A total of three people can live, there are ready-made furniture, rent can be accepted: ×× 路 × × 巷 巷 × × 楼 or electricity: × ×××××× There is a student girl in the afternoon Looking at the house with his mother, the student is growing fat. Let’s take a rent to rent the rent, ask her to deposit the golden 155 (one room), his mother is not very happy to take her. . After that, no one came throughout the afternoon, and I felt a very frightened.

When I arrived at 6 o’clock, I rushed to pick up the phone. A student girl would come to rent a house, her voice is sweet, I’m almost happy, I am so good, I am very happy, I am not lost. Imposed.

I am with her, she is still looking at the house at seven o’clock, I certainly promised.

When we finished eating, we will be happy to wait for her. I saw her as pure and cute, my body, and I have been secretly decided in my heart. She is with her mother. I have both ritual, and I have a hot tea, start talking about the problem.

Her mother started to see us a little doubt (only two big boys, but also rented a female student) And I also had to stay after my big brother, I only left me alone, and she made her mother put down.

Then I took them to see the room, we suggest that she lives in the room for booking, there is a single bed and a desk, bookcase, also air conditioning, and the rear balcony has a washing machine, the first bedroom There is also a bathroom, there is a kitchen available, and I also declare that I only live upstairs. There is also a bathroom equipment upstairs. Since the furniture is ready, her mother feels satisfactory. In addition, we have not received high, and don’t talk about this matter.

My two brothers were sincerely sent them away. She introduced each other before leaving, she knew that she was Yajun.

There are also some people to see the house on the next day, but our two eyes are high, they will send them away. It’s hard to have a young eyebrow and her strong father to see the house, and we have moved out the poor life. In the end, they are very satisfied with the house, but only the single room is left upstairs. In the two, I have to stay after my big brother is in school, I only have me alone, and a big brother’s room, and downstairs There are three student rental, they decided.

This girl is called Min, as a special student like Yajun.

Now there is only one double room, unexpected, double rooms are indispensable.

Fortunately, I have been to see the house for a few days. They have been special. They have to live together with class students. They are not very beautiful, but they look very cute, a name, another called Hong Xin So three rooms have been rented.

A few days ago, their things have moved in succession, we also gave them the key in their rooms (two of the rooms), known as we have no backup, they want them to collect.

On the eve of the school, we invited them to eat pizza at home, let everyone know, we add sleeping pills in the drink, because of a group of people, they don’t have any calling, everyone eat and drink, talk about each other, but After a while, they said that they were tired.

I have been mature, and I will work with each other.

They have opened them with the key, they are all over the bed. But we didn’t immediately infringe on them. At this time, we sent it to the field. They all installed the mini megaphone connected to a specific sound system, and the monitored video can monitor and take them. One move.

At this time, we played the hint content of the tape: “You are now in deep sleep, when you wake up, if you hear anyone say” 870941 “, you will enter the hypnosis, and will With the order of order, when you hear “Dry you”, you will wake up and forget what you have done everything, but just a dream. “Just let them hear 12 o’clock in the evening, we I woke up.

When they still slept, we said to them: “870941!” The test results are very good. Everyone has entered a hypnosis, so we have four sex slaves once!

On the afternoon, I came back from the school. I pressed the doorbell, but no one came to open the door.

It seems that they have not come back yet, I opened the door into the living room, and called a few times, no one is at home!

I really don’t know where the girls have come. So I wanted to go upstairs. Suddenly, I heard the intermittent sound in the bathroom downstairs.

I quietly approached the bathroom, listen closely, I do not know who was taking a bath, I stand at the door, heard the body heat. I thought to myself: “Anyway, they have been hypnotized me too, who are not all the same?” I could not put school uniforms gave off a clear light, and hurried to open the door with a spare key, lost his mind rushed into the inside . The bathroom is Yajun, looks pure, pleasant, slightly plump figure, he was sitting in the bath tub.

“Oh!” She was shocked, because the door stood a man!

I saw her eyes wide open, his hands holding a towel chest protector, his face rosy: “? What are you doing you ﹍﹍” Yajun afraid to ask.

I did not answer Yajun, slowly toward Yajun’s side, she was surprised shouted: “Why do you ﹍﹍ you ﹍﹍ come out fast!!” I smiled and said to her: “Yajun, I want to do ! a landlord’s duty to do it, “she surprised shouted:” quick ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ then I do not go out trying to get across, “I smiled and said to her:”! I’m not bragging, I have here what equipment is good, even ! soundproofed beautifully it is “trembling Yajun said:”?! why do you think you ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ do not come here “Yajun really afraid, her voice will be strong feel? arrive.

I said to her: “! Do not worry, I’ll pamper you,” I said, as an arm around her and kissed her on one breast.

That Yajun being in the moment of my attack, scared I do not know what to do, the whole body trembling.

Yajun tears, desperately struggling, I picked her from the tub and put her to the ground, she cried: “! What do you Why ﹍﹍” I grabbed her hands , stroking her breasts said to her: “! in fact, you should have thought, of course, is to rent cheap good ah” right hand kept rubbing her breast, pink nipple very convex beating, she still side shouted:! “help stop ah!

Ah ﹍﹍ Do ﹍﹍ do it! You can not die! “Yajun constantly begging, but I am enjoying this? Evil pleasure. I have been touched breasts hands, invasion following Yin Xue Yajun from between the double hill ditch, I was in her charming pussy, with the middle finger and index finger kept Nianzhao clitoris, labia parted her, sexual secretion slowly drain.

I dug dug, then stopped, she seems a bit haggard, his mouth only slightly humming: “! Ah I do not ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ trick Chi ﹍﹍ not ﹍﹍ ah ah ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍” she cried constantly try to resist.

I let go of her hands on her body, her hands Cuonie predecessor of the most important breast, kissed and rubbed, they suck and bite my hands on her breasts wavering leaving her fear, she He kept twisting the body to elude.

I felt we were being straight up the body temperature, breathing has become even more rapid. At this point I have been dizzy head, which control her call, fiery lips sucked and kissed, a pair of clutches touching down hard, pressed against.

While I touched his nipples, one hand on his wavering Saonong the pussy, so she kept trembling, power gradually weakened resistance down. My big dick on top of her pussy, fingers stroking up and down along the slit in the vulva, and get a little tease her clitoris on the hard protruding labia.

Yajun kept crying: “! Ah no Yeah ﹍﹍ trick Chi ﹍﹍ not ah ﹍﹍ not ﹍﹍ not ﹍﹍ ah ﹍﹍” kept shaking his head for mercy.

Of course I ignored her, only to suddenly kissed her Xiang Chun, tongue enthusiasm and excitement in her lips provoke with, as she gradually increased the desire, and her lips slightly parted, let me long tongue straight into the trend, not for a while, I suck, welling up with, and drunkenly kissed up her lips.

My mouth and hand back land Chi Moqi by her, from Fenjing to junk, grinding Suo wash over. Then climb the peak from the chest, while kneading on the summit Rudi, then scored her down the river in the Holy Land. Her body like countless insects in general, twisted at the waist kept crawling, as if to hide from my campaign, but also like to greet my caress. This time, she had a glimmer of hope of surviving, I continue to resist the invasion, his slender legs tucked tight.

I step up action, a latch onto her tip gently sucking milk, sipping, touching another nipples with one hand, vigorously rubbing, pinching, while the remaining other hand is in between the legs Rounong her clitoris, clasp, get with the body she has thunder lightning, shiver, twitch.

“Do not ah ah ah ah ﹍﹍!” Cried Yajun, crooning her breathing is getting up, a black long hair with her head chaotic pendulum. Yajun of pleasure produced by the body can not help but grunt, she kept my hips.

My fingers activities more quickly and fingers rhythmically on a slightly elevated hill and below Roufeng touch, thumb constantly irritate sensitive clitoris, see moist sheen from virgin-like light pink hole. That white ass slowly shaking, although her intellect does not allow his mouth refused to say, but in fact have on the physiological reaction.

I continued along her neck, chest, cleavage and her tender and ask around Yuru lick, lick the ground ﹍﹍ she kept twisted Jiaoqu, although his mouth still faintly shouted: “No! no! “but the chest was automatically pricey, it has been unable to grip his legs, so my fingers have more free space in her pussy.

Yajun keep crying: “! Mmm ﹍﹍ not ﹍﹍ ah ﹍﹍ do not dig ﹍﹍ stand ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ beg you not to,” she cries echoed in the bathroom, just like surround sound like stirring.

I have been running out of patience, got up and overwhelmed her lying on the ground, it will open about her Fentui held high, big dick against Yin Xue was slightly open seam, a violently ass, that soared, congestion, thick big cock will squeeze into the Cave.

“﹍﹍ ah ah ah ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ thermal ﹍﹍ stop it ﹍﹍ oh ﹍﹍ ah ﹍﹍ hurts ﹍﹍!” Groaning Yajun teeth.

I think she is so innocent, but also aroused the vices, big dick harder thrusting forward, and with two hands while pressing her pair Breasts, “ah ah ah ah ah ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ stop it! Stop Yeah! “she continued cried, his hands holding me tight, I want to relieve your pain.

Her labia a swallow a spit greet my penis, two more hand clutched my head, could not help pulling my hair, making me more ruthless, more accelerated stuck her. Zhizhuang bother my dick, hard pounding Nenxue, more inside the mill work! My hands clasped her tender little ass, could not knead move, the pain of her vaginal muscles tightly contracting.

