Our office is four people, sitting in front of the table is Yang Aunt, forty-three years old this year, the long phase is very general, but the body is very full, a pair of halver in the chest always supports the workstation, and The latter big butt is even more swaying in a step, it is really awkward, and you can do it. Because she is sitting in front of me, only two of our two people left in the office, I secretly hit the plane on the back of Yang Ayi, when I fantasically, I can have a chance to fuck her.

On Tuesday, the leaders let me go to the information room with Yang Ayi to find some information to copy to customers. When I walked with Yang Aunt, I suddenly discovered that this is an absolute opportunity. Because the key to the information room is only one, with our office management, and the side of the data room is the old warehouse to store the old machine, so this belt is very few people will come. And the information room is a separate small building, next to several big trees, very hidden. After I walked in Yang Ayi, I looked at her fat hip yy, and I planed her heart. Although I have a much fantasy for Yang Ayi, I am a bit retreatful when I am really approaching. Because I have a small MM, I have never been mature, I always feel that she is cool. And I’m watching this situation today, what is wrong with the hyperplasia, only hard, in case something big, then I can finish it. I walked like this, I thought about it, we went to the information room. Opened the door, all of them were putting information, and Yang Ayi has begun to find information in accordance with the form, and I am in a worst, standing at the cabinet and watching the information, in the heart It is not tangled between it. Inadvertently, I looked at the inside, and the scene in front of me let me immediately and blood boiling, it is this eye, and there is a change that happened.

I saw Yang Aunt’s bending on the side of the cabinet, burying her head to find the bottom level of information, the fat buttise is facing me, the mouth is still in the small voice, “the information is really difficult to find ……”some type of. At that time, I immediately remembered the scene of countless X-shaped beautiful women’s bending waist hips, and I almost exactly what I saw in front of me, Yang Ayi is almost there to tempted me! I have lost the reason that I can’t lose your kind of consequences, and I’m going out! Today, I will do her, I will say, my mature girl is dead, and ghosts are also romantic!

I didn’t pay attention to Yang Ayi, I took the door to the door and hide the door in the door, and there were some people to disturb, and I could pay it. Then secretly walked to the window of Yang Ayi side, turned on the camera mode on the window sill, and adjusted the direction of adjustment. At this time, everything is ready for work, just take the final blow!

I quickly took off my trousers, lost the binding big chickens, and then opened the bottom of the table, and took out a big scissors for paper, step by step, step by step. . At this time, Yang Aunt also didn’t know anything about the giant change of the surrounding environment. I don’t know if the danger is slowly approaching after I have, I still can’t read the little voice, but I don’t know that these whispets are not. Stimulate me to bother to bother. I couldn’t help but I couldn’t help but cut Yang Aunt’s belt, and then threw the scissors and reached out and put her back and waisted her back to the ninety degrees of rotation, and pressed her next to it. On the table, then unwind the buckle, put all her trousers all, tangled up my hungry, the big dicks were grouped in the quasi-Yang Auntie. “?”, The thick and long big chickens are gone.

“Ah!” The feeling of that moment is really difficult to describe, can only be said to be a word, cool! It’s so cool!

Compared with the small MM played before, Yang Ayi’s lascites did relieve some, but her hypertrophic feeling is not there. I will be excited to taste this, I am inserted with the big buttocks of Yang Ayi.

I don’t know because my movements are too fast, or because people fall in the middle age, Yang Aunt has not responded to the action until I inserted a few times, and I didn’t wait for a scream of “ah”. I have been able to act, she will give her mouth. Sure enough, she is also very concerned about her reputation, she is more afraid than me.

“You … let me go! What are you doing! You are crazy! Let’s let go!” Yang Aunt continued to struggle under me, back, whispered.

“Let you go? Oh!” I started to force, my arms will die on the table, and the lower body begins to continue the attack: “Yang Auntie, do you know that I wait for this day, etc. How long? Today, it is easy to make me have a hand. You let me let me put you? Haha, I am so hurt yourself, let you, who will give me a fire? Ah! Cool! Real her mother ! “

“Let’s let go … I beg you, let me, let me! I … I am your aunt … I am more than you … you can’t follow me … you are fast Let me, I … Auntie didn’t have anything today … Aunt didn’t blame you. “After struggling, Yang Ayi didn’t have strength, weak, pitiful to me. “Auntie? I am doing you Yang Aunt … Just do this, this mature woman! Aunt … ah … you have to blame you yourself, grow such a good body, every day, big tits, big butt Snake me in the office, I don’t have to take the initiative to give it to me. I have to personally ignore my hard to bow! See if I don’t die today! Ah … comfortable … comfortable … Ah … ah … …… “The mature woman is really feeling again, and I am so happy that I look like a low voice.

“You … you don’t let go, I, I will … you are rape, you have to sit, don’t let me, I … I will tell you!” Yang Ayi saw I did not listen to persuading, start playing I have a hard, I want to use this threat of this kind of pediatric threat to scare me.

“Tell me! Okay! Let me tell me! Tell people to all the world, let them know, you are doing me, your body is, you have been worked, you are going to work with me every day. “” After that, I don’t want to do these unnecessary tongues, pick up the underwear that I just taken off from the table, and put it in her mouth when she speaks. Yang Ayi, who was held by my hands, I could only hurt my brain to send a “呜” called “呜”, and this is like me, just like she is called in my masturbation. The bed sound encourages me to do more. Although I also want to slow down slowly, use the various obscenities seen from the Internet to play with Yang Ayi, but the timid, I am still afraid of this scene, I have found it, I have to add Big firepower, sluggish, so as to solve the battle as soon as possible. Soon, Yang Ayi’s lower body was worked as a piece, and my big cock could not stand the strong stimulus, try to make a top, the big talents burst the deepest place in Yang Ayi.

