In the late night of the first summer, a man in a thirty year old sat in the street, silently silently drinking beer. At this time, there is no one in the street, and there is only one of the stalls. One person is drinking. The boss of the big gear file several times, I wanted to say to the man, but I didn’t dare to say that this man is gloomy face.

This man is Wang Han. He is a business personnel of a company. Because of a few mouthfuls of female accounting named Yang Wei when settlement wages, the result is that Wang Han is opened, because Yang Wei is a call. Her mother Zhang Chunfang, and Zhang Chunfang is the general manager of this company. Wang Han was going to marry some money and his girlfriend, and the result was such a trouble, the work was gone, my girlfriend said that he broke up with him.

Mom, if it is not these two, a woman, who will fall to the stumble. Wang Han drank wine, muttered in his heart. Alcohol makes his angry face distorted, and he decided to implement his own retaliation plan. Don’t let me, don’t think of it. This is the “Wang Han thought the most”.

He knocked the account, Wang Han swayed to the small-scale house in the east suburbs. After these days, I learned that she often live here since the husband of Zhang Chunfang’s husband, although there is a house, but the environment is better here, and Yang Wei has also moved from the city.

Wang Han watched around, and then took a few times into the yard. This is a big yard, there are four rooms in the house, and there are two small houses in the west of the yard. It is estimated to be a kitchen.

Wang Han saw the light of a room in the east and did not help but said: “Is this late Yang Chunfang’s mother still didn’t sleep?” He went to the top of the curtain. The bedroom is not big, the arrangement is also very simple, a small TV cabinet, the above TV is still open, a big wardrobe, a few chairs are sleeping on a dual Mall in bed, this woman should be Zhang Chunfang. Obviously she looked at the TV asleep.

Wang Han readily looked at the window. This is the wooden frame window commonly used in the 1990s, he took out a small dagger from the body, with the cutting edge of the dagger into the window of the window Then, then gently throw out, this dagger is equivalent to the handle of the window, and there is no done in the window, only listening to “吱”, this window is opened by Wang Han.

Wang Han pulled the dagger from the window, listened to the movement of the surrounding, and then determined the safety, he adjusted his breathing. After all, it was the first half-night private house, and it was inevitable. Wang Han did a few times and had a deep breath, with his hand on the windowsill, the legs were turned in, and there was a chair under the window in the house. Wang Han stepped into the chair and walked into the house before the bed, the whole process No sound occurred.

Wang Han looked at the sleeping woman in bed, and was determined to be Zhang Chunfang. He couldn’t help but jeen, when he revenge, he wanted to pick up the dagger. However, Wang Han hesitated again, he greedy looked at Zhang Chunfang and swallowed his mouth. I saw Zhang Chunfang’s head inside, and the foot rushing Wang Han sleeping in bed. Because it was a bit hot, the weather was already a bit hot, and Zhang Chunfang was covered with a small towel, and she didn’t wear clothes, two huge breasts. Bare is outside.

Wang Han often saw Zhang Chunfang, Zhang Chunfang, one-five, from the company, some of the body’s slight fat although it was forty years old, but maintenance is still good, the skin is relatively fair, usually like to wear a professional suit, stockings It is essential to high-heeled shoes. Although the company has a lot of young beauty, the temperament of the mature woman in Zhang Chunfang is not available. When Wang Han was masturbates, Zhang Chunfang was one of his sexual fantasy. How can this mature woman lying in front of Wang Han today? Wang Han suddenly changed the revenge plan, he felt that a person was not just a knife, the other way is not very cool.

Wang Han took the dagger into his arms and took out the mobile phone from the pocket. He started to take pictures of Zhang Chunfang’s naked upper body. Zhang Chunfang’s body is slightly fat. The body characteristics of mature women. Wang Han shot a few towels covering Zhang Chunfang after shooting, a mature woman’s body is completely present in front of Wang Han, and Zhang Chunfang actually does not hang it below. Wang Han’s heart has inexplicable thrills and stimulation. . This previous high-tall milestone is already being seen by my Wang Han, the fat breast, the round legs, the two-legged hidden hidden zone deeply stimulated Wang Han. Wang Han did some of the body of Zhang Chunfang in three seven twenty-one mobile phones.

The dagger in Wang Han Huai accidentally fell to the ground, he was shocked and quickly bowed his dagger. Zhang Chunfang on the bed was also awakened. She opened his eyes and fell, a small breeze scraped from the window, and Zhang Chunfang felt a cool, she found that the towel on her body didn’t know where to get it. And the bed, a man holding a dagger in his hand staring at yourself. This scenario made her somewhat scared. She sat in the bed and grabbed two fat breasts with hands, and looked at Wang Han. When he saw the people in the eyes, the expression on his face was actually relaxed. She worked hard into the calm look: “You are Wang Han, what are you doing? You dare to private people carefully “Wang Han is a little angrec, you say that you die to the top, actually. Wang Han said that there is no expression in the hands of the dagger in his hand: “I will revenge you. Since I come, I don’t afraid you alarm, and you don’t have the opportunity to report the police.” Said that his evil, with a dagger In the neck of Zhang Chunfang. Zhang Chunfang was frightened. The calm expression of the storm that was just working out was collapsed. Her neck felt slightly trembled in the dagger.

“Don’t, don’t kill me, what do you want me? How much do you want to say?” Zhang Chunfang said.

“When you are afraid, the two of your mother bullied me when I bullied me? Wang Han said.

“Misunderstanding, that is misunderstood, you have to go back at any time, I will not find you trouble.”

“Misunderstanding? Grass, you can’t give you two knives, I want to give you two knives, I can’t manage so much.” Wang Han said that the dagger said that the neck of Zhang Chunfang pressed the pressure, Zhang Chunfang’s white neck left a knife red scratch, and there was a seepage blotting.

Zhang Chunfang’s trembling body is shrunk into a group, and the head is tilted in the side of the dagger.

“But I changed my idea, as long as you can meet my conditions, I can consider don’t kill you.” Wang Han attacked “As long as you don’t hurt me, I will satisfy you.” Zhang Chunfang is like grasping a root Help straw,. Busy agreed.

“I want a money, not much, twelve.”

“Yes, there is a bank card in my bag. The password is twenty-four thousand in ××××××.” Zhang Chunfang immediately agreed, what is money, now, Wang Han is that she has to agree with her property.

“There is something, Laozi wants to do you, you will wait for Laozi, and I will spare you.” Wang Han said.

Zhang Chunfang did not speak, Wang Han like a person like her eyes, so that such people insult their body is too disgusting.

“How? You don’t want it?” Wang Han got out of the dagger and took out the mobile phone and took the naked picture just told Zhang Chunfang.

