The 29-year-old Lingzi, a 29-year-old Lingzi, is in front of his own round table, is in trouble with the pen. Almost blank in the art paper in front of the paper, talking the number makes the progress of the article more miserable.

Staring at the document paper, the text has not been bullied, and the inspiration is like a signless sign like being stolen. Lingzi jumped up with his head, then wow, wow, on the ground, the table was kicked by her. For novelists, there is no inspiration is the most painful thing.

On the bookshelf behind Lingzi, the number of this cover is a magazine and novel bundle. The content of the novel magazine cover illustration is irritable, and people are unbearable. Those magazines are Lauzi’s reference to the novel, and those thicker seemingly like the novels of the dictionary, is all the works since Lingzi That’s right, don’t look at Lingzi, it is already a strong novelist in an industry.

The wife’s mood of the female slaves, many works such as the slaves are from this body, even if the model is more than enough beautiful novelists.

The most good at Lingzi is the heavy taste SM novel. In the novel, the girls are played with ill-treatment, when doing playables. . . . . . Because describing vivid, taste is heavy, so I am deeply loved by SM enthusiasts, which let Laozi’s work be a hot goods.

Although this is said, it has always been exhausted for a long time, even if Lingzi is also worried about it is not able to write more creative heavy taste novels.

Now that it is not in trouble, the cut date is close, and you must hurry to make the novel development.

Lingzi sat up and kneelted on the table. This time, it seems that I can only use it.

Lingzi is determined to turn his head and stare at the storage of the bookshelf. Stand up, the full chest swayed with the movement, there is such a sense of sex, and Lingzi is naturally very good. Evidence is in that storage. Be careful to remove the lock, open the storage, and Lauzi override a few discs in the bottom of the storage, and the disc is not the same, these disc do not have a hot cover, compared to a tangeled acid.

However, the content inside. . . . . . Lingzi knows that the porn videos sold in the market are hot.

Take out a number 6, Lingzi stuffed the disc into a disc. Pull the curtain of the house and make the room tend to be dark. The purpose of this is to be careful, and on the other hand is more likely.

Open the disc play machine, the swallowed water reflected in Lingzi. After a while, a screen appears on a blue screen. The woman inside is not someone else, it is Lingzi himself.

As the saying goes, it will imagine the protagonist of the story when the artist creates. And Lingzi, in order to experience the feelings of being abused in the novel, try all kinds of SM games. Even most is in accordance with their own ideas, spend money, please abuse themselves.

Lingzi will take these pieces into a film, and there are some sneak treated (face treatment) to the Internet or sell to AV movie merchants. Of course, it is an anonymous contribution. Lingzi has now lived in the life of ordinary people. The novelist’s identity is not exposed because he is careful. Not only doing your writers have never been published, neighbors even think that she is a pure house.

Lingzi met the desire to be seen, and kept the image of a low-key novelist, mysterious hidden with his contradiction and full of pleasure. You really have a few friends and magazines for a few editors. This is also a condition for Lingzi to express the novel. . . . . .

Looking at myself, I was bundled, cruel whip, then threw it into the pig circle, was rolled by the fat pig, and finally the passenger was covered with a qualified seal, stuffed into a cage in the cage. Lingzi is full of heat, and the fingers can’t help but go to the lower body.

That is the film taken when you wrote the dolphins, and the movie of anonymous contribution has also caused a small sensation in the AV industry. . . . . . The blessings of the blessings, the dolphins are written, and the sales volume reaches the peak of Lingzi.

Sure enough, I ask for aid.

Lingzi sighed his own metamorphosis, while picking up the phone, dialed the snowy phone.

“Snow beauty, I am not inspired, come and help.”

Sweet sound sounded on the phone on the phone.

Snow beauty, occupation is a nurse, and it is a friend who knows that Lauzi’s identity is the number of Lingzi’s novel assistant. It will come out to rescue Lingzi and the crisis when it is critical. The most critical, smart, beautiful, is the same. It is the real version of the abused girls in the novel.

Lingzi is also an accidental opportunity to know the snow. At that time, Snow Mei was in the SM Forum. I had an experience of abuse experienced, and the two used this to climb the opportunity, and later became a secret, friends who met each other. Such a pure girl is actually a sadmuse, so that the young Lingzi, the first snow is also surprised.

After a while, the doorbell of the Lingzi family rang, through the cat’s eyes, Lingzi saw the showing sweet smile Snow Mei standing outside the door.

“so fast.”

“Yeah, I think that Mr. Teacher is asking for me, I will fly, I will come. On the way, I think that the teacher will come up with all kinds of fresh gameplay ……. I The following is wet. Do you want to check it out, so the snow is ashamed, and it is exposed … “

Smiling pure beauty does not cover up and says that people are red heartbeat.

“Don’t. Oops … this time it is not so smooth. I just didn’t feel inspiration. Don’t say, first come in.”


After Snow is in the house, the two are sitting in front of the round table. Snow Mei looked at the manuscript of Lingzi’s handed over, and the cute movement pointed to two.

“This time is really serious, it is completely ‘white’ …….”

“Don’t say it. My head is broken.”

Just like a writer before the date of cutting the date, the painful Lingzi is still holding his head to roll on the ground.

“Don’t worry. Let’s think together. Strive to think of a good idea before the cutting date. Come, this is a practical equipment.”

Snow puts a bag on the table, takes the enema, jumping out from the inside.

“Old habits, enema, don’t want to discharge, do not allow excretion.”

Lingzi nodded, with Snow America, two people took off their clothes and exposed perfect ketone body. Two people put on black stockings, and put on sexy high heels, there is a leather belt necklace at the end of the shoe, take the belt, tied to the ankle, then lock it with a lock, the shoes are Snow America from special channels After wearing it, you will look for a feature, let the people who have been locked feet are boiling, but they are not so enjoyable, and the shoes are not designed for abuse, the footboard will After being bent, it is stood up and the focus is designed to toes, so it will be very painful.

This is the essential equipment for Lingzi and Snow American novels.

Then, the waist, the two people smart wear a black lattice tumbling, tie each other behind the other side. After the event, the two had a good figure and gave a lot of money. The egg is also from the respective points, the switch is like a black stockings in the AV magazine, and the shadow of the girl is very excited.

After the basic dress, the contemporary enema, Lingzi first pushed the ass, let Xuemei stuffed into his chrysanthemum syringe, a burst of cold, and the abdomen was immediately filled.

Snow Mei did not hesitate to injection two tubes, twice as usual, and Laozi turned to see the snowy and evil, put a pink anal plug into Lauzi’s chrysanthemum. As a retaliation, Lingzi also filled two tubes for Snow and then stuffed with anal.

“I finally finished, every time I felt weird, only this can I write a novel, is it a metamorphosis?”

“Original is metamorphosis … Come, this is new.”

Lingzi thought that Dress is complete, I didn’t expect Xuemei and something. She took out two pairs of wooden clips and handed Lingzi.

“This is the abuse of breasts, just started. Test.”

Helpless sigh, it is a bit excited.

Lingzi put the wooden clamp in his breast, pulled it onto the root, turned the three knobs above the wooden clips, and the two wooden clips began to shrink quickly, because the middle and sides of the wooden clips were used. Adjusting the distance, a metal rod with a ripple, so adjusting extraction.

After the end, the breast was squeezed into a compilation, a little painful and limited excited feeling in Lingzi. Seeing the beauty, the same, the beautiful breast is also squeezed, and now the face is red, and this guy will be excited to be excited.

Snow Mei handed the metal clip with a metal clip to Line, then clamping the clip to his nipple, put the wire on the side of the nipple into his squeezed chest.

“This can discharge, set the discharge interval and duration there. Don’t worry, just micro current, you can rush to blood, but electricity is still very uncomfortable, it will be blocked …….” Evil laughs, helps a little fear of Lingzi clips. The two open the voltage controller, sitting in the round table.

Lingzi and Xuemei began to create and struggled on the paper. Because of the stimulation of the body, you can also see the sexy body with yourself. Lingzi feels inspiration. One side is the desire to excite, and the huge stimulation of the nipple and the lower body, let Lingzi’s brain cells are activated. On the extreme, the pen stopped in the wind.

And Snow Mei’s tempting breath also makes the brain turn, and his mouth is unknowingly has flowed to the paper. . . . . . .

When the body can’t bear it again, when Lingzi has awareness, the written paper has written more than half, and Xuemei has written a lot.

In order to celebrate, Xuemei and Lingzi unplugged anal plug, spray yellow water column in the yard. . . . . . .

Before the stack of unloaded items, Snow America sat on tea, while watching the new work of Lingzi, the snow is red heartbeat, can’t hold itself.

“Okay, good. Teacher. I am a little can’t help but think that I am the protagonist …..”

“Haha, your creativity also has a reference. It is self-confident production. Just can’t help it.”

Lingzi is very satisfied, playing with his own breasts, just stimulating makes the breasts now have a deep mark, this printing is the Lingzi tickle.

“It’s a good work … but this girl is kidnapped, then when it is a cow, it is not good, it seems that there is a long belt.” Snow picked out the problem for Lingzi. Lingzi’s natural road problem.

“Yes. I also know, but I haven’t experienced that I can’t write those specific plots … There is no taste of these heavy tastes.”

Snow beauty puts the work on the table, and there is no workstation, and the breast with red imprint is in underwear.

“It’s so boring, is this awareness?”


“Sure enough, you should experience it in this time.”

Xuemei knows that the teacher is going to recruit, his eyes flashes again.

“Teacher, is it?”

“Since you said this .. can only be like this …”

Lingzi took out the phone, gently coughed before dialing, prepared the language, dialed the familiar number. That is your own responsibility to edit the thousand calls. I have always let her accompany yourself and fill a lot of trouble.

Sure enough, the phone came from a violent voice. Thousands of benefits did not receive the work of the Lingzi, which was able to imagine the editorial body of the phone on the head.

“Yes, I am sorry. Thousand Hui, I beg you. I want to write a good work.”

Lingzi switched with expressions, when soft, soft, soft and hard. Snowy on the side of the fist silently cheers for the teacher.

Finally, the thousands of helpless sounds on the phone sounded, and the moment of priest victory was coming.

“I know. I will contact people … I have passed your script.”

Lingzi and Xuemei jumped to take together.

Lingzi’s work writes a pair of beautiful sisters, they were seen by an evil organization, and they were tormed after kidnapped.

Lingzi faxed the probably the script.

Two days later, the Qian Hui echo came. Tell Lingzi everything is ready. Lingzi Xiaoxiao said.

According to the requirements of Lingzi, the whole process takes over her script, and the whole process is dark, everything is like real.

There is no one place in the unmanned alley, the white van stops in the intersection. Dressed very beautiful Lingzi came from the small alley. Two men hidden in the alleys of the alleys were whispering.

“Hey, is it really kidnapped? This is a crime.”

It seems that young men are uneasy.

“Do you say it? This is all arranged by the woman. You are still early, I don’t know if the woman is the old household of our community. The last dolphy sale is that she is self-introduced. Take it … “” Then I also look enough, super excitement. “

“Blend kid, actually stealing a movie in the society.” The old employee’s angry iron fist is on the head of new employees.

When Lingzi is close, the two employees get the contract that I started to start, and once again confirmed the photo of the Signed Disclaimer.

“Let’s go, she will go to your arms will take the opportunity to take the opportunity.”

The new employee spurts, and the concerns just have forgotten the brain, and the simple man is stunned by the beauty.

The two people who made robber rushed up, Lingzi fell in the two people according to the scared of the script. The camera records the whole process of this kidnapp. The old employee took off the Lingzi’s underwear and put the silk panties into the mouth of Lingzi. The two lifted the Lingzi, and the very fast speed jumped, I have prepared a van, close the door, and sail.

The whole process is like the same kind of truth, it is worth shooting a special AV, and the experience is rich.

In the car, before the camera, Lingzi fiercely struggled, but held by two employees, broadcasting clothes.

“Don’t struggle, you look at your sister, you have long cooperated. You are also learning to learn, you will be more excited.”

Employee stiff memorial line. Pick up the rope in hand, tie the Mingzi’s hands behind. The new employee took the opportunity to slap the oil, squeezed the Lingzi’s tender breast, and the Ling Zi, who got it.

In front of Lingzi, a iron cage was placed in front of the carriage, and the iron cage of four four squares was locked. In the cage, both hands are binding, keeping half a squat, squeezing in the cage.

“Sister …” exposed a helpless expression, Snow beauty recited the line.

“See it? Your sister has been willing to obey us. You are best like this, the province’s suffering. Hello, sister, you persuade my sister, tell her that you are more happiness these days …”

The staff sprinkled the photo of the snow that was so good. Close to the snowy cage.

“Sister, you are …….” Lingzi’s eyes seem to say. . . . . .

“They are right, it is my voluntary, let them bring their sister to the world, and I am …. Please don’t blame me.” Snow is doing your face. “Come on, my sister, fall together.”

After finishing, the staff played a bad person, touched the cage with the electric gun, so that the snow in the cage was connected.

Then turn over again, bring the collar to the Lingzi, tie the legs, and become a dead horse to cut the shock. Turning Lauzi, two staff members like a wolf, start with massage sticks, don’t have a weak, and a weak Lingzi continues to breathe. The face of the face seems to be like a blood, and the two staff simultaneously pull out JJ, a small hole stuffed into the Lingzi, a mouth in the cage in the cage. . . . . . After a while, the two were shot on the face of two beautiful girls.

After some end. Lingzi and Snow Mei were transferred to a deserted pasture. In order to pursue the true, the lottery is not loose, but the employees who have played bad people continue to abuse their employees.

Until got off the bus, the two people were lifted down. The naked two people were tied forward, and they were full of weeds in the shed, Lingzi and Snow Mei were locked outside the house. The lens is stopped.

In the evening, Snow Mei and Lingzi and the staff celebrated the success of the first scene, after dining together, they were enjoyed by the staff.

Lingzi licks a full of semen and a crazy record on a notebook.

The second scene is two sisters being transformed.

Lingzi and Xuemei were tied to the cowshed, and the staff was enema with a large syringe. Then put into an anal plug. The staff took out a syringe and wrote a bottle with ‘powerful prolactation, so that the women who were not pregnant were like a bovine. The two are desperately shaking, but unfortunately, the script written on the evil kidnapping no matter the sisters, take the syringe into the sister’s pink nipple, and even if the script does not write, the very excited staff is also Not ready to give up.

The prolactation is that Lingzi and Snow Mei have already discussed well. Two people want to try the pleasure of milliffence, so it is especially chosen to produce the effect in the short term, but can be reduced. As the needle inserts sensitive nipples, Snow America and Lingzi’s painful screams, the injection of the prolifect is more painful. The staff took the woman’s lower body with a big bar, painful and pleasure, let the two girls and urine sprayed, like extra macro.

