After the female teacher drunk, Liu Yu was cheated by her boyfriend for a few days, and she was smashed, depressed, I bought drunk until the night, I thought about sad, I opened the car on the car and sent my heart. Resentment. Unexpectedly, Liu Yan, who is blocked by a fat, and is brought to the police room. “Miss, you speedy, and it is drunk driving, you are dead!”

“Sorry, police officers, I lost love, I borrowed wine …”

“This is not the reason, recently check this strict, you dare to drink, too speed? Just checked your driver’s license and your information, you are also a people teacher, tomorrow, inform you to lead the school. This kind of known People, how can they get a teacher. “

“Please ask you, don’t make a case, how do you want to do it?” Liu Wei can do it. “Liu Wei heard that he would inform the school, immediately stupid, and then a roar of the window” Lao Liu Faster, not three accompanying women, taking a truffle, taking it up tomorrow to inform her of the unit to collect. You come out, we can grab three accompanying the brothers of the police station. That fine. I have one ! “

“Ok, Chen police officer, I will come right away.”

“Do you want to go? Let me first. I will not dare to know next time.” This old Liu is going, it will be over tomorrow, and the unit will know. Maybe, the work did not have to do Liu Yan to see the old Liu took the handcuffs, immediately made up his mind, take off his top with the fastest speed, revealing his own breasts. “Mr. Police Officer, I … I am beautiful?”

Old Liu Eye is not blinking to see this for the body, the meat stick is immediately hard, Liu Yi is a rare beauty, plus drunkenness, his face is red, now it is naked, and you will tease the old Liu. Old Liu Zi has no hard work, the meat stick has a pointed “good nice girl.” Lao Liu did not help but touched the milk. Liu Yu immediately went to Lao Liu’s hand, press in his own tits, anyway, he has been smashed by his boyfriend, just keep the reputation, oh, there is a driver’s license, there is an ID card “, police officer, yours Hand, touch your sister is so comfortable. Ah … hard … My sister like … “While deliberately rumored to get rid of her shoes, the style looks at the old Liu Lao Liu Yizhang, picked the willow Skit, put on the old sofa of the police room. By the way, Liu Yu’s skirt, Liu Yi is already naked “um … hurry …” Liu Yan also thinks that he will make yourself a good time, you will get out of “Little Baby, how can you have this beautiful.” Liu Yu is crisp her eyes, “Husband, hurry, people think about your big dick …” and forgetting to twist “It’s a baby, a niece, more than a girl on the table.”

“Ah … hurry up,” Liu Wei only thought early, sliding with his finger on his own gradation “Ah, you actually start masturbating, good lascivious little beauty.” Lao Liu threw his own police uniform On the ground. Stretch your fingers into Liu Yan, quickly stir, refer to the shackles on the vagina wall. “Play this, I am a veteran. It used to play three more people to practice.”

“Ah … ah … hello … is amazing.” Liu Wei did not have been playing several times, and there was such a stimulus, immediately screamed. “Well … um … good … brother fuck me … ah … fuck me … ah …” and force it upright, “Please, don’t play, express me.”

“Oh, this is easy to come out from a three-time girl, from your beautiful girl mouth, it is too obscenity. Ok, today my police officer is to play the people’s teacher, no, no, Your scorpion teacher, haha

“Ah, I am a scorpion, a rotten scorpion, hurry up, I can’t stand, fast, ask you.”

“If you put a good teacher, you have to be the most exciting, you can really have a good thing.”

Liu Yu took the old Liu’s humiliation, climbed from the sofa, kneeling on the ground, did not say two words, including the old Liu’s dick sucking “, 滋 …”

“Well to wait for this cock, wait for it, you have to fuck you, hear no, you don’t, you don’t, you have this teacher, haha.” Lao Liu suddenly pulled the hair of Liu Yan, Go forward with force, go into the throat of Liu Yizhen, “Hey !!!” Liu Yizhen tip touched the cloud. “Hey! Cough!” The face rose red. Work hard, although it is very unskilled, but from the A tablets have seen deep throat, Liu Wei decided to make old Liu shouted with his mouth, so that at least he can force his forced. So I hardly eat the old Liu’s meat stick, and the old Liu actually didn’t do a few, I took it in Liu Yu’s mouth. “Ah, it’s too cool, little scorpion, you will play too, how are you a teacher, you will play more than prostitutes.”

