Kumi pregnant wife after marriage, for years the summer, my wife and I talk to the hospital to check, and let me go, saying it was a simple man. I agreed. That year I was 31 years old.

In order to avoid the eyes and ears, I specifically chose at noon in the past, a little less people. To the hospital urology, only one female doctor, early 30s, about 168, fuller. Wearing a short-sleeved white coats, faintly visible white bra and briefs dark. Low collar, the first button towering levels. From the marks on the clothes look, he is out of town visiting students.

After the door, I asked: “Only one person you do not have a male doctor??”

“No, went to the lunch break, bashful?” Very bold tone.

This way, I went coy, and quickly said: “No, no.”

“Then sit down.” I had to sit down at her table.

“What is the problem? Venereal disease?”

“No, no, not pregnant, I do not know is not my problem.”

“That’s simple,” she opened the medical records, “ask you a few questions, do not be afraid embarrassed, I am a doctor, has also been married, I have a baby.” Her attitude is very good, want to try to get rid of my concerns. I am a bit like her, I thought, this woman is good.

“Sex life normal?” She asked.

“What kind of name is normal?”

“Well, do you ask, can a normal erection it?” To be honest, I used to be an erection fast, probably married a long time, my wife’s body to stimulate enough, recently, my wife often hand out only a few hard .

“How, then I am sorry, all right, as far as possible the truth, okay?” She looked at me hesitate to ask me one.

I had to let me know the truth.

“Oh, how long?”

“A year of it.”

“How long have married?”

“A year and a half.”

“So quickly to his wife not interested?” She joked.

“No, so be it illness?”

“Not a lot of people this way, and finally erectile impotence that is not, but your requirements may not be strong. Wife no opinion ah?” She and I chatter homely.

“Maybe that’s it, sometimes.”

“There are a few week?”

“Not necessarily, about 3-4 times a month.”

“Fairly normal, I have that right?”

“More married before, almost every day, sometimes a day, six times.” I relaxed a little bit, too presumptuous tone point.

“So much?” She was a little disbelief.

“I’m talking about most of the time.”

“Ah, and now hard erection you?” She twist a bit body.

“Worse than before, to go in the next few will be stiffer.” I was completely relaxed.

“Length of time?”

“Stop, then about ten minutes.”

“Ejaculate strong it?”

“I put my wife in the above sets out a number of strong will.”

“Do you like this pose? It is not easy to be pregnant. After the ceremony will be better.”

“I also like the way that women love after the ceremony?” I took the opportunity to take liberties.

“Is not it.” She vague answer. “Base your sex life normal, to be a semen it.” Then she leaned over and pulled out a white bottle. That’s when I saw her by the collar inside, large, little brother seems a little wriggling.

“Go to the next room, get in there.” She handed me the bottle, pointing to a door.

“What?” I suddenly did not react.

“The incident semen inside, the method of masturbation, do not tell me.”

“Oh, yes, but ……”

“But what?”

“Nothing, in this place, in broad daylight may be more difficult.” I said.

“Don’t worry, no one, there is difficulties.” I thought, what does this mean? At that time, I didn’t want to go, I entered the house. In fact, it is small, there is a bed and some unknown inspection tools for hospital check. I put down the bottle and opened the trousers zipper and took out the little brother. It is very soft, very small, and the head is covered. I started moving it, there is nothing to respond. At this time, I heard the doctor outside the door made a little sound, and suddenly I felt that this woman was so cheerful, full, and love should be good. Thinking of this, the little brother has moved, after a while, it is big. I closed my eyes and thought about the doctor, and my hands were turned back and forth.

Suddenly, I remembered what she said just now: I have difficulty saying. Is it difficult to help? I decided to try it. I let go of the penis, let it go soft, sit on the check stand. After reading a table, I have come in more than ten minutes. At this time, I deliberately put the checkpoint very well, so that she heard. After another 5-6 minutes, I put the little brother, but the non-pull chain, open the door.

“Okay?” She asked, her face was red.

“No, no coming.”

“How come? So long?”

“I don’t know, I am very hard, it is not a refined, the skin is a bit red.” I deliberately swallowed and said something shy.

“Ok, let me help you.” She hesitated.

I am excited in my heart, I really will help me. But in the mouth, I stunned: “This … this …”

“Go in.” She closed the door and let me enter the mile. “What is it?” She said, while watching my file. I should have a sound, and I took out the penis.

“No, you have to take off your pants.” After you turned, she turned and took a bottle of things and a condom. She let me lay down separately, tearing open the contraceptive set on her right hand, open the bottle, and poured the liquid from the inside.