Such a staff member once again, and the expansion is put into the mouth and the small hole. After a while, the ground is full of white mixed liquids, what is unclear.

Only two days, the prolifective has played a huge effect, and the snowy and Lingzi’s breasts seem to be inflated, and there is half a basketball size, and the milk can’t live. Lingzi’s underwear has long been unable to wear, and can only write the experience.

The staff took the vacuum suction. Lingzi and Snow Mei are fixed by the script in the wooden head in the wooden head, and the clip has a large number of two small airs. Divide the wooden clips into the upper and lower half, Laozi and Snow Mei’s head and hands into the wooden clip. After covering the two wooden clamps, the fixed is completed. The wooden clips are held by the bracket, highly maintained half of the person, Snow America and Lingzi maintained the bending and slanting. Their body has been handled in advance, the body is a black and white color painting, in order to get close to the cow, the worker is especially early, and the reality is very high. It has been very high, and the shooting in the morning of the morning transferred to noon. The fart sheds of the two bullies in the same black and white anal plug. In order to express two sisters, cruel play, realistic cattle transformation, Xuemei and Lingzi’s nose also wear ring, of course, this is two people to do it, now just put the ring. There is also a small golden bell on the ring. Take a leather ring in the neck of the two. The nipple is sandwiched, and the right breasts are hung on the clip: ‘Variety: Cow, Oxing: 3 months, project: Niuhua transformation. Special length: spray, absolute. . . . . Wait for the words. There are two naked photos. ‘

The staff separated the Lauzi and Snow’s legs, tied to the hook on the ground, let the two legs of the two people separated, and the pink hole is perfect.

“Haha, the transformation is quite good. Is it already enjoyed? Sensual cow.”

The staff reads the script of the script while holding the clip of the two nipples.

“Men …” Snow America and Lingzi issued a cow. At the same time, twist your ass, let the tail shake it.

The staff took the glass mask to huge breasts and opened vacuum. The slow cover in an instant milk is all. With the sound of the sound, the flow of milk is a lot of effort, Lingzi and Xuemei are “ah, ah, ah, this is the squat.

The staff took the brush and put it into the holes in the two.

“It’s trouble, you don’t want to milk every day, but also to clean these beast … I am bored. Beast.” The staff used the ass to whipped the two people, just like it is really dissatisfied with two people. . . . . . .

Then two people were tied to cultivated land, and the bovine car was special, and there was a wooden stick in front of a wooden stick, the sleek wooden stick was exactly the height of the two people, and the head of the wooden stick was fixed with a meat-colored rubber holiday. Igle. The two sisters were helped, asked to cross the wooden sticks, the staff stuffed the fake igle into Lingzi and Xuemei small hole, fixed the rope on the wooden stick and the rope on the waist on the waist. Because the line is very tight, so the wooden stick is deep and the end of the flesh. It can’t be seen from the outside. There is such a giant to enter the body. The two hands were fired, and the roast of the breasts is a light breast of metal. This makes the breast. Two people wearing high heels, there is an iron chain connection between the shoes. After the restraint. The staff whipped snowmelis and Lingzi’s ass. Snow Mei and Lingzi were boughtful. It is said that it is running, in fact, the legs are restricted, the lower body is also foreign matter, and it will not run at all, and they will be stimulated. The bell on his nose is stimulated by his mental stimulation, and the lower body is a flesh irritation. The staff of the staff woldered and pushed the script to the climax again. . . . . . .

The two were taken by the staff and completed the farming of the whole acre. The entire work process is smashed and whipped. Lingzi and Snow Male have a dramatic shaking with a sharp sway, let the meat on the world. . . . . .

The script is very successful, the desire of Lingzi has reached the highest tide, and each time writing will be in the water, and the obscenity milk is mad. She is called ‘奶 女 作家’.

The last scene. Lingzi and Xuemei who played sister were completely taught into a bull, and they had been completely transformed from the body and mind. After being tissue with evil play with girls. Two people were as a cows auction. The butt is burned on the hot iron (fake, it is Lingzi, also afraid of this thing) branded ‘meat with cattle’ abandonment sign. Then tied to the evil barbecue frame. The shelf is two times a metal stick, the middle is a gourd metal, just to accommodate a woman’s body. Lingzi and Xuemei were shocked to the iron frame, seeing the whole pig in front of the cream that was notified in front of him, and thought of his end and immediately incontain. Playing with an aristocratic actors who participated in the metamorphosis auction issued an evil cheering. In the end, the sister was stuffed into all kinds of spices in all kinds of spices, and then the barbecue rack. The signs of the ‘meat test “on their nipples are also hosted by the staff.

Two sisters are painful in the barbecue. The staff brushed the oil on them. Looking at the low temperature flame under the body under the body. The barbecue rack is constantly turning. . . . . . . Symbolizing the fate of sisters.

The entire shooting process ends.

“It’s hard.”

“I am just, I thought it was really roasted. Into directly incontinence, the urine and the spray are everywhere, I lost people.”

“But I feel super cool, the pleasure that is helpless in the verge of death, I can’t forget this life.”

Say goodbye to the AV Hall, and the reluctant staff, Lingzi and Xuemei return home again. The first draft of the finishing novel is 5 cm. All kinds of feelings that let Lingzi’s novels will be written three points, even the girl’s snow is also unbearable.

Of course, there is no need to say that the sale of sale is not used. The farm written in the novel later actually became a gathering of SM enthusiasts. Many people really reappeared the scene of the novel. Of course, it is only part of the game, no one is hurt. It is too good. . . . . . .

“What is the next time you experience.”

“Let’s talk, first stop the milk ……. I sprayed into the manuscript … don’t! Want!!!!”

“Sister.” “Don’t call my sister, call me the master, your bitch.” When the Qianhai entered the door, he saw that Xuemei stepped on the head of Lingzi, and waved his skin whip.

“You … what is this doing?”

Seeing thousands of benefits, Lingzi stood up without slow, Snow Mei also expressed special cultivation.

“Just as you can see, thinking about the idea of ​​new novels.”

Lingzi is lazy to extend his hands, and there is no inspiration to write on your face.

“Last sale sale sale, is this time no inspiration?” Sitting in the table, you are welcome to sit in the table, put the information on the table.

“If you have inspiration, you don’t have to have been so hard. I wanted to write the subject related to the milk. After all, I was still spraying for a while, I didn’t put the milk, I will be uncomfortable …” Ling The child turned to see Xuemei, and Xue Mei smiled and continued.

“But the content and the tragedy of the last sister cow repeat …….”

“How is it?” “Qian Hui dismissed. “It doesn’t matter to I, I just want to say, the deadline is coming. My metamorphism.”

Edit the cold sound made the scorpion in the Lingzi hyster.

“Don’t, you have this witch, just make a knife in my most vulnerable. Go to death …”

The snow is so good, it will stop the novels of the novels of the rudder to edit their own legs.

“Oh. I will know this. Then, this time I have to challenge the new theme.”

“New theme?”

“Yes, rubber clothes. Desperate and restraint, place Play.”

Said, Qian Hui pushed the information in front of Lingzi, which is the newly ill-treatment of the new product.

“That’s it. Snow beauty, how? Is it?”

“When, of course, please ask the teacher to participate.”

“Hee hee, unfortunately, this time you have to play s.”

“Don’t.” “Next time, you will be abused to live.”

“Keep your word.”

“Of course …….” “How is it, hurry to write a novel.” Thousands of impatient interrupted two people.

Hello and the association greetings, and the beginning of the beginning needs people to cooperate. The script is probably written.

At night, the employees of the association took the camera to shoot in front of an abuse supplies store, after a while, the Lingzi, who appeared, appeared in the lens.

According to the tips of the script, Lingzi played a poorly lost slave. Wearing holes, tattered black stockings, feet are high heels that are locked by ankle. Lingzi slowly moved to the store. Lingzi is covered with a wide windbreaker, and the windbracket is doubled than the body of Lingzi.

High heels stepped on the ground to make a crisp. In front of the store in the late night, Lingzi used the body to slowly opened the store. The staff who played the clerk showed a surprised expression to show this woman. Lingzi should only wear a windbreaker, you can see the pink body from the gap of the windbreaker, and the neck can also see the leather black collar. And the hands of your hands are loose, and it is obvious that the arm does not pass the sleeve.

Such a Lingzi hair is messy, and the double-eyed is moving to the clerk, and every step is half a day, it seems like a sick.

“Excuse me, what are you going to do.”

Lingzi looked at the clerk and recited the line written with the unhealthy voice.

“Give it, give me a potted pot … Thank you …”

The clerk picks up a metal potatine that is abused, placed in front of himself. Half the past, I didn’t see this woman away. The clerk looks at Lauzi very strange.


Lingzi shook his head, then wanted to go to the clerk, pick up the potty with his mouth. The lens close-up clerk is put out to be very surprised.

Lingzi took half of the pot and fell to the ground. Lingzi apologized for a deadly.

“it’s okay no problem.”

Said, Lingzi is immersed, a blush.

“Please, please help me. I …….”

Lingzi’s voice is getting smaller and smaller.

“What?” The clerk is close to his head and doesn’t have you.

“Please, please help me take it down.”

Said, Lingzi squatted down, under the windbreaker, the snow white butt, the ass is plugged in anal plug.

“Please, please take the evil plug. I, I want to excite.”

The clerk came over with his face.

“I, pull it out.”

Lingzi nodded. As the plug is pulled out, Lingzi excretizes a lot of yellow liquid, and the large metal basin is full.

“Who is enema, so cruel …….”

“I, my master …: Lingzi deep breathing, big, hit, finally comfortable.

“Thank you, the money is here …”

Said that Lingzi turned, bent down, let his chest to the clerk, the camera has been close-up, in the windbreaker, there is a few thousand dollar bills between the white gully.

The clerk hesitated, or reached into the lotion of Lingzi, took out the money.

“The remaining please you. Please bring your excrement to the bag, I will take it away.”

The clerk packed the enema, and got the Lingzi, Lingzi put it in his mouth.

“Don’t you use your hand?”

Just when the clerk was strange, Lingzi’s windbreaker took off. Lingzi trembled.

Lingzi is naked, and the hands are bundled behind the M word, the ridges of the rope have a cruelty, and the finished combined with the finished hands. If it is not often tied, it must have a painful scream. Naked body is a black rope squeezed turtle. There is a black collar with a black collar, and there is an exaggerated ornament in the center of the collar. The two big breasts of Lingzi were baked by the milky milky, and the milk ring was hanging on the nipple. (When you write the novel in the past.) And the lower body is naturally bare, the hair of the small hole is shaved. Several jumping eggs are stuffed into small points, and the wires and remote controls are hung in the rope gap on the waist. Look, so many eggs make people feel incredible.

Ling sub-burst of fear of trembling, because the clerk positive stare own ass look. Is a mark (false.) On pishi, four huge word mark ‘OK discarded’.

finally. Ling clerk uttered the most reluctant child to hear speech.

“No wonder you will come out to yourself. You are ‘obsolete slave’ it.”

“Ooo, ooo. Yes.” Ling child pretended to cry, do not know too into the drama, a large share of urine very complementary erupted.

“I was the owner abandoned. Owner let me fend for themselves ……”

“I pity. Such a good material.”

Ling clerk stroking the child’s breast, an evil smile.

“Since it is abandoned slaves do not care. You’re used to bundle and abuse it.”

Lingzi nodded.

“This body has not been abused do not live up.”

The clerk said, from the shop to come up with a chain, even live on the sub-Ling neck collar.

“You have to. No, I am the master, and no one method to control me ……”

Not finished, the mouth has been stuffed stuffed mouth.

The clerk pushed to the sub-Ling on the counter, and hold the enema syringe.

“You seem to really like this mouth, so maybe you will obey me.”

Enema, inserted into the anus plug. The clerk of the sub-Ling thighs and calves tied together on the floor. The cages carried a front sub-Ling.

“Go. You have no choice …… you know you’re not the owner, and now you do not even have a dog like. Good obey me, I will let you readily point.”

Ling sub tough moved into the cage.

The first act finished, excitement and beauty of the snow Ling child to tell their own feelings aside, the request to make their son Ling also plays a role. Ling busy fired off letters natural son did not take possession of her.

Act II soon began.

By relations clerk, found a sub-Ling buyers. She was a lady.

Snow lady of the United States plays played. He saw inside the cage tragic Ling child when a surprise.

“Ling child?”

US sub-Ling looked at the snow, his eyes reveal a surprise in the eyes, the mouth was stuffed mouth stuffed whining voice, but did not dare formally turned away.

“Recognize me? We were classmates ah, Ling child. Why are you …….” Ling looked at the child, snow beauty burst out laughing. “I did not expect this time has finally come. My life, because you were bullied throughout all aliasing. Wanted to get your thoughts do not forget one day, I did not expect, you finally fall into my hands up.” Kick the hysterical snow beauty cage be stopped clerk.

Snow United States paid the high cost of purchased sub-Ling.


Broad daylight, snow Ling US sub-holding stage when the original coat dress, walking down the street. Because Ling child with sunglasses, it is fairly casual, but everyone’s eyes or let her hot body inside. Snow beauty touches a fun look which is very into the drama. Although accustomed to but the streets av Ling child dress or let people stop to watch.

We came to an adults-only hotel. Shells beam, naked, his hands were tied in front sub-Ling head down kneeling in front of snow United States. Snow Mei Ling stepping on the child’s head with high-heeled shoes.

“This day has finally arrived, and the mighty Ling child turned into my slave. I will punish you, I will revenge you ……”

“Please, please play small slave owners. Play bad little slave it.” Ling said the trembling child recite the script lines.

“Let me feel you experienced the kind of helpless, you are locked in the gym when I was almost feeling of suffocation.”

With these words, the United States and come up with whipping snow Ling child. She took out the rope, the sub-Ling arms tied behind his back, took out a bottle of diuretics distraction Ling child after water poured into the mouth. Realistic way so that the cameraman almost thought she really hates Ling child.

“You try to hold back and not let the urine out of the pain.”

Then, the United States kicked snow Ling son riding in the Son Ling, Ling child poke pink pussy, Ling into sub-urethral catheter fork of a medical. Evil and the other end of the catheter put a small bottle with the material of the gate, the gate shut.

Soon, up to urinate Ling child desperately beg for mercy.

“Know it, know this helpless feel. Come, ask me, I will let you urinate.” Lingzi is asked for mercy in the script, Xuemei opens the gate, the urine is slow, and the catheter is low in the plastic bottle , Because the speed is too slow, Lingzi looks very painful.

Regardless of Lingzi, Xuemei is a Lingzi enema, with an anal plugs with tubes, and serialize the end of the small plastic bottle. After the event, Snow Mei bundled the Lauzi’s feet thigh. The evil is a moment of metal mouth, the middle of the coss is a hole, can be plugged with a plug, usually used in the AV program to force the mouth.

