The hot summer vacation is not over, I and Li Chen are also shopping every day, play, or gangs and friends K songs, the days are a bit boring.

“Husband, or we go swimming!”

Li Chen’s eyes were light, it seems that the new mainland is found.

I know that her hometown is at the seaside, although there is no bubble in the sea, but benefited from genetic genes, water is good.

And the little wolf, it is a standard arid duck. If you ask me, my girlfriend and the mother fall into the water, I will answer the answer, I will jump in, then they will take me casually. Save it!

“Small, swimming is no problem. But I don’t want to go to the swimming pool, and I will not go deeply a meal place.”

“Then go to X, although it is worn, but the environment is still good, there is a shallow water area, it is suitable for you this rookie.”

Li Chen pretended to look forward to me.

I thought, the old X middle school is a remote point, but still an outdoor pool, but the surrounding woods are prosperous, the scenery is pleasant, and the important thing is that Li Chen is full of seductive carcasses, and the sexy swimsuit is in front of the eyes, and may not be said There are more and Li Chen’s beautiful eyebrows.

Well, it seems to be not bad! So I put it a relief: “How is the rookie, we are people, not hippo, people who don’t swim, have more people, to say, I can see it in bed. …… “

“Oh, you are too bad, it is really a big color wolf, you!”

Li Chen listened to the face and shame, and the powder fist continued to hit me.

In this way, the next morning, although there is a bit of cloudy, cool hay, we are still a swimming pool in X Middle School.

“Wow, here is really good, my husband said,?”

Li Chen seems very excited.

And I am not very happy, because today’s ghost weather, there are less people who have to play with water, don’t talk about it, just a few little farthers who are not afraid of cold.

However, look at it, the pool is still very clean, the ground is also very clean, and it is a place to carefully maintained, and it is a school, the staff is very worry.

Buy tickets to go to the pool …

Soon, we stayed in the water, Li Chen wore a light blue swimwear today, did not have a cup-style design, but a bit like a professional swimwear, the front is flat, this style is obviously more suitable. Athletes, streamlined.

However, for Li Chen, who has a 36D cup, such swimwear is not allowed to cover all the chests. Since the front is flat, there is no packages of breasts, so the entire breast can only cover the upper half. And the lower part has been leak in the air until the root of the breasts, regardless of the deep cleavage can be seen from above or below.

I didn’t expect this to show that Li Chen, who had selected this swimwear, in order to show himself.

Compared to the upper body, the lower body design is more elegant, the upper edge of the swimming trunks can expose the cute little navel, and the waist extends out a small skirt, and then fluctuated with the water after swimming. It is very lively.

I played with Li Chen for a while, near at noon, the weather is still a bit cold, I will not swim, I have half squatting in the water.

Li Chen saw that this painful appearance, took the initiative to rely on, sweetly said: “Husband, or do you teach you to swim? So you won’t be cold.” “I don’t have to learn good, It turns out that this is not my strength, my strength is in bed … “” Well, I think about those things all day, I don’t care about you. “Li Chen face red, pretending to interrupt me.

“Hey, or your wife knows me, but this can’t blame me, who calls my wife, your body is so good, always tempting me.”

I don’t want to see her weakly, and my hands go back and go back in her slippery small waist. Li Chen is teasing twisted.

At this time, we ran over the past, splashing huge water flowers, splashing, and I can’t even open it. I just wanted to speak, I saw them and I ran again. When I came back, the big little boy took the head looked around 10 years old, fat, all the meat, just like the real version of the rice, behind, it may be his brother, it is 5 or 6 years old, long still Calculate.

Two children came to us, and the rice is open to us with us. “Big brother big sister, you are a couple, I envy you.” Li Chen opened: “What do you envy, a little brother?” Usually Li Chen likes children, this will be happy, so I immediately throw me on the side, but I am mad at me.

Na Mi Lin also didn’t care about my angry eyes, happy answer: “The big sister is so beautiful, I envy your big brother can be your boyfriend, I have no girlfriend, my brother is not.” Said that the gods were injured.

