After breakfast, I just saw a news in front of the computer. Yu Qing came over to pull me my hand, sweet and smiled, said: “Brother, you come with me, I have a good thing for you.” Pull it into your arms, kiss her cheeks, laugh: “What good things? Is there a little dating?”

“Hey …, you will know.” Yu Qing smiled, kissed his mouth on both sides of my mouth, standing up from my arms, pulling my hand and took her room to the aunt’s room. . Opened the door to went to win, aunt’s room, except for a bookcase, other furnishings were almost exactly the same as Yu Qing’s room.

“What do you take me to my aunt?” Yu Qing did not speak, directly pulled me to my aunt’s bed, push me in bed, fox smiled, said: “Take your pants.” Said not to I agree. The jade hand reached into my waist to solve my belt. I am half-taking the body, my hands are supported behind, let her open my zipper, smile: “So monkeys? Do you want it?”

“嘻嘻 …” Yu Qing smiled and taking my pants together, and then he cooled on the heat, and Yang Liu Qingfeng went to the aunt’s wardrobe, Qian Jiao hung smiled. Then open the wardrobe from it. “Will it be stockings?” She took my pants along with underwear, it was obvious that I thought that the smooth clothes in her hands were double stockings, but I couldn’t understand why she would be from my aunt’s clothes. Take it out in the cabinet?

“Give.” Yu Qing looked at me and put her clothes in my hand. I am going to see it, it is not enough, it is a pair of skin color panties in the lace! And it is a very advanced style, the stockings of the trousers are embroidered into women underwear. Yuxi aunt’s sexy tight lace panty pants stockings were taken in the hands, soft soft, especially an important part of the stockings in front of stockings, still embroidered.

Yu Qing saw the hot things under my below, I panicked in my heart, my body was soft and hot, I was busy with me, Jiao said: “What is it stupid, hurry to put it!” I want to fire, I am incredible to watch her: “This is the mother’s pantied stockings, let me wear this?”

“Yeah, what is the mother’s panties? Do you not like it?” This gimmick has a pair of eyes, pick up the underwear to take off and throw it on the bed, put it in the end of the nose. Let’s put the beautiful little nose, said: “Smell, this is the taste! Is it comfortable to stick to wet wipe stick?”

Yu Qing’s hand swayed his underwear, in fact, Xiang Yu just bought the quad flower underwear bought for me yesterday, was hard to replace it before yesterday. Just yesterday night, I won the new marriage with Yuqing, and did the fire in the fierce, and took the underwear and wiped a few pieces in the two, and then continued to fight. In this way, this very cute and meaningful four-pool underwear is temporarily replaced with a sanitary paper towel. When she gets up this morning, she is still wet and sticky. It is extremely uncomfortable to wear it. I really want to change it. . But let me put on this filled temptation pantied stockings, and this pair of stockings is not her own, but a aunt. This is really enough. This gimmick is really thinking.

But this is a aunt’s panties, wearing a weird, or not. “Aunt’s silk pants socks are in me, and this kind of thing is thinking about being bloody. If it is really wearing, I am afraid that I have to be over the tent today. “Do you want to take a jade panties?”

“I don’t, I will wear it yourself.” This girl is clearly taking me, ghost believes that she has only one underwear.

“Do you swindle ghost? Don’t you have a pantyhose, what is big, don’t you think that my brother-in-law really doesn’t dare to wear?”

“I certainly believe that my brother-in-law dare to wear. The brother-in-law can be the most colorful person in the world!” Yu Qing did not carefully compliment “I can really wear it!” I fake as a sexy silk pants sock. Set.

The light said that he did not practice fake, and the light did not say stupid, and even said that it took practice. Sister, you have to wear it, I have to look at it. Yu Qing smiled badly, put on a look at it.

Looking at her, I am really unhappy. At this time, the tension below has reached the limit, and the tender skin is painful. He is eye-catching, and the finger looks at: “You look at it is protest, as long as you can give it Conquer, I will wear. “

“Love to wear, I am too lazy to ask you.” She turned and sent it, but was caught by me.

Want to run? I gave it to it, I wanted to go. I picked her back and threw her into bed. Yuqing turned into a group, said: “Sister, no, there is still pain!”

“Don’t have a little sister, use you the cherry tips to suck it out.” I looked at the long gun, and I was forced to lure.

“Before eating, I haven’t come yet. I haven’t come yet, my mouth is still numb!” Yu Qing’s hands closed his mouth.

“What should I do? Do you want to make another treasure land?” The eyes stared at her body in the eyes.

“Don’t, don’t, I don’t want to.” Yu Qing scared and rushed up and jumped out of bed, but the fish could not escape the fisherman’s big net. When the feet just landed, I was returned again. Bed.

“Sister, don’t, don’t do that, the dirty!” Yu Qing is afraid of afraid.

“You can also do it, but you have to think of a way to pick it up.” In fact, I don’t want to do that kind of thing, don’t say she is not willing, I don’t want to accept it at least. I can’t accept it.

“I know that I bully people, it is a big bad guy!” Just thinking about how she came to give me the younger brother, but seeing her glanced on my eyes, sitting up, gently taking off the stockings, showing A pair of delicate softening snow white crystal jade.

To be honest, her feet are beautiful, and they are really small and exquisite, the same is like jade. Gently smile and shocked my heart. Yes her feet slowly stretched with my legs, perhaps because of shy and stimulus, I got it. The flesh colors on the back of the feet is like transparency, and there are several blue dysfunctions. The foot is naturally empty, as if it can put down a apricot. And ten toes toenails are reddish, like ten small petals. And tender as a section of the bamboo shoot toe, the big toe is growing, and the rear is short. The ten fingers are straight, and I am more wild, I’m going to be a wild, and I have to be mad. Lingbo is slightly, Luo Sox is dust. The first time I noticed that the woman’s feet were when I did love my love with jade; the second time I noticed that the woman’s feet were in bedroom, I was already realized that as a self-recognition of a woman. Previously, one of the most sexy creations in this world actually ignored the wonderfulness of their, it was a big sin.

Woman’s feet are sexy creature. It is beautiful and smooth, beautiful and delicate, beautiful and clear, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It stepped on the land and learned the heaven and earth aura.

Women’s feet are enough to give up. The beautiful feet of the woman, especially the crispy chest, and more fun. The beautiful feet of the woman, the fun-rich feet, is the quality of art, is the essence of the human body, and it will be unparalleled.

The beautiful feet of the woman, the special gift of the day, the creator’s deliberate design, a miracle of the human body.

Women’s feet are the same as her hands and breasts, with charm and sexy.

I didn’t dare to let her put the feet directly in my below, I am afraid that I can’t control immediately …

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