Snow Mei took out two nose congestion into Line, the nose was only a small outlet hole, and the Lingzi, which came, soon, it quickly twisted.

“Don’t worry, I will not play bad you so quickly. You are back to the slave. This is still able to endure.”

Said, Xuemei also covers the tape film, in the earpad in the ear. Looking at the Lingzi struggled on the ground, Xuemei has greatly gone.

“Without sense, this is punishment.”

After finishing, she took out a big travel bag. After opening, the travel bag is a circle of straps.

“This is my past playful. I didn’t expect it to install you, honored. Ling Zi.” Snow Mei’s evil kicked Lingzi’s ass, Lingzi struggled, but he could not hear Snow America. . However, she knows that according to the script designed, it should be packaged.

Snow beauty puts the Lingzi into the box, with a bundle, Lingzi can’t move as part of the box. Snow Mei put the plastic bottle into the box, connect the catheter on the other end of the bottle, and put into the mouth of Lingzi.

“Don’t waste, your excretine can don’t stain my box.”

After the end, Lingzi closed the box. Lock, set the password. Looking at the suitcase that only has a small air hole, the snow is evil laughs.

She took the floor and called a phone.

“XXX Adult Hotel X room. Yes, large suitcase, help me bring to the X number of Tricolor. The urgent delivery is good, it is fragile, and it is lightly.”

After saying that snow is leaving, there will be no one who plays the house to pick up the big box, throw it on the car. . . . .

“It hurts.” Lingzi roses his shoulders and struggles with a pen. The manuscript is like printing.

Snow America has been playing S, so it is a little desire to dissatisfaction, and there is no spirit.

“Snow beauty, you are really awkward. I almost think that I have done in the box. I have a climax of the incontinence several times …”

“How good. I have always want to play insulating to play. Only you play, Snow America is not suitable for this role.” “Knowing you. Next time, let you play M. There, you have a touch …. .. “

The next few, is a rented luxury villa. Lingzi was played by Snow. It is not the whole body bundled into the jumping egg anus, throwing into the whole black tap, and put into the cage and lock into the cabinet. It is a transparent square glass box as an exhibit. When Snow Mei came back, I will liberate the Lingzi standing for a long time.

The last scene, the Lingzi’s script is that the snow beauty design makes the last consciousness of Lingzi, completely become a slave.

Snow beauty binds Lingzi’s hands, and stroked Lingzi’s hair while soft.

“Lingzi. These days are getting along. You are unexpected, I decided to reward you.”

“Thank you, snow, no master … I will continue to cooperate with the emptiness of the owner.”

“It’s awesome. It’s a good dog of the born.”

Lingzi did not see Snowy and evil. Snow beauty, diuretics, put it on the side. Since these days, Lingzi is forced to take these agents every day, and there is no fear when they have just been.

Lingzi is very fitted with open mouth, let Snow beauty put the mixed medicine into the mouth. Then cooperate with the open legs, so that Snow is a urine tube.

“It’s so good, it’s more and more listening.”

“Thank you, the owner praises. Hurt …”

The next is an enema, plug into an anal plug. This series of movements are habitually used to Sprint.

Then Snow Mei took out the bunch of the internal bunch of burrs, put on the Lingzi.

“Today is a special day, the drift to be dressed is bright.”

After the enema, I was squeezed by the waist, and the Lingzi was disgusting, and her paind. Snow beauty regardless of those, copying metal milk to the root of the Lingzi breast, tightened and locked with a lock, connect the wire to the end of the milk copy.

“These are all prepared for today.”

Completed these, Xuemei put Lingzi, folded with Lingzi’s legs, tied with a rope. In addition, the feet was pressed against the ass rubbed with the tape, so that Lingzi’s pain continued.

“To hold back, this is for the next program.”

Finally. Snow America didn’t know where to move out of a device, the head is a bit like a bicycle seat, but only opened a hole in the middle of the seat. The seat under the seat is a metal bracket. Snow beauty moved the equipment to the front of Lingzi, turned on the switch, and a cylindrical metal rod rose slowly, and finally passed through the hole on the seat. Xuemei looked at Lauzi’s surprised expression, pressed the switch next to the device, and the metal rod began to accelerate up and down.

“This will enter your body for a while. Every hole will be filled with.”

“Thank you. Thank you master …” Lingzi showed the fear of the expression.

“It will be discharged, this simple Trojan.” Xue Mei said, close a metal bar, weak sparks from the front end of the metal rod. Lingzi instinctively avoids, but unfortunately being tied to this, how is it a beautiful opponent. Snow beauty presses Lingzi, Impressing the electric shock on her fat butt, then connects the anal plug and urethral tube on the plastic assembly, and connects the lower end of the bottle to the lower end, from behind the latch Constitution, traction along the neck.


The mouth of the Lingzi, the snow beauty will force the catheter to step into the Lingzi’s throat.

“Just thinking about a man.”

Deeply stuffed, until the head completely entered the throat, Lingzi coughed for a long time.

Snow America has the upper mouth of the Lingzi with fixed head. The small ventilator is placed on the nose. She let Lingzi tried to make a sound, and Lingzi can only make a low snoring.

“This is almost.”

After finishing, Xuemei took out the final equipment, black plastic head socket and black. Lingzi was taken on the head cover, the head is seen from the outside, the eyes of the eyes are translucent plastic films, and the mouth of the mouth opened a hole. It should be used for blowjob.

The bunch of bodies is ready to have no calves and arms, and the set is exactly the same as the bondage of her. Bring the head casing, put on the bunch of bouques, I don’t know if it is a special selection, actually consistent with Lingzi’s body. The tight stuck is tightly attached to the body, and the body curve of Lingzi is completely concealed, and the weak projection of the wire catheter below is fascinated. Rocked between the head and the boulder. Snow beauty admires this sentence without the arm and calf dolls.

She tidy the wires and catheters, and people even look very complete. Then use foothold to hold Lauzi to the shape of the seat shape, fix the legs on the instrument. Press the switch, with the motor, the rubber dress is slightly trembled. Snow is smiling and watching your own masterpieces.

Finally, Snow Mori clamned the tongue of Laozi from the hole in the head, pinch with black small clips, and the other end of the clip wrapped around the tits mouth with a black thin wire, so that the tongue could not retract. From the outside, the pink in the black is wrong, it is wrong to be ornament.

Xuemei opened the lock of the position of the rubber coat chest and took two huge breasts. Wipe oil on the breast, huge breasts appear in an instant photo.

The lens stopped, and the snow-in-one command staff moved the rubber doll and the bottom of the bed to the opposite side of the bed. The position of the light is somewhat dark. It looks like a black statue that highlights female body when photography. Just The pink of the chest and tongue will make men more excited.

The script continues. Snow beauty stroked the breasts of Lingzi.

“You will enjoy it. I am waiting for this day …”

After a while, knocking on the door outside. Snow America opened the door and came in a handsome man. This is also a temporary male.

“Yamada, I want to die. You can come.”

“Snow beauty. Hello, tonight, will not let you rest.”

Snow Mei and Yam quickly entered the theme. The two were crazy kissed each other. Just playing the male, the male, who took the snow, and Xuemei suddenly stopped the mountain.

“Yamada, do you still remember Lingzi? You are still in the school …” “Why will I mention Lingzi, she is my first love … I didn’t know how suddenly disappeared.”

“Do you still miss her?”

“How will, you don’t want you in me.”

Snowy and evil smiled, walked out of bed to face, while stroking black dolls, he said flattering.

“Have you heard it? I have to take everything you …”

There is a weak trembling.

“Why are you talking to a couple, I found it when I came in, and that person was very strange, it seems to be a real person.”

“You have more, this is just a personal doll. Not your favorite Lingzi … come to do love. Yamada, forget that woman.”

Said, Xuemei took off his clothes and exposed a beautiful naked and walked to the mountains. She and Yamada are covered in the bed, deliberately embarrassed, so that Lauzi heard. She also took the opportunity to open all the switches on Lingzi, let Lingzi’s only vision look at myself and her men’s love. . . . . . Snowy mouth seems to be said: “Lingzi, this is my retaliation.”

The last scene.

In the garbage pile, the Lingzi stuffed with anal plug is lying in it. The Lingzi breast has a milk copy, two nipples hang a milk ring, the legs are tied to m words, chrysanthemum plug the anal plug, the neck The collar, the mouth of the mouth plug, the small hole is filled with jumping eggs, while the lip is blamed with the suture of around the lace. (Formerly wearing empty, direct use of line bundles) Only the wires and controllers are scattered outside. Lingzi played a sluggish look, printed on the Lingzi small hole, a brand writes: ‘Abandon’ Two words, said that Lingzi has been played in accordance with the beautiful plan of Snow.

In the evening, the man dressed in the lamnone is slow, and the car dragged behind, there is a lot of garbage, and Lingzi.

“This work is also sold. Congratulations.”

Although this compliment, a bad expression with the manuscript, the latch is ignorant and angry, if it is usually, it is a thunderous attack.


“Just these? Unlike Mingzi teacher, the usual Lingzi teacher can be because the spirit is too expensive to go to the wanderer vent.”

I know the plot of the first work in the top of him, but Lingzi still did not make a counterattack.

“I have no spirit.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Still use, the last time I wrote the novel is so beautiful, I almost really entered the wrong plot. Then I have to write the novel. I think that the plots are excited ….. The ovaries were emptied by me … haha, haha. “

“Anyway, I have worked hard. During this day, I would like to take a good rest. At home, I’m nourishing the dog, adjusting the mood.” Qian Hui said, looking around. “So, Snow is not coming. Is it going to work?”

Lingzi heard the name of Snow and suddenly jumped.

“Not good, forget to buy dog ​​food.”

“You really raise dogs.”

Lingzi eyes are once again flash.

“No. But it’s almost … Do you want to buy some supplies with me, on the road to you.” Lingzi mysteriously reached a finger.

Thousands of benefits are very interested, so promise and Lingzi together on the street.

Lingzi bought a big bag of dog food, the big mother of the neighbor smiled and greeting Lingzi.

“Ling Zi began to raise pets? It is really suitable for the image of Lingzi. So there is love …”

Lingzi was embarrassed, thousands of benefits used the elbow on the waist of Lingzi.

“Everyone is cheated by your appearance.”

“Don’t say, I will be shy.”

“I know, the teacher, I should tell me … The truth.”

Thousands of duckles in the dog. It is not a dog to buy a dog. . . . . .

“Yes … is this.” Lingzi mysterious laughed. “Not a dog. It is a beautiful dog …”

“it is as expected.”

When Lingzi opened a moment of the closet, thousands of helpless sounds shook their heads. The closet is the tin cage used in the previous role, and the cage locks the whole body wrapped in a black rubber. Like the previous Lingzi’s dress, only the tongue and chest are bare, no arms and calves, the rubber is closely attached to the body, revealing the long-sexy body curve of women, there is no lattice to swell a wonderful device for the Lingzi underwent, replaced The large number of wires and catheters are spread out of the cage.

“This is ……. Xuemei?”

Lingzi dismissed nodded, one side removed the camera from the closet, unplug the memory card, and explained the Qian Hui.

“Last times is so bad, so I want to retaliate, just like this metamorphosis, let me empty the ovarian desperate pleasure, so this is this …….”

Put a slight fragmented person, and Lingzi plugs the memory card into the computer and starts uploading black video.


“Oh, tribal, very popular recently. You don’t know.”

“Of course, I want to know what you are writing.”

“Observation Diary …”

“Observation Diary?”

“Yes.” Lingzi parked the hands and pressing the keyboard. “A SM is a good website, Snow America is the frequent version of the home … this time it seems to have a piece of block, the theme is ‘female dog feeding’.”

“so what?”

“So I am updating the log. This is a very fire post, it is a part of my life. I wrote, I wrote … Haha, I will wait.”

“Before the consequences, I explained it clearly.” The cylinders of the manuscript fell on the head of Lingzi and made a dull 咚.

“It hurts. Remember my previous words? Snow America’s wish and I have revenge. We both shot, then Snow Mei told me that she had to open a piece of block in the tribe, that is, this section you see. That doctor also suggested that I raised a pet to change my mood. Snow America has this idea, I just have to raise a beautiful dog. Xuemei immediately agreed with my joking the same idea. Also let me see the feeding of the tribe The female dog’s information, I was shocked at that time. It turned out that people were raised as pets … I thought that they can be used as a novel’s reference, they started to prepare. Xuemei Although I agreed to be my female dog, it made a request. In order to let the tribe of the female dog’s section, I have to update the log every day, it is the log of Snow America. The real person, or the moderator, but also a pure beauty. The Snow America of the otaku’s mind is to be raised as a female dog, but also to update the rusks every day. The tribe is not very hot. Even my best-selling book novelist is bright, discovers new business opportunities. Log update For a week, it is almost full every day. “

Said, Lingzi turned over to describe the feeding process of Snow America today with her best.

“So use the last device, try to confuse the feeding.”

It turned out to be like this, the thousands of points. Look at the log of Lauzi updated. The log is playing form, listing the time of tutorial, tuning, and one week plan arrangement. There is also a video download below each item.

Among them, the branches are written 2 times, and the duration breaks through 1 hour and new records.

The imprisonment time is 2 hours, and the spirit of unfamiliar is unpredictable. The desperate expression is full of love, when it is the most vulnerable, the owner will be tamed. . . . . .

The electric shock is increased to 3, and the urine incontinence is very troublesome.

The measurement of the aphrobic liquid added in the dog grain. . . . . .

“These are different projects every day. Representing feeding results …”

Said, some people in the tribe wanted to see the picture of Xuemei wearing a rubber, Lingzi ran to take pictures.

“Hey.” Qian Hui helplessly sigh, ready to go home. “Don’t forget the time of new works.”

Unlock the snow, the snow is a satellite, and there is a strong smell. Lingzi made Xuemei opened his mouth and then took photos.

The catheter deep into the throat. Lingzi uploaded the photo to the tribe, and wrote the log.

“The bitch swallowed their own excretions, so the smell of fullness, smelling it so nausea. So I have to take a shower.”

After writing, Lingzi ran, so that I just slowed down the body and soft Snow, tied my hands to pull to the bathroom, and use the camera to record the whole process of taking a bath. It is said to take a bath, but it is tied to the wall of the snow tortoise on the wall. It is scored with warm water. If you are dry, Lingzi began to update the tribe.

“At 11:20, taking a bath for the buddle. Hot water is excited, it is really a lustful bitch.”

Unlock the beauty, Xuemei finally loose tone.

“It’s hard, today added records.”

“Hard work, come over. Your area is not very hot now.”

