If not because I want to play games in the abandoned iron factory, I can’t happen, I blame I like to expose my girlfriend.

My girlfriend called Han Han, and saw that the abandoned ironwork factory made me think that if it is in the inside, it must be discovered, thinking that it will be voyeur, I am excited to hide . I deliberately hit Han Capture can’t stand it, her low and low scorpion is the best weapon to bring people.

Just as I unlocked the first button of the shirt, “Ah! Someone!” Han Han is suddenly screaming.

“Hey! Hey! Do you want us to join?” The direction of the sound is three guys who look out.

Han Han also realized that the danger was coming, and tightly grabbed me hiding behind me. At this time, I had a strange idea in my heart: if I hill the three people, my mood should be very high.

These three people are getting closer, my mood is also happy, I have not rebelled, I have been hit down, although I know that I will definitely be defeated, but at least worse. I mean that at least one person can be knocked down, enough to hide enough time to escape, wrong, wrong, I didn’t make a reaction immediately, I also considered a while.

“Han Run!” One is knocked down in the ground, I have to hide and escape. Although I’ve running outward, but it is a late step. How can they let her run away?

“Ah!”, There are not a few steps, and Han Han was caught by a magic hand that was reached by the rear, fell to the ground, probably the power of the impact is too big, and it is not easy to go to the ground. move. The viewer hinted to lying on the ground, I was anxious to walked over, but I was overwhelmed, I can only worry.

“Will n’t she die?” I saw my girlfriend didn’t move, and the wolf was probably scared.

“Nothing! She just fainted.” After a while, he seized one of the people who Han, slowly extend his fingers to his girlfriend, and then sat on the ground, picked his girlfriend, and put dirty mouth Post girlfriend’s snow white neck. Han Han did not even hug in his arms by his front chest, I saw it really not a taste.

“It’s so cool! This woman’s tits are big!” Two big fat hands from my girlfriend to the chest, and grab the boom.

“Don’t be just one person, come over, come and help to tie this kid!” Two colors said, while speeding up. Although I am struggling, I still have the power of two people, and my hands are twisted to tie it. The mouth is also like the mud, and I can only look at the huge.

“Kid, you are optimistic! Your girlfriend is about to be cool, how is your mood?” I feel that my belly is awkward, I am painful to the ground, look at the fat hand from the Han Han neckline, Pushing the breast, “Well!” Although it is coma, the physical sensitive place is touched, and the Han Han still unconsciously issued a snoring.

“True! It must be very cool.”

The breasts under the shirt have been blotted, “Ah! Let me go …” At this time, the Han Han woke up, and I found that I was caught by strangers, hurriedly wanted to break free, but the strength of the enemy The fertile hand in the chest is just a pleasant gas.

When Han is noticeable, the other two color wolves are already in front of her, worse! After a struggle, her short skirt has been in the past, and the lace underwear is exposed. Han Han saw the obscene look in her skirt, hurry to kick your legs, I want to pull the skirt, but I didn’t expect it to get the worse, but not only the skirt didn’t cover, but let the underwear have been fully exposed.

The three people came over and hinted to be scared and did not dare to move. Now, I will hurt a slightly obese guy (they call him Aqi), in front of my girlfriend is another thin Baba’s short child (they call him for a monkey), and another piece is very strong, I am being he The knockdown (they called his boss).

Aqi seems to be light touch, but the two fathers grasp the hinted shirts, the shirt that is lost, and the shirt of the lost button is pulled, revealing the powder purple seductive bra. “Good pain!” Seeing the beauty of the purple bra wrapped soon is about to be played, and the Aprison does not leave two breasts.

“Don’t! Stop …” Han Han crying. The fertilizer that pulls the shirt is more rude to pull the purple bra, and lose the white tender breasts that are tightly stretched by the bra. It is playing up immediately, and the A monkey immediately hungry the tiger and sheep.

“Her teat has been hard!” The a monkey holds the left milk that hins, and uses it to take her nipple;

The breast on the right is the sound of “啾” by the boss, even I can hear it next to it. “Don’t! Start!” The body of Han Han is too sensitive, although it is forced, but the nipple is still absorbed straight straight, and the mouth is not commended independently.

“Here is mine, you go to play with other places.” A fat pushed the two.

The boss began to turn to the garden honey garden, “I can’t drive her underwear.” The boss wants a monkey to help him. Han Han heard the most sensitive private part of the most sensitive private part is about to be violated, and the thigh will be placed in mall.

In the eyes of the boss, the boss is infringed in the underwear, the two beautiful milk is smashed by A. I don’t know why, although the angry connotation is insulted by three color wolves, but my heart also rose inexplicable excitement.

Han Han is desperate and clamped, and it is not relaxation for a moment, because she knows, if her most private small hole is invaded, he is sure that the whole body is weak. But the sensitive breast is played, plus the a monkey to grab her knees excessively expanded. Sure enough, the original close leg begins to open slowly, although it is only a small slit, but it has been able to make your fingers further further .

