The school’s school is playing, and many students rushed out of schools, some of them will hurt, and some will work. At this time, I also slowly walked out of the school gate. Her good friend Lin Lin also followed her, two like a walk slowly.

“如! Do you have any programs at night?” Lin Lin said.

Since as shaking the head: “No yeah ~ Do you have?”

“Well! Tonight, I have to spend a wonderful night with my boyfriend, anyway, I will worship tomorrow! We can do it …” It is very investing in Linlin, I have been staring at the eyes. She looks, I don’t say my mouth right away!

“You are! Don’t be too fierce! Don’t get your stomach. Remember! You are only 16 years old, don’t have enough to marry enough!”

“I know! I will call him to wear insurance case. And he also rarely shot in my body …” Although Lin Lin knows that she doesn’t like to hear the crude word, I still can’t help but say come out.

Everyone knows that is the innocent, a little colorful word, she will immediately blush, even flowing up, so try to speak in front of her or be careful. But … the real life is not such a person. When I arrived at night, she will look opposite to the school …

Looking at the night is getting late, I am so fast that I will speed up the footsteps!

When I got home, I went to take a shower immediately on the building, I wanted to take the buddy of the school that was spent on the school. I took the bag to the bed, took off the top, took off the skirt, leaving only underwear and underwear. Looking at the mirror, I nodded for my body. This is what she has to do before she takes a shower. I am worried that one day will get fat. After that, even the underwear is also taken off, and the two are big, and the small breasts are jumped out.

She took a few times and pinched the nipple until they had hard, she also began to squat: “Ah … um … ah … ah …” The hand is slowly slipping into the bottom of the pants, touched A few small hips, just take the underwear, and the whole person masturbates before the high mirror. She lifted the feet into the mirror, let himself see the scene of masturbation, the left hand open the lips, and the right hand does not stop in the vagina, and she can’t stand it. “Ah … … ah … … so cool … um … “

From the honey honey, honey juice, soak her dark and thick forest. At this time, her waist started quickly, and the hand did not stop, the waist was shaken, and she gradually called it. “” Ah … can’t … … I can’t stand it … this … so cool! “

She sometimes admire her skills skills, and she will have a climax for a long time.

“Um … I … I have to vent it … ah ~~”

Finally reached the climax, the honey juice was full. After the climax, she could take a shower, the water of the lotus head continued to get on her, squeezed some shower milk, and the hand will not be able to make a few breasts, the lower body, and even in the bathroom. A climax.

Before you go to bed at night, you will be able to masturbate. However, this time she has a tool to a tool, a chair, but helping the round, so convenient her plug.

“Ah ~~ Ah ~~~~~” She started with a massage stick to her “sister”.

Put the massage in bed, sit down with her “sister”. Every time you plug it, she is called, this will keep moving, and the honey is also flowing with the stick and a climax. She still did not die, and picked up the chair’s round head and wiped back, and the honey was flowing up, and the hand did not touch the tits.

“Um … um … call … ah ~~” 唉 ~ another climax.

One night masturbation 4 times a climax, this is still much more for her, but she is really tired, just fall asleep on the bed.

Tomorrow, I have to face those teachers and students in terms of pure student.

Female student (2)

If you wake up next day, there is a call. She is looking into the building to pick up the phone. Anyway, this house has only her one person, and there is nothing for her.

“Hey, which one?”, Is very tired, probably the relationship last night.

“It’s me!” Success. “The phone came from Linlin’s voice.

“Um ~ What?”

“are you free?”

“There ah! Well done?” Then I heard the gasp of a man and a woman, out of breath Linlin said, “That …… do it! I’m sorry! I want to see your friend’s boyfriend. “” see me?! “Linlin they heard the sound of making love, she engaged in masturbation up, kept rubbing his lower body.

“Ah! I have mentioned that you are with him, he said, he wanted to see you. Ah ~~” It seems faster Linlin climax.

“Hey! Keep it down Well you do too!” Then as Sin is about it, but breathing is not so big.

“I’m sorry for ……. …… ah ~ ~ Katsumi great ……” telephone may fall, because it sounded very small.

“Hey! Hey! Linlin …… ah ~~” Qian also reached such a climax, but fortunately did not let Linlin hear.

“How how about ……? OK? Ah ~ ~” Sin as consideration for a moment.