“what is this?”

“Paraffin oil, lying well.” She came over, dialing the scrotum with her hand, putting the index of the right hand to my anus, “Don’t be nervous, relax.”

I am trying to relax, she stretched into it, probably has 1 cm. I was inserted for the first time in the first time, and I was a full young woman, I feel very comfortable, I called.

“Pain? It will be good for a while.”

She continued to enter, about 4-5cm, then hold my penis with his left hand. At this time, due to excitement, the penis is very big.

“Very hard.” She said, “It’s just a big foreskin.” She tried to turn over the cover, the bright red glans was all outside.

Then, her right hand moved in the anus. At this moment, I suddenly understood the sexually physiological basis of gay. Its pleasure is extremely strong, very comfortable, and it is no less than insertion.

I called again, “Is it uncomfortable?” She asked.

“Not, too comfortable.” I should have a sound directly.

“This is the prostate massage, many people deliberately ask.” I suddenly felt that some couldn’t help but jumped. “If you want it, let’s talk about it.” She said.

“Ok. I want to come.”

She let go of my penis, took the empty bottle to my glans, and continued to massage the prostate right hand. Also said: “Let’s move.”

I used my right hand to make my penis, her eyes stared, see me masturbation, this feeling is really exciting. Suddenly, the semen spread out more than I had in the past, and left a little in her hand, and the penis was jumped in a row. At this moment, I think I am like a god.

“Okay.” Her voice woke me. I got up and said thank you. She asked: “What?”

I said: “This is the most enjoyable ejaculation in my life.”


“You will take a report after three days.”

“I still want to find you, when are you?” Due to too good experience, I want to do a good relationship with her.

“After a week, I duty on the day that day.” I saw it, she didn’t resent it. What’s more, she is a foreigner and should be willing to make a friend in this city. The class I have is also good. I am full of confidence.

After a week, I went to the hospital at the same time. At the door of the clinic, she is seeing a doctor and is a male patient. I greeted: “Hello, doctor.” “Hey, you will wait for a while.” She recognized it.

I am sitting next to watching them. After a while, the patient said, thank you.

“I will report it.”

She turned out a report and looked at it and said: “It’s your problem, your sperm is inadequate.”

“What is the solution?”

“It’s more difficult, mainly looking at luck. At the same time, pay attention to maintain your body and adjust the rhythm.”

“What is the rhythm of adjustment?”

“The frequency of sex life. What do you think?” She laughed and replied: “Try to be less, while choosing the easiest when you are the easiest to pregnant, pay attention to the position.”

“What kind of position is better?”

“Or after entering, let you make a lover more for a while later.” She is a bit blush, I like it.

“Ok, thank you doctor, I will see you again.”

“No, I will go back after a month.”

Let’s talk, it turns out that she is from a county hospital. After a month, the training is over. I decided to hurry.

“Tonight, do you have to eat?”


“You have helped me, and if I still have some questions, I want to ask you, let’s make a friend?”

“Ok, this way, I will go to get off work at two, don’t we drink tea.” She is more refreshing, and I have given a suggestion.

“Ok, then at 2:30, I am waiting for you in the door of the spring tea room.”

After the contract, I got up and gone.

Two points, I went to the tea room, this time period, the person is relatively small. I picked a secluded private room and I want to be a pot. 2:25, go downstairs to pick her. Just, she arrived, wearing a white-backed sleeveless dress, very flavor. The cold is sitting on the building.

This package is not big, about four people, stools are chair, with sand pads, I sit down with her face. Some non-tight nonsense is to draw a distance. There is no confusing here.

After half an hour, we have been very harmonious, almost nothing wrong. She is a generous person who has a pair of Danfeng’s eyes, and this kind of eye is easy.

“You have been a year, just going back once, is your husband not comment?” I started to test.

“Yes, he has been there many times, he has a car, and the road is not far away.”

“What are he doing?”

“What can you say?”

“Is he demanding strong?”

“It can be said that it is very strong. Every time I will come, I will have to come at night.” She smiled and wrote happiness on her face.

“how about you?”

“I am fine, more passive, but it is easy to be interested in him.”

“You are not there? What should he do? Find other women.” I asked.

“It should not, he is very honest, not as you will say. He will solve itself.”

“Do you say masturbation?” I deliberately select such terms.

“Yes, he will tell me, I know that he has this hobby. When I am at home, he often.

“I also like it, very blame, men are like this. However, last time you give me a check once. I think I sometimes compare.”

“Why do you say this?” She asked.

