The twenty-six-year-old Yuli is a beautiful woman with a 175th bismuth. He has not only elected the campus beauty champion. It is a well-known flight attendant of an international route; I know she is almost two years, but in the face of the cheerful and beautiful, she is moving. I always steal her, but I didn’t dare to make it, because she is a woman with my good friend! She has become a beautiful bride in three months ago, but I still can’t forget, after all, she is a woman who has met the most beautiful woman in the age of 30, especially her pair, white jade leg and that For the round, the strong and huge double peaks, I will not help me.

In fact, in front of the gorgeous and tall, I have always had a sense of life, because I only have a height of a high, still a thin leather monkey, but because of the relationship with Weilikin, just in our bowling team in Guangzhou On the night of the schedule, we and the Weisheng couples were in the same restaurant. They were coming with the Weili father, and their one group was about to rush to Zhuhai, but because of the slight feeling, I wanted to stay Resting in Guangzhou, therefore, after our escort, I sent the restaurant after the hotel, and they left the restaurant; Wei Yi did not expect Ya Li and I am the same hotel!

I have returned to the hotel with Zhou Fat, and the fertilizer and Weisheng are still a dead party. Ji Li is of course more assured! When she was a little surprise, when our room was on her feet, she opened the bottle XO in her feet, with us, we were afraid that she was uncomfortable, but she smiled naughty: ” I just don’t want to go to the sea in this typhoon night, I am not bored! “Yes, the strong typhoon seems to be landed, and the sky is frustrated when he is black!

Perhaps it is alcohol, Ji Li got up and took off the mink coat of the body, when I was, I watched my eyes and my eyes! Ji Li was only wrapped in a chest back, and his high-spirited black silk evening dress. She was almost completely exposed, and whoever saw she did not wear a huge. It is highly high proud of the beautiful and obvious small dots, while the shoulder strap of the evening gown is served by the exquisite non-steel chain, that is a series with her necklace and sparkling long earrings, and her inlaid silver side Three high heels! When she sat back to the sofa, the whole thigh and slender right thigh was completely exposed by the top; wow! I am only hard! I looked at her style, charming the face of the face: “Wow! Yili, tonight, you are beautiful!” She smiled and said: “Is there!? I have been like this.” But fat week Say: “No, no! Tonight, you have been very beautiful tonight!”

Yes, tonight, Ji Li will be bullied in the brain tonight, but deliberately drop some lazy, sexy and charming; she is happy to ask us: “Is it really good?” Featuring: “Well, very style, very taste!” I praised: “It’s like a sexy goddess!” She giggled, “” You two probably drunk! “I think Li knows that our hot eyes have never left her full of carcass, but she seems that I don’t care, and I still have a very happy with us.

If it is not a Weili phone, I will not leave the room with Yuli, but Ji Li is afraid to say that the truth will provoke, and did not say that we and her drink in the room, just say that our team also lives In the same hotel, unexpected, Weisheng actually said that we want to call to find fat in my room, we have rush back to the house under the house; Weizhou is just to log in, they are trapped in half When I stopped electricity, when I stopped electricity, he asked us to help him take care of Yili; of course, I and Qi Zhou immediately agreed his request!

At this time, Fengtou was swollen to the captain to play poker, and my heart has been remembering Ji Li, and immediately ran back to find her, and in the way, I told her that We will retrieve my and fat in the phone, and Yili Just smiling and said: “It’s just rainy, unlike a typhoon.” Then take off the shoes, recline over the bed, watch TV; then the losing posture is nothing …, but this time I can’t stay too long. However, about ten o’clock, the strong typhoon is amazingly landing, and after a long time, the whole restaurant is in black, really power out! We spent one, and twenty-rendered from the counter, when the candlelight ignited, the big winner Alan immediately was pulled back to the gambling table, and I quickly took the two lackets to run the stairs to the building; I I haven’t forgotten Li Li for a moment.