After drying, the two of us are exhausted, and the unstoppable hempair is on the ground. Yang Aunt has a small body, whispering, I am on the table, watching my own white semen from Yang Ayi’s legs slowly flowed out, recalling the pleasure when just happening, and the heart is really sweet than eating honey. Yang Auntie, a forty-three-year-old middle-aged mature woman, a clean and full of a woman, finally succeeded in hand from this bad kid. After returning to a while, I got up to the window and won the mobile phone who was a full-feast of the eyes, I found the video opened, extended to Yang Aunt.

“Yang Auntie, you see what you just look, more tempting! Look at the cooperation of our two, it is a pair of original couples, born! Hahaha …” The mobile phone screen is really the original original. A scene.

“You … rogue! You don’t have your face! Your animal!” Yang Ayi saw that I still did this hand, ashamed and angry, I can’t hide the lower body of the white pulp, hugged from the ground A stack of information came to me.

“Oh!” Yang Aunt has been gone, I haven’t worry, I am too lazy to avoid it, reach out to block the information: “Good! I am a beast! Then you, what do you count? You just have been killed Give it? Have you listened to it, our company’s famous good woman Yang Aunti today’s sexual desire, play with the beast, hahaha … “

“You … you … 呜 …” Angry Yang Aunt wanted to marry me, but I was afraid that I was insulted by my flow of flowers, I had to sobbing the swallowing.

“Okay, do you have finished doing, now wear clothes to do things, let’s find it back. Don’t get went in half a day, the company thinks that we are missing, running here, huh, huh That can be … “said, I picked up Yang Ayi from the ground to throw her, on the side of the underwear who spit it from Yang Ayi. Because I just stuffed into her mouth, I just had panties’ pants, so the cloth is all wet, and I feel that the following cools are not very comfortable, but I think about it, these wet parts are populated. The saliva in the auntie is soaked, and I feel very proud in my heart.

Yang Ayi reminded me soon, soon stopped sobbing, flying quickly cleansing the dry clothes, looking at me, while looking at me, looking for information, tightly clamped I didn’t run away from the belt, when she passed around, I made a lot of color, and I took over her waist, and I put it on her big butt and put it on her big butt. Cannon put her “bombard”.

When I was resting at noon, I transferred the video in my phone to the computer and replicated a lot, saved in the U disk that I took it with you, and then watched the morning and Yang Auntie in front of the computer. While picking a few good action scenes, I secretly put a few put into pockets with a printer in the office. In the afternoon, I went to the upper floor. After a while, another colleague had to go to do things, and there were only two people in the office. I just prepared to open, I saw Yang Aunt looked back at me and actually got up to me.

“You … this morning, if you swear not to let others know, I can do it as there is no. However, you … you will give me something in your mobile phone!” Yang Ayi spent a good flower. The big strength, only spit these words from the mouth.

“What happened in the morning? What happened in the morning? Why don’t I know? If you tell me what happened in the morning? Haha … Mobile? How is my phone? What is this phone? Does the virus? “I hipped her face and smiled.

“You … you don’t have it. I beg you to give me what things, or you ruin it in my face. I … I am waiting for you on weekdays, and everything takes care of you. , You are looking at me, begging you, begging you … “Yang Aunt really is an experienced old mature woman, knowing that men are eating soft, hard, actually playing me Feelings, it seems that there is no less than a husband at home.

“Hey! Don’t tell you what it is so difficult! I have a conscientious person, Yang Ayi is good for me, I have always known it. So I thought for a long time, until this morning I came up with a good way. , Just to thank you, return you, compensate you Yang Aunt! How do I feel, I am still very hard? If you feel that you are not enough, then we will show it than I have been more than 20 years. The mature woman is pleasing to the pain in front of me, my psychology is greatly satisfied, and a proud conquest is born.

“You … you … why? Why do you want to harm this? Since you know that I have never hurt you, why do you want to harm me?” Seeing me is not uncommon to talk about the romance Turning, she can’t say the focus for a long time, Yang Ayi is anxious to be red, tears will fall, a pair of big tits are up with the chest, and I have to flow out.

“Hey, how do you say it’s crying! Yang Auntie, you said that we will not only have no hat, but you still have to be so good to me, I am also a good relationship, how do I do this? What? Is it? Don’t worry! I don’t want to harm you, I don’t want to destroy your family, this is not a good benefit at all, what are you saying? “Said, I am from the pocket Take out the “Yan Zhao” printed at noon, put it in front of Yang Ayi.

Sure enough, Yang Ayi saw this “Yan Zhao”, and immediately became unusually excited, and the body sleepled. Although the picture is not very clear, two people in the camera, and the two people are doing, it can be seen at all. I looked at Yang Ayi excited, my heart was secretly happy, I couldn’t expect my own, this is her fatal soft, I have to use this, slowly play with her.