“Haha, my little brother is a few years old, so how to know how to make friends, you have to grow up, you have a girlfriend.”

Li Chen patient comforted them.

“But I should go to school. Yeah. Many students have a girlfriend, I have to come to the oil.” Michelin is a firm expression.

I can’t help but laugh, and which girl will like a rice, brain.

Li Chen saw him saying this, encouraged him to say: “Well, there must be a girlfriend, but you have to have the ability, you must have a baby.” “To be right, you I have the big brother, I have the big brother, I can be a big boyfriend, such as bed … “

I laugh and answer.

However, I haven’t finished the pouring water by Li Chen.

“Little brother, you see, swim is also very powerful, my sister, I am very powerful, do you want to learn?”

Li Chen is very proud to show one of her fewer strengths.

“Okay, we must learn to swim, your sister, you taught us.” Two children are ecstatic.

“But is it really so good?”

The rice is in the mouth, it seems to not believe in the general.

“Of course, you can use your toes to see your sister!” Li Chen’s little face was red, and his fork and waist.

“No, no, my sister is not misunderstood, I just look at you is not the same as those athletes.” “Where is not the same!”

Li Chen immediately asked.

“It is … just … it’s different here.”

Saying that the rice is reached out of the little finger, and “those athletes are not so big, I thought that only here will swim.”

He said that he is ashamed.

Li Chen listened to the shamish face, the fashion is red, the fire is nor, patience: “The little brother, swimming is the technology, there is nothing to do with the body, we can’t be a athlete, but you can rely on sports and fitness, sister, sister I just like it, although it is worse than those athletes have slim streamlined, but also boys like it … I like it is big. “

Said that Li Chen also felt embarrassed.

“Really, that is so good, but why boys like big, our school girls have no big sister.”

The melin is not solved.

“Haha, that is because they have not grown up, waiting for them to go to the age of my sister, maybe it is bigger than my sister, this is the pride of girls.”

Li Chen said that he was slightly chest.

“Okay, let me save you, your husband, you will play it yourself.”

It seems that she is not a teacher, I can’t do it, I came to the water next to it to see them to learn.

Two little farthers are very happy, especially the rice, the learning is still awkward, I don’t feel uncomfortable.

Nowadays, children are too familiar. It should be very early. It is impact to see Li Chen, who wants to eat tofu, and more I want to feel suspicious.

But let’s think about it, this is good, just satisfying a small wolf, my prostitute is desi, then saying that the child will not make a serious thing, hehe.

So I quietly stayed in a near place to secretly looked at them.

At this time, Li Chen has begun to teach, first of all, Li Chen wants to teach them to suffocate.

“Swimming first requires no water, so we have to learn to suffocate in the water, you will all suffocate, can you hold it?” Li Chen asked them.

“I don’t know, I didn’t try it.” Two little fart.

“Ok, let’s take a look, how long can my sister?”

Said that Li Chen took a sigh of breath, closed his eyes and pinned his nose and slowly sneaked into the water.

After a while, the two children began to sigh, “Wow, my sister is so powerful, I have a long time.” “Yes, it is so powerful.”

Waiting for Li Chen floating on the water, two children have a palm.

Li Chen may want to show his strength. It is a bit hypoxia. I just got the head and I didn’t stand firm, swayed a few, two children thought she was, panicked, Hold her ahead of time.

At this time, Li Chen didn’t know what happened. Suddenly I felt that the two naked bodies were attached to themselves, their swimsuits were split. In addition to the skin other than three o’clock, it was exposed to the air. The vibrant skin is rubbing the back and lower belly, standing in front is the brother, because the child is short, his face is just posing on the light of Li Chen smooth, and standing behind the rice.

Li Chen can obviously feel the shape of his swimming shorts.

I don’t know where a hot stream suddenly took over Li Chen’s body, this kind of feeling that was hugged by two men was so wonderful.

“How can I think this, they can still be a child, what happened to me?”

Li Chen is self-sustainable ideas, but the body’s reaction is can’t control. She hurriedly wiped the water on her face and said: “My sister is fine, I have been a little dizzy. Ok, you both give me a look at it now. “

Soon two children learn to suffer, then Li Chen is preparing to teach them to float.