When I returned to the black room, she followed me like a savior, and the darkness seems to make her very timid, fragile, high me a head, tightly, when I am Holding my hand, sometimes holding my shoulder after it, I am afraid that I will abandon the appearance, even if I have some good candles, she is still uneasy to snuggle with me; old day! I not only smelled her fragrance, but also secretly enjoyed her warmth, huge double peaks back to the refreshment after my brain, I can even feel her small nipples! I want to kickly lay back, but she insisted that she didn’t dare to sleep, and she didn’t want to go downstairs, because our teammates don’t know, in the end, I moved the single sofa, sitting with her Before the floor of the balcony, look at the streets ravaged by the strong station, the blasting of the song and the gangs of pingles and the gangsters! And Jili squeezed into my arms. She seems to be really afraid, and the body is slightly shaking. I took the opportunity to hold her shoulders and said: “Fool! How are you?” She said: “People from small” I am afraid of black! “I touched her inquiry shoulder:” If I have been stopped, what do you do? “She fell in my arms:” I don’t care, then you have to stay in this whole night. I! “At this time, the first sketch has been burned, and the room has been caught in a dark. I lied to her and said,” I don’t have the candle, what? “She contacted me said:” You are comparable to me. ” Not afraid, you can’t leave me. “I got luminous, carefully, in the dark, her, it looks more likely to be moving! I let Qi Li take me in front of me, that is, I am sitting between my two legs, she is tightly, I am holding her waist by behind, holding her shoulder, single sofa It has become crowded, and we have also reached the situation of the ear, I tried to touch her shoulders with my lips, and then lick her back and neck. “You are so beautiful! Ji Li.” She light喟: “But Wei Yi has never praised me.” I gave up with her ear. “That’s because he got you, I will no longer cherish.” Ji Li said: “You The man is like this! I won’t be so thin! “I rished her ear.” I don’t see it. If you are my woman, I must hold you in the hands of the baby! “At this time my right hand started Love her shoulders, and the left hand slid from her willow to her left breasts, oh, really big! I deeply sucked a breath, and I held the gentle meat peak in my hand. I said in the ear of Jili: “Your breast is flexible!” She will pour the whole body to me, my head is pillow my left shoulder, my eyes are blurred, and I said: “Tonight. I am not good? A wind. “I first condensed the trend, God! She is not asking me to accompany her all night! ? Is this implied or teasing? Oh shit! I tell yourself – don’t worry! Must be determined again … or try it – Qi Li really wants me to go to her? I fixed her, attempted to see her heart …, and her dreams did not escape, she responded to my gaze; ok! I am self-sufficient – success or failure is here! I stared at her eyes, slowly put her face close, and I pushed her necklaid steel shoulder, so that it fell on her arms, and took her hand to hold her close naked Hao. Milk rubbing, then I rub her mouth with her lips and said: “Tell me, Jili, you are willing …. Let me kiss you?” She squinted his eyes dreams like the earth: “Oh, Ah Wind …. I have not already made you ….? “I immediately included the lower lips smashed with her slightly, squatting, when I was trembled, I was twisted, and the excitement was twisted. She is warm with me – once again – we are greedy to suck the lips, even the teeth are not let go! Our tongue is entangled, the tip of the tongue is constantly flipping, constantly mutual! Oh! I am cool! Li Li warm and slippery tongue smashed into my throat, so greedy, wild! I have swallowed her sweet saliva, then, I criticize her more violently, oh! My tip of my tongue is in her throat. I tasted the beautiful taste of truly kissing. We unfaithful and unknown fuzzy words, so that our hot kiss exceeded very mileage, and finally, we both The teeth collides, rub it in a piece, and Li Li eats me to give her every drop!

