Tang Hong is my colleague, I have a very woman taste, I am very sensitive to a woman with a woman, in my eyes, beautiful women don’t see women’s taste, but there is a woman with a woman must be beautiful. .

For example, Tang Hong, she can make people feel a strong woman, there is a flavor that exists in the flesh, and is different from the body of the body.

I have been able to describe the noun that can describe this kind of breath, but I can feel strongly, so I have been attracting this woman, and I can get her.

Tang Hong belongs to the kind of generous woman on the mall, and there is not much nerves in the opposite sex.

I know that Tang Hong is a boyfriend, but this is not the reason to hinder my action, I didn’t want to have a marriage relationship with her.

I just want to get her, use a man’s way.

Usually go to work, due to work relationship, the two have been in touch with, in addition to talking about work, more is talking about feelings.

I always love the topic to a relatively sensitive issue, Tang Hong did not avoid evading, which fierce my guts, more stimulating my determination.

Sometimes, I even wandered near Tang Hong family, I couldn’t explain my own purpose, maybe just vent your inflation.

One day last week, because I have a customer to eat, when the two have been going home, the sky is late.

When I was eating, he took a drink from the head and drink a few cups, I was eager to achieve this night.

I said that I will send you back, Tang Hong said that you can’t do it, drink this? I said you know my amount, this is also high? To the Dang Honglou, Tang Hong let me go to drink some tea and wake up.

There is only two people in the living room and Tang Hong.

To dissolve dull air, Tang Hong opened its TV.

While watching TV while watching things in the unit without margin.

I am in my heart, like a cat, I don’t plan to restrain the inner desire.

I think, if I have a move at this moment, what kind of reaction is Tang Hong? I am trying to take a risk, because this is too exciting, I can’t imagine the consequences.

I said that TV is too meaningless, it is better to be closed, let’s talk well.

Tang Hong has turned TV.

I took a tea cup from the original chair to the sofa sitting on Tanghong, very close to Tang Hong’s distance.

Tang Hong suddenly had a nervous feeling. She predicts what will happen, and she is more curious. She is a traditional education, but it is not rooted, and she considers the consequences of each matter, and I want to rebellious. .

The days of the four levels are really too light, and people are flattering, and people are asleep.

So, she can look at my eyes from me, I feel that.

I contacted the first flesh in Tang Hong, just in my persistence and the half of Tang Hong.

I reached out and gently took Tanghong’s shoulders. Her shoulders were very round, because they were in summer, usually she only wore a sleeveless vest, because I am in today, she added another web. Thin wire.

I passed through clothes, I could clearly felt the temperature of her smooth skin in her hand.

Tang Hong pushed my hand, let me don’t do this.

I don’t know what to do next step, just like being drunk, I am in Tang Hong, I miss you.

I saw Tang Hong’s ear slope with a wooden stick inserted, I asked what this is? Tang Hong said that it can prevent ear eyes when we don’t wear earrings.

She talks about a little girl, I am more impulsive.

I said to Tang Hong’s ear, I want to kiss here.

Tang Hong twisted his body and said that it can’t.

I am planted on her, and I took the opportunity to hug Tang Hong’s waist and touched my clothes.

Tang Hong is really a bit anxious, and it has also increased a bit.

I feel that it is hard to work, and I will loose my hand.

Tang Hong has a whole clothes, using the hair, saying that the sky is not too early, you will go back, you have to go to work tomorrow.

I said the purpose did not reach, how to get? Tang Hong looked at me said, what is the purpose of do you not reach? I said that you let me kiss. Tang Hong is refused, I will not go.

After a while, Tang Hong had no way, I have to say that you should count, kiss it right away.

I promised to get fast.

Tang Hong reached out, I said it was not to be this! Tang Hong said that you want to pro? I said kissing.

Tang Hong said.

My whole body is going to the sofa, I will live this tonight.

Tang Hong stared me for a while, saying that I didn’t expect you to look like you.

She walked over and turned the chandelier and turned the light of the wall light to the darkest, and then closed his eyes.

Under dim light, my gallbreak is bigger.

I took Tang Hongzhi on the legs and gently twisted her face. At the light of the light, Tang Hong’s face was red, very charming.

I smelled the faint fragrance in Tang Hongfei … kissed for a while, Tang Hong broke up, said, I am so angry.

