That was in June 2000, the then three-year-old me is the beginning of a romantic summer, because I found a girl’s dream, a small I-year-old university student. In the summer, we fall in love , let me first sexual experience, do not laugh at me, I’m not handsome, but more introverted, so the previous few do not know if his girlfriend’s girlfriend, all will be done within two months the extent of the deepest will only kiss mouth to sing. hey, shame ah ……

Now this girl, Northeast, cheerful, very open.

The first time we met, just like I said, I love you, you love me?

Under the third meeting, in the case did not drink a little wine home with me.

After the first post slept, just carefully studied my body structure, solemnly told me that your foreskin is too long, you know?! So bad for you, easy to get penile cancer, for me not good, I will get uterine cancer, quickly cut faster !!! !!!!!!!


Three days, no matter how I pleaded, satire, take effort, cool, my little woman still strong-willed, I took out two roads to go, or else cut off, or break up ……

By breaking up? Who scare? Really fresh, which have not heard of a couple of children because the foreskin is too long, breaking up!

At night, looking for a drinking buddy, a case that he said: “! Such a person, not worth mentioning, this is not love, believe me, is not” ah, man is man, look what I’m talking about more than okay!! have in mind! OK, we’ll do! through the wine awkward, I got a hard-hearted decision.

The next day wake up in the morning was nearly ten o’clock last night’s hangover, let me a splitting headache, but I still have not forgotten my yesterday’s decision, I am a man, once decided, can not be changed.

I dug out a newspaper, I’m looking to find a phone number in the ad business, the firm picked up the home phone, dial-up, when the handset side of a young female voice speaking not standard Mandarin say hello, I calmly asked to: hello, you can do where circumcision is hand it ……??

Into this small clinic, I was a little nervous, not only because part of my body I will leave forever, and with my intuition, this is not a regular clinic, tattered screen door and out several medical dirty clothes, make me feel to a slaughter house.

In only one floor of the clinic, about 78 rooms, hung on the door subjects of small bronze children, I continue to see a medical, laboratory, gynecology, urology and laser subjects such as, but did not see but only the foreskin therapy department. reconciled and went again, accidentally discovered just that I have overlooked the toilet, but still could not find what I’m looking. no way, can only go to the registration office to ask.

In fact, the doctor is to be registered, which of course I know, but I also know that, after hanging up the number people will naturally tell you where in the office and I would like to find their own only one purpose: to see the doctor is a man of woman.

Do not laugh at me, brought up to large, I am very shy, although doctors say the doctor is sacred, but just on the phone and I asked haltingly woman answered the phone, said she swore to do hands? Doctor definitely a man, assured me, but I was afraid that he might encounter in the clinic female doctor, when to ask me embarrassing questions, I may humiliating.

Fortunately, no one at the reception desk, and registration is of twenty-something men, at least it makes me removed from the front of the row behind me also registered people say the purpose of embarrassment when I come. God be Yes ….. I also listened to my statement, registered young man did not look up, said:. “five, no medical records plus two five” I did medical records, so they give him ten, he still did not the rise of the list and find the money to me and said:. “.. left to find a third between Meida Fu” look at registration form came to understand, so it is, I cure this disease is laser families watching on the door brand, my melancholy moment, sounded the door, was secretly pray, do not be a woman, do!

Knock for a long time, no one answered the door.

I had returned to the registration office, the unexpected discovery that the young man had disappeared, replaced by a twenty-year-old woman, face it? Hands are incredibly white. After listening to my complaints, she picked up the phone, : “Hey, Dr. Liu, Mei Dafu you know where to go yet …….. …….. oh oh ….. there are patients, circumcision, right?. … wait a minute, you do today? “she asked aloud.

At this time, a forty-year-old woman happened came in behind me, I’m a little embarrassed, whispered “I want to take a look …… …..” suddenly had a heart unknown premonition.

“Okay, um, thank you Liu Jie.” Hanging on the phone, the woman let me go to the most inside the clinic to find Liu Dafu, and tell me: “I knocked on the door!” I thought, broken, Liu sister ?! Not male … The most inside, Hang hanging on the door: gynecology, I put ……., I understand, it is estimated that the male doctor is not, I will have a bought. The gynecologist looks, it is no wonder that I must knock on the door first.

I kept on the door while knocking on the door. The heart is medcof, “Liu Jie is male, Liu Jie is a male”, the desperate looks forward to the miracle. And the cold young woman in the door makes my heart again. .

The clinic is also seven or eight squares, a light blue screen will divide the room into two, the office desk is in the left hand of the door, this Liu Jie is sitting behind the desk, I have a check bed behind the screen. .

She took my registration order, indicating that I sat opposite her table. This female doctor looks very young, about 30 out of the face, the face is a more thin melon face, very clear, the eyes are not big, single eyed, eyebrows are very Thin, tight clusters together, the nose is tall, the mouth is very thin, like a blade, the corner of the left mouth has a rice size.

She wore a clean white coat, don’t have a photo card with a photo, I saw the above: Liu Qiong, gynecology, chief physician. Because it is summer, it is estimated that there is no clothes in the white big jade. You can see a broad skin from the collar opening of the white coat.

After I stepped, she asked my name, age, etc. I made an answer. She made a registration in the medical record, then she looked up, starting a routine medical inquiry, listening to her accent is Jiangsu, Zhejiang Soft, although it is very cold, it is also good. However, the first question makes me unknown measures: “How long have you been in the past time?” Ah ?! Ask this? “I thought.

She saw that I didn’t know how to say, continue to say: “This is the case, if you have a problem with early diarrhea, through the foreskin hand?, You can get a relief. Conversely, if the usual ejaculation time is more difficult or ejaculation difficult If you do this, you may have a longer last time. So we must first understand your situation, but also make your opponent? And the consequences of it have a certain understanding. “It turned out to be, the happiness, it turned out Have this effect!