It seems that the tribe is hot, and the snow is excited to drill the fist, the snow white breasts follows.

“It’s so excited, it’s more effort.”

“You are excited. Don’t forget, you play the role of pets, is the experimental animal.”

“Ah, I know. Ling Zi is so strict.” Snow Mei made a cute action tapped his head and then extended his hands. “Please, teachers, no, master adults, play with snow beauty this lascivious body. To describe not a detail to clear, let Xuemei is shameless to see people.”

“You don’t say that I am also ready to do it. I want to revenge.”

Lingzi’s momentum is reluctant to raise his fists, making it beautiful and smirk.

Tribal Grid – Little Lingzi: Hello everyone, beautiful little Lingzi debut again, I will wait for everyone to wait.

Tribal – Mass a: Lingzi, wait for you to work hard.

The masses B (the tribes have went, the tired of writing, everyone knows this is that Lingzi is posting.): Miss Lingzi, we look forward to your update for a long time. Look at the eyes.

(省 省 话. 话 更 更 更 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 回. 不 不 不 不 不 不

Little Lingzi: Ok, okay. I understand the mood of everyone. Immediately update. I have updated the initial feeding process, I will step by step, let everyone enjoy the whole process of the whole female dog. It is a female dog to feed. Say, feeding is very important. (Cute expression.)

The tribe is another champion, and the instant of the post will reach hundreds.

Xiao Lingzi: I am real-time video. Please open the player. By the way: Diaoyu Island is China.

Xiao Lingzi: Come, the lascivious bitch version of the main snowmeal dog, say hello to everyone.

Lingzi deliberately increased the sound and made his proved laughter spread on the microphone. It will be connected to the video connector reality. Previously the dark player screen turned into a colored, it looked in the ordinary room, the female legs walked out, sexy red high heels made people think of a noble que. After a while, a woman pushed a thing before the camera. It is a metal iron cage, and the naked female version is being turned over.

Xiao Lingzi: Do you like a female moderator? Come, let everyone look at your spots.

The narrow cage is flipped. As the sound of Lingzi sounded in the video, the snow is in the cage, so that everyone will see her soon a small hole and chrysanthemum. Lingzi took the pen to take the peniphech on the cage, and Xuemei sent a cute sorrow.

The tribe is still a champion, many people expressed exciting to devain the past. The Snow Menue of the Snow Materian version of the forum has soared to the top of the popularity list.

Lingzi opened the cage and put the snow.

Xiao Lingzi: Come.

Lingzi commanded Xuemei on the ground, for the black rubber ring set on the snow, the circle is only a group, and the hands can only hold the box, and there is a handcuff with the iron chain between hands. There are also collars with iron chains on the thigh and the ankle. Lingzi put a rope rope on the neck of the snow, pulling the snow white snow.

As the snow crawled on the ground, the Lingzi’s whip left on the snowy buttocks, made a crisp sound, and the snowy cites. The tribe is boiling again.

Xiao Lingzi: Pet dog’s food ingredient: 5 dull food, 3 oxystrophysics, 1 diuretics, one of the owner’s urine.

In order to prove the ingredients of the food, Lingzi took the jars of various materials to the camera, and then mixed together, and finally in the dog basin.

Lingzi got the dog basin in front of the snow, let the snow eat on the ground. I also put high heels on the snowy white ass. Xiao Lingzi: Observing Diary – Today’s feeding is also very smooth, and the puppy is surprising.

Xiao Lingzi: I have been waiting for a long time. Today is part of the spiritual education. In order to make pets more pet consciousness, this is very important.

Real-time video point. It is a table before. Woman’s hand began to arrange. Reality takes out a stool, the center of the stool is vertically a big one and two false masks. The fake masher also connects the wires. Woman (Lingzi is not showing in the video) Open the switches of the false mask, the fake mask begins to vibrate quickly, and make a burst. It is then a rope, a wooden clip, a small metal clip, etc., in front of the table.

The woman adjusts the position of the camera, transferring to the corner of the corner, in the cage, switched back to the naked beauty of the posture because of stretching. That is, the popular moderator Snow America.

Woman walked to the cage, opened the lock on the cage, pulling the chain on the snow, walking in front of the stool.

Lingzi: Snow Dog, the following is a daily teaching. If the results are not ideal, they will be severely punished.

Snow beauty: slaves, slaves know. Will work hard.

Snow Mei was helped to make a stool with a fake mask. When several times, I was aligned with the guinea. When I sat on the stool, the masher had completely seen it. The whole entered the beautiful body. .

The woman is low, tie the snowy feet on the legs of the chair. Also put the big wooden clamps, the snowy breasts, on the metal clamp on the metal milk ring of the nipple, and the other head of the clip is attached to the illuminating power supply. The woman tied the snowy hand behind behind, and the other hand strained a finger, the middle open a rubber glove of the o-shaped hole, tightened the roots of the glove, so that the snowy hand could not pull out.

Xiao Lingzi: That glove is to imitate the style of the woman’s JJ.

After that, Lingzi has a fake mask with a wire, put it on the table, let Snow beauty bring the hand that brings gloves, the position of the circular hole through the fake mask, and covers the top cover of the fake The upper cover. Determined that the snowy hand could not be taken, Lingzi took the fake mask vertical with screws on the desktop fixed.

Xiao Lingzi: For a while, the Snow Mei Master will have the touch of the touch when answering questions. If stopped, the two little monsters of her lower will be crazy and release the current. This is the little obstacle that answers the problem. It is to recite something, but you can’t test whether the dog is really agree with those rules.

The tribe’s post is reported again, and everyone is amazed for different creativity every day.

Lingzi turned on the power, and the snow beauty immediately wore numbness, and the false mater in the hand began to tremble. Because I didn’t react over, the holes and chrysanthemums immediately were charged, and the two sticks fell into the sea in the body. Xuemei is a lax, forced himself to recover awareness, waving hands up and down, puts out the action of continuous tuberculosis, so the following stimulation is timely.

Xiao Lingzi: It seems that the moderator knows its terrible. Let’s ask questions below. Name Snow Beauty: Snow, Snow Beauty.

Xiao Lingzi: Wrong, it is Snow Mei En. . . . . .

Said that Snow is screaming, and the light on the right side of the voltage controller in front of him is red.

Xiao Lingzi: answering the error on the right side will become red, and the current will shock the right breast.

Xiao Lingzi: Next question. Are you voluntarily become a raised slate? Explanation.

Snow beauty: Yes, yes. I am all volunteer because I am a sensual animal, thinking about being inserted every day, being bundled, cautious. I have been tied to a body, I can’t live it. . . . . . . .

After that, the light on the left becomes green, and Xuemei is a scream.

The tribe has boiling to the ultimate, and the website is almost paralyzed.

Lingzi provokes all kinds of shameful topics, such as like the position, abuse, etc. Snow Mei must answer one by one. Answer No matter whether it is right or not. Moreover, it has to keep the state of the tube, and the lower body will be devastated, so the answer problem is simply destroyed.

Xuemei was forced to recite the rights of the female slave, reciting all kinds of slaves, there is less error, the whip will fall on the back. After a while, Snow is exhausted, and mentally fatigue is much greater than the body. The speed of the tube decreased significantly.

Lingzi in the tribalite: Xiao Lingzi: Oops, too unsatisfactory. She didn’t study hard at all. What should I do? Almost all of the smoked people leave a message: Punish her, severe punishment this only child’s bitch.

Lingzi saw hencenever you resonate. Start to increase the difficulty of answering questions.

Xiao Lingzi: Snow Mei, below. You have to answer, answer the wrong one, is subject to another punishment. If there is too much wrong answer, tomorrow’s tuning content increases the enema 5, electric shock 3 times, and the imprisonment time is increased to 2.5 disappearance simultaneously. . . . . .

Snow beauty: know, know it.

Lingzi returned to the tribe.

Xiao Lingzi: Let’s rest assured that your moderator will not answer the correct, and she is defined by her prison.

Lingzi: The first question, reciting the female dog code. Limited time for 1 minute. Massager is lifted.

Lingzi opened the stool’s power supply, this time, it was a snow, two bad guys were still stagnant, and the female dog is very long, even if the normal situation is 1 minute, it can’t be recited, the snow beauty is also severe The stimulation, the head is not working properly.

Lingzi: 1 minute, oh, it was wrong.

Lingzi opened the snow-capped switches in Xuemei, so that the two nipples continued to shock. Snow beauty is a painful mourning.

Lingzi: below. . . . . .

Snow America cannot answer correctly. Therefore, after the next question, it was passed by enema, drinking the diapers, and hooks this, and even blinded his eyes. Finally, it was plugged.

Lingzi: The following question 1 + 1 is equal to a few.

Snow America can only make a sorrow, can’t say answers.

Lingzi: It’s a pity, I thought it would be so simple, I will definitely use the IQ of the slave. Time is here, so, according to the agreement, I will double the punishment tomorrow.

Put the sorrow of the snow, rebound, and put into the cage. Lingzi back to the tribe finishing post. . . . . .

The tribe has been updated for almost 3 months, and the snow is in the hospital, and the shortcomings of Lingzi’s novels will also start new articles.

The result of snow beauty is the feeding game to be temporarily ended here. I don’t know if it is too investment. Snow beauty gives people more sexually sexually sexually sexually sexy body, and a bit of feelings that fall into the devil.

Before sitting in front of the computer, there is no panty to open your legs. Just between her legs, the naked snow is brought to her hands, the bells, the nipples, the large anal plugs in the anus are being sold.

The high heels of the feet are smashed on the ground by the iron chain. It is using his tongue to stick to the small hole in Lingzi. Because the lower body is stunned, the snow is a sensuality from time to time.

Lingzi’s hands quickly tapped on the keyboard, putting the text like fresh meat into tribal galvan, as long as the wolf hunger.

“Don’t stop, you are a lustful bitch.”

Lingzi felt that the movement of the snow-like tongue was stopped, and he would play with high heels on the snowy breast. There are several shoe prints on the white breasts. Lingzi took the opening of the bottle hanging on the table, the yellow liquid flowed in the catheter into the chrysanthemum. The beautiful tongue is another rule.

Lingzi is very satisfied to continue writing. In recent days, the game provided by netizens is almost all over. Lingzi is even once there is really raising the budget. . . . . . . Or it is planned to be a budget. . . . . .

Xiao Lingzi: The feeding of the bitch is very successful, and now I will announce the results.


The drug transformation of the anus and holes is very successful, and the elasticity is doubled, and the disadvantage is that it will be slightly splashing, and it is very troublesome to pack up. Because of the increase in elasticity, it can be stuffed into the wrestles of the wrestles.


The mental transformation is very successful, has overcome shame, and become more sensual. This is like this than this female moderator. So can’t say big success.


The body is more anti-abuse than the past, the skin is strange, and the feel is very comfortable. Is it abuse stimulating cell activation?


The endurance of the enema is prolonged from the original for more than 20 minutes to 1 hour. This is really successful, saying that the snow in the snow is very ecstasy. 5.

The long-term tangent is long, and the time and size of deep throat PALY have increased by double. It has become a monster that can be swallowed. Men have to be careful.


The fear of sealing imprisonment is also overcome, and it is an addictive trend. The place where the family can lock people is almost she stayed. If you can, it’s okay to be locked for one morning. This guy super likes to be tied to the rubber closet into the closet. Such a long time and endurance can be used as a decorations for the house. The man looked at the decoration that the meeting will be estimated. Call.

Sign in.

Dog food also habits. Say yourself as a dog.


Various fresh and heavy abuse can be easily coping. . . . . .

In summary. The feeding is successful. There is almost no play.

Xiao Lingzi: Next, do you know the fate of Snow Men’s moderator?

The tribe has a championship, and the Lingzi exposed the evil smile and bowed to see the snow that was licking his holes.

The tribe gives a variety of answers. Unfortunately, the result is that Snow America and Lingzi have already planned good.

Xiao Lingzi: There is only one next place without a new slave. . . . . . . Abandon. This is the practice of playing slavery. . . . .

Finally, Lingzi was written in a noisy and wrote: Xuemei was discarded.

The last video. . . . . . .

Snow beauty is tied to the chair, Lingzi uses a red soldering iron (props from AV, fake) to the snow beef. Half ass printed with bright red circular imprint. The center of the imprint is the word ‘waste’.

The high voice of women came from the video.

“In this way, even if you go to, you can’t get rid of the identity of the waste slave.”

“Thank, thank you master.”

The two meet the tacit understanding too. Next is the ultimate enema, electric shock, whip, and suffocation. Until the snow is exhausted to lying on the ground twitching, saliva and obscene injection, Lauzi will stop.

“In order not to let the waste of the slave have physical escape, they must cost their physical strength.”

Fiberly legs wearing sexy black stockings in front of the lens on a slight shaking snow-like breast.

“Let you send you ahead. Let you enjoy a happy.”

“Thank you, thank the owner’s final compassion. Slave is very happy.”

With the weakness of the snow, Lingzi puts various props on the snowy body. Bring headphones, bundled arms, collars, electric shocks, irrigation anal plugs, jumping eggs, catheters, black tares without arms and thighs, hurting out of the rubber coats. The milk ring of the nipple is connected to the wire. Catheter of an anal plug and catheter serial in the mouth. Then, in the jaste of the genus, the sound insulation can be slightly ventilated, and finally take a large black inflatable rubber hood and the catheter to put into the mouth of the rubber bag, plug into the Snow America. Inflatable to the mask, until the masher is covered with snow, can hear weak wheezing. Lingzi could unite the inflatable valve of the false mask, locked.

Turning the black rubber dress, put it in the long-scale password lock suitcase that is ready to prepare the sponge, Lingzi felt the snow. Wrap the beam in the trip box, throw a lot of open switches in the snow, massage the bar, and the beautiful photo of the snow, put a snow-signed ‘abandoned certificate’, finally put a piece A camera with illumination is thrown into the suitcase and is aweed with a weak struggle. Lingzi slowly covered the box.

In front of the camera, black slightly trembled female in the box is gradually closed in terrible boxes. . . . . . .

Xiao Lingzi: Discard, discard. Happy throwing junk time.

The tribe is a shot, and many people say because they are too stimulated.

When the video renewed again, it was a woman who took the trunk to the mountain gully, and then dug a hole under a big tree, throw the suitcase into the hole, plug in a hollow. Bamboo pipe, then cover the earth.

Lingzi is trying to put together the walkie-talkie.

“Snow menu, I have already buried you. After half an hour, I will release your buried position on the tribe. You’re looking forward to finding you before you suffocate. Oh, right. I will win If you find you, give you it ……. “Lingzi returned to the car. Leave the address of the address on your laptop. . . . . . The same is the influence of snow in the upper box. Black paint is in a black model is struggling.

A county traffic police: why so many cars? What do guys do? They are all in one direction.