“Hey, see it, this is your photo. I will pass it online tomorrow. Let each employee of the company have seen their boss’s body.” Wang Han said slowly: “I will let you take a fame, I am uncomfortable than death. “

Zhang Chunfang listened to Wang Han’s words, and he couldn’t help but hit a cold. This is simply vicious. These pictures must be true to the Internet, and they must be finished. Is it true that it really wants to obey this disgusting hooligans? Zhang Chunfang’s heart has a little collapse, but she is a strong person, she analyzed her pros and cons, and the conclusion concluded that now there is only a compromise, take a step to take a step.

Zhang Chunfang adjusted his mood, and his face was barely smile: “Ok, I promise you, but you don’t want to harass me again later.”

Wang Han saw that Zhang Chunfang suddenly changed a little accident, but I thought about it, I didn’t play her naked photo, she didn’t play. “I am relieved, as long as I am so cool, I will get lost in this city. “

Zhang Chunfang’s heart was finally balanced, I thought about it, she had to suffer, she sighed slightly.

Wang Han is so mood at this time, he opened Zhang Chunfang to protect the breast’s hand, two huge white breasts presented in front of Wang Han, Wang Han is not polite, and Zhang Chunfang’s breasts in the king. I was pulled out for a while, and Zhang Chunfang did not resist. She knew that this is only the beginning of a nightmare, just silently ending a burst of pain came from the breast.

The dark nipple caused the desire of Wang Han to eat milk. He explored his head, with his mouth to sucking a nipple, and the right hand’s fingers were still walking upstream of another breast.

Zhang Chunfang’s own face is a little hot, the nipple slowly has a hard work, and there is a inexplicable pleasure. Wang Han sucking a nipple, felt that Zhang Chunfang’s body change said: “I didn’t expect Wang’s tits, so soft, your big nipples are very up, you said that you are wet. No?”

Zhang Chunfang is ashamed, this previously high manager is now smirk by his employees so humiliated.

“Well, since you don’t say there, let’s take a look.” Wang Han didn’t help but put Zhang Chunfang in bed, rudely separated her two thighs, the triangular black furry private parts, two black brown The lip is towering there. Wang Han stretched out the middle finger of the right hand, suddenly plugged in. Ah, Zhang Chunfang’s painted call.

Wang Han said: “This is the price of silence.” After that, the middle finger of the right hand is not stopped in Zhang Chunfang’s small hole, Zhang Chunfang hurts his mouth, and the tears have flowed out. Wang Han was inserted for a while, and Zhang Chunfang’s vagina was still dry. No prostitution efforts did not help but have some annoyance. He took the finger and said: “Mom, the young mother, Laozi is not waiting for you, let the Laozi service.”

Zhang Chunfang took out the pocket of Wang Han, and the helper, who was busy, and unsailed. Soon, Wang Han offered a piece, Zhang Chunfang didn’t want to see Wang Han’s hook, can’t help but blush, Wang Han grabbed Zhang Chunfang’s hair said: “You start with your mouth from Laozi’s toes, have been got to Laozi’s dick There is also asshole. “Wang Han ruled that both hands were lying on the bed. Zhang Chunfang sighed, kneeling down his mouth to Wang Han’s feet, a smell smoked Zhang Chunfang almost worn. Wang Han has not washed his feet for several days, and the foot is not said, the gap of the toe also has black dirt. Zhang Chunfang was almost spit.

Wang Han used to shoot Zhang Chunfang butt and drink: “What is the mother, what?”

Zhang Chunfang did not dare to neglect, and the breath was taken to Wang Han’s feet. The deep red tongue began to lick Wang Han’s toes. Wang Han felt a warm and soft object in his toes, very comfortable. He can’t help but get it, how about the company’s general manager, not to give Laozi to toes.

Zhang Chunfang wet tongue from the toe to Wang Han’s calf thigh and then between the legs. Wang Han screamed Zhang Chunfang with his own guides to give yourself. Zhang Chunfang closed his eyes closed his eyes on Wang Han Too, will contain Wang Han’s mask to his mouth. The smart tongue gently stimulated the horse’s eyes, Wang Han’s hood suddenly bloated, he suddenly couldn’t help but hug Zhang Chunfang’s head force down, and his waist kept up. He was originally a young man who was very strong and unlimited. After he broke up, he had no sex life. Just started to play with Zhang Chunfang’s body, let Zhang Chunfang served himself, then use himself Big cock inserts Zhang Chunfang’s small hole. But now he is really can’t help, whether it is in the woman’s body, he just wants to achieve the highest realm of sexual intercourse.

Zhang Chunfang’s head was killed by Wang Han, and Wang Han’s big mask in the mouth was rushing. Sometimes the glans touched to the throat. Zhang Chunfang did not dare to resist, he could only feel silently. Her mouth made a sound, and the saliva flowed to Wang Han’s scriptures, she broke from Wang Han’s back to the past, and only seeking Wang Han to shoot as soon as possible. Finally, Wang Han had twice a lot, and then pressed the head of Zhang Chunfang, and the masher was a quite starting ejaculation. Zhang Chunfang felt that the mashed mask in his mouth was blocked, and there was a bit of pain in his mouth. The glans came to her throat, and a liquid flowed through the throat to his stomach.

Wang Han is full of printed masks from Zhang Chunfang’s mouth. Wang Han has an endless pleasure from physiology. He was buckled with a hand buckled with a small hole that was still very dry. Put your nude photos online. “Zhang Chunfang has a kind of impulse, but she doesn’t have a way to hold her own handle in the hands of people. But you have to be too shy in front of Wang Han, but she doesn’t have any other way. She wiped the semen of the mouth, looking for Wang Han, the finger was rubbed on her clitoris. I don’t know if it is afraid, it is still nervous, I have a climax in five minutes. Zhang Chunfang’s small hole is still so dry without a silky flow. Wang Han is very angry, he is exhausted to shoot Zhang Chunfang’s ass, Zhang Chunfang has been hurt, and the miracle has appeared. Zhang Chunfang’s small hole actually flows out of prostitution.

Wang Han said: “” Mother’s Shu Niang, what do you like to be sexually abuse? “

Zhang Chunfang’s shy underground. It turned out that since the husband of Zhang Chunfang died after the death of Zhang Chunfang, she cooked over the room. Whenever the sexual desire is difficult, she looked at some erotic videos on the Internet. Whenever she saw the SM scene, she will have a strongest impulse. Even the fantasy is the heroine that is abused, so she can easily reach the climax every time, she doesn’t know why she would like to be abuse, sometimes it is very shameful, I feel that I am a woman, This is her own secret, no one knows that today is actually being checked by Wang Han, she is very shame. “Haha, look at your expression is the default, did not expect the general manager of the Tangle, haha, Laozi into all you.” In fact, Wang Han also surprised, just started to do Zhang Chunfang, did not expect Zhang Chunfang gave him a wake up, sm, um, nice game.