She said in my ear:!! “?!? How about Yajun, whether you are happy it comfortable to the extreme ” pain ah ah ah ah ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍” Yajun loud groan desperately Road, sexual secretion suddenly sprayed out.

Mad quite a while, I have to die, the hot finish Taotao wave followed wave, vent and vent, finally tired of him lying there Yajun, could not Jichuan the ﹍﹍ “Yajun, your body incense , good soft, good slip ah!

In particular, this breast, but feels very comfortable! You are so charming, so beautiful! “I touched her breasts praised.

Yajun cried and said: “Woo woo ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ you ﹍﹍ rape me??!” She panted not yet fully subsided gas crying.

I still spoke to her obscene words: “My little kiss, let me tell you, hee hee hee ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ you do not think you’ve just been doing my sense of Saolang effort, like hunger ? was going to die, I do not come to fuck you, you will find another man to fuck you right “Yajun cried and said:” you do not say, hello dirty Yeah, you go away, do not touch me again !! Hurry up ﹍﹍ Yes “side Yajun said, as he pushed me hard, she retreated to the bathroom wall, feet tucked tight side sitting on the ground, hands folded guarding the chest, the constant cry: “!! you quickly go out ah ah” I obscene saying: “! Yajun, you just great performance Yo if you are willing to let me do the Lord every day, I can consider not charge you rent Yo!” Yajun He shook his head, crying more loudly: “you do not say you ﹍﹍ brisk walking up that way you do not go, I’ll call the police!!!” “Well, anyway, I have been taken away by police, and that ﹍! ﹍ how a bout you and I come again? you okay ah? ﹍﹍ come into my bedroom, where will feel better! “I said with a wicked smile humiliate her.

Yajun by this unexpected situation to the stunned, I did not expect this beast actually want to again. I quickly ran naked, grabbed Yajun Fenbi, the Yajun to pull my bed.

“Do not ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ villain ﹍﹍ pervert ﹍﹍ do not ah!” Yajun desperately writhing and crying called to panic.

In a fit of pull, Yajun was I pushed the bed, then Yajun attitude has softened down, she cried and told me:? “I do not ﹍﹍ call the police, I beg you to put ﹍﹍ ! me! “I smiled and said:” the matter has now ﹍﹍ only now is that only a few times you do more, you shut up, well stop your mouth.

Otherwise, let the police know, then I may not again stay in this home. Do not worry! I have a lot of experience, this is the best solution, if you do not listen I’ll kill you take to lose. “I spoke words with intimidation.

I see Yajun struggling badly, put his left hand two fingers to her lips a stuffed, tease get her mouth and tongue, right hand clutching her tender breasts, constantly rubbed, and pinch. Yajun hum struggling, I just put on her unmet lust, and now you want all the blame on her.

My hand pinned her furry, hot hole. what! It is really quiped to touch, the elasticity is full, and it is full and fat.

“Don’t be awkward!” Yajun was panicked.

“Ya Jun, I don’t want to be afraid, I will not harm you. I will gentle, let you feel comfortable, you will also quarrel!” I persuaded her hands, so as not She is extremely resistant.

Two moisturized jade milk has been hard, the nipple is brightly shaken on her chest, Yajun’s teenage, tender and pink, but there is not much hairy, but it is densely covered below the small belly.

My mouth began to kiss her body’s skin, breasts, teats, and even her virgin.

The gradually raised yuki, the pink and tender gap, all sensitive places I don’t let go!

I have a whole body twist, tremble.

I feel that her body temperature is getting higher and higher. It seems that the time is coming, I cross her jade body, dialing the pair of legs open, holding hands, then the big chicken, to the meat I took a half-cut.

“Pain is hurting! It is really good to be hurt. Skilly lubrication, enjoy the sound of Yajun.

“Ah! I don’t want to hurt, I can’t stand it, let me go! I will smoke out, I am hurtful!” Yajun frequently shouted, and it was struggling.

Looking at her trembling, I slowed down, caress the sexy zone for her, let her secrete more obscenity, then the heart, and smashed a whole root without!

“Ah, ah, hey! Ah, ah, awkward!” Yajun was twisted, called death.

I told her not to mess, she fell, the more fierce, and I also worked, the more crazy. After I was inserted for more than dozens, I gradually became numb in my rape, no more severe pain, but I feel a burst of hot pleasure.

Her numbness, the waves have flowed a lot, making my big chickens pumping more smoothly. A hard meat stick is in one out, and she quickly dried her little and waves. “Well, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! Oh, oh, oh, pain!” She has a shame of the waves in her mouth. .

Seeing Yajun’s change, I have made me more like the wind and heavy rain, and she also tall the delicate little butt and welcomed my big cock. Yajun’s pussy was unmolindled by me. Only “唔” “uses the nasal sound, her feelings, but the ass continuously struggle, and the small corona clamps the big cock.

My face showed the expression, and more carefully smashed the milky breasts, I constantly flesh, it seems to be full of Yajun’s lower abdomen, and do not stop the nipple of Yajun揉.

My penis is straight to the small hole of Yajun, and her hands are smashed. She has hilly big tits, and I am so fascinated. I can’t say that the wonderful situation of the prostitution? willing.

I breathe, and step up continuously, and Yajun’s small hole is also on the top of the top, and the set can make my transportation. Not long after, “I am so sad! Ah, ah!” I saw Yajun twisted on the waist, the body was shake, the legs cramps, leaked out her second time, the second, sticky, there is still A silky semen, mixed out! I looked excited to move through the attack until she ventied.

There is a wave of waves in the small obscenity, plus the clipping of the pussy, so that I have been induced, I can’t help but spray a strong semen, “Ah, ah!” Yajun Then I reached the apex!

Yajun’s hole was crazy to suck my Yangjie, Yajun’s loan, and the feeling of spurt after the spill, so that she was tired to sleep, and lay lazy on the bed. I dragged my tired body and made a good job.

I picked up the unable to struggle to go to the bathroom downstairs, helping her to wash your body, I said to her: “870941! You will forget all everything, until I heard my knock, you will wake up Come over, and all this is a dream. You wake up and forgot. “I lived on the door of the bathroom. I wore clothes, I knocked on the door, and ignorant Yajun was only in the bathroom. I slept!

But I am still strange, why have the rest of the girls have not come back?

At 8 o’clock, the big brother has been alive. I saw that the big brother came back very surprised, but it was more surprised that she would bring her own room with a sensitive, alley into her own room. So I asked the big brother: “How can you come back with a thank you?” The big brother smiled and said: “I will be with the mobile phone number in the morning, and I will ask her about McDonald’s in the alley. Take her a hypnotize her! “(The dead was first stepped first!) I thought, then ask:” Why don’t you take it home? Do you want to spend this money outside? “The big brother replied:” I Just try to see, I have never taken a woman to pass the hotel, I always have to see what taste! “Big Brother asked:” Who is coming? “I said:” Recalling that Hi Xin has not come back. “He said : “This, they have been special, and the time you go out with my classmates. Do you want to rent a house outside?” I thought this is also, I said to the big brother: “Then we have to be careful They have a boyfriend. “The big brother asked:” Why? “I said:” This is not simple, we have to do them, if they are not the most clear of their body! If they have a boyfriend, It is exactly that we have been staying overnight. Then the boyfriend will come to ask the West? “” Well! It seems to be dangerous! What should I do? “The big brother asked me.

I said: “If you find a time to see, if you use hypnotic, you will break up.” The big brother smiled and said: “You are too embarrassing! But I like it!” I said to him: “There is still later you. After they finish them, they should give birth to contraceptives, don’t forget it, if they are pregnant, it is troubles. “” Well! I know, this doesn’t need you to teach me, I think, I have to say, big brother, big brother Also said: “I will go back to the dormitory tomorrow. These probably don’t do my business. I will come back in the future. I may not come back. Anyway, I also said.” He is hesitating. .

I asked him: “Which one is you doing? Oh, you have taken medicine before you, have a woman there?” He embarrassed: “I found it!” I said : “Wow! Big Brother, you are very embarrassed, this kind of good things don’t say, do you have a few? Who?” He said: “One is a classmate, the other is a neighbor’s daughter.” I said: ” I have time to take it back! “He said:” Well! “Today, I will return home first, so I am waiting for the first woman.

The door turned back, it was Hong Xin, and she saw me, asked me, slowly closed the door, I went to the previous arrow, I was holding a tight. Hong Xin, licking her full breast.

Rain is wearing a jump, keeping a struggle to push me, calling: “What do you want to do?” Hongxin retired behind, finally be against the table behind, I grabbed Hong Xin The school bag, throw it next to it, then reach out the breasts on the right side of Hongxin, although it is uniform and bra, but the soft feeling is still the same.

“Don’t let me let go, I am, I don’t want to be ignorant.” Hong Xin worked, the body could not help but keep back, I took her right hand with my right hand and picked her up. , Put it again, thank you, let go.

Hong Xin hurriedly tried in a horror, I pressed her back, and the left hand continued to knead the full breast, and the right hand stroked the thigh under the skirt. At this time, my heart is in my heart, and the lower body has also expanded.