“I like masturbation, I also like to be in the face of other women, I also like women to help me, I think someone looks at me, I am very excited.” I said, while putting one hand in the file. Down.

“You won’t think about it.”

“Yes, do you mind?” I said, I took out the penis, it was already big.

“Are you dare here?” She looked at my own penis, quite interested tone.

“Nothing, the waiter will not come, this shop’s boss is very familiar.” I made a strong set, “” Do you help me, like last time. “Said that I stood up, walking She is in front of her face, facing her face. She stared at my penis. “In fact, you are quite big. But like the last time, I can only engage in front.” After finishing, she holds my penis with her hand. Very hot, very comfortable.

She turned my foreskin, occupational examination, very serious. “Yes, it’s very clean, but there is a little taste.” After I finished, she took some tea with napkins and carefully cleared my glans. After I finished using the nose, I said to me: “You sit down, I will come.”

I sat down at her, hug her, put your hand on her chest asked: “Can you.” She nodded. I stretched out from the neckline, my mother, really, really soft, the nipple is very hard. I put it hard, there is a happiness in my body. Her hand is gentle to help me masturbate. We don’t talk.

After a while, I stretched my hand to her, I feel that her thigh roots have been wet.

“Wait for a while.” She gently gently. Then, she put it on the side of the underwear, stood up, took the pieces of wipes and wiped their own. “I just solved the urination.” She explained.

I took the opportunity to pick her skirt. “It’s really good.” Her ass is very big, very fond of, and there is a lot of hair, some hard. There is no pattern on the stomach, nor loose, slightly drums.

“Is it very fat?”

“No, very good, I like women some meat.”

She sat down, holding my penis, “In fact, I like to give men masturbation.”

“Do you masturbate?”


“Do you use tools.

“Nothing in most cases, but I am a bit crazy, I have tried a lot of things. At the time, I don’t understand things, chaos. I like sex. Almost every day when I am almost every day and my boyfriend.”

I am very excited, two fingers inserted into her vagina, putting hard, she flows a lot. Her vaginal elasticity is very good, a finger and two fingers feel almost.

“I like you to get me.” Her head is next to my penis, whispered.

I am interested, this is a woman who dares to try.

I let her let her lie down, separate her legs, licked her yin, she shaked it.

“How about try a cup?”

After finishing, I picked up a small tea cup, slow in her wet vagina. Her vagina contracted, very good.

“I sat on you.” She asked.

She is back to me, holding my penis with hands, slowly sitting down. The butt is really big, and it is white. My penis is harder. She constantly makes up and down, I appreciate her big butt.

Suddenly, the footsteps came from the door, and the waiter asked: “Do you want to add water?” I opened the door opened a sew, said: “Don’t.”

“What can I need to press Bell.” The waiter obviously saw something and immediately left.

The risk of exposure is stimulating us, and the two of us doing like a beast.

She has a lot of water, slipping. I took a little with my fingers and got her ass. Slowly stretch out.

“Is it comfortable?” I asked.

“It’s very stimulating.”

Encourage, I reached into most fingers and moved. She is happy.

The waiter came again: “You are told.” This is a good tea city, there is a lady in the evening.

I changed, took the opportunity to open the door, let the waiter fully understand us, “Sorry, I want two quick wipes, add some water.”

The waiter was red, and the boss had a 40-year-old woman walked over, holding the things I want to say: “You are light, you will hear it downstairs.” I have been here a few times. She helped me pull the skin, very familiar.

“She is my friend, it doesn’t matter.” I said with a female doctor.

“You are blessing, your girlfriend is very sexy.” The boss said smiled and looked at us to make love.

“I want to shoot.”

“Wait a minute.” She moved the butt and took my penis. I also reached into her vagina. “You can really do it.” The boss looks at our masturbation.

“I want to be climax.” The female doctor is a little frenzy. She let go of my penis, standing in front of me to make my own clitoris, then called, full body, fell on my body.

I put the chicken, spray it out under the gaze of two women.


The experience of the tea room has left a deep impression. This woman is a real woman, her body is willing to be strong, I like to try, when I am interested. I can’t figure out what I am interested in me, so that I am boiling. People have some exciting things outside normal life, is a kind of happiness. Good color, is the might of my life; trying to make me love life. In the normal sex life, add some slightly a little metamorphosis, always make my heart.

I have to grasp the rest of the month.

Soon, I received her call and asked me to have dinner. I think, I understand what she means.

Dinner choice in a hot pot shop. When I arrived, she had already sat well, and there were two two women around me.

“Hello.” I greeted my gesture.