“Okay! What time?”

“Nine good! In my house Oh. Bye” Having hung up.

Qian as also hang up, stretch ︰ “go wash bath.”

※※※※※ just culminated Linlin this case has been weak, and got last night from now, of course, and off in the middle.

Katsumi Linlin that painted pink areola and nipple with your fingers, get Linlin pussy began to itch.

“Self-denial, do not you tired?” Linlin sparkling silent he said.

“My little baby ah ~ really hard on you. Unfortunately, I have not tired yeah, I would like to go in a bubble it!” She spoke without Anfen that hand up.

Linlin groaned a bit ︰ “Oh …… Well! For you!”

Katsumi began to kiss Linlin lips, tongue has slipped into it, two tongue kept open shot. Then he slipped down her bimodal that, while his mouth nipple, while constantly pinch, nipple until both sides are hard up, he bites.

“Ah ~ ~ Katsumi ……” Linlin and other live like playing with their pussy pro from the nipple to the lower abdomen, and finally began to infringe on that moving a pussy. Already wet pussy, it seems more people want to eat it all at once, but still something to play with his fingers like a drill-like inserted into it.

“…… ah ah ah …… …… …… ah ah ah …… …… Oh …… ah ……” Linlin Jiaochuang voice led to his penis swollen to explode, apart from anything else on the thrusting inside, front and rear twitching.

“Ah ah …… …… …… Katsumi hard! …… ah …… hard ah ~ ~”

Katsumi also according to her hard spines, forced insertion, as if in the end the fast, but also aroused his beast, thrusting ……

“Ah ah …… …… …… I …… I want to lose to lose ……” Linlin sat up and hugged self-denial, self-denial and erupted from top to bottom sticking out of her.

“No, no ……” self-denial and gave Linlin for a doggy-style position, then satisfactory and thrusting.

“Ah ah …… …… …… I want to vent out ……”

The denial of his fine shot in the body, but there is little, put it in the drop Linlin face, mouth.

After completion of the climax, the two lying in bed constantly gasped, then the gasp Linlin, eating semen self-denial, self-denial also put in the sexual secretion also Linlin pussy licked clean.

“Lynn, you want Akane as she coming?”

“Why do not you think that your friends will come?”

“They’re both innocent to death, will not come together ah?” Katsumi began to play Linlin of the nipple.

“It is because of this that they should get together, so we go to play this game ~” she also like a little child like clap your hands.

“That …… let’s play again!” At her self-denial Zeizei.

“You have to ah! Oh my God!”

“I’m energetic thing!”

Then came the screams and is breathing, and their laughter ……

Seeing nine coming, such as Sin immediately changed clothes to go home Linlin.

“Ouch!” Sin as something like a hit of sitting on the ground.

“I’m sorry Miss you all right!” One pair pulled her several times larger than her hand.

“Ah, all right.” Handsome man in front of her stand.

“It’s okay. I have to go in advance!” If the person who meets meets, he is so handsome, he is as thinking in his heart.

Female student (3)

If you look at the watch, you will find a quick look, you will leave the man’s back.

When I arrived in Linlin, I didn’t press the bell. This is her bad habit.

“I can’t get rid of Linlin, I am late.” But I didn’t see Linlin, but I saw the handsome guy who had hitted. She is shocked!

“ㄟ ~ 琳?” She slowly walked to his opposite sofa sitting down.

“I don’t know. But I have heard that there is a voice in the room, they may be doing …” He is sorry to say.

“This smelly Lin Lin, rotten Lin Lin, told me from yourself but still doing love, you are not enough! “Dawei, I didn’t dare to say, I can only think, hate the teeth.

After a while, the two did not open, the atmosphere was strange. Finally, the opening of the man is: “I just didn’t hurt you?”

As soon as he heard his voice, he raised his head, but he saw his gentle disaster. I quickly shook my head and sway hands. “No! No”

When he saw her palms were red, it was a raging, she stood up and went to her. If you were shocked, he gently picked up her hand and pumped the paper on the table to help her wipe the wound.

“It is necessary to say. This is very painful!”

If you don’t know if she is injured, I haven’t noticed it!

His double hand holds her petite wrist, as if her father holds her hand, this feeling is good, now I am a big hand of my father, but I can’t touch it again, because her father is When she was elementary school, she was killed by the car. I thought that she couldn’t help but cry.