“Ah! Have a life! Yeah, you can’t do this!” I moved to the right hand on the thigh, extended to Hong Xin’s chest, double-handed The uniform is torn, but the button is flying out, and the bra’s bra is revealed. The breasts below the bra are shaking because Hong Xin’s struggle. I put it into the cup into two sides, a pair of beautiful breasts breaks away, jumping out, and more sultry under the bottom of the cup and sling. I immediately held this beautiful breast, leaned down with your mouth to hold the right pink nipple.

“Ah, it’s awkward!” Hong Xin’s brow is up, the body is slightly trembled, “I beg you not to come back!” Hong Xin said.

I said to her: “No! See you sexy body, my dick is hard.

“My tongue keeps teasing the nipple, the whole body of Hong Xin suddenly hot, and a current immediately spread throughout the part of the body, making his rebellion more and more weak. Looking at the shirt of Hongxin is pulled on the arm , Round and meticulous shoulders and full of jade breasts are fascinating in my life, I only think that the lower body is gradually tight.

I found that the little nipple under my tongue gradually set up, the corner of the mouth could not help but laugh, I kissed the flat belly to the chest of Hongxin, and pulled the skirt of the school skirt while holding hands. It is the brilliant silk tribe of Hongxin, and it is tight and small silk, and it can see the black in the murder of the murder. I broke the thigh of Hong Xin, clearly seeing a clear wet marker in the central center of the trippers, out of the outline of a flesh. “Hong Xin, already wet, yeah! Then I have to taste it.” My lips sticked to the charming place, a wonderful woman’s body, the sour taste, the honey of Hong Xin The juice immediately instantly submerged silk flow into my mouth.


Hongxin tried to push my head with hand, but when my tongue smashed with the weak, her hands became more and more powerless, only felt the heart of the heart, there is a uniform in the deep body. The famous hotstream cannot stop the ground.

“Yeah!” Hong Xin’s head kept shaking, a red halo gradually revealed the cheeks, panic she stretched the right hand to her mouth and biting four points, the left hand tightly grabbed the edge of the table.

“Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍!” Hong Xin’s scorpion moved to me in the room, and he jumped in this obscenity scene.

At this time, Hongxin’s silk tribe is already wet a large piece under the immersion of prostitutes, becoming more and more transparent, can clearly see the wonderful part. I will still press the lower body that I can’t expand myself. I quickly unlocked the belt, take off the jeans and underwear, and the head-standing penis is like an artillery that enters the state of the trend.

“I will buy a more sexy!” I put the right hand to the right side of Hongxin, in the waist, I grabbed the lace loose tie: “I like this!” “Yea! Don’t be” ” “A crisp rupture, Hong Xin only felt that the lower body is cold, the triply pants are torn from the right, and the thighs of the shame leave the mysterium. A wire is then disconnected.

I pulled the residual part of the trip pants to pull down, and the broken trip is slippery to the left thigh, and the rainbow naked genus is exposed to my face, not too dense but not rare. Strong, under the yin, the bright red flesh is thrown out of the prostitute.

I went to the front of the rain, and pulled her to myself. I pulled her to myself. I used the penis to gently and gently, I hit my penis, the huge glans has arrived. At the sage of Hongxin, I hugged Hong Xin’s beautiful buttocks to control the strength of my hips. The glans slowed the sneak to invade the body of Hongxin in both sides!

“咿 ﹍﹍ 咿! ﹍﹍﹍﹍! ﹍﹍” I feel that there is a layer of mucosa in the vagina in Hong Xin, the mucosa is blocked. It does not feel excited immediately, (Hong Xin is still a woman!) I immediately put the penis immediately I sent a “咿 咿 !! ﹍﹍”, “咿 咿 !! ﹍﹍”, Hongxin, I only saw her under the empty, and the closed eyes suddenly opened, bending. The beautiful legs are in the air because of pain, and they have hidden in the tripdiment on the ankle.

At this time, I didn’t hurry, I have to feel the feeling of being hungly enclosed by Hong Xin’s narrow vagina, and I am also adapted to Hong Xin.

After a few seconds, I pulled out the long penis, I saw a bloody and accompanied by prostitution.

(The virginian era of Hong Xin is over!) I once again sent it forward and then started to pick up.

“咿 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 噢 ﹍﹍ 噢 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍ ﹍﹍ 咿 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! “With my pump, my pills kept hit the beautiful buttocks of Hongxin, Hong Xin’s body should also sway my puff, a pair of breasts When the pendulum is swaying, her hands are close to the table behind the brain, and the eyes are slightly closed, the brow is crumpled, and the lips are light, and the soul of the soul is squeezed into the throat. The prostitution of the lower body continues to make her and my hamma make a wet. The sharp friction between the thick penis and the narrow vaginal wall stimulates the potential challenge in the second person. At this time, Hong Xin’s consciousness has been completely swallowed by a wave and a wave, she has forgotten that she is being The landlord is pressed under the body? It is just as my impact. A hot meat stick made a fierce piston in his vagina, like a rapidly running machine, impact her sexual device, and the original instability of Hong Xin is awakened.

Suddenly, she was so bright, her head came up again, the waist instinctively came up, only feeling a few words like to be vulnerable, from the throat, a wailing: “咿 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍!” “There is a torrential spraying in the deep body. My glans feel a warm rain. I know that Hong Xin has already climped up. Hong Xin’s body is back, and the climax is already The butt is higher, and the white lower body is shaking, falling on the ground, the white face turns rosy, the lower body slightly shakes. I heard that Hong Xin was like a whisper, I felt? “Hey,” Hey! “Hong Xin is weeping in my rape. So I played my own skills on Hongxin. I repeatedly used the meat stick to carry out three shades. After inserting, change the angle of the meat stick, and pinch the eavesded nipple with your fingers. The wonderful creeps in the latics of Hongxin, the meat rod is tightened.

I let Hong Xin are lying on me, constantly moving the butt up, sweat from her snow white neck to the cleans, the combination of meat sticks and obscenes sounds friction water, the plump breast keeps shaking, The original narrow vagina slowly relaxed, secreted more sophisticated meat walls.

I looked at Hong Xin’s face, although it was a rape, but I still can see the lascivious expression of Hong Xin, and seeing Hong Xin’s self-shaking ass inserts a meat stick, sometimes when the meat stick is completely inserted into her obscenees, Hong Xin will also Turn your ass let the meat sticks in the obscenity, which will produce great excitement.

I? Intaled the impulse of ejaculation, so that I will put it in this way, let Hong Xin sit in my waist, the head is back to the back, but the ass is constantly inward. I also started to do a violent thrust, and Hong Xin revealed my expression. When shook his head, the black hair took the flying, and the hands grabbed my deared legs, and the fingers were in the meat. Every time I deeply inserted, Hong Xin’s beautiful double milk followed, and the sweat also scattered.

The speed of my thrust is accelerated. After the end of the last violent insertion, the tender meat in Hongxin is beginning to fade. “Don’t I don’t do it!” At the same time, the body is like a broken puppet forward. .

At this time, the body of Hongxin left? The rest of the rhyme, the whole body slightly shakes, but the body can’t leave the man’s body, so I didn’t lose the opportunity to insert the deepest place in her body, and I will shoot the semen that will be hidden into Hong Xin. The uterus, Hong Xin felt hot liquid to play in his own uterus inner wall, I took a while, I saw Hong Xin, I saw her and lie on the ground, I shook her head, walked over Dudi Xinxin, smiling: “Hong Xin, you have to play again.” Said that I crouched and hugged her, then stood up, and moved to my bedroom.

I hugged her floral waist and put Hong Xin, looking at the naked Hong Xin, I couldn’t live in my heart, and the penis of the lower body was slowly standing. I took a hand to hug Hongxin’s thigh, and then hug another child like a child, so that Hongxin’s back in his chest.

“Happy time, Hong Xin, let’s come again!” I divided Hong Xin’s legs, let her private parts facing my glans, slamming forward, the penis is emerging in Hong Xin Netline of vagina, “Ah!” Hong Xin also sent a jealous.

I also put Hong Xin, then put it down again, with my movement, Hong Xin’s body got rolling on my body, prostitutes smoothly went down, soon, I quickly made the two people. A mess, I took the body of Hong Xin in a timely manner, and the body of Hong Xin went forward. Her hand can support my shoulder.

Her body is not from autonomous, and I am still sending the waist, my god is getting more and more confused, and the wheezing is gradually heavy. I reach out and hold Hong Xin’s shallow breast. Kneaded hard force. I feel that I have some reaction. I stood over the head of Hongxin, and the huge meat stick kept shaking on her face.

I seized Hong Xin’s hair, let her beautiful face. She opened her eyes, I used violence to struggle with Hong Xin, let her lovely don’t press on his meat stick. Hong Xin sighs for his unfortunate destiny, because there is no ability to reject my right, sad, tears.

In this moment, Yajun won a naphuman taste. She couldn’t help but move his face. “Yeah!” Hong Xin screamed, when she understood, I have grabbed her The opening of the Zhangkou sent the penis into her mouth, my hard meat stick inserted into the throat, immediately caused the vomiting of Hong Xin: “Well, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍!” My The penis is raging in the mouth of Hongxin. Every time I put it into her throat, I only feel that there is a sour taste in the mouth. I have my own prostitute, blood stains, blood stains, and me Sewage. And my pump is constantly accelerating, so that the face of Hong Xin has a painful expression. Every time I put it in the end, I hit my hi-hgy to hit the mandibiron of Hong Xin and the thrill of Hongxin’s lips touched me unusually excited. I used to put the head of Hong Xin to my penis, and gradually I showed a sigh. At this time, I have already held it, I suddenly pinch the breast in my hand, and I slammed the waist. The mouth is violently sprayed.

