Lin Ziwei is in the classroom to guide students to learn.

It is empty in the classroom, only four boys and Lin Ziwei alone, all the teachers and students are going home, and the sky is also black, sitting in the alone in the mountainside, only this The lamp in a classroom is on.

A student asked: “Teacher, this question I don’t understand!”

Lin Ziwei walked to him and squatted and gave him patiently explained. Lin Ziwei wearing a tights of the low-cut dress today, and a minor skirt, even stockings are not worn, two jade pillars are so sleigh, and her figure is more forward. She squatted, and the white breasts had a small half of the students to see clearly.

“Teacher Lin, you … so big!” This boys are not smiling.

“What is good?” Lin Ziwei didn’t understand.

“You two milk!”

“You”, how to say this! “Lin Ziwei suddenly shy angry, just want to rise to him, did not expect, there is already a person behind her, a hard thing is already Top on her ass!

Lin Ziwei scared the exclamation: “Ah! … Who are you!? … What do you want to do?” Said to twist, but he saw the student named Blackbi behind himself! Lin Ziwei desperately twisted the body, but the strength of the black tone is really big, and the upper body of Lin Ziwei is firmly pressed on the table. Lin Ziwei is moving.

Black kisk smile, torn the low-cut tights of Lin Ziwei, unlocking the buckle of Lin Ziwei bra. Lin Ziwei scared the big name: “Don’t! … What do you want to do?! … let go! … don’t!”

The black torny is like not listening, soon, she quickly took the light of Lin Ziwei’s upper body, a pair of rough big hands, stroking the beautiful light and white nuts, suddenly handing down, extending to Lin Ziwei chest Before, hold the two big breasts of Lin Ziwei! Although Lin Ziwei’s breast is not as good as Bao Yuting’s fertilizer, it can be a big circle than the twenty-year-old girl of the same age. Blackbi only feels full of palms and full.

“Mr. Lin, your tits are really big! … Let’s play! Haha” black smile, hard to crow the pair of jade milk in Lin Ziwei.

Lin Ziwei felt that the breast was pinched by him, and his miniskirt was also taken off, suddenly he released his breast. Lin Ziwei is relieved, suddenly feels that the lower body is cold, his underwear is torn with him! Lin Ziwei can only be forced to be in the class, and the round butt is right! Black tie is excited to take off his underwear, and only one black-black dragonfly cannon in the back of Lin Ziwei, and the “gun” is right, and the top of Lin Ziwei, slowly top, in black When the dick and Lin Ziwei’s lips are in contact, Lin Ziwei’s body begins slightly. The delicate appearance of the girl will arouse the desire of the animal. Sure enough, the giant sun is backward, suddenly moving forward, in the tragic scream of Lin Ziwei, the yellow wolf is all poked in. Lin Ziwei’s vagina is full of male mashed masks, and the mask seems to have no feelings that still feel like, a refund, standing, a shrinkage … “Hey … don’t!”

……what! ……please! …… … 饶 我 我 … ah! ……do not want! …… Stast! “

Lin Ziwei quickly can’t stand. Blackbi used his muscular arms to hold Lin Ziwei’s little waist. When he shocked, Lin Ziwei Feng full of meat can try with your little patch. tight. Lin Ziwei’s charming waist and hip curve make this boulty. The brunette of black torn is so big. Every time his belly and Lin Ziwei ass will send a crisp “啪”, and he deeply enters Lin Ziwei’s horman is more inside, “哧 … Water ring.

“I fuck! … I exercise! … Lucky you! … small scorpion! … Said! …… Call!

……Ha ha! … “In the screams of black, Lin Ziwei has become more and more powerful, can only kneel on the table, but the ass, passive, this middle school students are mad, with their own female silky sex to meet this beast Crazy desire.

After a while, Lin Ziwei felt that the speed of black rose is getting faster and faster, the mask in the vagina has begun to have a slight jitter. Blackbi uses all the beautiful madness, soon there is a feeling of fluttering.

He reached out and grabbed the meat on Lin Ziwei’s fat buttocks. Then, Lin Ziwei has more than 100, Lin Ziwei’s buttocks have been hit by his hard belly. In the desk “嘎! …… 嘎!”, Black tells finally fired, from His “big cannon” sprayed a hot semen, the hot forest violent water flows down the thigh. It is still not covered by Ziwei, a more coarse mask has been topped on the vaginal port of Lin Ziwei. This big cock has been excited to expose, but the monkey is not in an urgent plug, he holds his own cock, put his 30 cm long giant meat root on Lin Ziwei smooth butt, slowly rubbed Have a dark butt of the dark cock and Lin Ziwei’s buttocks form a distinct contrast, let him see more exciting. He held the roots of the cock, suddenly like the hip of the horses with a whip, I used my cock to smash the buttocks, Lin Ziwei looked back, but found that it is actually the male mask of this boy, scared Almost faint. And the black smiles they saw: “The stinky boy! … What is your fucking riding?