When he saw her cry, I quickly stop wiped it and thought she was very painful.

“How? I am not very painful!”

If you shake his head, I don’t say anything, I still cry.

“What happened? Is it really hurt?” He anxious.

At this time, Linlin followed the self-ended. When he saw him, he went to their side to point to the man. “What happened to you? Why do she cry into such?”

“I didn’t put her, probably I hurt her!” He looked at the arms.

“What! You have given it …” She looked at the face paper on the ground with red blood, and then grabbed it from his arms.

Micro-self, he said to him, said in his ear. “The old brother, you will not be too fast! You are also in the living room …”

“Hey! What are you talking about! She is crying because I will give her … because her hand is hurt, I might hurt her when I rub.” Because her hand looks so delicate, Maybe you are too rude.

Linlin also hit the hand, really really.

“Sorry, I thought you put like a strong …” people will have an error!

After waking the tears, I glared at Linlin.

“You, why do you blow me!”

“You call us, why let us wait for so long?” She knows.

Linlin sweared her own. “It’s all kinds of yourself! Say any more, harm me …” She hinted to her own.

The eyes of the micro-witnesses will go to hey. “Ah ~ It’s awesome, I introduce my friend to know. His name is Da Ren, Denren, she is like.”

“Hello!” After they have known “from the new”.

Then four people go out together, and Daren is more and more close. From hand to hug, even Linlin and Miche you are looking for stupid, you can’t help but doubt that their innocracy is fake. It’s really a hidden ~

When they arrived at night, they arrived at home, and they didn’t know where to run in the middle, I had to go home in the middle.

“My family is here, thank you for sending me back.” Yan Ruzheng opened the door but was pulled back.

“You …” Her lips were covered by him. Looking at him, he looked at him in his eyes, but finally succumbed to his tongue, dilute, this is what she can’t do. Daren’s hand kept walks like the body, unconsciously, as a button was released, revealing the chest, then the underwear was also unspeakled, the two tits jumped out. If you don’t fight him, it is more harmonized.

The nipple was hard by he touched, and he also began to squat: “Well ~~~~~~”

Then his hand slipped to the small hill, touched the thick incredient, the finger also opened the laborary. Touching the clitoris, like a more excited, the body keeps swinging: “Ah … ah …”

The crystal clear honey is flowing out. Then he took the chair to the back pressure, let 如 躺 着 头 如 吸 吸 吸 吸 吮 吸 吮 吮 吸 吸 吮 往 往 游 往 往 往 往 往 往 着 往 往 往 往 往 着 着 着 往 着 往 着 往 往 着 着 着 着 往 往 着 往 着 着 着”Ah … ah … um … benevolence … ah …”

Daren’s mask can’t stand it, so that he is unfolding the pants. When you caught the mask, the moistry is more coincident with the mask.

“Ah … ah … hard … Drunk … ah …”

Daren was shocked by her words, listening to them, she would not say those colors, thicker, why now? … Whether, now it is cool!

“Ah … ah … hard ~~~” If you taste her, the electric massage stick is not as good as a good meat. She only feels to die now, it is so cool!

“Ah, ah …” As a few bodied, it reached a climax.

Daren also shot inside, because it is not going to pull out, just like the double peak. But the mask is still in the inside, so I will wait for it.

“Hello, you are touched by the hair of Da Ren.” Although I am not the first time, this feeling is the first time! “

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum It turned out that she was eaten, no wonder the movement is not bread.

“Three years ago, I was raped by my father. The first time I feel very hurt! After he often wants me to do with him. The result is separated from me, saying that I am embarrassing. People, tempting her husband. But I don’t blame her, after all, they raise me for 5 years. My parents have passed away, and this morning, I think about them. “

After the finish crying. Daren kissed her tears, said: “It doesn’t matter! Now you have me, don’t think about it again. Well!”

“Why don’t you know you early? This will not be strong by me …” Daren kissed her.

“Don’t say it, forget it before! Just as your first time is with me.”

Then they started to make love. This time is more intense, and even the car is scattered.

※※※※※ In the morning to school, Lin Lin saw you, immediately ran to her side: “What? Last night!”

As soon as you blush, she didn’t say it.

“How do you feel? It’s not too fierce!” She said with her shoulders.

It’s just a little bit, she is really sorry.