“In that, you will definitely have seen it. Let’s do this today, you can’t take differences than they. The consequences of Yan Zhao do be clear. If you have passed out, Of course, I will be willing to take a prison, but I have been put out after a few years, but I don’t have much meditated. But what about you? How come you have a long period of menus? If your husband saw this, Such a big green hat, will he wear? And your son, your son will have to college entrance examination next year, if you have this one, huh, Yang Ayi, but I scare you, you have a family It was completely destroyed! “I no longer spend the circulation of the circle, and the key to Yang Ayi, the naked spoken threat.

“Then you … you said, how much do you want?” Yang Aunt suddenly took a bank card from the pocket and lost my front. It seems that she is also prepared, and the trick of the money is a killer. Maybe in her concept, I can’t be greedy. She is no longer young, thinking that I just want to take a flesh relationship to extort her money.

“Oh, what does this mean? Take it back!” I picked up the bank card, inserted Yang Aunt’s pocket, “Why don’t you understand? I will go to the money, then I will find a money. Go. You are not a big rich, how can I do such a thing for your few money? “

“That … you don’t do this for money! You don’t want money, then … then what do you want to do?” Yang Ayi saw the killer of yourself? Invalid, his face was awkward.

“What?” I listened to this, suddenly sorrowful, grabbing Yang Ayi, sticking to her ear with her ear: “My beauty is aunt, you said I can think about it. What? Of course, I want to do you, I want to do your old man! “

“You … you are let go … you bastard … you, let go!” Yang Aunt struggled, and I didn’t want to make things big in the office, I had to let go of her hand.

“Good! The truth is telling you, my brother, I don’t want to do anything, just want to play you, want to play your body. Today my brother is not enough, after the world, you go to me, you will play with me. Otherwise … Hey, then you are forcing me to harm you! Can not blame me! Look for a time to play with her.

“No … can’t! I will go home after get off work every day, I am also …”

“Get it! This excuse is also used to teach you? Our company will not often get dinner after the class, then say, you don’t have a few old classmates, anyway, you will follow your husband. I have a good greeting. In short, we have five o’clock every day. I haven’t seen you in my dormitory at 5:20 on Thursday, I didn’t see you in my dormitory … Hey, I don’t have to fight with you to death! Just, I broke this, I can use it. As for your fish, I think how you live in the future! When I took Yang Aunt, I was dying in the door, and I got a meal.

As the saying goes, the wine is gallbladder, but I think “color” is more beautiful. I used to have some heart in front of Yang Auntie, I have been in front of her. Now it is a choice to the sky. When you go to work in the past two days, I always deliberately talk to my colleagues to talk about the tragic news on the family rupture, aggravate Yang Ayi’s psychological pressure, and use the local area network between the office computer to send her news, “Good heart” “Help her analyze all kinds of interest, one has a chance to get along with Yang Ayi, but also to the threat of” Yan Zhao Gate “. Under my step by step, this morning, when I got up the last pass, Yang Ayi finally relieved under my weight. It seems that I have to have a blessing.

Since the information room is sneaked, Yang Ayi has improved the vigilance of me. It can be said that she is now going to work, but it is no longer working, but to prevent me. These days, there is no more opportunity to have a different chance. Occasionally some sporadic opportunities are short-lived in the office, although the color is big, but after all, I don’t dare to train, up to just When no one, I strongly slammed Yang Ai, I took a touch of clothes. But I have been successfully played, and I know how to eat, how can this pediatric tofu can meet my increasingly hustle ill! Fortunately, I had all my mobile phone loyal records. (This is indeed a good job for me, I have to reward it, I will give it a mobile phone film, haha), while stealing Yang Ayi, I I don’t forget to use it to step by step, if Yang Ayi does not satisfy my request, then I will let it be public, and I declare that the bottom line of patience is the afternoon after tomorrow. In fact, telling the truth, give me a hundred courage, I am also unable to publish this thing, that kind, light, I can’t mix it in this company, heavy, I can’t mix it in this society. However, Yang Ayi, who is gallbladder, is not able to resist my pressure, and finally agreed to my request, and promised to go to me after tomorrow. At the moment she agreed, I was excited to jump out: the plan finally passed!

Dear Yang Auntie, I want your sexual desire to be more stronger, let you get the deeper in my bed!

After get off work, I flew back to my room. Simplely cleaned up, press the mattress, I feel that it is not soft enough, so I find a cotton in the cabinet, and then put the mat, the window is tight, The door is open. At this point, the preparation work is ready, everything is only waiting for Yang Aunt!

“Square, squat, squat …” Listening to this small shoe, I know that it is the arrival of the heroine tonight. When I saw it, I really saw that Yang Ayi, who thought of me, I thought in my door. At this time, she has changed the monotonous overalls, replaced a light flock. Small skirt. I have seen her through her dinner at a company, I sat in her left, while sneaking the charming mature woman who sniffed her body, one side in my mind yy, put her Press on the table. But when the face of everyone, I naturally didn’t dare to make prosperity. I had to transform the property of sexual desire to appetite. The big mouth has a lot of things, and Yang Ayi, the next, there is still good appetite. As for today, hey, Yang Ayi, I will let you know, as long as you are next, I am not only on the table, I am better in bed! At this time, Yang Ayi bowed outside the door but no longer stepped, it seems that he is hesitating or not, but it is standing outside, if it is seen, it is even better. Yang Ayi also seems to be aware of this, I looked around, or I came in, my feet entered the door, and I didn’t move again. I can’t stand the movement of her slowly. I jumped out to the door to lock the door, and I reached out Yang Aunt hugged her. The other hand also keeps up in time. Yang Auntu is full of enthusiasm, and his mouth is very soon, and it is chaotic in the red face of Yang Aunt.