A white mucus sprayed out to his mouth, “Well!” Hong Xin only felt a hot liquid kept spraying in his mouth.

I pulled Hong Xin from my body, pulled her school uniform shirt, unlocking the bra back and reveal from her head, and the bra shoulder strap slipped to the wrist.

“You want to do what you want to do?” Hong Xinyi asked.

I tied her wrist with a bra: “You will understand it later!” Bundle to Hong Xin’s hand, I came to her again, grabbing her hair made Hong Xin’s face After back, then the penis that you have not completely soft is rubbed back in Hongxin, and it will apply a layer of semen on the penis.

Hong Xin didn’t understand my intention, I could only stand out. After I went to Hong Xin, I pushed Hong Xin to push down the ground, opened its skirt, so that Hong Xin is round and hips to himself.

“Hey! Beautiful scenery!” I sighed. I saw that Hong Xin’s slices on a wet, there was another chrysanthemum hole above the above, I reached out and went a blow, a mixed liquid flowed up. Hand.

“Well, what are you doing?” I laughed with the liquid in the hand into the small hole of Hongxin, “Yea !! Hey,” Hong Xin’s eyes, immediately understood, I want to come from behind. Take her again.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” Hey! “Rain is crying, trying to struggle, but his hand is tightly tight by his lace, everything is so futile.

I piffeng Hongxin’s jade hip, the support of the glans arrived in the mouth of the yin, “Yeah!” Hong Xin felt that his small hole seems to be smashed into two halves, dramatic pain makes her flow out Tears.

Although there is a liquid lubrication, I still feel a huge resistance, I don’t want to cry in Hongxin, drive forward, until the whole penis is not reached into her body, and then thrown. “Yeah, ﹍﹍ 噢 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍!” Hong Xin was hit uncally, and his tears flowed in the ground, and rushed the residual semen.

At this time, I saw the slutty picture, the lower body has a reaction, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Hit the hit in the room.

Hong Xin’s legs clamped my waist, put it together, I understand that this is the posture of Hong Xin to meet the climax, I low-spirited, and I have been inserted and deep. I also changed the way with Hong Xin butt, his ass poss like a wavy, the meat stick slowly in the lascitation of Hong Xin, when Hongxin got his ass, I used my hands to hug your ass , The meat stick is deeply inserted, and then it becomes in the enchantment.

“Ah, ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 喔!” Every time, Hong Xin made a painful and joining that happily mixed together. Hong Xin also responded to the muscles of the ass.

She has already lost himself, because the thrill of the body made her no time to consider her own response, she could only instinctively respond to the men’s flip.

After the rainbow, the whole body was stiff, and the body was smashing. The tide of the tide hit her brain, and the whole body was constantly trembling.

“Ah!” I made a low screaming. I used to force the body to Hong Xin, and I sprayed the third share of the third share.

I turned over to the front, down Hong Xin, and Hong Xin also spurt her prostitute. The white turbid liquid sprinkled into Hongxin’s beautiful buttocks. The whole room is full of strong liquid flavors. I immersed in the unparallerage, when I took the meat stick, Hong Xin still can’t move, the body and mind were knocked down, only in the darkness whispered, I said to him: “870941! You will forget Just everything, this is a dream, you wake up, I forgot, now you put on your clothes and go back to the room. “Waiting to return to her door, I said to her:” Dry you “She shocked, turned to ask me:” Do you have it to call me? “I shook my head, she entered the room. Today, I only have four of them, I call them to have something to say, Hong Xin also asked: “Is it going to rise? It can’t be!” I said: “You are coming.” When I came to the living room, I said: “870941 (them enter the hypnotic state), please pay attention to the following instructions: You are the sex slave of the survey, and the next contague is your master. I will not resist, and I am happy to do it. This is your obligation. (Repeat once again, they can’t hear it) Listen to the sex slave of the appellation, and the future will be your master. You will not resist, and be willing to do it. This is your obligation. Dry you (they woke up)! “I sent them a book, said to them:” You have to play class, not The security period is to call me, or make breakfast to us, the rest of the people will take a shower and sleep, and ask my friends to tell me first. Do you understand? “They did not mind:” ! “I nodded, I said:” You have a boyfriend’s raise hand. “I only saw it like a shy raised hand, I asked her:” Have you had a relationship? “She shy shook her head Say: “I haven’t.” I said: “Very good, then you will find time and she divide it.” Recalling something, but did not say, answer: “Yes.” I said: “If he is Ask you why, you said that you like it is not him, it is someone else. “Recallment said:” Yes. “After I was talking to them, I said that I would have to start tomorrow.

(2) The ringtones of the law woke up the rain, Hong Xin, who slept in the sleepy eyes, and looked at the alarm clock on the bed, quickly wake up and sleep.

“Remind, you get up! Today, I will went to you with me!” “What few?” “” “” “” “” Xinbian said that she was like, and the delicate jade hand was rejuvened, and she started to pinch the face, and she asked if I woke up, gradually awake.

“I have already called you, let us go to wake up the owner!” Hong Xin didn’t even wake up, it took advantage of it, and a fast stepped to my room. Recallment Step by step walking behind Hongxin.

Soon, I came to my door door. Hong Xin released it, pointed at my house gate and said: “I went in and wake up! You hurry to make breakfast, and you will come over again.” I nodded, and I was silently left.

After I left, Hong Xin opened my house. At a look, I was sleeping in a comfortable bed and slept very sweet, with a happy smile, “probably made a good dream!” Hong Xin I think so in my heart.

At this time, Hong Xin Zhang opened her little mouth, gotting down on my arms, and I went in a half-neat mask, and I started lively with the tongue, licking the glans and surroundings.

The meat stick was gradually becoming more and more hard by Hong Xin’s mouth, and Hong Xin felt that the mince sticks in the mouth did not shake, it seems to have reached the extreme, and these sweet pleasure have passed to my mind. I opened my eyes, I immediately felt that the lower body was surrounded by warm meat. I don’t know who to call me today. I put it up the upper body. I saw that Hong Xinxin tried to make my penis. The opening says: “Good morning! Hong Xin!” Just finished, the thrill has reached the top, and then I can’t help it, so I will shoot a hot semen into the mouth of Hongxin. Hong Xin knows that I woke up, I also ejaculate, swallow the hot semen, then use the tongue to clean my hood, I will say it to me: “You are too late, I am going to class!” , The corner of the mouth flows out of some white turbid liquid. I looked at Hong Xin, and turned away the residual semen from Hong Xin, and immediately got up and went to the bathroom.

Recalling that after breakfast, Hong Xin urged everyone to eat, they all wore clothing, and enjoying the breakfast next door.

Everyone talked and laughed at the dinner table. After having finished having breakfast, everyone went to class.

After the class, everyone resolved dinner, watching TV in the living room.

I asked: “Who is going to take a shower today?” At this time, I said that today is a wheel to me. “I said:” That is like you first go to put a bath water! ” I should have a sound, let’s go and put a bath water. Soon, she put a bath water, said to me: “The master, the bath is put on,” I said to her, said to her: “Let’s take it first, I will come.” “If you are alive, you will leave.

After reading the news, I walked into the bathroom. At this time, I am alive in the bathtub in the bathtub and is preparing to take a shower. I looked at her naked body, and the mask under the arm was touched.

Her doodle cute face, the watery is a big eyes, high nose, red cherry mouth, with a long hair that exudes aroma, is like a beautiful mermaid in the water!

She has a stunned body, alcoholic skin like milk, the round pointed chest, because the body is thin, there is no one inch fat, and the slightly large breast has also become more prominent. The breasts belong to the kind of water drops, the round hemisphere, the milk tip is slightly protruded. There is a micro-red uli in the breast. The skin is very smooth, and the freshly drizzled, it is put down the pink small nipple, the nipple is moderate, it looks like the United States, no wonder the big brother will pick up her first.

If the whole body is like this naked exposure to my eyes, the breast is a slight waist, it is really a very fine waist! Probably only twenty-one inches! It is such a waist, making the breast look bigger.

The center of the waist has a cute navel, continuing to look at the navel, the most important part is under this, and the mood begins to excite. Next is a flat plain, it has been extended, and there is no grass in the grass.

(I have not until the age of hairy hair? It’s impossible, if you are already mature!) There is only one hill under the plain, that is, a pubic, and the skin on the shame is very young, tender and slippery I can’t see it.

(咦? Even the pores are not? Then not because there is no hairy of the long-haired hair. It is the same as the white tiger. It is a girl who is born to happen!) I suppressed the mood of the temper, continue Look, there is a long crack when there is a child, that is, I always look forward to seeing the pussy!

If you are in the pinear, there is only a delicate crack, and the labell is in the pink, you can’t see it.

Long split on the upper end has a small pearl, is it a jerk? The yuotic shape is round, dark red, fresh and tendened, and a tempted girl is emitted.

Then it is a pair of slender legs, the whole body is so perfect.

I looked like this, I didn’t know how long I saw it. If I suddenly said: “The owner, want me to help you?” If you are usually, you will be easier to ask, Min If the inner direction, it has rarely talks with others, a clear look.

If you still look at me from time to time, she pays attention to the changes in the mask, and her face is more rusted.