“Everything is over, now you have to be bold, don’t hear the color, you will blush.” ​​She said with a cheek. “How many times did you have done?”

“Two!” Ru like a gesture of victory.

“Wow! The first time I did it twice? I am really fierce! It is necessary to see him with him, see if he is not said, she knows that she is wrong.

“Don’t grab it well with me, you already have yourself!” Said that there were a few tears in his eyes.

“Don’t do this, I am joking with you!” She shakes the body: “Do you fall in love with him?”

Su, such as nod. The first time I love a person, although I just met.

“I know. Ok, let’s enter the classroom!”

The two will walk into the classroom.

Female student (4)

After school, I walked to the alley to the alley. If you arrive in a corner, Lin Lin is always walking.

When I arrived at home, I was scared by a person sitting at the door!

“Daren, how do you are here?” Daren saw that she stood like she stood up, her hands around the waist, using a spoiled voice: “I miss you! I am waiting for you for a long time.”

If you don’t know what to say in addition to your blush, we will go in! “

“Wait, first.” He tied his mouth.

“Hey!” Du Ru, kiss him. “Okay! Go in!”

Let go of your book bag, she went to the kitchen to start the refrigerator. “” Did you eat? I cook it for you. “

At this time, he went to the kitchen and hugged his neighbor, constantly kissed her neck.


“Well ~~ Wait! I will cook the noodles to you.” Yan, earned him.

“I don’t want to eat, I want to eat you!” This time he simply picked her back.

“Don’t!” She played him with powder punch, but she didn’t hurt at all!

Without the upstairs, just put her to the living room, gently put it on the long sofa, take off the unique suit jacket, tie, shirt, and expose the strong chest. Because yesterday, I didn’t know his body in the car. Now I am in a bright living room, she can’t help but reach it.

Daren is gentle and kissed her lips, and the possibility is getting more and more stronger, gradually rude.

The clothes were taken off, and the breath of the breath is getting bigger and bigger. The chest has a breath, and you can’t tear the underwear. But it is still slowly unlocked underwear, and the rich breasts immediately jumped out, grabbed the mulberry, and the mouth did not stop.

“Well ~~ 喔 …” 玩 玩 小 小. Gradually wet, soaked in the whole panties, Daren simply took off it.

“Ah … ah … ah …” Da Ren’s finger is inserted, she is called, and he can’t stand it, you have to eat his mask.

If you are like a pot, you bite and bite, then the two meatballs, with the movement of the like.

“Ah … ah …” Da Ren also begins to embrace.

“Um … um … um …” Yanru also eats the taste of Jinjin, and it is also awkward.

Looking at, as slow, I just poured her head before and after, the faster the movement, but he gradually wanted to eat, but he was first as he said. “I want to shoot!”

If there is anything, I shaken, all the semen is shot in her mouth, and some have flowed out from the mouth.

After eating, she opened his feet and put the private parts toward the reel. “I want you to eat me!”

He took the head and took the tongue to the vagina, and also issued a sound of “!”. He touched the most sensitive clitoris, so that he kept screaming: “Ah … ah … I … kind … I have it itchy! Ah … hurry to do it … ah … “

“!”, The mask goes in.

“Ah … ah … hard … hurry … ah … ah … 喔 … um …… Use … force … ah … fast …” With the twitching, the sound is broken.

“Hey …” Because it is too hard, even the sound of the skin hits the skin comes out.

Dog climbing dryness makes Da Ren quickly touch the uterus, “Oh … …” Da Ren also sent it.

“Ah … ah … can’t … benevolent … I can’t … I have to vent it … I want … Ah … um … … Ah … I … I can’t stand it … ah … … “

Can’t let her so quickly, he changed a posture, just let her sit on him and let her have a twitch!

As soon as she twitching, my tits, I kept chaking up and down: “Oh … 喔 喔 … ah … benevolence … so cool ~~~~”

Daren two hands holding the milk, keeping with her.

“Ah … ah … I really have to vent it … I have to vent it … ah …” This time he still leaves the semen in the body, the first climax tonight …

S ru in the mind of Daren, the finger is constantly in the chest circle circle: “Why are you so anxious today?”

“I don’t know,” he “misses you too much.” Refers to his hook.

“You just didn’t say you think about me? How to change” he “now!” 如 气 的.. “Oh ~~” he called. “I miss you,” he “thinks about your” sister “!”