Traffic police colleagues: Will not be a cult gathering, now it is not a tourist season.

Traffic alert: Go back to work, don’t gossip.

This is, Xuemei and Lingzi looked at the news broadcast at home, and the two met the wine glass together. Lingzi just buried Xuemei into his backyard and dug up. As for the address that can be excavated to the moderator. . . . . .

Later, it was dug a basketball court. . . .

And Lingzi did not pay attention to the text of the tribe jumping: I accept your challenge.

After 2 months, the feeding log event is slightly calm. Lingzi returned to the life of his novelist, and Xuemei also returned to the job of the nurse. Lingzi and Xuemei like the tribal graphic post, becoming another version of the Lord after Snow, but there is no big change in life.

Every time I think of the girl dog, I can’t help but excite, and I will have a flood, I can’t stop. Draging the blessing, the novel’s inspiration is collected.

Lingzi’s stomach is sitting in the room, with a bitless browsing of the tribe. Your own popularity is quite high, Xiao Lingzi’s network identity, let Lingzi can have true self without scoring, without worrying about exposure. The same is good, especially the real-time release of the feeding log, and has been popular with everyone.

In addition to one person. . . . . . . Lingzi saw the following name of the post below.

Mrs. Butterfly.

The name of this person appeared in 2 months ago, it was the time when Lingzi and Snow became the most popular in the forum. Unlike other netizens, the butterfly lady is the people who are the most upright of Lauzi. Not only criticizing Lingzi’s practice is too naive, but also criticizes Lingzi, but it is not so unrelenting.

The most people can’t stand it, then the butterfly lady also opened his own area, and it was also a big online video and tuning. Although the feeding of the feeding, although and Xuemei is the same as Lingzi, the scale of the tuning and the level of blood is more competitive. The way to force slaves to destroy the oppression and idle books make people feel unlike fake.

The popularity has more trends in Lingzi.

Although the popularity of the tribe does not matter to Lingzi, . . . . . . Still not cool.

This guy is provoked in writing, the butterfly lady.

Lingzi walked into the belly, if you can hit the butterfly lady from the screen, you must hit it. Unfortunately, this can only make your fists or screens. This time, if the female dog can be bullied to vent. but. . . . . .

Whether it is a female dog or a snow? . . . . . Snow Mei has disappeared this month.

It seems to be seen in Lingzi. A few aphones of the butterflies appeared on the tribe.

Butterfly Lady: Xiao Lingzi, I have a gift to you. Yes, I know your truth. Please look forward to it.

Lingzi suddenly not cold and chestnut. Then, the butterfly lady sent a website. Lingzi swallowed the mouth of the mouth, dot, log in to the account and password sent by the wife. There is a personal information, address, and even the body’s information, three, hobbies, and the metamorphosis film that I used to write the novel experience.

Why? Why will your secrets leak? It is clear that it is clear.

The butterfly lady sent a message again: Don’t worry, Miss Lingzi, the novelist. I won’t publish this information you hide, but I am very interested. Of course, if you don’t cooperate, you will follow it.

Xiao Lingzi: What do you want?

Butterfly Lady: Res will be lost. I can be self-esteem as an expert. Basically, there is nothing, as long as you agree, let me arrange. Remember, you have no choice.

Xiao Lingzi:. . . . . . understood.

Butterfly Lady: The gift has passed. Should be coming. When the Lingzi strange gift is, the sound of the doorbell is sent outside the door. Lingzi was scared, suddenly curious, the butterfly lady is a magical figure.

Be careful to open the door, it is ok, just ordinary and home delivery. Postpo is also very small. . . . . . . Worried about a lot of components.

Before returning to the computer, the butterfly lady has offline, although there are a lot to say, but considering their own situation, they can only be uncomfortable. Lingzi decided to open the mail package first.

Is a stack of porn videos. There is nothing in the same time, most of them have a cover. It is a film that is a queen of the queen. . . . . . All films are a queen. Is this a lappy of the legendary butterfly?

Lingzi puts the film into the disc player with dissatisfaction, habitually pulls the curtains. . . . . .

The film is a queen introduction. This queen seems to be called Qiandao Mei Huizi, it is too much trouble, it is called Miss Qiandao. It is great, and the long phase is also marked, there are other information. . . . . . Then it is the whole aged film. After reading, Lingzi’s feelings is that Miss Qiandao is a natural queen, temperament is noble, but it is not soft. After reading the film of the butterfly, Miss Qiandao is probably dozens of male slaves, the queen of genuine goods. . . . . .

However, Lingzi didn’t like this. And it doesn’t look at the idea of ​​the butterfly.

The last one, Lingzi is tired of takes out the bottom of the disc, and other different, this disc does not have a cover. With the mood that tried, Lingzi stuffed the disc. As the image of the fuzzy beating appears, Lingzi instantly expands the blood stimulated by the movie.

In the evening, the queen of the slaves came home alone was kidnapped, and then all kinds of cruel abuse and tuning, the queen of the Qianjo did not compromise, but with the progress of the film, the Military island softened, and finally I finally admitted my new identity.

After Lingzi read, the only feeling is true, and it is different from his own self-directed film. How to look like an expression of Qiandao. . . . . .

Tuning the female king into a female slave, this is really in line with the image of the butterfly. Lenovo saw the breeding film uploaded by the lady in recent days, where women were very similar. . . . . .

That night, the sound of the sound of the audience opened the phone, and the sound of the snow in the phone seems to be a little trembling, and the sound of a little groa is mixed. Lingzi wanted to ask what happened, only heard the snowy voice.

Snow beauty: Yes, sorry, I didn’t resist temptation. . . . . . it’s all me.

When Lingzi is asking for the reason, the Snowy voice disappears. A woman who doesn’t know is returned.

Woman: Lingzi, I am coming. . . . .

Then hang up.

The butterfly lady sent information.

This evening is 1 o’clock in the evening, Tian just black, Lingzi has not rest, but anxiously sitting in the living room. I received a reminder of the lady in the morning, saying that I will come to visit at night. Send a photo at the same time. The woman in the photo is not someone else, it is the metamorphic assistant who knows, snow beauty. She was tied with her naked hands, with pockets, breasts wearing a breast ring, legs tied in a narrow iron cage. The iron cage is not placed on the ground, but is hovered on the hook on the central roof of the house. The rocking cage makes the snow beauty show great uneasy, and the silver silk photographed below the cage can see that the snow is already urinary, or the prostitution and saliva.

A woman wearing black is adjusting the remote control, and the wire is connected to the wire, and it is directly hung on the cage wall. The woman’s evil and cruel smile makes Lingzi to remember.

Mrs. Butterfly.

The clock bridge was anxious. Slightly knocking on the door outside the door. Lingzi took a breath and opened the door. A black brother’s special woman appears in front of him.

This is. . . . . . Mrs. Butterfly.

“It’s so unlearable to shoot in your film. This is easy to exposure.” Mrs. Butterfly no matter what the Lingzi stunned, in a large number of in the house. Then I smiled and turned to Lingzi: “Don’t be so nervous, I said, I will not expose your secrets. I just want to win back to dignity.” “You, how do you want to put the snow.”

“The little man moderator is enjoying, you won’t interrupt her. Also, tell me your secret is the beauty moderator. I don’t forced her, she took the initiative to find me ….. .. “

“It’s impossible. Snow beauty can’t betray me.” “Oh, then I will say anything. Cold outside, can I pull my dog ​​in? Frozen is broken.”

Don’t take care of Lingzi against, the butterfly lady takes the ‘dog’ to take the Apartment.

Looking at the dog in the mouth of the butterfly, Lingzi instantly shocked.

That is not a dog, is a woman, still a beautiful woman. Woman is on the ground. Hands and legs are folded until the limit, the holes and the calf are completely attached to the upper arm and the thigh, and then bundled together. Only the limbs of the four meat conversions were stuffed into the black cylindrical rubber coat. The arm is slightly smaller, the legs are slightly large, and the top should have sponges, such as a mat, and the elbow is slightly expanded.

The woman’s limbs are fixed, both hands and the feet are also honest with the shoulders and buttons with black rubber, and they will not look at it as one of the rubber clothes. Woman limbs. The waist is a black waist, from the location of the Lingzi, you can see the top of the waist, that is, tightly tightly rushed to the ultimate beam. Leave the strap of the black rubber cover of the limbs through the four holes on the waist, and practiced them into a whole. Or this is an integral design.

The woman’s neck is with a collar, and there is a bell in the collar. Lingzi can see the remaining shadow of the rocking bell.

The butterfly lady pulled the rope, and the woman was crawling into the house. Lingzi found that the rope is not like a general SM game, but with a ring set in the middle of a woman’s nose. Because Lingzi’s nose also has a hole, she knows how much pain is like this.

Mrs. Butterflies apparently, regardless of those, pull rope, and urge women to come. Women look up and offset the tension of the rope, and send a dullness with a crying. At this time, Lingzi saw a woman’s face.

that is not. . . . . . . The Queen in the film? She is now with a pocket, the nose is worn, and the metal ring is hung. And the eyes are turned into red.

“Very fresh. That is beautiful, you can let the vision of female dogs drop. When the five senses will run, they will have the desire to fight, they will have hope, but the five senses, especially vision, It will bring you a sense of helplessness. The truth is a bit like the secret room you have played. This is easy to tame it … this is a common measurement of teachers. “

Seeing Lingzi’s surprised Zhang Dazhu. Half and lady explaining half of the victory.

“Her vision is now only one tenth of us, and can only see monochrome. Because I have been infused by my mother’s dog, I am used to this vision.”

Helpful tuning. Lingzi stared with a butterfly, but this instead made the butterfly lady had a thrill of victory, and the toes were highly chest.

The butterfly lady pulled the bitch, that is, the former Queen Qiandao walked into the Lingzijia.

Lingzi has been waiting for a slow crawling of Qiandao and staring at her butt on her furry white tail. Lingzi knows that it is an anal plug in her anus. The buttons are clearly branded with two distinctive female dogs, and they are different when playing games, it is really branded. . . . . .

Qiandao also took a leather box and a large black shepherd of Irnean. Mrs. Butterfly took the shepherd in the door of Lingzi. Let Qiandao pull the suitcase. Lingzi is very strange, how is the suitcase, because the bag of the suitcase is through the lower body of the Qiandao, so you can’t see it. The novelist boring curiosity suddenly awakened in the strange place.

This is, so that Lingzi calm down, the anger and fear of just now become excited.

The evil smile smile, let the Island stop. Then suddenly lift the foot, high heels kicked on the body of Qiandao, Qiandao screamed, turned to the ground. She turned into the face of the turtle that slipped back and forth in the half air. Lingzi has the opportunity to see the truth in front of Qiandao.

It turned out that the strap was divided into two sides on the top, just like the two sides of the lock, respectivelywind the roots of the Qiandian breasts. In other words, it is just a thousand islands with a breast. Not only like this, is this a woman’s breast? Even if it is taken, there is no half a big to reach so big, there is D, there shouldn’t be g …. Or bigger, although it is very large, but the breast is beautiful, the color of the nipple is also pink. The most cruel is that there is also a organ on the pink nipple. That is a pair of finger thick cylindrical devices, a bit like a lengthening version of the ring, and the upper and lower ends of the single metal sheet are the contact layer of the leather, and there are many small holes on the metal sheet. . . . . . . Lingzi is close to see that there are two small knobs on the cylinders composed of metal sheets. They adjust the length and diameter of this device. Now, the nipple of the Qiandao is in this small devil. It should be intentionally adjusted, or often do it. The nipple of the Qiandao has a terrible change. The nipples are inserted in the small tube, the outer wall of the cartridge is obviously reduced, the diameter is more than half a diameter of the nipple, and the length of the child has a small little length, which is much longer than the average nipple. Many. The nipple is sandwiched inside such a monster, which is elongated, severely deformed, and the top of the nipple is like an overflowed foam, which is displayed in a large half of the cylinder diameter. Wear the ring on the top of the outbreak of the nipple. . . . . . .


“This. It is a very interesting thing for female dogs who don’t listen to, is it a very interesting thing. First of all, it is the injection of the prolifect, let the female breasts expand simultaneously milk, just like what you see …. .. Fur Dog will want to drain milk, it will be very uncomfortable every day. Using high-grade goods, side effects are boom cell activation, strong stretchability, good hand. In order to make female dogs get the most terrible punishment, we Put this small east, on the nipples who want to milk, the length of the female dog. Adjust the length, reduce the diameter … Then, ”. Milk can’t spray it. Although small, it is very easy to use Hang up the ring on the nipple, the ring can also be kept in the small monster. It is a ring-ring, clever design. If the female dog is struggling, the needle is hung through the pinhole of the stuff …. .. No one dares to resist. “

Lingzi stared at the nipples that were drawn.

“There is also a benefit of such a design. When the female dog crawled, the milk ring will rub the ground. The vibration will bring them numb touch, and finally become pleasure. It can stimulate milk … It’s just let it Breast is bigger, because they are not allowed to be filled with milk …

The butterfly laughed, it is a devil.

Although Lingzi thought this, but still couldn’t help but admire this idea. She was attracted by the new discovery. The cortical belt of the breasts (pull the box, brought together from the two breasts together …) and only passing the belly. . . . . . Rings on peas.

That’s right, wearing a ring in the most sensitive part of the woman. Although Lingzi also has a ring, but never thought that the strap to fix the suitcase there. . . . . . . When you want to pull the suitcase, the tie touches the small ring, and the stimulating current is in your head every moment.

If this is yourself, obscenity is so flooding. And Qiandao is not. Because her chrysanthemum is paid attention to.

Two labipings were sewed tightly by a golden stainless steel thin line. No, the labello should be passed through the hole, and those threads are just in the hole of the labipings, they seamlessly close them. It is like a scar after surgery, and it is a woman’s most beautiful petal at all.

If the hidden gold wire, a very short white catheter, the wire, these are all the small acupoints. The last two sizes of the wire pass through the golden small locks, locked together. . . . . . .

“This. Is it interested? Tab to tame the female dog, compared to them, let them only have a happiness to reach the climax more effective. So, the prostitutes of this bitch are sealed. Allow unssemburies every month Once, check. Although the egg will give her a stimulation, the sex life has not been passed in one month ……. Urinary truth is inserted because it is plugged, so it will have been urinating as an incontinence, it is a bit Dirty, this is the best way to let the mother dog know that he is ashamed. It is not the same as people, where did they go! When I will add a switch, the way, let her help you help you clean……”

It’s a cruel design. Lingzi looked at thousands of islands struggled on the ground, sewing the small hole in the gold wire, could not spray the urine, with the rings that were touched by the breasts, the only half of the limbs, red eyeliner, red eyeliner, Pulling nipple. . . . . . Suddenly the body is hot. . . . . . .

