The first time I always missed, I got zero flowers in the first time. I took a red scarf in the first time. The first time I got award, for the first time, I saw a film for the first time, the first love, the first Supreme kiss, first XX!

It is the first snow in 2003, a little later than in 2002, and the battle with the Hao Die is in the school, one by one, a good day, the life model is not remembered. How long has it, I only remember my own Internet cafes, schools, occasionally dormitory such three o’clock in your 18-year-old youth.

Back to school, squatting on the table, looking at the white snowflakes outside the window, looking forward to this day! I fell asleep, I was fascinated, I heard a noisy in the classroom. I took the first textbook in front, looked up at the top, when I looked forward, I was in the podium, I am so beautiful. The person, the lip red, a pair of phoenixes, the big crescent, Gu Pan Shenghui! Oh, Harry Luya, snow is still under, but I think my spring is coming!

I feel so mystery like a snorkeling.

I can’t help but look up at you, and you don’t reveal.

Although not speak, it is hard to forget.

That is your eyes, bright and beautiful …

Her call is the transfer of school students from the adjacent school. After the class teacher is finished, the situation is turned into my direction. I looked at the seat of the empty seat, I only jumped in my heart: Oh, God, too love You, cars you to burn incense!

God, the old man, did not let me down, sitting around me, I looked at the premier of the bag on the table, and the situation seems to have just found my existence, turning me a little hand, playful mouth playful YANG: “Hi!” I am a pet, and I will take the messy hair response: “Hello!” She looked at my hand and smiled, looked at her crescent-like eyes, seductive red lip Playful little tiger teeth, oh, mygod, but also people can’t live, why do you want to kill me!

That day, I didn’t sleep, I watched the angel in my heart. I really thought about it. The situation is a girl who is very foreign, and the time is hierarchical. A piece, of course, I am talking about this lessone! That day, I suddenly felt that life can be so wonderful!

I thought that the world can be so brilliant, but the world is often like, when the situation and our school football team goes back into the pair, I know that my love can only stay in my heart, it is very good, in us. The school is also very influential, Lang Talent women, but also Qingmei bamboo horse, look at the situation and his happiness, although the heart will be sour, but her happy my mood will follow happiness, others say love is selfish, can I think it is my biggest happiness every day.

The situation likes music, and I also like to sing, sing is not bad, every time I have learned the situation, there is a hurry: “You, hurry, sing to me!” I always pretend to be unwilling. Successful singing: You have a talking eye, you have a good heart.

I don’t know how the sky is thick, your smile always makes me fascinated by you.

You have a deep eye, you have the magic of melting the ice.

I never dare to expect me, your beauty always makes me hide, what is your portrait of your portrait, when is my world, starting day and night, it’s hard to go, it’s because I miss you … secretly Fall in love with you, but I don’t dare to tell you, because I know that I can’t give you something you want, you can only sneak you, you can only sneak watch you, always don’t have courage, I can’t say that I am really love. On you …

The situation is always quiet, like water like smoke, 缥缈 缥缈 如 一, then, at that moment, she listened to God, at that moment, I saw it forget!

Life is like this in my sweet mood, because of the situation, I changed, no more fight, go online, read the novel. Sing your favorite songs every day, watching her happy giggling, I think my life is so meaningful.

Until that day, the situation did not come to the quiet, that is not the happy elves I know, the melancholy eye makes me worry, all day, the situation doesn’t say a word, just quietly writing something Stay up. Asked how it happened, she is just shaking her head, and her eyes are tears, and weaker is like a cloth doll. Looking at me is worried, the situation is very boring: “I am really fine, K, accompany me to drink!” After school in the afternoon, the situation didn’t trace, I went to find a clear, tell him that it is very Sad, you need him, see me not to see me: “K, who do you think you, do you need you?”

At this time, the class of two classes came over, and I got a clear arm: “Ming, let’s go to eat!” At this moment, I am clear, I am an angry question: “Is it because you are sad, Is it true that you have love! I walked back, I said to the girl around him: “Man, I only love you one, how can I like the SB woman, everything is just her wish!” I suddenly stopped, like a The irritated beast, quickly rushed to the Ming Punch: “Your mother’s bubble, don’t take others, it’s very cool, so love you so much, your mother!” The swollen face, rushing to me, and a few guys together have seen the Ming, and they have rushed over. It is a happy to come to the senior grade. I have seen this situation. I want to do it, my mother wants to fight, thinking that our low grade is a good bully, Ming, there is a kind of evening small woods! “

Ming is also the Lord of the face. I also put it on the moment: “Okay, how many pounds do you have, you don’t dare to come, wait you!”

Said that the group of people with him is scattered! I took the shoulder of the Hao: “I have a good time to touch you, I don’t want to be unlimited today, you will arrange it first, I still have something!” Hao gave me a box: “Your dog will make trouble, go Let’s solve it. I can’t solve it. I can’t mix it! “I greeted a boxing in my chest, turned and looking for a situation!

