“Come! Come! Drink! Drink! Don’t drink, just don’t give me face … don’t give me face ………

Cai Lilong, a well-known brand piano agent region dealer, a four-year-old strong, hair, bloody, waist, blessing, the piano line of the music and the boss; under the stimulation of alcohol, open the throat Shout.

“Don’t worry about it! Don’t be so close, come to celebrate, just want to be happy!” The piano teachers face each other, some will not drink, only drink juice, oolong tea; some to take a small mouth small mouth slightly sipped.

“Yes! Everyone dried a cup!” All said that she is Lanke, since Lan Jie takes the lead in demonstration movements, the teachers are not so embarrassed, so they are reluctant to be treated with a big temper, and the relationship is not good, and there is a tribute to respect the boss.

“Yes! Yes! This is right! Drink! Drink! Come! Everyone drinks together, ha … ha …” Cai Lilong is happy to eat the annual company performance, worship the stock market Many heads have given “10,000 health” “nine thousand to buy” ……

“Oh!!” Take your child has no days, there is no interest, anyway, “The child of learning the piano will not change” “

“However, the teachers can be difficult, the stubbone, the jade, the little A cat, Xiaoxi is also coming to learn, I am so good to learn a small bee, you are awkward! 喵 喵! Wang Wang! Wang Wang! “……

Just in the cup hosted, the promotion of alcohol is helping. Everyone is a word, and there is no mocking, the customer and the teacher experience and interesting things …

“Boss! I have something to go first!” A feast feast also eats drinking and fart to nearly 9 o’clock, there is another dating, some don’t usually be used to communicative entertainment, and many other words Leave.

“Boss! I have to go!” Pear, 廿 three years old, a simple kind girl, father is the landlord, the lion party member. From the small family, it is preferential, and the piano teacher will teach her to play the piano. Good qualifications, after graduation of Middle School, after graduation, the music department is guaranteed, followed by studying in a university music department in the United States. After graduating, I introduced my father’s piano. In the music class of Cai Lilong three months, just came to the interview to let the businessman couldn’t help but look at it, and well-known body, good appearance, plus shameless look is inevitable. Its father and friends also like to introduce some young people, know the pear fragrance, including physicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs …. Perhaps the art, the music of the music, I always feel that they lack the romance, and the relationship is always invisible.

“Pear, how do you go back!” Cai Long asked.

“I have a truck back to the slightly pear.

“Not well! A girl takes a ride in the evening. It is very dangerous to wait. I will send you back.” Cai Long put down the wine cup. Wu Xing Tong Cai Lilong made a look at each other: “Yes! I don’t get used to communicative entertainment, because the banquet is not going to talk, I really don’t want to stay again; I don’t want to think about the boss’s kindness, I have to nod, waiting for them …

“Hey! Lan Jie?” Asked the pear that had just finished the toilet.

“Let’s go back to pick up the child, I am so sad that the nurse is too long.” Wu Xing replied. Only Wu Xing and Cai Lilong were drinking, and the other bosses were drove.

“Come! Come! Pear, you drink very little! This bottle is not much! Don’t leave a gold fish, drink a few more cups, wait for you to get back.” Cai Ling said to put the pear The wine glass is full. Although the heart is unwilling, the pear is frown and has a few cups. Gradually, I don’t know whether it is alcohol, and the pear fragrance fainted, and the image in front of him seems to be fast. Wu Xing and Cai Lilong are not clear. Although God is still sober, his body seems to be difficult to raise his hand without being controlled, but the sensitive part under the navel has a special feeling.

“The boss didn’t expect this medicine so spirit, congratulations!” Wu Xing said whispered. Wu Xing was still in the piano of Cai Lilong, Southern Cai, Song Lion, Song Lion, is a salesman, because the mouth is given, some young piano teachers are always blooming, and there is a student to buy a piano. Most Introduction to Wu Xing, so the monthly sales of the piano performance is also more bonuses; Cai Lilong gas spleen at the time of the business manager. Later, Cai Longhua has a lot of bribery reward, plus the piano teacher Jiame, can afford the beauty and the agent market development department to host the manager to go to bed, and finally get the help of the contractor, and successfully obtain the distribution right in other regions. The piano line; at the same time, Wu Xing digged the corner and served as a business manager. “Go! Take my car!” I lost a car key to Wu Xing.