“I should … it should be normal, about … um … more than ten minutes …” I said, and obviously feel a little bit.

“Our hospital has several methods for cutting out the foreskin, can manually, lasers, and how to introduce from South Korea, you can choose from your economic situation.” Next, I will understand a few Differences: Hand-hand, hands? Process is slow, but the incision is smooth, the needle should be sew, the cheapest; the laser, the hand is fast, but the incision is relatively large, and the edema caused after burns, ” To sew needles, bleeding, price is middle; Korean, hand? Process for a few minutes, no bleeding, no needle, the post-shape is perfect, I can’t see any hands? Traces, of course, the price is the most expensive.

I am fighting with the Korean style, A: All expenses are calculated, less than one thousand yuan. Well, I pay for it, I want to do Korean, but because the female physician uses “in the shape Perfect “These words, I am a little embarrassed.

“How, what kind of kind is it?” Asked the female physician.

“Is Korean-style needless needed?” I trive it. “

“Well.” She said coldly, it is a bit impatient.

“Then, then I will do this.” I told her to her.

Although I chose the most extravagant hand? Way, my female doctor just looked up and glanced at me, cold “Well”, the clip of the brow still did not stretch.

After a few words were written in my medical record: “I can’t do it today, the executive hand?” I have been diagnosed. “I am relieved, I want to see it.” ….. I have something today, ….. um … I have been doing it in a few days ……. Today I want to see it first … “I suddenly want to leave as soon as possible Here, I am afraid of her.

The female doctor nodded, took out a list quickly wrote a few lines, I thought about it, I wrote a few words, and said to me: “Take it to the charging, then take the list and find me. “Thank you Dafu.” I took the list and went to thank you, turned around.

I walked to the charity, and I watched the label for me.

I can only know how my name and the physical examination of the black body, others are written by a female doctor, just like all the doctors I have seen, the sky. Hey, I asked a few questions, this also Calculate? Also physical check! Sure enough is a black shop! I am indignant. I have been a black shop last time. I have spent more than 300 pieces of me.

Because this is a small hospital, the charges and registration are actually the same person, just a black woman who has just been twenty years old.

She took my list, carefully recognized it, suddenly sympathetic smile, ask me: “Liu Dafu opened?” “Yes.” I said coldly, I thought, I was still open! ” I am very uncomfortable to her inexplicably laughter.

She saw my cold attitude, no longer laughed, the plate is facing, cold and cold: “Twenty-five pieces.” Hey, I really blame this hospital, only twenty-five, actually I just I thought I was so good, I was anxious with her more than one hundred eight, because I took two hundred, I have to take a car for a while, I didn’t expect such cheap. Evpeak.

If I don’t have anything, I handed her.

The woman on the registration has received the money, covered a poke on the list, and the handing of the gloating is handed to me.

This person, there is a disease, I think.

I took the list back to obstetrics and gynecology, knocking in the door again, loudly, loudly, gave the cash-changing monkeys to the young cold female physician.

The female physician took a list and was prepared to speak.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

“Enter.” The female physician said not very happy.

It is actually a female criminal police wearing a police uniform, more than 30 years old, the skin is very dark, the body is high, the foot is more than one meter, the eyes are big, the typical Beijing big lady is like.

The back is two men, a fat, about 40 years old, atrophy, the other is still like a child, the top is six or six years old, very thin, the eyes are very large, the face is long, and the face is still a show.

“Hey, Dafu, I am bothering you, Mei Dafu is not there? Where to run” the female policeman’s pure Beijing film, the female doctor said to the female physician.

“Oh, Wu Na, how come you? Old Mei recently got some things. What happened? Is there something?” “Cough, these two children will send Qinghe, the paragraph let me find it Old plums have sexually ill, now there is no matter what they have, they will be found directly. “

“Old Mei is not there, the registration is sent here.” The female police added.

“Is it a jealousy?” The female doctor wore a mouthful of the two people who watched the two unknown people.

“Well, huh, yeah, this little fart child is still not learning! You are happy.” The female police gave the little hacker and laughed.

The female physician sighed and took out two tables.

I am a little surprised. How do you see it like a hacker?

“What is the name?” The female physician asked the big one and two men.

After registering, she took out two sealed plastic bags from the drawers of the desk, and I faintly saw the root growing.

“You wait a moment.” The female doctor said to me.

I nodded and said it was nothing.

“You come in with me.” The female doctor picked up the plastic bag and showing the man who is older.

The big man comes from the screen with a female doctor.

The female police began to observe me curious, I try to watch the window if you don’t look at the window.

That is still a small hacker who is a child, handing, and nervous.

“Take your pants.” The young female doctor is cold ordered to ordered the man.

The female policeman have already been expected, and the expression of the little male hacker is surprised.

I suddenly felt that the little boys were very poor.

I heard the sound of the flying tape.

“How long is this situation?” After a while, the female doctor suddenly asked coldly.

“……. Three or four days.” The man thought about it, whisper said.

What is the situation? I think.

“Is there a feeling of stinging when urinating?” The female doctor will ask. “Yes.” The big man said, I thought about it, “I didn’t dare to drink water in recent days.” ” Hasn’t hurt? “The female doctor asked again.

“Not hurting.” The big man said.

“Is it still pain in the end hurt?” Obviously, the female doctor is not very satisfied with the men’s model, and the hand is added.

“Oh, this hurt.” This time, a man must be hurt by a female physician, and whisper touched her pain.

I heard what the female doctor turned and took up, “Okay, don’t move.” After a few seconds, I heard a big man gently squatted.

“Well.” Said the female doctor said coldly.

The little man outside knows that it will be turned to himself, nervous can’t work, and work hard.

“Small, I am soakeited!” The female police smiled and reminded him that the little boy began to shake.

After a few seconds, the big man came out and the expression was calm.

The entire examination lasted less than two minutes.