“Hey, I will introduce it. These two are my hometown good friends, Achi, Ah Ring, just arrived in the afternoon, I invite them to eat together, don’t mind.”

“Of course I don’t mind. Hello.”

“We are not good, no you are good.” A Chu said, smirking, laughing.

I am careful to count them. Achi, about 1 meter 68, round face, skin, chest full, good face, peace; A ring, body slim, can use beauty to describe, it seems to be like it . In short, it is two people.

“You are good friends, what extent?” I asked.

“Li Dynasty, we all know that our Li Dynasty also knows, what extent you say?” A Chu smiled. Female doctor is Li Dynasty.

“Really?” I asked Li Dynasty. She said: “Yes, I know.” Actually added it. I am a bit embarrassed. “You don’t want to think.” Achi comforted me.

“Hey, I met 3 high prideists. Come, respect 3 a cup.”

“Wine I have drank, but I am not a luxury woman, they are.” Achu argued.

There is a woman, and the wine is still very pleasant. Around 9 o’clock in the evening, we have talked like an old friend of decades.

“Let’s go.” After the wine is full, I propose.

“Ok, it’s almost. Go to me, sit down?” Li Dynasty invited me, she rented a small set.

I said: “Okay. What about them?”

“They lived there.” I am very happy, I like to chat with them.

When I arrived at Li Dynasty, several people sat down on the sofa. I was an Achi next to me. A Chu is a ring, Li Xia is alone in a single sofa.

Everyone has some wine, and it is easy to talk.

“Hey, you said that all the people are all, what are you?”

“Everything has, including the story of the tea room.” A ring smiled.

“I heard that you are very powerful, isn’t it?” A Chu took my shoulder.

“No, Li Dynasty, what did you say?”

“They ask me what stories, I said.”

“I want to go to the toilet, I am screaming.” A ring stood up and tangled to the toilet. I suddenly discovered that her body is extremely attractive, from the proportion, but the ass is very amazing, and it is very tone. I can’t help but touch the chicken bar.

“Hey, Li Dynasty, he looked at the back of Ah Ring and was interesting.” A Chu got on the edge.

“Really, want?” Li Dynasty asked.

“You take him into the room, he wants to be broken.” A Chu said.

“I have to be broken, rape you.” I took the opportunity to touch an Achi chest. “Li Dynasty, let us go in, kill them.” I got up to La Li.

“Where to go? Just here, our good sisters can also look at it.” A ring came out and walked around the skirt. I looked at them, “Are you gay?”

Hahaha, they laughed, and they looked at each other.

“Li Dynasty, I am.” A Chu called. After that, Achi and Ah Ren were pulled into my body.

I quickly hug, said: “You don’t do this.” They laughed.

“Okay, open a joke.” A Chu said, “It’s hot, I will take a shower.”

“You are sitting, I went to my friend to go, wait until next.”

Achi stood up to the bathroom, snorted, twisted your ass, and also took off the top, turned over to me, and asked me with a deliberately lustful posture and tone: “How?”

To be honest, it is really good, but I deliberately said: “Nothing, you can’t see something, there is a kind of taking your pants.”

“I want to see my butt, no problem.” This time I really took my pants, I fuck, my opposite to me, my butt was big and circle, she haha ​​smiled, nor turned, into the bathroom.

I didn’t slow it in a long time, and I asked Li Dynasty: “How is she like this.

“Nothing, you and I have, she knows, we don’t want to avoid. You have to like it, as long as she is willing, you can come with her.”

I stunned, emotionally excited, reached out Li Dynasty, to touch her big breast.

“I took off your clothes, anyway, at home.”

Li Dynasty stood up and took off his clothes in front of me. After it is finished, pick up the clothes to the bedroom: “I put her.”

After a while, she came out, asked me while walking: “Drink water?”


She bent into water, the breast is low, the fat hip is high.

“If you are hot, take off.”

I think about the inside, refers to the bathroom. “Nothing, she is too much. She will be out of her life. We used to live in the body, habits, unrestrained comfort.” She gave me the water to me, finished, finished, I took me The clothes are also got.

I am in the body, the penis is erection, and looked at her naked in front of me.

The TV is put on the TV. This is my favorite singer, I have played many planes. In fact, the feeling of obscenity is also very good.

I can’t help but put it on the penis and make up. Achi’s neck is too much like a small sweet, I think about her butt, my masturbation is happy.

After the back, I had a soft object, and Li Dynasty hugged me behind me. At the same time, I used a hand to touch my chicken: “So big. When I was naked, my husband was also like this, his husband More than you, I often have a climax, and he is really good to me. “

“Then you still do it with me.” I have some acid.