When our lips have finally separated, Jili’s evening gown has already retired to the waist, her upper body is completely naked, a pair of round, smooth, full of flexible big tits, proud and hunger, thirst, “” Oh, awesome! Yili, your tits are so big, so beautiful! “I can’t help but praise my hands, led them to her chest and said:” 喔, A Wind …. Are you always wanted to get my body!? …. Come! A wind …. Let’s kiss my breast! Hey …… 阿 风 … I am willing to let You play enough! “I held her Shuangfeng said:” Oh! Ya Li, it’s right! From my first time I saw you, I have always want to play you! “She stressed me On the lower belly, the right hand is hugging my neck. The head is hung in the back of the chair. “Ah, I know! A wind … I know you often sneak me …. I know you old I want to …. I have not denyed that I didn’t deny that I scaled her hard-convex small nipple and said: “Yes! Ji Li, I think you are going to be a big wave!” She The chest is tangled in my chin: “So, what are you waiting for?” When I arrived on the carpet, I kept breathed …. I was full of her skin, her 41DD-23-34’s first-class body, there was no reservation, I kiss, suck, bitten, bitter She has long slender perfect pair of jade legs, let me love it, and she is beautiful and * flooded Xiaoolang, I also eat again! I have a whole body, sweating, sweating, I will make a happy low and loan from time to time, but no matter how she beggyrates, I hardly let her have no escape! I don’t even have her close anus, old days! How happy I listened to her, haha, oh oh, there is still the 嗥 嗥 嗥 嗥 嗥 被 嗥! What is the heart of the heart! She is under my layout, completely lost homemade, keeps performing obscene pose, oh! I love to die, every time, shake, flock, flip and passion; ah! This is the fastest day in my life. I am playing with my dreams, let her want to die, six gods have no Lord! But no matter how Ji Li is pleading, I just don’t immediately let her save, I forced her to collapse twice in my abuse! I have eaten her over, I have been over, I think, Ji Li must have understood – I don’t just want to play her, I still want to turn her into my sexual slave! Sure enough, she has changed his mouth: “Oh, I have served you! Brother … Hello, you will play women! Brother, I am yours! …. 喔, brother! Come to plug Let me! I am willing to listen to you! “Ji Li took the floor window, half-stop, I grabbed her hips, ordered her to open his feet as possible; she is too tall, I must Reduce the height of her lower body! When I just took into her, Ji Li immediately looked at me and said: “Oh, it’s big, it is really big!” I went three-thirds, she I also said: “Oh, how is it so long!? Ah …. Insert it! Oh, 喔 .. Hey, 噢! Bet! …. Really .. Insert it! … Oh …. Brother, the old brother! “I am really unexpected! I didn’t expect the waves of Jili to be so close and narrow, and it was very comfortable! It seems that she is not too big than me, otherwise, she will not be so sensitive and surprised, that is not to be put it out as it is to please me; then, Wei’s second should be better! ? However, our friends also know that before Weicheng, Ji Li said that another man opened, and her entry is still not stopped, two! Does she have never tasted everyone? However, I am not in a hurry, I have to grasp it tonight, let Li Li tells me the full history of her sex! For a woman who has been derailed, I absolutely know how to catch her weaknesses; now, I will try it first and then say something!

I have a sinking, I’m helping her yukin, I can’t move again. She has been waiting for a while, I started to urge me to say: “Brother, why don’t you move?” I caught her shoulder and said: “Shake! Ji Li, Zuro gave me! Quickly shake your ass!” She swayed around, before the welcome, the speed gradually accelerated, until her whole body is straight, with her The arms on the glazed window become horizontal, and her head is deep, and a series of happiness in the mouth, and I tightly control her highly twisted waist, and live in her lascivious and constantly seeking hips. , Oh, it’s really cool! What a wonderful wave, I can feel her expanded clitoris, crazy looking for my stiff glans, and every contact makes us happiness! Then, with a large number of *, Yan Li shouted: “Oh, oh! I …. Come …. Come!” She has soft legs, squatting on the floor, I hold the slide out The old two, then, I will make it inserted, and this time I was as a mother, she used the dog to undertake my strength, and she slowly turned slowly. It turned out, The whole person is covered with her body, and the hands hugged her halver, and I continued to sprint the buttocks, and she was forced to the face, she could have no gap, she had to make it. I continued to shock, I lick her back neck said: “Do you like this kind of dry? Baby.” She worked hard, but she could only hit me. “Hey, you So embarrassing! 喔, 阿 风, you are strong, good! “I proudly telling her:” This is just awkward! “Said, I took her hand, I grabbed her hair, I grabbed her hair. After hard work, her half face is full of glass, no matter how she struggles, I have been rushing to the shoulders, and her body is not turning the room at all! I only listened to her strong breath with the mourning of the soul, and then her chin was raised, her hands were exploring, pulling up, she seems to have been fainted by me, the whole person seems to climb the floor window Sign; I know that this posture makes her difficult, but, but also makes her waves are refreshing! “Okay!” I told her: “Jili, let me teach you how to do something!” I am more selling to the stabilize her clitoris, my sleeve speed is getting faster, and her * is giving The more, Ji Li stopped, she whimped her low: “Ah! Hey! I am kill me! A wind …. Are you going to break the uterus! …. ─ – Ah! “Suddenly, the light is on! I stopped, yes! The power supply is restored. I looked at Li Li, who was in my eyes, she was full of fleshy, and she was angry with her eyes, and she didn’t know that the light was not a big blaze. When I released the light. Leading her hair left hand, taking her brain, saying: “Electric is coming! Ji Li.” She is like just going back, I should look at my eyes. … Oh .. I am …. I have been in the past? “At this time, I found that the corner of her left, hanging a long walen flow, her face is also dip Salivation of wet sticky and disordered, even the carpet is dumped! I think, she was really pulled out! Moreover, I can already be sure, although Ji Li is enough, she has never met the big guy like my size! I quitred her *, but still still happened. * Said: “This is! Leaning on the floor, however, her fans have become bright and water-like-her face blush, breathing is urgent, straight staring at me, standing upright, hard to bend the big mask! I looked at her love and greedy expression, I know, my big banana made her an eye! Moreover, she must still want more! However, hey, hey … long game has just entered the screen.