Cai Ling took the pear in the mouth, slowly walked to the road, Wu Xing opened the car and came …

“Come help me help you!”

Cai Long sat on the driver’s seat and saw a fragrance next to it. The powder face was red, and the mouth of the squat was rushing. He fuelfully, and he went, leaving the waving by the car. Wu Xing. .

After entering the motel, Cai Lilong hugged the whole body soft and weak pear incense on the double bed. “Hey! I finally planted in my hand! But see how this apple became rotten, the lady is like a prostitute, I will Don’t believe, you don’t want a man, hey! Hey! “Cai Long smiled, remember to see the appearance of pear incense in the interview, carefully got it, she is a standard beauty embryo, the heart is secretly designed to engage in this girl . I remembered Jiamei, who had a five-year-old single beautiful piano teacher, and didn’t have a fresh feeling. I don’t have to mention Yellow face in my home. I will go straight, and I have two children with Cai Longsi. I don’t know. Is it too lazy to maintain after marriage, or the result of the energetic Cai Lilong, a vicissitudes of life like Obmit, and the unmarried young piano teachers almost all have a boyfriend, and there are several private life. Zhou Huan is in several men, even private and differential high-end calling prostitutes, everyone will not be blame. There is no boyfriend, it is too common, and it is impossible to “sex” interest.

Cai Long monkey’s urgent spot jumps to the bed, the wine odor, the mouth, the mouth, the soft diamond lips, the dark brown tongue explored her slightly lips ………, faded her hard Purple Ocean, unlock the milky white milk, a pair of breasts from breathing up and down, provocating the original desire of men. Cai Lilong’s mouth, the tongue, plus saliva, the lips, the cheek, the ear, and the neck swayed to the chest, sucking the pink and tender breast “啵啵”, the tip of the tongue picked up the nipples, flowing out the stick The saliva is full of pears, and the hands are ruthlessly ignorant of white and reddish double milk, making the breasts embarking.

“Um … um …” pear fragrance, she faintly know how to do things, but the weakness of weakness, the eyes are difficult, the medicine is difficult, and the medicine is alcohol makes the whole body soft, the nerve feel is also slow,遑遑 Resistance, only tears are slowly flowing from the eye angle. However, a dream-like image has emerged in the mind, the dream and a strange white horse prince are kissing, the tongue is stout, his chest touches his breasts, and the hands are stroking each other. Every inch of the skin, the wonderful feelings are raw. Dreams and reality are quickly turned quickly, and they are unclear.

“Cool! Your mother! Don’t believe you unhappy!” Cai Lilong’s hands from the breasts to the thin waist of pear, watching the milky white tripping pants, the thick haired parts, more inclusive, more blur .倏 倏 下 下 下 下 部 部 部 部 集 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 水 阴 阴 水 水 水 水 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 水 水 水 着 水 水 水 水 着 着 水 着Cai Lille opened the bows of the bows and three snow-white thighs, full of face, licking, sucking the labelling and convex yukuclear, fingers dialing the lips in the lips, to explore the prostitution, the pussy full of water.

“Um … um …” pear fragrance made a sound, and the prince of the dream of the white horse reached out and stroked her leg roots. The yin house flew with the finger and touched it, crispy numbness, itchy, it is very uncomfortable, Refuge …

At this time, Cai Lilong’s thick penis was stagnant, and the glans had been trembled. Between the insertion.