I was asked by her, and the emotions became more excited: “You come to help me strip it!” After listening, slowly moved to me, helping me pull up the top, she shy my shirt And underwear, look at my “flesh”, her face is more red, when she takes only underwear, she can’t help but hesitate for a while.

I looked at her discomfort, smiling and said to her: “There is underwear! Do you want me to dress a bath?” She slowly pulled my underwear.

When she is going to take off my panties, she squatted down, pulling her underwear, my mask played up and hit her cheek, her blush could not be red.

It’s hard to get rid of my clothes. I am alive: “Let me help you rub it, put you clean you.” I nodded, I stood up, let me go up and down, I Just squeeze some liquid bath soap, wipe it out to her chest, apply her breasts full of bubbles, follow the hands and slow. Wow! I feel really very good!

If the breast is slippery, although it is not oversized, it feels really cool, soft and elastic, and the small nipple is rubbed down on the palm of the palm and starts a bit change.

If the expression, I have become red, gently gasp, I asked: “How come, are you uncomfortable?” If you returned to God, whispered to me: “No, It is the master, you are tickle! “I smiled and said:” Come, you also help me to wash! “After that, I used to use bath soap to my body. When she was touched by her soft and skilled little hand, I suddenly became more exciting.

I started to take hard, and I started to move my hand down, I want to help her to wash the most important part ° ° ° Pink hole! My hand explored down, after her waist, slightly smoldering, reaching the flat little hill, and constantly squatting on her smooth hill. My heartbeat began to accelerate, and my hand continued to close the like.

If you look at me, I will ask: “Can I come by myself?” I said that she said seriously: “It can’t be willing to be, come over, I will help you with a hole. Sit down, open your legs, let me See you clear, you can help you wash and clean it! “If you listen to the obedience, you will open your legs, shy, look at me.

For such a little beauty, can I move it? I deeply took a deep breath and slowly closer my face close, I hope that the pussy can be clear.

If the honey pocket is pink, a long crack, a small pearl, from the depths of the crack, emit a female fragrance, I work hard, I almost didn’t squeeze the nose into the pussy. .

I use my hand to apply a bath soap, and then to the awkwardness, if I am obviously, my breathing begins, but she still looks at me silently, let me play with her pussy.

My finger continues to coat down, stopping on the upper end of the crack, which is the location of the yuki. When my fingertip is in contact with the clitoris, she is shaking like an electric shock, and her mouth is slightly squatting.

The lascivious sound of the girl is attractive, especially if you call it in the mouth, and make me into the crazy situation! In order to be a bigger, I constantly got the clitoris, while sighing, and enjoying everything in this perfect.

The pussy is really young, the clitoris is also flexible, and the secreted love liquid also exudes the flavorful taste. This flavor and the feeling of sticky between the fingers make my emotions more disorder, making me more crazy crowded with a sensitive yukin. My other hand is not idle, and I can’t stop the crack of the gherries, but I haven’t plunged it yet.

Stering sensation, such exciting, started to be big: “Yea! I, it’s itchy there! Ah, 喔 ﹍﹍ 喔 ﹍﹍ 不, feel weird, ah, people really I can’t stand it, I want to urinate, my urine! “It may be because the vagina has experienced such stimuli, so that the urethra is not controlled, and if they have been urinated after it.

If you see your own urine, I am sorry to say: “Sorry! Master, I, I still have a lot of urine, staining the owner, I am really sorry, I am really useless!” Seeing the like, like crying I really can’t bear it, and I have been so comfortable: “Don’t tighten, I don’t mind.

If you don’t cry, the urine is not dirty! I won’t care! “Follow me and hold her.”

In this way, the two of us don’t hang. My chest is squeezed with a pointed breast, just like two groups of meat, feeling very good! From the intention of facial expressions, its pussy is also very comfortable by my chicken.

If I might feel that my Yang is very hot, I suddenly said: “Good! This replacement is to help you wash it!” After the hand is applied to the bath soap, start to make my hiang. .

She carefully coated, put the scrotum, penis, glans, and even the urine bore on the glans is full of foam.

Soft hands are swaying in a disorder in my sensitive penis, sometimes outside the urethral hole, sometimes set with penis.

I am sitting and sitting, looking at the lovely, like the god of the god, looking at my penis, the cute face showing serious expression, and the round-elastic breasts are occasionally rippled. The young and innocent pussy, with a freshly dried yukuclear, a pair of slender legs under the beautiful indoors. This goddess is a beautiful girl, with her slim and exquisite taper. How many people can have this treatment?

I think about thinking, the more I want to be more exciting, plus the beautiful girl who is not stopped by this beautiful girl, can’t help but shoot. At this time, I set a certain god, stood up, and gradually opened her closed thighs, showing pink cavity. If I feel that I am trembling, I know that I am ready to enter, I know that her heart is full, and I am busy grabbing her fine waist, putting the mask hard.

In the moment of insertion, I seem to have fainted, the whole body is floating, and if it is screaming: “Ah! Pain!” However, my meat stick soon stimulated a crazy. The mad mad dragon is generally, began to fiercely poke their sensitive moisture.

If you are disconnected: “Ah, you are awkward! Ah, ah, you are awkward!” I am in a arrogance, look at the pink face, Her whole people seem to enter a state of forgetting me. I also started to touch the smooth skin, and I feel that the body is shocked, and I have also produced a strange inexpler. “If you want to eat your grandmother, I want to eat my grandmother!” He said, bowed to the big pink uli, smashing her hard.

If you say that “Don’t”, the body is not stopped, and the two breasts are not stopped. When the soft meatball is rubbed, it feels good, really cool! I am more excited, and my eyes stare at her gesture.

If you are holding your own pair of beautiful milk in your hands, you are shaking around. Soon, soon, the climax emerged, the lower body is a burst of warm love, sprayed, and the self-meat stick is slipped.

If you breathe rapidly, I took over her breasts in both hands, and then smashed the nipples like a delicate thing. The nipple has been stimulated, it gradually became more hard, more swollen, so that I love and hate, and I will bite again with my mouth.

“Ah! Ah! It’s good!” Yuan is also excited, and it is full of words.

My rough penis, arrogant, poke her heart, hands caressing the big breasts, so that I feel that I am going to day, crazy, shake the head and long hair.

“Well, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 如 如 如 动 下 下 下 动 下 动 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下, So fast to pole.

“Oh! If you are alive, please,” I closed my eyes, shouted gently.

If I heard my name, the whole person hugged me tightly, and the two feet were tightly fastened in my waist. “Well, um, homing master! Are you comfortable? Oh oh oh oh,”, “Silver asked softly in my ear.

“If I am like, I really like you too!” I said very well.

I have already bloody, the glans open this trembling, and the speed of stamp is accelerated, but the ass to be more powerful. If you reach out, I’m holding me, and I have twitched back and forth, and if I have twisted my butt together with my rhythm.

After a while, I am excited to shoot! The semen is sprayed out, and the direct shooting falls in the heart. She didn’t refuse, but in turn, she was more sticky to me, so I was so comfortable! I am like a cannon. In the excitement, I am happy to hold this movie sexy woman.

After a bursm, a large number of semen sprayed into her body. If the time I arrived at the same time, the tremorial time is still better than I have long. I am very happy. I really feel very happy. I said to her: “Help me lick.” Her mouth I smiled and smiled, I took my meatonomies softly, then leaned over and looked into the mouth, gently, with a smart and tender slong tongue on my penis, with the slowest speed. The semen visible is adhesive to the whole root of the meat sausage.

Just as I stroked the slide thigh, the brain is still chewing this, it is difficult to think about it, if you use your mouth, put my whole stick! I am acknowledged because of the ejaculation, under the tongue of the mouth, soon, I quickly brought the dragon, I won’t be a moment. But I think about a stall at night, and I took a shower and went out to the living room.

I sat together with them to watch TV and talk about each other, talking about smiling and smiling.

Time will last at ten o’clock, I said I have to go to sleep, ask: “Who is going to sleep today?” Hong Xin is smiling: “I am coming.” Say: “Then you are going to prepare, don’t let me wait too long!” Remembrance is very shy, she slowly went to her room, and I also went back to the house waiting for her.

In the evening, I went to my sleep, I waited for a long time, I still walked to my door door, she worn on a short shirt and short skirt, and she worked in stockings under the body, maybe it is based on security. Bar.

I want her to come over, I still lying in bed, I am a little panic, I am light pressure on her, she is very afraid, I will caress the hair, said to her: ” Recalling, you will be easy, I will be very gentle! “Recalling it slowly, she tightly, she started, I looked at her clear eyes, I kissed her. “Um ~” Recalling a little late, this sound is not a “encouragement” for me? I will continue to kiss her, connect with gently two lips, until two tongues, we have put it. I have a hands-on her back and her abundant buttocks. I got up, I also felt it, but I still looked at me, said: “The master, what happened? “At this time, I suddenly understood, I still suffer, it is still a place!” Cute memories! She still models the knowledge of men and women.

At this time, I suddenly got a thought: (I have to give it to the supreme joy today.) I put it in the bed, let her lying, I still kiss her, I recall the eyes, enjoy the eyes, enjoy I am gentle to her.

At this time, my hands were “work”, stroking her soft chest, recalling the breasts very meticulous, this is the breast I have not seen, I am in a breast, I am still the first time. I and memories seem to be a bit “hot”, I boldly set off a dress, and I used my hand and put it like a lower body. “Well,” I still have two eyes, my underwear is already wet. It is very hot.