“You remember, floating is the basic skill of swimming, you must learn.” Said Li Chen came to the pool.

“First grab the armrest, the head is low, then the body can float in the water, you see.” Li Chen demonstrates it, and it has floated.

Then the two children have been doing, and the results are trying to do it several times.

“Your head should be low, your legs must straighten, can’t have a little bending.” Li Chen is a bit anxious.

Two children are also very troubled, “I am very hard to reach the leg, but I can’t reach it, I don’t know what is going on.”

Michelin said a little helpless.

“Be sure to remember, first low, so the upper body can float, then the thigh is tightly kept, and finally the calf is gently, and it will float it in the lower body. So, I will do it. Time, you stand on both sides to help my legs, feel the specific steps. “Li Chen said patiently.


Two children nodded.

So Li Chen sneaked into the water, two children were not polite, immediately put their hands on her thigh, especially the rice, two hands continued to go upstream of Li Chen Guangjie, and left pinch, right pinch , And specially pick Li Chen’s sensitive part, first, the inside of the thigh, and then directly put the small bar on her abundant hidden hips.

When Li Chen drilled the water, it was already panting, the cheeks were pink, and the sensitive body was invaded by a few small hands, it couldn’t help it itch, a warm flow of the lower body, the white skin is also red.

“Who told you to touched, just call you on the legs, the child is really unrequited, but also excite people, are you bullying my sister!” Li Chen stunned, staring The child said.

“No, I am just curious, I have never touched a girl.” Said that the rice is hurt again.

“This trick is really used, and it’s nothing, but it is good.”

I think that Li Chen, who appears in my mind, loves the expression that is unbelievable, and the meat stick is not a bit hard.

So I came to Li Chen, pretending to tell them: “You are really unrequited things, the girl’s body is not casual, especially the sensitive part, you have to give people Touching, then feel comfortable, if it is a bad man, the girl will be unhappy. “

I deliberately say that the word “bad people” is very heavy. Sure enough, the two children were scared, especially the little brother, seeing to cry, smearing the eyes shout: “Sister, my brother said that we are bad people, we It is a bad guy … “Li Chen did not expect that I will say this, I am so worried about me, then comfort them:” No, don’t listen to my brother, my sister likes you, just … “” Then we touch you. ” Comfortable, is it a sister? Can we touch your sister? “

Didn’t wait for Li Chen, the little brother said first.

Li Chen listened to the scared, hurriedly explained: “It is comfortable …”

Li Chen turned to me, “my husband, who told you to talk, I don’t come to the table.”

“I am telling the truth, you see that they are all children, so true, can’t defraud them.”

I quickly explained: “And you don’t enjoy it, hey.”

Li Chen listed as shame red: “You are really a big wolf, people are only comfortable by you, really.”

“That is not necessarily oh, my husband also wants to see what you enjoy, if you can make you feel comfortable, what I am willing.”

Say that I turned to two children, pretending to say: “My sister said that you are very cute, she likes you very much, so you can touch it, but you are still small, you have to listen to my command, so you can make your sister comfortable, know .”

“Is it really ok, my husband, people are afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid, it is a child, it’s very obedient, you can enjoy it, hey, no one will see it, no one will see.”

When I comforted her, I came to her, slowly unlocked her upper body swimwear. Li Chenfeng’s double peak finally got rid of the limitations of swimsuits, and lively jumped out and scratched a ripple in the water.

Li Chen also followed “Well”, in the body, although it is separated from the surface, but in front of the two little boys, the chest is still the first time.

“Next, you can use your hands to touch your sister’s chest, you have to massage, let your sister comfortably.”

“Compliance.” Two children took the other left and right, took Li Chen’s double breast. When the little hand touched the skin, Li Chen was trembled, and the soft fell in my arms.

“Sister your skin is so good, slide.” The children are amazed.

“Is it? Sister is so good? You have to wait for your sister.”

Li Chen said that there is no power, as if all the energy is used to feel their caress, it seems that Xiao Nizi has already emotionally.

