My wife is teaching in different schools, she teaches the language, I am a mathematics.

My wife is very beautiful and I like trendy sexy makeup, and the pointed tits are long, and any man will dream of doing her. I think she is in class, and there must be many students who want to do her!

The big eyes are high, especially her body, 34C-24-36. Do you want you to see yourself! !

We have been married for nearly three years, almost every day, every day, there are different patterns, sometimes at home, sometimes in the woods on the roadside, even in Zhengzhou 101 bus, but our favorite is called each other The name fantasy and different people are in love, or imagine and play a group of people playing with exclusive partners.

I do other women and she and other men go to bed. Every time I can make the true climax several times. Although this must be very cool, if I don’t know if I can endure other men ride on my wife.

So just stay in the fantasy stage, but this fantasid is achieved the night before, and it is still my wife.

The day before yesterday, the money next door (she and her husband Zhu are our colleague), and the National Day holiday has not played to play, of course, I have congratulated her. The real makeup is very sexy to go to the app, the low-cut tight suite is put off the charming curve, and the white mesh hanging stockings are more attractive to high heels.

I said half-opened, I said to her, “What do you want to” do “, I want Xiao Zhu to burn, he is a long time. “

My wife is white, I am “” you said. “

When I arrived in Jasmine, her husband Xiao Zhu also just came back, watching his pair of eyes licking his true tits, really not a taste.

It was originally a very beautiful money, and it was even more fascinating. We have a little drunk every person in the living room.

The four people are very popular in Zhang Yu’s vintage, and each other is hugging each other. The companion who kisses each other is unfinished. At 12 o’clock in the evening, we want jasmine cakes and stand on the table. Short mini group The whole snow white thigh reveals the great part, plus three people standing on the table under the table. Three people can be missing.

I and Xiao Zhu’s eyes have come out, Xuefeng suddenly said: “Qian Liang, if you dress so sexy is to attract my husband’s crime.” At this time, I can only look at the money and laugh, I am not asked. Answer: “Less come, peak, you are also the same, Xiao Zhu is staring at your chest over the evening.

This changed this small smirk, with this beginning, next topic, surrounded by sex. The two beautiful women gradually open in music alcohol.

Qian Liang said, “Let’s dance. “Say, pull the little Zhu dance.

And I and Xuefeng sat on the sofa, under the dark lights I saw Xiao Zhu from behind the money, the money was tightly held, and the money was bright and the money was swayed from time to time. The action is getting more and more bold. She even opened the zipper of Xiaozhu’s Pants and reached out inside.

That kind of lingering action is very exciting. I and the snow peaks wanted to fire, I couldn’t help but I also stroked the smashing of the snow peak and the vulva. The snow peaks also scatched my big cock and forth in the trousers. It’s more and more urgent saying that I will do it at home. “Just when we are intoxicated in the joy, the money is bright and suddenly coming to pulling up me, I look at Xue Peak from her eyes, I know her acquiesy.

The same is a slow dance, I am lightening, and she is tightly leaned by me, I don’t know what to put there, I have to take a step. But after a few minutes, the money is interested in rubbing it with the body, I am more sad.

Money is bright and said, “Your dick is very big. “If she is so sensual, she also said, and there is no image in a weekday.

I don’t know how to answer, Qian Liang will say “rest assured, Xuefeng has no empty tube. “I look back, I look at my wife and Xiao Zhu, who hugs kissed, her hand is preparing to explore Xiao Zhu’s zipper, and Xiao Zhu’s hands are not idle.

The clothes on the snow peak were almost fade, a tits were completely exposed, and the 26-year-old mature flesh was exuded. Xiao Zhu’s hand gradually moved to move down, and his wife opened his legs, so that Xiao Zhu’s hand can fully care about her Xiao Sao, and sent a snoring from time to time, “um … um …” I was this It was scared, although I knew that Xuefeng was very hanke, because she often fantasy with Xiao Zhu love, but I didn’t expect to happen to me. So, I suddenly thought, why not leave these live Spring Palace forever So, I called Qian Liang to take a digital camera, and I still have some confusion, and I will understand it! At this time, Xuefeng has pulled Xiao Zhu’s chickens to show the hard meat stick, from the glans to the scrotum Keep up and down. But still constantly kissing Xiao Zhu.

His penis is almost as long as me, but there is 18 cm.

“Xiao Zhu horse will ask your wife to help him blow the horn” Qian Liang said.