Liu Yan didn’t expect that he was completely task, very proud, so he didn’t say that old Liu said, she didn’t say old Liu, and she was swallowed with the whole semen of Lao Liu. ” Let me go. “Liu Yu is happy,” I can still driver’s license and ID card. “” Of course, I have to ask. “Old Liu opened her mobile phone” Hello, brother, there is here婊子, is not three accompanying, three accompanying, this mother, this scorpion, don’t want money, come over, play, white. “

“Ah, you, don’t keep your credit.” Liu Wei is very angry, “I have not promised you, it is yourself to take off your own. And say, I only play your mouth, your forced No exercise. “

Liu Yu recalled at this time, and the old Liu did not agree with her, and the use of the body is just your own wish. “You, I will make you cool. Do you want to make me, as long as you put me? I also driver’s license and ID card, I don’t tell me in school, I can let you cool again. “This time, Liu Yu remembers with the old Liu heard, the door is kicked, and it comes in a” old man ” Liu, this girl is what you said. “

“Oh, she is an authentic teacher. You look at this forced, very fresh, I just played with her mouth, I couldn’t cool it. I will force you to play, I owe your gambling debts last time. Just a stroke. Haha. Teacher Liu, you said?

Liu Yu understood the meaning of Lao Liu, nodded, “I am the scorpion of Liu police officer, he let me wait for the sector, I will serve who, I will make you cool, Liu police officer will also reward me.” Looking at the old Liu, Lao Liu Wei, a little one, Liu Yu understood that the big man pulled up Liu Yan, Liu Yan screamed. “Ah … light …” and consciously grabbed his hair carefully, and the big man looked at his own meat stick. Ah. Let your old Liu shot in your mouth, this kung fu is not bad. “

Liu Wei thinks, it is better to take the opportunity to keep your own force. So Lake the hand, was pulled by the big man, made a very sensual expression, “Good brother, I will not grow beautiful, but I am still so awkward, let you play, do you want to try My mouth. Just afraid of shooting, I will take my little tender. “

“Fucking you this unique goods.” The big man was angered. I have to take the dick into Liu Yu’s mouth “ah!” Liu Wei immediately regretted, because this big meat stick is too big, much better than Lao Liu. Soon, I didn’t have a white eye. I was not idle. He quickly took the force of Liu Yupi. At the same time, the attack made Liu Yu looked over the white eyes, and the prostitute was directly sprayed “, this little scorpion is climax … you Leave, she is white, don’t dry her. “

The big man wakes up, put a little bit of the big meat stick, let Liu Yupi in the messy thoughts, I think that the big man should pull the meat stick to do her forced, in order to keep my forced, Liu Yifeng’s “Ah … … you have this little scorpion, … cool. “

Seeing the big man like this, Liu Yizhen does not stop, then use the tongue to keep the glans in detail, repeated, quickly horse eyes. In order to protect your own forced, Liu Yu made all the ways to stimulate the big man, and desperate this meat stick. “Ah, old Liu, this is really a teacher, this is more powerful than the most professional prostitute …” big man hard “You come out, or if you can’t play her. This scorpion of the mouth is really powerful.” Lao Liu reminded the big man Liu Xunjun, play this, then pull it out, do it, don’t you It is too much. Suddenly, a big man couldn’t have a big man. He was anxious to pull out, but it was still late, a semen shot on Liu Yupi’s face, “Success! Yeah!”

Unexpectedly, the big man is similar, and the lower head has sucks a clitoris “Ah …” Liu Wei is still immersed in the joy of the forced, and there is no psychological preparation, not from sprinkling. This is the second climax of Liu Wei tonight. This climax is too sudden. Liu Wei feels that there is a stock current from the clitoris to all the whole body. Excited is almost faint. “You can’t see it. This girl is still a sperm. When you come in, I will come in a police officer, Liu and Dahan full face, “Ah, I originally a police officer. I just want to ask you. This is too big, we will go with you soon. Three accompanying. Or … you have also played. “

Although Chen police officers are high, but it is a young person, I have just graduated from the police school, some are energy. He began to take off his pants, “Old Liu, this good girl doesn’t call me, not enough.”

Liu Yu is afraid, is it forced to stay? So I strongly smile, “This police officer, you are so handsome. I like it. However, I am too tired, play this long, Liu police officer has not rewarded me.” The eye is obliquely old Liu, meaning, I have made this big man, you should also have a driver’s license and ID card, and you should put my Chen police official pinching Liu Yu’s teat, “I know what you mean, little scorpion. But you ask him I don’t agree, do he dare to put you? And, your car key is still in my hand. This way, you let the old Liu play, we give you freedom, let this big man play, we give you Driver’s license and ID card, as for this key, I will stay. Okay? “Liu Yu was shocked, and the car borrowed a colleague. If you can’t still go, how you will tell your colleagues. Oh, I have been played twice anyway, and how many more times. Anyway, the mouth is solved with a mouth as soon as possible. Liu Wei has been very confident to his own mouth. However, Chen police officials have made her desperate. “This mouth has been running, I will not play, this is forced to look fresh, it seems that there are few people to play, I will do this.”

