“Dangdang ~ …. Dangdang ~ …..”

The bells under the get out of class echoed in the campus students three or two two-two campus occasionally came to play some fun, the loud noise is slightly injected with long exhausters, but they are cleaning up in everyone. Personal items are prepared to leave the school, but the top floor of the campus has passed the intercourse of the campus. “Zhang Xiaoming classmate, your paper says you mean? … calling teachers at this time Come here, what do you want to do? “There is a non-smaller Mr. Morf, a voice of the Mr. Yan Yan, and said.

Mr. Morf is wearing a black small white point, wearing a black and white legs, wearing a black net, plus a pair of dark brown boots, hugging the chest at this time, working hard but did not expect this, but make the chest more concentrated Highlight some people who can obviously see the chest bumps, two black dots, Masters in the school have always been the first young appearance of the votes in the voting dream, and the body is uneven and the shape is often worn. The tempting clothes that have been attacked, and it has always been a huge fantasy object of the male. If you don’t want to pick out the shortcomings, you can only say that the chest size has progress, but just let her pregnant cups can’t upgrade again. Two cups of big hands rubbing the spouting of milk, I don’t know how many disciples of the school’s male classmates sacrificed in the fantasy. “I saw it in the classroom at the classroom, I’ve seen it. It is here. “Zhang Xiaoming said that it is not bad.

“Where is it? ….. you .. You are lie, how do I have? You don’t talk!” The rude tried to deny the way.

“I record it, do you want to see?”

“How is it? I didn’t see you in the record! You are lie!” Said that it is said that it is said that it is said.

“Oh, so the teacher admitted that when he was in class, when everyone’s face, masturbated behind the table!” Zhang Xiaoming said narrowly.

“Where is it? I am not! You break the chapter! You …. You come up with evidence!” The teacher of the Mechani said.

“Okay! Let’s take a look at the live broadcast!” Said Zhang Xiaoming took out the mobile phone from the pocket, slipped two times and pressed a film file. Take it in his hand to the Master of Master.

====== This is the separation line that starts dial ====== This time a woman appears on the movie. The lower body wearing a white skirt and skin color stockings on the waist. It can be seen from the red belt picture. A more dark place to shoot the blackboard to see the chalk slot on the blackboard under the chalk slot on the chalk slot on the face of the woman, the next half of the next half is moving and going out with the sound of the picture. It is obviously the voice of the teacher. Ok, just the completed cultural law practice in the past, now everyone practiced on the 32nd time to practice the topic, waiting for the teacher to answer questions. “

At this time, the Master’s Mr. said, the lower body walked into the picture, and one hand pulled the bench next to the side, and then she took the lens.

“Li Dawei, your king, call you to write the title, where is you? Do you have a write answer on your face? The teacher of Mecheng is spicy.

“Lin Xiaoxun, you write, wait for the next answer to call you 10 times. “

“Zhang Xiaoming, are you not writing?” What do you look at the table? “

After a while, I was confirmed that each classmate was seriously writing the topic, and the teacher slowly pulled the short skirt to the right hand to reach into the skirt slowly. I didn’t seem to have a few seconds. Master. After satisfying such a pleasant legs stepped on the lower edge of the table, the short skirt was pulled more than a slogan, so that the focus of the lens was re-focusing, you can see a picture of nosebleeds directly spray. The teacher didn’t wear underwear!

I saw that the teacher of the Mr. Master was slowly smart, and the yin is shaved. At this time, you can see the 阴 户 水 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 了 水 水 水 水 水 水 光 光 光 光 光 光 光 光The short skirt is even more exciting to expose a pink strip in the face of the rocket, and a heavy breathing “um …. … Well …. ah …..

Murfang is actually estrus in front of the classmates in the whole class!

With the rhythm of the rhythm, the sound of breathing and the snoring also gradually became more and more obvious, the rhoda finally couldn’t help but start pulling the red strip of the knife. Suddenly suddenly pulled a small ball. It is actually smart ball in the Sao points!

The smart ball seems to have a sound, and the powerful vibration!