Zhang Chunfang did not dare to speak, and her heart was afraid of some expectations.

In fact, for Wang Han to say that SM is also the door, only? But I have seen how little movie knows, nothing more than bundling, whip, and wax. Wang Han began to turn over the box of the rope, the rope did not find a lot of underwear underwear, the type of underwear underwear, the species, what both sides of the sexy underwear, thong, with lace, there is no two Washing flesh stockings and one famous stockings that do not open. “Let’s use it, anyway, you are not professional.” Wang Han died, throwing these things into the bed.

Wang Han let Zhang Chunfang put on a two-legged middle and outer hollow sexy underwear, Zhang Chunfang’s appearance of numbness, only to see the black sexy underwear tightened Zhang Chunfang’s calf, and a big hole between the two legs and the outer format, showing white The thighs and the little holes between the legs are really pioneering. Wang Han opened the packaging and took out a few stockings to get together, so it became a stockings long rope, he wrapped the stockings long rope, and the breasts of the breasts and the top of the breasts, stockings The long rope is tightly squeezed with the breast, and the Zhang Chunfang round breast is squeezed into the shape of bamboo shoots. Wang Han followed the hand of Zhang Chunfang in the back of the hand. It seems to have any shortcomings, Wang Han looked at his masterpiece carefully recalling the scene in the small movie. He found a small bottle of plastic, tied a small eye with the dagger, then put a stockings in the past, she stuffed the medicine bottle into Zhang Chunfang’s mouth, and the stockings on both ends were tight after Zhang Chunfang’s brain. Tied a dead knot. In this way, Zhang Chunfang’s mouth contains a bottle that is similar to a small round ball in the female protagonist in a small movie. Wang Han moved a Taishi chair to let Zhang Chunfang sitting on the top, the two legs tied a stockings, then let her legs lift up one hundred and sixty degrees, and then bundled the other of the stockings on the ankle. Tied on the back of the Taishi Chair. In this way, Zhang Chunfang is sitting on Taishi Chair, with a parent bottle, his mouth has flowed out of the water, her breast is squeezed into bamboo shoots, because the blood does not circulate white breasts become rust red, and her double The leg stilt is opened for one hundred and sixty degrees, revealing the patenta and asshole, Wang Han picks up the high heel shoes of a pair of bright faces to Zhang Chunfang, which is fine. This woman is so moving now, even if a kind person, I want to go to abuse.

Wang Hanman looked at his own labor results, can’t help but laugh, his hood was quite. At this time, Zhang Chunfang’s heart was also seven on eight. The previous year’s SM actress finally became himself. This posture is really too sexy. It seems that it is a low prostitute. Your own vagina. Zhang Chunfang is ashamed, but the small belly seems to have a heat wave in the layer, and a silky prostitute flows out of the small hole.

Wang Han said: “Said goods, now you can’t stand it, don’t worry, will let you enjoy it.”

Wang Han gave a strap in the next few bras in his hand, he took the Springfang’s ass and the inside of the thigh, the “” sounded by the bra with the body was such a sensuality, Zhang Chunfang’s body was shaking, Scared, pain, pleasure, flock to his brain, she felt a whitening voice in the ears, as if to dream, however, Wang Han’s voice is really clear: “货, your small hole So many prostitutes, is it very much to be abused? Kill you, you like the mother’s bitch who is being dried. “Zhang Chunfang closed his eyes, since it could not resist, then to endure or enjoy it, fallen Let’s take it …

Zhang Chunfang’s butt and the inside of the thigh has been hit, the prostitute in the small hole is flowed to the asshole and drops it. Her mouth has a fuzzy snoring, the mouth of the mouth streams. Wang Han is playing, the more excited, this is also his first try to abuse, feel very enjoyable, his boins on his mask excited, the horse’s eyes flow out of a liquid.

Wang Han suddenly threw away the bra belt, insert his hood into the vagina of Zhang Chunfang, Zhang Chunfang squid, Wang Han grabbed Zhang Chunfang, was squeezed into the shaped breast of bamboo shoots, and the mask under the crowd Inserted, Zhang Chunfang only felt a huge great stick inserted his vagina. I felt a lot of pockets, and I was so energetically moving to the whole body. Wang Han did not let her down, crazy, slightly inserted, the back is a hemp, a unknown pleasure is filled with the brain, and the semen seems to shoot into Zhang Chunfang. Wang Han, who took the finished Wang Han did not take Zhang Chunfang, and he finally found a white candle, and the little movie did not have a drop of wax, and try it too. Zhang Chunfang is still a big legs to sit on the Taishi Chair. She closed their eyes, and the nostril gasp gasped, the mouth of the mouth wet the stockings in the chest. Her lips are bonded to two seashells, and white semen mixed out of their own prostitutes.

Wang Han dotted to Zhang Chunfang in front of Zhang Chunfang, Zhang Chunfang seems to be aware of danger, she opened the exhausted eyes and looked at Wang Han who took candles in front of him. The candlelight is highly burned, and the low-spirited Wang Han’s Wang Han will be bright, Wang Han smiled slightly, and the malicious smile looks like that.

Zhang Chunfang is somewhat scared, but she can’t say anything.

Wang Han ignored that Zhang Chunfang said, he said: “Zhang Tong, Laozi let you feel the pleasure of the wax, I want wax oil to your lascivious body, you will feel excited and happy. Wang Han said, in the middle of the place, Wang Han with a candle, and hot candles flowing down. Such a near distance drops, the temperature of the wax oil is basically not cooled, and the hot wax oil with the original temperature like a white pearl is dried into a small piece of small pieces and then solidified. Zhang Chunfang was twisted by hot body, and there was a blurred shout in his mouth. Wang Han did not stop because Zhang Chunfang’s miserable call, excited and pleasantly full of his brain, he flipped the candle, the wax oil continued to drop the small abdomen of Zhang Chunfang, and the Kung Fu formed a large wax shell. Zhang Chunfang’s lower abdomen is also hot red because of the high temperature of wax oil, and some will have a few small blisters.

Wang Han took the hand of the candle down, the wax oil droplets on Zhang Chunfang’s woolen hair, Zhang Chunfang’s incapacity is relatively thick, wax oil drops quickly solidified on the scribe, and did not boost her skin. Wang Han used the flame of the candle to touch the cloud, the hang-haired burning, Wang Han is scared, Zhang Chunfang is a lot of flowers, and she is painful to shake her head, Wang Han quickly took a few times. Actually, the burning inclination was filled, but the wolf of the hairy was burned. “Hey, you can have this yin.” Wang Han relied on the drawer to find a shaving huncher shaving in the drawer. Soon Zhang Chunfang’s inclusion is shaved, the bare is more sexy.