The female police smiled and pushed the little hacker and said, “You go in.” The little passengers hesitated, and the red face came behind.

After a few seconds.

“Pants take off!” The small passengers will definitely understand Hu coat, and they should be shy, and there is no wide coat to dispense the way, so the female doctor is impatient. He shouts him.

The female police outside the outside smile, watch me happily, I don’t look at her.

I heard the little child began to grind the pants, I really had some sympathy this unnamed hacker.

“…….. Panties.” The female doctor refers to him to continue to take off.

“Doctor, I …” The voice of the small passengers actually had a cry.

“Don’t take off how to check it out? … take off.” Female doctor is cold ordered.

“Big sister, I ….. I don’t want to be embarrassed, that day …. I drunk too …” The little passenger is in a hurry, and it is ridiculous to tell the female doctor.

“Wu Na!” The female doctor shouted with the female policeman who rushed away.

“What’s going on?! You do you know that you have a face ?! Find a section team to pack you?!” The female police have been listening to the conversation in the outside, then I will go in and threatened it. road.

“Don’t …” I don’t know who is “paragraph”, but under the deterrence of that name, the little man is weak.

“Panties is pulled down.” Seeing the poor little man was determined by the female policeman, wronfied, and the female doctor repeated the command just not executed.

I noticed that after the policewoman completed his deterrent task, she still stayed inside, did not come out, seems to be afraid that the little man will become.

I really don’t value the little man, not to get such an episode. This is good, and there are more differential visit.

“No, go down ….. pull to the knee …….” The female doctor got a vision of the female police, and continued ruthlessly.

“Hurry up, don’t you get quite average? Is it a mother?” The female policeman began to swear, and it seems that I can’t worry.

“Don’t, big sister, I ….. Take off” small boy exclaimed. Finally compromise.

“Well, pull it again … Yes, just don’t move.” Maybe a little boy will fill the undergm to the standard position according to her requirements, and finally, the female doctor said satisfied.

At the same time, I heard a female police to cough and gently swallow a sight of water.

Poor little man starts to suppress and do not go gently because of the two strange women.

Hey, he is still a child. I am angry, even though he is a hacker.

After the screen faintly suppressed the sobbing.

The female doctor began to check the poor little boy’s most shy place.

I feel very angry when I think that the female policeman is watching the sight of the sight.

“I didn’t expect you to have a small baby child … huh, it’s quite big … Liu Dafu, what are you talking about?” The female policeman is obviously a person, and it is unscrupulous. “Well .. …. How big? “Of course, the female doctor knows what she said,” quite big “means, perfunctory” Well “, then asked. But from the question, it seems to agree to the female police View.

“…….. seventeen.” The little boy worried about humiliation, bare? Answer to, the voice is a few can’t smell.

Hey, people really can’t commit crimes, people who commit crimes are not people. I secretly celebrated my consistent observance.

Suddenly, I heard the female police smiled and squatted: “Hey, small babels, what do you want?” Then it is a loud slap.

“Big sister, I … I am not ….. I didn’t think, didn’t want to think …” The little boys wrote wrote, wanted to explain anything.

I am inexplicably.

“You are not, you! Didn’t you think? Didn’t think about what small cock is hard?” Said the female policeman said that he smiled.

“Well, Wu Na, young people, this is normal.” The female physician stopped the female police to continue to laugh the behavior of the poor child and continue to check.

The female police didn’t talk.

“Hey! Big sister, don’t, this … What is going to do ?!” After a while, I suddenly heard the little man asked with a trembling voice.

“What to hide, you! … stand hard!” Said the female physician said coldly.

“You … don’t move!” The policewoman took a breath, but also orders, but the sound was clearly sympathetic.

I don’t know what the female doctor took out what terrible things, scared the little man, and made the policewoman who just got a sly hidden heart.

I saw a man who was just checked out, I hope he can tell me something, but unfortunately, he still faceless, don’t look at me.


“?! No big sister!” After a few seconds, suddenly came from inside. I have a whole body.

“Shout, call you don’t hide, you see, didn’t get it.” The female doctor didn’t drink the little man who made himself defeat.

This time, the female police did not say anything, maybe she was in her heart?

After a while, it was a more scream ……..

After a moment, “OK, wear clothes.” The female doctor said coldly.

The female policeman is satisfied with the foot, this time, she didn’t see me.

The female physician went out and sat next to the table.

I saw something just put in the plastic bag in his hand, it was two long cotton swabs, labeled a small label on the tail of the cotton swab. I noticed a little on the cotton sign on the cotton sign. White slightly transparent adhesive liquid, one of the cotton swabs is faintly blushing.

I suddenly understood what I just made a small haser fear.

The liquid on the cotton swab thereterate with two fingers, must be bonded to some part of them. Where is it? I dare not think it.

After a while, the little man took a hand, and slowly bent and walked out. The face was full of dense sweat, and the expression was very frightened.

“Zhang Baobao, urethra, is suspected to be infected in the early stage of gonchrococcus.” The female doctor announced that the female police announced that the female police gave a disgusting of the four years old people, and Standing some, and old hackers still have no expression.

Xiao Tong, the exogenous genitalia did not have obvious symptoms, but it could not completely exclude the possibility of bacteria before the test. “The female physician continued to announce,” This is the urethral secretion of the two of them, holding this defect laboratory test, Half an hour later. “” Thank you. I have time to play in the team. “The police said with the female doctor, turned to the sinking face, pointing at the cotton swab to disgusing the two unluffed men,” ourselves ” Hold! “A group turned out, the little boy bent over, walking in the end.

The female doctor sat down and seems to have forgotten this to face the genitals of the two strange men, the expression calm.

She re-launched my list, I thought about it, it seems that I have just said that I have said to me.

“Oh, you will come in.” For a moment, she finally thought about it. Because I just checked two people, she used the “also” word. “Ah …” Through what happened just now, I know how to check after the screen.