I saw that two children seem to be holding the baby. I’m going to hold Li Chen’s breast. I can’t bear it in one inch skin, and Li Chen also began to make a lot of money, and the double milk began to flush, and smashed slightly, two powders Tender nipples are gradually standing.

The children pay attention to this change, curiously pinching Li Chen’s nipple, then Li Chen couldn’t help “ah …”, scared two children, and then put his hand.

I quickly said to them: “It’s okay, it’s too comfortable, the nipple is the most sensitive place for the girl, you have to massage.” “Ok.” Two children regain confidence, start Continuously violate the nipples of Li Chen, Li Chenjiao, constantly emit a whispering.

Seeing this, I am deeply infected, the meat stick is already hard, so I rely on Li Chen from behind, I want to fade her swimming trunks.

“No old public, hard to be love.” Li Chen resists the way.

“Nothing, you see there is no one in the pool, you can’t see the water, rest assured.” Li Chen watched, there is no one in the pool at noon, but also on the shore. Underwater, then I told her little pants, I put her swimsuit and swimming trunks in the pool, then hugged the naked Li Chen from behind, I feel that she has already been hot. NS.

I put the same hot meat stick between her two legs, the glans is just on the labipings, and when Li Chen’s labello can obviously have hot things to flow out, it is a lascivious chick, actually being a child Take out so many prostitution.

And Li Chen suddenly felt that the small hole was hard, but it was even more self-sufficient: “Husband, small hole is itchy, so comfortable, people have been diarrhea.”

I have read Li Chen’s completely entering state, I want to be very easy to climax, I said to them: “Now, your sister is already very comfortable, then you don’t want your sister more comfortable, finally reach the climax?” “Brother?” What is the climax? “The little brother asked.

At this time, the rice said: “I seem to know that the woman is called the climax when the girl is most comfortable, is it like this.”

“Now the popular science is ok, so you know the climax.”

I thought in my heart, said: “Yes, then let’s let my sister or bad together?

Next, you will sneak into the water, use your mouth to suck your sister’s nipple, you can just touch it, have you heard it? “

Two children of course agreed, so I used the meat stick to rub the petals of Li Chen, but I didn’t insert it, and one hand wired around and gently touched her rising clitoris.

And the children sneaked into the water, and the two nipples of Li Chen were sucking in the mouth, four small hands were constantly moving on the naked body of Li Chen.

Li Chen has got this “hospitality”. After a while, even if you have a good strength, just in my armament, two hands and dead, grabbed me, shaking, actually so fast The climax, this is really surprised.

Just then, suddenly a voice came: “You, do what!”

This can be shocked me, and Li Chen is shocked by the two legs, and the muscles of the body are tight.

I look forward to the far, it is a mid-age man, dressed in swimming trunks and bronze muscles, which is actually a lifeguard.

He approaches us, the face is serious: “How do you press the child in the water!”

I saw that he has been very close, afraid that he saw Li Chen’s naked naked, and quickly explained: “No, we are teaching the children to practice her feelings.”

At this time, the two children were floating, and the lifeguard saw that they were fine, obviously relieved.

Then look to Li Chen, ask: “Beauty, you are fine, I see your face is very red, is it heatstroke?”

“Nothing … Just swim … Nothing.” Li Chen is not explained.

“It’s okay, yes, two, time to go home.” The lifeguard pointed to two children.

The children heard: “Ah? Time is here, but we haven’t completed the mission, my sister is still too high …”

Li Chen listened and scared, was afraid of exposing stuffing, so I quickly interrupted them: “Is it not too high … happy?

No, my sister is very happy, you practice very well, my sister is very satisfied, you will go home soon, don’t let my father and mother are anxious. “

When two children listened, I thought I was very happy to massage girls, so I am very happy to leave the pool.

At this time, the pochman also walked away. When I was looking for a chair not far away, I went to sleep, but I walked away, I noticed his eyes on the swimsuit of Pool Li Chen, and then exposed A fascinating look.