If you change your posture, lying on the arm of Daren: “If I am pregnant, will you want me?”

“Small fool, how can I not want you! I love you, but you still have a student, it is best not to be pregnant.”

“But, but you shoot the fine solution in my body, what should I do?” I looked up at him.

“You can eat contraceptives! I will also wear the insurance case when necessary. Wait until you graduate, we will have a child again. Um ~~” He is lightly embarrassing.

“Um ~ You are bad!” She pushed him. “I have to take a shower!” Stand up and go to the bathroom.

Daren she didn’t pay attention, I picked up from behind. “That’s one!”

In the bathroom, they werehed each other.

“Benevolence, I want you to help me clean it.” 如 如 主 张 张 双 双

The thief thief looked at her: “Do you want to come again?” After you finish, use the Yang to help her.

“Ah … 喔 … Benevole … ah … you have to wash it thoroughly … 喔 ……”

“Um … um … I must have a clean net” she “is clean …”

The water of the lotus head kept in the body, and the bathroom is water, and it is a snoring, and the breath is not lively.

After that, they once again a climax.

After washing, Daren once again hugged it, but then the mask is still waiting, waiting to be drawn by the owner, waiting to be sucked into the hole, and the uterus will meet.

“Ah … ah …” They got on the bed.

“Ah …” yet another time.

Both people are lying in bed and starting to breathe.

“If you are not early, you should sleep, you have to go to class tomorrow!” He touched her head like a child, her hair.

“Well, don’t leave me! I have to wake up in the morning and see you.”

“Good ~ small tricks. Good night.” He gradually fell asleep.

I didn’t see the Renren in the morning, and would you see him last night? In the clothes, I walked out of the room and heard the voice of the kitchen with fried things.

“Benevolence, you are doing breakfast!” I saw that he didn’t go back, and the intense mood was loose.

“Well! I wasted too much physical strength last night, I didn’t eat anything, so I did something breakfast to eat.” Said that a packed egg is finished.

“That, eat it! Wait a minute, I will send you to school.”

He is really considerate, it is a man in a man.

“I don’t have to pick me up in the afternoon, I will go with Lin Lin.” Take the key from the pocket to him. “That, wait for me to come back! Worship ~” Pro, I will enter the school.

Everyone in the classroom, everyone looked at her whistle. She didn’t know one thing.

“如! You are open ~ We all saw, the one is your boyfriend! Open the car! It seems that it is a rich man, bmw’s ~”

I can only laugh at them, I don’t know what to say!

At this time, Linlin sat down to her sitting, said in her ear. “He was in your house last night?”

Su, such as nod.

“Is it doing it again?”

“I hate it! It is always necessary to tell me this. Is it bad to you?”

“Not! He is good to me.” A pair looks great.

“You!” She didn’t know what to say, only smiled and shook his head.

Linlin is like a similar, excited: “I almost forgot to tell you, my own say yourself and go out again! What?”

“I asked Da Ren to see!”

I thought about him again at night, she was so happy to forget to class.

Female student (5)

Cognition Da Ren is nearly 2 weeks, these two weeks, they constantly do love, until I slept very late. Because there is a reality, he is very masturbating. Sometimes he is not there, he will think about him. This night she received a call from the benevolence, saying that the company overtime tonight will go back late. If you have been uncomfortable, you have been used to there is him, and he may go home very late tonight, or even go home. In fact, rerequity is the general manager of a company, because of the university, it is known to know, and there is sexual behavior because of their own.

As with the past, he was masturbates while taking a shower.

“Ah … ah … benevolence …” I want him to think that he will be more powerful!

The finger is constantly inserted into the vagina, and the mouth is called the name of Daren: “… ah … ah … benevolence … ah …”

I really hope that Daren is coming back, so that he inserted my itchy and itching, like thinking in my heart.

The prostitutes are mixed with tap water, but the fingers are covered with lascivious water, while masturbating, pick up the fingers that are filled with trendy water.

“Um … ah … um … ah … ah … ah … ah … um … benevolence … ah …” finally reached a climax.

After washing, the clothes didn’t worn out of the bathroom, wipe your hair, lying on the bed waiting to come back to do her.

※※※※※ Daren packs the documents on the table, when you are going, a female employee takes up the clothes in front of it.