I kissed Tang Hong’s mouth, and I stretched into Tang Hong’s underwear. I didn’t encounter a strong resistance. Tang Hong’s soft breast is in me! With my hand’s move, Tang Hong suppressed a burst of embarrassment, and I took me more tight.

The two were lingering for more than ten minutes, Tang Hong once again said that you should go.

I am still unfinished.

Tang Hong has no way to sigh, you are really difficult.

I am looking for her for a while, Tang Hong said that your purpose has been reached, but what is it? I said that you haven’t got me yet.

While talking about the head in Tang Hong chest, she squatted her breasts and tried to pick up her corset.

Tang Hong desperately wants to break free from my arms, but I can’t do it.

Let her struggle, it is also as a pliers, firmly fixed in my arms, and kissed the hot kisses.

Gradually, her resistance is getting unable to play.

The tight pixin is gradually soft, such as a thousand years of ice, under the passion of the fire, being burned, melted.

I will take her on my thigh.

The body’s feelings are the same, I don’t know if Tang Hong felt that there is no, I can clearly feel that if there is no girl who has neck her pink neck.

It is also very clear.

As long as you have a low head, you can kiss the snow white skin, I have been in the unscrupulous looking at her breast.

And helping the waist is no longer simple, because I can’t keep supporting the place, there will be a subtle movement, and these actions do not have to move the waist, but let me It is more strict.

You can feel the frequent sports of Tanghong often sports.

Tang Hong’s body begins to ease, the most obvious is the hip.

I also feel more clearly that the soft and elastic powder paste is warm.

That’s tempting, it’s simulous to call my little brother! Seeing her appearance, sensual fantasy makes me more firm, and I can’t help but get the abdomen, I can’t help it, the hips are quite, so that I have already contacted a strict place to get more deeply. ! Although in panties, I can feel that it is squeezing into the delicate and elastic hip meat, a tight and gentle feeling makes me a burst of comfort.

I can’t determine if I have an attack to the specific goal. After all, I can’t feel delicate and moist in the penalty area of ​​the girl.

When Tang Hongzhu is crowded between her buttocks into her hip seam, they are squeezed between legs.

She couldn’t help but be trembled, her face was red, but she didn’t turn her face, more particularly a kind of stealing excitement!

I have never been ecstasy, and I have contacted that I am too embarrassing that I am fade.

With the first, I didn’t suffer. At this time, I naturally relax it, then I have a more powerful top, I want to get more deeper, top to more real position …

Tang Hong suddenly felt that the heartbeat accelerated, and it was nervous and shame. Not satisfied with the mastery, one hand climbed up, strive to climb the chest Yufeng, and the other hand slides along the waist to the lower abdomen. I grabbed the Tang Hong’s breast, her breasts were large, and the round is standing in her chest, proudly.

The two pink small bumps, the main center of the breast, delicate looks very much, I can’t help but eat it.

Crazy kiss, the urgent breath, sweet body, mild light, all provoked my original motivation and desire, stroking the full-flexible breast, picking her clothes gently Go in, her 哼 has become ambiguous.

I took the left hand, slowly explored between her two legs in Tanghong’s lower abdomen, paid the hand, and slammed her original sensuality, first, I was stroking her tender thigh, and I came into contact with the hand. Mysterious part of the blood and spray.

Her body is getting hotter and hotter, the lower abdomen is not stopped, but the buttocks began to twist, when I put the whole palm of the palm of her husband, her throat actually issued a long “Well …”

Sound, then the whole person is soft and weak, in my arms.

She has already heeds, and the eyes are clearly full of lust needs! Look at each other, I have entered the excitement of sexual desire. I gentle and rudely pulled her clothes. When I gave it, the white and innocent flesh naked, the body was very uniform, and the skin was delicate and smooth, curved, and The little abdomen is flat and smooth, the fat buttocks are smooth and tender, and the jade legs are long! Lively loved Tang Hong is now like a warm little sheep, still being placed by me.

I found that my little brother has been hard, I can’t help it, and I can’t insert it immediately.

So I pulled the guy directly, raised her legs, and inserted the erectous meat stick into her more water.

Tang Hong’s vagina is full of supravenation, and the meat has entered her body smoothly. It is like a small oven. The hot body temperature seems to melt me.

The pink hip is tightly wrapped in firmly, it is firmly caught in the roots of the thigh, and that a feeling makes me very refreshing, I can’t help but start accelerating a little speed.