“This is two yards, he knows that it will not be angry. I will be good for him in this life, but I will not divorce him, but I need happiness.” She looked happy, “My husband’s penis is not covered, when it is hard Very good, especially when ejaculation, one jump, suddenly there is something, too interesting, I often let him shoot as my face, I like it. “

“The husband is not very miserable.”

“No, he is a worker, driving, body is great, I am a college student, long is good, you think, a worker is a beautiful, cultural female sex, how big is the spiritual satisfaction ?

I am a spring, let him do anything, do you say yes? “

I didn’t answer, let’s touch her butt, fat, get people.

I turned, and her front relative, I was looking at all of her. Breast fertilizer, a bit slime, but true;

The abdomen is slightly drums; the gloom is thick, the paint is dark, the thigh is round, the whole skin is broad, everything is full, full of sensuality.

I am a person who likes big butt, I enjoy the feeling of friction with the penis and soft hip. So after I turned to her, hugged her back, the penis was on the hip dump, and her hands were gently stroked her breasts and genitals.

I use my hand to pull my hair, slowly slide into her vaginal mouth, a little wet, no water, I use two fingers to gently reach it, slowly stir. She snorted, my fingers felt slippery. She turned her head to kiss me, let’s kiss, her vagina worse. “Let’s sit down.” She suggested.


I first sat down, she still back to me, separated my legs, holding my penis, right, slowly calming her ass. The vaginal has grown, it is relatively smooth, she moved around the butt and left left, so that the penis is in a suitable position, and finally, sit down.

“I like the feelings of men’s penis, so sitting chatting, watching TV is very good, there are many aspects.”

“I would also like.”

She twisted a few butt, which made me feel some impulsive.

“The man’s thing is in me, I feel full.”

I didn’t say anything, happy in my heart.

“You can look at small sweet, I am moving, imagine that I am doing love with her.” She is up and down.

After that, I really thought it was a small sweet big butt in my penis, and my hands were pinching is a small sweet halver. I have a little bit of breath, and I have made it in her breast. She stopped.

“Is it stimulated? Take a break.” It’s really good to explain.

“Ok.” I don’t want to shoot too early.

Let’s talk about the day. From time to time, she moved his ass, I pinched her breasts and clitoris. Everyone is happy.

“”, “Hot death,” Achi rushed out from the bathroom, holding a bath towel, rubbing the body. “It’s so comfortable outside.” She said, while rubbing the breasts. “You are really enjoyable,” I saw us inserted, she didn’t think she said in front of us, bent, bent, wiped the water of the patent.

Li Dynasty stood up and took her ass: “Then I will suffer.” Go to the bathroom.

My penis is completely exposed to Achi’s eyes.

“Not bad,” Achi sat down in me, pinched my penis with his hand, “quite hard, haven’t shot it? Li Dynasty is gone, you can get it.” After the laugh, the breast .

I lightly picked the penis and look at it. This mother is a bit old, about 36, there is obvious wrinkle, the face laughs, the breast is huge, the sagging is also obvious, from the body, very mature. The problem is that this mature woman is giving me a strong desire.

“What? I want to fuck me? I have not interest.”

“You don’t like to make love?” I have a little more acceptable.

“This is going to see the mood. Do you think that I am looking for your body with your face?” She continued to rub her hair with a bath towel, and the breast swayed.

“How can I be interested?” I touched my penis asked, Britney on TV is kicking, twisting hips. I have accelerated action.

“You are bored, when my face is skillful.”

“First, I like, second, you are more meat, sexy, third, you look, I stimulate.” I concisely answered.


“Not a metamorphosis. This is another feeling, don’t believe you try when my face is there?” I was teased.

“Do you think I didn’t tried it? I’m optimistic.” She put down the bath towel, put a leg on the sofa, reaching into two fingers in the vagina, quickly moved. “How? Look at it?”

“Yes.” I also accelerated the frequency, semen called.

“Open the door.” Came from outside the door.

“You go to open.” Achu said.

I picked up her bath towel and blocked the lower body and walked the door.

A ring is turned, “Is there anything wrong with it? You still stop.” She pulled my bath towel, “Achi, why don’t you have a new meaning? Or I like to touch the face of others. “

Fuck, it turned out that she lured me.

“I like it, just ingenious, he also likes it, we will think about it.” She didn’t stop, and the look is focused.

“Want to come?” A ring asked her.

“Don’t be noisy. Faster.”