“What are you doing?” He didn’t look at your own things.

“General Manager, I like you for a long time.” Said it is going to him.

Daren pushed her: “Don’t make trouble, put the clothes soon.” It is really strange, he actually doesn’t have a little sex, maybe it is to her!

But it is true that she has a good figure, and the two tits are twice like it, but what is still can’t afford his sexual desire.

At this time, the woman took off his underwear, naked, sitting on the desk, the opening of the feet, the two labians, with her breathing, and secret, let people think that I have eaten her. .

“Dry me! General Manager.” She put the feet in the Daren’s body.

Daren secondlessly opened her feet and returned the document.

“Ah … ah … ah … General Manager … ah …” The woman actually played his little hole, and the obscenity was not stopped. But Daren is still not moving, let the woman think he is Liu Xianhui.

“Don’t do it, or if you don’t have to go to work tomorrow!” Looking at her own play, I suddenly remembered.

“Hurry and put clothes, I will go first.” After I finished her sight.

“General Manager, don’t go. General manager …” She didn’t call.

Daren is gone, but she hasn’t gone yet, she is masturbates at the desk.

“Ah … ah … General Manager … ah … … … 口 口 口 总 总 总 总 经.

※※※※※ After returning home, Daren hit the foot and went into the room, I walked into the room, I actually saw that I didn’t sleep in bed, slowly walked to bedside.

“Don’t! Ren …” looked at the hand, and called his name, it won’t be a dream!

It is also strange that Daren’s Yang has a reaction, and it is great, and his little brother is not as good.

Lying next to the side, the hand keeps stroking her tits, pinching her nipple, biting again, getting a sleeping dream, squatting: “Ah … ah … ah …… The body keeps shaking.

“Such as … um …” from the nipple to the small hole, smoke the lips, gently plug.

“Ah … ah … ah …” 茜 是 是 不 不 不 吟 吟, 吟 吟 是 是 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟 吟

Da Ren knows that she woke up, speed up the finger’s power.

“Ah … ah … ah … um …”

Da Ren took off all the clothes, including underwear, and the mask gradually blocked.

After the obscene, Daren took her, and the tongue did not install.

“Ah … ah … benevolence … you come back … 喔 … I am so happy …” She “waiting for you for a long time … Ah … ah … fast … … … 」茜If the waves got up. The head is shaken in her private parts, making the tongue more. The hand started to play the nipple, but I want to eat his hook: “Ah … give me … Ren … I want your lazy … Give it … I want … Ah …… “

Daren took the mask to her, she was hungry and thirsty, “he” licked, “he has bite” he “with his teeth, and the kind of claw makes him can’t help but want to shoot, but not so fast. .

“Oh … such as … you have improved …… 力 ……”

If you eat, I have to eat, the two meat balls are also in the mouth, but the mouth is not so wide, because his hood is constantly swollen in her mouth, it seems to be shot.

If you don’t know how, you have slipped to his ass, your fingers pushed into your ass.

“Ah … such as … you … ah …” I clamped before and after, but … ah … cool!

“I want to shoot … such as … you have to eat ~~ Ah …” The semen is all eaten, and the mask has gradually narrowed, soft.

“Oh! Soft, how do you still itch for people!”

“Reassure, help you itch immediately.” Said that the yang is blocked.

“Ah … fast … I can’t wait … Fast … Dry me … do it … Ren … ah …”

“Go in!” The masher “” slipped, squatted in bed, Daren had to move before and after.

“Ah … ah … accelerate … hard … ah …” The tits are swayed before and after.

It’s a little prostitute! It’s so pure during the day, it is so hungry in the evening, so lascivious, the bed is even more accelerated.

“Oh … 喔 … ah … 喔 …” 看 看 不 往 往 不 抽 抽 抽 抽 ︰ ︰ Oh … it’s so fast … 喔 … God … day … “

The bigger the sound, the bigger his twice is also more great, he really beast is full of hair. “Well … um … um … … ah ……”

Because the body is too big, move from the bed to the bedside, the body will do him without stopping, while shaking her excessive water.

“Um … ah … um …”

I have been so long, why didn’t she yell? He has been shot, what happened today? Significant sexual desire: “Is it noted? Ah ……”

“Ah … ah … don’t … ah … I haven’t …”

She didn’t vent, he had a blood punishment.

