I am working in a casino. 28 years old this year, I am young and grouped, plus the beautiful women around, so I have played a lot of women.

Although my height is not too high, I am handsome, and the wind flow is, and the woman I have encountered, the lady in the dance hall, including my female colleague, I don’t like it and I am going to bed, one of which is the most The important reason is because I have a “big baby”, my female colleague called “Super Big Music” in private, and the lady is more exposed – giving name “Bed” The soul is a gun. “

This title is some coming, that is, I have a night shift, and Li Na, who is responsible for the ballroom, I am idle, I call me to drink in the dance hall, she is a lifeful lady, and I have some fish water. Huan, she knows that my good woman, arranged two most fascinated lady to accompany me.

Amided a laugh, and anyway, they didn’t have a business tonight. It is better to accompany me to night. I have to play, but if I am already coming, I have to pay, one 300 Yuan, but if I can make them two, the cost is free.

Li Na knows that it does not evade, but it is necessary to do a referee, I have a good agreement. When I arrived at their rentals and Li Na, the two had been prepared: one is a big red gloomy milk game, pink stiletto high heel shoes; the other is more teasing: line type brass, thin line Ding word underwear , Black leggings high heel sandals, she is a carcass, late peaks towering, so that it is even more likely, extremely sexy, I am extremely hard.

I don’t know why I am very hard, I turned to take them in the double kman, or press them under the body, before, afterwards, from above, repeating the “simple and stimulating action” I made the waves of the waves, Li Na saw it is a big mind, but she still wears the suit skirt, just a little weird in a smile.

After the two ladies, I saw me hard to see me, and I ran over and put Li Na picked the light on the sofa. Li Na is not against it, just rubbing the clouds with his hand. I suddenly understood what happened, I ran to the bathroom to wash it. She took the hand … so three people got together to get her.

I am a three girlfriend: Two ladies plus a female colleague and make them extremely satisfied, this matter has been widely circulated between many ladies, so I got this Ya. Afterwards, Li Na told me that she was so brave in order to help me specially put a strong spring medicine in my wine, but this is only her knowing me.

Every time I play a woman, I have almost all played “rape” games. Generally, I strive to “rape” them, even sometimes I am passive, let them “rape”, but also to play – seek stimulation. However, there is also an exception, that is, once I am in a business trip in the field, I am really raped by a woman who is solemn, it is still stimulating and stimulating.

That is a night in the summer this year, I alone in the neighborhood, because of the food is a public fee, I can reimburse it, I live in the best holiday hill. The scenery of the mountain is very beautiful, followed by the mountain, the forest is dense, lush, one person is idle, I will replace the big shorts and slippers, bring the play card, think of the Summer cool breeze .

I have been touched for ten minutes. I came to a more open forest grass. I still have a rest of the stone bench for people. I am very happy, I am busy with the stone bench under one of the squats. The playback card is taken out, put on the headset, and closes the eyes and enjoy this wonderful time.

I haven’t listened to five minutes, I was interrupted by a delicate girl: “Hey, Mr., how is Yaxing? Listening to music here?”

I was shocked, I was busy, I saw a young pretty woman standing in front of me. This will definitely, see her a playful look, I can’t help play with play: “Hey, a person I am free, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep, I don’t listen to music, what can I do? “

“Oh? Really? Do you have a person?”

“Do you say that there will be a second person in addition to you?” I said, I would like to take her, I saw her carrying a white little bag, wearing a white dress, fine waist, feet It is a pair of white high heels, because there is no stockings, two round-sleeved thighs white flowers are exposed, very sexy and charming.

“Hey, your little handsome guy is really joke! What is a person in this?”

“listen to music!”

“Where do you want to find a beautiful woman with you?”

“So late, I am going to find it?” “Is there a one in front of you?” She laughed, and her expression was a bit.

“What do you do with me?” I didn’t know.

“Do something!”

“What do you do?”

“Of course, it is the kind of thing that you want to do most! What can you say?”