I know that the situation is likely to go to the canal that is not far from the school. I rushed there. Sure enough, the situation was sitting on the river, holding a knee, holding a knee, standing with a knee, seems to be sobbing, I am gone In the past, two bottles of high white wine were placed on the side of the situation. One bottle has not been a half, see someone is approaching, quietly looked at me, sunset, hometown pear flower with rain, see my heart Broken, why is it, heaven, why do you have to hurt such a elich! I sat down and comforted her: “The situation, don’t do this, it is not blessing, good men have a lot of people, do you need to hurt yourself!”

I didn’t talk and laughed. I didn’t talk, and the white wine that picked up is another slam, I looked at the eyes of the situation, so okay, I won the white wine in the hands of the border: “Good, drink. I am accompanying you! “And then put the remaining half a bottle of wine, the fire, hot feelings, the whole body, OH, mygod degree is really not a general high, the situation, I am filled with a big bottle, and again Pick up another bottle and drink, I went to take her jar in her hand, quietly holding the empty bottle on the ground, a charming smile: “Small K, come, toast!”

In this way, we can’t put the two bottles of white wine, lying on the big stone, the situation turns a head: “K, why do people want to live, live more!” I also began to be confused: “For” Loved, for all your love and love you! “

I am still the same at this time, the loneliness of the night is easy to be sad.

I don’t dare to think too much, because I am alone, the moonlight pulling long gangliu, who is unable to walk in the cold street, I don’t have your news, because I miss you.

Love me, don’t go, if you say that you don’t love me, don’t hear you really say.

Give me a little gentle.

Love me, don’t go, if you say that you don’t love me, don’t hear you really say.

Give me a little gentle …

The situation is crying, very heroic cry: “K, thank you, … thank … thank you, do you say this water!”

I said that I was standing and going to the river. I chased the situation: “Deep, deep, don’t do this, if … youjumpijump!” Quietly watched me, watching me for a long time, suddenly rush When I arrived at me, I kissed my neck, the temptation of the lips, so soft, so soul, oh, I am coming, I have to fall!

The tongue of the situation has across my mouth, confuses the fragrance of the wine and the girl, so let me be intoxicated, I am awkward response, the tongue of the tongue and the stamit is brought together! I kissed the foot and had a few minutes. The situation pushed away from the river. I pulled her to my arbitrarily. I stared at the situation and passionately said to her: “State, you Do you know, from seeing your first eye, I am not sauraish, I know, do you know, for you, I am willing to pay all, as long as you are happy, I am also gratifying, , I know that my pound is two, I have never enjoyed something, just want to look at you every day, watch your happiness, your brutal, no reason, there is no reason, the next life is too far, I just want to keep you in this life, no matter what others see, I am willing! “After I finished kissed the small mouth of the situation again, the situation was hugged, my hands were tight, I am reluctant. In the jacket that reached into the abutment, it was stroked with the softness of the situation in the territory. The situation breathed, in my ear: “Don’t, K, don’t!” I am a unintentional angel, Nai’s wine is essential, I am more greed, pointing at the prestige of the situation: “The situation, I want to see you:”

The wine is not separated, and the situation is also alcohol. It has gone, revealing the T-shirt, revealing the pink onprocetra, I also pushed the ones, and the full-time jade rabbit was present in front of my eyes, the sky It has been black, and the semi-circular elements of the situation are scientifically. I can’t help but have the lower heads, including the nature of the cherry. The hands are full, the flesh, the flesh, the feeling Let me love it!

The nipple of the state gradually became a hard, she gasped, the uneasy hugged my head, I took the strange breasts, and the hands took out their own coat and threw it into the grass, looked at the situation. The look, I am like a fierce sleepy beast, push down the situation in the grass, the situation is lying there, the chest is very upset, the alcohol is fascinated by my last one, I am pressing the situation. Her jeans and then took it together with her small panties.

The disturbance is unclear, holding me, kissing me, I stroked the homes of the hub fat, the hands slowly moved into the mysterious triangle zone to remove, the small hand, the little hand As my hand moves, I finally touched the legendary peach blossom, the fluffy crash tide, has been humid, and the situation of the situation will not let me move, I don’t seem to pay attention to it. The hand is gently squatting on the creek in the thin grass, the strategy is twisted, there is a drunk snoring, and the empty Valley of the water is constantly seeping, my index finger is slowly squeezed. Go in.

The situation is in general, clamping his legs, my finger is oppressed in this tender, warm secret, into and out of difficulties, slowly moving forward, seems to stop going, I have to borrow the entrance of Taoyuan in the country The gradually growing water is getting more and more, and the breathing of the situation is getting more and more serious. I can’t help it, fade in sports pants, put it out of the face, and put it on the peach flow of the situation. The situation has no resistance, just half-opening and can’t stop the gas, I tried to put my penis into the secret of the situation, but I couldn’t find a place.

I didn’t go in a few times, I am anxious, in the thin grass in the abdomen, suddenly, the situation hugged me, the nails deeply embedded in my ridge, I also felt a comfortable, My penis finally entered the peach garden deep, warm, urgent, looked at the eyebrows, I didn’t move, slowly feel this meal, see the situation slowly relax, I tried to insert, the Nai penis can only go in half, there seems to have a thin piece of meat wall to block, and I don’t let me move when I touch it quietly. Is this a legendary female film! ?