Wang Han also dropped some wax oil in Zhang Chunfang’s arm, chest, and thighs, very fast candles, and Wang Han also played some fatigue. He wanted to drop wax on Zhang Chunfang’s small hole and ass. Considering that it is afraid of impactting these two places to affect your use.

Wang Han looked very happy in his own masterpiece. This high man is so miserable by himself. She did not let go of Zhang Chunfang’s intention, he crouched his body’s interest in Zhang Chunfang’s ass. Wang Han used his fingers to deduct the farthed asshole, Zhang Chunfang shake, Wang Han used the semen of the small hole, and then inserted into Zhang Chunfang’s ass, Zhang Chunfang’s ass is like the tightness of the small hole. Tight time, Wang Han is in the moment of Zhang Chunfang’s ass relaxation, and it is half a finger. Zhang Chunfang only felt that his ass is inserted in a thing, and there was a hot pain in it, and the things were always performed, and Zhang Chunfang pain came.

Wang Han pointed to Zhang Chunfang’s ass, he got great satisfaction, and he reached out two fingers into Zhang Chunfang’s ass. Zhang Chunfang’s asshole is like being torn, she cries and begging, but her mouth is plugged in a bottle, and can only pass a burst of sound.

Wang Han played for a while, Zhang Chunfang, did not breathe in the ground, she felt that the whole body was soft, the breast had not feels, the butt and the breath of fire, but the fart like being torn Jumping hurts.

Wang Han ignored the feelings of Zhang Chunfang, giving Zhang Chunfang’s hand, let her be on the ground like a dog, and Wang Han rides on the back of Zhang Chunfang, the beautiful name: “Ride White Horse.” Zhang Chunfang She has gone to Wang Han’s weight, she is soon being overwhelmed on the ground. Wang Han shouted Zhang Chunfang’s butt: “Mom, I will give it to my workers.” Zhang Chunfang helplessly put a good posture, strive to move Wang Han to move forward, of course, Wang Han is supported, Zhang Chunfang Also can’t move. Wang Han’s hooded said Zhang Chunfang’s backside. It will stand up. He is excited to take Zhang Chunfang’s ass, the two turned in the house. Zhang Chunfang has no physical strength, and the whole body is not moving. Wang Han explained the stockings of Zhang Chunfang’s chest, because the two breasts were squeezed too horrible, and then Zhang Chunfang made her squat on the bed, and the masculine was on the asshole of Zhang Chunfang. Zhang Chunfang understood that Wang Han had to do her ass, the pain just made her somewhat scared, she swayed her body, and she shouted. Wang Han was in a hurry, his right hand, the middle finger suddenly inserted into Zhang Chunfang’s ass to buckle his mouth and said, “Mom’s Saima, you don’t cooperate with me, I will cut your intestines. Zhang Chunfang was scared I lived, I really got my butt and waited for the insertion of Wang Han Yang.

Wang Han was afraid that the farting of Zhang Chunfang was very tight and very dry and afraid of hurting his hood. He grabbed a hand on his own mask in Zhang Chunfang’s mouth. Zhang Chunfang worked hard to open his ass, letting Wang Han’s mask, this can reduce the pain, Wang Han Shuo’s big glans plug in, Wang Han feels that Zhang Chunfang ass, the muscles of Zhang Chunfang fart, wrapped his own glans The coronary groove, this pleasure can be more cool than the dry small hole. Because Wang Han stood the asshole of Zhang Chunfang, her asshole also barely adapt to Wang Han’s big mask. Wang Han excitedly moving the penis and finally inserted into Zhang Chunfang’s ass. Zhang Chunfang felt that his ass will insert a burnt iron bar, and she hurts her not to stop his eyes, and the body poured forward.

Wang Han grabbed Zhang Chunfang’s hair and excitedly pushed up. Zhang Chunfang farthed and painted his body forward, but the scalp came from pain, so that she had to pour it later, so Wang Han’s horman can deeply insert Zhang Chunfang’s ass, he feels that his mask seems to enter a Narrow channels, this passage can cause your pleasure. The huge masolar moves back to the glans, and then move forward until the root. Zhang Chunfang’s finger took force to grabbed the sheets, shouted, as if it was released.

Zhang Chunfang’s ass is very tight, Wang Han plugged in with a hundreds of people, and Zhang Chunfang had never been moving, I don’t know when I have been dull. Zhang Chunfang originally closed ass inserted a red big hole inserted by Wang Han, flowing out of white semen.

Wang Han is also a bit tired. He explored the breath of springfang to find that she was only a dizzy. He unlocked the stockings tied to Zhang Chunfang’s head to take out the bottle. Then the Zhang Chunfang’s hands and feet are tied to the stockings, and they are sleeping.

I don’t know how long I have slept, Wang Han suddenly thought about it, he looked at the table for six minutes in the morning, and Zhang Chunfang’s hands were tied to bed, but there is still a few traces that are tangled on the ass, ass The semen has dried up, solidified into a white shell.

Wang Han is interested in tangling the phone has a few pictures, then get up and wear clothes, and turn out a bank card in Zhang Chunfang is preparing to leave. At this time, I heard a voice outside the hospital shouted: “Is anyone?” Even shouted a few times, Wang Han is a bit anxious, now running out of the face.

Zhang Chunfang was also woke up by shouting. She felt that she was painful, and she didn’t have a little power. Wang Han asked: “Who is the outside?”

Zhang Chunfang identified the saying: “It seems to be milk.”

Wang Han was letting down, he walked to the door of the hospital to open the door, only to see the 60th old old man, ride a battery car, there is a big box behind a bottle of milk. This old man has some spending white, the small face is pointed, a pair of small eyes, wearing a dirty dress looks very wretched.

He saw Wang Han’s clear glimpse, because he knew that the owner of this household is a very temperament, a middle-aged woman. However, he still said: “Sir, 俺 is to send milk, this is your milk.”

Wang Han looked at the old man and said: “Oh, I forgot to bring money, come in and take it.”

The old man did not recognize it, he pushed the tram into the yard followed Wang Han into the house.

Wang Han deliberately picked the old man into the room lying in Zhang Chunfang, and the old man came in and glanced. I saw a wolf borrowed in the house. I used the hostess to send milk to the hostess. The hands and feet were tied to the bed. The old man said: “Yah Niang.” Hurry out. Wang Han took out the dagger to stop the old man, the old man said: “Brother, I haven’t seen it, you let me go.”

Wang Han smiled: “Grandpa, don’t be afraid, this woman is a sudden slut, last night, she has served me, this is not you, let her wait for you.”