“Yang … Yang Auntie, baby … my heart and liver … oh … … my beauty … these two days, these two days … 喔 … you can put me … give it bad luck ! You, you … is it at home … I think I think uncomfortable at home? Oh … baby … come, oh … brother today, today you have to hurt you, baby … mine Heart liver beauty … “I kissed the face of Yang Ayi and his neck, and there was a little in words.

“Don’t … don’t … don’t … don’t … let go of me …” Yang Aunt still pushed three-level four, and I made an anger. I took her to take her stripe, walk to bed I threw out. Plus a layer of cotton mattress is really elastic, Yang Ayi falls behind the bed, and the small rebound.

I am tight, if the hungry wolf is pressed against Yang Ayi’s body, dialect a few straps on her shoulders, hands with her hands, one pair, let me think about it The big white rabbit is jumped out.

Although I have been raped in the past, I used my eyes, but when I saw this for the big tits for the first time, my eyes couldn’t turn again. Although Yang Aunt is lying flat in bed flat, a pair of big tits are still tall troops, it feels a bit relaxed, but the chest is still very round, the colors of the nipple and the uli are very deep but also very large. It is hard working for many years. I suddenly had a feeling of jealousy his husband and his son: these two bastards have a good blessing in our lives. I can eat such a good thing in this life! But now it doesn’t exist! In the future, this is to become my mouth! I can’t help but hungry (I haven’t had dinner yet), and my hands holding Yang Ayi, I took a good talent, and I took into “delicious dinner” tonight.

“Good fragrance … um … um … good, delicious …” The two big tits are the same, I don’t know which one should be eaten, I have to continue in the two milk peaks. NS. The mouth is busy, the nose is not idle, and I hardly smell the meat that Yang Ayi is emitted. This “human feast” in front of you, although “color” is a bit, but “fragrance, taste” is the best. I have to admit that at that moment, I did defeat under the double peak of Yang Ayi, I really can’t get the head and I can’t afford it, my mouth and my tongue are got everywhere, greedy. It is not enough to eat how to eat. At that time, I understood that a buddy said, the prostitution of the mature woman is indeed a delicious and delicious, as a man, can’t taste.

“No, don’t do this … ah … let me go … Don’t this … Ah … let me go … I beg you …” The Yang Aunt under the body is still in a small rebellion, make me It’s really sweeping, it seems that it is not enough! I have died in my hands, and I took a hard to squat in a pair of big tits, and my mouth began to attract her two big nipples. The lower body is naturally not idle, I extended out the big cock. I was desperately frivized on her lascivious panties across Yang Aunt.

※ jkforum.net | JKF Czech Forum “Yang Aunt … you are cool … ah … ah … baby … you are so wet … ah … I don’t want to want my brother … I … Eat aunt … “I went down and Yang Auntie, and increased firepower, focusing on the” two centers, a basic point “of Yang Ayi.

“No, no … ah … ah … don’t, don’t like this … I beg you … I … ah … I, I … I am so uncomfortable … Don’t be like this … Ah … ah … let go I … “Soon, under my strong attack, Yang Ayi’s two big tits have been standing up, and the underwear of the lower body is also wet, and the body is not self-twisted, it seems to me. The attack has been initially roled. At this time, “clothes” this thing is really annoying, I took off my bike stick straight, and then removed the clothes on Yang Ayi. Soon, the messy Yang Auntie, was I became a naked “sheep” aunt, lying on me, just like a small white sheep who have just peeled clean.

Lightly loaded, naturally fighting, I pressed Yang Ayi, and started the body’s fight. The mouth and hands are constantly attacked Yang Ayi’s various sensitive key parts. The big cock will take the glans in the hole of Yang Ayi, with the butt slowly turned, and the obscene techniques from the Internet and actual combat. One-on-use, but always keep the last level – just don’t put the dick!

Today, my hand holds evidence that Yang Aunt is naturally a to win, and I can completely comfortably inserting a good battle. But now I want, is not such a try to resist, in Cao Yingxin in the Han. What I want is a wholehearted Yang Auntie. It is a Yang Aunt who serves me as a pro-husband. It is a complete contribution to Yang Auntie. What I want is to blend with Yang Ayi, and go to the room. Only in this way, I can completely conquer Yang Ayi, I can complete the delicious woman of Yang Ayi, I don’t want to spend this kind of thought that I spend on her.

“Don’t … ah … no, don’t … let me go … Ah … ah … let me go … No … I, I beg you … ah … put … put me Let’s ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Soon, Yang Ayi, who was desperately twisted down under my weight, and the voice of 呻 吟 is getting more and more urgent, and the breathing has become more and more urgent.

“How do you, Yang Ayi, you don’t want it now? Good! I put you now! But … wait for a while, you … you can’t ask me!” After, I bow your back, The hips are recycled, and the big cock has quickly evacuated the hole of Yang Ayi.

“Ah …”, Yang Ayi, who left, as I left, the body stopped twisting, the big butt of the white flowers was smooth, and the road to my big dicks was followed. The greedy fish rushed to the tempting bait on the fish hook. But the cruel reality made Yang Aunt puff it empty, and the body is heavy. I will continue to increase the fire, comfort the body and the mouth of Yang Aun, empty and lonely body.

