“Xiaomei, this information is organized, and the next week will be used in the morning.”

At 5:30 in the afternoon on Friday, the boss lost a folder on my table. Oh, it’s going to overtime.

Looking at the back of the boss, the heart is secretly curse, but it is still embarrassing the file. At this time, someone took my shoulder.

“Xiaomei sister, work again?” I turned around, a young man wearing a hang smiled at me.

His name is Ajie, a young woodwork, recently because the office is in decoration, often workers walk here. I am responsible for the company is the business. At noon, it will help these workers in the way, because this is only familiar with them.

“Yes,” I didn’t say goodness: “Every time I get off work, I will lose something to me, horses!”

Ager laughed: “Haha, I am really interesting, I heard the beauty of you, really interesting.”

I glanced at him. At this time, Ajie seems to be very curious about my computer screen, and then look at it. When he made closer to me, a strong breath passed into my nose. .

“Hey! You are sweaty! Don’t rely near!” I took him hard.

“Is there?” He pulled up the clothes and sniffed, revealing the strong abdominal muscles, I quickly turned around.

“咦? Xiaomei, your blush?”

“Take it! Hey, you are going! I will go to get off work in the middle of the night!”

“Haha, don’t matter, Xiaomei, otherwise I will accompany you, help you buy a night … 唷! Ok, don’t hit me, I will go.”

Aji smiled away, I was until I confirmed that after he stayed away from my line of sight, I took my chest with my hand, and calmed the heartbeat.

what’s wrong with me? Hey, it is probably too long to pay for your boyfriend. After graduation, you will have been more than three years after graduation. Every day is busy work. I have no chance to come into contact with the opposite sex. These workers have walked outside outside the office. They often have naked half-body work, which is very shy.

And as long as one after their side, I will smell the strong smell. The kind of sweat is mixed with smoke, I don’t know why I always speed up my heart, this is the Felimon, why said people? When I met them in the stairs, I had to leave quickly.

Although these workers are usually very polite, they always stare at me in the thighs and shirts of the narrow skirt. But I don’t hate this feeling, at least they are looking into me as a “woman” with a man’s point of view. It is too much to have a boss and male colleagues who will call me all day.

I think of this, I can’t help but grind, I am not less than 30 years old, can I only attract these workers? More maliciously, I actually produce some people who have nothing to think, probably the recent work pressure is too big, then add the emotional empty window for a long time, is it to listen to my parents?

It is difficult to complete the task of the boss, looked up and watch the clock, which is already ten o’clock in the evening.

After organizing, close the light, locked the door of the office. Because it is impatient and other elevators, I simply take the stairs. As a result, I opened the safety door, I saw Ajie and other four workers sitting in the stairwell chat.

“Hey? How are you still here?” I am surprised.

“Hey, Xiaomei, you finally got off work, haha, because the boss told us to come over tomorrow morning, so we want to say that just sleep here, save trouble.” Ager said.

I crumbled, I stepped away from them. At this time, I called “Kun Ge”, I said: “Hey, Xiaomei, anyway, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, don’t you stay together, drink a cup!”

Others have laughed, I looked at him, after walking, I didn’t help but stop.

At this time, those workers are also quiet, like waiting for my response.

I hesitated, turned around the stairs, took the hand, took it together, one can beside it, and opened it later.

“Oh! Praise!” The workers smiled, I wiped the mouth, they wiped a newspaper on the stairs, let me sit down, I silently sat down with them.

“Little Mui, come! Cheers!” Adger pick up the bottle respect me, so I picked up the beer and took a swallow big, they see me drinking heroic appearance, could not help but applaud. Then they all turn respect me, not bad drinker so I emptied three cans of beer in a row, this time Jiaoe Jie Kun brother to go to a convenience store any more hands back.

“How-handed enough to drink ah, I own a person can get rid of a good fight!” Does not know is not drunk, my courage is also big up, even choking sound so directly with them.

“Good! Well, how so, you can of drink, I drink a bottle!” Kun brother patted the thigh while saying.

“Come ah! Afraid!”

Then Kun brother on the front of the crowd in front emptied a whole bottle of beer, I have no weakness quaff a can, others are next to loud applause. Four consecutive cans of beers, I felt the whole teeth to not stretching, body heat, simply put little jacket to the body off.

That day I was wearing a strapless little black mini skirt with a cute, though they did not say anything, but I can feel that, from the moment I took off my jacket, the atmosphere had changed. This time Adger took two bags full of beer back, I told you so Kun brother went on a bottle of drinking a can I finally drink the sixth time in the tank, I started barely.

Chung could not let the alcohol I gasped, this time brother Kun did drank a bottle of beer, then said with a smile: “how to do, Xiaomei, I think you are right to die.”

“Who said that!” I opened a can of beer, but is ready to drink when drunk, I could not help but stop and fast breathless action.

“Do not force it, Xiaomei, or so, you can not drink it, then it off as a punishment it!”