The old man looked at Zhang Chunfang on the bed, and the difficult swallowed mouth, the eyes of the eyes and doubts: “Brothers, 俺 is a sent milk, she doesn’t matter if I don’t care, you let you go. “

Wang Han suddenly facing the murderous light: “What do you want to go out? Do you want me to kill you first, or you will do it.”

The old man was frightened and said: “Big brothers, 俺 is a work, as long as you spare me how to do it.”

Wang Han nodded, he smashed the door, and then he took the Zhang Chunfang who took it on said: “Said goods, let this grandfather cool.”

Zhang Chunfang has heard the conversation of Wang Han and the old man, she angered: “You don’t keep credit, you said that you will leave.”

Wang Han swayed the mobile phone said: “You are very uncomfortable like this, don’t listen, I will send the picture to the Internet. Of course, if you hear, I will delete all these pictures all.”

Zhang Chunfang sighed helpless. She has endured it in one night. She didn’t want to lose a loss, just want to satisfy Wang Han to let him go. She stigted her hand and her feet you were tied. Wang Han knew that she was yet again, and Ma Li gave her to her.

“You have to make the most sexy expression and posture to seduce this uncle.” Wang Han added.

Zhang Chunfang naked his body from the bed to the old man, two huge breasts were trembled with her breathing. The old man feels some of his throat, he doesn’t know why you will encounter such a thing, I don’t know if it is a blessing, hey, anyway, I have no money, an old bachelor, even if it is a circle set, I can cheat myself What? It doesn’t matter if this old man doesn’t matter. When I see this naked woman, this life has not yet married my wife’s old man. Can I enjoy this noble and temperament? Don’t I dream?

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum old head is full of heads, suddenly feels a loose, pants are smashed, only the pants filled with pants are left down, and he looks down down, I saw that the naked woman looked at themselves, her hand had touched her underwear. The old man has a bit blush, the heart is rid of the rocker.

The old man felt a soft hand held his hook in the underwear, and the hand seems to be spiritually swim on the masher and the scrotum. The head of the old man is standing in an instant, and Zhang Chunfang has a little accident. She thinks that the old man’s sexual function of this year begins to recession. I didn’t expect that the mask who didn’t go to the old man in a minute agreed. She knew that this old head was a lifetime.

Zhang Chunfang took the old man’s underwear, and the head of the old man was not big and the foreskin is relatively long, and the inaphy is only revealing the first half of the glans. Zhang Chunfang gently opened the old man’s foreskin to show the whole glans. I saw the latter half of the glans and the large yellow dirt at the coronary groove. After the bursts of malodor, Zhang Chunfang took the paper towel to help the old man, Wang Han’s old man Don’t be nervous sitting in bed.

At the old man, I was excited and expected, and I sat in bed. Zhang Chunfang squatted in front of the old man, and the breathing was carefully helped to wipe the dirt. Whenever Zhang Chunfang wiped the old man, the old head of the old man will come up. Finally, Zhang Chunfang helped the old man clean the dirt. She deeply took a deep tone. The right hand grabbed the scrotum of the old man, the left hand’s fingers gently stimulated the old man’s eyes, less than a minute, the old man is comfortable. A few sounds, a semen shot out.

Zhang Chunfang has a little accident. She wants to give the old head to the old man’s mask into my own small hole to meet Wang Han’s pleasure. I didn’t expect the old man so soon. The old man is also sorry, red face is awkward: “Oh, Mom, real fucking!”

Wang Han said that the show has not started to end, and some sweeping: “When this time is not counted, when is this uncle to shoot your small hole for time.”

Zhang Chunfang knew that Wang Han would not let himself, she didn’t talk, because one of her daughter Yang Wei will come here to eat breakfast and then go to work together. If Wang Han has encountered Yang Wei, it will be unimaginable, no matter what The disaster makes me bear it myself, don’t let Wang Han hurt Yang Wei. Zhang Chunfang did not hesitate to suck the sucking of the old man’s soft mask, regardless of the stink of the old head, no matter the semen on the old head glans, she made the body and the tongue pocked the old man, the old man Comfortable squints, the mask is actually standing in a short time. Wang Han secretly took out the mobile phone to take a video. Zhang Chunfang was afraid that the old man was once again ejaculation. She pushed the old man on the bed, and the generous ride on the old man, spit my mouth on the old man in the right hand palm, then support the old head of the old man to take the small hole. A sitting, “嗤”, the old man’s mask has not entered Zhang Chunfang’s vagina.

The old man only feels that his hood has entered a warm and humid space, and the truly good life of the glazed can. Sixty years old, this is the first time, the original woman is like this, even if it is finished, even if it is died. The old man’s eyes seems to be eating people, wearing a roughness in the nostril, and the waist seems to have a motor that is generally struggling. Zhang Chunfang also catering his old head to make his own small hole. She touched her big tits, rushing to hope the old man quickly ejaculate.

“Ah … Grandpa … Your dick … I am so powerful to die … small hole is fast … dried my small hole … I am a Saima!”

The old man heard the waves of Zhang Chunfang suddenly pushed her, turned her back from the bed, overwhelming the two thighs of Zhang Chunfang overwhelmed his shoulders, like a stimulant whisper, smashed with Zhang Chunfang’s small hole. Such combat power makes Wang Han’s some scraping. Zhang Chunfang Zhang Chunfang, started the waves of the laminate, and later she came to meet the real waves of the old man in the old man.

The old man is inserted more than two hundred, and the semen crashed into the small hole of Zhang Chunfang. Zhang Chunfang’s eyes could not open, lying in the bed.

Wang Han stopped the phone’s shooting, gave the old man with a thumbs up. The old man recovered in an embarrassed that I just started, silently wore a little bit of nostalgia, I looked at Zhang Chunfang, say: “Can you go?”

Wang Han dotted out of the door, when the old man was ready to ride, said: “Grandpa, the thing just now, can not tell others, otherwise you will end up.”

The old man blinked: “Reassure, I know that it is important, as long as you don’t sell you.”

After Wang Hanmu sent the old man, he wanted to leave. Suddenly he saw a familiar figure that was not far apart from the previous booth. A more look at Zhang Chunfang’s daughter Yang Wei, the mother is really not a gathering, since I have tacted you, even you have done, and I also export my heart in my heart.

Wang Han turned back to the yard to close the door …

Zhang Chunfang wearing a pajamas and packed up the house. She thought of Wang Han and the old man who sent milk. He was working hard to wait for his own expression to wait for her daughter. She feels that every inch of the skin is painful, especially Wang Han’s wax oil drops, and the fire is hot, the bones on the body seem to be scattered, this is only the damage, the most important thing is the heart Injury, I think that she suffered from this night, she did not be cold. I was once I was also paid by Wang Han SM, and the day, her chicken is too stinky, but that old man still Very powerful, thinking that this Chunfang actually has a bit of spring heart, there is a lot of vision liquid in the small hole, is it really like SM like to be dried? She was scared by her own idea, and Wang Han, who had thought that Wang Han came in when she was thinking.