At this time, like hugged him, I used to turn it with her, turned to her, Daren, was controlled by her, one, one after the first, the tits also swayed. Daren lies in bed and looked so happy. Looking at her, her lazy, the chicken did not stop, the soul of the soul, and let him arouse the animal And put her down and became a woman.

He is sluggling, helping, the glans gradually touch the uterus. He accelerated and finally met.

“Ah … ah … too cool … I … I have to vent it … ah … Help … I have to vent it … Ah … I have to be … Re-use … Ren … hard …… …… “It’s here, reaching a climax.

If you have two eyes, your body keeps shaking. Da Ren also shot the fine solution, and he kept breathed on the double peak.

“How?” Da Ren asked as a feeling.

“Well … um … um …” Yanru is still embarrassed, I haven’t spoken for a long time.

Daren smiled and looked at her passion after the ruddy cheeks, constantly in the cheeks, and stroked her tits.

If you gradually calm, today’s Daren is so cool, she still laughs again.

“What is laughing?” He touched her hair.

“You are really fierce tonight.”

“I am honest with you,” he wants to say it just now. “A female employee just wants to make love with me.”

I heard it immediately sat up: “What ?! Then you …”

Daren hugs her: “How can I! I have no reaction to her, even if she is stripping clothes. As long as you,” he “as long as you,” he “will not sell me! Reassured如 他 他 中 中 中 中 ︰ ︰ ︰ ︰ ︰ ︰ 地 地,,, 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好? 好 好 好? 好 好? 好 怀 好?? 好

Daren hesitated: “Well … she is better, the light is bigger than you!”

As soon as listening, I looked at it. “Do you like big breasts?”

“I just like you! Tricklorate.” He pinched her nipple.

“I hate it!” He called him, then pointed to his nose with his finger: “You can’t touch my woman! And you are not allowed to drink, drink alcohol, know?”

“I know, my wife!” He pinched her cheek.

“Who said to marry you!”

“You will always be mine, you are all my Linda Ren!” After kissing her lips, I will leave for a long time.

“Ah ah ah ah ah……”

Just now, the company’s female employee is masturbed by the office desk, and is seen by the administrator, because he can’t stand it, he loves him.

“Ah … hard … ah … good … too well …”

※ | JKF Czech Forum administrator is more sprint, and the phone on the desk is shaking.

“Good news …” Miss Li … ah … you are really good … “

“certainly! If I can’t stand it again, and you just have passed, so you can taste this wonderful feeling, the general manager is so fascinating. She said in my heart.

“Ah … ah … Yuan Bo … You are also very boring … really … it’s really good … Hey … ah …”

“Ah … my wife doesn’t do it with me … ah … just see you … ah … ah …”

“Ah … Yuan Bo, ah … I have to do it early after you … ah … My cave will be opened for you … Ah ……

Yuan Bo heard the more powerful plug, no need to find a prostitute in the future, Miss Li is young and beautiful.

“Ah … ah … ah … um … ah … ah … ah …” General Manager, no matter if you are Liu Xinhui, I must get you, let you taste this beautiful cave.

“Ah … ah … general manager … ah … ah …” She accidentally said, but Yuan Bo seems to have not heard.

“Ah … ah …” Miss Li … ah … “

After that, the two met the climax, put on the clothes to organize the table, wipe the semen and lascivious water, and two people went out of the office.

Female student (6, finish)

Today is a graduation ceremony of a school, which is like their school. Some crying, happy. I am very happy because she wants to be born. Daren took her back, waiting for her to have a child after graduating, she really likes a child.

Just when I was happy to go home, a middle-aged man blocked her, she was surprised to call it out, that person was the first time. Dad.

“Lin …” she forgot Lin Lin and the letter.

Daddy laughing to her: “You shouldn’t forget me?”

The face is passionate. Looking at him, I thought about 3 years ago, I want to run home, but I don’t want to run in the shoes, and I am going to see it.

“Yeah … don’t!”

Dad grabbed her hand: “Don’t you want me? We haven’t seen you for so long, um?” He hugged her.

“Let me go!” Finally, I finally broke him, pick up the key to open the door, but I can’t stand it.

He rushed his key in hand and helped her, then picked her to go to the living room. If you continue to struggle, use your feet. “Let me go … Help …”

He spoke to the long sofa, unlocked his trousers, then torn the uniform, his hands did not stop, his mouth kept her face.