“Ah … ah … no, don’t … ah …” Yang Aunt’s suppression of the appetite has been hanging out by my success, and the hungry snoring has begun to have a little crying. “” Ah … ah … I, I don’t … ah … I can’t do it, don’t … don’t … Xiaoliang … I … ah … ah … I beg you … you, you spare … spare me Let’s ………………………………………………………………………………..

“What are you giving me? Okay!” I listen to this words, the spirit is one oscillate: “Give me? Then give me! Fast! Sweet is called two parents! Ask my husband, I am good. Operate you! Come! Quickly ask me, ask me! As long as you open it, my brother, let you taste the sexual flavor that I have never tasted in this life! Quick, come to me! “

“Ah … ah … no … No, no … ah … no … don’t … I … I beg you … Let me let me … put it, let me go … Ah …… I can’t stand it … I really can’t stand … Ah … no … I, I … can’t … I want, I am so uncomfortable … Ah … I am going to die … I was killed by you. … ah … ah … put it, let me … “Yang Ayi is worthy of a good woman who has gone for decades, and can take the teeth without a junior, with the mind under such stimulation and temptation. The last silk is suppressed with a long-minded momentum. This final sense of reason is like a wall between me and Yang Ayi. I want to completely get Yang Ayi, this is the last line of defense I have to attack.

“Happy to ask me! My good Yang Aunt! My kiss meat! I have to fuck you! I know you can’t help! I know you want to plug! As long as you open, I, I Let you really do a woman!

Which is white, I will hold this pain, you just want to make me a little, you can immediately turn into the world’s most sexual woman, enjoy the world’s emperor! I have gone so long, I can’t open it, I have been anxious. After all, my patience is also limited, hanged Yang Ayi for so long, my hands and mouth are really real enjoyment of Yang Ai, only the poor big dick, for my total plan After a few times, I got a few times, just like a piece of fat meat, but I couldn’t eat it. I have already put forward a serious protest, and the exposure of the green gluten glasses. Yang Ayi, who is pressed under, is hunger, and I am not a burning in her body, I am afraid that I can’t help it, I can’t help it. no! I must stick to the last darkness before the dawn! I once again stabilized the glans in Yang Ayi’s obscene hole, and the upper body was desperately desperately smashed with Yang Auntong! Finally, the emperor is not worried! Under my strong offensive, two lines of tears were sprayed from Yang Ayi as a silky eyes.

“I, I can’t … I don’t … ah … ah … ah … you, you spare me … you exercise me … … … you hurry me … I am affected. Can’t … I can’t stand it … You let me go … 呜 … … I beg you, beg you … You hurry me … I am dying … you killed me. … 呜 … ah … ah … I beg you, beg you … ah … I have died … ah … ah ………… 」呻 呻 呻 吟 吟 啕 啕 啕 啕Cry, the desire finally defeated reason, and the last defense line of Yang Aunt finally lost, and the obscenes in the body have been suppressed for many years, and finally broke out at that moment, together with hot tears, pouring like the floods of the decissete.

At this time, Yang Aunt has completely abandoned the resistance, the hole door is open, and the relatives will come to the exercise. In the face of such a beautiful woman, do not happen to when! I walked all the bondage, the lower body, such as the tiger, and the top of Yang Ai, who is trying to go to the body, looking forward to the long-awaited big cock, finally inserted Yang Ayi’s familiar “gentle Township”.

“Ah …” I and Yang Ayi almost simultaneously sent a sound satisfied, I looked at Yang Ayi under the heart. This is an attractive and fertile land, and now it is completely me. The last sneak attack is just a little bit of sweetness. This time, the delivery is only to taste the delicious woman of Yang Ayi. I was diligent in this land that had just arrived on the land, and I was squatting around and galloping. The long-term Yang Auntie was dried by me a burst of lingering, and the limbs were like an eight-legged fish Wrapped on me. I also desperately desperately dead kung fu, what “Jiuopang, the old man, the old man cart” has been forgotten after the brain, with the simplest and coarse thrust, vent the most primitive in the body.

“Ah … ah … no … don’t … I … ah … I, I want to die … ah … die … well, it is so uncomfortable … ah … ah … go, go … … 哟 … top … Don’t be like this … you, you have to top, kill me … I, I … I can’t stand it … I … “Ah … ah …” emphasized the stimulus Both eyes are red, breathless as cattle, obscenes are endless. My big cock is a taste. It is the life of Yang Ayi’s decades, and now suddenly falls from the sky, naturally, Yang Ayi is weak. So I adhere to the defense line of decades was destroyed once, by a chaha, a good woman, turned into a slutty lying in my kinky, and aunt who was joined.

“Hey … … prostitute! Cool? Ah? Laozi … Husband is dry, you are cool? Husband’s big chicken is good to eat? Ah? The following is wet into this, diarrhea a few times Yang Auntie? Kiss Yang Auntie, you usually in the office … are so so S. Husband) Playing woman outside, you … you are hooking the man in the company! Operation, running you … a good goods! Let you every day in front of me! Let you seduce me! I done you! Death you, a sensual awkward! “The position of the body has occupied, and the spiritual position should also be taken as soon as possible. I raped Yang Aunt’s body, and I was telling the temptation, from the spirit of adultery Yang Ayi’s thoughts.