I stopped when I was thinking that my wife would be like this, but Xiao Zhu grabbed her head and lightly, and the snow peaks went down. The white thigh has increased the fullness of fence, and the mouth is slightly smaller, and the gougite is mixed. When the flesh is slightly lighter, it is swallowed with the movement of the tongue, and the lipstick has been stained with Xiao Zhu. On the meat rod, a wet shin is made.

Mom, let Xiao Zhu Shuang turn up.

Snow peaks continue to use their mouths and fingers to love Xiao Zhu’s hook, while twisting the body to remove clothes, this scenario is like a film, just the protagonist replacement into my wife.

At this moment, Xuefeng is completely naked, sitting on Xiao Zhu, and Xiao Zhu Zheng in the two legs is trying to lick her Sao, the snow peaks are ignorant of their big tits and use another hand to help the small Zhu pistol. . With the speed of the tongue, the sound of Xuefeng also increased with it. “Yish … Shu … service, 喔 … just …… … that … ah … … … ah, big chicken … Bar “,” 喔 … beautiful, small … Zhu, you … the tongue … Fast … 舔 … I … I … “I know that my wife is coming out, keeps rotating her hips and squatting the rapid sucking of the big meat stick, it is clear that she has to be small Zhu Zijing and want him to shoot in the mouth.

」小,, I … have to … come out …… “Snow peaks have tightly clamped the head of Xiao Zhu, the foot tip is desperate, and the plump thigh is not shaking, she reaches the climax. And Xiaozhao has begun to stick to the stamp.

」… I … I want to shoot …” “Snow Feng quickly Zhang big mouth, Xiao Zhu Yudan shot is especially sure. The white turbid liquid does not leak all into the real mouth.

I looked at the wife who had just done blowjob, I still have a lustful look on my face, and the pink lipstick overflows the lips and more appeared.

She obviously also indulge in the just’s climax, and the smashing meat stick, the penis, and the penis left on the penis, only the penis that just leaked was slowly erect.

I am fascinated. Is this just finished lampir? Is my wife?

At the same time, my middle finger has explored from the edge of the money in panties, and the baby in the middle of my legs is also harder and harder. Qian Liang reached out from my trousers and caught it, gently holding two down. She is no longer saying, closed her eyes, breathing gradually urged, soft and full breasts gradually be strong in my caress, her tits are more bigger than the snow peak, she is in my caress, twisting the body, respond Holding my strokes. I took her clothes and took her on the table that had just finished eating. The fingers of Xiao Zhu and his wife immediately reached into her underwear, the whole palm pressed the soft body of the fluff, using the index finger and Nameless refers to the elongated seams, and the middle means on the wet fever, and the upper and lower slides are moved.

“Ah … ah …” Qian Liang lightly sounds sound. Charming.

My hand is more deeper, pinch her slightly sound. At this time, the money started to make me makes me, holding my head with my head and kissing me, her tongue is more hungry than my finger, fiercely looking for my tongue.

I pulled her underwear, and the thick waist turned her legs. Her legs wrapped my body, and the tender hips fiercely put soup. My hands returned to her breasts, and the thumb hurred touched her nipple, and she was gradually hard.

“Ah … God … good comfort … ah …” Qian Liang began to seduct snoring.

I certainly know that she is very comfortable, because her private parts have been flowing over the two sides of the thighs, and the meat stick has become more inflated, I use the glans to slowly turn slowly in her points. Then, then the waist, send the whole root into her body “Ah … husband … have you seen it? Have you seen it? Xiao Zhu, some people are fucking me” money bright call, she pinned hard I, the mysterious zone is also tight. I started to pick up continuously, although I was clamped, but I was unbelieved by a small hole that was lubricated by love, every time I put it to the deepest, it seems that she will succeed.

Qian Liang slightly opened a small mouth, “Um … ah … … oh …” With my sprint, there is a rhythmatic sick, the legs are still tightly put on my waist, My meat stick was constantly grinding under her small hole, and she made her little muscipated lips and got it. She was so beautiful that her body was shaking.

At this time, I think of Xiao Zhu in my wife’s mouth, my heart is more excited, constantly rubbing the soft and elastic tits of Qiaoliang, I think: “Qian Liang and my lovely snow peak bike strips to expose other Men see, what kind of sensuality. “I think that the whole body is going to explode.

<"钱 亮 … I have to be in front of your husband today … rape you …" I sent the sentence, stimulated every person in this place.

I started ruthfully pressing her, no longer holding her body, but only pulling her legs, standing with her meat stick into her small hole. “” How to … you are now … it is … rape … I … I raped me when I have a birthday, I will obey me every time, and enjoy my sprint.