“Don’t … I beg you …” like a cry while crying.

His hand regraraded into the skirt, pulling under the underwear, “Don’t say anything here, answer?” The hand keeps touching the small hole, then plugged in. “Ah … don’t … Ask you not …”, such as struggling. I want to come back soon, but now I can’t come back so fast, I can’t help but cry.

“Come …” He “!” Dad took off his pants and exposed the ugly mask. In the heart, Daren is the most perfect, she can’t open the head.

“I told you to” he “!” Dad turned his head and never approached the mask.

He laughed, the teeth became a black, it looked disgusting because of the betel nut.

“Meet …” 茜 别 别 开 开 开.

“Give me.” He simply put the mask into her mouth, but he heard the saying: “You are not afraid of” he “bite?” 如 眼 眼 神 神 神???????? 断! It is called into a small hole.

“Ah …” 死 死 不,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Women are not called bed, how to teach men to do it!

“Cell … I am calling … I call you called …” He hit a slap. “… …” … “

If you don’t call it.

“Good! You don’t call, I am calling you to you.” After saying your strength, 搓.

After two or three times, he stopped, but the mask was still inserted.

“Mom! Summer.” Continued.

At this time, the sound of opening the door was alarmed by her, and I thought that it would be back, because the key only he had. She called: “Save me! Daren! Save me …”

Daren heard that the rescue will rush in, but it is this situation.

“Mom! Wang Ba Easter!” A boxing on the face of Dad.

Dan Dad is reaching the climax, but it is opened, and the corner is also flowing.

Daren took off the suit jacket to cover the bare body, and rushed to dry and dad, grabbing him again. “Dare to play my woman. Mom! I am dead!”

Dad was bleeding and swollen by him, it was too late to return to it, it was half!

“Daren is good, don’t hit, play again.”

Daren finally stopped, but kicked a little daddy: “Who he is?”

If you don’t dare to look at him, “I used to Dad!”

“Is him raped you ?!” Daren also grabbed Dad again: “Even the daughter is also raped to her. Wang Baqi! Now I have no relationship with you, you come!”

Since I walked over, I took the hand of Da Ren.: Don’t hit, let him go! The mother still needs him! “At this time she has cryed into tears.

“Hey! Give me. Don’t let me see you! Roll …”

He said what else climbed out, stay here to die!

Looking at him out, Daren hugged, kissed her forehead: “Don’t cry, um … I didn’t think about it again, now I will protect you around you.”

S ru in his arms.

“Okay! Let’s take a bath first.” He said like a child.

“Well!” Heat the Daren’s suit, the body kept trembling, she cried …

After this matter, Daren didn’t touch it again, and rarely find her.

“Don’t leave me, why don’t you care about me? Daren, I miss you ~” This night she cried again. Al almost crying every day, waiting for him to come back, but it is empty.

Pick up the phone, dialed the number: “Hey ~ Linda.”

“Benevole … why?” 如 说.

“如! What happened?! Is he coming again? You wait for me, I will rush it immediately.” He began to go to her, the old man won’t go to her again. ?

“No! You don’t have to come.” She said.

“Why … do …” she hangs.

Dalong is not interested, I will drive to her home immediately. “如! 如!” He immediately rushed in, people were not in the living room, he rushed to the floor.

“如 …”

“Da Ren!” Demoned to sleep in his hand.

“What are you doing! Why do you want this?” He shaken her body.

“Don’t you don’t want me? You are lie to me, say anything, don’t leave me. You lie to me!” 如 他 打 打.

“You, I know how I want you, I just can’t bear to hurt you. Because you do Dad, I am afraid that you will hate men, even me.”

“No … I just as long as you … Daren, I just as long as you ~” I cried again with Daren.

Daren lightly kisses her lips, deep kiss: “Let’s get married!”

“Well!” If you don’t say it, you will agree.

“What do you want now?”

“Child, I want to have a child!” She looked at him.

“Let’s come!”

“Ah … ah … benevolent … ah … ah …” The private part started again: “Ah … benevolence …” inserted … fast … um …… “

This time he was very gentle, and it was very smooth to reach the uterus.

“Ah … ah …” Da Ren shot in. And like it is no longer contraception, there will be a child soon.

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