“Don’t, no … ah … ah … I, I don’t … I didn’t seduce you … ah … I can’t … I can’t … you, you kill me! … I can’t stand, I … I don’t want to live … ah … ah … ah … I, I really didn’t seduce you … you, you spare me … Rao … “in the body and spirit Under the double rape, Yang Ayi has completely caught endless in the endless appetite.

“Operation! Dare to be a mouth! 货!”

“”, I smoked a slap in Yang Ayi’s big butt, “I didn’t seduce me? Every day, my big tits, big butt, I went to my eyes, dared to say Not in seduce me! There is nothing wrong to pretend to me, I dare to pick me Xiaoyu, I dare to say that I have seduce me! Old Week seduce women in their units, you will seduce me in our office! Look at me young, Every day I want to induce me! Dry … Dry you … “One said that the lack of the sky is seamless, even my own almost believes that it is true, and I will enjoy the buttocks of Yang Ayi.

“Ah … ah … no, no … I … ah … I, I really don’t … you, you spare me … I really don’t have to seduce you … I beg you … … I beg you … you spare me … ah … ah … ah … I, I really can’t stand it … “Yang Aunt has been in the edge of the collapse, the hair mess, the powder is shaking Denuous crime of “seduce”.

“I am fuck! I still have a hard! Mom! Look at God how to die! Dry you a prostitute!” For a time, it seems that I have begun to believe in these crimes, it seems really Yang Aunt seduce. I also denied that a unknown angrily turned into my heart, turned into endless desires, and I was crazy, and I was crazy about Yang. Auntie carrys the wild beast-like intersection, “prostitute! Dick you! Big cock is killed you! Quick! Call your husband! Call your husband! Call your husband, you will spare you, you will, you will, you … “

“Don’t … don’t … ah … ah … Rao, spare me … I call … I, my name … my husband, good husband … I beg you, you spare … Rao … … I can’t … I, I am really … I’m going to go … I have to go … I have to go … ah … ah … I am dead … go … Go, go … “

The crazy twisted Yang Aunt suddenly turned back, and the pain quickly diarrhea, the soul flying to the heaven of the climax, the body was quite lying on the bed, and the limbs were weak. Soft buzzard in bed.

“Ah … Yeah … prostitute … Yang Aunt, kiss the meat aunt … Waiting for me … I, I have come … Ah … ah!” I have already arrived for a long time. , Desperately stuck Yang Aunt’s lower body, the big cock will finally pat the glans after the deepest place, and like the cannon roar, I have a few days of semen. A thick and hot semen spread like a gunball, constantly flipped the colonial that I just occupied. Yang Ayi’s lascites were fired by my concentrate, but the whole person is a burst of convulsions.

I am weak, in the body of Yang Ayi, quietly enjoy the warmth of the long rhythm and mature women in the long run. Yang Aunt, who faded in the spring tide, lying on my body, no sound, silent, tears. It is also no wonder that I adheres to the innocence of decades. The last sneak attack can also be said to be unintentional, but today, Yang Ayi, is indeed, active after the temptation. The cruel reality naturally made her unacceptable, it seems that I have to open it again.

“Yang Aunt, you can rest assured.” I broke the silence between the two people. “I am not the kind of prodigal son of the mess, since you have never been me today, I will naturally treat you, double I hurt you. “I reached out to Yang Aunt’s warm body and gently stroked.

“You … you … …” Yang Aunt, who is diarrhea, is no longer able to resist my touch, gently sigh, “You are now satisfied, just give me the things that shoot, let me Let me … I am now a unclean person who has no face. You … you put me, you are still young, but also … There will be a lot of good women. “

“Hey! Yang Auntie, see what you said!” I have tightened Yang Aunt’s body, gently kissed, “What is it is unclear! What age is it, do you still have to be thrownful What is it harmed? Do you have to go back to the woman’s foot, when the lock is locked in the house? Now this is an open era, come out to play friends, what is it? , I really like you, I like you. When I got to work in the first day, I was fascinated by you.

For so many years, how many days and nights I have, I will get you today! Although I don’t want to marry your favorite, it is also true, and the real thing of the man is a woman! “

“I … you … I, I said, how do you say it. It is necessary to continue to work hard.

“I know, I am not good, I just turned too much, some bullying you, but I can’t blame me, who told you that Yang Ayi is so fascinating, it really can’t help but I am. I said that I shouldn’t say anything, hurt Yang Auntie. So, if you still blame me, I will fight me, how to play! “I began to make a meletic for men. “Hey! You … you … Hey!” Simple Yang Auntie has sure, did not find me, “But you know clear, old week … Our family is old … What are you talking about? thing?”

Haha, the original Yang Aunt is careful to be this! This, I have a way to take you!

“Hey! Yang Auntie, in fact, you should look at it!” I installed the sigh of the mouth sighed. “In fact, like the old week this age, sometimes it is confused, you can’t blame him. indefinite……”

“胡 说! You … you don’t have a bullish spray! What kind of person is my old week, what do you know? Don’t think that I will go to your! He, he doesn’t make it like this!” Yang Ayi mentioned her husband, The son is excited, and the red face is argued with me.

“Hey! Yang Auntie, some things, I don’t tell you is for you. But now, some things don’t say, your misunderstanding is getting deeper! This, I ask you, On the eleventh month, the old week is not almost twelve o’clock, but also drunk, is it really drunk? ” I am a means a means.