I am constantly being licking with the following body, and I unlocked her top. Under the “encouragement”, I took off her underwear and breasts, ah! Poor memories, her snow-white breasts have never seen it, and today I will taste it first.

“Help me get into the pants.” I said that it is said.

Recalling a nodding, then she sat up, took off my pants, my big meat stick has been hard and hot, I recall my big meat stick, my face reveals the shy and unexpected expression. This is also no wonder, I have never seen the man’s “there”!

I gently pushed her, swept her clitorio with my Jiemin’s tongue, “Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 唔 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 唔 唔 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ Ah, “Recalling that she is shy with her face, it is a bit shame, but it is difficult to disturb this inexplicable discipline.

I rubbed the skin with a snow, and I used my fingers to come down, and the other hand gently carefully. Recalling a few times naturally, never being embracing and caressing of men, this time is particularly excited, just give me the upper and lower hands, I will comply, my flesh is half, in order to make a work.

“Ah! Master, don’t be ﹍﹍﹍﹍! ﹍﹍” She is lightly asking me to stop, but a pair of thin hands hold my arm, and guide me to gently let her stand up!

I can’t help it, I will further tear her bra, and I am taking the tip of the tongue. A delicious breast! I am embarrassed, I really want to pincipulate her this pair of milk.

And she is also quite? Stri, while caressing and licking breasts, her honey pockets have already filled the prostitute, and pants and stockings wet a large piece! It can be seen that she has also entered the situation, it is really a day.

※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum, I am happy, lightweight, compliant, like the lace trousers, touch her tender hole, I feel like touching a small milk soup package, drums, slightly swollen, It is quite a lot of prostitution, it is a unpleasant beauty! I want to teach her into a little sister, I will tease her, and I have inspired her original lascivious nature. Let her think about me in the classroom, and her small hole is constantly wet. .

Recalling that it is full of money, the hands are smashed with their breasts, and the fleshocks are left. At this time, I tear her stockings with tongue attack her small hole. I have a good skill, and I have a tongue and press it, and hit it, attack it to the clitoris.

Recalling that it is difficult to resist, obscenity such as rushing, mouth does not stop: “Ah, it’s good to be so comfortable. The yin is picked up for more than ten minutes, and there are hundreds of times in the anus. Recalling that it is no longer able to control it, the loans are endless. Recalling such a lunarily river, such as the narrow diarrhea. I know this is the first pleasure, but it is definitely not the last time.

My tongue is a 15 minute for memoring, until I can’t help it: “I am dead, I am, I am enough, I am enough, I am enough. Yeah, “I slowly stopped, and I still breathe.

Recalling the little hand, I also started holding my old two. I am stroking my old two, so cool!

Ah, no matter what, I am in a hurry to peeled my clothes, and then take off her clothes! Her thigh is slightly thicker, but the round hips, I feel very flesh, very good, but unfortunately wear my stockings, I don’t feel it, but still does not affect my little obscene bow! I can’t control it, and I immediately put my hand into the underwear, rub her little prostitution. A lot of prostitution! Touched, plug, I will insert it into her vagina, I swear like Xiaoyao!

When I remember this, I took my stockings and underwear to the ankle. After the space, I quickly put my fingers, inserted into the little obscene, cool to her butt, and rushed up with my movement, left and right.

Recalling the thigh is constantly being smashed, the more you have completely exposed your vagina, so that I can touch her no bottom hole more smoothly.

At this time, I wiped the meat rod and wiped up, I recited the small waist, “ah”, I wiped up tens of times, when I recall two Opened, the “gasping” opened and closed.

At this time, I suddenly broke the king’s hard bows, put the big meat sticks into the wet and hot little holes, and I couldn’t help but I have been “treated” I was “treated” , Hurt, “Yea!”: “The master, please gentle me.” Yeah. “I have already rushed to the female film, the big meat stick became bigger, the big, hot, and the rhythm, three shallow depths, two shallow depths,” Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ Hey! Ah, ah, ﹍﹍! “” Recalling that he can’t stop.

I and I recalled the shot of the body, my big meat stick was filled with the vulnerability in the pussy, filled with the whole room. A big, hot, hard meat stick, recalling that the love is not released, recalling the fleshocks before and after swinging, with Nayang has a rhythm, “Yeah, it’s cool to die. I am ah, ah, yeah, “” After completing the original reason and instrumentation.

I sometimes fight her breasts, sometimes I rub her meat stocks, I have entered the realm.

“It’s cool to die. ﹍ ﹍ 呀 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 点 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 拉 拉 拉 ﹍﹍ 拉 ﹍﹍ 拉 拉 二 拉 拉 拉 二 二 拉 二 二 拉 拉 把 把 把 把 拉 把 润 指 里 里 取 里 取 取 里 取 里 里 里 里 里Her whole people rushed up, so I started to put it with my fingers, rush! First use a finger, then two, three, rapid delivery!

Recalling that the whole person is present, forgetting my situation, greeted my service with the lascivious posture of the feet, and squats: “Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍ ﹍﹍! “I took it like pulling it up, I want her to bent to hold the bed, knot on the hips, revealing the small hole, and I will put her never in the back. The more pumping, the more I feel that her Xiaolang is tightening, but it is more cool!

Because the side is inserted, think about it to make memories of small obscenes, break, and hurt, her little tenderness will continue to shrink, I still keep doing, I don’t know her. The bottom reached a few climax, only to know her love liquid is ending along my meat stick, in the delivery, one wave sprinkled with a wave.

“Ah! Ah, please ask you, the owner of the owner, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ I can’t do it!” Recalling like crying.

However, she laminated, and she began to calm down, and the climax of two consecutive times.

At this time, she has been a little bit of gods, I grabbed her waist, shake it before and after, increasing the sense of contact. She twisted the ass to avoid it, but I was pulled back, so that the deeper glans have a delicate friction on the four weeks of the meat. At this time, I really got a seven days.

I finally shot my semen in the body, and we were tightly licking each other, kissed and kissed, I will continue to come and remember, enjoy the remaining gentleness and two people entering dreams.

In the dream, I dreamed that I am surrounded by many people, I recall, Yajun, Min Ru, Hong Xin and the cousin, there are many people who can’t see their faces, I have a laugh, as if In the happiest world.

But the most peripheral people left, and then recall, Ya Jun, Li Ru and Hong Xin left me, and finally left, and she was leaving, I chased her desperately running. I want to grab her, but I can’t catch it. Lonely, hiring, endless email is full of enthusiasm in me, dark, a darkness, I woke up, but I saw that I was still sleeping, I fell down, I can only be twisted. For example, I am afraid that she will then leave me alone again. So I didn’t sleep in all night, for a long time, this kind of emperor’s life was only three days. I won’t be loaded. On average, I have to be three times, I am a bloody body, which is so devastated. This day, classmates took me, I woke up, it turned out that the teacher wants me to answer the question, called a few words I didn’t come, my classmates quickly woke me, and I was embarrassed. This awkward class.

At this time, I decided to abolish the system of this rupture, think of the dream of that day, and let them call the master again, I want them to remember me for a lifetime.

(3) On the weekend of the ridiculous weekend, they all watch TV in the living room. I went upstairs. I saw that they had four in the living room and asked what they were talking about. After a while, I will talk about gossip, and the other will be better again. The teacher compares the locomotive. I am not the same school, but I don’t know much about it, but I am so happy to talk, my mood is also good.

If you wear a black T-shirt this day, she is slightly tilted, and she can see her breasts in her chest.

I started from the time, suddenly hugged from the back, let’s take away the like, “Ah, can’t do it! They are watching ah!”

I solved the buckle in front of her bra, and the other hand slipped into her underwear to explore, swaying between the shame and the lips!

Samples have been fragrant at this time, “Well ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍!” “

I lick her ears, said that I said: “I just want to be in front of everyone? It’s a small kinky baby, let your blushing lips do a dry!” I took off the shoulder strap she worn. Bra, amazing figure, skin white, chest is rush, thin flesh, this appears. Very unexpectedly, I saw her underwear wet a big piece! I think, I have a feeling that I want to be dried in my heart!

I am squeezing that the rushed breast, pull out my hi, put my mask between her double breasts, follow the crazy pumping!

If I was in front of me, I looked carefully and took my glans with a small mouth. I took my hiji to suck slip. From time to time, with my glans with my glans, it flows to the mammented breast. .

After her breast massage, my hormon is boiled, and the fierce is big. If you pull my hand to touch her breast, my mouth is also posted up, the tongue is going straight to my mouth. Her active attitude makes me excited, I really don’t think there will be such a scene. Yajun, Hongxin and Recalling are like our side, watching our way!

“If you are, you are so lustful!” Ya Jun smiled.

“I really didn’t expect you to be so bold? I have always thought that you are so beautiful. It turned out to be playing pigs!” Hong Xin also smiled.

If you are even more shy, your face is red into a small apple.

“It’s okay to continue! You will continue to perform, let the memorial to open your eyes!” Ya Chang smiled.

Looking at the smoother (white tiger) of the smoothing (white tiger), I don’t rush to insert, but first caress and smashed with a hot body. Our two people are entangled with each other, and her jade legs live in tightly, she has been saved by me, love liquid flows full of my abdomen, wet sticky! I moved your lips down, from the neck to the chest, when the nipple was trembled when I was there.