Listening to her, I immediately understood, this woman either lives in the romantic young woman in the mountain, come out to “play wild food” at night, or it is a “chicken”. Thinking of this is trying to explore her: “Hey, I said, so late, you have a girl’s home, what is it in Linzi?”

“People are like you, can’t sleep!”

“Do you live here?”

“No,” girls don’t seem to be self-reliant, I will add it: “I came to find an old friend, I can’t think of him.”

After determining that she is “chicken”, I laughed: “So I don’t ‘something” can do, right? Three more half-night, are you not afraid of being bullied by a bad person? “

“Bad people? How is this bad guys?”

“How is there? Isn’t you sitting in front of you?” I looked at her.

“Hey? Is it? Are you really a bad guy? Hey, this year is really no no, there is still a bad person!”

“you do not believe?”

“Don’t believe! If you are bad people, will you ask so many questions? You are really a bad person, then, you have already rushed to the clothes of the people, and then it is like this … Hey. “The girl said, step on the left foot on the stone bench next to me, then lifted his hands and did a tear-opening dress, a man hugging a hip to flip the action.

“This -” I saw the girl like this, I went a while, I couldn’t help my face, I just wanted to bow, but I saw her underwear inadvertently.

“Hey, honestly said, don’t want to play?” The girl said, put the right hand on the chest milk.

“Play? What?” I can’t see her.

“Hey? This waste of the wild, the lonely male widow, what can you say? Of course, I am doing love!”

“At this?”

“Yes, just here! Come, so exciting!” She came to my hand.

“In no mood!”

“Really? You don’t regret it! At this moment, I am standing in front of you. This is, let’s open your eyes first!” The girl said to raise his hand straight to the short skirt of the chest. Row button unspeakable. I am shocked in my heart, and I am bright in front of you. Wow, the original girl’s dress is not worn, only a pink bra, the bra is a pair of high-tender peaks, and a double peak center Deep cleavage; the lower body is a small underwear, and it is said that it is panty, it is better to say a narrow small cloth strip, from two ropes, respectively, in the waist. I can’t help but blush.

“How? As long as you are 500, ensure that you can play a cool, if you go to 1000, people are you this evening, how do you want to get it! Hey!”

“Yeah, who is you? Will n’t it be a ‘Miss’?” I shouted.

“How do you say it? I don’t tell you! Anyway, I am a woman who can solve the ‘temporary problem’ of your man!”

“Sorry, Miss, I never found ‘Miss’!”

“Hey? I don’t believe in this year, which man doesn’t want to find a lady!” She didn’t think that. “You won’t be sick?”

“Is there something so hard?” I pointed to the lower body, there was obviously a “small tent”. She looked smile.

“To be honest, your small panties are very beautiful!” I don’t want to lose this valuable opportunity.

“I said, the man is finally a man! It’s okay, since you like it, this is given to you!” The girl said that she declares the details of the waist, and the only called “small The small panties of the cloth strips are drawn from the lower body. When I am in front of my eyes, I put into my jacket pocket, and then I sat on my thigh. “Come on, ‘playing a gun, will not let you pour you. ! “

“I have no money!”

“People live in this Villa will have no money? I do not believe!” The girl said as he loose his hand on my crotch by pinching, “Come on, what fear, I did not sick!” “Even if you do not believe it! “

“Do not be so stingy! To play again, will not let you white **! He is a man full of naked, yeah, your stuff is not small! Oh, yes, let me see, maybe play off the point ! “the girl said bluntly squatted in front of me, and my crotch zipper pull.

“Discount? Play any discount?” I press and hold the girl’s hand.

“Of course playing ‘money shot’ fold it you do not know, I have a rule:! The more things a man playing the larger discount.” Said the girl holding the runoff from the penis in my underwear.

Listen to her say this, I let go of his hand, he was secretly delighted, “I can tell you yo, my stuff great!” I laughed and said something.

“Really? I do not believe!” The girl said, put his hand into my panties.

“There’s a man you encounter did not play four fold? Hee hee!”