The male students in the whole school must not think that the original Master’s teacher is actually a sensuality girl in the classroom with a masturbation in the classroom, in the classroom of this sacred, inviolable school, and being captured by the lens. It may be that it is afraid of being discovered that it is just When I took the red silk line of smart ball, I used to use the 指 阴 阴 揉 揉 有 为 为 为 偶 偶 偶 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 重 地 地 地 地 地 地 地The snoring also has been reconstructed. The classroom does not speak space. The distance between the classmates is also far more than the distance. As long as I don’t want to see, I can’t see the lecturer. Suddenly, a sudden, Mr. Master, the right hand began to quickly Take the little peas “um, ah ….. um, …. ah …. Well ….” A heavy breathing and snoring came! The entire lower body is also shakeped in the entire lower body, and the spring is also sprayed with the body, and one drip is still sprayed on the camera. It is even in the classroom!

====== This is the end of the separation line ====== “What? Master Master is you not wrong?”

“You ….. How do you know? Not …. you …. How do you shoot?” Jianfang asked.

“Once I was in class, I accidentally saw the teacher using his hand, and the middle teacher in one lesson, you still have a few times, so I will fix the mobile phone when there is no one in the sports classroom. At the bottom of the table, open the video mode, and then let me record this brilliant scene! Hey! “Zhang Xiaoming said.

“You ….. What do you want? How do you be willing to delete?”

“Oh, I am gambling with the teacher. If I bet, I will delete the movie, and when I don’t have happened, what do you think?”

“Want … What should I gamble …?”

“I have observed the teacher for a long time. This film gives you this film is not the only piece. When you are in classroom, do you have a hop egg masturbation?”

“What? You don’t just shoot once? You …. You took a few pieces?” The Master of Mechanism said chaos.

“So we will come to play a bet, you will gamble you now have a jumping egg in the Sao point?” Zhang Xiaoming smiled.

“How do you know me … don’t! I don’t, I don’t …. Plus the egg ….” The Rafang seems to be caught in the small scorpion. Speaking, the smaller sound.

“See it! I see you didn’t wear a bra at all! You see your nipples on your chest! Master Master, you are a jumping egg in the Sao point when you are in class. However, it can be lectured in eight hundred, the surface is very essential, and the bottom is a soilly female teacher! “

Zhang Xiaoming said that it took a step by step to approach the Rafang, and the MF Fang also retired in step by step. Finally, there was no way to retreat to the wall, Zhang Xiaoming’s situation, the left hand shot on the right shoulder of the Ruff, and blockped it. The Rude escaped from the route of the storage room, then the right hand reached directly into the hip skirt.

“Ah! Don’t … don’t this!” The two hands of Mei Fang grabbed Zhang Xiaoming’s right hand and tried to block a further action.

“See it! Teacher, this small saga, I swim egg in the Sao point, and I didn’t even wear it today. Who taught you? Hmm?” Zhang Xiaoming’s right hand, I have visually, I have a vibration, and the situation When I came back and forth, I got a few times, and I also pulled the jumper outside the red silk line outside.

“Ah, ah … don’t, don’t … don’t …. That is … is because underwear is wet, people take off, ah, ah …..” It is necessary to use your legs to clamp the evil big hands, but your legs are weak and soft. He has to climb Zhang Xiaoming.

If someone sees this picture, it is probably not that someone thinks that this female compatriots are being forced to get pussy, but may feel that this female compatriots are desperately asking for love!

“What? Have you admitted that you are a lascivious female teacher?” Zhang Xiaoming continued to make the pussy of the richness.

“Ah …. Don’t …. people are not …. ah !!!

“The prostitutes have been wet, I still say it? It’s really honest, but the body is very honest!” Zhang Xiaoming looked at the mouth of the mouth, and the right hand began to pull the egg, so that the Mei Fang has almost no strength. Continue standing.

“Ah …. I admit … I admit … I admit that I am a female teacher who is lascivious.” The Rafang finally couldn’t help but admit the facts of his lascivious. Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoming deliberately stopped the action of the right hand.

“I want, give me! Give me!” Suddenly lost the pleasure of the pleasant, as if I lost everything, I will pleading.

“What is it?” Zhang Xiaoming started pulling the egg again.

“Give me a meat stick, I want to meat! I want to be dried! Dry me!”

“Sure enough, it is a sensual female teacher. If you want, you will tell yourself who you are, the owner gives you a big meat stick!”

“The Moss is a lascivious female teacher, I want the owner’s meat stick!” The Rifang has gone to the gods.

“You are a small queue, I will be your master, if you don’t listen to the master, the owner will not give meat, know?”

“Good .. good .. good, Xiaoxao will listen to the master, please give me a meat!” The Mechani has lost rationality, and he is fully controlled by the desire, not only the owner, but also climbed in Zhang Xiaoming. Searing, licking Zhang Xiaoming’s lips, neck, butt, it continually grinds Zhang Xiaoming’s body.