“Ah! …… ah! ……” Rika after this stinging, suddenly sober half, a sight that made her frightened, a man, a man is the boss Cai Long naked body lying on her own also naked body. She knows how this is going, boss raping her. God! “Ah! Ah! Do not! Do not! ………” raised his hands and tried to open the inability Cai Long, kicking his legs casually empty. But Cai Columban large body being pressed against Rika, waist-hip thrusting penis with pussy Rika heaving, Rika style and no substance can not play with this role. With the Choucha Cai Long penis, genital pain it fits and starts Chu, accompanied by cries Rika whining. “! What cry, make you cool, but also Guijiao ass!” Rika dumped a slap on the cheek, hold her flying arm. Bestiality Tsai Long hidden layer, by a fragrant pear crying, more sense of excitement, the penis thrusting movements with Rika crying more struggling to advance. At this point Rika know they eventually escape the fact of being raped, we have also tried to resist a little effort disappeared without a trace. Eyes closed not want to see her face sideways Cai Long face, uphold sobbed, tears trickle down my cheeks down, the body also let Cai Long mercy, torn ……

However, the real body and rational response was lopsided, her body turned out that the penis can not resist the rhythmic twitching of the waist is also combined with the rhythm of nature to meet her. At the same time a lot of sexual secretion flow, such as penile thrusting the issue pussy pound mud-like sound. Pussy pain in a burst of pleasure mixed with dumb impact Rika.

“Ah ah ……… ………” Rika made her ashamed issue of involuntary sound lust. Long after Cai caught Rika thighs and thrusts at least ten minutes, “ah ah …… …… …… A mouth” Rika can not stand the waves of Choucha, a sudden shudder, struggling Shuangtun a tight pussy up very, pussy spasm waves constantly twitching, body weak lying, mind blank. At the same time Long Cai also a sudden heavy pressure to systemic shock at the number of sperm in a lasing Rika vagina, legs too weak to put down, lie down beside Rika gasp.

Looking at the side dull eyes, the tears have dried Rika, Cai Yang Long is a mouth hum smirking.

“Hey! Hello, my kids XXX, a student Rika individual classes. Our whole family to travel abroad next week, piano lessons to leave, the last time I forgot to explain a child to tell the teacher.” One of the parents of the students to leave the phone.

“Well … well … know, I wish you a happy journey … bye!” Cai Long hung up the phone just still muttering, how nobody answered the phone. Out of the office “little sister! You just where to go, red and blue it?” “Oh, I just went out the trash, go to the bank the Lanjie.” “Ah, …… young girl, to India this month, a music classroom timetable for me. “normally, no one on the entire store, the clerk ran out of business, in addition to the upstairs music room internal compartment of the scheduled teaching time, piano teacher to come, the only young girl and red Orchid.

Rika, Cai long since been tarnished, the people become quiet. Cai Long’s music room, only four lessons a week, two groups of individual classes and two classes (ie, one to one teaching). Although the sign to teach piano, that is to leave the school, with Cai Long communicative and social occasions are not always in the company, Long Cai encountered little chance. Cai Long after the first encounter in Rika ready to teach community classes that afternoon, I saw only one into the company in Long Cai and sales talk. “Hello!” Cai Long seen Rika, as usual, as if nothing had happened later to say hello, and sales continue to talk. But just as frightened as Rika even forgot to sign, hasty nod directly upstairs to the classroom. Thoughtfully throughout the afternoon, when they recovered they have at home, and have not remember how the get out of class is, how got home.

“The young girl, hello!” That day there’s music in Cai Long classroom courses individual classes, attendance finished, and only after Rika is finishing cabinet sister greet runoff to 302 classrooms on the third floor. “Has not come yet!” Sat at the piano chair after waiting for a while looking at the watch, I thought downstairs to wait and see, it also opened the door Cai Long grabbed the door handle oncoming head-on collision, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry ! “glancing inside Cai Long” ah! “is heard to cry out,” What happened to you? What do you want ………, students came …… wait a minute. “Long Tsai afraid to be alone in a room she wanted running for the door, Cai Long grabbed her wrist a pull, “touch” sound behind closed doors.

Soon more and more shortness of breath Cai Long, Choucha speed more quickly, Rika hip shocked “ah … ah … Ah mouth ……” sexual secretion from Mixue overflow, the rapid contraction of the vagina “sucking” the thick Cai Long fever penis, followed by Long Cai gluteal tight waist struggling a dry, “uh … uh … mouth Eritrea ……” semen is injected into the depths of fragrant pear body.

Cai Long after wearing pants, said: “You must take a rest now students leave will not come today!” At this point Rika cried out aloud the name of Cai Long “hum … you … good or bad you are good or bad … Hello bad … Why do you want to me … hum …… “

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