“It’s really envious of you, you can often reach a climax.” A ring took a popsicle.

“What’s wrong? This is so noisy? A ring, you are back.” Li Dynasty touched out.

“The dog is men and women in masturbation. Achi is a climax.”

I really can’t help but pull Li and said: “Come on.” Go to insert her vagina.

“Don’t use this, you use an Achi, I just washed it. As Chu, help a busy.” She pushed me to Jia Chu.

“It doesn’t matter, come, borrow you.”

Achi’s posture has not changed, the genitals are big, I am easily in front of the sofa.

I am moving hard, her vagina is a little loose, but it is very smooth, I think it is very pleasant.

Li Dynasty and A ring smiled and looked at me. A ring closed his pants in his pants, Li Dynasty pushed a few on my ass: “Come on.” Then I sat to Achi, I took her. breast.

I am moving hard, saying when I am shouting: “Come.”

At this time, A ring called: “Slow down.” And then she pulled me from the body of the Achi, holding my penis with hands: “I am coming, I am coming.” She uses her hand The penis, and put the glans to the Bug’s chest, “shot in her.”

Finally, in the small hand of Ah, I am critical. I will put my hand into the boy’s trousers, pinch the A ring of the butt, touch her hair, and the fingers reached into the vagina, a chaotic stamp, The penis jumped a few jumps in the hand of the A ring, and shot it.

“A lot.” A ring is full of excitement, and the hand is not stopped.

I am exhausted, falling in an fat body in Aug, my mind is thinking: “It is really good to be raped by a woman.”

“A ring, you are all, I am not strong, help me wash.”

“Okay.” A ring took off his pants. I appreciate the head pillow in the breast of Li Dynasty.


Thinking in the next half, it is also very hard, please give it to the imperfection of my imperfection.

Li Dynasty’s belly is very soft, after ejaculation, I lie on top, her double milk just hopped on my face, I feel very fragrant and comfortable. She just took a shower, there was a fragrance on her body. The lower part of my face was just her hairy, fluffy, and I lick my cheek from time to time, let me fully feel the texture and temptation of female naked. The penis after ejaculation is weak, obliquely, and it is weak. Li Chao is gentle, and it is loving.

“Your thing is very fun, the size is so much different, about five times?” She scored with his fingers. The soft penis, the foreskin is particularly long. She leaned over her body and carefully took the foreskin: “The glans are very red, hurt?” She gently touched the urethral mouth with the index finger, and used another hand Pinch the glans, make the urethral mouth open, “very tender, very nice, and my husband is different.”

“Do you often see this thing this?” I asked.

“Yeah, I am a doctor.”

“What is the difference between the husband?”

“My husband has no foreskin, his glans is black, and you are very red, like a child.”

“Which is better?” I touched her labony, her labiaries were a little big, I pulled.

“Both is good.” She twisted the butt, “his penis is very dark, the soft is very big, but it is hard to grow up. For your hard, he can do it when you insert me. You can take your hand to touch me elsewhere. Just sometimes bring my lips to the vagina, then there will be some pain. “She said, while touching, my little brother has a point reaction.

“Then I am not very good?”

“Nothing, the foreklis, the penis, you can do it well at any time, no pain. You have to know that the woman is not always wet before the woman is not inserted, so it is not too slippery, this is not too slippery. It will be very comfortable when there is a foreskin to make a mat. So when you love, the penis has a foreskin to the woman, but it is just to wash. “

Her hand is gently pinching my pill, the penis is a bit hard.

“Do you have to hard me?” I reached two fingers in her vagina. “

“Do you eat it?” She laughed. “If you want to think, I will eat it.” I tried to reach three fingers, but it is a bit difficult.

“Then I will help you, you play me, I like you to get my clitoride, the anus can also.” She guided me, while putting my head on the sofa, use 69 Positioning a foot on the ground, the big butt is squatted on me, and her mouth contains my penis, and touches my anal edge.

This gives people a very strong, I feel that the penis explicitly expands in her mouth, and the glans is bittened. She took out the penis from the mouth, turned over the foreskin, licking the urethral mouth and coronary groove with the tongue, and the pain is alleviated, and it is pleasant. Her mouth is gently squatting.

Since the following is contained in the penis, her below is much wet. I tried to reach three fingers again, I went smoothly, my finger felt the nervousness of the vagina. The woman’s vaginal elasticity is really good. I opened a little distance, and I appreciate her bruises, like a full moon, white, very beautiful. I can’t help but kiss her fat hip, and the touch is soft and flexible.

