That is in a night of September, the weather is still very hot, today Tang Wei night class, I have been in the ward, it is more than eleven. At this time, Liu Gang, the laundry room, Liu Gang, this year, is a temporary worker from the field. He asked: Tang doctor, what is going to wash today? “Tang Yan said: Twelve diseases, find Xiao Li,” Liu Gang saw only Tang Wei, one person, night shift, feel the opportunity.

At this time, the Nursing Nursing: Tang doctor, the 15 beds are a bit fever “so the two will go to see. Liu Gang put the sleeping pills in Tang Yu’s tea, he dare not let go of something.

Tang Wei is a female doctor in the three hospitals in the city, this year is 32 years old. The height is a meter, and the people are also very beautiful, mature is a famous beauty.

Not long after Tang Yan returned to the duty room, she was a bit hot, which may be a menstrual period, because every time I feel the heat of the lower body wet. So I drank two tea. I didn’t have a little sleepy. I said that I was a little bit of nurses: Xiaoli, I have a little tired. I will take a break. If you are, you call me “because there is a splint between the office, so talk comparison convenient.

Xiaoli said: Good, Dr. Tang, I have something to call you “Tang Wei off the door, lie down to the small bed and clothing for patients.

Liu Gang quietly and asked, took the door to the bed of Tang Wei, Tang Wei sleeps in bed, the breasts have regular fluctuations, from the white big button gap, you can see abundant breasts in a translucent breast If there is a hidden, it is a soft and charm of mature women. Liu Gang slowly put the Tang Xiaoba’s big coat, Tang Yan seems to be a bit feeling, twisted the body.

It turns out that Tang Yan wears white cotton panties! It is still lined with sanitary napkins, Liu Gang slowly puts the underwear to the ankle. White cotton panties also a bit of touching pink, then the two flats of Tang Wei’s two fertilizer and white butt are completely revealed, and the roots of the thighs are high altitude in the lower end of the Yinfu. Pink cracks. Dark brown hair, twisted, inverted triangles, covered in Tang Yufeng full, the bumps are red, the middle of the neutral, the two slim, the two slides The hidden slices of the hidden, Liu Gang caught the body of Tang Wei, and then slammed between the two legs of Tang Wei, pulling out the crude meat stick. The crude penis is anger, and the front end of the glans has flowing out of liquid Liu Gang put the blood of the blood pulling talents in Tang Yan Gaolong.

Due to the inside of the snow, the inner side and the pink pussy of the snow, it is covered with the prostitute. It is covered with the prostitute. The pink labia is separated, and the sensuality is separated from the two sides, forming a blushing flesh, vaguely visible to the small labipings of the transparent sticky liquid, so that the entire pussy looks crystal clear.

Liu Gang really did not patiently appreciate Tang Wei’s beauty, and fiercely raised Tang Yu’s tender snow white thighs, so that her ass picked up, the whole prayer is completely exposed to him, then he plays the meat stick straight, huge The glans “boost” plugged into the Tang Xiaoyin’s tender and quickly supported the lips, and the radius was straight into the depths of the wet, until the penis was all exhausted, and the tender hole was inserted by the crude mashed. The conditions reflectively clamped the mask, at the same time, the white hip meat is also clutched.

Liu Gang’s hook was taken with Tang Yuneng, comfortable, and also put the penis to the front of Tang Yu Xiaozi. After inserting the mask, Liu Gang feels that his penis is included in the vagina that is hot and humid in Tang Wei. With the meat stick, it is inserted into Tang Yan’s mature flesh, excessive seasoning Liu Gang and Tang Wei “” A sound.

Just as Liu Gang did continuing to pump, Tang Wei suddenly opened his eyes, and it was full of full feelings. The delicate little lips are helplessly shed, and the thick fire-backed glans is close to yourself. The naked tender meat is forced to accept the touch of the meat stick, Tang Wei understands have been unhealthy!!

Tang Wei immediately consciously and straight together, the body’s legs were tightly together, seeing the temporary worker Liu Gangzheng screaming while screaming: Xiao Liu, what is this! Come out, “White, she On the side of the body, I kicked the two legs, so that Liu Gang penis was separated from her cavity.