Liu Wei knows that this is not enough. There is a saying that “Since it is irritable, it is better to lie down.” So Liu Wei is determined to use the car. Besides, the prostitutes have a large number of hundreds, I have tried to change the car. Earn. I simply say, “Come, I am very tender, only my boyfriend has played once. If you like it, give it to you, how do you want to play how to play, it is best to put it? She is running, ah … you must make her melted. I am so happy. “I don’t want to be shameful, and Xiao Chen is a young man. I can’t stand Liu Wei, such a sophisticated quantity, hard work , Joining Liu Yu’s forces. Then sprint “Ah … ah … a good brother … You will force Xiaoyu to move the little … ah …” Liu Yan loudly, more exciting Xiao Chen Lao Liu and Dahan also left one right Drazy, Liu Yu’s teat, also use the Liu Yujian’s glove to get his own meat stick, I hope that my meat stick will be erected once again “Ah … ah … 喔 … … I am too embarrassing … Ah … Dry me. “

Under the extreme excitement, Liu Yu’s third climax, and the lascivious water rushed to the thigh, “” You are two, who is hard. “

“I’m hard. Is it necessary to play that?” Old Liu Xushu smiled “Well, Zhen Shao, we don’t have this, I have a good fortune, I don’t want to mess up her today. We don’t take a police officer. Use that way. “

What is it? Liu Yan is nervous, and it is very expected to stand up very much, and Xiao Chen’s side, adjust the posture and angle, and plug the meat stick “” This … absolutely no. “

But who will pity her, the big man hurts Liu Yu’s body, so that she can’t move, and the old Liu and Xiao Chen have begun to sink “pain …” Liu Yi hurts out of tears. This is more painful than the break, “Ah …” Liu Yu is supported. It’s so fast that Liu Yan is suitable, and Liu Yi is very forced. too strong. At this time, Liu Wei began his fourth climax. This mother is climax …

The illegal water poured out has been mixed with blood. This climax is much strong than the top three. Liu Wei is full of straight, “Dry, do it, do it. All done to my uterus.”

“Miracle, Chen police officer, our two glans dry into her uterus … this is never been there.”

“This saga is really resistant, let’s shoot together, see who is pregnant.”

Xiao Chen and Lao Liu have eyes on the eyes, while using hard to play almost at the same moment, the meat sticks in the Liu Yuzi are shooting, and a large number of sperm rushed into the uterus of Liu Yu. “My brother … I died me. Liu Yan finally couldn’t support it. Dizziness has been dizzy, Liu Yu woke up in his own car, holding his own license and ID card, the car key is inserted into the Li Liusi crying Get up, the effort to pull the car key dizzy, then the door opened, and the old Liuchencheng came in, “Dear Liu teacher, I don’t seem to say it back …”

“You … shameless”

“I am shameless, you are not very enjoyed yesterday.”

Liu Wei said that it is right, and he is indeed too embarrassed yesterday. “Your clothes are very easy, and you will not fuck you.”

Liu Yusong has a breath. It is not to give these police, but it is also very enjoyable to let these police don’t be willing to let these police do it. But the body didn’t eat it. Metaphysics, more people. “

This is not simple. Liu Yuqi has fixed God, recalls it, “Three, you, Xiao Chen, there is also the big man”

“Congratulations, I have a mistake.” “Ah ??? !!!”

“After you fainted yesterday, we were pitiful, let them also enjoy you.”

“Ah, you are actually!”

“Don’t be excited, when we don’t do it, your mouth is automatically squeezed to swallow, do you do it, you still have contractions, fully automatic 哟.”

“Ah, don’t you say that only? It seems that the lower body is wet, “more than 20 books”

“You actually let more more than 20 乞丐. Too much.”

“Sorry, you have a mistake. I have to pushed you out.” Lao Liu opened the door, Liu Yu heard the noise of the outside students. “Don’t push me out, ask you this evening, let you play. Let you play casually, no matter how many people can. You can also use my body to sell money, I am willing to do chickens for you, do your chicken, I am not a prostitute, I am a scorpion, let me do me Work! Do every day! “While said, the lower body was defensive. There is still a voice in my heart: “Let me go, let everyone see my wait.” Suddenly a violent climax came, blowing the open door crazy tide …

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