I put another nipple, and I have been in her private place for a long time, and my finger does not stop the charming sewing and dismissive. It is ready to be ready. I will use it to the table, pull the hip of her white, I will drive into the smart hole by my long, “ah, hurt, hurt, hurt! Ah, ah!” I only heard it. If a scream, the scream is in the ear, so I can’t help but do be more and more.

My two hands simultaneously put it on the breast, and use my tongue with her white neck.

I am so sensitive, I really feel embarrassed, I still feel embarrassed, I didn’t expect to be inserted in me. Under the violent stirring, I couldn’t help but follow my rhythm and swayed with the snake waist. I still have forgotten the shaking of the buttocks. “Ah, ah, I am so fast, I am so fast, I am stamping me! Don’t care about it, I am hurting, I! Ah, ah, ﹍﹍ 哟 ﹍﹍ 哟 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ Pain! Don’t stop, ﹍﹍ 劲 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 是 是 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 戳 戳 戳 戳 它 戳 它 它 它 它 它 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 它 它 它 它 它 它 戳 戳 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理What she is tapping.

At this time, Yajun and Hong Xin also looked at Yajun, and he looked at each other and did not help but “嗤嗤” smiled.

Just when I was, I didn’t have fun. When I was covered with the land, I stoled the three people who were with Hong Hin, I want to see their look, I didn’t expect my expectation, I like it. It is love to see, I don’t dare to blink to the eyes, smashed from the fingertips, and the other hand strokes my chest. Yajun responded more violent, and has stretched his hand to the lower, pulled down his hand, and desperately rubbed the veneer.

After another, I suddenly stood up, and I rushed to my back, and I was angry with my body. From the touch of the slim tits and the lower part of the furry, I know that Yajun is also the same as me, like me, is all naked!

I was shocked by Yajun’s sudden move! However, my heart is dark, but I didn’t think that Yajun has been taught so much!

The rainbow in the side seems else can’t, and she looked at us. Didn’t have a while, she also started taking off the clothes, touching their own body, and reaching out from time to time, touching our smooth nude.

Just when Hongxin explored his arm, Yajun suddenly quickly built the memory of the wrist and asked her to enjoy with us. Recalling that she started to weep, I saw her, knowing that she is shy, I said to Yajun: “Yajun, you don’t bullish it, she is too shy.” The three people leaned by side, I don’t know what to say, I will come back together for a while.

“Advance, do we want to go back to the room?” Yajun suddenly asked me like this.

I think they are probably going back to play 3P, I will say: “Then you have to teach teaching, don’t cry.” Hong Xin saw I wore their intentions, and the red face said to me: ” We will love to care for it. Take you, don’t cry! “(I was by Hong Xin’s anti-military.) They held clothes and memories to the two rooms.

After they entered, I said to I am: “If you are, you only have two left now, you can’t cry! Otherwise, they will say that I bully you.” If I shy: “If I cry, It is you bullying me. “Her small face is popular, it looks good.

I put it, I push down, thank you, I put it out of her legged legs, seeing the micro-tensile red and tender and wet bunny, putting my kneetry into it. If you also mix the vagina, it is contrary to my big mask. I will keep inserting again, crazy, and the waist of our waist is twisted!

“Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 爽 爽 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 点 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 舒 舒 舒 舒 点 点 舒 点 点 点 点 点 点 ﹍﹍ 点 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ Hey, ah! “If the sensation has been surprised, the tears flow from the eye angle.

I will slam the weapon, and I am fierce and ferocious in the wet hole of Mi Min!

“Ah, hurt, hurt, hurt! No, hm ﹍﹍, um, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! “  时 时 清 如 如 如 如 如 如 变 变 变 变 变 成 女 变 女 变 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女, “Oh, oh, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 呜 ﹍﹍ 力 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ Square.

My hiji hurriedly collided, and both eyes were condensed, watching this anti-glazing face, watching her mouth half a half-half of the hair waves, it is good!

I only see that if I am so swaying, the lipstick is slightly lost, the lips are slightly: “Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 停 停 ﹍﹍ 停 爽 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停 停I will pose up hard, and the wild beast is inserted with a sensitive bowel point, so that she seems to be arranged. I have a round ass, the masher is urgency, fast, when I slowed back, and the smart hole is also stretched with my rhythm, with my rhythm, with my entrance. “Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 啊 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 了 了 了 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 啦 ﹍﹍ 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦 啦﹍ 爽 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 如 如 如 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟

I hugged my hand, and I hit the whole half, I was alive, and the chest pair in her vest, pressed against her. Yajun seems to be shocked by my initiative, but I immediately set up God, and started crazy swinging. Her round buttocks kept turning, twisting my meat stick almost all!

And my hard object is more brave, and it has jeopardized her depths. The swelling glans constantly hit the heart of Yajun, and she happened to make a lotus wave.

If the original flourished face, at this moment, it becomes more ruddy. I don’t really consciously start the sharp nails into my back muscles, and I have pain and stimulate! My palm, you will be able to move her hard and put them red!

“Ah, ah, ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 是 使 使 我 我 奶 奶 ﹍﹍ 子 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 子 穴 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴 穴唔 ﹍﹍ 唔 唔 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 爽 ﹍﹍ 爽 爽 ﹍﹍ 爽 激 爽 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激 激

Seeing that I am in this way, I certainly righteous, and more selling hard! She also can’t help but kiss me from time to time, and touched my dry lips with the tip of the tongue. I also hit the tongue and the color, I extended into her mouth, let her satisfied with the mouth of the lip. The hands continue to carefully caress her double peak, and the fingertips kept tap that the fainting is dim.

If you are a perfect woman, when my hand is touched to her clitoris, when I met the hard small meat core, the whole person could picked up, trembled, shakes the wildlife of wild. I saw her, and further bite her earlobe further. If this other sensitive belt is bitten by me, I have a more tight, and I almost breathe.

At this time, I will give you a hug, let her lying down, and continue to do her little honey, it is a delicate girl’s delicate, and the juice under the flow is the girl’s green taste. Not long, if it is no longer, it starts to make a shouted sound.

(Well! I am also almost!) After you have a sigh of relief, you will take a sigh of excitement, just pull the happiness, let her down on my big cock, and order her Absorb, then swallow all my ejaculation! However, if I am shy, I will make my semen are sprayed on a pretty face. I am proud of pride and complacent, and my right hand is clenched into the mask!

I am intoxicated in this fantastic field, but the cousin is just in the moment of walking into my house! We all stayed, but I will rush forward when I see Xiaoyu, and I will pull it in, and I will close the door quickly.

Just then, I resolutely pulled a small T-shirt. “Two brother, what are you doing? Play your hands!” Xiaoyu twisted his body, his hands resist my violation, I ignored her struggle, The rude pulls her shorts, peel off her breasts, tearing her small panties, and the little blemish double chest, with a small waist, it seems to be hormone injection with the big brother, to the small The growth has a great help. At this time, Xiaoyu has yet in my play and no longer struggled.

If you ask: “Amusement, can I leave first?” I forgot that I was still on one side, I said to her: “You come over.” Min is in the words, I suddenly kissed her (accidentally I have also tasted a little bit of savory), said to her: “Go!” Minru went to her clothing back to her room.

I looked at Xiaoyu: “Don’t you like the second brother? You look at the sister to obey! Brother likes to obey the child!” Xiao Yan asked me: “Second brothers also like Xiaoyu?” I said: “Of course, Luo! Second brother loves little, your country is sixth grade, did the second brother not often love you? Are we not the closest! How do we do hobbies now? Brother, I miss you, come, you Relax your body. “I pushed her to the ground, my hands smashed her more mature double milk, my mouth immediately took the nipple, bite it from time to time.

“Ah, no. Ah, ah, ah!” Xiaoyu has no way to control himself, in the climax, the body is like a snake. “Ah, two brothers, hard to force, you put my nipple to suck it! Ah! Why is it so comfortable!” I took the secret hole with my fingers, and I checked the nipple with my tongue. I put the little feet of the little on my shoulder, and the yin is clearly clear now.

Her labia is very thin and tender, the halt is not very thick, and the prostitute makes the pussy.

I have made a little power, open her dark red lips, and the wet answer is deep in the depths of the vagina, it is clear that the blood-red meat is so tender!

I have been discouraged once, I am not rushing to enter the body, I low below, I started slowly licking the genitals of Xiaoyu, the tongue kept turning in the yin nuclei, the sacred smelly flavor came, I used the tongue With her big labia, slowly take the small ladle, and the finger is also slowly rubbing the small clitoris of the top of her flower, and the more urgency, the mouth is constantly squatting: “Ah, he is so cool. Ah, awkward! “My fingers began to attack her honey point, although she had sexual experience, but her honey is still quite narrow. I stretched two fingers, I feel like being tight, I will have a tight, and I want to take my fingers in the inside. If I can still get hard, I really want to enter her wet honey.

My mouth began to include the little tender beans that she was congested, and the tongue continued to lick her love for the secretion.

“Ah, good, too good, two brothers, two brothers, ﹍﹍, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍!” 芸 开始 开始 的 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 开始 开始 开始 开始 扭 开始The speed of her hg. I saw her twisting the carcass and became more and more intense. I accelerate the strength of the tongue and my fingers.