Zhang Chunfang saw Wang Han again, and the angry shouted: “You a liar, you don’t keep your credit, how come you come back?” Said that she actually got a tears, Wang Han is now her forever .

Wang Han Pingjing said: “I have been going to go, I will not harass you in the future, but I see Yang Wei, yes, that is your baby daughter, all things are caused, I think If you retaliate, you will count, I didn’t expect that she was coming, I think she will come here for a while.

Zhang Chunfang is shocked, what are you afraid of? Wei Wei Wei Wei, how come you come so early.

“Can you let Yang Wei? If you don’t get angry, please let her!” Zhang Chunfang pleaded.

“It’s impossible, Yang Wei is still don’t know, I used to be in the company, as if I am a princess, others are all people, you say what she is mort, what is the matter, not having a mother, you give her a waist “But she is still a child, she is not understanding, I have no education, I beg you to let her!” Zhang Chunfang couldn’t help, Yang Wei was his own daughter, he could not be called Wang Han Dye.

“I have to retaliate, I have to see that the little beauty that I have emitted in the empty, I was conquered by my Jiang, I want to do her!” Wang Han said in Zhang Chunfang.

Zhang Chunfang’s body is on the ground. She knows that her daughter can’t be spared. She wants to rush out the police, but she knows that she can’t do it, I can only hope that Yang Wei doesn’t come here, but this idea is impossible. accomplish.

At this time, the door opened, a young girl took the yard early. Wang Han looked at the windows, I saw this girl probably one meter six or so height, big eyes, small nose pouzzo, look very cute. She is wearing a silver-gray small suit, white shirt, underlying silver gray short skirt, toned stockings, black high heel shoes, a office secretary dress up. This person is Yang Wei, she takes breakfast, it looks here to have breakfast with her mom Zhang Chunfang and go to work.

Yang Wei moved into the house, shouted: “Mom, I have breakfast.” There is no one in the house, she walked into the bedroom, I saw her mother Zhang Chunfang fell on the ground, as a dead ash Like, a man is staring at myself.

“Wang Han, how do you put my mom, you rogue, rogue.” Yang Wei recognized Wang Han.

“Operation, what do you make up, Miss Yang, Laozi is now not working in the company, it seems that you don’t worry about you?” Wang Han saw Yang Wei to have an angry, but he pressed his own fire, because He believes that Yang Wei cry can’t cry.

Yang Wei did not feel dangerous. She stared at Zhang Chunfang on her big eyes and said: “Mom, what happened, Wang Han, didn’t hurt you.” Zhang Chunfang suddenly shouted: “Wei Wei runs fast Ah, running quickly. “Yang Wei has not responded yet, Wang Han said:” Run, enter this door, no one can run away. “He plugged into the door of the bedroom, pulled up the curtains, and the house was in a dark. .

Yang Wei saw Wang Han’s actions a bit wrong, but she still said that the Ling people said: “Wang Han, you are old, be careful, I am alarm.”

Wang Han said: “I really don’t understand what you think of such a big lady, is it usually awkward? Now you are fish, I am a knife, what is your cattle?” He took the mobile phone, let Yang Wei look at Zhang Chunfang’s nude photos, Yang Wei has closed his eyes and shouted: “This is fake, I don’t believe, I don’t believe it.”

“Do not believe you can ask your mother. She yesterday, I was waiting for me. Your mother’s sexual desire is really strong. This morning, I was dried by a old man who sent milk. I have a video. Do you want to take a look. Wang Han took the mobile phone in front of Yang Wei.

Yang Wei asked: “Mom, isn’t it true? What is going on?”

“Don’t, don’t ask.” Zhang Chunfang shy lowned.

“Well, Yang Wei, Laozi is not nonsense, today you have let Laozi is cool, wait for Laozi, Laozi deletes photos video, no longer harass you, otherwise, Laozi put these to the web, let Your mother is defeated. “Wang Han said impatiently.

“You have been thinking.” Although Yang Wei believes in Wang Han, she won’t succumb to this.

“Ok, then Laozi will rape you and take naked photos together with your mother. Haha, you will be famous and your mother is famous.”

Yang Wei is a little scared, but she will rush out the courage. “”, Wang Han, a slap in the face, and said, “It seems that Laozi can only use it.”

Yang Wei was stupid, fell to the ground.

“Don’t, Wang Han, we promise you, don’t hurt Yang Wei.” Zhang Chunfang knew that Yang Wei was in a disappearance today, she had to change the compromise.

“Okay, I can not hurt her, but she must hear, hear, Miss Yang, I ordered you to stand.”

“Hey, Wei Wei, we recognize it.” Zhang Chunfang sighed.

Yang Wei stood up, she did not do the official Wang Han’s eyes, silently low.

Wang Han played Yang Wei, “Well, good, standard professional equipment, very attractive, turn over, I want to see your little fart.” Yang Weiwu is there, Wang Han’s rogue is the language She is somewhat self-contrary, especially their mother is around.

“Hey, Hey, Hey” has been connected in several slants, and Yang Wei’s white cheek has been red. “货.” Wang Han said.

Yang Wei quickly turned around, “Well, this is like.” Wang Han touched Yang Wei’s hips.

Yang Wei did not resist, and a single-time woman who usually flying will become a warm lamb in front of violence. Yang Wei has been stupid, she can only cooperate with Wang Han’s order.

Wang Han felt that there was necessary to destroy Yang Wei’s psychological defense. She grabbed Zhang Chunfang, then took out her own mask, said to Zhang Chunfang: “Give Laozi, let your daughter Yang Wei look, you want to use the most Word and posture, otherwise I will clean up Yang Wei. “

Zhang Chunfang’s face is red, what kind of shame is a strange man in front of her daughter, but what is this way? If you are, anyway, as long as Wei Wei is less bitter. Zhang Chunfang suddenly saw Wang Han, she was a sensuality: “Mr., I want to eat your big cock, give others.” Then I grabbed Wang Han not soft mask, I suddenly sucked the mouth. In the case, it seems to eat the ice, and the sound of 呜呜 will be enjoyed.

Yang Wei also supported it again. I saw my mother gave a strange man. It seems that her psychology crashed. She said that she didn’t believe it. However, All this happened in front of you.

Wang Han said: “Said goods, female dog, you are so cool, I will furtel your little hole in a while.”