After the pool of the pool, Li Chen took a breath, turned to hug me, the little face leaned against my arms, complained: “Good insurance, blame you, out these 馊馊, almost let People are ugly. “

I said: “Is Li Chen uncomfortable, just now, is it a climax?”

“Oh, you have to look at it … 都 生, our husband, let’s go back.” Li Chen said.

“What are you going back? Is Li Chen still want it? Isn’t we solved here?”

I said that she hugged her, and kissed her little mouth, the tongue continued to invade the tongue, and Li Chen was kissed, and he was hot and hot because of the end of the gave. Get up, I took the opportunity to take a double-pronged, hold her big breasts and return, open her labipings in one hand, refer to the fast thrush in the small hole.

With a few Li Chen, I will be paid. As my finger is inserted, there is constant pool water into the small hole, mix with the love liquid flowing out in the palace of Li Chenzi, so that the extraction is extraordinarily smooth, and Li Chen is also these Silhouette of the water flow shock.

“No old public, will be discovered here.”

Li Chen worried.

“Nothing, you look around, everyone is going home at noon.” I comforted her. “But … but there is a lifeguard that, I see him just … I have a chaos of the thief, I must … I have no peace, I will definitely … Peak.” Li Chen shaking said, And the body is warmly responding to my thrust.

“Don’t tighten, you see him to sleep there, don’t notice it. The lounger is on.

But my heart is still suspicious, just when I talk to Li Chen, I will fall asleep, and I still fall asleep, and I have sunglasses, I must put it down, so let us leave the guard, he is so stealing that we are intimate.

I don’t want to be inflated by my heart, a sudden picture is in my mind, so I decided to tease her, I close the ears of Li Chen, whispered: “Wife, I just saw two children to serve you, you are very If you enjoy it, if someone is interrupted, I think soon I will reach the climax. “

“It’s not your own, let people be so uncomfortable.” Li Chen returned.

“How come, my husband can see you enjoy the top happiness, I am very happy, if Li Chen can try different feelings of sex, even in other people, I am willing.”

“I hate you, even if you are more comfortable, Li Chen can’t …” I saw Li Chen listened to me, whispered, the small hole was significantly contracted, and the loving liquid poured.

“You see, Li Chen’s body is very honest.”

Said that I accelerated the speed of the throduction, Li Chen couldn’t help the whisper: “Ah … the husband is light, so people want to be climax, ah … Li Chen wants a climax.”

Li Chen hugged me tightly, and it was going to achieve a climax.

And I suddenly pulled out your fingers, Li Chen suddenly lost his sense, and he worked urgently: “Husband is coming, people are here.”

“It’s still not the time, my husband wants Li Chen to get a stronger climax with the meat stick of the uncle.”

Said that I pointed to lifeguards, I saw a snoring in his mouth, sleeping very well, but the taller of swimming short pants is obviously peeking under sunglasses.

I will continue to say: “You are watching him is already sleeping. Li Chen can get a climax from him to get the meat stick.

Li Chen did not stimulate it, he was hot, and the gods were somewhat unclear. He said with his mouth, and said: “This is the husband said, Li Chen is really awkward, Li Chen is going to be in other people. ! “

So she climbed out of the water, slammed from my hands, and walked toward the uncle.

At this time, I thought in my heart, “Is it too much I did, Li Chen will not be in the air …”

But although I think, my body hasn’t chased it, and the meat stick is even more hard than just, is it really seen in others? I am not looking forward to this day.

Li Chen carefully walked to the lifeguard, confirmed that he was already sleeping, just kneeling, carefully gotting it, I saw that the meat stick of Uncle has been talled, putting the swimming trunks completely, Li Chen slowly faded him Did you have shorts until the meat stick is completely detached.

And Li Chen did not respond, the huge glans hit her face once.

“so big……”

Li Chen is amazed, although I am in the distance, but I can clearly see that the guy’s meat stick is rough and long. The glans is like a child’s fist, it is not a sports.

At this time, Li Chen couldn’t help but gently hold his meat stick and feel its beating. Li Chen, who was full of red, licking his lips, and finally settled his mind, slowly put his mouth up, and suddenly put the glans In the mouth.

