In the hot summer, mountaineering travel is the best summer season, Yali and 筱 芸 decided to use the summer vacation to go to the mountain, the two are the high school students of the same class, they are all grades of students, so they 瞒 parents secretly go out They choose the middle of the mountains in the middle, and there are fewer people to climb, only a small road developed by Yanshan.

When the two arrived at the scheduled date, he said with his parents to go to camping with the whole class. Their parents listened to the whole class, and they had promised soon, so Yali and 芸 穿 登 登 带The sleeping bag and the food are going to the mountain. On the way, there are very few people in the mountains, and they will see five people in the past half.

Just when they climbed to the half-mountain waist, I walked three people on the hill, and I didn’t pay more attention to the mountains. I still continue to talk. After all of them, the three people couldn’t help but play, they want to rape them. These three are called Xiao Wu, Xiaoke, Xiaowei, they see no one around, make each other, start to run, and Yali.

Xiao Wu said: “Miss” Miss, there are a lot of beasts in the mountains, are you not afraid? “

筱 芸 Answer: “We will be afraid of the beast, and there is no wild beast on the Taiwan Mountain.”

Yary said: “We are not afraid of wild beasts.”

Xiaoyou smiled and said: “The beast we said is the color wolf, stupid girl.”

Their two people listened, and I found that I have ran forward to the mountains. Xiaobai took them to run away, and I am so angry that “fast chasing”.

Xiao Wu said: “Don’t chase, see my power.”

He took a gun from the pocket, and Xiao saw quickly said: “Hey! Don’t kill them, we have to go to them.”

Xiao Wu smiled: “Don’t be nervous, this is anesthetic gun.”

After the four guns were finished, I only felt the thigh and back hurt, and I didn’t run more. I fell on the ground. Xiao Wu three walked over, holding them to the forest next to the mountain road. Place it on the grass, three people put them on the ground, and then placed their two on the sleeping bag.

The three decided to first top Yali, so Xiake first slammed the first, Xia Wu and Xiao first top Yali, two people immediately took off their clothes, Xiaowei took off the top of Yali, unplug her milk, Playing with Yali’s tattan, while grinding the lips of Yali with penis, Xiao Wu took off Yali’s tights, took off her underwear, put his fingers into Yali’s vagina, and fill the lips, Observed, Xiao Wu determined that Yali was a virgin, and it was discussed with Xiake and Xiaobai.

Xiaoke said: “The little is relatively beautiful, I have to go online.”

And Xiao Wu wants Yali’s first time.

Xiaowei said: “The holes in front are gave me by you, and the holes behind them will give it to me.”

After the threesome resolution, Xiake first looked at them to Jani, then she took care of it, Xiao Wu and Xiaowei continued to play Yali, Xiao Wu’s meat stick was bigger, and no matter Yali’s The vaginal wet is wet, and the Yali’s underwear pad is under her vagina, open the galle of Yali, and the penis is slowly penetrating.

The glans have been covered by the lips. Xiao Wu then pulled the waist of Yali. After a force, the whole penis has been inserted, and the female film has been blown up. Xiao Wu began to make the whole force, Yali’s vaginal tightening, Make Xiao Wu more cool, insert it more, Yali’s lips also flow out of the symbolic blood.

Xiaowei faces the mouth of Xiao Wu, pulls Yari’s mouth, puts the penis inserted Yali’s throat, slowly pumping, two hands rubbing Yali’s double milk, Yali’s chest is full and very flexible, so Xiaowei has packed Yali’s double milk, still does not give up, Xiao Wu is still a deep shallow inserted Yali’s vagina.

Yali was inserted by the penis. Therefore, the vagina is extremely close, but the more close the vaginal man is inserted, the small Wu’s penis rubs the vagina of Yali, because Xiao Wu is very violent, Yali’s vagina is not Pouncing blood, because Xiao Wu sprint, Yali’s thighs stained a lot of prostitution.