“Mr. Thank you, I like your big cock to do my little hole, ah, the small hole is going to swear.”

Wang Han smiled and looked at Yang Wei. Yang Wei’s expression is numb, and the eyes are close to the hook. ? “

Yang Wei’s face is red, and quickly retracts back and looks at his foot tip.

Wang Han stuffed his pants to Zhang Chunfang.

Zhang Chunfang put on a black professional dress, black stockings, black pointed high heel shoes, black her to the station, as if she resumed the style of the female manager in the past, and her tremendous face also has a blood color.

Wang Han let this mother stand in parallel to watch, and the head is arguing. Zhang Chunfang’s black professional suit is more mature woman’s charm, her two big tits are tight clothes, it seems to be born out of her clothes, and the three buttons above her shirt are open, a deep The deep cleavage shows the charming flavor of mature women. Her thighs were wrapped in black stockings, with a pair of black pointed shoes appeared more temperament. Yang Wei is slightly short, and the corner of the eye is still in the eye, and her chest has inherited his mother Zhang Chunfang’s excellent bloodline. The end is fat, Yang Wei is more thin, two beautiful legs are not very long but straight, The meat stockings and black high heels give people a pure and unconscious feel.

Wang Han is very satisfied, two women put this professional dress to him a new visual impact. He shouted: “Listen to my password, pay a little, stand up, to the right,!”

The mother and female were stunned, but I saw Wang Han’s fierce gaze to respond quickly. The left foot stretched out half a step, then retracted left foot, Zhang Chunfang thought that his daughter Yang Wei relied on it. It is to look at the right. Yang Wei discovered that Wang Han’s gaze has always stared at his chest, can’t help but be bent, and she is not so tallless. Wang Han shizes the chicken duster to support Yang Wei’s chin saying: “Miss Yang listened to my password, chest, butt.” Then use the end of the chicken fever to smoke the back and waist of Yang Wei. One of the ends of the chicken feng duster is a small bamboo stick, bamboo sticks make a dull sound on the body, Yang Wei hurts the sound, the chest hurresses forward, the sexy little butt is also awkward. Wang Han smiled: “Just stop, if you move, I will play you with a stick. Yang Wei knows Wang Han to say that the mouth is grievan, but I don’t dare to move again.

Zhang Chunfang saw Yang Wei and did not have it. He smashed to Big Yang Wei never had a hit. She saw Yang Wei’s painful expression secretly decisive: “Outstanding, no more harm to Wei Wei, must It is necessary to attract Wang Han’s attention, even if it is the color of life with the snake. “She forgot Wang Han, I have to infringe Yang Wei. But as a mother who can watch his daughter suffering, even if you pay your own, you have to make your daughter less bitter. Zhang Chunfang adjusted his expression. She tried to run a smile to Wang Han. “Mr. Wang, don’t tell her, my little hole is something itchy, don’t you want to enjoy your big dick? ? “Said that these Zhang Chunfang had a bit blush. She looked at Yang Wei New Town, Nantuan Dark Road:” Hey, I hope she understands my hardship. “

Wang Han also surprised, I didn’t expect this non-violent female manager to suddenly become so sensual. When the daughter’s face, he seduce himself, although it is a bit weird, but since you are so dark, then I will boater. . Wang Han haha ​​laughed: “Say you is a salary, now show the essence, okay, you ask for the Laozi, Laozi meets you. Wang Han also makes Zhang Chunfang in front of her daughter.

Zhang Chunfang solved the buttons of the shirt, took out one side of the milk, her breast was hot and hot last night, and now there is some pain. She endures the pain to Wang Han, “Look at people’s milk? “Then take off his short skirt, through the black sexy stockings, Wang Han sent Zhang Chunfang to wear a white thong, Zhang Chunfang opened his legs, one hand pinned her breast, one hand in himself The roots of the thighs are wandering, and the mouth has a dream.

Wang Han was indeed attracted by Zhang Chunfang. This kind of woman took the initiative to seduce your scene before you. He stopped Yang Wei, while pushing Zhang Chunfang into the bed, holding a stockings of Zhang Chunfang, a monster, like a monster of blood, kissed. Wang Han hands hugged Zhang Chunfang’s round calf, the palm of his hand was so wonderful, he stretched out the tongue kissed Zhang Chunfang’s black high heel shoes, nor well the dust, his tongue slammed from the shoe, he lied to Zhang Chunfang The back of the foot, then take off the high-heeled shoes to kiss Zhang Chunfang’s toes. Zhang Chunfang’s feet exudes a sweat and leather mixed taste. This is like a stimulant, Wang Han, who seizes Zhang Chunfang, desperately, Zhang Chunfang itch. Unfained laughter. As such, the two beautiful feet of Zhang Chunfang were all killed by Wang Han, and the stockings on the feet have been wet by Wang Han’s saliva.

Wang Han kissed the beauty of Zhang Chunfang, and his enthusiasm in his mind was slow, he did not forget Yang Wei. Yang Wei looked at the mother’s sensuality and Wang Han kissed Zhang Chunfang’s madness and sickness, but her inner heart was a little excited. After all, the scene was only seen in novel and small film town southern Guan, reality Still ahead, and the heroine is his mother.

Wang Han let Yang Wei take off the short skirt and Zhang Chunfang with his butt and squats in bed, Yang Wei has been inversely, and it does not dare to resist.

Wang Han looked at the two high-ranked stockings buttons on the bed. Yang Wei actually wore a red thong. The rope behind the rope was deeply trapped in two hip flaps. Wang Han suddenly remembered a sentence, the difference between underwear and butbound pants lies in the former. The underwear pants can see the ass, the latter is to open the ass to see the trousers. At this time, the mother and daughter in the bed are really scorless. I can see the pants. I don’t carefully see it under the wrap of stockings. I don’t wear underwear.

Wang Han began to be a thin and seductive stockings ass, the posture of this mother and a female is also very sensual, but the butt is high, the thigh is touched, the thigh is in the middle of the thigh, as if waiting for the insertion of men’s mask . Wang Han’s right hand touched this spring-roofed big butt, and his left hand’s index finger parallel into Yang Wei’s portal sitting on the piston movement. After all, Zhang Chunfang is coming over. She can still endure Wang Han’s flirt, and Yang Wei has fewer managers in this area. After a little bit of asthesia, the little pants before the small hole is also wet by prostitution.