“You … how do you know? No! You, you must have just seen it!” Yang Aunt listened to me, shocking the body slightly, but quickly recovered the calmness of the surface. But her ups and downs sold her inner real idea. It seems that she is still very afraid that I know what.

“Yes, I just saw it. I played very late that day, I saw your old week from the XX hotel in the cross interface, and the red face was laughed. I am afraid that he will drink more, you can go up and help him, so I have to come back slowly behind him. “

In fact, I did back in the road very late, I saw the drunken old week, but what is it from the hotel, it is totally I said.

“You … you, you said! Don’t you want to lie to me! What do our old Week go to the hotel? I asked him, he just drank wine with friends, he will never do things. ! Don’t think that you have a few lies to deceive me! I won’t believe you! “Yang Aunt suddenly became excited, the face rose red, and still looked at me.

“Hey! Yang Aunt! You talk about you! What is this? In fact, you have clear anything more than anyone, you just lie to yourself! Since you are obsessed with it, then I will pick it out, even you I can’t blame, I am also for you! “It seems that it is time to make my killer? I have,” To tell the truth, some things, I have long known, old week. Their unit Wu’s accounting … “

“Dot!” Yang Aunt suddenly grabbed me suddenly, “No, it’s impossible! You … how can you know! What do you know? Why do you know these? You tell me! You tell me! I! What do you know? “

“Yang Aunt! Don’t you be so excited! Come, let go, let go, let’s talk, have something to say slowly! I am honest with you, the old week’s statistician Xiao Liu is my classmate, I … Listening to him on some units … I know some. The surname Wu, I am not very clear about your old week, is it? Actually ……… In fact, when I saw the old week, he … He is coming out with the surname Wu, but it is separated from the door, and all the roads are all. “During this lie, natural is also my fabrication. But I know what is surnamed Wu’s woman, huh, Yang Ayi, I am afraid I won’t think of it. Once she calls her private room in the office, she has said that she suspects her husband and the company is surnamed Wu. Female accounting is dyed, but also called the friend to help, but I don’t know if the private room of these secrets has been sued. The speaker is unconventional, and I have been coveted with Yang Au, I naturally use this information. Remember, this will send a big usage.

“He … he actually … 呜 …” Yang Ayi, who has just been excited, is like a soul, and suddenly falls in bed. “Hey … He, he actually lied to me, saying that I have to eat with my colleagues in the XX Court Hotel. He lie to me … 呜 … … you, why don’t you tell me this … 呜 …..

“Hey! Yang Aunt! Don’t cry … Don’t cry! You see you, crying this look, told me how can I not distress!” I gentle Yang Ayi in his arms and gently stroked , “I have always said to you, I am really like you, I have never thought about destroying your family, but you always don’t believe it, now you should know my heart. I have been here. You didn’t dare to tell you, I am afraid that you can’t accept it. Run back to the old talks, so it’s not good. Now we have no evidence of the old week, you will go with him like this, he must not Will recognize that it will be quarreled with you, this is much more influence on the family. Your son will have to college entrance examination next year, you don’t want to ruin his future! Yang Auntie, you see, I can always be for you. I think! But you, but I always misunderstand me! You said that I am not awkward! “” You … you … I, I have no mistakes in the week, I have always taken you very much. … but you … you, you have forgotten your gratitude, you, you this rogue! I … Put me … 呜 ……… “Yang Aunt’s crying is getting bigger and bigger,” Hey … I My life is hard! He, he is looking for a woman outside, you have to know, there is more people who know. I … I was born with you … 呜呜 … I This is what kind of creation … How do we become this? … 呜 … “

“Okay, Yang Auntie, okay, don’t cry! Cry too much for your body! For the old week, you are saddened, it is not worth it! Okay! Don’t cry! Hey! “I put it softly patted Yang Ayi’s back, and the other hand passed softly with her tears on her face, and used the means of the previous MM. The crowded Yang Aunt lying in my arms, this series of things and news are like a sunny day, which has been completely collapsed under such a heavy blow. At this time, the woman is extremely It is necessary to care and appease, “Good Yang Aunt, don’t cry. You can rest assured, I will call Xiao Liu tomorrow, and ask him to say that Lao Zhou will talk. Xiao Liu is related to me. Very good, there is something to tell me first, it is estimated that someone else is now don’t know now, you don’t have to worry, as for me, then I will not say anything, I will do it. What is hurting you Yang Ayi, is it, Yang Ayi? “

“Well … you, don’t let this matter out again, otherwise, otherwise, our home can really don’t see people. I can’t let my child know, I can’t affect him. I am only I am looking forward to reading these things, I will satisfy it. As for me … I … 呜 … So I can only recognize … 呜 … ” Yang Ayi, which gradually succeeded under my comfort, said that the sadness and cried.

“Okay, Yang Aunt! I have said, for the man as old as the old man, it is not worth it, it is not worth it for him, I have such a good-looking wife, he still goes out Hu Ji, it is too much no conscience. I want me to be him, I must hurt you wholeheartedly. I have a good life during the day. I will love you with you at night. I have to have such a good wife. I have to be ink every day. Also, I will go outside the ghost. Hey! Old Week is also a good blessing, do more good things last life, this life can have luck to Yang Aunt, you are such a good wife! “These can be really my true heart, if I have been a woman in my early birth, I can get a woman like Yang Ayi, and I will have a good day during the day, and I am very cool at night, that is very cool, such a wife, who don’t want it!