… how about this “horse” ass, how is this? Ha ha”

“This kind of saga! … look at the Laozi does not kill her! …” said, the monkey is aligned with Lin Ziwei’s vaginal mouth, squatting forward, the whole chicken is gone! At the same time, the scream of Lin Ziwei sounded in the classroom: “Don’t! …! … stop! … hurt! … ah! ……! …… Don’t!

…… “

Lin Ziwei is holding hands on the desk, but the buttocks are awkward, the monkey is standing next to the table. Holding the hips accelerating her. Lin Ziwei’s two white hips were caught by ten fingers, leaving a deep ten fingerprint. While he did it, he took the buds that Lin Ziwei before and after kneading. As long as he looks down, he is a long-tongue of the ravaged forest. The mask that is being pumped is covered with obscenees in Lin Ziwei.

This scene in front of you is like a northeast old agricultural box fire box, so that the long wooden stick in the box is slowly smoke, and then insert it. Only this “wind box” has become a 165 cm, and the long legs of the boom, the “wind box” hole has become the vagina of this naked girl, and the long wooden stick is a monkey 30 cm stem! He is excited to breathe, slowly pull out, then insert, feel the pleasure of the meat on the soft vaginal wall of Lin Ziwei and his rough chicken friction, while the ear sounds.

“Hey! … don’t! … spare me! … please don’t! …! ……”

Lin Ziwei constantly called the bed sound to let his dicks have skyrocketed a few centimeters. He is a force, and it feels that the glans has to come to the end of the vagina. Lin Ziwei seems to be like electric shock.

……do not want! …… Rao … spare me! …… Head! ……do not! … don’t enter! ……what!

……stop! …… “

Lin Ziwei suddenly twisted him almost shot. He quickly brought Lin Ziwei’s ass, fixed God, laughing: “Little scorpion! … The vaginal is so short! … is not top to the uterus !………………………………….

Lin Ziwei’s sorry twisted struggle more aroused her wilder desigest, “Look at Laozi today poke your bad hole!” The monkey screams, while slowly retreats the chicken, I’m going out, Lin Ziwei’s vagina The white pulp came along his long dick and dripped on the sheet. Suddenly, his butt was smashed forward. When a whole root, he didn’t enter Lin Ziwei. The glans hit the homeway of Lin Ziwei. Lin Ziwei is not in the mouth, but the scream of the sound!

“Ah … ah … don’t! … ah … ah … good pain! … ah … ah … ah … ah … Stat stop! …… Rao … please don’t!”

Lin Ziwei’s screams mixed with his laugh, Lin Ziwei like a naked mother squatted on the desk, the two white hips of the bead circle, pair of monkeys, he is looking at the snake The coarse and ugly masks slowly smoke from Lin Ziwei’s vagina. Every time, the black and tender meat of the vaginal mouth is tight. The next time, two sizes of the two sizes of the rushed, and the fierce. Plug in, Lin Ziwei was cited by his dry lascivate, and the white mucus became more and more, flowing into the ground in her thigh.

After a while, he felt that Lin Ziwei’s uterine mouth has become more and more loose, and once again, his big turtle finally poked into the uterus of Lin Ziwei, Lin Ziwei’s small uterus hindrance Take a pongned glans in the table tennis.

“Ah … ah … ah … ah … good crisp … ah … ah … ah … ah …” “Ah … ah … 荷 … 要 …… 喔 荷 … ah … ah … ah … Ah … ah … “

In Lin Ziwei’s bed sound, the boys behind Lin Ziwei didn’t help but decline. He took a cock from Lin Ziwei before the fast-fire, and a white colistric paste was smooth in Lin Ziwei. Back ridge and round buttocks. And this boys still have a shameless laugh.

In addition, two boys couldn’t help it. One of them took her big dick into Lin Ziwei, who had no resistance, poked a few times, he actually picked Lin Ziwei’s upper body, two people tight It stands closely together, he actually uses this standing posture to continue his adultery! Although this posture is not as good as the “horse rehmann” of Lin Ziwei, the posture of Lin Ziwei, but the posture is to expose Lin Ziwei to the front of those boys. Just now they only take care of the fare of the cock, but no It is found that this is a sexy charming than their big girl, especially the pair of breasts, with the insertion of boys behind the boy.

The boys behind the boys, they called: “A few brothers look! … This sophisticated titship is great! … really fucking! … Hey! … Laozi poked you!”

Another boy can’t stand it, I grasp the two shake fat milk of Lin Ziwei, and the dead!

Lin Ziwei screamed: “Don’t! … Hey! … don’t! … stop! ……!”

I don’t know if the boys behind them don’t poke their own vagina, or the boys in front of them are not crowding their breasts? !

Just waiting for these two boys who have been venting the beast, black ribs are both excited. Three hours in the whole, a young girl in the classroom did not stop, including a few boys.

“Saozi! … rotten! … Motivate you!” It is difficult for them to have four nakedness of Lin Ziwei, which is satisfied, do not forget to take Lin Ziwei’s underwear as the future threat to her license. Leave Lin Ziwei alone in soft beach in the desk, breast, size labiarous lips are playing red and swollen, the body is more like taking a bath, confused with the white grievances .

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