“It is shouting.” Xiao Wu shouted, at this time, he made the final sprint. After more than 20 times, Xiao Wu put the penis to the deepest exquisite liquid, shouting “Ha! Ha! Virgin is a woman, the vagina is really great! Really cool! “

Xiao Wu pulled out the penis and saw that the above is Yali’s virgin and obscenity, and Yali’s vaginal mouth still has some blood, and her underwear is also the virgin of Xiao Wu. Her underwear wiped blood on the penis and the blood of the Yali, then puts the Yali underwear and underwear income his strap.

Then rely on a tree to rest and talk to the little: “Hey! The you are giving her ass.”

Xiake also said: “Xiaowei, you will do the girl first, I will play this horse now, let you go.” After taking off the body’s clothes, then kissed the face of. When I was still awake, Xiao Wu was already asleep, and the bliss’s face was tired, and she touched her clear face to unlock the shirt, Yali and Dragoni. Very beautiful, but Yali is very good, it is a hot girl’s beautiful girl. He is a purely girl, and the body is not Yali, but there is another attractive taste.

Xiake took off the bra, revealing a broad double milk and two pink teenage, Xu Xi Xi Xi’s pulling jeans and slowly took off her jeans and saw a white. Internal sputum, Xiake took off the jeans and saw the slender feet, at this time, the penis of the small scorpion was very painful.

Immediately unplugged the underwear, leaning on the lower body, see sparse hair, and a thin seam, two big lips are closely surrounded, the small branch double-handed open the labipings and then use the tongue into the vaginal exploration, Xiaoke It is also humid that the tongue has been inserted into the vagina, but when the small book is deeply in-depth, it is blocked, that is, the female film of.

Xiake knows that 筱 is still very happy, just talk to Xiao: “Mom! This girl is a virgin, I have to do it.”

After finishing, I decided to help the buds in a special way, so I took the bulls from the sleeping bag, put it on a big stone, but still unconsciously, Xiake let 躺 平, 筱 筱The head to the back, on the stone, the feet in half is half-air, and the small science puts the underwear to the side, and prepares to retain the virgin blood as a commemoration.

Come, put the glans on the lips, slowly push it into, the labello is trapped to the Xiake’s glans has squeezed, he slowly in-depth, he wants to enjoy the closeness of the virgin, when Xiake’s penis piercing is half, and it is blocked by the women’s film.

So Xiake grabbed the butt, the woman’s film has been dried, and the Xiake took a few times, pulled out the penis, picked up the underwear and wiped the penis and along The blood under the thickets.

Then surround his fingers, then insert the blood in the vaginal to wipe the blood in the inside, and finally receive the underwear, and the Xiake is very straight to the jet nucleus, and the sprint begins. All inserted to the deepest, every moment, the whole body can’t hoste.

And her back is stubbed from the rock, and the small science is deliberate, and the vagina is closely wrapped, and the vagina, the vagina is also smoked. Insert, keep blood, blood has dropped to the ground, and Xiake took a lot of semen in the end of the uterus in the last sprint, and fell to the side.

On the other hand, the little girl continues to dried the asshole of Yali, and Yali’s asshole has been dried, and Xiaowei feels that she wants to eat, and the penis is inserted into the vagina of Yali, and he pulls out. The penis is taking a break.

Xiaowei went to the side of the big stone, preparing to insert the farthered eyes, he turned over, let her kneel on the rock, open the farten of, put the penis to the farth, Slowly pushing the muscles in the anus, in-depth, start to save, 芸 的 眼 不 蹂 蹂 蹂 蹂 蹂 不 不 蹂 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 蹂 不 不 不 不 也 不 不 不A few times quickly pulled out the penis inserted into the vaginal vaginal to shoot the white turbid semen.

Since then, Xiao Wu and Xiaobu woke up again, and then dried again. Xiao Wu, Xiao Wei, Yali, and both sides have small sects in their vaginal ejaculation. Xiao Wu, the semen, and they took out all the underwear and clothes of the three people, and they took their body naked to the road, and quickly escaped.

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