Other people laughing at me, I have a bite, and filling the two, but soon all cough out.

Adger quickly handed a towel to me, I wiped his mouth, dizziness seemed to go down at any time as “off, off, off, off!” These bastards start clamored.

“Off it off!” I put a little one himself off down to the men, “Well -” bang, obscene eyes peering at my breasts wearing purple strapless bra.

“Otherwise this way, Xiaomei, you let me touch it, I can help you drink a can of good.” After the workers “A standard” Then he laughed.

“Dry! Say it!” I could not help but cursed, they heard me swear, they all laughed.

“Xiaomei, you say to yourself to drink a dozen, now less than half of the die, Now how do we do that?” Kun brother picked up a bag full of beer dig at me.

“Well! I’ll pay the money can always be right!” Too drunk, I speak has become a big tongue, as if to reach for the wallet, so almost fell down.

“Xiaomei, I am out of money, you help me to blow Jiuhaola!” Another worker “Bin earners” with impunity say, then was immediately Adger forced to go on the bus from the back of the head, back and forth and frolic with two people push a few times.

“Well, blow blew ah! Here you kind of take your pants off, I’ll help you blow!” At that moment, I even say the sentence could not believe the words.

“Dry! People are saying, you do not take your pants off pretty damn man?”

“Bin Chai! Do not look down on it!”

Bin looked at Aberdeen laughing, but it is not hesitate to stand in front of me, directly take off his pants, revealing a semi-soft and hard cock in front of me shake ah Akira, this time I did not really aware of their own stand too big.

But, I do not know riding a tiger, or alcohol mischief. Or, in fact, from the beginning I was so intended, in short, I was a latch onto Bin Tsai glans, followed by an intense flavor nostrils, sniffing suck my side, and then the cock gargling most.

“Oh dry ………” I deliberately fiercely suck hard, let Bin Tsai issued a freshness to moan, others by my actions to stimulate stared. I clenched the cock fast Taonong, all of a sudden it was my cock licking inflation becomes hardened.

I’m focused to serve him, he closed his eyes, feeling the pulsating cock with tongue. After a child, A sudden warm feel attached to my cheek when I opened my eyes, beside men have long had their own clothes were stripped, exposing the fat, thin different, but equally strong dark body, across the middle of a clump of black hair in men put up a stiff symbol, that picture makes me extremely excited.

Kun brother also stood in front of me, my head will be rough to pull over and put his stiff cock into my mouth, so thrusting up, the other two men are pulled my hands were holding their penis. I do not know who I was off a little cute, and it gets me to the strapless pale pink underwear pulled down to my breasts so bare in front of five men, squinting to see me from behind, Adger with both hands cupped my breasts, sucking the nipple turns me on both sides.

“Well …… not! Suck so hard …… people will be elongated nipples ……… “although she thought, but the mouth was cock tightly blocked me, what words would not come.

“Oh wow! 34E! Xiaomei, you do not see so much material yeah.” I do not know who to pick up my underwear while also tut praise, I turn the service is very hard with three cock like a fascinated Adger playing with my breasts, another man reached into it from behind between my legs and began to pull to get the wanton.

“Wu Wu! No, no …… this is too stimulating it …… ah ah! ! “Surrounded by men playing with me, the moment his head went blank, Kuang’s body so long to reach a climax in a dramatic stimulation. I could not twist trembling legs involuntarily gripping the man’s hand.

“Haha, so to oh, you do not see Xiaomei so sensitive.” The man did not give me a breathing space, after the remaining clothes stripped me, I lifted my hips did come in directly.

“Well Well! ……” although that has been touched very wet, but for a long time did not let a man into the pussy, suddenly thick cock abruptly softened the top to the deepest, let me strongly stimulate the whole body taut, almost He went to a climax. Perhaps this reaction is too lewd, right, cock being clasped my right hand man suddenly shot out, all concentrated hot semen sprayed my face.

“Oh dry! Horse, a careless spray!”

“Dry! Keep it down it! Do not to be found.” Kun brother uttered.

Then five men went quiet, lift my hips of people with severely dry, others take turns with my mouth sucking cock for them, or get caught with my gloves or hand grip torn down to me that Dangzhao breasts. They no longer sound, but the action Que Shibi just more rough, more hard, the entire space only men panting and my delicate aspirated.

“Dry, Adger hands, I’m so tight cunt Xiaomei show this clip, fast barely!”


Big cock from my body after it out, Adger immediately grasp the root of the whole top of my waist in, and then a burst of intense sprint fast, I almost could not help but scream out.

“Not cool it was great, small Mui!”

“Oh Well …… ah! Ah!”

Mouth is still tightly blocked cock way I said nothing to say, speak well stimulation so excited. Although it touches Adger move very quickly and very fierce, not long after a sudden force, spray all sorts.

“Ha ha! Dry! So how do you shoot?”