Wang Han touched a little greasy, he suddenly wants to perform a sexual style, just like a small movie, but there is a plot and dual white, so you can more excitement, and yourself is a male protagonist. He thought about it slightly. He said his own ideas to the mother and daughter, introduced the rough plot, and made a request for the two, and the expression is going to swveworthy. Wang Han, who is in the mother and female, is a little allergic, but they don’t have any other choices, they can only agree, I hope that Wang Han has almost deprecated as soon as possible. This is a incest story, Zhang Chunfang plays a mother and Yang Wei and Wang Han perform her daughter son, when the mother and female must play a willingness to meet Wang Han. Wang Han actually whised the girl’s rehearsal, Zhang Chunfang’s performance can reach his satisfaction, but Yang Wei is not open. After several times, Yang Wei is actually excited, and it is so excited. . Wang Han said that he would leave this addiction, this is a little hope for Zhang Chunfang and Yang Wei. I finally started, Zhang Chunfang still wearing black stockings and high heel shoes, but all her jacket group took off, bare two big breasts, she twisted her own fat buttocks, two big tits were trembled. Wang Han played, he went to leaned over, holding a stockings of Zhang Chunfang, his face was biting in Zhang Chunfang’s buttocks, and his mouth was muttered: “Mom, your ass is big. I like it again, but why do you put on your underwear? You know that I don’t like this, even if your asshole and holes are just being blocked by a rope, I am not satisfied. “Zhang Chunfang was bitten by Wang Han The pain and itch touched the white saying: “Children, don’t make trouble, my mother will go to work, you have to know the company’s men to use the big chickens, they like this, they like the stockings and Ding words. Dried mother, then put all the hot semen on the mother’s stockings. “Zhang Chunfang was originally to meet these whites built in Wang Han. When she said, she actually appeared in the company in the company, the company Many familiar employees inserted into their little holes with cocks, this kind of hiness never thought about reminding her that it is very exciting. Wang Han listened to Zhang Chunfang, and he said: “But my mother, I also want to insert your small hole with big dick, and farthered.” After using his fingers through the stockings into Zhang Chunfang’s ass. Zhang Chunfang is shocked. She is now very enjoying the violation of Wang Han to her ass, she said: “Did you do my mother’s sputum and ass? Mom even eat your semen, Mother’s ass, there is a small mouth, but it belongs to all the male employees in the company, and their big cocks are also excited to make my mom. “

At this time, Yang Wei played, she still wearing the professional dress, but did not wear the short skirt wearing the short skirt, and the white darts in the meat stockings died. Sexy. Yang Wei said that “brother, why do you use your fingers to slam your mother’s ass? Mom is very comfortable, I also want.” When Yang Wei is sad, she is just a matter of life, I didn’t expect active Said about the words of Wang Han’s own ass, her ass will never let the man infringe, she is afraid to be excited, she has slowly integrated into this lastrophic scene.

Wang Han smiled, took off Chen Qi Fang’s high heels, plugged into her fart with the shoes of the shoes: “Mom, you will play with high heels, I will go to my sister’s ass.” Chen Qi Fang feels A hard cone is inserted into his ass, a bumper feels all over the body from the fart, and she grabs the high heels to gently shakes, and she muttered in the small mouth.

Yang Wei looked at the mother with high heels and fart, she suddenly had a feeling of jump. She is bent back to Wang Hanzhao himself said: “Brother, come and play my ass.” Wang Han came over and said that Yang Wei’s two legs in the stockings of Yang Wei, and saw Yang Wei’s small cavity fertilizer. Abalone is like, the two large lips are unable to stick, the ass is a tight, her asshole is frustrated, and the tight wrinkles are close. I haven’t been developed. Wang Han wants to get a treasure, vomiting the fines on the asshole, the right hand refers to the launch of the attack, gently, and the finger reached into a half Yang Wei’s ass to pin up his fingers, Wang Han started to return finger In this past few tens of times, Yang Wei’s asshole was slowly opened, and finally pitted with his finger.

Yang Wei has begun to feel a little stinging, slowly stinging, and she has to bite his teeth. Later, the feeling of stinging is small, an unprecedented pleasure shocks her heart, the feeling and love The feeling is completely different, she feels that her heart must jump out, and prostitution will also flow in the small hole.

Wang Han played that Yang Wei’s ass can’t help it. His chicken scaled quickly. He took off his trousers, hug Yang Wei’s fat hip, and the mask plugged into Yang Wei’s small hole, crazy smoke Plug. Yang Wei felt a full of small points, pleading a burst of born from the small abdomen, she was forgotten. Zhang Chunfang used a high heel shoes with the farthed eyes, and the prostitution of the small hole was wet, and she leaned down his mouth and licked Wang Han’s ass. Wang Han’s hook was very comfortable by Yang Wei, and there was a good feeling of praise. Two pleasure made him a feeling of dizziness. He took out Yang Wei of Yang Wei, a little bit, and Yang Wei’s ass will not obviously adapt to Wang Han’s big hi. She hurts. She hurts. It hurts. It is called, and tears have flowed out. Zhang Chunfang drilled Yang Wei’s body to kiss Yang Wei’s breasts to alleviate her pain, looked at his mother sucking his whitening breasts, Yang Wei has a kind of incest, but the asshole is not so painful. Wang Han’s hook has been completely inserted into Yang Wei’s ass, he began to pump. Yang Wei’s asshole is in the O-style, like a small mouth to eat a thick popsicle. Wang Hangan’s crazy, he let Yang Wei stood like this farthered to wrap his mask, he is crazy, and Yang Wei’s little mouth is called, Wang Han is inserted. More fierce, Yang Wei stands unstable and squatting on the ground, Wang Han pulled Zhang Chunfang to put the mask of Yang Wei in Zhang Chunfang, Zhang Chunfang combined with Wang Han The high heels after Zhang Chunfang ass shook two times. Wang Han did a dozen a few small mouths of Zhang Chunfang and inserted the mask into Zhang Chunfang’s small hole. Yang Wei should be completely crazy, she squatted on the ground: “Brother, I want big cock.” Wang Han inserted the mask into Yang Wei’s mouth, so that several cave flows on Zhang Chunfang and Yang Wei Plugd by Wang Han, the voiced breath, the sound of breath into a piece.

Wang Han finally had a feeling of ejaculation. He didn’t shoot Yang Wei and Zhang Chunfang’s body. He picked Yang Wei’s stockings, inserted the mashed into Yang Wei’s high heels, and rubbed down the shoes of Yang Wei’s feet and high heels. Wang Han’s semen has been continuously incident in high heels. Wang Han rubbed the sun with Yang Wei’s stockings, and he made Yang Wei got a few laps in the house, and Yang Wei’s high heels sent a sound, That is the stockings, the socks are sipped with semen, and Wang Han let Yang Wei let Yang Wei take the high heels and let Zhang Chunfang go to the beautiful feet of Yang Wei. The semen has been stepped on by Yang Wei’s beautiful feet and covered in her foot, Wang Han Looking at Zhang Chunfang, he had been satisfied with the semen of Yang Wei foot.

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