.

After listening to the voices of Ma Yimei, Xiao Si was awake, stand up, take off the pajamas, and the underwear has been tall before.

“The underwear is also taken away.”

Ma Yimei looked at the underwear of the bulge, and finished the gangshu, and filial piety also took off his underwear.

I saw the erect meat stick jumped out, and the beauty felt dizziness, and the pussy was a bitteak, and the beauty almost sent a snoring.

Seeing the gauze and tape on the wound, the erectous meat stick is almost like, and Mumei thinks that the other party is a patient, but also a sinfulness, but rationality is not enough to suppress desire.

“I have a spirit.”

After the smile is laughing, she sits down with filial piety.

“Look at this, masturbation in hospitalization.”

In order to ease the nervousness and excitement of filial piety, Mumei deliberately use the kisses of jokes at the same time, filial piety is hard to laugh.


“Do you have seen it just one thing before he said, is that masturbation?”

Xiaoshi nodded.

“Xiaoshi, have you seen the place where a woman is?”

“In … a tablet …”

“It’s really a child, look at that kind of thing.”

“Students are all seen, have experienced experience.”

“It turns out. Xiaoshi, do you want to see?”


“My …”

Mumei feels that the face is hot, if the other party is not a man, it can’t be exported.

Xiaoshi’s mouth, nodded.

Mumei hands fall behind, erecting a knees, shame, making the whole body like a hot. Slowly separate your legs slowly in a strong excitement.

————————– 3 Pair of postures take the initiative to make the mind of Mumei blank.

Xiaoshi stretched out the genre with a gimmick.

Feel the thorns of filial piety, the thighs are slightly shaking, and the meat cave begins to creep, and squeezes from the smelings.


Ma Yumei sent a trembling voice and said, “Filial piety, you can touch, touch the yinki.” After that, he urged a twisted ass.

When filial piety’s fingers are in the blur of the yukuclear, the body produces an electric shock.

“Gent touch …”

“Is this?”

The voice of filial piety is hoarse, and the finger draws a circular caress.

“To … ah … good … you get it …”

The sporting pleasure spreads from the meat hole to the whole body, and does not help but twist your ass.

“Can I kiss this here?” Xiaoshi suddenly asked Mumei.

“No, I haven’t take a shower.”

“Don’t tighten, I have long liked the doctor.” After the mouth, the mouth pressed on the core.

“Ah! No … filial piety … don’t … ah …”

Mumei was originally wanted to refuse, but the tongue was 舔 阴 阴 阴 阴 那 那 那 那 那 舔 舔 舔 舔 舔 舔 舔

It may be to read the A film, probably have sufficient sexual knowledge and skills. Xiaoshi’s tongue friction on the expansive jerkin, but also deliberately issued a humility.

I have been dissatisfied with dissatisfaction, and I have been stimulated by the scene of sexual exchanges.

Try to lower the sound, afraid of the neighboring room to hear, send a weeping humming, and it is forced to the top.


Put this sentence and press the pillow to silence.

“Ah … filial piety …”

Asahi twisted your ass, saying: “Insert with your fingers should be inserted with the penis.”

After sliding the finger in the wet meat, I was inserted into the meat.

“Ah … it is there …”

It is inserted into the finger, and the beauty seems to reach the climax, but the ass begins to tremble.

“Wow! Clamp your fingers!”

Ma Yimei also felt that the meat took the initiative of the filial piety, it seems to be deeper to swallow.

In the mind in the mind, it is not a finger of filial piety, but the scenario of erect penis.

But the other party is a man, it may be ejaculation after insertion.

“Active finger.”

“Is this?”

Xiaoshi’s finger began to twitch or turned, heard the screaming of the slutty.

“Ah … 对 … ah … so comfortable!”

The movement of Mumei and the movement of the filial piety to twist the ass, suppressing the sound of being sent out, putting the hand on the mouth, or grabbling the bed with both hands. Soon, I couldn’t help but got a body and said, “You still have a patient, so I am lying down …”

After the filial piety is on my back, Mumei rides on the towering meat stick, holding the penis, and falling to the positive meat hole, butr.

The glans slipped into the meat, and the beauty of Mei took the breath and produced such a desire to insert.

However, there is a stimulating wound, it is barely restrained to stop the extent to which you have entered the paragraph.

Slightly bent under the top of the part, then slowly swing up and down the butt, the wet labip is mixed with honey, and the shiny meat stick is emitted.

Xia Si he glanced at the scenery of the meat stick.

“Ah … good … Xiaoshi?”

“I am also … I can’t help it.” Filial piety is excited.

“I have to say it at that time, I have to be together.”


Mumei didn’t know that he could not come out, but it produced fresh pleasure. Because the meat stick is not inserted into the end, it is still unreasonable, this is a hard feeling, it attracts strong sexy.

“No! It’s shot!” Xiaoshi suddenly tense.

“Shoot! Try to shoot …”

Mumei has rhythmic swinging butt, filial piety revealing panic expression.


Xiaoshi got the ass, the glans came to the uterine mouth, the temporary pleasure made Mei asthesia, and the meat rod vibrated while emitting the semen.

————————— 4 filial piety put the head on the supine numbness, two people lying in bed

“Xiaosheng, so you are a big man. After discharge tomorrow, remember tonight.”

Mumei strokes the head of filial piety.

Xiaoshi started his head: “I don’t want to recall, I will meet after discharge.”

“No, you are still high school students, it is impossible to do this.”

“Why is it impossible? I want.”

After the filial piety, the nipples are sucking in the mouth.

“Ah, no…”

Mumei pushed the filial piety, but the hands extended, but the head of filial piety was tight. The body that has not yet reached sexual climax has begun to ignite fire.

Summer is surprised, this is because there is hard thing to the thigh. The ejaculation is less than ten minutes, and the filial piety is everb.

Mumei got up and made filial piety sunrise.

“Ah, another like this …”

After the excitement is finished, hold the penis and send it to your mouth.

“This … No!”

Wipe with sanitary paper after possible sexual payment, and the opposite is reversed, and the filial piety is revealing the confusion.

Mumei licks, from the glans to the roots, then swallowed into the mouth.

Xiaoshi hugs in the waist of Mumei, pulled it, and hesitate to ride on the face of filial piety, forming the 69 posture on the beauty.

Xiaoshi’s fingers suddenly invaded the meat. Mei Yongzhao has a snoring. The finger of Xiaoshi is inserted in the meat hole, and it is joyful with another hand.

Mei couldn’t hinder the lascivious twist ass, spit out the meat stick, say: “This time you are above, but careful wound.” Mumei said.

“This will not.” Xiao Si put the body of Mei’s body and picked up one leg. Don’t make the wound in the lower right abdomen to the body of the body with such a posture. When the filial piety with such wisdom, filial piety puts the legs of Mumei on the shoulder and start looking for a meat with a glans.

I don’t know if it is deliberate, and the glans is in the joy and son.

“No, you have to say that the filial piety’s meat stick is only available.”


“I like this, I am so illusory when I masturbation.”

After the filial piety, we will continue to rub with the jet nucleus with the glans.

Ma Yimei has been excited to endure.

“Ah … insert the filial puff’s meat stick into my pussy …”

“Very good!”

This time it may be ejaculation, it is fiercely thrust at the beginning.

Ma Yimei is uncomfortable in the pleasure, but it is quickly intoxicated in the pleasure of young meat sticks.

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