“I … I, I am myself, my own life is not good, I have a woman, can I have any way …” Yang Aunt finally stopped crying, low-head, whispering.

“Hey! Yang Auntie, how did you still obey this time!” I reached out and gently gathered the hair of Yang Ayi messy, “What is the life! That’s all fake! How do you I don’t think about it, like the accounting of Wu’s accounting in the old week, I will have fun every day, like you so much woman, why is you so tired? It can’t see those things that are meaningless, but I don’t know if I really have a real to you. When I am happy outside, I will think about you? Where is it like I like this? His every day? Outside the woman’s ghosts, let you stay alone in the family, who is hiking in the bed outside, you cry on the bed at home, you said that you are good! Just told me When you are wet into that look, how? I made you feel uncomfortable? Do you have a few times? See if you just called so as soone, you haven’t done it for a long time? It’s no wonder, At the old week, I finished with other women’s ghosts. When I got home, I still have the strength to accompany you. Even if you are, it is estimated that he is now all the women who surname Wu, where there is something to think about you………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… As Yang Aunt, this old woman, thirty wolf forty tiger, it is when a man is hurt, but every day is at home … Hey, Yang Auntie, think about me is saddened for you! This is a happy man, not better than the hometown for the heart? “” No, no! I, I am more older than you, I … we can’t, can not be like this again … I … “Yang Aunt reached out and pushed me, but I didn’t break free from my embrace.

“Hey! Yang Auntie, you are worried about this!” My arms made the strength, and I have a better woman in the arms. “What is the age, what is the problem?” The old man is also married to his 20-year-old student! We play together, be friends, what! You said with a conscience, your family’s old week, it is always ten more than me. Wan Baqi! Even if he is young, it is impossible to have it to be so powerful! To tell the truth, Yang Auntie, you are also a few women I have, the best, let me be fascinated. Otherwise, I will not spend so much just on you. As long as we are interested, you will enjoy life in me, happy to enjoy life, isn’t it very good? “

“No! No … No, this, this is not good … I … … 唔 …”

At this time, there are so many words, the fire is almost, now, it is time to prove to Yang Ayi with practical actions. If she finished, I still dressed in the past, blocked Yang Ayi’s little mouth with my mouth, came to a deep legal kiss. Yang Ayi gave up with me and gave up, and let the body accept my kiss.

The “one center” of the mouth is occupied, the “two basic points” of the big tits can not relax, the most important thing is the following “basic route”, of course, it is necessary to persist, the big chicken after a short break is also heavy. Zhen Xiong, shirtless, one drilled its “old lover” – Yang Ayi’s warm embrace.

“Oh … 唔 … …” before and Yang Aunt’s first time I was in the information room just to get evidence, I will submiss it, I just once, more, the original temptation after the limitation, and This time, I gave up the previous barbaric and rude, gentle caress caress the skin on Yang Ayi, the big cock of the lower body is no longer rushing into the previous, and the fire will slowly insert it slowly into the obscene The deepest place, then gently smoke it, tender like water, so comforted this injured mature woman. Yang Aunt, who was seriously injured, has a sharp reduction, and an empty and lonely heart is by me and seven on eight. It is soon being moved in spring, gradually starting with their own unique, shy Respond to my enthusiasm.

“Well … um … oh … no, don’t … ah … ah … um … not …” and the once, Yang Ayi, the lack of sorrow, this time. However, there is a gentle and charming, I can see it, and Yang Ai, which is very enjoyed, and I am happy with me. I started accelerating the action, using the classic “Jiu Jiuyami” style, turning the pattern of Yang Ayi.

“Oh … ah … no, don’t … light … light, light … oh … good, beautiful … oh … don’t … ah … oh …” At this time, Yang Aunt has been completely Let go of your mind and body, use the most sensuality called the bed. Yang Aunt’s call and my big chicken bar hit the sound of her under her, and formed a person’s most beautiful music. The two of us are tight, just like a couple of love for a long time, the enthusiasm is like a fire, and experience the most original happiness of human beings. Finally, after a passion, the two arrived at a climax. The limit, and once again handed over the peak of sex.

Two consecutive fun, almost exhausted my physical strength, and the stomach also proposed a serious protest. When I took a bath, I went to the small shop to the intersection to buy some food. After the meal, I will just wear the clothes, Yang Ai, who has just walked, I have a war, but the first two battles are really consumed, some are not from the heart, but I have to lying in the warm embrace of Yang Aunti. While playing with her body while looking at TV, I have been playing for 9 o’clock, and I am reluctant to let her go home. After Yang Ayi worn his clothes, he premeditated his head in the mirror, and then bowed his head to remove her pair of tall heel sandals. Looking at the big butt of Yang Aun, my heart was a big impulse. I took the underwear in her skirt and wanted to be a commemoration, but Yang Ayi was dead Agree, saying that the skirt is too thin that it can be opened in this way. I thought about it, and a smile threw her in the underwear, Yang Ayi is still refused, and after a fight against me, I also thought of it. She went to my wardrobe, looking for a clean underwear, then clamped the legs, stepped away from my sight.

I am tired, I am tired, I am tired, I am lying in the bed, putting Yang Aunt’s underwear in the pillow, while greedy sniffing Yang Ayi’s inner pants, the solarky, while planning the next and Yang Aunti, I quickly entered a dream.

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