“I … I can’t do my hand today? … I will have something for a while …..” I “I panicked, I started to make a knot in Baba reminded her.

The young female physician didn’t care about me, walked in the door to the door that had just hidden, and I was locked.

“I … I am today …. just come and see …” Seeing that she has no reaction, I will continue weak explanation, my heart begins to jump.

“Yeah, you just want to see if you are not suitable for this hand? Yeah.” The female doctor looked at me coldly. “Because this hand? It doesn’t use the hand, but use the ready-made mold, don’t understand?” Not everyone’s physical condition is applicable, if you don’t think about it, you have to consider other methods. ” Say.

Heaven, it turned out to check this money.

I thought that the woman in the registration is strange and laughing and laughing, I understand.

“Checking very quickly, can’t misunderstanding your business.” The young female physician can’t quitly say, obviously impatient.

I have three seconds, I know, I will give me three minutes, I can’t make a reasonable words, I can’t say “You are a woman, I am male, I am the most How can you let you look at “?! Although the truth, it can be said that it will be too ridiculous. People can do a doctor! Hey, who makes me soon said that I am talking about it today? Who is Let me choose this special Korean? Who makes me more stupid, I have to pay the check fee first! I am really a stupid, why didn’t I think that there is a few words? I want to smoke a big mouth!

For a moment, I almost lost the control to her: “No!?!” “Doctor, I …. I have to check that?” Just a small man screaming still echoing in my ear, I know Check that hiding, only retreats.

“What? ….” She didn’t understand, then I immediately understood, calm and short, “Oh, don’t.” She didn’t care, she no longer cares about me, after walking straight to the screen.

I hesitated, I didn’t dare to say anything, and I also walked behind the screen.

As I expected, there is a bed, very narrow, light blue thin twinkling, no bed linen, there is no pillow, the bed is close to the bed, and a white plastic cloth is paved. The bottom of the bed is connected. An elliptical similar basin, followed by the water pipe, on it, the two iron pipes spend two upwardly extended semi-circular tips, the following is two small wooden pedals used to play foot, pedal edges The two fine belts, the root of the iron tube has a diameter of about the bib with a handle, I know, it is used to do legs when you do gynecological examination.

There is a small table next to the bed, I have a few, three drawers. Place a stainless neighboring small cabinet.

When I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I have taken a thin almost transparent plastic glove from the drawer of stainless steel cabinets. I noticed that her hand is not Big, but because of very thin, it seems that the finger is very slender. Next, I saw a pair of feet wearing a wedding sandals, didn’t wear socks, the feet were very white, the feet were thin, the toes were also thin, if the faintness It can be seen that there is a trace that is grinded by high heel shoes.

“Lying on the bed, take off the pants, lying down, put on the leg bracket.” The cold voice brought me back from meditation, ah? Not a gynecological examination, how can I still hold? But I have no time to think about this problem. Now let me harary two instructions issued by the female doctor. Which one should I do first? First take off the bed or go to bed again? If you press her instruction The order, I should first go online, lying down, then unpacking the trousers, lifting the hips, raising your feet, fading the pants, but this, sure the posture is indecent, then one, I can stand in the state Elegant taking off the pants, then goes to bed, but this, I have to face the dilemma of now turtle your pants, hey, annoying, what should I do? After two seconds, my shame let me Decided: First go to bed again.

After thinking, I slowly walked to the bed, took off the shoes, half your butt was ready to move to the middle of the bed, the cold voice rang again again: “Hey, take off his pants and go to bed.” Hey, I know that I don’t have to fight for half a day. I will go back to the ground, let the belt, take off the trousers, put on a small white stool in the bed. Next, my hand puts the underwear On the elastic band, hesitated.

In fact, from the beginning of the inspection room, I tried to relieve my shame in my heart, and now, when this is the moment of humiliation, I found that it is easy to do so much.

The head is very halo, the ears are like a train, and my face is hot. I can feel it. I really feel very wronged. I really want to cry, I think of the little boy just now …. ..

When I am tense, I will escape when my legs fled, the female doctor didn’t have sympathy, cold and rush: “The top is not taken off, the lower body is stripped, the pantyh socks are taken off.” Ah ?! Socks also take off ? I think I am really pitiful, I want to see this female doctor with poor eyes, I hope she can let me let me, but I don’t dare to look at her eyes.


There is no miracle happening, everything is like a female doctor.

In less than half a minute, I took off my socks, sideways to take off my underwear, naked down, hold the private place, and climb the bed in the dark, swaying down.

The head is more fainted, the face is more hot, I feel that there is something that I have arrived, I don’t dare to go too tight, because, in that, the things in my eyes will flow out. I closed your eyes ? Combornly and almost bulld tears, don’t dare to see that the thin slender female doctor who is ready to check me.

Quiet female voice continued to ring, still firm, but it is not as cold as it is just like it, is she also pays attention to my eyes?!

“Okay, lying down ……. Good ……. The legs are lifted ……. Good … Legs are separated … Child, right, … feet, a little, um, have to lying down again, good, relax, put it on the leg bay ……. Well, keep this posture Move, relax. “My hands tightly squatted private parts, I can’t control my stiff body, like a broken doll, and the red ear is closed.

The young female doctor gently grabbed my ankle with a thin hand, and the calm voice was softly sent to me. Under her guidance, I finally finished the most inspected posture she hoped. Although I closed my eyes, I also know that my current posture must be humiliated, like a woman to be produced, I want to laugh, but unfortunately, I can’t laugh.

“I pull the upper clothes to the navel and ten centimeters.” The female doctor said coldly.

I took a hand and pulled it up and exposed my belly.

The young female doctor picked up my ankle, put my feet on the foot of the leg holder, then buckled two small belts on my foot, gently, and fixed my feet On two foot stools.