At this time, she touched her anus with one hand, I understand her meaning, close the head, stick out the tongue. Her anus is very tight, chrysanthemum, clean and tasteless. When my tongue hit, her anus shrinks a few times. I took her ass, I took a few times, she called, the water in the vagina became a stream.

“Let me insert me.” She climbed down from me, lying on the floor, raised his legs waiting. This posture is very sensual, I don’t go up soon, but I am appreciated.

“Come.” She reminded me.

“Come slowly, let me see.” Her incapacity has been wet, sticky together, and the whole squat is emitted. This is a sorrow, I think, I took a Coke bottle, and put it in the little head.

“What? I want you.” She called, talking about the roof.

“Do you try this first?” I asked her softly, “I want to play your.”

“Okay.” She is somewhat helpless.

I took a few times with the Cola bottle, I took it out and changed it. Q: “Is it possible to go in the bottle?”

“You try it, you should be, just be careful.”

I used my hand to separate the vaginal mouth, rotated with a Coke bottle, slowly, it really entered.

“how do you feel?”

“It’s a bit too hard, but it can be.”

“Have you tried it before?”

“No, Achi let me let me let me let me, it is more soft.” She replied.

“You and Achu actually play this.”

“Who is talking to me?” At this time, Achi came out from the bathroom, or naked, the double milk swayed. “You start again, your body is good.” She walked to me, pulled my head, rubbed a few times on her wonder.

“Come together?” I asked.

“You play your Coke bottle, Li Dynasty liked, I watched TV.” She sat on my side of the legs, and the wonderful genitals were very hypertrophy.

“Wow, come again.” A ring is also bare body. Her body and appearance, I like it, it is well-known, there is no extra fat, and there is a slightly valil whose clouds are slightly valil. I saw her naked, suddenly excited, took out the cola bottles in Li Dynasty, and Li Dynasty quickly put my penis into her, twisted her body. I quickly draw up.

“A ring, come, sit on me, we watch TV.” A Chu greeting A ring. A ring sat down. The legs are trayed.

I and Li Dynasty moved in front of them and exchanged postures from time to time.

“Do you both don’t move? Impact us watch TV.” Achu said.

“That is to see us.” Li looked in the mouth and said.

“What is good, it’s better to touch it. A ring, you come to touch me?” A Chura’s hand in his genitals.

“Let’s touch yourself.” A ring eyes stared at me and Li Dynasty, took back his hand, put it in your own phenotox.

“Frightened sisters, I have touched myself.” Achi put two feet on the sofa, half squatted, and his eyes looked at their own genitals, and studied it with hand. “How is my embarrassment?”

“You have too much to play.” A ring riding. “I have to engage in myself.”

“Really, A ring, I don’t know what happened, I like masturbation, I have been in the family four times on Sunday, my husband came back, I was touched again in front of him, after it’s finished, see the clitoris Both red.

Li Dynasty, you are a doctor, you said that I am not sick? “

Li Chao has turned over to me, and the upper and down is easy to pick up. Also like to make love, you are very comfortable. “Li Dynasty twisted his ass, kneading the clitoris.

“That’s good.” A Chu said, pick up the cola bottle used by Li Dynasty to the sluggage.

“What are you going to Mi, is not sad?” A ring stopped.

“You haven’t tried it.” A Chu should, there is two centimeters in the bottom of the Coke bottle.

A ring of the A ring looked at the genus of the Yulin: the mouth of the mouth is tight, “” You don’t hurt? True metamorphosis. “

“People have a message, A ring does not hold her.” Li Pantao said, “A ring, so comfortable, A ring, oh, oh …”

“Do you call me? You call you under the bottom.” A ring stood up to twist your body to the kitchen, “I went to the ice.” Her back is Arna, but the twist of the butt is a lot. It is equipped with the swing of the willow, I suddenly can’t help but feel a bit, and I quickly grabbed the fatite of Li Dynasty. Li Dynasty stopped twisting your ass, but he continued his own clitoris: “How, can’t I don’t help? I don’t move, I don’t move.”

“Change your posture, I will leave.”

“Okay.” Li Dynasty withdrew from my penis, pulling out dripping.

I sat back to the sofa, let Li Chao sat up to me, touch her milk.

Li Dynasty continued to touch her clitoris, “You don’t move, for a while, I will come.” She slowly reached into her vagina with the fingers of the clitoris, finishing the abdomen, gotting. My penis is tight in this case.

“Oh, oh, I am coming.” Li Chao probably touched G point, extremely excited, with “ah”, my penis feels her dramatic contraction, her thigh is tight, all body stiff.