Xiaoli heard the next door: Doctor Tang, what is the matter? “Tang Wei realized the problem of seriousness to answer: Nothing” and said to Liu Gang: Xiao Liu, you are still light, how can you do this? Hurry down “Liu Gang knows that Tang Wei did not dare to loud,” said Dr. Tang, I can’t stand it, I don’t want to do your little hole, you are too attractive. “

The bra is only tightly combined with the legs, however Wang Weiqiang into the Tang Wei’s legs with your legs, put Tang Wei into a big word, her whole wet light pink Demonstrate, no legacy shows in front of Liu Gang. Tang Wei struggled to ask for Liu Gang: Xiao Liu, please don’t want you to plunge, don’t plug in, I will come back, I am coming. , Put the bra in a thoroughness, gently engraving the mature and full of Tang Yan, while the angeled penis is aligned with Tang Yujing Ying Yili and gentle and beautiful little. She is blotting her soft white penis.

Make Tang Wei want to resist, but do not have a little strength, only feel that the crowd of crowds in the vagina, the coarse glans come back and squeeze the tender meat, thinking that your beautiful body is only 18-year-old young young people, tears Beautiful face is slowly flowing.

Gradually, Tang Yan couldn’t help the Liu Gang’s torture, and psychological shame could not afford physiological betrayal. Her body began to twist, and the slender thighs began to slowly separate. Two crisons also shake with a lot of trembled, Tang Wei’s big fat buttocks, see this situation, Liu Gang’s right hand picks up Tang One of the legs, lifted it, curved in her chest, then the moist glamorous flesh is all exposed, Liu Gang holds the thick mask in the vagina in Tang Wei with his left hand.

Then, the Tang Wei, who didn’t care, and vigorously pumped it, and the thick and hot glans poked into her delicate deep, and the scrotum was inserted with the greatness of the mask. The white buttocks, sent out “,,”, very excited, Liu Gang’s penis and her tender meat in her shade, Tang Wei’s fumed body will twitched, and she twitch Let’s take a clip in the small hole, the Liu Gang turtle is more and more comfortable.

The young woman’s mature flesh and hot and humid vaginal brought the throne, Liu Gang can’t resist, Tang Wei slowly bowed her down, smashed the white and full of powder legs to contribute to Liu Gang’s penis, and make There is no gap between the penis penis, there is no gap in the mouth: Xiao Liu … light … light … a bit hurt … Oh … Oh … I can’t come … The following is acid … itch … … … Xiao Liu … you tight …

The penis has completely abandoned struggle. Let Liu Gang will be willing to rape her beauty. Liu Gang knows that Tang Wei has already wanted to be raped, and more like red eyes, the wild beast is inserted into the coarse penis. In Tang Wei’s vagina, then when the penis is extracted outside, until only one glans are in her small hole, then use hard to insert, every time she goes deep into her force, whenever the penis is entered Tang Wei, the bright red labians, with the penis throttle, let Tang Wei forget the situation, the skin is shaking, the calf is chaos, the fat hips are twisted, and the insert is pulled out while force.

Liu Gang penis in the penis, a happiness in the penis, more smoother, more fierce, died, Tang Yujiachang, like a cow, eye-catching, the pleasing plenary pleasure makes her twitching, sputum, obscene DC, Shun Holding a small bed with a large piece, Liu Gang hugs Tang Wei tightly, and the lower body is tightly sticked into the Yinfu, the penis is inserted and the warm and tight small hole is very comfortable. The big fell squatting, the big flesh, inserted her meat, plus her spells, the laborarism is slightly red bloating, Tang Wei’s small hole is soft and closely sucking with a glans, Liu Gang is unlimited and cool is in the heart!

Beautiful mature young woman is twisted by her own, Tang Wei forgot to abandon the shame, and she screamed … Liu Gang uses enough strength to attack, the turtle head hits Tang Wei, root roots At the end, the second time, the Tang Yan is so hard, the fat buttocks are desperate to cooperate with Liu Gang’s throduction, comfortable, fragrant, fragrant, delicate, comfortable .

“育 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 用 力 干 干 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍

Tang Wei suddenly stretched the legs, lifted the fat hip, Zhang opened the pussy, the small hole in the caulk, Liu Gang felt that the glans were so comfortable, followed by the back of the ridge, in Tang Wei Upper, the big cock jumped a few times in her small hole, the big talents rose into her uterus, suffering from a hot stimulus, plus the vagina of Tang Yan A lot of pump, a hot spring, suddenly shot into the depths of Tang Wei’s uterus, so that Tang Wei once again got a trembling, mature young woman was smashed than her little teenagers. , Snow white fleshy, weak, lying on wet wet small bed.

The nurses next door is still shaking his head, and he is worried about his own MP3. Don’t know that Dr. Tang and temporary workers who are born next door meat is immersed in violent obscenes …

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