Seeing all the preparations have been completed, the young female doctor turned to pick up the plastic gloves you just put on the table, skilled and put on, then ten fingers intertwined, the transparent plastic gloves of the wings were tightly sticked In her thin hands.

“Well, I will take it now.” The female doctor returned to my legs and said slowly, the voice was calm and ruthless.

After the stalemate for three seconds, I took my hands in humiliating.

I can’t breathe, my body is gently trembled, I put a hand behind my hand, and I will stand my hair with my hand. I hate my weakness, this moment, I really want to Play…….

The lower body has been taken off, and the hands are forced to lift, even the last one of the Nike cotton sweatshirt has been pulled up to the navel or more, I am now helpless, this is called Liu Jie’s thin In front of the thin young woman doctor, there is no face. I know, my dignity has given me a confident dress with my wrapped clothes, and the generation is inferior. And humiliation.

After I am completely awkward, it is ashamed to be inspected. POSE for a few seconds, I feel that the young girl doctor wear the right hand of the plastic gloves flat, and almost at the same time, her left hand The two fingers also gently pinched the foreskin of my penis head. Because my foreskin is too long, the fragile and sensitive glans are still being wrapped too long. The female doctor’s finger pinch me once, my body shakes. Old days!

“Don’t move.” The female doctor said.

※ | JKF Czech Forum I know that everything just started.

After the young thin female doctor pinned the penis head with the left hand soft finger, stayed for a few seconds, then I felt that her two fingertips added a little bit, put my penis gently. Because I It’s lying, and she is facing me in the direction of my lower body, so her thumb is pinching the outer circumferential side of the coronary groove below my penis, and the eaten side is pinned.

The two fingers of the female doctor gently streamed my penis, and the food refers to keep it, and the thumb is gently picked down in the foreskin outside the coronate, so that the foreskin outside the coronate will turn up first. Child, revealing the coronary groove belt, then slightly hard force to hold the coronal trench that has just been exposed and remains, then her index finger is ingenious and soft, and slowly exposes the entire glans, and finally, The fingertips of the two fingers simultaneously gently gently gently, at this moment, my poor foreskin has helplessly faded down under the guidance of her smart finger.

In this world, what else is better than in front of a strange woman who is unreasonable with himself, so that this strange woman will take his most privacy to make out the organs to see the organs to watch more ashamed Do things? The answer is certain.

In the past, I have always thought that the lower body in front of the strange woman is the most shy thing. I remember that I will remember that I will let my mother take a shower again. Today, I am panicked, it is not the same. What is most humiliating?

This unfamiliar thin female doctor, just use her two gentle and smart fingers, easily fades with my last dignity as simple, ruthlessly exposing my delicate glans to her. In front of it, I feel that in this strange young girl doctor, I must have a self-esteem for myself through the body of the body.

When my foreskin was gently faded by a female physician, my grievance had not been able to keep itself, I feel, my eyes have flows out, I endure this humiliation, because of excitement, I started slight trembling, I tried to control myself, but I can’t do it.

“What’s wrong?” The thin female doctor who was appreciating his preliminary masterpiece found that my body’s shake and gently said.

I shook my head, didn’t talk, there is something in the throat, I can’t say it.

I don’t talk, she continues.

After fading my foreskin, the two slender fingers did not leave my penis root, but gently pinch the penis root, prevent the foreskin from returning again to the place it familiar.

Then, I feel that the right hand of the young female doctor who has just put on my left, I left my body. After a second, my fragile and sensitive glans felt its touch, this time is three soft fingers, still thumb Lightly pinched my coronary trench, the middle finger under the side of the glans and the relative side of the belt, so that the entire glans will not be able to move the next after the two fingers, while the index finger is just right. Parked on the top of the glans.

After three seconds, I felt that the urethra has been opened by a pointed thing, I realized that it is a fingertip of the young female doctor softly refer to the fingertips. The slim fingertips look at about five After the second, it was gently, I felt that I was quickly closed because of being opened and uncomfortable.

Due to the inspection of the urethral mouth, I want to see: what about checking?

After two seconds of my female doctor left my urethra, I stopped on my glans again, and I put it two times on the glans and started slowly.

At the same time, I heard her gently: “Is this pain?” No pain, I can feel grinding, very uncomfortable. However, I didn’t dare to say, shook my head, close my eyes, face shameless red.

The dexterous index finger changed slightly in the direction of the Moke, “What? Is it uncomfortable?” I felt the grinding, still hard, continue to shook the head. Who knows where is it?!

After a while, the smart fingers changed again, and then stopped after the 20th championship, suddenly the chest has a gentle place in a certain position in the glans. I bite the touch of the teeth. String, but the butt is not controlled to the left, trying to bring the little brother to flee the thin female doctor’s slender claws. “Oh … Ok, it’s not afraid. … “The voice of the female doctor clearly has less than the cold, actually said like a child.

I clearly know that the one that I finally made me unbearable is that when I have changed the mock direction several times, all directions are the only intersection.

“This check will make the glans are a bit uncomfortable. This is normal, don’t worry. Your glans are wrapped in the foreskin for a long time, so it is very excited, so the skin is relatively delicate, wait for the hand?, Let it With the outside world, exercise more exercise, slowly will be good. “The female physician recovered cold tone, cold and comforted me.

The female doctor then said: “Your foreskin shape is a Korean hand? There should be no problem, usually pay attention to the cleaning of the foreskin, your foreskin is a lot.” The female doctor did not pay attention to my face was red to the neck. Continue with my coronal ditch,: “Take a look here, then don’t pay attention to personal hygiene, it is easy to get the glans inflammation.” Female Dista took a meal, said: “And not just You, your partner is also easy to get gynecological diseases ……. Married? “Holding your own private parts by a strange woman, but also to answer her question that she is married, true It’s very embarrassed.

I hesitated, I shook my head.