“Li Dynasty is climax, you quickly plugged her.” Achu is called, the cola bottle accelerates frequent frequency.

“No.” Li Dynasty poured in me, this is the second time I saw her climax, although she had masturbation, but there is my credit. I feel some satisfied.

“Get it.” A ring came over, and the inclusion was fluttering in front of me.

“You haven’t shot? The second time is to be a little longer. Come, like what kind of posture? Do you want me to make you?” Li Dynasty asked me.

“You are squatting.” My penis feels that her vagina has been loose, and she will take a little bit.

I worked hard in Li Dynasty, A ring stood in front of us, and the clouds were still floating in front of my eyes; Achi’s big black breath with the Coke bottle; the air filled the taste of the vagina, the fragrance in front of me . I feel full of vitality, the penis seems to have a lot of hard a lot than usual, and the beautiful taste of sexual intercourse is adequately reflected at this time.

A ring is an attractive, I like to watch a woman’s ass, I said to Ah: “A ring, can you turn your body, let me see your ass?”

“Is my ass to look good? Do you want to see my little?” Her knee was pulled down in the genitals, and the red is in front of me. My penis is tight.

“Do you touch me, is it good?” I demand.

“I am not an Achi, I feel myself. I don’t want you to get me. I have a little exciting for you for a long time.” She suggested.

“Can you?” I asked Li Dynasty.

“Go, I have passed it anyway, I will leave.” Li Dynasty didn’t care.

I pulled it out and walked to Ah, and I picked up her leg stood.

“Wait, first wash, all of Li Dynasty.” She dragged me to the bathroom. I only have to have to follow it.

She opened the lotus head and tried the water, and took over to my brother, and helped me to wash it with her hand. I hugged her neck and touched her pussy, and my heart was lamented.

A ring is beautiful, this beautiful makes my sense of sensuality of Li Dynasty and A Chu. Just like it, your satisfaction with a chicken is generally because of her body, such as breasts and ass, this is not wrong, but you will never like her. And A ring gives me the feeling that I may fall in love with her, which makes me feel. A ring was washed my penis with soap, I touched her body and wanted to put her vagina, but I was afraid of charging her.

“Your thing is very hard, very big, stronger than I have ever used before.” A ring of the ring took me back.

“Do you have a lot of boyfriend?”

“No, in addition to my husband, there are only three.”

“Li Dynasty said that her husband is bigger than me, I thought I was small.”

“Her husband is very big, and it is also very black.”

“Have you seen it?” I am a bit amazed.

“See it, once in her home, there is an Achi. But I didn’t try, A Chu tried, and later said to try again.”

“Li Dynasty can be blinded.”

“In fact, Li Dynasty is very good. Her husband has no culture, I can’t afford it, so I am not interested. Li Dynasty is really good for her husband. She is just after giving birth to the child. When we are together, she is old Achi is playing with each other, but I have to look at it on the side. “

“Do you have three people and men?”

“How can it be? Once, or the husband of Li Dynasty, I don’t count the participants. Her husband thinks about me, I am not interested. But I look at it next to it, her husband looks particularly brave, and put it. Chu did be stupid. “After I finished her, I couldn’t help but laughed.

I am very happy in my heart, which means she is willing to have sex with me, at least accept me. I took her head and her kiss. Her neck was stiff, accepted, closed eyes, very intoxicated.

“Are you coming to lick me? I never tried it. Just here.”

“Okay.” How can I say bad?

She turned me, played with her hand: “I like to play this, I still like to see it shot. This is the same as me. She last time she made her husband in front of us.” She is red and red.

“You separate the legs.” I hugged her to wash the face, separated her leg, and looked up. Her pussy is particularly tender, the labello is pink, I can’t help but kiss once. “You haven’t born children?” I asked.

“No, there is not much love. My husband is not working, the strange thing is that I am not very interested. You are an exception, may be excited by them. Oh, oh …”

I put my tongue into her vagina, although my tongue was very sour, but I still worked hard because her oh shows her favorite. I went to her clitoris again, and she made her quotes every time. This is a sensitive woman.

“You come in.” She touched my head.

I looked up, I saw her eyes blur, cheeks pink, very cute. I put it in, and then picked her, I was so hard.

“Let’s go out?”


I put her, holding her out. The woman in the hall cheered: “A ring, finally being seen by us.”

I believe that A ring tells the truth in it. I put her on the sofa, put her legs on my shoulder, with the love of Ah, for her pink private parts, and. Two women around me, hugged, with each other in the opponent’s vagina.

This night, I exhausted.

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