“Ah, two brothers, I can’t do it, I’m really can’t do it, I am so beautiful, I have to vent it, I have to vent it. Hey, ah, awkward! “The suddenly shouted, and the lustful sounds again echoed in the living room.

I stopped the action. When I was ready to do intimate combination, Xiao Wei hurriedly sat up and said, “Don’t be here!” Xiaoyu has quietly pushed it with a difficult voice.

I have so much, I suddenly said that the little legs in Xiaoyu said: “Where is it not the same? Xiaoyu ﹍﹍ You let me get it, I haven’t dried you for a long time!” Followed me The masher that has been expanded again, cautiously, the anger of the meat sticks stayed in the pussy.

For a national middle school, my satopoly should be unbearable, but she has been adulted by me from the sixth grade of the country, and the caval can be adapted to me. At the moment I entered her body in my body, I really feel very comfortable! I can’t help but gradually accelerate the strength of your strength, and faster the speed of the draw.

Xiaoyu suddenly cried, but the tender buttocks were more powerful. The muscles in the shady wall compromised my madama, so that I was so cool that I almost floated!

I invade the small people’s body, and she has also been gently accepting and withstanding everything I pay.

She hugged my head, couldn’t kiss my lips, shouting crazy: “Ah, a little slow, slow, ah, ah, ah!” I looked at the small tide. Red face, intoxicated in a very happy sense of happiness. I can’t help but go to my hips, exhausted hard, put on the down and lower departments! I want to use my own meat stick to conquer the little.

. Twisted the body, I also frowned, endure the flesh’s great pleasure and felt incomparable love.

“Kiss me!” I sucking the moist red lips and issued a sound of “”.

“You are really bad children!” I looked into a child with childish face.

I heard a gentle voice, I am more sleepy in the cave of Xiaoyu, if I enter the peach flower township, I am in the pleasure. The two people bonded together are like what is similar, and the movements are more intense, and they quickly climb the peak.

Xiao Yu’s eyes turned, the whole body was shaken, the cavitation kept tight shrinkage, obviously Xiao Yi is soaked!

“Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 噢 噢 噢!” Xiao Yu’s hot fluid flowed on my glans, and a piece of gap along our meniscovers! Xiaoyu soft stalls on the ground, slightly squin.

“Small ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 啊 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 摇 摇 摇 一 一 一 一 一 一….. 一 一 一 一.. 一 一 ﹍﹍ Xiaoyu is in this time, a thigh trembled, and the hard meat stick is puffed between her thighs! The reaction of Xiaoyu is also very intense, the body slowly arches the waist is almost suspended, and the wheezing is getting closer and tight.

At this time, she is full of wild temptation. I rely on Xiaoyu’s foot to the shoulder, holding the meat stick in the junction of a little love liquid as a lubricant, so that it is straight until it is not enough action.

I slowly moved and retracted, first let the meat stick to be rushing to warm up, and let the warm vagina adapted to the friction. The more you start, the more you go, the more you drive, and the Xiaoyu is also hidden in hysteria, and cares for his breast with your hands.

I also felt the excitement of this, more intensive and pumping the rollover! The sliding vagina contains my big cock, the warm and humid meat is tightly contracted, clip me more crazy, and the powerful twisted shook my ass sprint, this extreme pleasure made me I never want to pull the second two in the narrow honey.

The body of our body is connected together, and the petite little is impacted by my meat stick, almost makes another feet away from the ground. Every time I come up, when I’m attacked, the gentle sexy attacked the top.

“Ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 自己 ﹍﹍ 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己 自己Brother, hold tight, I am so hard! “I caught carefully twisted my waist, and the twirling ass made the little obscene sound. I didn’t expect Xiaoyu to become so lascivious, and the sound of her snoring also responded.

At this time, Xiaoyu handed a card to grab, thank you, the feet opened the yin and the anus, I later inserted the dick into the vagina, and I wooled her to Daimi. The body of Xiaoyu also swollen to contribute. The more addicted.

I made all the best, I only heard the sound of “滋, 滋”, “咕, 唧”, is constantly echoing in the quiet living room, “Ah, ah, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ Ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah! Ah! “And mixed the sound of the little 小, formed a tempting and pleasant sexual intercourse.

And I am a great command, use the command of the arm, and control the global!

I really carefully observed the great body of the. To be honest, the elderly and more and more touching people have become a clear melon face from a slightly fat doll, and she is red, and the body is more mature. That beautiful body immediately told my sexual desire and pushed it to the extreme.

The hands of the began to gently caress my chest, I also rely on her beauty with my hands; it is really soft, tender, and has flexible and smooth. I crushed while glaring, looking at her sorrowful groan expression.

“Well, um, honest, um, ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍! 二 ﹍﹍, he hate 喔 喔 ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ ﹍﹍ 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人 人ask me.

“Ah! Do you feel embarrassed? Hey, you have a wave!” I immediately launched her.

芸 嗲 怨: “You are not all bodgers, you are bad, come and say me.” I am more energetic, the more we do it, the more it is more and more enter! ” The fierce throduction result made the white body became a pink, and the sweat of our two was mixed.芸 has been intoxicated in this sea, and I keep it twisted.

芸 躯 那 那 是 那 停 停 停 停 停 停,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Second brother, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, push, push! “I also began to be crazy, the powerful delivery, the big meat stick, the bigger, the red hot big meat stick is extremely excited . At this time, I changed into a mad beast, and she was desperate my prey!

“Ah, ah, I am so comfortable! Ah, ah, ah, ah, awkward!” The mourning mourning is even more sour, and it seems that even the ancestors are called.

I feel that hard meat sticks are very comfortable, feel extremely stimulated, and some lubricants have been started.

“Ah, ah, I have to shoot, I am smell,” Soon, I shook it, tremble, the semen sprayed into the body of Xiaoyu, a snow white semen is like a volcano The flush is sprayed into the small vagina.

芸 芸 淫 中 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 儿 移 移 移 移 移 移 移 移 中 棒 中 棒 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中 中Take it, I will take it out for a while. On this breath, it is until the semen is swallowed. The warm tongue is tightened with the mucosa on my meat stick, and it is very comfortable.

“Ah! Er brother! I am really very grateful to shoot delicacy in my vagina, I am so cool, your fine fluid shoots in the 芸 体 体 体 体! I am fortunate!” Sensuality said.芸: “Well! Well, I will help you clean! Er brother, do you know? Your meat stick is big! You make me so comfortable!” I didn’t say anything, my eyes are just old She is filled with semen and honey juice.哗! The mucosa moisturizes her labi, makes it a shining, more fascinating, and will seem to say hello from time to time.

Afterwards, I want to go to the bathroom to rinse together.

We walked into the bathroom. I said to Xiaoyu: “Let my brother help you wash it, put you clean you.” After you squeeze out some shower milk, wipe her breast, put her breast It is matched with a bubble, and it is gently rubbed with his hand.

I said to her: “Do you remember when our first bath?” She said: “The brother is the first time to bully me! My brother is still called me.” I asked: ” ? “She said:” The second brother is so bad, people are ignored you! “After that, she turned into me.

At this time, the baby’s breast has been washed and tender, soft and flexible, and the small nipples are frozen in the palm of the palm.

The expression of Xiaoyu has become full of red and gasping.

I asked: “What is it? Do you want?” Xiao Yu red face, uncomfortable: “Isn’t it? ! “I finished using bath soap to my body.

Xiaoyu deliberately use soap to wash it in my lower body, my mask is washed again, but it has been shot twice, I don’t want to squeeze again.

I started counterattack, hard to smash the little talents, and began to move the hand down, I want to help her to wash her private parts, my brother is there! My hand dried down, after her slender waist, after the small abdomen, she arrived at the fresh little hole, and constantly squatted on her delicate hills, her incapacity has grown, but not very thick.

I use my hand to apply bath soap, then in the jerkin of Xiaoyu, Xiao Wei obviously has a reaction, and breathing begins to urgently, hands on me, but also I am touched by her. My finger continues to the yukuclear.

When I played for a while, we rushed away soap and entered the bathtub.

I didn’t have a while, and I didn’t seem to think about it. I pushed my touch, put on my underwear with a quick move, rushing out of the bathroom, Xiaoyu sat in Thank you, shy low, no hair One language.

I also put on my clothes and sat next to her. I extended her right hand gently and said: “What happens? How to run it out, don’t wait two brothers?” Not your girlfriend? “I said:” No! Why do you ask? “Xiaoyu is angry,” Then, how do you talk to her and her “I will say:” and She loves? “Xiao Yan said:” Yes! You just like me to make love with her? “Said, her tears will fall.

I didn’t know how to answer it. I had to perfue her. “My brother is too much to think of you, I have to find my sister to replace you! You didn’t hear me when I was holding her, called” 芸 “, “芸”? “This talented she was smiling, she said:” You are lie, the second brother is the worst, I don’t believe it! “I held her:” It’s true, ” Who told you to see my brother for so long? “She said:” Isn’t it! It is a mother who wants me not to bother you, afraid that you are sad. “Listening to her, the nose is sour, I thought of the death of the world.

But it’s just a sad, but it was also seen by, she said: “Er brother, are you sad?”

I will always be with you! “It’s like my little girlfriend comfortably. I heard her words, my heart is even more bliss Chen (if I didn’t hypnotize her, she is still the kind of cooler for me, I will be intimate with me.

I don’t know how long this day will last, maybe they will suddenly move, maybe hypnotic will be discovered, take him, and now enjoy it.

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