“……. Is there a girlfriend?” The young female doctor saw that I was not prepared to say anything, and asked for calm and stubborn.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of her, I started hating her, because, I am humiliating now, it is for you!

I hesitated, I finally nodded.

“Well …” If a female physician is thinking about it, the eyes have passed a smile. However, I didn’t detect, because, since she exposed my lower body in front of her and was After she fell anywhere, I didn’t dare to face her eyes.

The laughter suddenly passed away, the female doctor said quickly: “Just, you have to be responsible for people’s girls, wait for a while, I will clean you first, hurry these few days, do it Let’s go back to God from the second sentence of her, and the female physician has begun to announce: “Relax, I have to check the pill now, your pill looks more than normal people. Big, to check if there is any problem. “Her words have not finished, I feel that one hand is inserted into my whole scrotum, the palm is gently holding my scrotum, then I feel left. The egg is gently pinned by the two or three fingers of the other hand. After pinching, the action is not stopped, but it is not stopped to change the different positions. After about ten seconds, I feel the woman. The doctor’s fingers are gradually useful. At the same time, a light sound came: “Is this hurt? ……. What about it? …… There is no feeling of pain or uncomfortable ? ……. Well? “When the female doctor kneaded, I still closed my eyes. I only shook my head as an answer, start, really pain, then her fingers gradually aggravated, I have a feeling of uncomfortable, but I have always shaken my head, indicating nor things. After that, my fingers have become more and big, I really feel painful, and when I don’t have almost pain, I still stubbornly shook my head. Because, when she was playing with my glans, I have lost it once. I must find the face again this time.

“This is not painful, strange, ….. Well, let’s talk later.” The young female doctor gave up the painful experiment of me, and said that I contracted my hand and said that I faintly I feel that her tone seems a bit heavy, but I can’t take care of this. Now, I have a feeling of winning the victory after deceiving others, I feel that I have a face. But I am completely exposed to this strange When a woman is more helpless, I am playing with her, is there really a face?

Moreover, I didn’t expect that this moment of victory, I will let me pay more humiliated expenses. This is a later words.

I heard the female doctor took the plastic gloves, threw it in the washing box, turned to open the drawer, then opened a sound of the rice box made similar steel, then, it is the unique “怦” that opens rubber bottles. The sulf, immediately, my sensitive nose smells a taste like iodine, but there is no iodine, I smell this taste, my body is nervous, I think this is the people’s instinct reflection. The taste of iodine is easy for people to think of wounds.

I opened my eyes, I saw the young female doctor pair on me, the left hand took a similar tweezers, and the tweezers took a cotton group with a large egg, now she is reaching the cotton group. A jar of small mouth with pale yellow liquid, ready to wet cotton. At this time, she seems to think of what, suddenly stop, hesitate, his mouth brushed a smile. Then she put down. Presons, bending open the bottom drawers, take out a vial, a white rolled cloth bag and an empty soap box. She put these things on the small table, push the drawer straight back. Then, she poured some transparent liquid in the small bottle in the soap box, and then took a soap box on the hot water faucet of the handle pool. The hot water was taken. The liquid is hot than hot water, and one is issued. Similar to the taste of soap water. Put the soap box on the table, slowly spread the white cloth bag, I am amazing, it is a long handle medical scissors and a brown male shaving. Knife. The young female doctor picks up the shaving knife, gently test the sharp level of the blade, and then satisfied it back to the open white cloth. See the razor, let me be a little uneasy, I don’t know what she wants to do.

Her side looks more thin, and the white big jade of the knee has revealed her calf belly, white, full, bed blocked my sight, I can’t see her thin-skinned feet.

At the moment when the female doctor turned around, I quickly closed my eyes.

I feel that the female doctor returns to my legs. “Okay, now you don’t move, your legs is easy.” Mong, heard a buzz of the wheels, I farestly support my leg. As the sound of the wheel rotation slowly moves laterally, my two legs are separated from the two sides, from the sixty degree angle to open from the 90-degree angle.

Ah? What do you want? I am afraid.

I haven’t come back to react, the sound of the wheel sounds again. However, this time, the movement of the tripod becomes longitudinal, slowly raised my legs to the direction of the ceiling. The whole process is only a few seconds, just in the ground Forty-five-degree corners now have basically point to the ceiling. God! No one knows that after the feet goes out of this position, people who stand in front of them can see what!

I have talked huge humiliation, hit legs, trying to take the legs from the legs, but I have no peaceful thing, because my feet have been firmly fixed on the foot stool, and the moving will not.

“Don’t move, you … Well, put your ass … Well, go to the left.” She guided me, continuing the angle of the wheel to adjust the leg bracket, until I The anus is complete and lacking exposure to her own eyes.

“Well, ok, keep don’t don’t move.” She sighed, satisfied.

This is more humiliating than just separate your legs, let my body blood flood together to the head, then chemical into tears that don’t live, poured my eyes.

“Now I will give you a vulva disinferent. Let’s take a look at your skin.” The female doctor said.

I dare not refuse, when dignity is from you, I feel inferior will make you lose the courage.

I feel that the female physician’s finger pinchs me with a curled hammer, gently pull it straight, carefully observed the length. Then one hand lift the penis, put it upward on my belly On the other hand, the skin of the scrotum is pinched, and the entire scrotum is also lifted up, check the skin between the scrotum and the scrotum and the anus.

The female doctor’s hand is cool, I suddenly remembered that she had already taken the thin plastic gloves into the washing pool.

“In order to facilitate thorough disinfection, we must first shave your hammer.” The female physician calmly announces the results of the skin check, and the tone is not doubt.

“Ah?” I suddenly panicked, the body shook because of the humiliation and angry, but I didn’t know how to refuse.

If it is not so panic, I should notice the problem: the female doctor does seem to say that when checking my genital skin, I will temporarily discover my inclusion, so I have to shave, but she is in front of the examination. Obviously, it has already prepared the tools of shaves! How to explain? Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to this in huge humiliation and anger.