I took her to the window sill, and the window sill was a little bit, but the money is also a small type, so there is not much problem, I let her kneel on the window sill, insert the meat stick into her small hole, stand and continue Inserted, hands with her underarms to her in front of her breasts. Before the playground, if there will be many students during the day, if you don’t know how many students see their four teachers! ! .

I think that I am very excited here, I am very sensuality, she is constantly “Oh, um,”, Zhang Xiaozhao, I shake, I will put it more than ten times, and then put the meat stick I took it back and put her back to bed. This time she was on the side, I was lying, and her husband and my wife were busy taking pictures! In order to report the hatred of my husband, I grabbed her two meatballs, and called his comfortable! I still shout: my husband is so comfortable, I am so cool, make my strength, make my own goods … ah … ah. She called while slowing, letting my dick came a 180-degree turning circle in her, and her movements were more fierce, and finally I couldn’t hold it in her whitening. The buttocks, then Qiang Liang and I hugged it on the ground and sat on the ground. I looked at Xiao Zhu’s great rod to really suck and hard.

Xiao Zhu hugged her, and his mouth kissed her half of her lips. When Xiao Zhu’s tongue reached into her mouth, it was a good voice that the wife pretended to struggle to get rid of his hug.

Xiao Zhu hit a full body that had been a long time, making it hard, and the flexible warm and flesh made his brain forgot everything around him. He has two soft and humid lips with snow peaks, and the tongue licks her smooth and hard teeth and hot tongue, sucking her saliva, and felt incomparably sweet.

A pair of plump jade naked in front of Xiao Zhu, he rubbed with hand compoot, the nipple was either either because of the natural physiological response, and he immediately became bigger, then he opened his mouth kissed sucking. The pocket of the lower body was careless by Xiao Zhu, and the rebellion of Xuefeng immediately weakened it. The lusts were piled up, and took the initiative to hold the back of Xiao Zhu Guanguang and gently gasped.

“Look, you are wet.”

The underwear is peeled off from a plump buttock, fading on the thigh, the petals under silk hairs have secreted a lot of prostitution.


The wife is shameless, and she has already controlled her own lust, and she is soft in the paving. Let her peeled her with a small strip.

“Come on, baby.” Xiao Zhu hit her piety, hard masking struggled forward, topped in her vagina, and inserted in.

The wife gently screamed, a sparse-discrise is raised from the bottom, her body is soft, she is squatting: “It’s so comfortable.” The hot mask deeply into her body, keep moving, everything is so powerful , “You see if I won’t be better than your husband.” Xiao Zhu pushed her on the table, let her butt are backward, and quickly plug in behind. This is not the first time she was drove from behind, but a sparse stimulus is still rising from the heart, and only the insertion of the mask is inserted into the depth of his husband from the husband, and sometimes it is sensitive. Soft meat, every touch will arouse a strong pleasure, can’t help but shake your butt, look for his plug-in rhythm, come and send it, and flourish. Under this most direct stimulus, the sexual desire in my heart is pulled up again.

Since I didn’t do twice last night, I was now inserted again and again, my wife’s vaginal exit was somewhat red, and the black black hairy had been confused. Her laboraries are blooming as flowers, like flowers, and the places where the heart is in the vaginal mouth, the mucus inside is still out of surgery. My wife only feels that the hard meat stick is like a fire column, burning in the vagina, burning her is asthing, the spring tide, she keeps twitching, “Oh! So cool …, good Comfortable, Xiao Zhu, you can do it, husband, I want to die by Xiao Zhu … Oh … oh … “The wife looked at Xia Zhu’s big meat stick as soon as I walked, small Zhu Yifang holds the slim waist of Xuefeng, and one hand is full of her towering big tits, and the wife’s two big milk has changed in the hands of Xiao Zhu.

The white body trembles with Xiao Zhu’s impact, two hands grabbed the table along the table, frowning, and the look can be happy or painful. The firm smooth breast is dramatic.

Xiao Zhu enamel in her wet and hot cavity, the hard penis is more deeply penetrating more deeply than once, may be a man’s cemetery, every time I love Xiao Zhu has a strong conquest and destroying, want to let My wife crashes completely under his attack. Xiao Zhu hugged the scent of the snow, and the penis was more fierce deep into her body. The sound of the two people hit the hit the breath of her 呻 呻 and Xiao Zhu’s breathing.

Xiao Zhu’s penis is array, “Fast, I am coming.”