I low-headed, with the lips of the state: “The situation, I love you!” Then the lower body is hard, I only feel that the situation is tight, bleeding, my lips are bitten by the situation. One, I can feel the savory taste of the mouth, this barbaric girl, of course, I can’t bear to look at her pain, I want to take my penis, keep me tightly, one move Don’t let me move, we will hold this, I murmured in the forefront.

A few minutes have passed, the situation doesn’t seem to be very painful, and the body has begun to twist. I have learned the movement of the A film that I have read slowly. The situation seems to be really adapted, and it makes it feel comfortable. Sound, I slowly moved, enjoy the firming Valley in the country, the tempting voice of the situation made me like a tiger, constantly attack, conquer, “… … … Fast … ah … So comfortable … Ah …! “The situation is getting faster and faster, crazy, I feel that my body seems to have a impulse, like a speed motor, keep it Holding a weak body in the country.

The situation seems to be weak, just the neck, fast absorbing, I feel that I have to explode, I struggled quickly and smashed the strange small hole, an unblented pleasure, Then, a hot semen, such as bullets, in the womb, hugged me tightly, nails embedded in my back shoulders, stiff, for ten seconds, with a relief “Ah …” is slow slowly, and the paralyzed is under me. Drunk, tired, sin … it is fascinating, it seems to be flying, it seems to be lingering, it seems to be ecstasy! Early in the morning, Sunshine on my face, I opened my eyes and found that I slept in my own single house, knead the head of pain, is it just a dream? Look at the messy cottage, oh, mygod, that is …! Looking at my naked body and next to the same naked situation, looked at the glasses of my erect’s penis, looked at the perfect body of the situation, God, what did I do?

The eyelashes of the state are moving, she wants to wake up, how to returned this, I have closed my eyes, I have already gone here, or let the state to choose, squint, I see the situation, I just knead, Then you lose this unfamiliar environment, then see the naked yourself and I, you have a foot for ten seconds, then … “ah !!!” I don’t dare to put it, it is going to be heard by others. Hurry and climb it up and cover her mouth.

A pair of phoenix eyes stared at me, biting a bite on my hand. Looking at my eyes in her body, the situation is more angry, I have given me a punch: “Turn over!” I have to turn over, I don’t think it will, I feel that my ass hurts, I was awkward. Palt in the bed, turned the head, watching the appearance of the people in the situation, I quickly found the clothes, this Nizi has learned Taekwondo, this gateway I won’t worry about me to cry!

Looking at the lips I have biting, look at the blood in bed, the small mouth, the tears fell again: “How can this, K, you are a bastard!” Said that I have run out, I Hurry and get up! I have been following the girl’s dormitory, and I am glaring in the situation: “I have to follow it!” I smiled, and the shook in the situation.

Going to the canteen bought breakfast, I met Hao, this guy looked at my uncomfortable smile, “How is it yesterday, see your guy, no hurt, which!?” 手: “Don’t mention it, yesterday. The woods will basically know, this also makes a fart, and finally went to drink, slaughtered the Dagan Dog Day! “

I will know that Hao is a breakfast in my hand: “But I can know some inside, oh, the situation is good, come on!” I gave me a good foot: “You know a fart, go, I will go, I Also use you! “

Going back to the classroom, the situation has been squatted on the seat, seeing me, the situation biting his teeth, I quickly handed the breakfast past, and a breakfast is no longer careful! I laughed and knew that Cupid was arrowing me!

On the evening, I have come to the bottom of the girl’s dormitory with a brother, and the old mother of the booth is rushing to take us away. Hao Lao Niang is pleading: “The big mother, we will take a few minutes downstairs, etc. go!”

Brothers took a candle, put into a small heart shape, I stood loudly in my heart: “The situation !!! 302 is !! I love you !! Love you !!!” The booth old bride watched this scene, I have to have a few times: “What is going on, you can’t go, don’t leave, don’t let me call the school police!” Haicheng held the wind Blowing candles, looked at the crowd on the upstairs, asked me: “K, I think we seem to be SB!” They have accompanied them, watching the old mother, calling the guard room, they have a few two words Said, the candle throws, take me, “K, let us withdraw, you will stay!”

This group of unforgan guys, I looked up at the 302 window, and I saw the beautiful outline and tears of the situation … tears! ! ? ? ? My grass, who is so lacking, pour water in the next … I got, withdraw!

Early the next morning, looked at me on her beautiful big eyes: “What is going on last night !?”

I sweat on my face: “Just joke, the brothers do playing, not my idea!” The situation is head: “Well, your brother is quite romantic, I like it!” I listen to the interface: “Actually, I think it is, I like it, why don’t you respond to me!” The situation giggle: “Yes, what is the taste of the washing water!?” Washing water? ! ! I suddenly rushed: “Don’t take you like this, then you should poor me, consider do my girlfriend!” The situation laughed: “Well, this, look at your performance!”

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