Female doctor picking up the long medical scissors from the labeling white cloth on the table.

“First help you cut the yin yin, it will not hurt when shaving.” The female doctor took the medical scissors left hand, and the right finger pulled up a hairy, and the hand was separated, and the first. The gloom is forever. The female physician has not stopped, and the two hands continued to operate. After a minute, my original wonderful hairy has been cut by the young female physician to be almost two or three cm long. Female physician puts medicine Scissors, the right hand picks up the soap box, the left hand has some soapy water inside, and try to apply some on my thigh. There is about six or ten degrees in water temperature.

“I am not hot?” The female doctor asked softly.

I shook my head and I would like to play.

The female physician began to gently apply soapy water, even all the woolen places, including the scrotum and the anus, and then rubbed it with hand, under her generous, my genitals flooded white Bubble.

She is almost the same, put down the soap box, turned from the table to pick up the sharp razor.

“Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, don’t move.” I felt that the female doctor took the right hand to hold my penis, flashed the surrounding skin, then I felt the sharp razor scored my body .. …..

The female physician’s finger is gentle, the action is skilled, and it is basically no pain.

After about three minutes, her action stopped, turned and picked up a white towel and gently wiped the soap foam that had been residual, and wiped the incadvenation residue that had been shaved, and then inspected again. Soap foam interference, no shaving is shaved without being shaved.

Next, she used several fingers to pinch the skin on my scrotum, and the skin is flat, began to scrape my scrotum. This is a nervous place, my body is tight under my body. .

“Relax, there is nothing, don’t move.” The female physician felt the nervousness of my body and comforted.

Soon, she released the hand of pinching my scrotum, under her skilled operation, I know that the fur on the scrotum has been scraped clean.

My body just wanted to relax, suddenly, let me surprised things happened: my anus is actually pressed by a cool finger!

“Don’t be nervous, don’t move.” The female doctor stopped the movements of my dodge, if you don’t have something wrong.

I feel that the sharp razor is no longer posing on my skin, but lifted slightly, with the knife tip, surrounded my anal finger, lightly swim around my anus. Although this The local hair is not much, but because the location is not good, only one thing can be repaired by the knife tip, so this is more refined in the foot for two or three minutes.

After shaving the fur around the anus, the female doctor once again made a comprehensive examination of my lower body, and won the fur of each part again.

After a minute, after a strict examination, now the female doctor determines that my lower body is like a child.

The female doctor turned and put down the razor and watched her masterpiece.

I quickly saw me in my finger, my legs came to open, my foot is almost pointing to the sky, and the poor little brother didn’t have a protective protection, and the fear lying left. My foreskin is really too long. It has just been clearly faded by her dexterity finger. Now, after a toss, it is a miracle, so that the glans only expose a little bit. This makes me a little gratified.

The young female physician put down the sharp razor, repainting the tweezers of the cotton colossals, with some yellow liquid in the small mouth bottle.

I know that it is disinfected.

In an instant of her turned, I closed my eyes.

The female physician returned to my legs. After about five seconds, I felt that two smart fingers once again pinched my penis head, show the same technique, instant, my foreskin again In the squad of the female doctor, the poor glans will be free to expose to this strange female doctor.

“Hey,” I am sighing in my heart.

The two fingers of the female doctor fade after the foreskin, stopped in my penis root, then pinched slightly, the fingertips slightly, so that the penis erected the glans up.

Suddenly, a cool silk thing wiped my glans, I consciously moved her body.

I immediately understood, that is the cotton group that has just been stained with light yellow disinfection. When I just saw it, the young female doctor was definitely prepared, two fingers in my penis root in me. It’s just a good strength to avoid the next microsecond. I just moved other parts. The little brother has stabilized the two fingers.

“It’s a bit cold? This is iodine, it’s okay.” The voice of the female doctor is still quiet, gently, maybe because the disinfection is a bit cold, I am a feeling of her tone is not so cold. .

The cool cotton continues to gently wipe, gently, skilled on the coronary groove and the glans.

“It feels strange, but it is very comfortable.” I thought I thought.

When my heart is confused, I feel very comfortable, I know, it is broken.

I don’t have much sex experience, but there is a long history of masturbation, I understand my body, I know that this comfortable feeling will, and what will be.

I was scared, desperately wanting to control my body, but I didn’t use it. I feel a familiar hot stream from the spine, I know that I can’t resist this hot flow, I feel desperate, some part of my body Already starting to change, this time, I am finished.

Needless to see, I can feel the penis that is gently pinned by the female doctor, and my face burns, I can’t touch myself, my eyes are close, helpless waiting The time you are ashamed.

I really want to ask my female doctor: I beg you, stop, spare me … “The young female doctor has noticed that I am ashamed to make me shy and self-contrary, very light” Well ? “The cool cotton also stopped, but this is just a moment, then she didn’t make a little doubt, fixed my penis, still firm, another hand holding a disinfection tool Continue to start operation.

My penis continues to expand from control, her fingers of the roots of her two fixed penis adjustments with the degree of expansion, so that the penis remains upright, and the other takes cotton for me to disinfect the hand with cool cold. The feeling of dexterity is in my most sensitive part …..

I feel that this shameful thing is gradually erecting, I really want to find a slit.

When my little brother humiliated, when I was completely erected, I heard the gently sound.

“Well ……. A little nervous ……. Nothing … this is the normal physiological phenomenon of people … It is not too shy … …… “The owner of the sound said slowly, while continues to wipe detailed.

After a while, she confirmed that my penis had been clean and sterilized, gently released the hand holding the penis, and thus hard to move up. Then the finger and pinned my scrotum. Skin, I feel cool cotton began to gently wipe my scrotum.

When the cool cotton touched my anus, I shaken again and tried to avoid it.