“I want to die, but has yet encountered!” Lady explore in my panties in his hand saying. “Wow, big ah! Give you a good discount of twenty percent!” The girl could not wait to finish my penis pull out, looked at it intently latch onto a smile, holding hands penis rod Taonong up. By this stimulus, my penis quickly swell up, “Oh, oh, great, play tickets, I give you tickets!” Cried the girl overjoyed.

“Well, I said lady, first haste Well, I did not agree with it! Besides, my little brother is not a full stand up, and I looked and wanted to do on a price, discount, how?”

“Well, well, look at the root of this part of the big guys, discount on already discounted!” She said, his mouth could not wait to get my penis head suck, I want to play four fold forty-five two hundred, two hundred beautiful women will be able to play such a pretty good deal, get it and let her suck.

I can see she is expert in this line, I felt let only a few dumb, I see her squatting both hips open, my feet quietly out into her pussy and kick off the slippers, I instep on her bulging pussy rubbing, she looked up at me, smiled, and then get suck my penis, wow such a show! My heart said something, homeopathy brought back foot with your right thumb gently fiddled her pussy, while she was not looking, then my toes into the top center of her labia.

“Oh,” she groaned, “You good or bad ah, dirty dead!”

“Hee hee, all right, I just washed!” Listen to me that she also did not resist, but the body sank down, let my toes completely into her pussy.

I could not help seeing overjoyed, not useful I have never played a woman’s pussy toes, and I could not help but tune tighten the remaining four toes, feet firmly on the pick, get her pussy thumb top. She then smiled and clamped pussy and let me get the top, I find it exciting, will get a moment, but this way, my feet quickly sour, and I had to stop. I think at the same time stopped, her body was moving up, down the buttocks about what to ups and downs, just like a penis really Taonong general. See her so I had to hook too tight foot thumb forced her stand Taonong. Soon after, my penis in her hands, the mouth completely stiff.

“Yeah, I really do not see it, you are a master, playing a woman really have a set!” She said of the station body, like magic to work out a T-underwear from the bag and worn.

“What? You do not play?” I was very surprised.

“Do not play with you! Your things too, and if you play tonight not let you not to die!”

“Well, well, do not you discount it enough? Besides that, run into a big thing so rare, you do not want to try the taste of it?” Faced with such a hot dragon thing, how could I she let go of it?

“This ……” girl hesitated, “not really a discount?”

“Do not fight, come on!”

“This is more like it, so you Gaosi also value!” The girl said re-turned and stood leaning on my shoulders, and then his hands shrink to the waist. I know that she is to make her T-piece underwear off, I could not help saying loudly: “! To let me help you take off,” I said, holding her hands out T-Yi Che panties down, she was smiling looked at me, it seems that this is a very natural thing.

I took off her panties T, Huishou it hung on the branches of the tree trunk, and then with his right hand to her left hip won on the shoulder, “Come on, let me see if there is sick!”

“Then you look! But according to me, I don’t seem to use the mouth ‘to look’!” “How do you know?” I laughed, this is right-handed down, holding her double hip left behind, The face also buried in her pussy, my lips kissed a while in her, when the tongue met the flesh of the tongue, I was accurately incorrect with the woman who had the upper end of the flesh. The sensitive part is liable.

“Oh, oh, I have to be careful, be careful, be careful!” Donned, the girl said again: “Hey, I don’t want to do it! I can’t think so old! Gently play with The woman is really a older! It’s not right? My little handsome guy Gagger … “The girl laughs.

I don’t answer her, but continue to be desperately.

“Oh, oh, master, it’s just a bed master! Oh, oh …” The girl was cheerful, and used my hands to press my back, and put it to her.

I took a better battle, I looked up, “Come, turn over!”

“Do we start?”

“No, I haven’t had ‘checking’ finish!” I said that both hands reached into her double-crowd, using the right hand four points on her clitoris, the tongue is stretched in her hips alley. The girl saw that I really want to continue to make the legs and open the pneumatic song. The left hand is supported on the left knee. The right hand, the right hand, holds the left and right of my penis.