I slipped down my hands and helped her ankle and then moved it hard.

I feel that I have a stock a fire, after all, this kind of real feeling and my heart are can’t seek, and there is no new store in this village.

At this moment, Tang Hong can’t help but bite his lips. The breathing has accelerated. She can feel the huge and hotness of her legs, and the following stimulation is directly in their own restricted area.

At the top of the touch.

Let her feel more, she can’t say, she even wet … is stimulated more and more exciting, Don Hong does not have a sound from the lip, there is no other benefit, she can’t show it, her hand does not The place can only be tightly clever.

I don’t honest my hands, let her feel the same stimulation at this moment.

With the support of your hands, my actions are more appropriate, and they can be more refreshing.

And Tang Hong seems no longer so embarrassed to gently shake the body, let the hardware below, let the things more powerful into their own sensitivity … Once the passion of the flame is burning, you want to stop being so easy. Although it is grinding from the pants, the two people have become more and more tacit. They don’t have any language. The two no longer feel any cool, and the excitement is replaced.

I am getting faster and faster, I will put it up, and Tang Hong is like a suite.

The tender little labips on her yin, being interrupted by my meat stick to swallow spit, wet, wet, narrow vulva “Zi …”

When you enjoy the squeeze out of the meat stick, she didn’t forget to put the muscles of the vaginal mouth when I was in depth.

Since Tang Hong’s active cooperation, I don’t have to support her hips, and I can enjoy the pleasant pleasure, my hand returns to the delicate waist.

At this moment, Tang Hong has not excluded, and it is close to the touch of my hands. As the two people are getting faster and faster, her closed lips will also send if there is no sultry.

I know that she is a slow feeling, and this true snoring has been issued from the strange Tang Hong mouth, giving me a lot of excitement than the AV female excellent super profession, I am more energetic. . Listening to her 呻, the original desire rose, I no longer picked up, Tang Hong’s body is like a fire, with tightly hugging me, two legs are tight I have my waist.

As if he heard the sound of the water, the aection of the inserted, this brings us unlimited pleasure, comfortable to each other, at this moment, the mind is blank, nothing thinks, I am shaking in the whole body. It is a stimulus of her tender sparse, and it feels that the power from the inside.

The two now have a reason to be rational, and the passion of the body is released, so that the body feels around his own behavior, breaking through the ultimate obstacle.

I am inserted into the simultaneous call, she is equipped with me, twisted the hips, up and down, and the breath is getting bigger and bigger.

At this time, the little brother, the more the battle.

I was desperate, I have already ignored her call and excitement. The more excited, the more excited, but the more exciting, the two are more excited, and the two are called each other, and they are infected with each other.

I don’t know how long it is, Tang Hong is sullen, reached out, bother, a burst of sputum, shaking on my body.

With her body’s sputum, I felt full of pink hips, the clamping of jade legs, and even felt that the temperature rose somewhere, felt that the place where I kept my own, I nor Go to control your passion and tightly stay the secret of the United States.

Eave a passion … The two people who breathe, do not want to move, continue to post them.

After a while, Tanghong stood up later and organized myself a little messy clothes.

After the lust, the people’s rational is immediately recovered, but the silence just now is no sound, and now the silence is embarrassing.

Although it comes to Tang Hong, it is a man who is a man, and I am full of apologies: “Red Red.

Sorry, I just … “

“do not talk.”

Tang Hong interrupted my words, whispered: “We should not drink …”

“I know, it is not your business, I am not right …”

Although I am a bit blaming, I can’t hold it, but things have happened, not regret, you can change.

“never mind.

I don’t want to mention it.

Just as we have happened before, I have forgotten it. “

Tang Hong is sinking, whispered.


I only have this.

“Sorry, red.”

“Forget it, go back, it is really late.”

What happened last night, I guess what kind of expression of Tang Hong will.

Sure enough, the next day, Tang Hong in the morning kept silence, eyes looked elsewhere, avoid and met with me as much as possible.

I am not good to find what she said.

In order to avoid being discovered by others a little strange, I just misuse something that I have to tit.

Because the last time I had such a similar but no success, I also understand that she is now in the mood, knowing that she is now looking for her to talk, it is not a good time, or wait for a while, and then the phone is better.

But now has been a week, Tang Hong is ignored me, don’t talk to me, don’t pick up my phone.

What should I do? !

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