I saw that the big hands extended in the undergarment were slightly extended forward, “Well!” The angle probably has already touched the meat, and huge can’t help it. Looking at the gains, the boss has reached further, and the gap between the legs is even greater. With the movement of the finger, the legs whose legs have become more and more open, and the knees have begun to shake slightly.

Soon, the legs that Han have been completely opened, and the flesh’s fingers are ticked.

Maybe the boss has been stimulating the hosan beans, “um … um … um … um …” The Han Chan did not consciously loudly, the boss smiled, and the fingers were more difficult to interpolated.

“Ah … save …” Han Han is stimulated, the whole body is tightly trembled, I want to shout for life before you lose rationality, “Hey …” but there is still no time to shout, just just have a mouth. I was put into a cock.

“It’s so cool! Skille! Use your tongue!” “Hey … …” Han Han Close eyes, the mouth was shaken the arrogant a monkey plugged, and he could not be unclear.

“Ah! … I … I am coming out!” Hold your girlfriend’s face, but the ass is not a dozen, and the A monkey will abandon it.

“Users who are useless! Let’s go, let you see my power!” The boss opened the a monkey who was hover in one hand. He pulled the legs of my girlfriend, torn the lace underwear, and the fingers extended into the wet flesh. The body is trembled.

In the right hand behind him, the hook of the breast is pinched, and the left hand is bore, the mouth is not letting the breasts on the left, and begged with the mouth.

“Hey … I will die!” The boss’s mouth came into the middle of the thighs of the big mouth, and the little waist could not hurt.

“It’s really a big! The obscenity is really, let me do it!” The boss succumbed to the honey and juice, “」 」”. I took a while, and I took it hard to pull the two legs, and I slammed the pocket of the cock.

“Don’t! Don’t be in front of my boyfriend …” “Han Han to stick to the beautiful body:” Hey …

呜 … “

The boss didn’t care, but the ass, I was inserted, and the small cavity hin was strong, I couldn’t help but slam. “… live … Stay … … Live … Start … … Fast … Express … “Han Han’s start to respond, keep your ass.

Aqi, who appeared after the body, began to cover the beauty of the rich, and put the firm nipples in the finger, and the huge was hovering, the body kept shaking, the two legs were tightly clamped waist. Han Han seems to make yourself awake, oscillate the head, the expression on the face is covered, but it can be guessed that the glory should have fallen into a half-state. I am more exciting to think of it.

“It’s so cool! It’s so cool! Come out …” The boss began to speed up the action, and Aqi also worked more to play with the milk. “It’s so cool …” finally came out! The boss hugs hugged the little waist, but the butt was shaken, shot. “Ah … you … don’t look …” At the same time, it seems to have reached the climax, the body is tight, and the pale expression appears on the face.

“Let me go!” I have left the boss, and Aqi has already turned into a coma. It is ready to do her butt, “Hey …” A fat, holding the dick. Piercing it in force, honesty, I can’t help but shake. “Just I have already played addiction.” A monkey helped his huge in the ground, pinch her breasts, rubbing the rudely; Holding her butt, Aquain, shakes the fat buttocks .

The beautiful breasts were not in love with the red traces, and the A monkey also bite a strong nipple. “Hey … … …” Han Han can’t stand before and after clipping, saliva and snoring She unconsciously flows out in her cherry.

“I am so hard!” A monkey seems to have couldn’t help but stuffed the cherry of the cherry, “Hard! It’s hard!” A monkey shade the ass, like a crazy Live the cheeks.

A fat hugged the little waist and pulled the breast, and pulled the breast. Seeing the right to right milk that Han Han is pinched, the breast on the left has a beautiful arc with the body’s swing, “Hey …” Beautiful nude is covered with black hair covered, the mouth can’t be clear. Hanan like this, it is really good, but it is very high.

“It’s so cool! Shoot …” Affillas pinch the whisper, but the butt also followed the hair launch, and the Hanan seems to have been fainted, there is no response.

Just as I am worried that the body will be broken, it is also good to defeat. “It’s finished! I can’t help it.” Fortunately, the a monkey is only a mouthful of mouth.

At this time, the boss has already worn clothes, and I will talk to Aquia, and I will gain. Fortunately, the boss will hide and just want an A monkey to go, I’m scared! Looking at the coma, if she is being insulted again, I am afraid that I can’t stand it, but the a monkey just hugs Han, and wear panties to stand up.

“Remember to bring your girlfriend to let us know.”

“Really cool! Don’t do your girlfriend!”

Before leaving, the three color wolves made a few feet.

The color wolf is almost an hour. Han Han slowly wakes up, unlocking the rope on my body, Han Han hooks me to cry. I helped Han Wear clothes, holding her comfort for a long time, Han Han slowly stopping crying.

After returning home, I saw her bruises on her, let me feel bad! But my heart is too excited! ! !

Let’s take it together!

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