I am a veterinary, usually a lot of work, and my friends always like to send some difficult diseases to the door, and I can’t pay my boyfriend. I have to find a man inserting, if you don’t work, you will be cool.

On this day, I died Xiaoli Call, I opened an mouth, and it was another problem.

“Xiao Mao! I have a dog, trouble you think about it?”

“It is very large, but it is very pro, just ………. Just ……………. “

“It’s okay to turn it on that time!”

“No ……. is not ……. johnny is not … Not too the same … In short, please do you want a way!”

(This doesn’t set it to me, is it it?)

“I know, you will bring me first!”

Although Xiaoli said it is a big dog, but Johnny is still rare.

There is no place to live in the hospital, I have to take it home. Along the way, it continues to be on me, and use it to lick me the place you got.

Xiao Li didn’t lie to me, it is indeed a friendly dog. After eating dinner, I will go back alone, can’t sleep …

Well, come to masturbation! Fantasy is pushing push by a huge mask. Soon, I went. I used the middle fingertips, and slowly painted in my meat core and acupoints. A burst of butt numbness suddenly slammed all the whole body. I couldn’t help but squat.

“Well ….. Ha …….. um … good ….. so cool ………….”

Use the mouth water to the other hand to play the nipple, um! I always feel that I am not too addicted ……. So I hold the whole tits, send the nipple to the entrance and suck, from the nipple, double the thrill, Combine with the lower body, oh! I can’t come!

I …….. ah! … ah ah ………….

My middle finger is renewed, and when it is sprinting, I can’t wait for the meat, and suddenly, a strong breath is in the ear, is a man hiding in the room?

I scared my eyes and saw Johnny stretched his tongue on the bed. Is it caused by my obscene? I sat up and I found a blood red genital genitals.

At this time, I suddenly remembered: I am in the hospital all day today, the whole body is full of vivid dogs! And Johnny is also estrus.

So ……… 嘻嘻! …… With a fun psychology, I put the wet secret to it, I am a piece of grass, I swelling The yin nuclei, the lip, is exposed to a male dog who wants to blow up, this psychological stimulus makes me a little climax! I can’t take out the hole.

Suddenly Johnny rushed up and desperately licking my lascites. I resist a second, I immediately put it under the pleasure of the mountain in the sea. It’s too powerful! It’s better than people, but flexible! I have been licking, never succumb to this point, I can’t help it Store the butt, let it get more thorough.

I even dial on the hole, and it also licked my secret lips, even my points didn’t live. Entering and letting and let me talk, I can’t stop, I can’t help but turn over the side. attitude.

“Ah ……. Johnny is coming! Do it!”

At this time, Johnny has been completely erection, and its giant roots and body have been more than, it can’t wait to insert the Yinhong hard object into my obscene, and then drift. No man can do so fast Don’t vent!

“Ah ~~~~~ Well ~~~~~~~ Ha ah ~~~~~~~~ cool ……. cool …….. cool me! …….. good johnny, ……… Good brother, …….. Good husband! Fast ~ point ….. Come and die I am ah ~~~~~~~~~~ “

Johnny may understand my words, do it faster and more powerful, the room is full of it in my point.

‘啾, 啾’ 糜 水 水, my obscenity has long been spread all over the body, and a drop is dropped in bed.

“Ah, ~~~~~ Johnny ~~~~~ I am a bitch, I am the most prosthetic bitch, …..”

(啾! 咕啾!)

“I have to be killed by you … um, ah ~~~~”

(啾, 咕啾, 咕!!)

“I want to die! I … Yeah! … I have to come ….. I have to vent it ……. lost! Lost … ………………………….. “

As the thrill of electricity passed through the whole body, my juice is like a fountain, the body is soft in bed, and there is no sound. Johnny is still standing upright, there is no need, holding my leg, continue to smoke ………

The next day, I didn’t go to work. Last night until Johnny didn’t finish my numbers, I didn’t know how many times I had a climax, and I didn’t know that Johnny didn’t have a few hours.

I called Xiao Li: “Xiaoli, Johnny has any troubles, can you say something?” “It … it … it is estrus, I will go and neighboring all women ..” .that…….”

(The phone Xiaoli 80% is already red

“Moreover, it ……… It is not like a common dog, only in a fixed time …..”

I heard here, I can’t help but laugh! I told her Johnny ‘everything. “It’s just a large dog is not suitable for the apartment. It is better to give me care. I sent her a card.

Since then, I will never need (nile) to find a man to insert me. I took Johnny’s norful, who taught ‘its health is my happiness’!

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