My right hand four fingers in her pussy and clitoris, and the left hand pulls her round hip. Her hips were filled with a fragmented aroma, I couldn’t help but appear strange: “Hey, how is it so fragrant?”

“Hey, you can really know the goods! People specially sprinkled with perfume tonight! Do you like?”

“Like, I like it too! So beautiful ass!” Looking at her smart and round asshole, I couldn’t help but stretch the tongue to pick up on her ass.

“Yeah, you are true, just now use the toe to go to the mouth, I will use your mouth immediately. Now I’m licking the asshole, you are not too dirty?” The girl “Gege” smiled and twisted the right buttocks. My lame.

“What are you afraid of! I was washed, you are also washed, this is not, I also wipe the perfume, what is dirty!” I said that she hit her double squat and stamp the tongue Her asshole. The girl smiled again “Gege”, this time she didn’t resist it, but the touched hips made me lick again.

After a while, she still kept a laugh and slammed up, turned back, but she still took a smile, “Okay, don’t lick, I’m still it is dead! We still do Going out! Let you take a while, I have to be coming! “

“Well, my big beauty, we start!” I said, holding her double hips with hands.

The girl saw me agreed, and the right hand held my penis to align her pussy, and the double hips were also sitting down. Look at this floor, she wants to come to “straight yellow dragon”, how why my penis is extremely thick, suddenly put in a third, then she has only low head, staring at the lower yin, the lower body It’s so fast, carefully put the big meat stick below into your own body.

“Wow, I finally went in, God, it’s so big, it’s thick and long!” She said, hopped when I went back, and twisted the body with my arms hooked my neck.

I took her, my arms extended her pink breasts up, and rubbed her two towering breasts with hands, I kissed her, and said that when I said: “How? You hit four% off, don’t you lose? “

“Don’t suffer! How can you lose money? I can’t think of it. You are gently, there is such a big penis, people have so handsome, in fact, don’t need you to say, I will give you a 40% off! “

“Hey, I said the big beauty, I don’t have it?”

“Yeah, you want to eat people’s ‘tofu’!” The girl said, thinking that I am telling the true, just standing up the body.

“Hey, teasing you, do you really think that I am a hunger?” Said, I pressed her double hip to press her, “Come, take out your full skills.” For the handsome guy ‘service’! I also have a rule, that is why, “service”, this’ service fee, will be bullish! “

“Yeah, you still say that you don’t look for ‘Miss’, it is a lie!” The girl said, looked back, then sat in the body, “Sitting, the beauty of the beautiful service is to start.” The first section – ‘蜓 点 水’ one or two three four, two two three four … “said that it is very pleasant to the upper and lower, and I can’t think of the wild, I can’t think of it. Can touch such a sexy beauty and her “playing cannon”, is this a lot of fun? Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but pick her short skirt, watching her round cheeky hips on the ground. “Section 2 – ‘Torning Malow”, left and right left, right … “

After more than ten minutes, just when I was set, she stopped, she stopped and she stood up.

“Hey, how to stop? Don’t stop, I am refreshing!”

“Is it very cool? Hey, I can tell you, I don’t play with you, you are rough and hard, I don’t know when to play!” The girl “Gege” said and wrapped around the stone Back behind.

“Don’t play? Now I don’t play! Sorry, it’s too late!” I said that she stood up and chased her face. When I arrived behind her, I hugged her, and worked hard. Reverse.

“Great wolf! Let’s let go of people, do you want to rape people? People are afraid of you still not?”

“Okay, dare to marry my big wolf! See how I pack you!” I said, I am not polite to press her on the tree, and raise her leg, I use the penis to her lower abdomen Find her pussy, but she twisted the lower body to dodge, “I will not let you enter! I will not let you enter! I don’t think you do?”

“What should I do? I do this!” I said that my right hand took her thigh, holding his left hand and tightened her hips, and my penis also touched her vaginal opening. “Send you root big meatonomus!” I said that I immediately calm down Dan Tian, ​​vigorously – the whole penis should be sun!