“Don’t move …. Finally ….” The female physician promised once again stopped me, continued to wipe my anus, but did not pay attention to my shameful preparation.

The most ugly people in the body are most unwilling to see the people in front of a strange female doctor, and by her cool finger, the same cool cotton is swim around it, this is a huge humiliation? Stimulate, finally let my penis are completely erected, hard to point to the sky.

My head is dusk, lost the ability to calculate the time. I don’t know how long it is, suddenly, the cool cotton is left to leave.

“Okay, let’s let your legs.” The nightmare finally ended, I think.

The body and the neurot of the body were relaxed. I was so angry, and I felt that the tears that didn’t come up will soon, I don’t know because of humiliation or because of shame …

I slowly opened my eyes, took it down on the legs on the leg bay, sat up, and grabbed the stimuli, I finally started to gradually restore the normal private parts, I didn’t know what it was in bed.

Because his private parts have just been carefully settled, she can’t keep my ugliness in her play, so it is still red face, I don’t dare to look at her.

“Do you have not done this type of check?” The female doctor swept a hand, I grabbed the private part, and her eyes passed through a different smile.

“Well.” I nod, and then suddenly think this is like the first voice I sent after I walk into the screen. “I am a doctor, you are a patient, not an embarrassment.” The young female doctor cleaned the razor, the scorpion And those bottles, while nothing.

I picked up the underwear to put on, my heart was angry.

She packed things, threw it in the washing pool, turned back and stopped from the action of my clothes.

“Wait a minute, I haven’t checked it out …” The young female doctor saw that I took the underwear who had just got the hands and helplessly returned it, “Well, see It’s quite shy. “My face is red.

After a sudden, she continued: “I just compressive pain when I checked you, I estimate that your prostate is problematic. I will find other doctors to make a prostate test, I will test the prostate liquid.” “You are lying in first.” Said, she walked to the screen, pick up the phone.

“Hey, Sun Dafu? Oh, Liu Qionh, I have a male patient here, I gave him a sense of pain, huh, huh, old plum and please fake, send it to me in the registration, no Measures … Yes, doubt is prostatitis, this is an expert, so I want to come and look at it … um, good. I am in gynecology. Thank you. “Hanging on the phone, female doctor I didn’t immediately return to it, I heard her picking up the pen, it seems to be written.

After a minute, I heard the voice of the door, two people came in before it.

“Hey, Sun Dafu, it’s quite fast.” The female doctor said.

“Hey, do you dare to be unhappy?” A strange man’s voice. My heart put it down.

“This is the internship doctor who has just been divided into our department, this is the director of Gynecology.” Unfamiliar man continued.

“Director Liu,” said a young female voice.

“Hey, hello, this little girl, long is quite beautiful. You can be careful with this grandchille later.” The female physician said.

“Hey, okay, I said that I am bad. She won’t listen to you, she wants to learn something with me.” The male doctor said.

“Small beams, nothing, he doesn’t teach you, you will learn with me.” The female doctor said with a smile. It turned out that she would laugh.

“Thank you, Director Liu, I will learn from you later.” “Okay, where is the patient?” The male doctor smiled.

“Come on, in it.” The female doctor took the lead in walking, I ordered to barely sit in bed: “Come, still like this, the legs are placed on the shelf.” In my humiliation, re-put the legs back At the time, the male doctor came in, about 40 years old, wearing eyes, come in, did not look at my face, and I looked straight to my legs.

He stunned, and smiled and said to Liu Qiong: “You are ….” He swallowed back behind, I don’t know what he wants to say.

Liu Qioni smiled slightly, did not speak, turned from the plastic glove of her wearing from the drawer, handed it to the male doctor, and then looked at me, I didn’t dare to look at her eyes.

“The scrotum is large, the oppression is painless, and the female physician said.

The male doctor took the glove ready to be put.

At this time, the young female physician found that the menopause female physician did not follow, smiled and said: “Xiaoliang, why don’t you want to learn something with Master?” No? I am going crazy. ” .

“……. 嘿.” I heard the outside people hesitated, and then loudly, slowly gone.

My body began to slightly tremble. The male doctor noticed my body’s shake, and I saw me with sympathy. I said to the female doctor: “Hey, you Liu Qiong …” then no longer Talk, slowly wear gloves.

The people come in about twenties, fat, comb, have a pair of unclear smiles, the skin is very dark, but health, the left hand is holding a iron clip, there is a stack of white Paper, the right hand is holding a red original bead pen. Her body is tall, at least one meter seven, from my perspective, she is a bit fat, but the waist is not thick, the chest is very large, will be bigger The front of the white coat is full, the towering breasts want to come out.

I haven’t thought that I am this comic posture, I am a little, I will hurt my face, I quickly read my face, I quickly saw her. The eyes are awkward, and then my Yu Guang feels that her sight is directly jumped directly to my two legs directly. The female interns fixed the hopes in my private parts, suddenly found that I was shaved. After the scene, she was like a child. She once again, this time she couldn’t help, a smile started on her face.

My tears came up, my face has been red to my neck, and she is desperate to say anything else. She may also pay attention to my embarrassment, sympathize with the face, return to my private part, try to look at it. And I, when she exposed a smile, she didn’t dare to see her again.

The female physician smiled slightly.

The phone suddenly sounded.

“Yes, in me, oh? Ok, I let him go right away.” The female doctor said to the telephone handset.

“The old grandchildren, the dean have a question.” The female doctor said.

“Ah? No, what should this patient do?” Said a male doctor.

“Forget it, you go to the dean, this I have dealt with.” The female doctor said helpless.

The female doctor thought about it, and said, “Do you want to let the little beams leave, more internships are good for her.” “Thank you Liu Director.” Female Intern said gratitude.

“Well, do an anal referral, then take a little prostate fluid to do pathological examination.” The male doctor came out while going out.

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