I quickly walked back to the single sofa and sat down, she wanted to get up, but I would like to order her: “I don’t stand it up! Ji Li, like just like it, climbed over! Skare to climb it over. She only paused her body, but she didn’t say that the limbs were standing, and the bitch like a squat was stepped down to crawl over! I am a big wave of the big wave, and the smoothness, beautiful flesh, how beautiful the body! But her face is willing to humiliate, although she has a little ashamed expression, but I guess that she is willing to sell! This big beauty, this bold prostitute, I have to enjoy it! She has climbed to my open legs, I refer to my stiff old two say: “I want to eat!? 婊子, do you want me to feed you to eat sperm!?” She looked up at me lightly : “Oh .. Brother, I want to eat your big …. I’m, I beg you …. Give me!” I told her: “First start with my thigh.” Ji Li immediately buried heads In my mouth, she smashed the inside of my thigh, one side with her hands caressing my body, especially my chest and nipple, really comfortable! I excitedly caress her, then she began to play my old two, she held her hands, and sometimes it, sometimes it, the abnormality of my masturbation, then she used her hands and mouth , The tongue, lips, teeth, there are double peaks and nipples, gave me an unprecedented enjoyment, she didn’t forget to praise at any time, worship my *, whenever I have a happiness, she will always stop looking up. I said: “Brother, do you want to continue?” I stared at her gorgeous face, looked at her, or sucked, 舐 舐 舐 二 二 时 表 表 表 表 表 表, 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表 表This super beautiful, this is a first-class family that I dreamed of, this is much better than my high-quality young woman, now I am a sex toy that I will give! When Qi Li took my scrotum, I asked her: “You often help men *! ? “She looked at me:” Hey, A wind, I never serve other men, only you! Brother, I have never touched a man like you, how long will you shoot? Yeah? “I stood up and said:” Let me help me with my ass! “Li Li helped my waist, carefully and enthusiastic, all the thin buttons, when I opened my legs, When holding the back of the chair, she immediately explained my anus, then, her flexible tongue continued to succumb, tatched my asshole! I looked back at her skilled action, old days! I bet, I must have a lot of men’s anus! She found that I was watching her, but more resilience stab, my mother! She actually used the tongue in me! Moreover, she successfully entered a deep depth! I am refreshing, I’m smashing: “Oh! Ya Li, you are great!” She looked at my anus and sent a fuzzy accent: “Oh …. Brother, as long as you like … I am willing to help you! “I let her screamed for a moment, I can’t help but turn around, and I fell to the ground, I ordered her:” Zhang opened the thigh! Scorpion, I I have to kill you! “She said lightly said:” Oh, don’t be so anxious! Brother, this time we go to bed, you can play me! Oh …. Brother! People are willing to be you The sex slave! “In the first hot battle in bed, I found that Yili was a very hunger and thirsty, after I repeatedly questioned, she said the reason – the original Weishang only one less than four inches Half length, a little bit of little bit of thumbs, and he will never maintain five-fifth, even often in one, two bits, and we will never use it. I ridicule, say: “Why do you still marry her? Do you want to die?” She said: “I thought * I can make up for everything, who knows …. He always fired Sleeping like a dead! “I brought her asked:” So, so far, how? I showed me? “She is entangled with me:” Oh, a wind, you are the biggest, most War, the most powerful man, how can you do it for so long?? Hey, you are really powerful! “I told her:” I want to insert you to Deniang! Ji Li, I will let you not think about it! “She Silky gently: “Hey, come! Brother, play with you! I am yours!” I kissed her asked: “Really!? Baby, what will listen to me?” She said: “Yes! Brother, how do you want me! …. 喔, brother, I am willing to do anything!” I know that the time is mature, but I still plan to plan. Let her dignity, more completely in my obscenity; so I just let her say: “Don’t forget what you have said.”