“Hey, God, how is it! Do you want to die?”

“Yes, you are right! I just want to kill you!” I looked straight to her.

“Hey, come, who is afraid? I don’t believe in a big girl, will you be killed by you? Do you have you heard that there is a lot of rough holes?” Laughing in the junction, taking the upper body, while the arms tightly grabbed my neck.

Ok, it’s hard! Don’t let you know, I will not surname Yang! “

“Yeah, it turned out to be Yang Ge, it is really disrespectful, disrespectful! Hey Yang Ge, can you tell me if there is a trainer that you have passed by this big meatcood?”

“Yeah, still talking!” Looking at the beautiful woman in his arms, I was busy hitting my lower abdomen quickly.

“Oh, oh, it’s so powerful! It’s so powerful! Hey, oh, but it is very powerful, it is not enough!”

“Would you like to hurry up again? Yes!” I said on my mouth and accelerated the speed of the throne.

“Hey, this is almost!” The girl said that I looked at me, I stared at her, quickly repeating the simple and stimulating action.

Twenty minutes have passed, I started to sweat on my back, and her breathing gradually urged, and looked at me with an eager look, I know that under my “strike attack”, she I have already feeling, but I don’t want to end so soon, so I pretended to stop: “Wow, it’s so tired, we change your way, come to play ‘rape’ is good?”

“How to play?”

“You will know! Come, take your bra!” I said, grab the girl’s long-winding clothes, I retreated from her, and then reached my hands behind her. ” The buckle of her cream is buckled, and the cream is removed from her arms and chest milk. The girl was already a short, she had to raise her hands, protect the chest milk, and gently squat.

“Come, turn over, give me the hand!” I said that she pulled her back shoulders. The girl was somewhat suspicion, but it turned over her body, and put his hands down to the back.

I kneel down, tied her hands with her hands, then I got on her pretty hip, this stood up, “Okay, this way?” I said, put the penis Her hands.

“How? What is the ‘rape’?” The girl is talking, while looking at me while playing with the penis.

“Of course, don’t you count, how do you do it? Rape ‘? To’ rape, a woman should be like this -” I said, reach out of the hair of her disar, then put her upper body Previous presses, hands holding her two breasts, and pulling the penis from her hand, with a power of her thigh root. “Oh, Mom, I can’t think of the trick of you!”

“How? Is it enough?”

“Oh, stimulate! Too stimulated! Stimulating I want to call!”

“Then you call, anyway, no one here!”

“Oh, everyone is coming, a little handsome boy who surname Yang is rape ‘beauty!”

“Hey, the woman who is raped is like you call, it should be called ‘Help’.”

“Hey, right! Help! Come on! Rape! Handsome girl!” Listening to her so hilariously, I couldn’t help but “smile” and hug this naked prostitute.

Just as I concentratedly, I came to a sound from the ear: “Hey, what are you doing? What is your two? Look, this should not be tight, but I am scared that I am stupid on the spot – how do you guess? It turned out to be tall, and the full-scale female police didn’t know when I was standing behind. “Police official, I, I …”

“You, you, what? Are you raped the girl?”

“No, no, I, I am not raping her, she, she is my girlfriend!” I went back and looked at the girl, then I found that she was also shocked.

“Girlfriend? I don’t see it, I am old, I heard her is called ‘rape’!”

“I, we are playing!”

“Is it playing? No! I should see it should be a prostitution, one is buying spring! Yeah, I have to hug, I still don’t separate? Want to live performance?”

“Oh, right, sorry, police officer!” I said, let go of the girl in the arms.

“Give me side by side, put it on the head!” Said the policewoman, pointed at me with a baton in his hand, and then turned to my girl, “I still have you!”

“Police, police officers, my hands were tied by him!” The girl is very horrible.

“Oh, is it? Is he tied to you?”

“Well” girl nodded down.

“Hand tied up, but also said not rape! Hey, girl, I will ask you, is you not his girlfriend?”