Satisfied butterfly smiles. “I know that you are also here.”

Said, I went out to take a black male dog. Putting the Qiao Island. Unplugged her anal plug, wiped some medicaments on the anus.

“You don’t mind the mating between the dog.”

I didn’t want to say it, but the desire has already controlled the body’s Lingzi who can’t say that three words are not allowed. Just nodded.

“Come on, Tailang, take a long time. Come with this dirty bitch to make it. She can’t compare one hundred points of the regular blood dog, so you don’t stain yourself.”

It seems that it is attracted. The dog called Tailang immediately began to be anxious. Reality revolves around the trembling Qiandao, and the huge dog is gradually expanded.

It’s coming back, and finally I found a position with the help of the butterfly lady, put huge JJ into the chrysanthemum that was expanded by an anal plug.


‘Wang Wang’

Low concerto, accompanied by mechanical movement that is rushed. Mrs. Lingzi and butterflies is like a picture of a picture, sitting on the sofa. Lingzi feels that the body is already humid. . . . . .

Tailang and Qiandao are connected. . . . . .

“Is this really ok? She is voluntary?”

“No, it is caught …….”

“Catch it? Isn’t that a break?”

“No one alarms, no one against it, no one cares about these things, is it a matter of breaking? Legal, it is a thing of the superimpostat of the upper society. The poor is also good, women are all those people. Toys. “In an instant, the butterfly lady flashed a touch helpless and sorrow.

“This is just a game. Think about the Trica Island is just a toy in the game. It is seen, it will be such a destiny. Don’t explain it, regardless of the interpretation, it is a sexual service. Unacceptable groups. Let such people disappear, it is too simple. We have already told her friends and store director, she does not exist from the beginning. “

Lingzi sighed.

“Go out, it is necessary to change the morning and evening. When the queen abuses so many people, naturally there is a day of being abused. So this is nothing ……. Woman is like this …….”

“Why is the Millennium?”

“The problem of taste, the general people have not been interesting. Tame those queen, they looked at the high-end, they had a sense of accreditation at their feet … My guests would choose those queen as a goal, then let them evaporate, I talked into a bitch who was still low than the general slave. Guests will appreciate the whole process. That’s it. There is no more interesting than letting the opponent’s abyss, “said the butterfly lady revealed the previous common proud expression. Like the Qiand Island that is not at the time.

“Do you understand what I mean?”

Lingzi nodded.

“I understand.” Lingzi put his hand into the pants, let the wet hand show in front of the butterfly.

“Please let me see your strength.”

“If you agree with my strength …….”

“I will design the lower novel in you as the prototype.”

Mrs. Butterfly smiled slightly. “Very good way. At that time, it was better to make a friend. I am very small and robbed my popular people. They all become my buddle, my prey ….”

“Okay.” Lingzi exposed a smile.

Tailang also shot the hot dog semen into the Chrysanthemum of Qiandao, and the butterfly lady separates two dogs, plugging the anal plug again.

“This box is a gift. If you want to clear, see this time tomorrow.”

The next day, Lingzi and neighbors and editorial department beyond greetings. The neighbors use abroad to travel, the editorial department is looking for inspiration, vacanating for 3 months. At the same time, put things from things, and the tribal big family is short-lived. Also use the remaining time to determine the mood, and finally sign the temporary bitch contract on the contract of the butterfly lady. Because the butterfly lady promised that Lingzi didn’t transform her true to a bitch, just experience the process, so Lingzi is a little peace of mind. . . . . . . At 10 o’clock, Lingzi wearing a passenger with a butterfly sent a password, drinking a sexy medicine, wearing a high heel with a lock, black stockings, ankle between the ankles, with a black collar on the neck, hands in hands The front exam is handcuffed, waiting. After a while, the butterfly lady appeared, she was still so elegant, like the lady, the mother of the mother.

“I am waiting for it for a long time.”

Smiling, the butterfly lady supported the latch.

“is it far?”

“It’s not far, but the specified, you can’t know. Before this, you will take your partner.”


Mrs. Butterfly nodded and smiled.

After a while, the car opened to some place in the Ginza. Also deep, although this place is located in the Ginza, it is unexpected. The butterfly lady gets off, tap in front of the same door as the warehouse, telling the secret. In a short while, the three-wearing a fighting funeral is a cage, and the cage is a naked beauty.

Lingzi looked at them in the back car, then disappeared again in the dark.

“That is…….”

“I said, your friend. To accept tutoring with you. Different, she wants to become a real mother.”


“Miss Ginza’s well-known Queen Fangzi, this time is named …”

Lingzi didn’t ask. After a while, the car opened to a mountain place. Lingzi was taken up with opaque beauty. The mother dog on the side is also blinded.

I don’t know how long it takes. This is swaying. It seems that the car has changed the ship. When Lingzi came again to open his eyes again.

This is a terminal. No, this is not fresh.

Lingzi saw in the street, many women did not wear clothes, tied to men and women like a dog like a dog. There is also a carriage that is pulled, and the woman is tied to the store. . . . . . .

“Welcome to our site, not related to legal politics, only sex, slaves, pet mystery.”

Many people say hello to the butterfly lady, it seems that the lady is really famous.

When Lingzi was in Hong Kong, it was replaced by the equipment. The hands were in the back, and the legs between the legs were locked, the neck with a collar, and the naked was taken. Another aromat is also released, and the same dress is touched by a butterfly lady. Because she didn’t know her situation, she screamed, she took a few times of the electric shock stick of the butterfly, and finally.

Mrs. Butterfly first brought two people to a place where the quarantine bureau. There are still a few people with naked women. After the queue, people go in. Finally, I waited until Lingzi and ambiance. The two are also taken in the white staff.

Accepted another photo, it was a measurement, and it was blocked for a while, and he went to the throat of the throat for a while, and he was also supported by the chrysanthemum. . . . . . It seems that after the animals are checked, it is also injected in medical bed injection of immunized drugs. The painful Lingzi and Fang Zi wow wow.

Finally, it is hard to come out, and the two have been exhausted to the limit. Medical staff hand over the drug and body of the body according to the body data of the two people to the butterfly.

“The breast is slightly smaller, you need to increase. On the other …….”

There is no name, Lingzi thought of his situation, and his body was hot.

The butterfly lady took two people to the registry. This work is more cruel. The worker booked a metal piece with signal emission function on the two-person probes, and informs the way is not taken down.

Two butterflies have been going to their own villas.

The door of the villa is open, and it is not someone else, it is the beautiful beauty of the maid. It is said that the maid is dressed, in fact, in addition to the lace card on the head, other things are more like not wearing.

“Lingzi, I know you come back. That … sorry, I want to propose it, so I will sell you.” Sure enough, is you! Lingzi’s angry walked on but hindered from the rope in his mouth, so he was ignored. She can only want to think, wait back to have you look good.

Like the thousand islands at that time, the nipple with special tubular abuse equipment, the hole is also sealed, and the wire and catheters of the egg are rolled out from the gaps, and the remote control of the egg is manageable. Stockings on stockings. Beans also wear rings, although the holes that have been passed out later, they were wearing it in the past and Lingzi. But the snow is more exaggerated, and it hangs a bell on the ring of peas. As the snow is in one fell swimming, the bell will sway. The butt is an anal plug, the balloon of the inflatable balloons is also connected, as if the tail is pulled.

Xuemei wears high heels, locks on the wrists, connect between the feet with a chain link, both hands, and the neoaddrozen wrist is hung.

“Miss Lingzi, Xuemei is temporary is my maid. Or she doesn’t have to know those cruel props and ways, but she is still voluntarily sealing her small hole, 24 hours wearing anal bag, hopping the power supply, nipple with clips And taking the octave. This is all because she feels sorry for you. You have to understand her pain. “

The butterfly lady actually defended the snow, which made Lingzi a little. Snowy ran over, hugging Lingzi softly stroking her breast.

“However, even if this is the case, Xuemei is also my maid, so you will be different from you of your bitch, she will replace me ‘to take care of you.”

That night, Lingzi was loosened by the whole body and was related to the cage. The aromat is brought to another house. Snow is particularly allowed to stay with yourself. Sitting on the chair, snow beauty puts the crotch of the lower body to the Lingzi in the cage. Urine can’t stop spraying on the face of Lingzi, which seems to be a butterfly to allow her to visit additional requirements. If the female dog understands that his situation is not as good as a dog, you must try to insult them.

Listening to Snow America, the aromat is taken specially. Because it is a prospective dog, there will be some slightly challenging ways. However, even former quees who are designated as a female dog, it will not become a real dog. Personality will still be retained, just let women be more abused, more hosted. Guests prefer to see the songs that can not be in the world, not a real dog. Therefore, when the tutor is successful, the female dog will get the opportunity to be released. At that time, they would get a lot of money. At the same time, the chance to choose. . . . . . However, according to the butterflies said, almost 100% of the female dog chose the life of continuing female dogs. The kind of controlled life has not been forgotten.

Women are this creature that is desired.

Miss Qiandao’s female dogs have long been formed, it seems to be returned to human society last month. But she has voluntarily signed a contract to extend the service time of female dog. That is what she is specially required. She said that she is really myself, before the queen is just my own shadow. . . . . . She voluntarily leaving female dogs for lady doing butterflies.

As for all the personality of the woman, there is also an example of a female dog. This type of extinction has only been several cases. The conditions are very harsh. It is generally committed to the death penalty, and the female prisoner is willing to self-eliminate the personality to retain the right to life. After the court and the female prisoner family will be tuned, transformed into a real dog. And the prisoner’s family will receive quantity of money compensation.

“Snow beauty, it is said that there will be a female dog who has been taught next week. Her female dogs and servants are quite high, they can act as a half-girl dog always live in this island. Identification organs also prove she There is no harm to society, as long as the qualification to cancel people will always be free of personality. But she insisted that she would carry out her own spirit. So next week her audit will come down, if approval, wait for her is each The most severe tuning of the miserable. At that time, the personality destroyed was not reversible … “

“Do you want to see … After all, this is a rare.”

Lingzi and the aromat were placed in a group. Miss Snow and Miss Qiandao will take care of them. When the butterfly lady is not there, Snow Mei and Qiandao will wear the beautiful woman wearing a beautiful woman, tuning Lingzi and ambiance. Sometimes the butterfly lady will also ask Snow and Miss Qiandao to dress up the boy to look into the place. At that time, it is generally participating in the rally, and the female dog taught is naturally a symbol of identity.

The tuning of the butterfly is recorded, and it is strictly strict than the cultivation of the home wine that Lingzi personally feels. Slightly accidentally, the sharp shock will come up.

As with yourself, the content of the tuning is on a day. Looking at the small enema, the small enema is replaced with a large animal of the wrist, and Lingzi has a wonderful feeling. The small hole was sealed in the next day, the aromat was pulled out of the body to perforation, and Lingzi was directly put into an egg and smeared her estrus. When the egg is opened, dramatic stimulation and emptiness make her feel uncomfortable than death. At this time she is super wanting to say that she is willing to let her have a slot.

The butterfly lady is really a master.

Original Lingzi does not have to take a nipple abuse. But seeing the arif, Xuemei, Qiandao is like this, and I have applied for a belt. Then the injected octave and then seal the nipple. When you don’t listen or you can’t complete the training task of Miss Butterfly, you will insert the needle into the nipple. That kind of dramatic excitement, the swelling of the double milk makes Lingzi just think about it.

Daily training is enema, restraint, exercise, mental control, various drug catalysis.

The measurement and training level of the aromat is 2 times that of Lingzi. At the beginning, the aromat was severely resistant, and the result was smashed down. Punished is punished. The small hole was jumped into three hops, and then blocked the genitals. Various enema and prolactation, the painful makes the fragrance quickly enrollment. But later, the aromat was still not dead, re-rebelling again, took it into a licking agent, prolactation, enema, then tied to the cage, locked into the underground secret room with only half of the rice building. One night. After coming out, the dying aromat is completely succumbed. The excretion of excretion makes a little relaxation on the face of a sullen feverfulness behind the Island. The butterfly lady is hard and hard, and the defense of the Fangzi soon will soon contribute to the Lingzi. And the proud woman of the island, now I am successfully accepted all kinds of training. And the lady’s special for rewarding the arif, so that the snow is unluckled to make her a climax, a woman can spray as high, Lingzi is still the first time. Looking at the Lingzi lower, it will be like it compared to his holes.

After that, the aromat was sealed again. Irrostation, the process is gradually increased. The expression of the frossus has changed from the beginning of the rejection into active acceptance, and even smiled with Lingzi, I have been used to it.

Usually, Lingzi and the Fangzi will be asked to bring headphones, especially when resting in the evening, the ear has played a mallarbing, which is also a malignant brain, but I always feel habits, don’t abuse can be accepted.

Lingzi will also participate in film learning with Fang Zi, watch all kinds of abused women’s movies, learn content, and make the spirit gradually agree that the bitch is all of life, and it has gradually disappeared.

Sometimes I will exercise for two people. At that time, I was forced to wear a high-side score of the shoes. The high heel shoes that were difficult, and the golden small lock was locked. Let the shoes can’t break free, and then on the shoes Even a high white toughness is high. The rope will pass the metal ring on the bean beans. Snow America or Qiandao will take the arms of Lingzi and the aromats, put on the leather waist, enema and the anal plug.

Dress dressing, Lingzi and Aizi will be brought to a special treadmill, and there is a frame on the treadmill. Snow America or Qiandao will take the two people on the rope from the frame. Such a goal is to prevent the two from the treadmill, unless they are solved by the calves, otherwise they cannot break free. Use the leather whip to make a snow white butt, snow beauty or Qiandao will open the treadmill.

After the enema, the feeling of run can only be described in pain, and slightly showing an incredible expression or a big mourning will be whipped. And the two pairs of shoes will stimulate the toes every step, and the tired feelings are almost seconds. And the rope between the feet is specially designed, the length is exactly a foot, and the length of the other foot stop. If the steps of the steps of the two feet will affect the tofumes, the feet are still unlikely, and there is a trend to pull it off. Even if you can walk, the friction of the rope is also irritating for sensitive peas. . . . . .

Such painful runs are carried out every day, the purpose is to increase the adaptability of female slaves. After all, the female slave is to be held by the owner to make a variety of difficult games. So training the physical strength of the slave, while stimulating the female slave sensitivity project is the best exercise.

While shaking huge breasts, the painted nipple beats in front of you, and the lower soybeans are fierce friction, and the swelling in the belly is constantly expanding, and the pain of the feet stimulates the nerve. With the whipping on the butt, Lingzi and Fangzi can’t help but scream until snow is beautiful and Qiandao to open the speed of the treadmill to the limit.

The two can run for 10 minutes before. Now 30 minutes, it is light, and the success of the training is visible.