“Li Chen gave him blows.”

I thought about it, I couldn’t help but make the meat stick in my hand.

And Li Chen is in the stalks of Uncle, and it has set a few tens of times, Li Chen spit out the meat stick, I only see that the glans is full of crystal water, shiny.

Li Chen can’t help but continue the next action, quickly take off his swimming trunks, then cross the body of uncle, and have long, the unsatisfactory small hole is above the uncle’s straight penis.

At this time, Li Chen looked at me, and his face was ashamed: “Husband, people want to sit down, to make love with Uncle, and finally in the uncle.” I have already looked silly, just slowly nodded. The eyes are all placed between the holes and penis.

At this time, Li Chen is already a fire, just eager to find a bigger excitement, she turned her face to face uncle, the little face is full of spring rhyme, the water’s big eyes spit out unlimited warmth and desire, Li Brightly bite your teeth, reached a hand, grabbed the hot meat stick, slowly sat down to the crude meat stick, when the lips hit the glans, the uncle, “Sleeping”, still I have myself, I am shaken.

With the movement of Li Chen, the glans squeezed the labipings of the lack of wet, and pocket the narrow little hole of Li Chen.

Li Chen felt that it was hot and gradually came in, scraping the tender meat of the meat four wall, very enjoyable.

But the gurt of Uncle is too big. Just entering half, can’t move again in Li Chen’s small hole, Li Chen tried several times, could not accommodate this big guy into the body, and in this attempt, The flesh’s continuous friction has made Li Chen to collapse, and the body urgently need to reach the climax is always unable to explode at the critical point. The thrills that gradually accumulate let Li Chen must be crazy.

And at this time, I noticed that my uncle didn’t seem to be very wolf, and the glans continued to stimulate him frowned, and it was so comfortable, but it didn’t completely insert it.

Li Chen at this time, in order to get a bigger pleasure, it is no longer sitting, but with the small hole with a small hole to quickly and then swing, it seems to hold a joystick.

The uncle was obviously never suffered, and his mouth was bold, and there was a risk of payment at any time.

In this way, the movement has moved more than ten times. Li Chen has been tired and panting, and it has rishes Xiang sweat. Her head is high, and a long-haired waterfall is in the waist, and the skin is flying, the red skin Aroma.

Just when Li Chen had no effort, the uncle under his body couldn’t help but use his best, and he only listened to the “哧”, the whole glans included half of the penis into plum Morning body.

Li Chen was plugged in this one, “Ah”

The big name, the whole body is tight, and it is constantly trending.

And Uncle also couldn’t bear it again after this hit. After a big, the semen came out from the horse’s eyes, and the crazy watered into the depth of Li Chen’s thirst.

This time, the ejaculation is extremely strong, and only the rapid jump of the exposed penis roots, and a semen is pushed into the small hole of Li Chen.

And Li Chen was already blurred, just suddenly felt that the small hole was constantly creeping, the heat was turbulence, and did not realize that the uncle has ejaculated, and all shot into his own body, but in this impact. Next, this time, this time it goes very smoothly, with the lubrication of semen, the whole penis of Uncle acts completely into Li Chen’s body, and the coarse glans is rude to the uterus of Li Chen, the remaining semen is shining. The uterus of Li Chen.

After this attack, Li Chen’s body finally completely followed by the big uncle, and the huge pleasure has finally let Li Chen have reached the vertices of the climax. She can’t help but be self-satisfied in the uncle’s strong chest, sexy little mouth Go up, kissed with uncle crazy tongue, and the lower body fiercely tremble in the climax, the tender meat on the butt is shaking, the small hole holds uncle’s meat stick crazy creeps, like a small mouth put the semen in Uncle There is no drop in suction.

Two people hugged the top of the climax, until the uncle’s fine meat sticks shouted out of Li Chen’s body, a large semen mixed with Li Chen’s obscene, sprinkled on the floor .

I was like a dream at this time, I found that I actually ejaculate when they reached the climax, I believe this time, Li Chen must experience a more violent climax than before.

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