I have changed six postures before and after, and I was soaked, and she also rode in all ways in my hard reward, attempted to get a climax, but I control the game, never let the same way of play more than five In this time, Ji Li has been described in her sex history – like her 18 years old, by her special school instructor scams the gym, before marriage, Has been in the bed with twelve men, and she has a man’s appreciation, as for the anus, only three of them, the most exciting is that her back court is opened by an foreigner! It was a 50-year-old Dutch captain. He became the first to break into her back door in the toilet on the plane! I asked her: “How is the taste of the ocean?” She lowered: “Well, there are more exciting a few times, but …. Foreigners are not so thick, and they are not very hard. … I will shoot it quickly. “I asked her:” Unhappy you still will let the foreign devil play your butt? “She didn’t stand it:” There is a way to have a way! I have a special love for the first time. I will kill me! If you don’t let the two foreigners have done behind people, I will not understand this kind of gameplay. “I ridicule, she said:” You also love to play *? “You have lick my anus The technology is first-class! “This time, her whole face is red:” Oh! You are bad! People are serving you, you still say …. It is the dead president, I like to eat his ass. Heyu …. You are … I’m bad! “I caught down:” I also take you very good!? “She said,” “It is you so enthusiastic. Life, people will return you quickly! …. You still laughed …. “I gave her a hot kiss, then bite her ear.” “Baby, let me give you a bigger return now. From the beginning of the dog, I let the back court of Li Li’s abnormal narrow, tasted the taste of being truly appreciated, and she screamed, and then the sigh, then became high When I turned, I finally drunk, when I didn’t drive it, when I didn’t enter her ass, I couldn’t help but screamed: “Ah, – 喔 …….. Oh, …. 噢 .. ah .. Insert my belly! …. Brother, 喔, brother, your glans run into the belly! …. Wow! Oh …. call, call …. My anus is cracking …. ah, ah! …. people’s ass will be burst by you! Oh, 噢 …. Brother, you Want me to live alive!? …., wow! …. Hey …. Brother, spare me! Just ask you …. Brother … I really can’t stand it. Yes! …. Oops …. Hey, I am finished! “I grabbed her waist with her waist, and praised her with her strong, round, and beautiful hips:” I just want to pin. Your little butt! 婊子, is not enough? Say! Is it not cool enough? “She started looking back frequently, shouting from time to time:” Hey! Brother, cool! It’s cool! ….! I Not so cool! …. Really! Brother … Today is the most cool time I have been in my life! …. ah! Brother … I beg you …. You are simply …. I kill me! “Ji Li’s body has been heard to the bed, she is not stopped, constantly swinging, fiercely twisted, ups and downs, her head is crazy, Today, it is down, and sometimes the neck call, I know that she is altitude, I lick the sweat on her back and said: “Lands, hands holding the wall, I want you to rise!” She immediately supported it! ” The wall, I solved her hair, she was already messy, scattered down, wavy long hair sprinkled on her back, I bowed her hair Holding hands over her thighs, and then explores her thick shame, then arrived at her wet vague, then my chin shouted her back, and then my ass stupid, launched another round The madness, but this time my hands are not idle, my ten fingers are busy squeezing into her hot, so, my finger is inserted, squats, 搓, 抠, Torn again, almost implied her! Jili broke out the smear shouting in hysteria. In her screams, I was in the dead, and she was full of yukuclear, so that she did not stop, tremble until she had a lot of * spray In my hands, the warm honey is sustained, I have been out for a long time … I have been going to stop, I have been moving, I am not moving, my * is all by her. The sputum caused by the amazing climax is completely suction, and Yan Li will breathe in bed …. I love to care with her wet carcass, let her indulge in the mood after the climax, when she replied from pleasure After coming, she looked back at me and sighed: “Oh, A wind …. Are you a superman!?” She knows that my appreciation is still inserted in her ass, she supports The arm, move your butt, I’m looking at me later: “Continue me! Brother …. You haven’t shot once again.”

This time I got her across my appreciation, and then she was against her anus with normal body! The bed has been wetted by her *, and the inside of her thigh is also sticky. I pulled out my slightly painful appreciation to her, and we have a rest of about five points; then, we Hygistan playing 69-style *, and this time I completely see clearly, how beautiful and exquisite little, no wonder she will be so close, comfortable! I kissed her beautiful and neat and shame: “Ji Li, this time I want to go to your sofa!” She spit out the glans in the mouth and said: “Wait a wait, brother, let me help You have been a little longer. “This time, I let her recline with the long sofa, so that she is holding her back, and I am in the armrest, I am slightly smoking her, I will slowly put her. Appreciate her expression and every moving body, I kissed her: “I want to catch you forever.” She is emotionally: “Oh, brother, I am willing to let you do every day!” I started Accelerated the top, didn’t take long for forgetting, she hugged me, and the lower body continued to meet my thrust, it seems that her beautiful Xiao Daoli is not only sensitive, but also very durable! How hardly, how can I enjoy my big *, I don’t care about my Hu Chong! I looked at the eyes and shiny. “Do you want to come again?” She gasped: “Oh, no! Brother, this time I want you to shoot in my little.” Sao! No problem, I randished her legs, struggling to struggle, she got a pain, and she was soaked ..

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