My wife suddenly opened his eyes, twisted his legs, and said, “I want, I want, I want you to shoot in me …” Her waves have intensified the thrill of Xiao Zhu, his breathing has become thick Recently, the speed of the penis has suddenly accelerated, the wife understands that the climax of the male Xiao Zhu is coming, she also violently tall with the fat hips with Xiao Zhu’s pumping, sudden, Xiao Zhu heavy pressure is on her, head It is tight, and there is a low scream in the throat. Xuefeng felt that the penis in the vagina deeply arrived in his own uterus. He was jumping with a fever-hot mucus – Xiao Zhu took the semen into her body. The wife wrinkled and closed his eyes, and his mouth was half. He sent a snoring every every spray.

Xiao Zhu saw my wife accepted her semen, excitedly, even went up and comfortable, I was weak, and I was packed in the body of Xuefeng. breast.

After his wife smashed his breathing, pushed Xiao Zhu on the push. Little Zhu is in love, and puts out the softened penis out of his wife’s vagina, but the finger is still greedily pinched with her nipple, “Small tender (my wife’s little name, how do he know), you really Bat, I am so cool. “The fence after the passion has not been treated, still trembling, slightly red.

The wife squatted, and the eyes were like a small Zhu, but the hand held his meat stick, put it in his mouth, soon sucking, very fast, Xiao Zhu Yicheng Qingtian, wife stands up Two hands are squatting on the wall, the plump hips are tall, this posture is extremely seductive, and since the little Zhu can’t help it, after the wife, the wife is closed, one hand is checked. The high high-standing double milk and breasts are hard as red jujube, and the other is in the two legs. Under the rich incapacity, the fat petals are stirred by the fingers, a large number of white The semen is in the vaginal bubble, and the fat big butt is high.

Xiao Zhu looked at the snow whitening hip of the snow, and the thick hairy between the legs can be seen, and the hypertrophic lip is in the mask of the hair. Her charm, making Xiao Zhu’s desires even more, penis violently, such as a frog jumping, seeing a plump woman to play the jade naked in front of himself, Xiao Zhu brain is blank, hands full of hands Her hips. The wife is warm, and the full buttocks do not defen the man who has given it to the body. There is no light.

Xiao Zhu smashed his penis that he had already had hard.

The wife twisted the body, the two big tits were shaken, and Qiang Liang also smartly contained my meat stick in the mouth, gently added, I grabbed her elegant long hair, put the thick meat stick in her mouth When I go out, when I am going to ejaculate, I took the big cock, and the money is just like my wife, squatting on the wall, her hips are not as good as the snow, but the tits are even more, the leg is also more I have been repaired, I hold her hands with her hands. The big dick is aligned with her Xiaosao. The whole root enters, the money is emitted from the throat: “Oh, good and comfortable!” I started speeding up the rhythm. In the case of this little beauty, the wife next to him is desperately twisted with the waist, and the other parts of the body, especially a pair of full breasts, Xiao Zhu holds her full The buttocks, the meat stick is aligned with the snow peak, and slowly insert it. “Oh, so thick, oh, comfortable … ah … ah … ah …”

“Wow, so cool!”

Xiao Zhu began to pump, and the coarse meat stick quickly entered and out of the wet vagina in the snow, and issued a “, 嗤”, the voice, which makes his wife feel more stimulating, physiologically The demand made her thoroughly became a full prostitute, and with the gradual acceleration of the thrust, her mouth was emitted: “Ah … ah … Oh … you … this … this … ah …… what……”

“Ok … ok … Your hole is tightly absorbed my big guy … hey … I … I can’t help but …”

Xiao Zhu is constantly going to my wife’s small hole, and it also said his feelings. And whenever Xiao Zhu is strive to go, the wife’s hips are more crazy, because the wife can feel that the big guys, the big guys have gone to their deepest place.

“… … small tender … I am going to ejaculate …” Xiao Zhu is like the edge of the ejaculation, and the peak is talking to Xuefeng. When Xuefeng suddenly felt that the cock became bold, the vaginal and uterus couldn’t help start shrink, secreted more mucus. Her body is looking forward to the big guy of Xiao Zhu more powerful, while smashing the hips.

“… … small tender … I have to eat …?”! … can’t … it’s going to be lost! ……what! ..

Xiao Zhu felt a contraction in the vagina in the snow, hot and hot sprayed into his glans, the prostitutes, and positive stocks. The little Zhu, which overwhelmed in the snow, was also wrapped in Xuefeng like a snake, and smashed the burning rod on the heart, shot it, and the semen rushed to the depths of her pussy … At the same time, I also smash the money than a more violent exercise, the money is bright and dancing, and the abdomen is desperate, and finally, I will take the big cock from her in a flash. , Qian Qiang hurriedly turned to open his mouth, swallowing the thick semen I spurted.

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