Although it has been a long time, every time I am exciting, I think that I will always think about my English teacher.

When my sexual desire is urged, my mind always comes out to her body, her fat hips, a plump breast, white skin.

When I stimulated the lower body, the bloom of the lower body was like a feeling of picked in her yin.

I violently stimulated the lower body, let the lower body burns like fire, this feeling reminds me of her high-tech butt to make me insertion into the taste, I dramatically twice, her meat’s hips will be hit by me. The lower abdomen, she wets the very tightly vagina wrapped my penis, and every effort has a strong stimulation.

I remember that day, very late, in the classroom, I asked her question, she stared at me, she took the initiative to remove her clothes, guiding my hand to touch her breast, she said, “I want to” then kneel down Solve my pants to suck my penis.

Too cool, then she fell on the platform, and the lifted ass let me insert it, I am too excited, I will take it after insertion, I will take it.

She laughed and said, “Do you want to play more?”

I lie down on the podium and open my legs, let me lick her yin.

Her yin has a strong black hair, two lips are red and red, and there is a liquid that has flowed out from the inside. I absorbed, lick, there is a strong smell, extremely exciting, I am too excited. ! She quickly reached the climax, yelling, the whole body was dramatically shaking, and there were many liquids in the yin, shot on my face.

She didn’t stop, let me do her later.

I control myself, slowly, it’s too comfortable. The whole penis is wrapped in soft and wet. She is squatting, horing the butt to meet me, the lower abdomen is very bloated, the thigh is sour, I have been tolerate The temptation, start to speed up, the lower body is very bloating, it is to be shot, I use your strength.

Just then, she suddenly took off away, I only felt that the whole lower body was slammed there, so uncomfortable.

She smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will bear it for a while, I haven’t been shot, so slowly you will be very uncomfortable, but you will feel very exciting, and you will be more comfortable when you will shoot, you will be stronger, come , I am sitting and slowly controling you. “She is a teacher, teaching me to find happiness.

I lie on the podium, she was sitting on the legs, holding the penis to put it into the intraulisine.

She was pressed against my thigh, and my penis was dramatically grinded in her yin.

I immediately had the feeling of shot, the lower body is so swelled, I stretched my straight legs, she is very moving, saying “It’s hard, I will control, you will tell me when I am shooting, I will stop Let you slow, comfort it, is it the whole person to collapse? “I only feel that the body is itchy, in order to hold back, the whole body is tight, this kind of tension is really comfortable, especially the lower body in her Slowly, when the fire is burned.

I said, “How do you know that this will be comfortable?” “My boyfriend often let me get him like this, and there is a trick.” I said that she took a hand with a finger to stimulate my fart.

There has also been a strong feeling there.

Oh, I can’t help but call it. She said, “Don’t enjoy alone, I will take my chest.” I use my hands to rub her breast. She is called average, speeding up the moving speed.

I immediately felt shot, and I said that I will say that I will not do it. She smiled, but it is moving faster, “Let you be more happy!”

Oh, I will shoot, just in an instant, she suddenly stopped, oh, I only felt that the body was swelling there.

She stopped, while stimulating her clitoris with her hand, her manual is very fast, suddenly I feel that there are many liquids in her yin, and she is climax. “

Sorry, I don’t let you come, I am coming again, I’m still itchy, okay, now let you come “she suddenly clamped the ass, exhausted.

The penis is dramatic in her yin, and my whole person has to fly. “

Tell me when I shot, I will take it away, don’t shoot me, “she quickly stopped, after ten, I think it is shot, but I think about it, but even more obsessed with the impassion. Hot, I stop her from moving again, saying that I still want to play. “

This is no problem? “

She smiled “This is not only comfortable, but also makes your long-lasting force. But now I will move, I will not work.”

I said, “Even if you don’t move, you can be tight in your cloudy, I have to shoot inside.” At this time, she just moved it, I shot. She really didn’t move.

I feel that the strong enthusiasm of the body slowly retreat.

For a while, she couldn’t help but move.

I know that I can do it for a long time after this buffer.

Although the lower body is very fierce, it is itching, it seems to have a desire to be shot at any time, but I know that I really have to take a fork.

She reached a climax when I enjoy this pleasure.

The water out below is not much.

She is a bit tired, and I have a breathing on me.

I slowly allocated the penis, wiped a few times around her anus, and slowly sent it into her anus.

“Oh ~~~~~~~~~~~~” she stunned.

“Ok ~~ This is what I want!”

I tried to draw up, she didn’t imagine that it was like this, I was very smooth, but the stimuli was significantly.

Obviously she is often dried.

I accelerated, she told her whispered, pleading, and finally I felt shot, I quickly smoke it, but she grabbed it into her vagina, and the phosphis of the fire was shake the shake. Under the hard-sensitive impact of the lower body, finally shot, shot her lower body is all semen.

The ejaculation lasted for a few seconds. I feel that the whole lower body is so cool! After ejaculation, I lie down and hug her a bit of the body, and gradually slowed the penis in her intraulidinal and genitals.

We wiped each other for a long time, finally finished.

That time, I have been to do the most cool times.

But unfortunately, after the occasion, she was caught when she was seduce another boys, and was quietly sent, listened to them, and the police station couldn’t live her, and it was said that she was doing her. .

Later, what happened, I didn’t know anything.

It is also a long time away, but I am going to always think about her every time.

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