“…… small Mui horse’s body …… too cool ………”

Adger doom against my body deep ejaculation, I feel the lower abdomen have a warmth spread, a burst of inexplicable sense of satisfaction and happiness fills my whole body. Adger after shooting finished, and it was immediately connected to fuck me, fuck me they have plenty to shoot dry, while others are in turn the relay with dry hands.

Wait until everyone at least once after the shot, and finally dry my pussy is Kun brother, his penis greatest strength is also the best, clasp my hands violently from behind the dry, so I cry to scream from legs were weak, and finally always said I die before I finally let go, and later pulled out the cock in my mouth a dozen top, it shot in my mouth a lot of male sperm.

I unconsciously swallow him whole, then fell to the ground limp. Rest for a while, although the general weakness, but intense sex let my body to dissipate a lot of alcohol, but more than just sober, watching naked men sitting around smoking a situation around me, and even sudden still unclear in the end what happened.

“Little Mui, more than twelve Jesus to send you home?” Adger said.

I reluctantly sat up, looked at his body looks like a mess, this situation can not go anywhere, right?

Malaise, I had to ask them escorted me back to the office, which is to do a simple wash to shower.

Two men are very good to say that they have to help me take a shower, but the two pairs of hands are not stopped in my body. Oh, what can I do, I’m eating dry. But in their teasing, I actually started to speed up. When they hugged me out of the bathroom, I saw someone moving a desk chair, and she paved a cushion for nap in the empty space, so I knew that they had not planned me.

I was put on the mat, five men were surrounded by me, starting to knead my double milk, thighs and hips, I am stimulating, but I can’t open their rough hands. Attack, in sensitive small gates, slippery obscenes are overflow.

Then Kun Ge sat in front of me, separated my thigh, once again deep into my body, was driven by him to the swelling small hole, and Kun brother made a comfortable gas, I was wrinkled. It is tightly browsing the sound of nearly sorrow.

“Hey … don’t … so let’s play with you … will die ………

“Xiaomei, let you want to die, die is not good to die?”

On the side of Kun Ge, the waist began to move slowly.

“Don’t, don’t … ah … ah !!!”

Kun Ge must be a veteran, he slowly and powerful, each stimulates the sensitivity in my body, and the swelling and stinging vagina has begun to become wet. His skilled skills once again ignited my wisdom. Soon, I am softer from sorrow to be excited.

“Ah! Ah! Don’t … God, there, so exciting ………”

“Xiaomei, I don’t want Kun Ge’s big dick to do you to the sky?”

“Ah … ah … think, want ………”

“Say! Say you like to be used by men, I like to be gang stacked like us every day!”

On the side of Kun Ge, I hurriedly took my thigh accelerated and dried me.

“Hey! No, don’t ………”

At this time, Kun Ge suddenly stopped the action. Instead, I took the initiative to put his waist, and I found that I didn’t consciously swim with the man’s movement, men smiled at me, shame The thrill made me excited to cry out.

“Say, Otherwise, Kun Ge will not move.”

“Hey … I want … I want you to do it … I want to be gang stacked like this every day!”

The men laughed quickly. I was completely humiliated, but I felt an unusual excitement. Kun Ge also hurriedly got a final sprint. When he jeoparded into my body, I held him excitedly crying and waving.

The crazy feast continued until the late night, and the energetic men took turns to ride in my body. They used various postures to marvinate my flesh. I am full of purple kiss and my hair, even the nipples are sucked into the skin bleeding, but I arrived several times in such a frenzy sex. The climax, joyful crying.

“Oh! Baby! I have to shoot again!”

“Ah … Dry me … hurry up … I don’t do it … ah !!!”


When I wake up again, the sky was already bright. I didn’t know why I only had me alone. I took a while, I saw the clock, just a few more mornings in the morning. Then, barely hold the soft back and thighs, enter into the bathroom and do simple flushing.

After taking care, I want to say that the workers have not returned before, and the result is good, and I have encountered them.

“Xiaomei is awake! We have to help you buy breakfast … Hey! Xiaomeijie! Wait a minute!”

I lowered my head from them in the middle, then the head didn’t return to escape.

**** “Xiaomei, you have always look good, is it a boyfriend?” Female colleague said.

“Nothing, huh, I laughed with this topic, and the female colleague handed me a folder.

“The boss asked me to transfer to you, saying that you have to come out today, and you will use it.”

“Horse!” I walked.

Just when I bury my head, I feel like there is any moving, I will see Ajie standing behind me. “Ah! Why is you scared!” I took my shoulder.

“Hey! Haha, no, just want to ask Xiaomei, do you have time to overtime today?”


“Kun Ge called me to tell you, the project is over, I want to find you” drink a cup “this evening.”

I didn’t send him a ller, Ajie is a smile and retreat, and I went blinking me before turning. I turned back to look back at the computer screen, but I didn’t have a way to return to the document I want to deal with.

I think that I can happen tonight, my lower body does not consciously start wet heat.

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