“It’s so good, Xiao Sao goods take it out of the owner’s meat stick, blow the meat stick hard, then do you!”

“Okay, thank you master!” Ji Fang squatted, pulling out the meat stick, immediately contained the meat stick into your mouth, and struck it.

Sure enough, the meat rod gradually became bigger in his mouth, and finally beyond the limit of the rude can bear, and the rude was not adapted to naturally returning.

“Small Saima is really powerful, good, put the master’s meat stick, come! Take your ass to make the ass to make the owner!”

When I was listening to it, I turned and pulled up the bag hip group, revealing the black open net pantyhose, and smartly of the two petals, swaying the entry of the invitation.

“Please do a small saga!”

“It’s really a sensuality! It’s really cute!” Zhang Xiaoming said with a force, and started with a force.

“Ah, ah …. Good thick, big, ah, ah …. The master’s meat stick is big! …… Human holes open …. So comfortable .. … so comfortable ……. “The Rude bite the lower lips, and it is not as forbidden.

Snapped! A crisp-loud slap is playing on the buttocks of the Rafang, Zhang Xiaoming can feel the rushing point!

“Ah !!!” The Rude can’t help but shout!

“Xiaoxao goods are so loud, wait until someone will come to see? Ah?” Zhang Xiaoming said that he would take a palm of the arrogance of the arrogant, the meat rod is more exhausted, and the meat is in a look. Depth!

“Ah, ah …. ah …. So cool, doing people are so cool …” The Rifang has not been controlled loudly!

“I didn’t expect to pass the eight hundred female teachers on the podium. It is such a lascivious educated baby! Ethereally knead the stunned nipple on the chest of the rifile, and the other hand starts to smash the sensitive bacons!

“Yes, it is so cool, ah! Yifang is a sensuality … Sensual female teacher … ah, don’t pinch, don’t pinch people there, so comfortable …. ah … ah .. .. people arrive !!!!! “Because of the triple excitement of the chest, vagina and clitoris, let the eggs have volated in the vagina and estringes a full afternoon, and climb the most violent climax today!

I only see that the Buffali body is not strongly shaken by autonomous, and then the whole person falls on the ground, the pussy flows out of the obscenity.

After Zhang Xiaoming took out the meat stick, I also used my hands quickly and drove the meat stick. I sprung the white pulp on the body, sprinkled on the body of the river, and a few drops of farther, point in the cheeks of the Ruff On, it slowly flows into the mouth of the frozen.

Zhang Xiaoming went to the side of Mei, and the meat stick just sent to the semen was close to the mouth of the royal, and the gods had been lost, and the instinct of the meat rod sucking the meat stick. …..

====== Not an end of the end of the end ====== Recently, the male classmates in the campus have discussed the transformation of the Master of the Master, the teacher wearing the teacher’s wearing a relatively conservative, the short skirt has become a long skirt. The chest is also high. It seems that it is difficult to see the low-cut business line and a pair of stockings, although some people say that she is still in the long dress or even the stockings of the wine. But the whole, it’s no longer able to see that the Master of the Master is really a thing that is nothing wrong with it. It is really a matter of special, and there is only a different styles of silk scarf every day. Some people say that he saw the scarf. In the end, a dog used by a dog but who didn’t dare to pull the silk towel.

“Zhang Xiaoming! You wrote this and seven-eight homework! Do you have to leave a job every day?”

“Zhang Xiaoming! Your test results can be bad! 18 points! Call all guesses Class C is 20 points!”

“Zhang Xiaoming !! @ $% ︿ * () ︿% ## @@@ $% ︿︿ ## $% # ︿ & ︿% & * @ @% @ …….

The students feel that Zhang Xiaoming should be a mildew, and the teacher who has recently turned into a spicy and cheferly, and looked at Zhang Xiaoming’s eyes full of sympathy.

However, only Zhang Xiaoming knows that today, the teacher wears the style of sexy underwear, or there is no wear at all! Or a few jumped eggs in Xiaotao or ass, or is stipulated that wear masturbation underwear today, plugging the massage stick and anal plug in the Sao points and farthed eyes.

Moreover, Zhang Xiaoming is more understanding, with the daytime to withstand more violent gunfire, you can double the rectification at night, Many times, Zhang Xiaoming almost determines that the teacher of Mecheng is to be ignored, and the day is so fierce. … ….

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