“Well, yes, oh, no, no!” The girl suddenly remembered what, “Oh, wrong, yes, I am his girlfriend!”

“Really?” The policewoman didn’t believe it all, “Then I will ask you, what is your name? Where is the family? Which day?”

“He, his name is king, home, in …” The girl could no longer clicked.

“When you say, you can’t say it! Even if he lives, you don’t know what girlfriend. I see you is only ‘chicken’!”

“No, police officer, I, I am …” The girl is deeply known.

“Isn’t it? That, let me check your things, what about your clothes?”

“On, on the stool.”

“Just a windbreaker? There is only a bra underwear? ‘Vacuum’?” The policewoman picked up the girl’s watch “I see those good women don’t have a few like you! Is this your package? “


“Yeah, a whole hit pregnant! Isn’t the ‘chicken’? How many women will carry a condom with you? How much is he paying?”

“No, no, police officer!”

“No? That is really not you seduce him, but he raped you?”

“Yes, right, police officer, is his rape!” The girl said in his.

“You -” I quickly glared at her, she saw me, I was so embarrassed, but I continued to say: “Police officials, I am honest, I am in front. The waiter in the mountain, take a break tonight, he lies me out to see the night scene, but the result is to rape me! “

“What is the case of pregnant?”

“It is what he calls me to help him!” “The dress is also what he is doing this?”

“Well, yes, yes!”

“Okay, you can be enough, people call you out, you will come, ask you to dress, you will wear it, ask you to help him bring a condom! Don’t you know that he doesn’t know if he is still? “

“Know, know, police officers!”

“Know it?”

“Police officials, yes, it is such a thing, I am the waiter in the front of this villa, he and my female colleague in the dormitory last night, my female colleague said his cock is very, very powerful. I also want to see, so I’m here. “

“Oh, it turned out to be like this, then, since you are not ‘chicken’, I will not deal with you, let’s go!”

“Yes, police officers!” The girl said, turned my eyes, I would like to say, I know that she wants to “gun money”, but I don’t dare to, watching her wolf, I think, I I can’t help but squeeze my eye, it is said that I am saying: “Live, who told you to put a hike, obviously, I will seduce first, but also say that I am a waiter in the mountain, now a penny is also No, it’s not! “

The girl saw that I smiled in a smile, she knew what I was laughing, I had to turn around, and whispered to me: “I will solve it.”

“Wait a minute, don’t finish it, there is no collection of crime!” The policewoman pulled her.

“What is the crime?”

“It’s his crime of rape!” The policewoman said to bring a thin rubber glove to the right hand and went to the front of the girl.

“Police, police officer, where is it?” The girl was scared.

“Which is it? Of course, it is here!” The policewoman said that he accidentally reached out, and the middle fingertorked the gigm in the face of the girl.

“Police, police officers, what do you want to do?”

“Of course, it is a collection of crimes! What can you do?” The policewoman said, the left hand grabbed the girl’s arm, and the right hand poisoned in her pussy is a.

The girl was shocked “Ah”, I called: “No, no, police officer, don’t, don’t do this!”

“Don’t use the crime, don’t sin, do you tell him to rape you? Don’t talk, give me a point!” The policewoman said with a girl, and the right hand never left her down.

All this will be alected on the side, and the police ‘hand moves. It is obviously in the inside! How can I collect the crime? Is it a crime of collecting a woman who is raped by the police? This action should be a ghostat? A series of questions around me, I can’t help but look at the girl next to him. I saw her pretty face rinc-red blush. Because the hand was still tied, she had to clamp the thigh root, and the small abdomen contracted strongly.

“Police, police officer, haven’t you collected yet?”

“Well, it is good!” The policewoman said that he quickly moved a few right hands. This will take it out, just like it in front of the girl, “Well, it is a man.” Mold! You are really raped by him! “The girl listened to her, can’t help but smoother.

“Okay, turn it out, I will let you release!” The police said while pulling her arms, turned her, then explained her creme with her hand.

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