Then the special training for controlling fear, is basically restrained imprisonment. And the game of Snow Moro is almost. But later, Lingzi experienced unprecedented fear. She is not locked into the closet, but being buried in the soil, and then have been sinking into the bottom of the lake, or being indented into the cage, pour the dog aphrodisiac, and indent the small iron cage thrown into large dog breeding areas. . . . . . That kind of horror and desperation make Lingzi lifelong unforgettable. However, now not only overcome fear, but I like this project. The next project is to eliminate the shame of the female dog and increase the feeling of yield, increase the obedience to the owner. These projects are mainly interacting with butterflies, such as licking a small hole, eats lady’s urine mixed dog food, in front of the lady, being insulted or tapped, was placed with beans, was stepped on the breast, kick. . . . . . At the beginning, there were some contradictions. Later, Lingzi wanted to compete with the magic and asked the lady, showing an unprecedented tame in front of the lady. Lingzi even has the illusion that you are born.

The elimination of shame is mainly a dog. It is the look of Laozi and Fangzi to be in the street when Grammon and Fang Zi are dressed in the street. Because more than 80% of women in the entire island are female slaves, they are not blame naked or walking. However, it is still not adapted to be observed, naked, or even humiliated decorations. But after the streets, the street dog (anal), after being placed on the street waiting for all kinds of shame, the two gradually habits. Later, it will be pleasant in the sight of everyone. Wearing the exposed maid (not written, see the first snow beauty dress) pulled two female dogs crawling on the ground. . . . . It became a special landscape on the street.

When I put it, I still have an accident when playing Play. Lingzi and the chain on the frozen nostrils were taken in the non-dig dog dump area. And both people have opaque, so I don’t know what happened. Snow beauty puts down the two, go to the thing that the butterfly is required. At this time, the dog cleaning team came, throwing two people with the abandoning dog. In this way, the two were raped by the male dog in the discard center. When the butterfly lady came, the two were almost wrapped in semen. Therefore, Snow Mei was embedded in the cage in the cage. . . . . . .

Lingzi, Snow America also has a special job in the arrangement of the butterfly lady. For example, sometimes there will be guests to see the female dog performance. However, more time is those who secretly play M be abused by the queen, they kill back to punish the buddy to abuse their own. Also these secrets sneak into the guests, secretly find the right queen, send them dogs. Looking at the queen of high tall on the feet helplessness, those guests reached unprecedented satisfaction. Often the death of girls to play. . . . . . Work still has a piece. It is not necessary to say that Lingzi, good at the script, is only liberated at this time. As for the content, the butterfly lady has long identified the big direction.

“The blood of the blood is abuse, the more miserable taste …”

So, Lingzi, they taught them to earn a lot of money for themselves. (The film is digestive in the island, so don’t worry about the flow, you can also provide a reference film in a group of colleges)

In addition, the butterflies will also think of some special ideas. For example, some owners prefer sister dogs, in order to prevent such demand, it is specifically developed to improve the toddinity of female dogs. Lingzi and Aizi are a group of Snow America and Qiandao. In addition to rest, the two must be together. It is said that it is not so far available. Let’s get Lingzi and Fang Zi. Lingzi is left, the aromat is right. So Lingzi’s right hand and the left hand of the aromat will be tied back. The two will be required to bring a collar, wearing a waist, black sexy stockings, and that high exaggerated high heels. Between the feet or the chain link link. And this is just the beginning. The iron chain will be wear between the two people. That is to say, the iron chain is connected together, although it is not possible to move, but must be shoulder. Lingzi’s right breasts and the left breasts of the aromats were tested with a pair of milk. That is to say, if two people do not move in the same direction, they will be breasts. . . . . . . . The addition of Lingzi and the fragrant breasts use the chain to connect the rings of the nipple and the rings of the respective noses. This looks like a nose with a nose, when two people are row together, it becomes a breast to the opponent, and a strange look that pulls up in the direction of his nose. The two legs close to each other are also tied together. That is, the two people who often see are three feet. Mrs. Butterfly also deliberately extended each other’s catheter, inserting the purzen catheter into the anus of the aromat, and inserted the uppering the anus of the Lingzi, plug it with a plug. The rings on the peas are also together. . . . . . Finally, Lingzi was brought to a rose and earplugs. The fragrance was an opaque beauty, which was that Lingzi was responsible for watching the way. In this way, two consecutive months, two people actions. . . . . . This almost dispels the four girls. With Snow, two people are not as good as letting her play. . . . . . Finally, the arif has obtained official certification and became a qualified female dog. Expected, like Qiandao, the arift chose the life of continuing female dogs.

She said in front of the butterfly lady.

“The abuse is enough, now I have to compensate back, so please continue to slave me.”

If the snow is beautiful, Lingzi almost signed a female dog. Fortunately, the butterfly lady stopped her.

When the female dog in the Fang was renewed, the Fang Zi signed a more severe tuning. In the female dog certification authority, in front of everyone, the buttocks of the fragrance were braved by the red dog. In order to reward the aromat, the butterfly lady unsaled the small hole of the fragrance to let her climax. . . . . .

In order to stay for commemoration, the butterfly lady also made a small tattoo for Lingzi. In the interior of the labia, a small writing is stab.

“Lingzi, how? Is it taken?”

“Master. No, Mrs. Butterfly. I still called a friend. I encised. I experience an unprecedented fun. This world is like this …”

Butterfly lady and Lingzi passionate hug together.

In this way, Lingzi returned to his home according to the agreement. Re-starting the novel creation.

The closed hole was closed, and Lingzi had a happy hand, and it was everywhere. It turns out that you are so sensual.

On the same day, the butterfly lady sent a gift of celebration. Needless to say, it is naturally a snow that is framed. A big porn videos, books. The props for a large pile of references (many of whom have been used.) And the body tied to the former queen group of four people and Qiandao.

“Master, please allow us to wait for you before you complete new works. This is the bitch sent by the butterfly. She knows that you will want to find something to vent when you have no inspiration. Please.”

Lingzi evil stared at the snow on the ground (see the front), and the evil on the white buttocks.

“Come on. I learned a lot of new tricks …”

The name of the new book is called female island, and later sold. And the butterflies and Lingzi have become a good friend.

Lingzi’s novel bought super good, editors let Lingzi go to the store to see, although it can’t be exposed, but you can feel the atmosphere that is unprecedented.

In order to think of a new idea, Lingzi wearing a turtle bunch of turtle in the clothes, not wearing underwear, plugging in the small hole. Just go out.

The book really bought is very hot, the bookstore is almost squeezed, and the Lingzi with sunglasses and masks is dark in their hearts. Although it is a bit strange, I bought my own book, but Lingzi still bought a copy.

This is the masterpiece of Laozi, a novel called a dolphin, telling a metamorphosis, wearing abuse props in the clothes, and is discovered, and the story of the abyss of the dolphin is finally broken. Lingzi looked at the book page cover the beautiful woman in the wind turtles under the windbreaker, suddenly laughed.

“Isn’t this the same now!”

Lingzi took the opportunity to stroll around the street, and it was already deep at night. I happened to go home soon, so I wore the alley. . . . . . Just when I didn’t have a late alley, Lingzi suddenly hugged. Lingzi is going to struggle, the man is skilled to cover the mouth of Lingzi, and the power on the arm is strong, so that Lingzi does not have a chance to counterattack.

“Don’t move, I will obey if I don’t want to be injured.”

That man threatens the Lingzi with a strict language, Lingzi can see the knife in his hand. Although I’m a novelist, I wrote countless women who were abused, but I really touched the kidnapping, I still afraid.

Men see Lingzi obedient, starting to go up and down on Lingzi. His hand will swim in the chest of Line for a while, and stroked the thighs of Lingzi again.

It turned out to be an idiots.

Suddenly, the man’s arm reached into the clothes of Lingzi. Lingzi is afraid of things happen.

“Hahaha, it turned out to be an abnormality of dissatisfaction.”

The man discovered the rope of Lingzi, laughed with the breasts that squeezed the Lingzi, and wore the nipple on the nipple, so that the man’s hand stopped.

“It’s awesome, I didn’t expect to find such a thing. I didn’t come out today.”

“No, don’t, please stay.”

After Lingzi has not finished, it was fired a slap.

“Don’t? I see you very enjoyable, do you want to be by a man? I will fulfill you.”

“No, I am very afraid, please don’t hurt me.”

“No, no. Where will you hurt you. You can’t help you like you …”

The man did not continue to say, but pushed Laozi to the corner, took off the short skirt of Lingzi, and did not wear pants, so the little hole is extra beautiful under the moonlight. The man does not say, unpacking his trousers. . . . . . .

That night, Lingzi’s memory was blurred. After returning home, I slept early.

Go out to buy your own erotic novel is attacked by the idiot. . . . . . . Why can’t you say it?

I thought that things were finished. The next day, Lingzi was subjected to an email. There is only props and a letter.

Some photos were stuffed in the envelope, all the photos of Lingzi were hit yesterday, or a photo of a rope clothing. The threat of Lingzi in the letter does not follow him, and the photos will be announced. . . . . . .

Although not the identity of the novel teacher, the pure image that Lingzi himself held by the absence of a metamorphosis hat, Lingzi can’t stand it. And this is really not able to export, that is, the situation that is caught in conjunction.

Lingzi drilled his fist, “Maybe he will give up.”

Lingzi received the other party’s earphone. Let Lingzi meet at 10 o’clock in the specified place.

Lingzi is not allowed to wear underwear underwear, so there is a bit cold in the evening. Fortunately, there is no one in the places where the other party chooses, Lingzi feels like a thief. And this plot seems to have seen. . . . . . Don’t think about it, isn’t it the plot in your book!

Next, go to the specified location, Lingzi is commanded by the low sound of the headset. That sound listened to it, but Lingzi was like a magic.

It is first turned out from the garbage box, and there is a rope. The headphones in the Lingzi ears make sounds again.

“I have been monitoring you, so don’t act rashly, according to what I said, everything will be fine. Come on, go in the egg plug …..”

Lingzi wobbled, put the jumper into the chrysanthemum and small points. Then enter a adult film store in accordance with the requirements. This time the person’s request is even more unreasonable, so that Lingzi purchases false masks and let the clerk help to bundle themselves. That is not like talking about it is a metamorphosis?

When Lingzi’s consciousness was struggling, he saw the lights that were not far away, Lingzi knew that the person’s signal, I had to go in.

I bought a fake mask, the first round of Lingzi, was stared by the clerk, she really want to find a slit. Although there is such a behavior, it is a play or a friend, and there is no experience in selling. Not don’t say, I also ask the clerk to tie yourself. This is an indication of the headset. Lingzi helpless can only be low, hand up the rope.

“Please, please help me. Please.”

The clerk is very excited to put the fake 阳 阳 into the small hole of Lingzi, bring the first round to Lingzi, and help the Lingzi bundle.

At this time, Lingzi was asked to go to a slight neighborhood. I don’t know if it is too care, Lingzi has always been seen by others. Some of them finger points.

“Mom, is that my sister is doing? Why is she tied? Is it wrong?”

“Don’t look, go.”

Lingzi is too shameful, the lower body is so flooding.

Fortunately, the man is over this day.

After Lingzi returned to home, recall the things of this day, turned to the drills sold, and couldn’t help her masturbation.

Men’s demonicism is as scheduled on the next day. This post is a small metal ring with a shackles. Also included with a letter.

“Don’t wear your favorite rope, don’t wear underwear, bring the collar, sunglasses, and masks, the anus, waiting for you before the three-chome station. In addition, I know that your peas has holes, put That little thing is put on, waiting for you. “

Lingzi flooded the mouth of the water and said three-chome station, and the people were super. . . . . . . Do you have to wear so many people? . . . .

Lingzi saw the flash opposite the house, only one breath, a heart.

“I can only do this. I hope he can get the hand.”

Lingzi took off the clothes, opened the handcuffs with the ring, passed a part of the small ring through its own peas, and the small handcuffs of the other side of the ring chain on the other side of the stockings. Wear rope clothes in accordance with the previous agreement, and plug in the egg in your own anus. . . . . .

After dress up, Lingzi looked at yourself in front of the mirror. . . . . . The glamorous, if the hidden black rope, the colony under the neck. . . . . . . It’s just like saying that I am a metamorphosis, come to rape me.

At the three-chome, Lingzi has not waited for the reaction, and it was closer to the unmanned alley. The man puts the Wizard’s mouth from behind, and then the mask in Lingzi.


“Small point, color female. From here.”

Pulling Lingzi, strong sunglasses men bring Lingzi to the center of the station square, Lingzi instantly has a bad premonition. Unfortunately, I haven’t come back, I have taken action, he puts Lauzi before the metal fence, plug in the Sprouts in the Bozi with several speeds.

“I really don’t worry, good to obstacles.” Dedicated, touch the handcuffs, Lingzi’s peas, the following reflected the liquid. “This is wet, it is really awkward.”

The man opened his hand, smoked, locked on the iron fence.

“I still have a job, you are here, wait. Little kinky girl.”

Lingzi’s head is big. This is the experience of the hostess in his novel. . . . . . It is now replaced with yourself. The female protagonists who were discovered secrets were framed, and they were conservative in the Square. . . . . . .

Lingzi leaned against the fence, the amount of power made the handcuffs were covered by the body. But unnatural looks still attract people to pay attention.

“Hey, see it. That chronicle is right. Is she doing? Will n’t it be urinating.”

“Wait a minute, if you look at it, the guy with a collar, and the feet are clipped very tight.”

“She is a metamorphosis, so sexy. I can see the silhouette of the rope. Do you have a colorful man.

. . . . . . . Lingzi feels that he can no longer be controlled, and the urine will leave the handcuffs.

“Diao. It’s really metamorphosis, taking photos quickly.”

. . . . . . . .

In the rest of the day, Lingzi is also required by men. Or handcuffs on your hand, both feet are also, and the neck is crawling in the park all the couple. Or being tied to a mummy, wrapped around the bandage, the hole and the anus plugged into the wheelchair, walk back in the crowd. . . . . . A few times, Lingzi feels very fear, but it is more pleasant. Even some expectations in tomorrow’s books appear on themselves.

Sure enough, the man’s phone is as scheduled. Lingzi was again asked again. This time, Lingzi was blinded and brought to a place. Once you open your eyes, the man wearing sunglasses is communicating with an elongated man.

“This guy and the appearance do not match, abnormal metamorphosis. Just fill the vacancies of the female slaves who have just been bought.”

“I know, the money will hit your account.”

Don’t you sell me? Lingzi is surprising, suddenly calm down. Yes, the plot in the book.

Sure enough, like Lingzi, this is a Underground SM Club.

Lingzi is afraid, and a young girl will come in. Greege with Lingzi.

“Hello, my name is Shasha, are you a new employee?”

Lingzi shook his head and stared at the very beautiful girl in front of the makeup.

“Is it sold? Don’t be afraid, I am also sold. I will happen soon. Come, I will go with me.” The smile of Xia Salad, Lingzi entered the makeup.

Xia Sa’s makeup in the makeup, but also said something that makes Lingzi relax, what woman’s beauty is a weapon. . . . . .

Shasha puts sexy half-transparent silk underwear, red pink lips, slightly pink double peaks, and the pair of curved legs make Lingzi also swallowed. Women really have to rely on makeup.

Lingzi replaced stockings, high heels, translucent underwear with the help of Shass. She is white, and Shasha is pink.

“Today’s guest is very powerful, so I will do the Lord, and you can work.”

Come to an adult room, the room inside the bed, the wall is exaggerated, and there are also various SM props. From the whip, there is something to the mother.

Lingzi was asked to ride a mare, and the legs of the legs were tied to two iron weights (every only 1 catties), the feet were bent, tied on the wooden stick in the mare butt. The legs becomes the V shape.

Lingzi has also played like this, so it is not too difficult to accept. Then it was bracked on the back and the latch on the back and the mare butt. The collar across the neck is linked with a lock with a latch on the head of the mare. Determine that Lingzi is fixed before and after, just riding on the wooden horse, Xia Sha smiled and peeled down the underwear of Lingzi, so that the chest is half-expanded.

Then I went out.

In the dark room, Lingzi is full of uneasiness and horror, and there is a little excitement.

After a while, Xia Sa’s pleasure came in, and she was holding a wrist, a long man.

“Tianshan brother, this is a newcomer.” Is called Lingzi. How is it, the body is super good, except for the Shass, “

“Haha, not bad. I have been endured. Those bastards and we are right in the Yamaguchi … Today, I have to take Xia San.”

“Okay, okay. Tianshan brother. Please don’t play bad Sand.”

“How can I? I have to help you.”

Finished. It is called Tianshan to start taking off, then sit in the sky on the sofa. He is standing by him, and the Lingzi is shaking.

Tianshan is a metamorphosis. He is going to close the female abuse before playing in Xia Sha. So Xia San will follow Lauzi. On the side of the proficient, the little hole of Lingzi is said, while saying some words such as ‘buddle, already wet’.

And Xia San is in Lingzi, wearing a high heel with high 8 cm. After the Lingzi’s hand, behind the other hand of Lingzi on the rope slope from the roof, adjust the height of the rope, so that the other is just the other, put her another The feet and hair are tied together.

Lingzi’s scream, Tianshan is called.

Sam Shami Lingzi’s ass, Lingzi is like a gyro. Shasson has a clip on the latch, nipple. Unplug the anal plug while rotating again, let the enema are sprayed as the fountain.

Tianshan is called well, grabbed Shass, pressed her as the chick on the ground. The two kissed. Not long after lingering, Tianshan is like losing the awareness of Zhasha. Cruel game time begins. Shasha was played by Tianshan, and I will take a hemp rope, and I have a drop wax. It will be a massage stick to invade, and you will have a needle tip. The cruel Tianshan puts the small hole of Sha Ssai, leaving only a small mouth, then put huge JJ in. . . . . . .

Whole night, Lauzi spent a scream in Shass.

The next morning, Lingzi, thrown on the ground, wake up. Tianshan and Shasha have already woken up. Tianshan is holding Shass, eating early. The naked Shasha is like a doll of Tianshan.

The arms of Sha Sand were tied to the back, and the mouth of the mouth opened the most mouth. Leather knees are tied by a rope. Tianshan holds Shass, playing with a soft breast, looking at the news while drinking coffee.

“Sutting, these dead Yamaguchi groups, Laozi must destroy them.”

“Qian, brother, please be an angry.” Xia Sausan is probably trying to say this, but the voice is very unclear. Tianshan furious face turns into a smile.

“There is Sha Ssa here, I am of course happy.”

Said, kiss Shasha, see Tianshan stuffed the tongue into the mouth of Shass, Lingzi’s next heat.

Tianshan seems to play with toy dolls, holding a thin summer sand. I will play my breasts for a while, and I will put it in the small hole for a while. Finally, I took Xia Sand directly in my own legs and put it early into the small hole of Shassong. And he is not busy with this, but this keeps the posture of the summer sand body looks at the news. . . . . . The expanded JJ has been stuffed in the body of Shass, and there are a continuous ill-treatment for more than 1 week. Tianshan suddenly disappeared.

When you appear again, there is only a bad news.

The gangquan of the mountain group and Tianshan, the Tianshan was a sharp knife, finished. The Yamaguchi group controlled the site of the Tianshan gang and began to rectify.

want. . . . . . Changed it.

This day, a bunch of black clothes and fierce and evil spirits came in. In the house, the Lingzi and Shasha were surrounded.

“You are a little scorpion that Tianshan likes to play.”

Shasha was shivering, and Lingzi looked with a man.

“Do you know how many people we kill? Mom, even if he is dead, her woman can’t let go.”

Regardless of how Xia San screamed, the men tear her clothes and pressed her on the ground. Lingzi on the side was also involved. The man is the beast that is being driven by sexual desire. . . . . . .

Not long, maybe 8, maybe 10 people. . . . . . . Passed the anger of Tianshan in Shasha and Lingzi. Tianshan is not to leave a good result to Shass.

Rorm has continued to last night. Shasha and Lingzi lie in the semen and dying.

I thought things did this. I didn’t expect a few days later, the people in the Yamaguchi group once again. Regardless of the barrier of the store, Shaosha and Lingzi grabbed the car.

After the long night, Lingzi and Shass were pulled off. The two were tied together by a rope and tied a string. The arm of Shass is tied to the rope and Lingzi from the arm, and the man passed another rope through the neck of the neck of the two, pulled it like a shot.

Here is a remote village, I don’t know where the Japanese map. People’s dressing is abnormal.

The naked is pulled, Lingzi and Shasha bathed in the eyes of the villagers.

The man handed the Sha sand and Line to a middle-aged man.

“Give it to you, Mr. Village, Mr. Chang, let them disappear from the world, no problem.”

“Yes. Thank you for your support of the village. I will follow what you mean, let them humiliate and then evaporate.”

Xia Sha and Lingzi can’t tremble, and the feet can not be trembled. Lingzi just screams, the whip is falling on your ass. That village is long exposed to evil lascivious smile.

Shass and Lingzi’s hands were wrapped in a round ball, and then the legs were separated from horizontal wood and tied their knees. The arm is folded together. The neck is brought on the collar, and the breast is tied by the rope at the root, and it is born in two peacum.

Such Shass and Lingzi were thrown into the pigsty. I don’t know if it is an evil heart, the village head stuffed the pigtail on the two buttons. Also use nose hooks to hook your nose, let the beauty of the nose is like a pig nose. The two heard the chance of village heads and villagers.

“This is the new two mother pigs, remember, don’t treat them, they are pigs, if the heart is soft, the Yamagou group will not let us go.”

In this way, up to one month, Lingzi and Xia Saisheng live like life. Dirty dirty stink, eat pig food, sleep with pigs, raped by pigs, pulling casually. . . . . . The human shadow disappeared.

The people in the Yamaguchi will come regularly. Those sunglasses are laughed, pointing to Shass and Lingzi like animals on the zoo.

“Fast, these two mother pigs are increasing.”

“Dirty dirt, a stinky. It is really in line with them. Can they live here for so long? Will n’t really become a pig.”

“I was riding by the boar. Ah, look, she is anhemotive. Do you want a wedding, for the sows and boars?”

I don’t know if the Yamaguchi group adds things in Xia Sha and Lingzi’s food. The two are very hunger. The boar is always estrus, and it is necessary to ride Shass and Lingzi. And I ate those things, the weight of Lingzi and Shassa increased rapidly. In just 2 months, it has become unexpected. Bloated is like a real sow.

In the last time, when the Yamagou Group and the village head visited, Lingzi saw that he scored a cutting action than the neck.

On that day, a car of a meat food processing site came over and put many pigs on a car, which used Lingzi and Xiamei.

The last words of the village head.

“Goodbye. You can say goodbye to this disgusting world.”

In the meat food processing plant, the burnt red soldering iron is covered with two breasts of the two. Is the word ‘qualified’. With a pain, the two were stuffed into the metal cage. There, Lingzi and Xia Mei saw other first batch of pigs killed by humanity and then sent raw meat cutting machine.

“Don’t worry, I am getting off work today, I will go to you tomorrow.”

“You actually talk about the mother pig …”

Seeing the hanged meat, Lingzi’s panic jitter body. . . . . . .

“No, don’t.”

Lingzi suddenly sat up and full of sweat. She stretched her hands and the feeling of her hands made her feel comfortable. At most information, here is not a small iron cage. Looking at yourself, there is no bloated bloated, but usually the proud figure, wearing your favorite pajamas. Calm down, Lingzi realized that there is not a meat food processing plant, but a home.

I did a dream.

Looking at the drills put on your bed, it is being looked at half. Lingzi fell out of a cold air.

“It turned out that after I bought my own book, I watched and fell asleep …” said that there is no such end in my story. “

Yes, the sold out of the sale is a man who is guarded by a policeman, and a happiness of a man. And because the woman can’t forget the feelings of being abused, the people who like people also want to do things in their lives. . . . . . Let her continue to play the sow. However, for the female owner, it is the happiest ending, and it is her wish. . . . . .

“Nasty Dream.” Lingzi has not finished, the phone suddenly sounded.

“Lingzi, your cut day …”

“I am going crazy, why is it hateful? I have to change, change the love novel …”

Japan’s heat is crazy in June. The Lingzi and Snow America that only wear underwear are like a pickled saucer that was taken away. Next to the third person, it is the original queen, the current super female, Miss Qiandao, although she is naked, there is a variety of beams, but there is no life, and the Lingzi is unintentional.

“It’s hot.

“Yes, I feel that I have to be evaporated.”

“Lingzi master … Let’s ……. How much progress?”

“Progress … Hahaha. Which country is joke.”

“Ling Zi started to escape again. Miss Qiandao, please motivate her.”

“Don’t, I don’t want to move.” “Do not listen to female dogs.”

“Even if the female dog, I can’t overcome hot.”

Miss Qiandao is a butterfly to send help. Because I heard that Lingzi’s novel was stalemated, the Tianzi Qi soldiers helped to be a home room, and in the end, there were some constructive venting experiences for reference. (Even if there is, the identity of Qiandao is still a female dog, so it is necessary to be restored, but in order to help writing, there is only a wire chain handcuff that can be flexible between hands.

Unfortunately, Miss Miss Qiandao, also was defeated by heat. Three people stay a natural and dry state. . . . . . Not to mention the novel, Lingzi’s head is like a rusty workshop.

“This time … I definitely hang … Qiandao, I don’t have the novelist, introduce me to your dog, …”

“What are you talking about. Quick 振.”

At this time, parking sound came out.

Lingzi is unfortunately to open the door. Open the door of the moment, the spirit of the Lingzi suddenly.

“You a bastard, what to do is seen by others.”

Due to the reaction of the other party, Lingzi took a butterfly lady to promote physical. Then play the amazing sports nerves of the novelist, and the bodies that were often held by the butterflies, and they were also kicked into the house. Lingzi worried that the Fangzi dog was seen, after all, his novelist identity is secret. Lingzi has always maintained a good child’s image, although in fact, the things have become a slag, I don’t know where to fly.

“Big day, you come with a fragrance. Is it what I want to live?”

Wearing a black brother, but the clothes replace it with a thin texture of the butterfly lady elegant cover.

“I heard that a writer is very spiritual, is this not super energetic?”

“Ah, thank you for your worry. If you just come to scare my, please return it. I am not inspired, no one wants to see.”

Lingzi made a say. The butterfly laughed, the two people looked at each other, there seems to have a sparks out. Although two people are friends, they all have a consciousness of mutual disappointment.

“Sliced, I also said to send you more fun. Go back. Arrow …”

Said, the butterfly lady pulled the arif.

“Wait a minute, wait until evening.”

“Do you ask me? Do you ask me to stay?”

Snow America and Qiandao cover your mouth. Lingzi had to enroll.

“If I ask you, leave it at night.”

“Then I want to clear tea …” said. The rope of the butterfly handle the rope to the thousand islands.

After setting up. Thousand islands pulled the aromats crawling on the ground. Remove the gift of the butterfly with a gift from the small box she pulled with a breast.

“Small islands will hold a year-end activity, and all kinds of female slaves will participate in the performance of the performance. Do you want to come casually. And, is is very cool on the island.”

When it comes to the female slave, Xuemei immediately shines. And Lingzi did not resist the words of creativity and cool, and the mouth was turned down while moving down the mouth of the two beautiful women.

The butterfly lady saw the fish on the fish, let Qiandao handed the letter of ‘secret’ big characters to Lingzi and Snow America.

The above is written, and some pictures are also printed. There is a girl riding a bicycle roundabout in a fake mask, and there is also an orthodox slave auction. There is also a beautiful girl who throws darts, beautiful wrestling (two girls have been entered into the rubber ring, the whole body nude, Wear a rubber mask on the wrist. The woman is fighting each other, putting the mask first into the other side hole. The masher will release the female in the electric shock. Female convulsions in the ground is the game of the game), Many company’s abuse equipment show. Participation in various games. There is also the simulation of the street beautiful hunting tour. . . . . . . There are many numbers. Look at these profiles, Lingzi and Xuemei are sprayed.

“However, Zhaoxim is specified. Because it is a big celebration based on slavery women, as long as there is a related hobby woman, it can be casually above the island. The women in the Island is considered a female slave, which is not protected in the event. It may be arbitrarily captured, tune and abused as a game. This is what you know before the Island, so everyone is basically ready to have a heart. The owner of richness has also become a purpose. Oops. The men and women don’t have to say it. The woman is a slave. It is either a slave, or the queen is either a queen … “

Snow is high.

“I am slave.”

Lingzi: “I will come first to the Queen.”

Butterfly sidewalk.

“My is a fang, and the Qiandao dog. The aroma, leaving the same equipment as you wear, let the Island to help the snow, we will be a group, so the high tasteful female dog dress must attract the public The eye is the highest point of the celebration. “

The butterfly lady looks at the ceiling, stepped on the table.

Lingzi: “This is what is her purpose.”

Qiandao: “The owner has always likes to be vanity …”

Lingzi: “This … I have seen it.”

In the evening, Xuemei was sewed in the Yinmark by the Qiandao with a gold line, stuffed into the dog cage, and reviewed the guidelines for the mother dog in advance. Lingzi began to prepare. . . . .

The day is finally arrived. Persons blindfolded on the eyes boarded the ferry.

When the eyes are unwrapped, the familiar scenes appear again.

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